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The Art of Seduction

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Kakashi's fingertips tapped nervously on the touchscreen of his mobile phone. This was definitely not what was on his mind when he had spilled his heart out to his coworker who also happened to be his best friend, Gai, and told him that he needed something different in his sexual life.

At the age of 25, he’d had his share of sexual partners but nothing had crossed the line of ordinary missionary style yet. Maybe his friends were a bad influence on him as they all seemed to always have a story to tell, everyone apart from him. It wasn’t that he had never had sex. There were more sexually active people than him in his circle of friends but at least once every few months Kakashi would find himself in the bed sheets with another man.

Unfortunately though, he hadn’t been lucky when it came to the choices of his partners. His flings had stilled the hunger for the moment but in the long run, it didn’t satisfy his needs at all. It had only been a mere joke when Gai had suggested for him to call a sex hotline, but the more he considered it, the more he thought ‘why not?’.

And there he was, sitting in his apartment clad in a t-shirt and boxer shorts, pondering whether he should call the number or not. Knowing that he wouldn’t call at all if he didn’t do it now, he typed the numbers into his phone and waited. His heart was beating a hundred times a minute as it rang and he waited for someone to pick up with sweaty hands.

“Hello?” drawled possibly the sultriest, sexiest voice Kakashi had ever heard.

“Hello,” Kakashi choked out, not knowing what else to say.

“Hey, baby. It’s your first time calling me, isn’t it?” the voice asked.

“Yes,” Kakashi replied.

“I’m Tobi, nice to hear you. What’s your name, honey?”

Kakashi thought for a while. Should he really tell him his name? No, it would be too embarrassing to reveal that much of his identity, even though it wasn’t like he would ever actually meet the stranger.

“I’m Kashi,” he said at last. It wasn’t his full name but it wasn’t a lie either.

“Such a cute name, Kashi!” Tobi chuckled and the sound of it eased the knot in Kakashi’s throat. “Do you like big dicks, baby?” the man proceeded to ask.

Kakashi swallowed, not knowing what to say but that low, husky voice and the lack of reluctance from the other had his blood rushing into his loins already. Of course he loved big dicks, preferably up his ass or in his mouth but that was another story.

“I bet you love to suck on big cocks like a lollipop,” Tobi hummed. “Would you like to suck my cock, Kashi? Or do you want me to lick yours until you’re wet?”

Kakashi started palming his growing bulge slowly, feeling himself slowly overcoming his inhibitions. He hadn’t expected this to have such a strong effect on him but the vibration of the other’s voice sent pleasant shivers down his spine.

Another chuckle. “You’re a shy one, aren’t you? Hmm, we can always do both at the same time, if you’d like.” Tobi adds after a moment. “I want you to be a good boy and suck my cock while I take care of you. Can you do that for me, baby?”

“Y-Yes,” Kakashi breathed out. He didn’t waste any more time and unpacked his already hard cock, smearing the precum around his tip to prevent it from dripping down.

“Mmm, yeah just like that. And now take me in completely. I want to fuck your pretty mouth, Kashi,” Obito commanded and Kakashi closed his eyes, concentrating on the friction around his length. “I’m fucking your mouth so deep until you can taste my balls on your lips, baby.”

With his eyes still closed, Kakashi set his phone next to his ear, brought his hand to his lips and started sucking on three of his fingers. His dick was slick with precum as well, making it easy to imagine this being a hot tongue instead of his own hand.

“Do you like it, baby?” Tobi purred in his ear.

“Y-Yeah,” Kakashi stammered, voice a little breathy and muddled with hazy desire.

“I want to hear how much you like it when I’m sucking your cock,” Tobi demanded.

Kakashi mewled lowly as his hand sped up. He hadn’t realized how horny he had been and the seductive words of the other fueled the fire in his groins. He made sure to squeeze a little harder when he pulled the foreskin over his tip repeatedly and with every stroke, his moans got louder. Every now and then when his hand reached around the base of his cock, he let his palm rub gentle circles on his balls.

“Ohhh yes... baby, you taste as sweet as honey,” Tobi moaned, voice thick with approval.

Kakashi kept listening to the sinful moans and the wet smack and slurping noises the other made. Lost in his pleasure, it sounded so real to him as he kept working on his erection, encouraged by the hotline male.

