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Love in the Time of Chicken Wings

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“So… Inuyasha, I’ve been kinda seeing someone…”


Just like that, he feels the floor fall out from beneath him. He’d known this moment would come. Spent the last decade-plus preparing actually. Or denying. Depends on how you want to look at it. This is Kagome talking though, best-friend-since-we-still-had-baby-teeth-Kagome is telling him she got a boyfriend.


“… seemed really interested in Sango’s work, and asked if we could go to the Opening Night. I–well, I just wanted you to know, so it won’t be a surprise tomorrow. Inuyasha?”


At the sound of his name, he blinks, having not paid any attention to what she’d been saying. He grunts noncommittally, setting their refilled glasses down and shoving the pile of blankets aside to resume his previous spot.


On the other end of the pathetically tiny couch, Kagome looks worried. She keeps chewing on her lower lip and her fingers fidgets with the red sleeves that come to her knuckles–when the hell had she stolen that hoodie from him? Wearing those stupid black frames, her grey eyes look even bigger.


Why is she still with him then, drinking orange juice and watching TV on a Friday night? Shouldn’t she be with her boyfriend? Sure, Friday movie nights are a sacred tradition, but things will have to change starting now, right? Isn’t that why she chose to fucking bring this up now?


Kagome maneuvers herself on hands and knees, crawling over to wave a hand in front of his face.


“Hey, Inuyasha…”


“What, woman? I’m trying to piece together the clues, ok?” They’d saved all three episodes of the latest season of BBC’s Sherlock to binge together, but the excuse sounded lame even to his ears. “Yeah fine, some dumb boy of yours, shut up about it already.”


He smiles. Or grimaces. Not really sure how it came out. Friends are supposed to smile when their best friend’s got game right? Fuck. Any boy should not be allowed to exist in the same sentences as ‘hers’. Ever.


Kagome nods, but doesn’t look convinced. Thank fuck, she does shut up about it. It doesn’t mean Inuyasha isn’t sensing her secretly sneak looks at him all night though.


Drawing the blanket up to this chin, the hanyou glares up at the ceiling. This boy must be relatively new in her life right? There’d been no new male scents in her apartment. He isn’t proud to admit it, but Inuyasha made it a point to do a thorough sniff around the place whenever he came over. Much good that did though. Didn’t even see this coming.


Graduating last year meant that he couldn’t stay in college housing anymore. And getting a job on the other side of town meant the time he got to spend with Kagome was considerably less. Now he was left with Friday nights, the weekend and if he was lucky, one more weekday night. Damn, he missed the years when he basically never left this studio apartment of hers even though he only lived in the building next door. They were always joined at the hip for as long as he could remember, so college was no different. An added benefit of being always around meant that Inuyasha could deflect those damn guys that hovered over her like flies. Stupid girl is too oblivious to ever notice. Probably why this fucker got an in with her now. Cuz he wasn’t there to hand out death threats.


Across the room, Kagome mumbles something and turns over to face him. In the dim, Inuyasha can make out the messy waves and her features lax with sleep. She hasn’t mentioned it yet but would this be the last time he’d sleep over? Would he have to clear out the top drawer of her dresser with his stuff?


One thing was for certain, is that tomorrow night will be absolute hell.




It could’ve actually gone so much worse.


Inuyasha was expecting to have murdered Kagome’s date before they started bringing out the fancy finger foods. Or at the very least, be thrown out by the gallery security.


But neither of those things happened. Instead, he stayed long enough to not hurt Sango’s feelings (read: hide in a corner, avoid anything that breathes) and then bolted out of there like the coward he is.


He saw more than enough though, thanks. Kagome showed up wearing a royal blue cocktail dress, with her hair styled and make up on. Like she gave a fuck. Like she wanted to make an impression on this guy.


Said guy was one-hundred percent human, polite, soft-spoken, and put-together in a tailored suit. Basically everything Inuyasha was not.


He was loud, rude, gave no fucks and hated wearing anything that had a collar or cuffs. It never seemed to matter to Kagome before. Maybe it didn’t matter if your best friend is a bit of a mess, but when it comes to boyfriend material, it’s a whole other story.


Seeing her hang off his arm, smiling and murmuring about the artwork, Inuyasha wanted to punch the puny human’s lights out. He wanted to be angry. He really tried. But all he felt, was… well, this.


Kagome’s the kindest and most loving person he’d ever met. She’s his best friend and she deserves a lot more than a hanyou as a boyfriend. She deserves not to be stared at every time they go somewhere.


There's no way in hell Kagome feels anything more than platonic friendship with him anyways.


Inuyasha curses when his head just about smacks the vertical bar while he’s wallowing in self-pity. He plops down onto the top of the playground, his sneakers land almost halfway down the slide, making a tinny sound echo through the quiet of the empty kiddie park.


Tonight is Saturday, first Saturday of the month to be exact. And first Saturday of the month is wing night. He hates noise, hates people more, but he loves chicken wings. Since Kagome and him had discovered the amazing deal at their campus bar their first year of college, it had become yet another tradition. They would order, and then Inuyasha would run the two of them to this park to eat.


Not any park, but the park where seven-year-old Inuyasha beat the crap out of a lizard youkai for calling a tiny human girl names. This was where he’d first protected her toddler ass from the neighbourhood bullies.


Even though it would just be him tonight, he’d still gotten their usual order. Which included a dozen barbecue wings–boring– but Kagome is a huge fan for some reason. The plan is to eat himself into a meat coma.


Slicing the paper bag open with his claws, a plume of delicious scent escapes into the air. The hanyou tore into a hefty piece of chicken, still steaming hot. He better be careful not to get any sauce on his ‘good’ clothes though. Kagome would kill him.


