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watching you fall in love. (watching you be loved)

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Her son was a lot like her, even she could admit.

If someone were to tell Katsuki that though, he’d scream and shout in denial, would blow everyone up, and would then proceed to grumble and mutter about how he wasn’t anything like that old hag.

Mitsuki knew that her son knew he was like her, in an appearance and in personality. She just didn’t understand why he was so adamant on denying it.

It was fine though. She found it hilarious how Katsuki acted when people would say that.

So, you can imagine her surprise when someone did say that, but not only did Katsuki not overreact, but he scoffed and agreed reluctantly.

It was surprise on its own when Katsuki showed up at home with someone- a friend. Mitsuki almost lost it right then and there, and the absolute joy that bubbled up was very hard to control. But the fact that someone could say things like that and not get blown up to pieces by her son, was something that took a long time to process.

Kirishima was his name, Kirishima Eijirou. She’d recognised him from the sports festival. Katsuki had beat him in their match.

The boy was bright, constantly smiling and laughing. He had sun kissed skin, garnet red eyes, and an impressive bone structure- high cheekbones, doe eyes, an upturned button nose. He had a small scar over his left eye, and has bright red hair that was styled up in the most ridiculous hair style.

(Mitsuki briefly wonders if Katsuki would let her do a photoshoot with the boy, but she quickly dismisses the thought. There’s no way he’d let that happen.)

He had great manners too. Seriously. Mitsuki resisted pinching herself to check if this was a dream or not. How did her son- Bakugou Katsuki, loud, abrasive, almost always angry- manage to get such a friendly boy as his friend?

But, Mitsuki realises, watching a blush paint her sons cheeks as he stares at the redhead with a strange intense look in his eyes, he wasn’t just a friend, not to Katsuki.

Her son had a crush, and that in itself is what made Mitsuki finally believe that all this was real. That the day had finally come. Her son had feelings, real emotions.

Seriously though, she could only take so many surprises at once.



The second time Mitsuki saw Kirishima, it became apparent to Mitsuki that Katsuki didn’t even realise his crush on the boy.

The thought had Mitsuki holding back a snort. Katsuki obviously got that obliviousness from Masaru, that’s for sure.

Speaking of which, Masaru didn’t seem to realise Katsuki crush on his friend. (That feels weird to say. Mitsuki is still in disbelief.). When Katsuki had first introduced Kirishima, Masaru had almost cried in joy. She deserved a pat on the back for not laughing at all the times Masaru spoke about what a good friend Kirishima was.

“So, Eijirou.” Mitsuki says the second time the boy came over. “I can call you that, right?”

Eijirou goes bright eyed, nodding enthusiastically. Mitsuki’s eyes flicker to her son, and she bites the inside of her cheek.

He’s glaring at her so intensely he might as well be burning holes into her head. Is he…jealous? Of his own mother? Seriously?

Nevertheless, she continues. “I wanted to ask, you dating anyone? Or maybe you got a crush on someone?”

A blush spreads over Eijirou’s face. He splutters incoherent words, waving his hands around. Mitsuki bursts into loud laughter, but it’s not because of Eijirou’s reaction, no, but rather, Katsuki’s reaction to her question.

He pointedly looked away, ears dusting pink as he busied himself with collecting the dishes. Mitsuki knew he was listening though.

“I- uh.” Eijirou chews at his lip nervously. The boy’s going to bite off his lips is he keeps that up. “I haven’t really thought about it.”

Really.” Cushioning her face in her hand, she leans closer, smirking. This was way too much fun.

Mitsuki definitely doesn’t miss the way Katsuki shoulders drop, ever so slightly. She opens her mouth to say something, but Eijirou beats her to it.

“I guess… I don’t have time for it, y’know?” His cheeks are still pink, and he’s staring down at his hands. “If I want to date someone, then I want it to be someone I’m close with. And if it’s not someone I’m close with then I want to get to know them first.”

Mitsuki hums softly. Her eyes flicker to Katsuki, finding his posture more relaxed, but his ears are pink. “You’ve definitely thought about this, huh?”

