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It’s strange, honestly. 

With all the observing Midoriya does, it’s strange how he didn’t notice anything before. 

He’s sitting on the couch with Iida and Asui doing homework like clockwork. The common room is empty, most of their classmates holed up in their rooms doing their own thing. Bakugou’s in the kitchen, putting away the last of his healthy snacks that he makes for himself everyday after class. 

Midoriya yawns slightly, leaning back and rubbing his eyes. He’s been doing derivatives for too long. He just sits for a moment, running a hand through his hair and releasing a deep sigh. 

“Midoriya-kun? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, don’t worry Tsu-chan. I’m just a little tired.”

“Let’s take a break! It’s not good for our eyes to be straining so long.”

Midoriya nods. “Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

The three of them sit in silence for a moment, looking out the large common room windows to see golden colors splash across the sky as the sun sets. 

“Jeez, stop looking like fuckin’ braindead zombies. You’re killing the vibe.”

Midoriya ignores Bakugou’s jabbing remarks as he finishes wiping the kitchen down. Instead, he focuses on the soft footsteps he hears padding towards them. He turns around to see Todoroki walking sluggishly towards them. 


Todoroki nods, giving the three of them a slight wave before continuing his path to the kitchen. 

He bumps into Bakugou wholeheartedly along the way, and Midoriya, Iida, and Asui are already placing hands over their ears for the resulting explosion.

“Oi, what the fuck?”

Todoroki blinks, and shakes his head. “Oh. Sorry.”

“Yo, IcyHot.”



Midoriya furrows his eyebrows. He hasn’t heard any threats. He lowers his hands, and shares a look with Iida and Asui. 

Todoroki stops in his tracks, and turns around to face Bakugou. “What?”

Bakugou stares at him for a moment. “What’s up with you?”

Todoroki shakes his head. “Nothing.”


“Bakugou...I’m fine.”

“You know, you’re absolute shit at lying.”

Todoroki sighs. “Really...I’m fine.”

“You’re sick, aren’t you?”

“What? No, I—”

Bakugou gives him a look. Todoroki promptly stops talking. “Fine. I have a cold. But I’m fine .”

“Get your ass on a stool. I’ll make ya something.”

“But I—”

“Shut the fuck up.”

Todoroki frowns. “You know, I’m just saying you don’t have to. I can heat up some leftover soup.”

“You mean that crap that’s been sitting in the fridge for five days? Fuck no. You’ll get worse, you dense idiot. Sit your ass down.”

Todoroki reluctantly pulls out a stool as Bakugou starts pulling ingredients out.

“Told you not to fucking keep sneaking outside at ungodly hours in the morning.”


Bakugou scoffs. “Be sorry to yourself. You’re sick now, and I’m still gonna kick your ass.”

Todoroki huffs, placing his chin in his hand. “Mhm. I’ll be ready.”

“You better be. I ain’t holding back.”

“I never expected you would.”

Midoriya frowns at them. There’s a lot to unpack. 

First of all, how did Bakugou know Todoroki was sick? He just looked a little tired to Midoriya. And how did Bakugou know Todoroki had been sneaking outside? Was he there too?

And of course, the million dollar question, how had Bakugou not blown up at Todoroki? 


Midoriya startles out of his reverie, turning his focus back to Iida and Asui. “Yes?”

“That was our break. Study time again.”

Midoriya nods, picking up his pencil. “Yes. Right. Studying.”

Right before he starts problem fifteen, he spares one more glance at Todoroki and Bakugou. 

Todoroki is smiling. It’s small, but it’s there. And Bakugou? Well, he’s not smiling , but it’s not his usual scowl either. 

How peculiar.



“…no. Ah? No.”

Yaoyorozu chuckles slightly. After sitting near Todoroki for so long, she’s used to his quiet and nonsensical mumblings while doing classwork. She’s also learned the different tones of each, and what they mean. She knows it's weird, but she always remembers weird things about her friends to distinguish them. 

