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someday, we'll say hello

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My Gilgamesh,

I burn for you. Did you know that we have

matching scars? Remember the first time

you laid a hand on my

shoulder: It was then that I

caught fire. It was then that I knew

I had a body

for this purpose alone. I was born

from your touch. I was made to fall

into your eyes, made to rise before you

on shaky feet, to stand beside you

and be consumed

by this pyre that I have built

with hallowed devotion.


My Achilles,

I do not sleep, and still

I have dreamt of you. I have felt you

in every sweet thing I have known —

your hands have touched me

through long winter shadows, trailing soft

down my neck; your mouth has kissed me

in every amber drop of honey, thick

in my throat; and all birds sing

the bright notes of your laugh, all summer trees

cast your dark gaze over me.


My Eurydice,

I plucked out my wings

one plume at a time. If born at sea

I’d wish for legs. What good

is the sky or ocean, when you stand

bathing in the golden light of a setting sun?

If I could not inhabit this body

made to be touched, I would sigh

cricket songs for you, hidden in the

wheat fields. I would slide down your skin

as cool creek water. I would brush your cheek

with a warm spring breeze. I would be

anything. I would do anything. I

have done



My Juliet,

we are a story of final words.

This was never our fault.

We were only ever meant to watch

how it ends and ends

and ends, and ends, and ends.

But I have found you.

And I have found you. And I have

found you. And I will rip out my wings

every new time. There is love

in the leaving. Remember the first time

that I touched your shoulder. Hold my name

beneath your tongue — it was always yours

to keep.


My forever (my never),

always will I burn for you.

Now here comes the part

we know best.