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Kim Seokjin is beautiful. No doubt about it. But put in his incredible ability to charm any and everyone, wow. He really was a work of God (and was basically Adonis), and no one can change that. If you ever see someone thirsting over him, run along fella. 

So anyways, that's where the rest of BTS comes in. The poor, overworked men were all currently on a lucky day off, no schedules until tomorrow. It was around 5 in the evening and everyone was chilling; Jungkook and Taehyung were playing video games, Hoseok was watching and laughing at them on the couch, Jimin was sleeping next to him, Namjoon was reading book in the reading nook across the living room, and Jin and Yoongi were both in their shared room watching movies. 

"Hyung, that's no fair!" whined Jungkook as he was killed (once again) by a mysterious bullet to the head. 

"Ha! That's more than fair, you're just that bad," exclaimed Taehyung with a grin as he watched the other players die the same fate. 

At this point, both Jungkook and Taehyung were tired, along with an amused Hoseok, but no one really wanted to sleep just yet. Only one thing was clouding their already cloudy minds: their one and only Jin-hyung. It's no surprise, really, especially when you account for the fact that his sex appeal was soaring over the hundreds. His beautiful, milky skin, his brown, almond doe eyes, his small, high nose, his thick, rosy lips, his strong, broad shoulders, his thin, muscular arms, his slim, tiny waist, his washboard abs, his long, thin legs, and his large frame were all carefully crafted and put together to resemble Adonis. And oh boy, were these guys getting horny. 


All three simultaneously turned around towards the bathroom to see that the man they had just been fantasizing about was standing right there, staring at them with scrunched eyebrows and pouty lips. 

Thankfully, Hoseok got his act together first, and he managed to respond to his confused Hyung. "Uh, we're thinking about ordering take out from that one Chinese restaurant you like, do you want anything?” 

While the other two gave each other strange looks at his obvious attempt to cover up the sexual, intense atmosphere, Jin immediately perked up and forgot about the odd atmosphere. "Can I get some dim sum, hot and sour soup, and tofu fried rice?"

Writing down his Hyung’s order, Hoseok looked up to see his other Hyung walking into the room. 

"Make it double," yawned Yoongi, his hair looking like an untamed beast. 

During this entire exchange, Jungkook and Taehyung were sitting quietly, eyes still glazed over. Hoseok decided to simply let their heads continue to run wild while he ordered them their favorites. The two eldest simply sat down on the couch, next to a still sleeping Jimin, and changed the television to a comedy. 

“Ah, Hyung, isn’t this the one you were talking about?” drew a tired Yoongi.

“Yeah, but I still don’t understand anything,” laughed Jin.

Quieting down, the members watched the movie, waiting for their order to arrive. 




It was now a week afterward, and Yoongi and Jin were cuddling in bed. “Hyungie, you really have to start telling me what you do to your hair. I seriously have no idea how it's still so soft after so many hours of heat damage and spray.”

Chuckling, Jin brought down the younger’s hand from his head and gave the palm a kiss. “Well clearly you don’t know how soft your own hair is.”

“It’s literally fried, Hyung,” deadpanned Yoongi. He relished in the warmth from the other and simply tucked his head into his neck. 

“Aw, is my Yoongi-chi tired?” Looking down, Jin realized the slight red tinge to the otherwise pale neck, and smiled. No matter how far into their relationship they were, he still loved the nickname. 

Oh, that’s right. Yoongi and Jin are actually into their fifth year of marriage, but the boys didn’t need to know. Neither did the fans, right? May their outrageous fantasies thrive. 




“Alright, who’s gonna go first?”

The five boys were currently having a “meeting” to decide who would ask their Hyung out first. 

“ME!” yelled out Taehyung. “He favored me anyways.”

“What? He favored me !” argued a whiny Jungkook.

“No, he favored me !” yelled an upset Jimin.

“GUYS! Can't we just choose with rock, paper, scissors?!” chimed Hoseok. 

Namjoon looked up from his phone from his spot on the couch and simply stared at them, his head already hurting from the noise and confusion. “Guys, it’s obvious he favored me,” he said as he left for his shared room.

The other three simply ignored him and went along with Hoseok’s idea. One by one, they were eliminated and the winner ended up being the Maknae. 

“HA! Beat that, suckers. Y’all are too old anyways.”

“Shut up, just go and ask him out already.”

“Yeah, yeah, wouldn’t wanna waste my time with you guys.”

An indignant yell of protest could be heard from Jimin, but the other two simply stayed quiet.

Making his way upstairs, Jungkook got himself psyched up and ready for his confession. This was his Hyung. His Hyung - and he would make it official starting right now. He leaned over slightly and knocked on his Hyungs’ room and heard shuffling before a muffled “come in.” Walking in, he saw his Hyungs spread out on their combined beds, the TV playing some Disney movie in the background (which looked to be a boy, a grandpa, a weird dog, and a house being carried by a monstrous amount of balloons). 

“Hyung? Can I speak to you… alone?” he asked timidly. Suddenly, this didn’t seem like that great of an idea. He could already feel his body giving up on him in the form of clammy hands, a ball in his throat, and his stomach harboring a mini hurricane. 

“Sure, just gimme a sec. Yoongi-ah, can you pause the movie, I don’t wanna miss the part where they meet the peacock,” Jin said as he flipped the sheets off his legs. 

"Ok, Hyung," he obliged as he picked up the remote to click pause. Knowing they would be talking for a bit due to the tone of the Maknae’s voice, he grabbed his phone and scrolled through twitter to see what their fans were up to.

Moving out the door with Jungkook behind him, he walked a bit to the side of his shared room so there was enough space for Yoongi not to overhear. "So?"