She’s pretty sure this time Todoroki is confused. 

“Todoroki-kun, are you alright?”

“Ah, um, yes. Just...figuring something out.”

“Would you like help?”

Todoroki shakes his head, slightly biting the end of his pencil. “No...let me figure this out…”

Ectoplasm-sensei dismisses class a few minutes after that, but Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, and a few other of their classmates remain, lingering around the classroom to talk to each other before having to move to other classes.

As Yaoyorozu is packing her things, Todoroki abruptly stands up, grabbing a paper and pencil before walking over to Bakugou’s group.

She watches with slight curiosity and concern. 

“Bakugou! C’mon man, you have to help us. Please!”

“Idiots, try studying yourselves first! You can’t come to me for every single fucking thing!”

“We know! But we won’t get it in time for the test!”

“Well maybe if you didn’t fuck around while you were supposed to be studying, you would get it in time! I got my own shit to study for!”

Yaoyorozu sees he’s already in quite a foul mood. She stands up, about to call Todoroki back to help him instead so they can all avoid a disaster.



Ashido, Kaminari, and Kirishima clear a small space for him to fit in. “Could you explain question sixteen? I keep trying, but uh…I’m not getting the answer Ectoplasm-sensei is getting.”

Bakugou groans, and scrubs at his face with rough hands. “Is it just question sixteen?”

“Well, I...I only got as far as question sixteen since all the questions afterwards are the same.”

Bakugou sighs. “Alright. Fine. Pull up a chair, Halfie. You missed this when you were sick.”

“Ah. Okay.”

Todoroki pulls out a chair from a nearby desk, and quietly sets his paper down. 

“Look. You have it all right until here. Ectoplasm-sensei mentioned this one rule that you have to remember…”

Ashido, Kaminari, and Kirishima quietly and awkwardly shuffle away from Bakugou and Todoroki. Yaoyorozu is pleasantly surprised at the loss of Bakugou’s violent words. 

“Did you guys just see that?”

“I did. That’s so not fair. Just because Todoroki’s pretty doesn’t mean he gets special treatment…”

Ashido’s voice fades away as the three of them leave the room with Sero. Yaoyorozu shoulders her own bag, heading over to Jirou so they can leave together. 

As she leaves the classroom, she still doesn’t hear any cursing. She’s happy that Todoroki has found another person he can talk to. 

Good for him.



Kaminari knows something is about to go down. 

He has no idea why, but something’s going to happen. 

Bakugou is already in a bad mood from something, and Mineta is always a little bitch. 

Todoroki and Midoriya have finished their spar session, with Todoroki finally managing to pin him down. Kaminari cheers slightly, then settles back down on the ground with the rest of his classmates. It’s hard to do that these days, with Midoriya getting stronger and stronger.

“It’s so not fair.”

Kaminari tries to ignore Mineta, instead turning to Kirishima and Bakugou, because Mineta really looks like he has nothing useful to say. 

“It’s so not fair.”

“What now?” Kaminari sighs. 

“Todoroki is so good at everything. How is that allowed?”

Kirishima rolls his eyes. “Well, he works hard.”

“Mhm? What do I do?” Todoroki walks up to their group, sitting down while drinking from his bottle. 

“You work hard. That’s why you’re so good at everything.”

Todoroki shakes his head. “I still have a lot to learn. But thank you.”

Mineta groans. “Y’know, it’s guys like you that make it harder for everyone else to get someone. Guess that’s why you got your scar. You can’t be too perfect.”

Kaminari’s eyes widen. “Mineta, what the fuck?”

“Uh oh…”

Sero is looking wearily at Bakugou, whose face is turning red with anger. 

Kirishima leans back towards Kaminari to whisper in his ear. “I’m not gonna stop him.”

Kaminari shakes his head. “Me neither.”


Sero shrugs, scooting away from Mineta to avoid Bakugou’s path of destruction. 

