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Star Trek: Discovery "Remnants"

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The small, sleek starship Leo flies through deep space, stars rushing past.


Michael Burnham sits alone in the mess hall of the Leo, Hideki Hiroi’s starship. The tiny room has one table with a few attached chairs, and some built-in food replicators and cabinets. As the camera pans over the well-worn surfaces of the room, we finally see Burnham nursing a mug of coffee and staring contemplatively at the stars rushing past the nearby window.

BURNHAM (Voiceover)  I find myself alone in this universe…nine hundred years in the future…with no sign of Starfleet or the Federation remaining. Has the Discovery and her crew already arrived? Is Saru out there somewhere searching for me? Or am I truly alone, orphaned in a galaxy that has been cleared of almost all sentient life by the Old Ones, for a purpose only they know? 

We see Hiroi enter the airlock chamber (seen in Episode 1) and discover inside his large cat, Catchan. Hiroi picks up Catchan, shakes his head disappointedly, then kisses the cat on the head and carries him back into the main part of the ship.

BURNHAM (Voiceover)  Hideki Hiroi, the captain of the Leo, seems to lack purpose. He’s also uninterested in the larger questions I have about this time period. I guess he’s been too busy just trying to stay alive.

We see Ari, the ship’s AI, concentrating on a graphical representation of a dense star field on her bridge control panel. The stars rotate as she gestures with her hands. Visible among the many blue stars is a small point of red light in crosshairs.

BURNHAM (Voiceover)  Ari, the ship’s humanoid extension, seems more open to discovering what happened to all the beings who used to inhabit this sector. I’ve asked her to apprise me of any clue that might help to solve this mystery.

Closeup of Burnham, still sitting in the mess hall, watching the stars fly past. She sips her mug of coffee.

BURNHAM (Voiceover)  I have to remember that this…strange new world…was my choice. But at least, in this distant stretch of future time to which I’ve come, they still enjoy coffee. Even if it is synthesized.

The mess hall door slides open and Ari enters. Ari stares at Burnham for a beat, not saying a word. Burnham turns to look at her, raising her eyebrows expectantly.

ARI (Dryly)  How are you?

BURNHAM (Not really wanting to engage)  Fine. (Her expression becomes inquizitive and she wags a finger at Ari.)  Do you—do you eat?

ARI (Approaches closer)  Not really. Sometimes I pretend to drink alcohol with Hideki. He seems to like it when I pretend to become inebriated at the same rate that he does.

BURNHAM  Isn’t that kind of…lying?

ARI (Slightly defensive) He knows I’m pretending. He doesn’t like to drink alone. And without him…I’d be lonely too. So it’s not such a bad thing.

Burnham nods her head, acknowledging the truth of her statement.

ARI (Brightening, and closing one eye tightly)  Anyway, you asked me to “keep an eye open” for any sign of the old Federation. (She opens both eyes.) Well, I found one…just a “remnant.”

BURNHAM (Excited) Whoa! Can we go?

Behind Burnham, through the mess window, the continuous flow of stars slows to a halt.

ARI  We’re already there. Look out the window.

Burnham turns and we see a closeup of her reaction—a mix of awe and dread—as she peers out the window.



The Leo in the foreground looks small compared to the starship it approaches. The starship, advanced but still recognizably Federation, has been attacked. It is dead—no internal lights visible, and no external light except for faint blue starlight. The ship is tumbling, pinwheeling through space head over heels. The saucer is blackened and blasted, but the engineering section is intact. However, the nacelles are missing. We see burnt stubs where the pylons should be.




BURNHAM (Voiceover)  Personal Log: Ari cannot determine whether the derelict Federation starship we have found was attacked by the Solani during the forced resettlement of this sector, or was destroyed many years before that and has been tumbling through interstellar space ever since. We are beaming over to investigate.


Ari, Hiroi, and Burnham beam into the computer room of the derelict Federation ship. Burnham and Hiroi wear spacesuits and helmets. Ari does not, as she is a force-matter projection and doesn’t require air. The bright light-strips on their space suits light the area around them indirectly as they peer around. The chamber is dark, with patterned walls and no furniture. 

Hiroi takes a step and looks surprised.

HIROI (Heard over comms)  Hey, artificial gravity.