When Eijirou splutters again, cheeks darkening more, Katsuki turns around. It seems like the world completely disappears to him though, because then he just stares at Eijirou, eyes so intense it was surprising that Eijirou didn’t notice.

“Plus!” Eijirou stands suddenly, striding towards Katsuki who flinches at the sudden movement. “I’ve got my friends with me, so at the moment I’m perfectly happy without a partner!”

Mitsuki holds her breathe, world moving in slow motion as Eijirou slings his arm around Katsuki’s shoulder, gripping tightly. She prepares for the endless explosions and shouts.


But it doesn’t happen.

What the fuck.

Katsuki just…stiffens slightly, but he relaxes soon enough. He hunches in on himself, and Mitsuki watches in equal parts disbelief and awe, as his cheeks flush. His eyes flicker to where Eijrou’s arm grips, to Eijirou himself, then back to the floor.

Holy fuck. This is too good.

Huffing a laugh, Mitsuki smiles fondly. “I don’t know how Katsuki managed to become friends with you, Eijirou, but he’s lucky, that’s for sure.”

Katsuki’s reaction is almost immediate. He bristles, sneering at her. “Shut the fuck up, you old hag!”

She laughs aloud, getting up from her seat, mostly to avoid her son’s anger, but also to send a quick wink to her very confused husband.

He only furrows his brows, tilting his head and seeming more confused, and that only makes Mitsuki laugh harder.

It’s hours later, Eijirou long gone from their house, way past Katsuki’s normal sleeping time, when Mitsuki hears the boy hesitantly call his father.

She raised a brow, unseen in the kitchen. Katsuki had said “Dad,” which was unlike him. Normally he’d call his father an old man.

She could already imagine Masaru’s surprise too- eyes wide behind his glasses, gaping until Katsuki scowled. “Yeah? What is it Katsuki?”

There’s silence after that. Mitsuki could practically hear Katsuki’s wild thoughts. It was getting increasingly difficult to stay quiet.

“How did you know you liked mum?”

Mitsuki chokes on her drink.

Thankfully, no one hears her. She takes another sip of her drink, wincing at the scalding heat on her tongue.

“Oh, uh.” Masaru sounds equally as surprised as her, if not more. “Where did this come from?”

Based on the silence that followed, Mitsuki knew that her son was scowling. She bites her lip to hold the floodgates of things she wanted to say.

“Right.” Masaru clears his throat. “Well, she was very attractive, so there’s that.” Mitsuki really wants to see Katsuki’s expression, because whenever Masaru would go quiet, she knew Katsuki was making some sort of expression. She could imagine one of disgust right now. Masaru continues, and Mitsuki could hear the smile in his voice. “But, it wasn’t just that. It was her personality too. She was…so much, and I loved her all the more for it.”

Fuck. Mitsuki loved that man. She smiled softly, leaning on her palm as she listened to the conversation from the living room. Katsuki had gone strangely quiet after that. It was obvious he was thinking hard about something.

About what, though, she wasn’t exactly sure, but she had an idea.

“Okay.” said Katsuki quietly. This was so weird. “…Thanks, or whatever.”

Mitsuki stands up slowly. She’s fed up with not being able to see Katsuki’s facial expressions. She could vividly imagine Masaru nodding incredulously, probably not realising what he was doing.

She freezes when she hears footsteps. Her eyes meet Katsuki’s, and they stare at each other, unmoving.

“Uh.” Mitsuki frantically thinks of an excuse, a lie, anything. Katsuki’s eyes narrow dangerously.

Then, Katsuki sighs, shoulders slumping. He looks away from Mitsuki and shakes his head.

Mitsuki is far too confused to realise what was happening, because before she knew it, Katsuki was gone.

(She couldn’t deny the feeling of hurt in her chest. It was unfair how he didn’t seem to trust her as much as he trusted his father.)

(But Mitsuki knew this was her own fault.)


Kamino happens.

Kamino happens. Katsuki was taken. Katsuki was kidnapped.

