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"So can you please explain how the hell you got married?" pried Jimin.  

They were currently all seated on the two, black couches in their living room. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, especially with each other's muscular thighs, but comfy nevertheless. 

"Well, where should we start?" pondered Seokjin. He just couldn't have enough of their flabbergasted faces, and Yoongi's poker face wasn't helping. This was beyond amusing. 

The thirsty members waited, watching their Hyung's handsome, contemplative face. Just because their Hyung was in bed with someone else, that didn't mean their lust for him would go away just like that. 

Namjoon sighed eternally to himself. How could he, the group leader, have missed something so darn big? How could he have missed the special relationship between the two? He was supposed to be on top of everything, god damnit. 

"Okay, I think I'm ready," he started, playing with his fingers. "Me and Yoongi had actually met before the entire 'idol' thing. We were already friends by the time we got re-introduced as fellow members. Anyway, a few days before Jimin was introduced, we had officially become a couple."

"We just didn't know how to tell you guys, and we kinda forgot about it," continued Yoongi. His poker face was ever present, making it seem like this was a daily occurrence. 

"Then, a few months after… July, I think? We got engaged. The wedding was in December, but we only invited our parents and siblings."

"We didn't invite you guys because we created a bet of how long it would take for you guys to notice."

The children stared with blank faces before it finally sunk in. 


"Wait, wait, wait- what?"

“Aw, man! I wasn't the best man!”

“Who won the bet?”

"I wanna hear the entire love story though!" exclaimed Jungkook. Everyone else stopped in their tracks and realized their Hyung had just given them a vague timeline. "And who confessed first! And who proposed!"

"Yeah!" agreed Taehyung and Jimin at the same time (were there stars in their eyes?). Hoseok and Namjoon were too busy with their jaws on the floor. 

Jin laughed a little before responding. "Actually, both of them were me. Yoongi's too damn shy for that. You should see his face when I flirt with him!”

Now that got the members rolling. 

"I never knew Yoongi-hyung was the shy type!" yelled Hoseok. 

"And I never knew you were a top, Hyung!"

"Ha! I knew it! See Tae, Hyung is a dom!" teased Jungkook. 

Yoongi was really starting to regret marrying this man. Rubbing his head, he simply up and left before his children could tease him any more. Husband be damned.

“So with that aside, how’s the sex?” asked Namjoon with one eyebrow quirked up and a knowing smile on his face. The other members blushed. They, too, wanted to know how it was like to be fucked by Adonis. (Let’s pretend their minds didn’t start racing at the thought.)

Jin ignored the face and laughed, his face turning red with slight embarrassment. Oh the next few years are going to be so much fun. Yoongi can’t complain though, since he’s the one in bed with Adonis.