BURNHAM (Heard over comms)  No, centrifugal force. Remember, the ship is spinning. We’re standing on the outer wall. (She points upward, toward the computer core.) We need up there.

HIROI (Understatedly)  That *could* be a problem.

Ari crouches down next to a “wall-mounted” control panel by their feet. There is a large sliding door next to it that they stand on, with a wide and apparently very thick window filling the upper half. The screen comes to life when Ari touches it, and she starts tapping commands with her fingers.

ARI (Heard normally, as some air remains in this section) Good. Still some juice in the battery. There should be an emergency override for the environmental controls. That way we can get some heat and  some oxygen for you guys. (Keeps working at the panel) Give me a minute.

HIROI (Still looking around uneasily)  You know, this ship went through a hell of a battle.

BURNHAM (Nodding in agreement)  Both the main bridge and auxiliary control…destroyed. The enemy knew what they were doing.

ARI  Got it! Everybody ready?

BURNHAM and HIROI (Simultaneously)  Yeah.

The lights come on. Gravity in the corridor transitions to the floor (the corridor appears to rotate) and Burnham and Ari land gracefully on their feet, while HIROI lands on his back like a beached whale.

HIROI (Groans)  I thought you were just going to turn on the lights.

Both women assist him to his feet. They proceed to the other side of the room. Ari sits at the desk-like control panel there and begins to enter commands.

ARI  The main computer is in *deep* hibernation. I’m going to try to wake it up. FYI, reactivating the main computer will drain this section’s battery very quickly.

BURNHAM (Observing Ari)  You seem very familiar with Federation technology.

ARI (Still working, without irony)  It’s what I do.

HIROI (Impatiently)  Remind me again what we’re trying to accomplish here.

BURNHAM (Annoyed)  Get information. To help ourselves.

HIROI (Not inspired)  Ah.

ARI  You guys can remove you helmets now. Although I wouldn’t recommend it.

HIROI and BURNHAM both break the seal on their helmets and remove them. Ari shakes her head and rolls her eyes.

HIROI  Smells okay.

ARI  I just meant it’s safer to—never mind.

HIROI  I do feel vulnerable though. Ari, are you scanning for other ships out there?

ARI (Sardonically)  I am capable of multitasking. Thanks for asking.

The walls are lined with identically patterned computer units that come to life with vague traces of light pulsing behind translucent panels. On the control desk before Ari, a complex geometric shape fills the screen, representing the main computer’s personality, but it is scrambled and jittery.

ARI (Listening intently for a response)  Computer? Computer?

The female-voiced computer answers, the voice sounding enervated.

COMPUTER  Working.

BURNHAM  This is Commander Michael Burnham of Starfleet, assigned to the U.S.S. Discovery, NCC 1031. Computer…play the last log entry of the captain of this vessel.

They wait, but the computer does not respond.

BURNHAM Computer, who attacked and disabled this starship?

They wait, but there is still no response.

ARI (To Hiroi and Burnham) Let’s try something simple. Computer, what is the name and registration number of this vessel?

Ari is watching the panel, which is shimmering and rotating, but there is still no answer.

ARI (To Burnham)  Wow. It’s fried. We’ll run out of power long before we can repair the interface and rebuild the databanks.

Burnham picks up an object magnetically attached to the panel and examines it closely—a small rod, black and metallic.

BURNHAM (Intrigued, to Hiroi)  What is this?

HIROI (Shrugs)  No idea.

ARI  It is a combination sensor, analyser, and recorder.

BURNHAM (Surprised and delighted)  This is a tricorder? I didn’t even recognize it. (She turns the rod-shaped object in her hand, but doesn’t see any controls) I’m not even sure how to use it. (Burnham tries voice control) Scan for nearby energy signatures.

A floating, transparent projected display appears above the rod. Burnham points the rod in different directions and the display changes accordingly.

BURNHAM (Impressed)  Nice!

HIROI (Impatiently)  Guys, I think we’re wasting our time here.  We should go.

COMPUTER (Evenly)  We should go.

ARI  Computer, are you with us?

COMPUTER (beat)  We should go. (beat) We should go.

All three exchange uneasy glances.

HIROI (Chuckling nervously)  Well…I agree with the computer.