Mitsuki couldn’t breathe. No matter how much Masaru comforted her, reminded her that This was Katsuki. This was their son. He’s the strongest person they know. He’s going to be fine, Mitsuki couldn’t calm down. Not until she was sure that he was safe.

It was like the sludge incident all over again, but so much worse. Her son was taken. He was alone. He-

He was fine.

Katsuki was back.

It all happened so quickly.

So much, so quick. The fight between All might and the villains. All might losing his powers. Her son coming back.

The second she saw Katsuki, Mitsuki bolted. She pulled him into her arms, and there was no stopping the tears that rushed out of her eyes, there was no stopping the whispers of relief, and there was certainly no stopping her from clutching Katsuki. She wasn’t going to let him go. Not again. Never again.

Masaru had wordlessly wrapped his arms around the both of them, and there was a damp spot of Mitsuki’s shirt when Katsuki moved away, but stayed close.

No one mentioned the puffiness of Katsuki’s eyes, or the red around them. He was so, so quiet. There was so much relief that it left Mitsuki shaking.

She knew Eijirou was involved somehow, and she was proven right when she saw him, gazing at Katsuki with a wistful smile. His hair was down, but Mitsuki immediately recognised him.

There was no pulling her away from her son, but she allowed herself to smile at Eijirou, and mouth the words Thank you. She received a shaky nod in response, and that was enough for her to decide that Katsuki was so lucky to have that boy.

There is no words being said when they make their way back home. Everyone is silent. Mitsuki is too busy processing everything, Masaru probably the same.

And Katsuki? She didn’t know. That boy was being so damn quiet, it was honestly scaring her.

They arrive home, and Mitsuki desperately wants to pull Katsuki into her arms, let him know how fucking scared she was, but Katsuki just went straight to his room.

He stays there for a very long time.

(And Mitsuki can’t help but feel as though she’s failed at something.)



The school comes comes up with the idea of dorm rooms, and it was honestly a great idea, in Mitsuki’s opinion.

It’s much too relieving, but she’s not relieved about Katsuki leaving. She’s more relieved about the fact that’s he’s in safe hands. Though it does get lonely sometimes, Mitsuki completely trusts the school with looking after her son.

It’s not that surprising when Eijirou shows up at their house again, wearing the most ridiculous outfit that is know to humankind. He came over to, quote unquote, to help Bakugou out with packing his things! but Mitsuki knew it was just a mere excuse to hang out.

Katsuki comes out from his room for the first time in a while. (He only ever came out for dinner, and sometimes that he wouldn’t even do that.) If Eijirou notices the barely-there bags under Katsuki’s eyes, the tired edge to his body, he doesn’t mention it, and Katsuki seems okay with that.

“Hey Bakubro!”

Katsuki scoffs and rolls his eyes. It’s adorably fond. “Don’t call me that, shitty hair.”

The redhead strides towards him, grinning all the while. He slings an arm around Katsuki, startling Mitsuki. She immediately relaxes though. It’s gonna take her a while to get used to that.

The two continue to chat and bicker, seeming lost in their own little world. Mitsuki smiles, watching them go.

Yeah, she thinks, watching Katsuki go limp under Eijirou’s touch, her son is so lucky to have Eijirou there with him.

(A part of Mitsuki still wishes for Katsuki to trust her too.)



The fourth time is, well, enough to make both her and Masaru cry.

No, seriously, they both end up crying. Actual tears and everything.

Why? Because Katsuki brings more friends, one that Mitsuki didn’t know of.

They were…loud, but not like Katsuki. Loud as in, energetic and extroverted. It was a lot, but it was perfect as well. Mitsuki could hardly believe it was all real.

“Thanks for letting us come over at such short notice.” says one, a pink haired, pink skinned girl. Her smile was bright and enthusiastic, similar to Eijirou’s but not the same.

Two others, a blonde with a black stripe in his hair, and a boy was a toothy grin and a dark mullet, huddled close together. They were very obviously whispering about Mitsuki, that much was obvious.

Then, the blonde walks up to Mitsuki, and sticks his hand out. “I’m Kaminari Denki. Nice to meet you.”

Mitsuki chuckles and shakes his hand. “I’m surprised Katsuki has friends like you lot.”