“Moan for me, Kashi. Show me how much you like my big cock inside your mouth,” Tobi cooed hoarsely and Kakashi lost all restraints, moaning shamelessly for the other. Kakashi’s dick twitched in his hand and the muscles in his pelvis started trembling, he was dangerously close to the edge.

“Are you close, baby? Come for me and let me taste your sweet cum,” Tobi growled lowly. Kakashi moaned and squeezed his erection even tighter. “Yeah, like that. You are so good, baby,” Tobi purred.

They moaned into each other’s ears and with a last twitch, Kakashi felt his hot semen spilling all over his hand. He breathed heavily, licking his dry lips, and on the other end of the line he heard Tobi breathing equally hard.

“Did you like it, baby?” Tobi asked with the voice of a sweet lover.

“Yeah, I did.” Kakashi chuckled breathlessly. He heard a pleasant laugh and then it was quiet for a while.

“Will I hear you again?”

The hopeful voice interrupted the empty peace in Kakashi’s mind.

“We will see.” Kakashi let out another laugh. “Bye, Tobi!”

“Bye, Kashi,” Obito purred and hung up.

Kakashi grabbed a pack of tissues and cleaned himself up. Well, that was interesting.




“Why are you in such a good mood? Did you get laid?” Gai mocked his younger friend.

“I didn’t. Can’t I be just in a good mood?” Kakashi raised his eyebrows.

“Of course you can, but it doesn’t seem like you. So tell your best friend what has gotten you in such a good mood!” Gai demanded

“I just slept well, that’s all.” Kakashi shrugged.

Truth was, he’d just had the most intense orgasm that he had experienced in a very long while the night before, but that phone call would forever be his little secret.

He would have never expected this to be so intense and it hadn’t taken long for him to consider calling the sex hotline again. Kakashi wondered what the man with the sexy voice would look like. Of course, his voice had been very alluring but Kakashi was aware that literally everything could hide behind that. He guessed it was for the best that he would never know what Tobi looked like, it saved him the disappointment. As long as he would stick with his fantasies, the husky voice was a huge turn on.

“Very suspicious,” Gai said and Kakashi rolled his eyes.




Jumping on one foot in order to get his legs into his pants as quickly as possible definitely didn’t belong to Kakashi’s usual morning routine. He cursed as he started stumbling, almost falling down flat on his butt.

The morning had been one big disaster and it didn’t seem to get better as the time went by. A heavy snowfall had cut out the power in the whole neighborhood, causing Kakashi to oversleep.

He would have had the chance to actually arrive on time, if it hadn’t been for Gai talking him into picking up a cake from the bakery across the city.

The cake was a welcome present for a new employee who would be starting at the marketing company Kakashi worked for today and it had been a tradition to make a newcomer feel more comfortable with a sweet treat.

Kakashi pressed the power button of his notebook and fumbled with the last button of his white button-down shirt as he waited for the device to boot.

It was an important day for the company, an important day for Hatake Kakashi. Being one of the most reliable workers the company had, he was given the honor to hold the presentation that would earn the company the biggest customer they’d ever had, if that day would go by successfully.

He looked at his reflection in the mirror, adjusting his simple black tie, giving an approving hum as he deemed his appearance professional enough for that day. After copying the necessary files for his presentation and closing the lid of his notebook, he put the device into its bag carefully. Checking his reflection in the mirror one more time, he flattened his hair again and grabbed his jacket, scarf and his keys. Everything would be alright. If he hurried, he would make it on time and impress with his presentation that would definitely help him to get a well-deserved promotion.




Kakashi immediately headed for his own desk and placed all of his belongings on the clean surface. With a muffin in one hand, he turned on his computer to have a final check on the presentation.

Suddenly, the door of his boss’ office opened and the rather old man stepped out of his separated room, followed by a young man who looked like he was around Kakashi’s age, holding the box with the cake that Kakashi had picked up earlier that morning.

“Can I have your attention please?” their boss said with a stern voice. “This is Uchiha Obito, our new marketing manager. He just moved here recently so please treat him well,” the man added and gave the young man a pat on his shoulder.

After that, the boss excused himself and vanished in his office again, leaving the new worker standing in the middle of the office awkwardly, rooted to the ground as he didn’t know what to do.

Kakashi looked the new guy up and down, making a first impression of the coworker.

Obito was wearing a black suit over a white shirt with a navy blue tie. He was dressed neatly, obviously to make a good impression on his first day.

Kakashi had to admit that the statue of the new guy was quite admirable, he was tall and quite muscular. Kakashi’s eyes then travelled up, observing the man’s facial features.