“Are you alright, Todoroki-kun?” Kaminari hears Uraraka whisper towards him. Todoroki nods, albeit there’s still a small frown on his face. 


“Bro, chill! I’m just saying what everyone else is thinking. You can’t have it all, right?”

Asui shakes her head. “Literally no one thinks that.”


Mineta continues to shuffle backwards as Bakugou continues stomping towards him. “Are you serious? H-hey, are none of you guys going to stop him?”

“You’re on your own.”



Todoroki puts a hand on his shoulder, effectively stopping him in his tracks. “It’s alright.”

“Did you hear what the fuck he just said to you?”

“I have ears.”

Bakugou grunts. “Then let go, I’ll blow him up and no one will give a shit. I’ll have done the universe a favor, as far as I can tell.”

“No. He’s insignificant. His words mean nothing to me. It’s okay.”

There’s a squawk from Mineta, but no one is really paying attention to him anymore. Kaminari is staring in wonder at how Todoroki is getting him to calm down so fast. Maybe that’s also part of his quirk.

Bakugou lowers his palms, explosions fizzling away. “It’s really not.”

“It is. I’m not bothered.”

Todoroki takes his hand off his shoulder once Bakugou turns around. “Fine.”

“You don’t believe me?”

“You’re a shit liar.”

Todoroki laughs slightly. “Right. I can’t ever lie to you.”

“Shut up. Let’s get something to eat. And no. Not soba.”

“I wasn’t going to say that…”

“You’re still a shitty liar.”

Their bickering voices fade away as they leave the training grounds, but Bakugou doesn’t miss the opportunity to turn around and shoot one last withering glare at Mineta before turning back to Todoroki. 

“Bro...Mineta almost just died.”

Kaminari snickers. “Damn, I was looking forward to posting that on my snap.”

Ashido sighs. “Pity that Todoroki stopped him. Really, I didn’t think Bakugou would actually listen to him.”

“I’m still here!” Mineta cries.

Midoriya sighs. “Yeah, unfortunately. We know.”



Even if Bakugou tells him he has hair for brains, Kirishima is actually more observant than he thinks. Kirishima would like to think he knows his best friend pretty well, observant enough to know what exactly is going on with him.

Or maybe he’s just nosy.

Whatever it is, Kirishima definitely knows something is going on. 

“Hey, Todoroki! What’s up?”

“Is it alright if I sit here? Iida and Midoriya are busy.”

Sero nods. “Sure! Bakugou, move.”

“Why don’t you move?” Bakugou snaps, but still makes room for Todoroki anyways.

Kirishima opens up his own food. “What do you have, Todoroki?”

“Ah, I just have a store bought bento...I stocked up since I’m too lazy to cook.”

“Like you even know how to.”

Todoroki ignores the jab Bakugou sent his way, and splits his chopsticks. Kirishima snorts quietly, not wanting to draw attention to himself. 

“Did you guys study for the English test?”

Kaminari shakes his head. “Nope!”

“It’s not fair, you’re good at English…”

“Well, I have to be good at something, right?” 

Ashido pouts. “Still. Why is English so hard?”

“Learning languages is always challenging. If you ever need help, we could always study together.”

Ashido sighs. “Oh, Todoroki. You’re so nice. It’s refreshing.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Are we not good enough for you?” Kaminari cries.

“Oh no, it’s just nice to have a normal person around here.”

“I’m not normal. Am I?”

“Well, compared to us, you are.” Kirishima says. Todoroki furrows his brows slightly.


The group falls into one of it’s rare silences. Maybe it’s because Todoroki’s sitting there, and they don’t want to scare the quiet boy away. Kirishima is busy gnawing on one of his chopsticks while deep in thought before some movement catches his eye.

Todoroki is quietly transferring small chunks of carrots onto Bakugou’s tray. Bakugou wordlessly picks them up with his chopsticks, and pops them into his mouth. 

“Jesus fuck, Halfie. Would it kill you to eat these? They’re not even that bad!”

