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When the stars fall in Autumn

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Stiles started packing his things when he got the call from his dad one rainy Sunday morning. The call was a short one – they’d already video chatted during the week, but apparently his dad had had some sort of epiphany afterwards or something – and the main point of it was simple. Stiles’ dad was getting married.

”You’ve been holding out on me, dad”, Stiles had said when the older Stilinski had finally managed to get the actual words out of his mouth, digesting the news and feeling extremely happy for his old man. ”Wow, I can hardly believe it. My dad’s finally grown up and about to leave the nest. I’m so proud!”

”Very funny, ha ha. You get your wise-ass down here to Beacon Hills and I’ll give you a beating that’s long overdue. Sarah’s a gentle woman but she always liked me better anyways so she won’t mind.”

”Well, she should like you better. That’s kind of the whole point. Otherwise she’d be walking down the aisle to see the little old me in a fancy penguin getup.” Stiles had no intention to marry any time soon himself, but maybe he could walk his dad down the aisle or something. Or maybe not. Might look a little weird. ”And about that beating my ass thing. You know it’s considered illegal to beat your kids, right? You’d end up having to arrest yourself by the end of the day.”

”Yeah, well it’d be worth it. You’re coming, though, aren’t you?”

”Dad, of course I’m coming. Actually, there’s nothing you could do to make me stay away, even if Sarah turned out to be some mythical siren intending to end the great Stilinski line to get her hands on our many, many assets. That we have many. Yeah. So I’m coming, alright?”

”Yeah.” Noah was silent for a while. ”So… are sirens really a thing? I mean, there’s no such thing. Is there?”

Stiles had to bite his cheek to keep himself from laughing. Sometimes it was just too easy to be the one who actually knew something about things. Okay, the Hales knew stuff too, but only the boring general stuff, like how to control your enhanced senses and such. But he knew all the good stuff.

”Well, there might be. I remember reading about one, and then there’s that whole Odysseus thing-”


”Relax, dad. I’m just joking. Sarah’s okay. Perfectly normal. Humanwise at least. And as far as we can tell without some psychotic Hale uncle biting her head off in hopes of waking up another one of those old, sleeping talents anyone nowadays seems to possess without knowing about them beforehand. I asked Scott to check when she moved in.”

”You asked Scott to… Stiles, that’s so not okay!”

”Well, I had to be sure. Besides, he only took a sniff, stalked her for a few days ect.”

There were certains tests they were able to do with mountain ash, misteltoe, salt, silver and such, but there were also these things his dad didn’t necessarily need to know about and those helpful and (mostly) harmless little tests fell into that category.

”Okay. Right. Well, remind me to thank him later. Christ, you children…”

”Dad, I’m happy for you both. You know that, right?”

”Thanks, Stiles. I know. How’s your leg, by the way?”

”Better, I think. Miko’s getting fed up with me, though. You should see the way he looks at me when we’re in the woods and I can’t keep up. So impatient.”

”Yes, I can imagine. Give him a kiss for me, will ya?” His dad really, really liked his puppy dog. ”And bring him with you when you come. I need someone to talk to when Sarah’s at work and you’re running around town with Scott and the pups. Maybe we could make him part of the ceremony. Do you think you could teach him to hold the rings?”

”Hey, I once taught Derek how to use the Internet. There’s nothing I can’t do.”

”Here we go again”, Stiles said to himself, looking at the house looming before him through the windscreen of his car, Jeep Jr. It was already dark outside so the house was as lit as it could be and he could see some dark shapes on the porch that looked like bulging little creatures intent on guarding the front door but were actually just Sarah’s idea of a flower arrangement. Sarah really liked her flowers. She just wasn’t that organised when it came to placing or arranging them. Or keeping them alive, for that matter.

Still, dark, flowery monsters notwithstanding, the house looked like it always had, even if Stiles hadn’t acctually lived there for years. It still looked like home.

Miko’s nose touched his bare arm, cold and wet and so suprising in its suddenness that Stiles jumped on his seat.

”Jeez, you scared the shit out me”, he said. ”Do you have to keep doing that? Honestly, it really feels like you’re doing stuff like this on purpose. Makes me wonder if you're actually a dog at all and not some japanese weredoggie.”

Miko just whined, impatient as ever. He could probably tell where they were and wanted to get out already.