ARI (Resignedly, to main computer)  Okay, I’m putting you back into hibernation.

Ari taps the panel controls for a few seconds, and the computer panels darken and the display shuts off. At the same time, Burnham is using the futuristic tricorder to examine their surroundings, turning it every which way.

ARI (Looking up quickly, surprised)  Uh oh.

HIROI (Concerned)  What?

ARI  I thought I detected a warp signature. But I see nothing around. It may have been a ship passing nearby at warp speed.

HIROI  Well, I’m suitably spooked. Let’s get out of here!

BURNHAM (Ignores Hiroi and indicates the floating display above the tricorder)  There’s a weird energy signature on this level. (To Ari) What do you make of it?

ARI (Glancing at the display) That’s a quantum pattern array. I think in your time it was called a transporter pattern buffer.

BURNHAM  So something or someone is stored in there. But surely after all this time…the pattern would have degraded.

HIROI  I think the Federation eventually copied Romulan transporter technology because the Romulan version didn’t have the problem of the pattern quickly starting to degrade. After that, you could store things long term as a transporter pattern.

Burnham starts striding toward the large sliding door, then halts when the others do not follow.

BURNHAM  (Determined) Well…come on! Let’s check it out.

The heavy door slides open and she goes out into the corridor, taking the new tricorder with her.

Hiroi watches, frowning. Ari, glancing at Hiroi, smiles and pats his shoulder gently with her hand.

ARI (Sweetly)  Well…come on.


A heavy door slides open and Burnham enters, followed by Hiroi and Ari. The futuristic transporter room is darkly lit, but recognizable: there is a transporter control panel, similar in shape to the desk-like panel in the computer room, but standing isolated before a broad platform. The platform is surrounded by panels glowing with diffuse light.

Burnham’s proximity activates the desk-like control panel, but as she scans the controls, with their vaguely organic interconnected shapes, she loses confidence.

BURNHAM (Concerned, her hand hovering over the controls)  If there is really someone stored in here, I don’t want to mess this up. Transporter accidents are not pretty.

ARI (beat)  Let me help.

Burnham nods in agreement. Ari steps closer to the controls and operates them.

ARI (Examining the panel closely)  I don’t think it’s a life form. More like a solid object with an energy signature. Inorganic.

HIROI (Worried)  That sounds like a weapon. We should leave it.

ARI (Still trying to make sense of the readings)  But…it’s humanoid in shape. Most of the higher analytical functions of this control panel were tied to the main computer. I can beam out whatever is in there, but that is about it.

HIROI (Decisively)  We’re going back to the Leo.

Ari stands up, but Burnham grabs her arm to stop her.

BURNHAM (To Ari)  I need you to help me!

ARI (Sheepishly)  Hiroi is my captain.

BURNHAM (Glaring at Hiroi, pleadingly) Hiroi! (beat) Hideki!

HIROI (Gravely)  You’re going to get us all killed.

BURNHAM (To Ari)  Show me what I need to do. Then you two can return to the Leo.

Ari looks to Hiroi for permission; he nods sourly. Ari prepares the device by pressing a series of commands, which produce a “ready” beep from the panel.

ARI (to Burnham)  It’s ready. Do the “hand swoosh,” and the materialization sequence will activate.

BURNHAM (Confused)  “Hand swoosh?”

ARI  Yeah.

Ari demonstrates in mid air, making a slightly clawed hand and pulling it back toward her body.

The sound of the activated transporter mechanism and a shimmering light fills the room.

ARI (Defensively)  It’s not supposed to work from this distance. (To Hiroi)  I didn’t know!

A brilliant, vaguely humanoid outline appears, standing on the transporter platform, surrounded by the shimmering transporter effect. The shape glows brightly, illuminating Burnham and the others with a blue-white light that causes them to shield their eyes. The shape is unsteady and wavy, like a mirage hanging above a highway in the heat of summer.

Burnham points her tricorder toward the slowly materializing shape and glances at the readings.

BURNHAM (Shouting above the transporter sound)  No dangerous radiation. That’s black body heat…three thousand degrees Kelvin.

The materialization finishes, and the standing, brightly glowing figure collapses backward. As the figure falls, the intense light radiating from the body goes from white to yellow to orange to red, in the space of about a second.