“We’re all surprised too.” Kaminari laughs. Then he smirks. “I’m surprised he has a sister though.”

Many things happen at once then.

Mitsuki bursts into laughter. The pink girl slaps Kaminari in the arm, and hisses his name. Eijirou laughs so hard he has to lean on the (very confused) dark haired boy to stop himself from falling. Katsuki looses his shit.

“She’s not my fucking sister!”

“Ouch, Mina! Also, what?

Mitsuki laughs turn into breathless chuckles. “I’m his mother.” She states, grinning, and thoroughly enjoying the way horror and awe flashed across Kaminari’s features.

Kaminari opens his to say something, but is promptly cut off by a hand on his shoulder.

“I think you’ve embarrassed yourself enough, bro.” Eijirou says, squeezing the blonde’s shoulder. He looks at Mitsuki, smiling brightly. His hair is down today, tight back loosely. “We’ll be in Bakugou’s room. We’ve gotta do some studying.”

Mitsuki nods, smiling back. “Are you all staying for dinner?”

The group all glance at Katsuki, who shrugs. Similar grins stretch across all of their faces.

She laughs, still in disbelief. “Alright. You all have fun.”

She receives even brighter grins in response.


It took a little while to get Masaru to stop crying. Even though he did eventually stop, he was still staring at the ground in disbelief.

Mitsuki huffed. She could definitely relate to that.

It was so hard to believe that Katsuki had made friends, real friends. They were so social, and friendly. Mitsuki knew it had something to do with Eijirou.

If anyone were to tell Mitsuki this a year ago, that Katsuki had friends like that, she wouldn’t believe them.

She was so, so proud of her son. Mitsuki hopes one day she could tell him that.

Carrying a plate of snacks, she makes her way to Katsuki’s room. The squeals, shouts and laughter have gone quiet. Strangely enough, Mitsuki doesn’t find herself being worried if Katsuki had actually killed his friends or not.

The door is slightly open, so she pushes it quietly, but she stops when her eyes land on a sight she never thought she’d ever see.

The group has fallen asleep, quiet snores filling the room. She leans forward to the a closer look and finds that Katsuki has not fallen asleep. Rather, he is quiet, elbows on his table as he stares at the sleeping redhead in front of him.

His eyes are intense, emotion lurking in them. Mitsuki watches in pure shock as Katsuki reaches forward, hand shaky, and brushes Eijirou’s red hair from his face, gentle in his movements. He curls his fingers in soft hair, twisting locks on his finger. Then, he traces Eijirou’s skin with his fingers, soft and so unlike him.

It feels too personal, too intimate. Mitsuki feels like she shouldn’t be here, that she shouldn’t be watching this.

She turns around, pretending she didn’t see any of that. Pretending she didn’t see the love and pride in Katsuki’s eyes.

Katsuki doesn’t have a crush on Eijirou. It’s not just a simple crush anymore.

It’s love, and anyone, even a blind person, could tell.



When Eijirou shows up again, Katsuki and him are in their second year, and there’s something different about them.

A tension, one Mitsuki can’t seem to place. Eijirou looks different, but not that much. He’s gotten taller, more bulky and muscled. His hair's definitely longer, but he had an undercut. His grin and bright personality was still the same though.

She meets Masaru’s gaze and nods. He felt it too then.

Even though the tension was so thick it could be cut with a knife, she didn’t call the boys out on it. It was getting increasingly difficult to stop from saying anything about the not-so-innocent glances the boys would give each other.

They aren’t dating though. That much is obvious. Mitsuki could barely hold back from asking Katsuki any questions.

It was up to him. He had to ask her. He had to speak to her.

It happened sooner than expected though.

Eijirou had come over for the weekends. Sunday afternoon, he’s carrying a backpack, standing in the kitchen, chatting away.

Any stranger would think Katsuki wasn’t listening, but from the way he huffed a laugh, chuckled, answered with grunts, it was obvious he was.

Katsuki turns to face the redhead, holding a plastic bag with a sandwich inside of it. Eijirou brightens immediately, grabbing it and thanking Katsuki profusely.

