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It was well known around Rhodes Island that Mostima very much enjoyed pampering Exusiai with affection every chance she got. Whether it be when the two were alone or with others, Mostima would most certainly be seen showering her partner with affection.


Exusiai and Mostima had been dating for a little over six months, and since then, Mostima's "trips" had  changed f rom randomly leaving for who knows how long to only being gone a few days up to a week .


A nd while the looming thought of Mostima vanishing for longer than she had promised always lingered in the Sankta's mind when the fallen Sankta left, nothing on Terra could make her smile like she did when Mostima would return on time.


The first time Mostima had returned from one of her trips on time as she had promised, Exusiai was both happy and puzzled.


"Your friend, Lappland, she may have given me somewhat of a pep talk." Mostima had said while scratching her cheek with her index finger, chuckling sheepishly.


Ever since then, Mostima had kept her promise every time she left, always coming back not a day later than she had planned. The two Sankta had been assigned with the task of moving several packages into the loading area to be loaded into the van and transported when Exusiai suddenly spoke up.


"How come you never let me pamper you?"


Mostima rose a brow at the red-haired sniper as she paused, a cardboard box in her hands. The tip of her thin tail flicked to the right, then the left.


"What do you mean by that?" asked Mostima. Exusiai pouted at her, cheeks puffing. The Sankta set down the box she'd been holding, placing it on the floor. She stood up straight again and crossed her arms over her chest.


"You're always showering me with affection, but it's never the other way around!" The Sankta suddenly had a worried look on her face. " not want me to give you affection?"


Mostima shook her head, chuckling lightly. "That's not the case, you've just never made an attempt to pamper me as I do to you." She smirks at the sniper. "You're too busy getting all flustered, Pretty Angel~"


The red-haired Sankta's cheeks flushed, and amber eyes glanced all around the room, and she shifted a bit. Mostima laughed softly, her thin tail flicking.


"Like that."


Exusiai groaned. "Mostimaaa! I'm serious! I feel like I should be giving you affection too! It's only fair!" 


Mostima hummed in thought for a moment, the caster's lips pressing into a thin line. After a moment, she leaned over and captured Exusiai's lips into a kiss that lasted way longer than it felt, yet Exusiai felt as though it wasn't long enough when Mostima pulled back.


Exusiai's gaze was half-lidded and dazed as Mostima pulled away. The Sankta snapped out of her daze when the blue-haired caster began speaking.


"Alright then. I'll give you all day tomorrow to pamper me since we have the day off." Mostima said before licking her lips, the tip of her tail brushing against Exusiai's crotch as she turned away and began walking.


This would be way more difficult than Exusiai had thought...







It was an early morning, and Exusiai was lightly running her fingers through Mostima's dark blue hair, admiring how soft it was. It was a bit tangled due to the fact that Mostima hadn't taken her usual morning shower yet, but that, of course, didn't stop Exusiai at all. 


The Sankta leaned down and planted a soft kiss on Mostima's forehead, smiling gently.


"Good morning, Pretty Angel."


Exusiai nearly fell off the bed as she jolted away like she'd been burned. Mostima giggled softly, clearly enjoying Exusiai's expression.


"How long were you awake?!" Exusiai exclaimed.


Mostima hummed. "I woke up probably before you kissed me. Probably."


Exusiai glared at her, pouting. The Sankta sighed and went back to running her fingers through Mostima's hair.


"I need to take a shower, you know," Mostima said. Exusiai shrugged.


Aaaand then her fingers got stuck.


(Mostima couldn't stop laughing.)







Exusiai let out a slow breath as she walked towards the training room. It was common knowledge that Mostima would be found training if she didn't have anything important to do.


Exusiai really didn't know the exact reason why Mostima liked training on her days off, but she assumed it was because Mostima just liked being able to fight without fearing the possibility of getting killed.


The next part of Exusiai's plan sounded very childish and cheesy in her head. 


Giving Mostima a peck on the cheek shouldn't be that hard...right?


The red-haired Sankta opened the door to the training room and stepped inside.


"Mostima? You in-"


The sniper cut herself off as she caught sight of Mostima. 


Without her jacket on.


The fallen Sankta wore a white tank top, and,  lord,  Exusiai couldn't stop staring at her arms.


Droplets of sweat glistened on Mostima's skin under the cheap lights of the training room, the caster let out heavy huffs as she panted, swinging her staves with a surprising amount of grace and control.


How could someone look so hot yet so fucking pretty?!


"Exusiai, you alright?"


Exusiai felt her face get way too warm way too fast when she realized that Mostima had caught her staring. 


"Y-yeah, I-I'm alright! It's just that I've never seen you without your jacket on when you're training!" Exusiai rambled, waving her hands quickly in front of her. 

Mostima chuckled at Exusiai's flustered expression before placing her staves on the floor and walking over to the bench that sat against the wall and grabbed the white towel, using it to wipe the sweat from her face.


The Sankta made her way over to the caster, her heart hammering in her chest as she got closer and closer to her.


"You're adorable when you're blushing," Mostima said, looking at Exusiai, who stopped dead in her tracks and buried her face in her hands, groaning.




The blue-haired fallen Sankta laughed and walked over to Exusiai, pulling her into a hug and patting her head softly.


Exusiai sighed and was about to return the hug, when Mostima suddenly pulled away and ran towards the bench, quickly putting her jacket back on.


"Mostima, what-"


"Jesus, the hell is wrong with you?"




Exusiai looked over her shoulder at W, who was now walking over, a smirk plastered onto her face.


"What do you want, W?" Mostima asked, shoving her hands into the pockets of her jacket. Her tail lashed in irritation as W's smirk only seemed to grow wider.


Before Exusiai could even open her mouth to say something, Mostima and W began swearing at each other using Sarkaz profanity.   The Sankta awkwardly watched the swearing war, her eyes glancing between the two. She wondered why they were always at each other's throats like this. 


A low growl from Mostima snapped Exusiai out of her thoughts and she rushed forward and grabbed Mostima's arm.


"Mostima, let's go. You need to calm down."


The fallen Sankta huffed before reluctantly following Exusiai out of the room, her tail still lashing in anger.



Mostima let out a heavy sigh as Exusiai closed the door to the dorm behind her, her tail swishing from side to side slowly.


"You okay?" Exusiai asked, looking at Mostima, who nodded slowly.


"Yeah, just...irritated, I guess." The fallen Sankta flopped onto the bed, staring up at the ceiling. Exusiai walked over to her girlfriend and sat down next to her.


"Sorry, you had to listen to all that, Pretty Angel." Mostima apologized, turning her head to gaze up at the sniper. Exusiai smiled softly in response.


"Don't worry about it. I know how much W gets on your nerves." the angel replied, leaning down and pressing her lips to Mostima's forehead.


"...W was right about one thing, though." the caster mumbled. Exusiai tilted her head curiously.


"What was it?"


The blue-haired fallen Sankta smirked at Exusiai.


"About liking angel pussy."


The sniper's face got hot instantly.



Half an hour later, Mostima and Exusiai were laying on the bed, the red-haired sniper on top of the caster, fast asleep.


Mostima smiled softly as she pulled the covers over their naked bodies, her fingers combing through Exusiai's short hair.


The fallen Sankta would certainly be lying if she said she wasn't glad she'd chosen to stay with her pretty angel.