“You know I don’t like carrots.”

Bakugou scowls at him. “I know! You’ve been stuffing me with carrots for months! I feel like a goddamn rabbit! Stop buying things with carrots!”

“You said you liked carrots.”

“That was before you started force-feeding me.”

“You don’t have to eat them.”

“I’m not wasting food, idiot.”

Bakugou angrily chomps down on the carrots while Todoroki continues to eat his rice. Bakugou keeps glancing over at Todoroki’s sad little bento. It makes Kirishima want to chuck it in the bin and take Todoroki to a buffet or something. No one deserves to eat that thing. 

“Oi. Eat this tofu. You just gave me half of your damn lunch.”

“But I—”

“Just fucking eat it, you idiot. If you pass out later when we train, I’ll kick your ass.”


Todoroki takes the fried tofu from Bakugou, and takes a small bite. He hums, pleasantly surprised, and then takes a larger bite. Bakugou sighs, looking back at his plateful of carrots that he forlornly starts eating.

Kirishima hides a smile behind his drink. Ashido catches him grinning, and she snickers slightly. He’s sure the rest of them are trying to hide their laughter. 

He knows the rest of them are laughing because of Bakugou’s expression, but Kirishima is smiling at a completely different thing. 

Bakugou has never liked carrots. 



With her overly sensitive hearing, Jirou often finds herself getting overwhelmed by her classmates. 

It’s not that their enthusiasm is bad, it’s just she’s not equipped to be constantly hearing them screech at the top of their lungs.

“Guys, I gotta go to the bathroom.”

“‘Kay! So, then, I did a flip…”

Jirou chuckles as she gets up from her seat, taking her bag with her headphones so she can find a quiet place to sit for a while. She desperately needs to get some energy back, and her soft rock music will definitely help with that.

She decides to go to the pool area near the dorms. It’s cold, so no one should be swimming at that time anyways. 

When she gets there, she hears two voices arguing softly. SHe quickly ducks behind a wall, only peeking out slightly to see who’s taken her spot.

“That was stupid of you.”

“Fuck off.”

“Will you stop pushing yourself like that? You’re smarter than this.”

“I’ll do what I want, you fucking candy cane.”

“Sit still.”

Bakugou glares at Todoroki, who has Bakugou’s face in his hands while he cleans off the wounds on his face. 

Jirou frowns. Maybe they fought? It wasn’t from remedial lessons, since those were usually later in the day. Bakugou also has the reputation to blow off steam in the training areas during free time.

“I didn’t fucking ask you to do this.”

“If I didn’t, you would’ve left it like this.”

“I’m not fucking useless, asshole.”

Todoroki ignores him. “Stop moving.”

Bakugou groans, and pushes him off. “Fuck off.”

“What is wrong with you?” 

“What the fuck do you mean? Nothing’s wrong with me, fuckhead.”

Todoroki lowers the hand holding the alcohol swab to Bakugou’s face. “Look at you. You’re being reckless. You kept fighting without caring what hit you, and you pushed your quirk past your limits. What is going on?”

“Nothing that concerns you. Now leave me alone.”



Todoroki sighs, tilting Bakugou’s face back towards him. “At least let me finish.”

“Todoroki, just leave.” Bakugou says, pushing Todoroki’s hands away from his face. Todoroki frowns at him, finally showing more emotion than annoyance and cold indifference. He looks hurt .

“Why? Why do you always do this? Why do you always push me away?” 

“I’m not—”

“You are. You always tell me that I shouldn’t force myself to go through things alone, that I shouldn’t always keep things to myself. How come you never let me help you?”

Bakugou stares at him for a long moment. “I don’t fucking need help.”

“Why? Does that somehow make you weak? If it makes you weak, what does it make me? A failure?”

“No! It fucking doesn’t!”

“Then how is it any different with you?”

Jirou has to look away for a moment. There is so much anger and sadness in Todoroki’s eyes, which doesn’t suit him at all. 