Burnham, Ari, and Hiroi all lean forward, peering at the figure now lying prone on the transporter platform. They cautiously approach.

ARI (Shocked)  A Solani!

HIROI (Fearfully)  Let’s get out of here.

Ari and Hiroi have stopped, but Burnham is still moving closer, looking intently.

BURNHAM (To Hiroi)  No, wait! (Overcome) How is this possible?

She kneels next to the figure, who we see is her brother Spock, wearing his updated blue Starfleet uniform. She cautiously touches his shoulders and his face, almost to see if he is real.

BURNHAM (Emotionally) Spock!

HIROI (Menacingly)  Burnham, that’s a Solani! A killer!

BURNHAM (Dismissively, to Hiroi)  Don’t be so stupid. (To Spock) Spock!

Spock opens his eyes calmly, looks at Burnham, then, as he sits up, he peers around questioningly. He returns his gaze to Burnham and stares at her intently.

SPOCK (beat)  Sister….

Burnham smiles, a tear in her eye.



Hiroi, Ari, Burnham, and Spock are standing behind the transporter controls in a group.

BURNHAM (Happily)  This…is impossible.

SPOCK (Evenly)  It seems impossible to me as well.

BURNHAM (To Spock)  What is the last thing you remember?

SPOCK (To Burnham) Saying goodbye to you. (He examines the control panel) Is this…the future.

BURNHAM (Nods)  Stardate 1264800.

SPOCK  Then nine-hundred and thirty years have past.

BURNHAM (A little sadly)  Yeah. (Shaking her head, confused) But this makes no sense at all.

SPOCK (Nodding)  I should not be here. So it stands to reason that I am not Spock, or conversely that you are not Michael Burnham. Nevertheless, I am pleased to see you, despite the circumstance.

BURNHAM (Smiling)  Yes. (Turning to Hiroi and Ari) This…is my brother.

Hiroi and Ari stare at her in disbelief.

BURNHAM (Slightly annoyed)  Oh come on, I told you I was raised on the planet Vulcan. My brother is half-Vulcan and half-human.

SPOCK (Raising an eyebrow)  I…do not usually lead with that information. I trust it is relevant.

BURNHAM (To Spock)  This section of the galaxy has been forcibly resettled. And the ruthless soldiers clearing it out appear…Vulcan. Or rather, they appear to have originated from the same genetic pool as both the Vulcans and the Romulans.

SPOCK (Turning to Hiroi and Ari)  I’m certain that Michael has explained that Vulcans obey logic, and logic most often demands peace.

HIROI (Distractedly, turning to Burnham)  Michael, remember what Ari said? Whatever was stored in the transporter pattern was inorganic. This can’t be your brother.

BURNHAM (Defensively)  Then I’ll remind you that we *don’t know* what is happening here. It could be—

ARI (Interrupting)  Oh, we have company. Transporter signatures. Someone else has beamed aboard.

HIROI  I thought you were watching!

ARI  I have been. I still don’t see any other ships. They might be hiding on the other side of this ship, obscured.

HIROI (Quickly, to Ari) Beam us back to the Leo.

ARI (Stressed) Even Michael’s brother?

Michael gives Hiroi a very threatening look. He buckles.

HIROI  Yes! Fine, just get us out of here!

ARI (Shakes her head)  It’s no good. They’ve set up a scrambling field, we can’t transport.

BURNHAM (Indicating the transporter unit behind them) What if we use this transporter? Site to site?

ARI (She indicates Spock)  We just used what power was left to materialize him. If we try again we won’t even have life support. (Frowns) I’m backing the Leo away. There’s a nebula close by that I can hide in.

Ari holds out her hand, and Burnham, realizing what she wants, hands the rod-like tricorder device over to her. Ari scans the deck around them.

ARI  They’re coming.

SPOCK (Animated)  I know of a place we can hide.

BURNHAM (Doubtfully)  How, Spock?

SPOCK (Bewildered)  I…don’t know how. But I *am* familiar with the layout of this vessel. This is the Haldeman, registery number 22-dash-710.

ARI (Agitated)  We have to move!

BURNHAM (To Spock)  We’ll follow you.