From an objective point of view, he was quite attractive, not that Kakashi was interested in him. Everyone seemed to watch the new employee with interest though, especially the female workers who were already swooning not so subtly.

“Hello, I’m Uchiha Obito. Please take care of me.” The previous awkwardness completely dissipated from the new guy’s face, replaced with a confident smirk and Kakashi’s face fell at the sound of his voice.

Kakashi’s blood froze in his veins and he felt as if he was going to throw up any second. That voice...could this really be Tobi? The resemblance was stupendously.

No, he couldn’t have such bad luck, could he?

“What’s wrong? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” Gai noted beside him.

“Maybe he’s getting ill,” Genma added and put his palm on Kakashi’s forehead. “He’s sweating,” he commented and rubbed his hand on his pants.

“I’m good. Leave me alone,” Kakashi grumbled, deciding to distract himself with his upcoming presentation.

Genma snickered. “Good to see that you’re in such a good mood.”

Kakashi forced himself to focus on the presentation, ignoring the sounds of his other coworkers talking to the new guy.

“Don’t worry about him, he doesn’t socialize with coworkers.” Kakashi heard Gai say.

His coworkers always liked to be overdramatic, especially Genma and Gai. Thankfully, Asuma and Raidou were different, calmer. Together they made a nice group of friends that balanced each other quite well not only at work but outside of it as well.




Kakashi cleared his throat nervously.

Everything was set up and he repeated all the points he had memorized by heart in his mind as he waited for everyone to take their seats.

Most of the men were much older than him and were from importance. The situation was quite intimidating but his boss had trusted him with this task because he knew that Kakashi was a good talker.

Kakashi was smart and he was aware of that, so he was quite confident to not mess this up. His eyes roamed around the room. From their own company, his boss and his secretary were present and also Gai and to his misfortune, the new employee was seated right next to Gai, engaged in a quiet conversation.

Kakashi swallowed down a lump in his throat. Even if he was really the phone sex operator guy, he wouldn’t recognize his voice, would he? That if they would ever talk to each other in the first place, Kakashi assured himself. There was really no need to panic. He couldn’t let this man interfere with his presentation.

He had only finished the first page of the presentation with seven more to come, but he had already grabbed the attention of the businessmen in the conference room. Everyone seemed to listen to him attentively as he successfully kept talking with a smile, his voice never faltering.




Kakashi stretched his neck as he unplugged all the electronic devices after everyone had left the room. It was a success, he knew it even though the results had yet to be announced. The reactions were obvious.

Feeling his stomach grumbling, he decided to take his lunch break early today. He felt drained and his system was desperate for energy.

When he arrived at the cafeteria, however, he noticed his coworkers happily chatting with the new employee. Kakashi contemplated going back to the office for a moment, but he knew he couldn’t run away forever so his only hope was that Tobi, or Obito, wouldn’t recognize his voice. With slow steps and his head hung low, he approached the table his coworkers were sitting at. It had been nowhere near enough time to prepare for what was coming.

“Oh Kakashi,” Asuma’s voice startled Kakashi. “Are you okay?”

“Come here and meet Obito.” Gai interrupted before Kakashi could answer. “He’s cool!”

And before Kakashi knew, he was shoved right in front of Obito like a mouse thrown into the cage of a hungry snake. Kakashi waited for a few seconds for the snake to open its mouth and reveal its venomous fangs. But Obito only offered him a wide smile and stretched his arm for a handshake.

“Hey, nice to meet you. I’m Obito. The others already told me about you,” he said, still grinning.

Kakashi cringed, wondering what they could have possibly said about him. Their little ‘phone call’ was kept a secret, so he didn’t understand why he was feeling so uncomfortable.

“Nice to meet you, too,” Kakashi squeaked, his voice higher than usual, but at least he didn’t stutter. That didn’t keep Gai and Genma from snickering behind his back, though.

Obito’s hand was soft around his and his long fingers curled around his palm snugly. Obito’s eyes lit up and his smile grew wider to the point where his white teeth were exposed.

“You look just as cute as you sound, Kashi!” Kakashi’s name rolled off the other’s tongue in a teasing way.

He knows, Kakashi’s mind chanted over and over again. Shit, shit shit; he really knew.

Kakashi’s face was probably as blank as his mind because Obito started chuckling. The others just looked at them with either surprise or amusement but to Kakashi’s fortune, their boss came and told them to finish their lunch quickly and get back to work so he was saved from any snarky remarks.