"Uh.. Hyung…" Jungkook started regretting his decision for a second, but remembered the rest of the members who were also after him, and decided to wing it since someone had to ask him out. "Hyung, I really, really like you and I would like to go out with you."

Jin paused for a second before he started laughing, hands on knees as his face became red (and dammit did his face still look handsome). "What- what type of prank is this?" he gasped between breaths. "This has to be the funniest one yet! Bwahahaha!"

Jungkook simply stared before he let the reaction sink in. "Hyung- I'm not- This isn't-" he started, "Jin-hyung, I'm serious about this. I would really like to go on a date with you," he mustered up in his most serious voice. 

Jin swiftly got his composure together before looking into Jungkook's eyes, which held nothing more than desire and love. Sighing, he closed his eyes and smiled. "Y'know, I would have thought you guys would notice by now."


"Sorry, but I just can't return your feelings. I already have someone I really love," said Jin in a soft tone with fondness clear in his eyes. Huh? Thought Jungkook. He had been living with his Hyung ever since trainee days and he never seemed to be interested in anyone . So who-? 

Chuckling at his dongsaeng's confused and obviously shocked face, he said, "Jungkook, Yoongi and I have been married ever since trainee days."

1… 2… 3… Ah, there it is. They really hadn't planned to keep their status a secret, but they just didn't know when to tell them, and eventually they just forgot. Yoongi, however, thought that it would be hilarious to play with their children and make a bet as to how long it would take them. 

"I say seven years," exclaimed Jin. 

"What? Seven years? Nah, I'd say five. They aren't that dense, Hyung," teased back a croaky voice. 

Jin smiled at the memory. Guess I'll have to give it to Yoongi. Darn. Paying attention to the matter at hand, he saw all his children standing in front of them, jaws on the ground yelling profanities and incoherent stuttering. Where did they come from? 


"Hyung?!" came out an alarmed Yoongi with his eyes wide open. Once he registered his dongsaeng's faces, it took him all his willpower to not just laugh his ass off in front of them. 

"Wha- when- When did you get together?! And how did you get married?!"

"How did we not notice?!"

"Why did you guys not tell us?!"

Guessing from the words coming out of their mouths, Yoongi knew his husband had told them of their relationship. 

"Hah, guess who won the bet! I told you they weren't that dumb, Hyung. I thought you had more confidence in them," smirked Yoongi. 

"You guys made a bet?!"


"Ah, I forgot to take the chicken out for dinner tonight," said Jin after giving a quick peck to Yoongi's red cheeks, completely ignoring the situation at hand. 

The kids stood there bewildered, still yelling and questioning them for answers they probably weren’t going to get anytime soon. Of course, their Hyungs simply ignored them in favor of each other. 

"Ah, Hyung, we need more condoms. And not the flavored ones, I hate those," responded Yoongi with his nose scrunched up. 

Paling, the now disgruntled members simply walked away as if they had seen a ghost. Noticing, Yoongi said, "Was it something I said?"

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"So can you please explain how the hell you got married?" pried Jimin.  

They were currently all seated on the two, black couches in their living room. It was a bit of a tight squeeze, especially with each other's muscular thighs, but comfy nevertheless. 

"Well, where should we start?" pondered Seokjin. He just couldn't have enough of their flabbergasted faces, and Yoongi's poker face wasn't helping. This was beyond amusing. 

The thirsty members waited, watching their Hyung's handsome, contemplative face. Just because their Hyung was in bed with someone else, that didn't mean their lust for him would go away just like that. 

Namjoon sighed eternally to himself. How could he, the group leader, have missed something so darn big? How could he have missed the special relationship between the two? He was supposed to be on top of everything, god damnit. 

"Okay, I think I'm ready," he started, playing with his fingers. "Me and Yoongi had actually met before the entire 'idol' thing. We were already friends by the time we got re-introduced as fellow members. Anyway, a few days before Jimin was introduced, we had officially become a couple."

"We just didn't know how to tell you guys, and we kinda forgot about it," continued Yoongi. His poker face was ever present, making it seem like this was a daily occurrence. 

"Then, a few months after… July, I think? We got engaged. The wedding was in December, but we only invited our parents and siblings."

"We didn't invite you guys because we created a bet of how long it would take for you guys to notice."

The children stared with blank faces before it finally sunk in. 


"Wait, wait, wait- what?"

“Aw, man! I wasn't the best man!”

“Who won the bet?”

"I wanna hear the entire love story though!" exclaimed Jungkook. Everyone else stopped in their tracks and realized their Hyung had just given them a vague timeline. "And who confessed first! And who proposed!"

"Yeah!" agreed Taehyung and Jimin at the same time (were there stars in their eyes?). Hoseok and Namjoon were too busy with their jaws on the floor. 

Jin laughed a little before responding. "Actually, both of them were me. Yoongi's too damn shy for that. You should see his face when I flirt with him!”

Now that got the members rolling. 

"I never knew Yoongi-hyung was the shy type!" yelled Hoseok. 

"And I never knew you were a top, Hyung!"

"Ha! I knew it! See Tae, Hyung is a dom!" teased Jungkook. 

Yoongi was really starting to regret marrying this man. Rubbing his head, he simply up and left before his children could tease him any more. Husband be damned.

“So with that aside, how’s the sex?” asked Namjoon with one eyebrow quirked up and a knowing smile on his face. The other members blushed. They, too, wanted to know how it was like to be fucked by Adonis. (Let’s pretend their minds didn’t start racing at the thought.)

Jin ignored the face and laughed, his face turning red with slight embarrassment. Oh the next few years are going to be so much fun. Yoongi can’t complain though, since he’s the one in bed with Adonis.