“Bakugou, please...don’t...don’t shut me out.”

“I’m not fucking...shutting you out.”

“Then what are you doing? For the past few days, I’ve been trying to talk to you, get something out of you, but you just tell me everything’s okay and change the subject.”

Bakugou scowls at him. “I don’t wanna fucking bother you like one of those damn leeches. Okay? Happy? I said it.”

Todoroki shakes his head and takes Bakugou’s face in his hands, alcohol swab abandoned somewhere on the ground. “You’re not a burden. Do you understand? Never to me.”

Bakugou doesn’t say anything, so Todoroki keeps talking. “I know you don’t like to, and I know you don’t do the whole feelings thing. I’m not exactly the most emotional type either...but you can always talk to me. Ask me for help. If you need it.”

Jirou is afraid for a moment that Bakugou will punch Todoroki right there. If there’s anything that Bakugou hates the most, it’s asking for someone’s help. She knows he hates pity. Instead, Bakugou looks away, eyes cast downwards with a slight frown tugging at his lips.

“I don’t know how to. Ask for help, I mean.”

Todoroki smiles. It’s a small and shaky quirk of his lips, but it’s a smile nonetheless. “Then I guess we can learn. Together.”

Bakugou swallows the lump in his throat, and nods. He’s about to say something, but shakes his head with a resigned sigh. “...Okay.”

Todoroki pulls back, bashfully pulling bandaids and more alcohol swabs out of his pocket. Bakugou raises an eyebrow. 

“ still might be...uncomfortable for you, you don’t have to tell me about whatever you’re going through right now. For now, will you let me bandage your face?” 

Bakugou sighs, looking away and rubbing his neck awkwardly. “Do whatever you want.”

Todoroki unwraps a bandaid, and gently places it over a cut. He starts to clean another cut, leaning at an awkward angle because of the distance he put between them. Bakugou scoffs, wrapping an arm around him and tugging him closer. 

“If you’re going to do it, at least do it right.”

Todoroki hums, and places another bandage on his jaw. “Mhm. I’ll do my best.”

Jirou decides she doesn’t need that place so bad anymore. She turns around, not without allowing herself one last look at her friends. 

Jirou has to bite down the grin making its way on her face as she makes her way back to the lunch tables.

Somehow, she feels a little bit more recharged knowing that both her friends are in good hands.



Uraraka usually doesn’t care for what others choose to do with their time.

But everyone else is seemingly busy, so the only thing left for her to do is people watch. 

There’s not really much to watch, as it’s just a bunch of her classmates walking down the streets of Tokyo on the rare occasion that they have a day off. 

She has no idea where Midoriya, Kaminari, Sero, and Kirishima have gone. Iida and Yaoyorozu are way too far ahead. Asui, Jirou, and Mina are too far behind. And she isn’t even sure if the entire class is still in Tokyo. For all she knows, they could’ve somehow migrated to Osaka.

All she’s left with is Todoroki and Bakugou, and they’re not exactly the talking type. She’s not even sure that they know she’s behind them. 

Which, she guesses is perfect for her if she wants to people watch. 

Uraraka quickly finds that Bakugou and Todoroki are terrible subjects. 

All they do is bicker and trade sharp remarks like it’s their job. Occasionally a smile will pass on their face, but that’s only at the expense of the other. 

Uraraka is tired of them. 

She slips on her sunglasses, and continues to walk a few feet behind them glumly. Somewhere along the way, she decides to buy herself a milk tea, because she deserves that.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Uraraka feels Asui link their arms together. “I’m people watching. Or, rather, Todoroki and Bakugou watching.”

“Why them?”

“They’re the only people here.”

“Ah. How’s that going?”

“Well, I’ve heard an abundance of kindergarten insults and swear words, so I would say pretty great.”

Asui sighs, and holds out her hand for a sip of Uraraka’s milk tea. “Well, guess we’ll just have to be…”

“Eh? Tsu-chan?”