But nonetheless, he knew he was screwed.


* * *


The following two weeks were pure torture for Kakashi. Obito hadn’t said one word about their phone call, of course he hadn’t, that would only expose himself as a worker on a sex hotline. But he didn’t miss to call Kakashi baby every day, just like he had done on the phone. Thankfully, their friends (Obito had quickly become a part of their little group) only made jokes about Obito crushing on him and didn’t ask any further.

If only they knew the truth.

All that Kakashi wanted was to forget that phone call, he wanted to slap Gai for making that stupid suggestion. But Obito made sure that he wouldn’t forget, the teasing grin always present on his lips. One day, Obito was sucking on a lollipop, smacking noisily as his lips wrapped around the pink candy and Kakashi’s face heated up in embarrassment. So that was how the other had managed to make himself sound so convincing.

Since that day, Kakashi had dreamed of the other twice, waking up with a wet spot on his underwear every time.

To say that Kakashi had come to work with a bad mood the next day was a complete understatement. He cursed himself for calling that hotline and he couldn’t even tell anyone why he was so annoyed. The only one who knew was the culprit who made sure to not let these memories fade away.

Kakashi was lying in his bed, a paper in one hand. He had already read the same sentence 4 times but his mind refused to cooperate. His brain was instead repeatedly praying that he wouldn’t dream of Obito again tonight.

He was getting frustrated, sexually frustrated and jerking off couldn’t still his hunger anymore. Sometimes he wondered when he had become such a horny bastard. It was all Obito’s fault.

Kakashi’s phone buzzed and woke him from his daydreams.

Speaking of the devil, Kakashi groaned.

For a split second, he regretted that he had ever given the other his phone number, not that he’d had a chance anyway as they had all exchanged their numbers with Obito in one go. But apart from Obito’s regular teasing, they hadn’t spoken much so far and a tiny part of Kakashi was curious what the other could want at this time.

“Hello?” Kakashi asked hesitantly.

“Hey, baby,” Obito purred, his voice so low that it had Kakashi’s heart beating faster in an instant. Kakashi gulped. “Why did you not call me anymore?” Obito tried to sound flirty but a hint of desperation leaked through his act. “I was hoping to hear you again.”

“Are you serious?” Kakashi scoffed. “I thought it was obvious.”

“Obvious? I had the impression that you were enjoying yourself quite a bit,” the older male deadpanned. Kakashi had learned that he was younger than Obito by seven months when Genma asked the latter when his birthday was.

“That’s not the point,” Kakashi retorted.

“So you did enjoy yourself.” Obito chuckled. It was not a question but a statement and Kakashi felt his face burn, realizing that he had walked straight into Obito’s trap.

“Why do you want me to call the hotline again so badly? Do you not get enough customers these days?” Kakashi tried to turn the tables.

“I never said that I want you to call the hotline. You’ve got my number so that would be stupid.”

Kakashi noticed how the other’s breath got heavier as he spoke and his voice held a raspy tone that made Kakashi’s insides tingle with excitement. “You’re jerking off right now, aren’t you?” Kakashi cringed as soon as the words had left his lips.

“What if I am?”

“You...” Kakashi paused, at loss of words. “Can’t you go and bother someone else if you’re horny?”

“No! I want to bother you,” Obito chirped.

“Why me?” Kakashi groaned in frustration.



“You are so cute and shy, it turns me on,” Obito purred. “Besides, you bothered me when you were horny as well.”

“That’s different. You get paid for that.” Kakashi sighed.

Despite his answer though, Kakashi knew he had lost already. Obito’s words were having an effect on him and he could feel himself getting hard under the blanket. It was obvious that Obito knew exactly which buttons to press and what kind of voice to use to lure others into his trap. And even though Kakashi didn’t want to be played with, his body was reacting on his own.

Stupid hormones.

“I knew right away it was you when I heard your voice, and your reaction only confirmed my suspicion,” Obito said after a moment. “I already thought you sounded sexy but didn’t expect you to be so gorgeous.” Obito groaned seductively. “But at the same time you seem so innocent. It makes me want to find out how innocent you really are.”

For a moment there was silence. No words were spoken, only Obito’s shaky breathing reassuring Kakashi that the other was still on the line. Kakashi knew he should hang up, that nothing good could come out of this conversation. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to look the other in the eyes tomorrow if he didn’t hang up now but his hand was numb, as if made of stone, and the strong grip on his phone wouldn’t loosen up.

