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Love in the Time of Chicken Wings

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Inuyasha is in a mood. First he had to be called in for an ‘emergency’ ON A SUNDAY and secondly, everyone insisted on being extra useless idiots. Honestly, how did this company not go up in flames before he was hired?


His right ear twitches, picking up a poorly muffled giggle and he braces for impact.


Like clockwork, approximately half a second later, a small body launches through the air at him, slender arms and legs locking around his torso in a determined fashion.


How, even after all these year, all these attempts, she still actually puts in real effort to take him down is beyond him.


“Gotcha, dog-boy!”


Kagome laughs maniacally, still clinging off of him like a damn spider monkey.


“You keep telling yourself that.” The only point in time, when she maybe, almost succeeded in tackling him was when they were both the same puny stature, with single-digit years on earth.


“Aww… you’re grumpy today.” She pouts as he pries her body off him with one arm, the other hand firmly securing an enormous bag of take out. While he would love to explore possibilities which encouraged Kagome’s limbs to wrap around him, they’re out tonight and it’ll be a whole fucking evening before he can get her all to himself. Better to not torture himself prematurely.


With practiced ease, Kagome’s feet touches the ground gracefully, as if nothing had happened. She smoothes her hands over the crumpled sweater and skirt before lacing her fingers deftly between his clawed ones. To think that even twenty-four hours ago, she did not dream this could be a thing. Twenty-four plus hours later, it feels like they've always been an item. 


“What did you bring for the potluck?” She peers around his chest at the paper bag, takes a sniff, then immediately cackles. “Are those chicken wings?”


He grumbles and extends the bag further away from her. “Fuck off.”


Completely unfazed, Kagome plants a big, sloppy kiss on his cheek. “You’re so mean to me. I thought my levelled up status will give me some perks.” She faked a dramatic sigh. “If this is how is, can I return my premium membership please?”


“Perks, eh? I can show you perks.” He murmurs gruffly in her ear, relishing in the involuntary shiver of her body he induced.


He snags her lower back with his free arm, drawing her flush against him. Dipping lower under her ear, he grazes his lips oh-so-lightly against her pulse point, making sure she could just feel the tip of an incisor ghost across her skin. Then he feints movement towards her lips before pulling back to smirk smugly at her.


Kagome’s breaths are rather quick as she tries to regain her composure. She manages to make her half-lidded eyes fall into a semblance of a glare. “What happened to my ‘shy Inuyasha’?”


He chuckles. “I’m making up for lost time, Kagome.”


They walk up to the door of the narrow townhouse and rings the bell. A frazzled looking Miroku yanks open the door.


“Oh good! You guys are here!” He runs his hand through his already disheveled looking hair, strands coming loose from the low ponytail. “Help with some things!”


Before they could reply, Miroku has already disappeared back inside the kitchen. Poor guy. He really wants tonight’s dinner for Sango to go well. It was to celebrate her first solo exhibit and she was due to come home any moment from another talk at the gallery.


The new couple made their way to the living room, each retrieving their contributions to set at the table. Inuyasha is minding his own business, carefully removing each tinfoil box from the bag and arranging it in a uniform grid on his end of the table when he hears that pesky little snicker.


He looks up.


Kagome’s eyes are twinkling as she flashes him an impish grin. “Wow. Twelve dozen? We just had a bunch last night! Are you gonna be able to poop?”


He growls, clearing the perimeter of the table in a flash before Kagome could let out an eep. Why that cheeky, little–


“That’s it. You’re asking for it.”


Practiced fingers lands on her vulnerable sides, digging at her ticklish flesh. Kagome shrieks, hands pawing uselessly at his to dislodge him. Abruptly, he stops and goes in for the kill.


Trapping her lithe body in the cradle of his arms, his lips collide with her plush ones, swallowing her giggles. She catches on pretty quickly, as her sounds morph rapidly into satisfied hums and she threads her arms around his neck. Inuyasha indulges in a few more languid kisses before dipping his tongue into her mouth at the tail end of one content sigh. So Kagome made her signature double chocolate Nutella brownies for the potluck, huh?


“OH. MY. GOD.”


Inuyasha cracks an eye and spots Miroku gaping slack-mouthed at them from the doorway into the living room.


“What?” Seems like Sango had just gotten home too. The young woman peers around her moron of a boyfriend.


“Oh them? I called it in sixth grade.” She rolls her eyes, then hollers unabashedly at the liplocked couple. “Kagome, you owe me five bucks!”









Note: Sango bet Kagome five dollars in sixth grade that Inuyasha likes her.

A/N: I originally did not intend to write a part three but was inspired by a Music Monday tag from @superpixie42.


Hope you also enjoyed this silly little triplet of a story. Who knows, I might add more snippets to this universe one day, but for now it’s a wrap :)


Thanks for reading!


(Oh, bonus points to whoever can guess my favourite line in this chapter xD)