Uraraka looks where Asui is pointing. 

All she sees is Bakugou and Todoroki walking shoulder to shoulder. 

“Uh...I don’t think I’m seeing what you’re seeing.”

“No, look down.”

Uraraka does, and her eyebrows shoot up almost up to her hairline. 

Todoroki’s pinky is ever so slightly linked with Bakugou’s. 

It’s the best thing Uraraka has seen all day. 

“...Is this real?”

Uraraka pinches herself. That’s definitely Todoroki and Bakugou. Well, at least, it looks like them. Maybe someone with a shapeshifting power is messing with them. 

“I think it is?”

“There’s no way this is happening in public.”

Their hands slowly mesh together, and Uraraka sucks in a breath as she sees the faint dust of pink on their cheeks. 



Uraraka can’t look away. She swears she’s not creepy, it’s just...okay. Maybe it’s a little creepy.

“Tsu, I can’t look away. Help.”

“Oh my…”

They only hold hands for a few seconds, and then Bakugou squeezes Todoroki’s hand once before letting it go. Their hands remain brushing against each other, and it’s just subtle enough where it just looks like it could be an accident.

“I’m hallucinating.”

Asui shakes her head, slurping up more milk tea. “Oh no, we definitely saw that.”

“I...I’m not gonna say anything.”

Asui shrugs, handing her back the almost empty cup. “Well, now you know. Don’t people watch if you’re not prepared for the results.”

Uraraka sighs, dumping the cup in the trash and falling back behind with Jirou, Ashido, and Asui. She’ll stick with the standard girl gossip. 



Being invisible has its perks. 

Even if she wears clothes, if she isn’t being loud and drawing attention to herself, Hagakure tends to blend in really quickly to the rest of the girls. 

Which is what happens when they’re on the bus home from a training camp. Hagakure and the rest of the girls are all spread across the long bench, not caring whose seat was whose with limbs dangling in all directions. Hagakure was one of the only ones not asleep on the bus, but it wasn’t like anyone could see that anyways. 

On the long bench across from her, Kirishima and Kaminari are snoring on each other while Todoroki and Bakugou talk quietly. Honestly, she didn’t know Bakugou was capable of that. 

“You okay?”

“Mhm. Tired.”

“You stayed up late again.”

Todoroki nods sheepishly. “Yeah. I was just thinking.”


“Something stupid.”

“Then that’s nothing different from usual.”

Bakugou’s tone has no malice. It’s teasing, warm almost. Hagakure wishes that Bakugou would be like this all the time. Sometimes, he gives her headaches.

Todoroki rolls his eyes. “Fine. I have to go see my father tomorrow.”

“Ugh. Again?”

“Mhm. He wants you, me, and Midoriya to intern for him. And I know it’s a great opportunity, but…”

Bakugou nods. “Yeah. It is.”

“I mean, I know it won’t be as bad since you and Midoriya will be there…”

“Your old man is still an ass, regardless of who’s in the room.”

Todoroki chuckles softly. “Yeah.”

“Y’know, I don’t understand why you and your siblings still put up with his shit.”

“It’s not like we have anyone else. Fuyumi is a kindergarten teacher, Natsuo is still in medical school, and I’m still here. Mother is in the hospital. He provides for us.”

Bakugou shrugs. “You could just steal all his money. I’d help.”

“I know you would.”

Hagakure wonders what they’re talking about. Obviously, there’s animosity between Todoroki and his father, but she’s pretty sure only a few of them know how severe it really is. 

“He’s trying to be better. Did you know that?”

“Hmph. Do you believe him?”

“I don’t know. I can see that he’s trying, and I know change doesn’t happen overnight.”

Bakugou scoffs. “Yeah, but we’ll see in a few months then.”

“But what if he changes? I’ve spent my entire life hating him. What do I do if…”

“Todoroki. You don’t have to forgive him.”

“I feel like I owe it to my sister. She’s always just wanted us to be a family. Obviously, that never was an option.”