Burnham looks at Hiroi, expecting him to argue. Lacking any better idea, Hiroi throws up his hands and they all hustle through the transporter room door.


A small access hatch opens and Hiroi, Ari, Burnham, and Spock awkwardly crawl into a cramped, low-ceilinged space walled-in by protruding cooling vanes and interspersed bundles of snaking wires. The light strips on their space suits indirectly light the tiny space.

ARI (Trying to use the tricorder to scan)  Nothing.

SPOCK (To Ari)  We are inside the main computer core. If the computer were fully operational, this area would be like a convection oven. We’d bake. However it’s also very well shielded, to prevent interference. If…whoever we are hiding from…cannot locate us, they may assume we have already left.

ARI (Smiling)  That’s logical.

SPOCK (Slightly embarrassed)  Indeed.

They are all silent for just a moment, sizing each other up.

BURNHAM (Laughing quietly)  Spock…Spock, how could you know the layout of this ship?

SPOCK (Nodding in agreement)  I am forced to admit that there are many things about this situation which I do not comprehend.

BURNHAM (Thoughtfully, to Spock)  Do you remember when your pet Sehlet bit me, and I screamed like a banshee? You came running…and you saved me.

SPOCK  As I recall, you had stepped on its tail.

BURNHAM (Still smiling and watching Spock closely)  Well, I suppose I was partially to blame. I still have the scar on my wrist.

SPOCK  The scar is located on your ankle. (Mischievously) Did I pass the test, Michael?

BURNHAM (Grumbling)  You passed.

Again, there is a short silent pause.

HIROI  So quiet in here. (To Spock) So you aren’t familiar with the Solani?


HIROI  Well I guess…a lot can happen in nine hundred years!

Spock raises an eyebrow at the inanity of the comment, but still nods in agreement.



From a distance, we see the lonely black silhouette of the wrecked Federation starship tumbling against a dusty blue star-scape, silently.


Hiroi, Ari, Burnham and Spock are still sequestered inside the small CPU chamber, but they are now stretched out, with limbs sprawled on top of each other. Spock is sitting half-lotus style.

HIROI  I don’t know how much more of this fun I can stand. How long have we been stuck in here?

ARI and SPOCK (Simultaneously)  Three hours, twenty seven minutes.

BURNHAM  Ari, I’m curious. What’s the range limit between you and the Leo? I mean, that nebula you hid the ship in was several light minutes away.

ARI  There is no range limit…that I’m aware of. I mean, the Leo and I can function independently. And we communicate using forced concurrency, which is very fast.

BURNHAM  Forced what?

ARI  It’s faster than subspace.


HIROI (Breathlessly) I think it’s about time to open the hatch again. I’m getting light headed. Look, eventually the life support is going to fail. (Looks around at the others) Let’s try to determine if our friends are still out there so we can…you know, move on with our lives.


In the computer room, a thick hatch swings open and Burnham’s arm emerges waving the tricorder rod to and fro. There is no projected display above it this time. Her arm shakes the rod a bit, frustrated, and pulls it back inside.


BURNHAM (Glaring at the tricorder)  The damn thing is dead!

ARI  It had almost no charge left.

HIROI (Whispering to Ari)  All right. Ari, bring the Leo close. Try to beam us out again.

ARI  The Leo is here. (To Hiroi, explaining) I could tell you were getting impatient.


Burnham, Spock, Ari, and lastly Hiroi each carefully emerge from the computer core through the access hatch. They stand together expectantly in the computer room.

ARI (Frowning)  The scrambler field is still up.

BURNHAM  Which means our friends are probably still here.

SPOCK  We are speaking about the Solani that you referenced earlier?

ARI, HIROI, and BURNHAM (Simultaneously)  Yes.

SPOCK  Are we certain these visitors are Solani and not some other species?

HIROI (Annoyed)  Who else would they be?

ARI (To Spock, patiently) As far as we know, besides the Solani, my crew here are the last surviving humanoids in this sector.

SPOCK  And if they capture you?

HIROI  Oh, well let’s see: there’s maiming and degradation, to be followed by torture at the hands of the Regents, and then, via our deaths, we’ll turn into receipts for the Old Ones, which means yet another sector is cleared of humanoid life, yeah!