The blonde goes pink, looking away and shrugging. Mitsuki fights to keep her face neutral. It was such a weird, uncharacteristic expression on her son’s face.

Suddenly, Eijirou did the most unexpected thing.

He wrapped his arms around Katsuki, and pulled him forward. He was hugging him. Eijirou was hugging Katsuki.

Mitsuki froze. Katsuki froze. Eijirou gripped Katsuki tighter.

“This might sound weird,” Eijirou murmurs against Katsuki’s neck, arms wrapped around his waist. “But I love you, Bakugou.”

Mitsuki’s eyes widened. She openly stared at the pair, watching as Katsuki’s eyes widened too. Hope and disbelief flashed across his features. Pink spread over his cheeks.

“You’re my best friend.” Eijirou whispers lowly, and the look of hope on Katsuki’s face crumbled. “And I hope it stays like that for a long time. Hopefully even forever.”

And, just like that, any trace of hope disappears from Katsuki’s face. His eyes go lidded, body slumping in Eijirou’s hold. Mitsuki saw his hands shake, but he gripped onto Eijirou’s shirt.

Mitsuki looks away. Her heart aches for Katsuki. She needs to talk to him.

After a moment of silence, it seems Eijirou had pulled away. She vaguely hears him saying “See you tomorrow.” to Katsuki. He waves at her and Masaru, then leaves.

Masaru comes to squeeze her shoulder. She meets his gaze and he nods. Mitsuki sighs quietly.

Katsuki hasn’t moved since Eijirou had left. He stood there, hands clenched into fists. His arms shook. His head was hung low. Mitsuki stepped towards him, and wordlessly pulled him into her arms.

His shaking increased. Mitsuki felt a damp spot on her shirt, but she didn’t mention it. She ran a hand through his messy blonde locks, humming softly. She opens her mouth to say something. Probably something along the lines of, “I’m sorry,” but decides against it. Katsuki doesn’t need that. Not now, not ever. She knows how much her son hates pity.

Soon enough, Katsuki stops shaking. He furiously scrubs at his eyes, not meeting her eyes. His eyes were puffy, red-rimmed. He was scowling, but there was hurt in his expression.


Katsuki trails off. Mitsuki waits patiently for him to continue.

“I- I- fuck.”

“Katsuki.” She whispers, stepping towards him. He still doesn’t meet her eyes. “What is it?”

The sigh that passes through Katsuki’s lips is the definition of exhaustion. His shoulder slump, his eyes dim. It was heartbreaking.

“I love him.”

She knew that. Oh, she knew very well. It was so clear, so obvious. She nods, gesturing for him to continue.

“He loves me.” Katsuki murmurs softly, crossing his arms. Mitsuki notices how his fingers dig into his arms, but she ignores it.

“He loves me…but not like how I love him.”

And, just like that, Katsuki breaks.

Silent tears roll down his cheeks. His shoulders shake again. Mitsuki wordlessly wraps her arms around him. Katsuki doesn’t hug back, but his arms drop. He buries his face in her neck.

“It’s not fair.” he breathes, oh so soft. Mitsuki’s heart ached.

She wanted to tell him everything. She wanted to tell him about the loving looks Eijirou would give him. How the smiles he gave Katsuki were different, special to the ones he’d give others. How Eijirou would stare at her son with so much admiration and longing, it made Mitsuki feel as though she was seeing something she shouldn’t be.

Pressing her lips on Katsuki’s forehead, she grips him tighter.

He lets go, for the first time. He goes slack in her hold, vulnerable, human.

(And maybe, Mitsuki did too.)


They don’t show up much after that.

Mitsuki would complain if Katsuki hadn’t called her. He called to let her know things, even the most random. He called to let her know what he was doing, what he was eating, how he beat someone in this or that. He called to let her know he wouldn’t show for the break, that he would be at Eijirou’s house. He called to let her and Masaru know that he was getting there, getting closer to what he wanted.

They both knew what it meant, when he said that. Or, at least they thought they did.

Because the next time Mitsuki saw Eijirou and Katsuki, they were both in their third year, a few months away from graduation.