Just the knowledge that Obito was masturbating on the phone had gotten Kakashi hard, his dick was begging to be let out of his boxers but he couldn’t bring himself to touch himself while the other was listening. Not with the knowledge that they had to face each other the next day.

“Hey baby, don’t you think it’s your turn to make me feel good?” Obito breathed heavily.

I’d love to, Kakashi thought, but not like that.

“Obito, please...” Kakashi whimpered. He cringed again when he realized how needy he sounded, even though his pleading was meant to stop the other.

“Ahhh…” Obito hissed lewdly, making heat swirl through Kakashi’s body. “Kakashi…” he moaned hoarsely.

Listening to the other intensely, Kakashi hadn’t realized that his hand had automatically travelled down towards his aching bulge. “Obito, please...” Kakashi breathed out, repeating his plea.

“You like my moans, don’t you, Kakashi?” Obito chuckled. “You’re such a shy baby, it’s such a turn on. Ohhh..”

Kakashi chewed his lip, holding back a whimper as he felt his face heat up. He would never admit that but the other was right, he enjoyed listening to these sexy moans a little bit too much. When Obito moaned a drawn out call of his name, Kakashi’s hand subconsciously slipped underneath the waistband of his boxers to get a hold of his hard erection. He couldn’t help the smallest of moans that escaped his lips and Obito obviously picked up on that as the latter let out another chuckle.

“Spread your legs for me, Kakashi,” Obito ordered, and Kakashi can hear a little smirk in his tone.

A whimper escaped Kakashi’s throat as he obliged, spreading his legs wider and his bottom lip between his teeth.

“Now, put me on speaker and set the phone next to you. You’ll need to use both of your hands this time.” Obito added, the sudden authoritative tone in his voice making Kakashi’s pulse jump.

Kakashi adjusted the phone on the pillow beside him and put Obito on speaker as instructed. “You’re on speaker now,” he informed the other male, a debilitating surge of desire overpowering him. The rational part of him told him that he shouldn’t let this go on because this is different this time — Obito was no longer a mere stranger and he definitely wouldn’t be able to continue ignoring the older male’s existence anymore after this. But the part of him, a bigger one unfortunately, that was already giving into his own desire begged to differ.

“Good boy,” Obito purred and Kakashi internally groans — how could anyone make words of praise sound so filthy and good? “Do you have lube, baby?”

Kakashi swallowed, finding that his throat had gone dry. “Y-Yeah.”

“Good. Now get it for me, baby,” Obito ordered. “I want you to finger yourself for me."

“W-What?” Kakashi stammered, flushing hard at the way his voice cracked.

“What?” Obito let out a breathy laugh. And then his voice dropped about an octave. ”Wouldn’t you like me filling you up all the way and touching you where it feels good?”

Kakashi gulped, Obito’s brazen words and guttural voice only serving to turn him on more. It would have been a lie to say that he hadn’t imagined what it would be like to have Obito’s cock inside him. His lower half clenched involuntarily at the thought.

Fuck it.

Deciding to throw all sense of self-restraint out of the window, Kakashi pulled his drawer open, rummaging through it before he closed his fingers around the particular item and picked it up before settling back on his bed.

“How about I tell you what I’m imagining right now as I’m stroking myself?” Obito added once more in a breathy purr, Kakashi’s stomach stirring in excitement as his heart skipped a beat. “Your tightness clenching around me. You moaning so shakily when I’m thrusting in and out of you. I want to feel you inside out and how wet you are just for me. You’d love that too, wouldn’t you?”


Kakashi’s adam apple bobbed up and down as his skin trickled with a potent scorch, feeling sparks of arousal go straight to his cock. He let up a shuddering breath which definitely didn’t go unnoticed by the older male. He immediately rid himself of his lower garment before opening up the bottle of lube, squirting a good amount of it into his fingers.

“Tell me, Kakashi,” Obito’s every syllable bristled against the speaker, airy and intoxicating. “You would love that, too, wouldn’t you?” He repeated. “My hands on your thighs, spreading your legs wide open. My lips wrapped around your cock. My fingers deep inside you.”

“Obito,” Kakashi moaned out as he bent his knees and spread his legs further apart. Carefully, his hand moved down in between his spread legs, swift to locate his hole and press his wet digit against the rim, the puckered skin twitching at the sensation.