SPOCK (Determinedly)  I have a plan. (To Ari) Am I correct in assuming that the Solani must de-activate the scrambler field in order to use their own transporters?

ARI  Of course.

SPOCK (Looking around at the room)  The shielding built into the structure of this processor hub will discourage the enemy from transporting *into* this room. (To Ari) But I’m guessing it will be much easier for you to transport *out* of this room.

ARI (Impressed)  An excellent point. I’m basically a walking extension of the Leo’s transporter sensor. If it weren’t for the scrambler field, I would have no trouble beaming us out of here and back to the Leo.

Spock nods thoughtfully, then approaches Ari and locks eyes with her.

SPOCK (Close up, intensely serious) You must be prepared to transport everyone out of this area when the opportunity arises. Do you understand?

ARI (Gazing back, a little overwhelmed by his intensity)  …Yeah.

HIROI (Caustically)  Care to let us in on your plan, Spock?

Spock pauses thoughtfully, then sits down at the control panel desk and starts to uncertainly work the control interface. Within seconds he is very quickly typing in lines of stripped down computer code. Burnham is peering over his shoulder at the progress.

BURNHAM (Shaking her head in awe)  You’re amazing, Spock.

COMPUTER (Almost mechanically)  Level 5 Security Code Required.

Spock types in the code.

COMPUTER  Code accepted.

Hiroi approaches angrily and yanks Spock away from the panel.

HIROI (Accusingly)  How could you possibly know this ship’s access codes? Or even its macro language? (To the others) He’s not telling us something.

SPOCK (To Hiroi, earnestly)  I would tell you…if I understood it myself.

Spock walks briskly and purposefully toward the sliding door. It opens and he walks into the corridor, where he turns to face them.

SPOCK  Sister…Michael… (He nods his head slightly as he looks toward Burnham) …tifTOR hezMUZmah. [Note: this is Vulcan for “live long and prosper”]

Spock touches a control in the corridor which closes the sliding door. He is visible through the large, thick window.

COMPUTER (Mechanically)  Door locked. Signal activated.

BURNHAM (Quickly growing worried, eyes wide)  No, Spock!


Four Solani guards beam in around Spock, with the leader holding a rifle-shaped energy weapon at Spock’s throat. Spock raises arms in surrender.


Through the large window of the heavy sliding door, Burnham, Ari, and Hiroi can see both Spock and the Solani soldier with the weapon aimed at Spock.

SPOCK (Voice over intercom)  Now!

HIROI (To Ari)  Beam us out.

BURNHAM (To Ari)  No!

HIROI (To Ari)  Beam us out now!

BURNHAM (To Ari)  Don’t do it!

ARI (Looking stunned)  I—I missed the chance. The field is back up.

HIROI (Enraged at Burnham)  Damn you! Damn you!

SOLANI LEADER (Voice over intercom)  Humans! Surrender…or this one dies.


SPOCK (To Solani Leader)  Would you kill one of your own kind?

SOLANI LEADER (Disdainfully) I don’t recognize you. You are *not* my kind.

SPOCK (beat) Fair enough.


HIROI (To Ari and Burnham)  What the hell were you thinking? Both of you?

Visible through the door, the Solani jabs the rifle muzzle into Spock’s ribs and he grimaces.

SOLANI LEADER (Voice over intercom)  He dies now!

Spock looks at Burnham and shakes his head, indicating he does not want them to take action.

BURNHAM (Close up of her desperate expression) Spock!



The three Solani soldiers stand and watch as their leader backs away from Spock and aims his rifle carefully.

SOLANI LEADER (Impressed)  You don’t frighten easily.

SPOCK  You talk too much!

Spock lunges toward the Solani Leader, who discharges his energy weapon at the Vulcan. As the beam strikes Spock, his body glows, as though being atomized, and Spock grunts, stumbling backwards. But the glow dissipates in a second as he regains his footing.

Spock glances down at himself and realizes he is more or less unharmed. The other Solani soldiers glance at each other uneasily.


Burnham and the others are watching, confused.

HIROI (To Burnham) Is this part of the plan?

Burnham shakes her head indicating she doesn’t know.