Stiles threw his jacket on and stepped outside. Miko jumped down after him and started on jogging towards the house, tail wagging furiously. Stiles couldn’t help but smile at the sight. It was always nice, coming back home.

Later on that same night Stiles was sitting on his bed, back against the headboard and a lap full of dozing dog. He’d been browsing the news on his phone when it started to ring.

Scotty-boy was missing him.

He smirked and answered the call.

”Hello, there stranger. Now I don’t know what’s the matter with the weather around here, but where I come from, it was still summer. Late summer, maybe, but summer nonetheless.”

Scott laughed. ”Winter is coming, buddy, no matter how much you whine about it.”

”Did you just- no, don’t say anything. I don’t want you to ruin this by telling me it was just a coinsidence.”

”What was a coinsidence?”

Yeah, it was too good to be true anyway.

”Never mind, you already ruined it.”

”So you got home okay?”

”Yeah, it was a long and boring ride but here I am. Dad had to go back to the station to get some papers but we’re gonna have pizza when he gets back. So, what’s been happening around here? Any new pups I should be aware of?”

”No new ones, no.” Scott said. ”And the old ones would like me to remind you that they don’t really appreciate you calling them pups or puppies or- what? No! You can’t just go around marking things like a- no, I don’t care what Derek says, it matters what I say. Okay, so anyway. Maybe don’t aggravate them so much? You know how easy it is to rile up a teen wolf.”

”I know”, Stiles said, furrowing his brows. ”I remember. But let’s backtrack a bit. Who’s gonna mark what and with what? And if we’re actually talking about what I think we’re talking about, I’d like to offer some free advice on the matter. As in don't even try. I can pee too!”

”Duly noted.”

They spoke some more, mainly about the wedding but about work, too. And school and wolves and banshees that refused to attend the wedding unless someone other than Malia helped them find the perfect dress for the occasion.

The thing about speaking to Scott – or any were-anything for that matter – was that the privacy of a phone conversasion was a thing long since forgotten. Everybody could hear everything. It was like being on a speaker phone with the whole frigging pack listening in on his every word.

Which meant nothing really serious was discussed over the phone. And that’s why Stiles didn’t tell Scott about the new meds he was trying out. Or his leg, that should have healed ages ago but still ached like a bitch.

And Scott… well, who knew what was really going on with him. His friend could find trouble from the bottom of his tootbrush when he really put his mind to it. Stiles didn’t even have to help anymore, that’s how well he’d trained Scott. Or not. Who knew. Maybe the alpha was just born with it. Or maybe it was a wolf thing.

”You didn’t invite Scott to eat?” Noah asked later when they were all in the sitting room with pizza, cokes and Netflix.

Sarah had come home too, and as much as Miko liked Stiles’ dad, he liked Sarah even better (Stiles was still his favorite but Sarah came as a close second) especially when there was food on the table. He was too well trained to actually beg, but with Sarah he didn’t even have to. One sad, ham-loving look and she was done for.

At the moment that sadly successfull, ham-loving look was directed at the woman from behind the coffee table. Stiles thought it was adorable. He just hoped the dog wouldn’t do the same if some random burglar should come to his house armed with sausages. Miko would probably not only let him steal all the goodies but do it with a wag of furry tale, too.

”He’s staying at the Loft with the pack”, Stiles said, mouth full of pizza. ”Too much hustle and bustle to get him here without the pups raising a hellstorm to get him to stay.”

”Isn’t Derek in town, though?” Noah asked. ”From what I’ve seen, he’s got them pretty well handled.”

”Mmh, when he wants to get them to do something, sure. But from what I’ve heard, he leaves the leading stuff pretty much to Scott and Malia. I’m not even sure if he’s actually part of the pack on a daily basis or an ”on call freelancer” like me and Danny.”

”It’s funny”, Sarah said to Noah over her hamless slice of pizza. ”You and I are much older than these younsters, but have you noticed that their lives are much more complicated and interesting than ours?”

”I guess you and I are a bit boring, yeah.”

”Hey, as long as boring means pizza and soda and happy people I’m fine with boring”, Stiles declared, making the other two laugh.

It was nice to see them laugh, of course it was. Neither of them had had it that easy with the supernatural side of the world making a mess of their lives in one form or the other. Good or bad, change was a change. But he hadn’t actually been joking or making a jest or anything.

He thought about his leg and the experimental new meds he was on that always made him a bit groggy at first and he thought about his mom.

Yeah, sometimes boring really didn’t sound that bad.