"It’s…kind of fucking weird." Katsuki had admitted once in a late night call with his mother. "I’m going to be a fucking pro soon. i’ve always knew I was going to make it, and i’m looking forward to it but…it’s crazy to think I’d make it this far."

"Of course you did." Mitsuki had murmured, fighting to keep her eyes open. "You’re my kid, ’suki. And you’re going to be the best…" She’d trailed off, eyes finally shutting. She heard Katsuki huff of laughter before she drifted off. She’d fallen asleep with a smile on her face.

Katsuki was trusting her more now, and if that didn’t make Mitsuki so damn happy, she didn’t know what could.

“I know it’s been a while,” Eijirou says, smiling warmly. “But I’m happy to see you both again.”

“We are too.” Masaru replied, smiling back. “You’re both looking well.”

Eijirou had grinned bashfully, rubbing the back of his neck. Katsuki simply scoffed, but it was fond.

They chatted about everything and nothing. Mitsuki didn’t notice anything was different until she saw the fond looks Eijirou would give Katsuki, and the fond looks Katsuki returned.

Something was up, and she was going to find out.

She just didn’t think she’d find out the way she did.

It was late at night. Eijirou had stayed over. Mitsuki had crawled out of bed, clutching her robe tighter as she searched for a glass to drink from. She was lost in her head, thinking about nothing in particular when she heard it.

A moan.

From Katsuki’s room.

She froze. Completely froze. Her mind blanked, then it rushed into overdrive.

Mitsuki forced herself to calm down. She could’ve misheard. There’s no way-

Another moan. Again.

Oh fuck. Okay. This was real. This was happening. Mitsuki had been dreading this day, actually, she didn't think this day would come. She rushed into her room as quietly as possible, but as she tiptoed passed Katsuki’s room, she heard the telltale whimpers and moans get louder.

“Katsuki, you need to be quiet,” someone whispered. Eijirou.

Mitsuki slapped a hand on her mouth. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to laugh or cry. There was another moan, probably done on purpose because it was louder than the others. Mitsuki bolted to her room then.

“‘Suki?” Masaru murmured, blinking tiredly at her. “What’s wrong?”

Mitsuki snorted. There was no way she was going to tell Masaru what she heard. “Nothing. Go back to sleep.”

He did so without another word. Mitsuki closed her eyes, trying desperately not to hear the noises from Katsuki’s room that she could still hear. She managed to fall asleep, but it wasn’t for long.

When she woke up again, it was 5:30 in the morning. Everything she heard hours ago from Katsuki’s room comes rushing back, and suddenly she finds herself completely awake.

Mitsuki quietly makes her way to the kitchen, thinking about whether or not she should talk to Katsuki about what she heard. She didn’t exactly have the talk with her son yet, and she wasn’t sure if she ever wanted to.

She finds herself so distracted in her thoughts, that when she hears a voice say “Mrs Bakugou?”, she almost shits herself.

Eijirou has the decency to look apologetic, but he’s smiling. Mitsuki places a hand on her racing heart, willing herself to calm down.

“Eijirou.” She breathed, smiling slightly. “Don’t sneak on me like that, kid.”

“Sorry, sorry.” He replied, grinning. Mitsuki now noticed how he wasn’t wearing a shirt, and how there were dark red and purple marks around his neck-- hickeys. She raised a brow at him, and he flushed brightly. “W-Why’re you awake at this time?” He stammered, trying to look casual and failing miserably.

Mitsuki smirked. “I always wake up early. Why are you awake?”

“Oh-um,” Eijirou looked down at the ground, suddenly not meeting Mitsuki’s eyes. “Just- couldn’t sleep.”

She raised a brow again, smirk widening. “Really now.”

Eijirou was starting to look a little sick with how red he was going. He stammered incoherent words, eyes flickering to everywhere but Mitsuki. Then he noticed her trembling shoulders, and froze.

Mitsuki burst into loud laughter, probably too loud for such an early hour. She pats Eijirou’s shoulder a bit too roughly.