The Solani Leader fires again at Spock, longer this time. Spock’s body glows, becoming white hot and losing its trim shape. The outline becomes a larger, more massive body, with heavy foreclaws, still glowing intensely. It grabs the Solani leader. His skin sizzles in the grasp of this creature and his clothing ignites. He screams.


Burnham, Hiroi and Ari rush to the window to see what is happening. The corridor behind is lit with violently shifting bright light. The Solani Leader’s screams are trailing off.

HIROI (Shocked)  My God! What is that thing?

BURNHAM (Peering through the window)  The other Solani are beaming away! Ari! Beam us out now!

ARI (Uncertainly, looking through the window)  Even…

BURNHAM (Commandingly)  Yes!

HIROI (Realizing what that means)  No!

Hiroi, Burnham, and Ari are transported away, and the shifting light visible through the window from the corridor fades as well. The computer room is now silent and still.


Hiroi, Burnham, Ari, and the massive, glowing, vaguely humanoid shape that was formerly Spock materialize on the small transporter platform aboard the Leo. The light and heat flooding the chamber from the strange figure instantly repel the other three, who flee from the platform. The figure topples over, cooling from white to yellow to orange to red as it does so.

Hiroi bars his teeth, staring at the prone mystery figure and unhappy with everything that is happening. Ari is also staring in amazement.

HIROI (Slapping Ari on the shoulder to get her attention)  Let’s go!

The transporter room door slides open and they rush off to the bridge.

Burnham watches them exit, then redirects her attention to the prone figure on the platform. She approaches cautiously. Lying there is someone new, a woman wearing a trim, vaguely Starfleet onesie. The “badge” is simply a rounded, upward pointed chevron with a slightly longer left leg.

[Note: her communicator, weapon, and LCARS access are all integrated in the body, although these are not very useful without a starship to back up their functionality with power and data via forced concurrency.]

With the flummoxed Burnham’s assistance, Teya stands up unsteadily.

TEYA (Smiling)  Don’t be afraid. I’m awake now. I’m Teya.

The Leo lurches as it takes weapons fire, and Teya falls into Burnhams’ arms. Burnham steadies her, still not sure what to make of the new addition.

BURNHAM  I’m Michael. Let’s go to the bridge…find out what’s happening.


Hiroi and Ari are sitting at the two forward control panels. The stars outside the forward windows are shifting wildly as the Leo pivots this way and that in space. Hiroi is piloting frantically, while Ari helps, the fingertips of both her hands resting on her panel.

The bridge door opens and Burnham and Teya enter from the corridor. Burnham directs Teya to sit in one of the two chairs positioned in back and she sits in the other chair.

BURNHAM  What’s going on?

The ship lurches and shakes again.

HIROI (Yelling back at Burnham over the thrum of the engine)  The Solani ship chasing us is faster than us and has bigger guns. (He does a double take, seeing Teya sitting next to Burnham.) Who the hell is that?

Again the ship lurches and shakes, and the instrumentation and cabin lights briefly wink out before restoring.

HIROI  Never mind!

Teya is clutching her seat tightly, not enjoying being jolted.

TEYA (To Burnham)  This is crazy! I don’t understand what’s happening.

BURNHAM (To Teya, yelling over the din)  We’re being pursued by the Solani! They want to kill us! (Burnham peers closer at Teya) Teya, is Spock still inside there somewhere?

TEYA (Confused)  What?

Again the ship lurches violently and shudders.

ARI (Yelling) Unless someone can contribute something new to this situation, we’re all dead!

TEYA (Has a “eureka” moment, eyes wide)  Oh yeah! Yeah, I remember! Of course!

Burnham looks at Teya incredulously.

TEYA (Shouting to Hiroi and Ari)  We have to return to the Haldeman!

HIROI (Stressed)  The space wreck? I don’t think so!

The ship lurches slightly; they lean in their seats.

BURNHAM  Why, Teya? Why return?

TEYA (Frenetic and geeky, like Crispin Glover) Because…Spock had a plan!


The much smaller starship Leo enters the frame, and the pinwheeling Haldeman grows in size as they approach it.


Without the warp drive whining, the bridge is quieter.

ARI  We’ve arrived at the wreck of the Haldeman. Which is good because we would have overloaded the warp core in another few seconds.