Where was Kagome now? He wonders.


Somehow, honey-garlic was not cutting it tonight. The hanyou threw the half-gnawed chicken bone moodily back into the box.


She probably invited the boy back by now, doing fuck knows what– The hanyou slams his fist down, making a loud bang and very possibly putting a good dent in the slide.


“Whoa, geez, calm down!” A familiar voice teases from behind the playground tower. “Did they accidentally swap your wings with triple hot buffalo ranch or something?”


Was he that deep in his own head that he didn’t hear her coming?


The crunch of gravel gets closer, then the rustling as she climbs up the ladder, before a cloud of her scent billows when she swings herself gracefully down to settle beside him.


Inuyasha ogles Kagome for a second. She’d changed out of her pretty dress and into the red hoodie–his hoodie– she wore last night. Hair now in the signature messy bun, complete with black leggings and sneakers; she’s back to the Kagome he knows.


Then his brain catches up. “Idiot, don’t tell me you took a taxi this late at night on your own? How many times do I have to tel–”


“It’s fine!” She flaps a hand at him, then proceeds to wiggle the box of wings away from his slack fingers.


He growls at her. Sadly, Kagome is immune to his death glares.


“You know Sango’s a bit disappointed you left so early. You didn’t even see her feature piece they revealed at the end. We gotta go back. She’s such a brilliant sculptor!” Kagome dips a fingertip against the side of the box and then licks it. Finding it suitable to her liking she went to select a piece. “Ewwwwww! Inuyasha! How many times have I told you it’s gross to throw the bones back in the box?!”


“That’s what you get for eating my wings.”


“But we always share.” She pouts, nudging his shin with her foot, before picking a piece out regardless.


The hanyou watches her eat. Kagome has a dainty way of picking apart the sections, then nibbling on each bone. She also likes to make this satisfied humming noise when she thinks something is tasty.


“So…” He grunts. “Where’s your boyfriend?”


Her stormy eyes darts to his face, eying him speculatively. “He’s not my boyfriend… we’re just casually dating I guess. This is the… third date?”


“Are you happy with him, Kagome?”


She pauses, and her brow scrunches up just a tiny bit. Wordlessly, Kagome sets the chicken bones down on a napkin and meets his amber eyes straight-on.


“What would you do if I said yes?”


“I’d… be happy for you.”


“What?! Seriously, Inuyasha?” She exclaims incredulously. Actually Kagome sounded almost angry. And hurt.


He keeps his gaze solidly at their shoes. “That’s what best friends do right?”


She doesn’t say anything.


Inuyasha sneaks a look at her. She’s worrying her lip again, looking sadder and more defeated by the second. Only one way to fix that. He opens his mouth.


“Well, fuck! It’s not like you’re ever gonna want me, so what the fuck else am I supposed to do, Kagome? Hope you die alone?”


His golden eyes widen comically while his expression dissolves into full-blown panic.


“Shit! Fuck–”


Her eyes were as wide as his. “Wait… Inuyasha, I just want to make sure I–”


He slams his lips on hers before she gets a chance to finish her sentence. Kagome’s squeak of surprise was swallowed by his mouth. He mashes his lips harder into hers, slants a little to kiss her at a better angle, pleadingly, desperately hoping she would understand. Praying to anyone listening that she wouldn’t reject him.


That she would understand, without words, that he loves her. That Inuyasha has loved his best friend Kagome for a damn, fucking long time now.


Then a sound, more blessed than anything he’d ever heard in all of his twenty-five years on earth. Kagome giggles into his mouth. He feels her hands grab hold of each of his forelocks in that irritating way and she pulls him down to her. Her warm, plush lips presses up against his, and she kisses him back enthusiastically.


Eventually they pull apart, respectively breathing a little hard. The park was poorly lit this time of night, but Inuyasha could see Kagome’s cheeks were flushed and lips, swollen. Courtesy of yours truly.


He grins at her.


“You know… that doesn’t actually count as a proper confession, dog-boy.” She smacks his shoulder. “Where’s the part where you tell me you luuuuuuvvv me?”


Inuyasha sputters. “Keh! You know what you’re signing up for, wench!”


She sticks her tongue out at him and reaches up, giving one of his dog ears a tweak.


“What if I’m simply not sure if I can trust a man who swears by blue-green algae pills and you just happen to seem better in comparison?”


Inuyasha barks out a laugh then play growls at her. He catches her neatly around the waist before the sneaky girl could slide all the way down to escape, and gives her a noogie. Kagome giggles helplessly, trying to bat his hand away before finally admitting defeat.


Only then did Inuyasha pull her back up, taking the newfound liberty to bring her snuggly body flush up against his for a long hug.


After some time, they broke apart, once more diverting their attention to the temporarily forgotten take-out.


“Wait, tell me you got barbecue?”


He rolls his eyes dramatically before rummaging in the bag and tosses a box at her.




“Shut it.”


Kagome wasted no time in prying open the box and squealed, popping a juicy morsel into her mouth. She lives for those bits that were purely fried batter slathered in sauce.


“Hey, Kagome.”




As his hand entwines with her sticky, sauce covered fingers, Inuyasha moves his lips possessively over hers again. He could definitely get used to this.


For the record, barbecue sauce and ‘Kagome’ is definitely a good flavour combo.








A/N: Written for Inuvember 2020, Day 15 Inuyasha/Kagome. It was a perfect excuse to write the best friends-turned-lovers trope I so adore.

I hope you liked!

Stay tuned for the companion piece in Kagome’s POV, dropping on Day 21 :D