“I’m just messing with you, kid.” She snorts, trying to control her remaining laughter. “I know what you two were up to last night.”

A flush crawls its way down Eijirou’s neck. He groans weakly, knocking his head on the counter.

Mitsuki grins, patting his back. She hears Eijirou grumble something. “What was that?” She asked, tilting her head.

He lifted his face from the counter, but still didn’t meet her eyes. “Are you…okay with it?”

“With what?” Mitsuki raised a brow again. “The fact that you two had-“

“Not that!” Eijirou practically screeched. He sighed, running as hand through his messy red hair. “How me and Katsuki are…together.”

Oh. She had a feeling they were, but she still found her eyes widening comically. “You mean dating?” She asked, just to be sure.

Eijirou nodded, chewing at his lip. “You two are so obvious.” Mitsuki chuckled. “I’m perfectly fine with it but…” she trailed off, noting the nervous look on Eijirou’s face. “Are you happy, Eijirou?”

“Of course I am.” The redhead replies without any hesitation. “It’s just…”

Mitsuki tilts her head, waiting. Eijirou goes quiet again, pink spread over his cheeks.

“I love him.” He whispers eventually. “So, so much.”

Mitsuki feels a sudden wave of deja vu. She can’t stop the surprise on her face, but she nods. Eijirou takes a deep breathe.

“I want to tell him, but I don’t know how.”

Her lips twitch upwards. “Eijirou, look at me.”

After a moment of hesitation, garnet eyes flicker to meet her gaze. She smiles softly, and Eijirou relaxes, but only slightly. “This is Katsuki we’re talking about. My kid. You know him, right?”

Eijirou nods, lips twitching upwards. “Just say it to him. You know Katsuki doesn’t like half-assing anything.”

“Yeah.” The redhead chuckles warmly. He presses the heel of his hand onto his eyes, scrubbing away tears Mitsuki didn’t notice. “Thank you, Mrs Bakugou.”

“I’ve known you for three years, Eijirou.” She replied, pride warming her chest. “Call me Mitsuki.”

“Okay.” Eijirou chuckled, “Thank you Mitsuki.”

“What are you two losers talking about?”

They both turn at the new but familiar voice. Mitsuki scowl at Katsuki, ignoring how he was wearing a shirt that was too loose on him, obviously not his, and how there were obvious bite marks and hickeys around his neck too.

“Oh nothing.” Mitsuki sing-songed, playing innocent. Katsuki narrowed his eyes at her, coming to stand next to Eijirou. “I was just telling Eijirou about the interesting noises I heard last night.”

Katsuki’s reaction is almost immediate. He shouts an unholy amount of curses, palms sparking at Mitsuki laughs uncontrollably. Both his and Eijirou’s face are a bright red, and it only makes Mitsuki laugh harder.

Masaru comes rushing out, glasses messily put on his face as he looks around the house for any source of danger. His messy appearance makes Katsuki calm down, and suddenly everyone except Masaru are laughing.

Hours later, Eijirou having left the house already, Mitsuki makes her way to Katsuki’s room. She knocks on the door, and doesn’t wait for Katsuki to let her in.

“Jesus. Would it kill to wait, woman?”

“Shut up.” She replies, rolling her eyes, “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Katsuki raises a brow at her, but he turns his body to face her completely. Mitsuki moves to sit next to him on his bed, and takes a deep breathe.

“I’m proud of you, Katsuki.”

Her son’s eyes widen, but she looks down at her hands, fidgeting. “You’ve come to far, and I’m- I’m so damn proud of you.”

“Shut up.” Katsuki hisses, but his bottom lip is trembling.

“No.” Mitsuki shakes her head. “Katsuki, you’re going to be the best hero ever. You and Eijirou. There’s no doubt about that. And I’m so, so proud of you, a-and how far you've come.”

Mitsuki laughs, but it breaks into a sob. She wraps her arms around Katsuki and hugs him without thinking.

And for the first time since Katsuki was a child, he hugs her back.

Katsuki may be lucky to have Eijirou, Mitsuki thinks, hugging her son tighter. But Eijirou is so lucky to have Katsuki too.