The bridge of the Leo is jolted again as their ship is hit by Solani weapons fire.

ARI  And the Solani are here too.

TEYA (Authoritatively) Duck under the saucer section of the Haldeman as it comes around and head straight through.

HIROI (Skeptically)  What’s that going to accomplish?

BURNHAM (Ignoring him)  Ari, go for it!

Ari turns away from them and toward the front windows, observing the spinning hulk of the Haldeman. Her expression changes to one of determination.


The Leo rushes toward the pinwheeling Haldeman which grows in size ominously as it approaches. The tiny ship rushes under the saucer section, which is rushing downward counter-clockwise as the dead ship drifts through space. The Solani vessel pursues the Leo, also passing under the rapidly moving saucer, but just as it passes underneath, the entire wrecked ship rotates along the long axis, exposing the Solani ship to the bottom face of the saucer and destroying it in a fiery explosion.

From the other side, we see the Haldeman now rotating on two axes as it tumbles, with the remains of the fiery destruction of the pursuing Solani ship still visible. The Leo rushes toward the camera and flies past.


ARI (Turning to face the others)  We did it.

HIROI (Relieved, but also confused)  Can someone explain exactly what we did?

Burnham turns to Teya, nodding with approval.

BURNHAM  The code Spock was writing on the Haldeman. The macro file. It was to fire the Reaction Control System when the Solani passed nearby. Or was that you, Teya?

TEYA (Embarrassed by the attention)  I was unconscious at the time, but yeah, it was probably me.

HIROI  Ari, unless you feel like disobeying me yet again for the thousandth time today, let’s get out of here.

ARI (Compliantly)  Aye, Captain. Getting out of here.



The Leo is traveling at warp speed, with nearby stars rushing past it in a blur.


Teya is sitting up on a bunk in her new quarters, a tiny room with a small window through which we can see stars rushing past.

The doorchime beeps.

TEYA  Come in.

Burnham enters and smiles, then sits at Teya’s desk chair to converse.

BURNHAM (Concerned)  Did you get some sleep?

TEYA (Shyly)  I’m Excalbian. We don’t sleep. We…settle. We…analyze. I don’t think there is a word for what we do in your language.

BURNHAM (Interested)  I’ve never heard of Excalbians before.

TEYA (Happy to explain) We’re a very curious species. I mean, intellectual curiosity. Not weirdness. (Laughs at her own awkwardness) A hundred years ago we infiltrated the Federation to learn more about it. Everyone viewed us as a threat because we are so different from other lifeforms. You saw my true form on the Haldeman. “Igneous.” (She chuckles at the description.) But we’re able to reshape ourselves at will, a kind of camouflage. And the Federation finally came to us and said, “Why infiltrate us when you could join us?” And…well…here I am. I just didn’t expect to be…the only one left.

Teya’s eyes tear up and her face twists in sorrow.

Burnham stands and switches herself to the edge of Teya’s bed. She holds Teya’s hands in hers.

BURNHAM (Quietly)  I know the feeling. (beat) Hey, at least we’re the same rank. That means we can’t order each other around.

Teya laughs through her tears.

BURNHAM (Searchingly)  Teya, why my brother? Why Spock?

TEYA  It’s a defense mechanism. Even knocked unconscious, we Excalbians can walk around and do things. And we're telepathic. When we’re hurt, we adapt ourselves automatically to appeal to whoever finds us. Usually that means family. In your case, it meant Spock.

BURNHAM (Acceptingly)  Well, you got him just right.

Teya half smiles, then look down shyly.



The bridge of the Leo is empty except for Ari, who is doing some maintenance work via the control panel.

The door to the bridge slides open, and Teya enters. She approaches Ari, then stands behind her looking at her.

Ari finally turns and looks at Teya.

TEYA (Coldly)  Are we going anywhere near Excalbia?

ARI  Your homeworld? Yeah, we’re heading in that general direction.

TEYA (beat)  I wish to go there.

ARI (beat)  Talk to Hiroi. It’s his ship. He’s the captain.

TEYA (Thinking)  If we are heading that way, then I do not need to tell him.

Teya turns and leaves the bridge. Ari turns back to her panel, tilts her head and frowns.

ARI  I’m not sure I like her. (Judgementally) Scary!