“What’s the matter?” Obito questioned teasingly. “Are you already wet, Kashi? Thinking about me fucking you into the bed?” He drew out a seductive hum and ordered, “Come on, baby, I want you to finger your pretty little hole. Get it all wet for me. You’ll be a good boy for me, won’t you?”

“Obito,” Kakashi croaked, the pleasure enticingly curled in his guts as he sunk his finger in and strained a groan. Slowly, he picked up a steady pace, thrusting his finger in and out of himself with a certain force, muffling back a moan at the sweet sensation.

“Don’t be shy, baby. Let me hear you. Let me hear how good it feels,” Obito demanded in an almost animalistic pitch, fervour dousing his coarse voice. “Now, put another finger inside your tight hole, pretty.”

Kakashi mewled as he added in another digit and rammed his fingers deeper inside himself relentlessly, spreading his legs and shifting his hips until he found the right angle, the jolt of pleasure when he finally hit his sweet spot making him dig his heels into the mattress and cry out. His mouth fell open, his body shuddered and jerked forward as he began to move with more purpose, thrusting his fingers in and out at a quicker pace, each time pressing into his prostate. The heat shimmering in the pit of his stomach started to spread, and his toes curled.

So immersed in his own pleasure, Kakashi almost missed Obito’s voice.

“Mmm, yeah, just like that, baby,” Obito breathed in his ear, raspy, and Kakashi whimpered. “I bet you look so pretty right now. Your legs spread, your hole all wet just for me.”

“F-Fuck, I’m- I’m close, Obito...” he cried out, eyes starting to roll back as he kept thrusting into himself. He was so incredibly close to his release. He just needed a little push to get him over the edge.

“I know, baby, I’ve got you. Now play with your nipples for me. Get your fingers wet and play with them like I would,” Obito instructed. “I would love to suck and lick them until they’re wet and sensitive,” he added, voice dropping an octave lower, sending another wave of heat over Kakashi’s body.

Kakashi did as he was told, coating his fingers with lube and reached up to tug and pinch at his nipple. He whined softly as he began rubbing little circles against the taut, pink nub, giving himself just that extra little jolt he needed. He was letting out a string of garbled nonsenses mixed with moans and whimpering, keening sounds as his orgasm built up, the knowledge that Obito could hear every noise he made and was jerking off to it now had him arching and gasping, feeling like he was on fire, desire scorching him from the inside out.

“Mmm, you’re doing so well for me, baby. Making such pretty sounds.”

Kakashi felt his own pleasure spiked up at the obvious arousal in Obito’s voice, his eyes falling shut as his mouth parted to gasp out Obito’s name. Fingering himself had never felt so intense before. As Obito continued to purr dirty orders into his ears, emitting his own gritting moans over the line, crimson blotched against Kakashi’s skin and he tilted his head back, fluid dripping from his sore tip.

“O-Obito, I- I’m gonna...” Kakashi’s voice shook, and he broke off into a whimper, turning his head and pressing it into the pillow.

With his timely thrusts and Obito’s gravelly voice straining into the speakers, Kakashi’s body seized up for a moment before going into the fluttering pulses of his orgasm. His hips stuttered and his cock jerked wildly as he came all over his own chest and stomach, gasping feebly.

His body twitched with the aftershocks, and he pressed his face into the pillow, taking heaving, shuddering breaths. For a while, he felt like he was submerged underwater, unable to hear anything above the dull pounding in his ears.

“You did so good for me, baby. Such a good boy,” Obito praised through huffs, coming down from his own high. “Wait for your reward, okay?” he chuckled before hanging up.

Kakashi’s body was limp against the bed, his mind still fuzzy from the intensity of his orgasm to fully register Obito’s parting words.

He was still dazed and unfocused when his phone buzzed again. For a second he thought that Obito tried to call him again but it was only a message. Seeing that it was from Obito, he immediately opened it, hand still trembling slightly.

Kakashi almost dropped the phone when he was greeted by the sight of Obito’s dick being held gingerly by the other’s hand (he recognized Obito’s fingers) and cum was trickling down the shaft and Obito’s thumb.

After the initial shock, Kakashi let out a breathless chuckle, knowing that he would definitely keep that picture. He did want something exciting to happen after all, so he stopped thinking about the previous embarrassment and simply placed his phone back next to his head.

Maybe he would send Obito a picture in return someday.