Bakugou sighs. “You owe it to no one. Especially after what he made you go through.”

“What I’s stupid. It’s like I still hate him so much, but there’s still that kid in me that wants to just have a father that’s the number one hero.”

Bakugou stares at him for a moment before looking away. “You’ll figure it out.”

“Will I?”

Hagakure feels like she’s going to pass out from holding her breath for so long. She feels like if she moves, she’ll break the atmosphere, and they’ll be too embarrassed knowing that she heard everything. 

Bakugou places a hand on Todoroki’s thigh. “It’s okay if you don’t, but I think you will.”

Todoroki slowly puts his hand on top of Bakugou’s, carefully slotting their fingers together. Bakugou doesn’t say anything, just choosing to lean back on his seat, rubbing small circles into the fabric of Todoroki’s pants with his thumb. Todoroki smiles, and Hagakure really has to look away at that point. 

“I hope so.”

Hagakure squeezes her eyes shut, willing herself to fall asleep. She’s learned her lesson, yet again. Don’t be nosy, and don’t be invisible. 

Still, as she drifts off, she wonders what sappy thing they’ll pull next.



Study sessions with his friends are always entertaining. 

Sure, it sucks getting yelled at by Bakugou, but Sero would like to think it’s helping them stay on track. 

“Fucking finally . God, okay. Question four.”

Kaminari groans, flopping back onto Bakugou’s bed. “How are we only on question four?”

“You idiots kept getting distracted!” Bakugou throws his pencil down, pushing himself off his bed to get a cup of water from his desk. 

Sero sighs, looking back down at his work, and wincing. He decides looking at anything else in Bakugou’s room is so much better than looking at that. 

“Let’s take a break!” Ashido says. Kirishima nods enthusiastically, already shutting the textbook. Bakugou growls at them, and smacks them with a rolled up stack of papers. 

“You fuckwads! Do you want to pass or not?”

“We do, it’s just that we would prefer the passing without the extensive studying,” Sero mumbles.

“Well, that’s not fucking happening at this rate! Get your damn textbook back open.”

“Bakugou, come on .”

Bakugou runs a hand through his hair. “We’re on fucking question four!”

The door creaks open, and they all turn to see Todoroki’s head peeking in. 


“I think I left a few things here…”

“Whatever. Get your shit. You four. Open your damn books.”

Sero sighs. There goes his chances of a break. He reluctantly starts reading the problem. 

Todoroki steps in, and shuts the door behind him. “When we went hiking, I left my bag here, right?”

“Fuck if I know.”

“ wallet’s in there…”

“Where are you going?”

“Out with Midoriya, Uraraka, Asui, and Iida.”

Bakugou scoffs, and leans against his desk. “You study for the test?”

Todoroki makes a noise of confirmation while sorting through Bakugou’s closet. “Yeah. I did. You made me.”

Sero narrows his eyes. Since when did Bakugou and Todoroki spend time together? From hiking to studying, it almost made them seem like they weren’t the bitter rivals they claimed to be. 

“IcyHot, do you want me to fucking lend you some money? You’ve been looking through my shit for too long.”

“No, no. I found it. Why is it all the way in here?”

“I don’t know. Cleaned my room a bit, so I guess I just threw it in there.”

Todoroki stands up, and digs through the blue drawstring bag for his wallet and stuffs it in his pocket. “Have you seen my jacket too?”

Bakugou glares at him, looking up from Kirishima’s work book. “I’m not in charge of your shit, Halfie.”

“But I just came over yesterday…”

“Then it’s in the wash. If you really need one, just take one of mine and fuck off. You’re distracting the idiots. Pinky, six plus six is not thirty six.”

“Oh, oops.”

Todoroki smiles slightly before turning around and going through Bakugou’s clothes. 

Sero has a stinking suspicion that Bakugou and Todoroki might be friends. 

“Can I take this one?”

“That’s probably already been worn.”

“It’s fine.”


Sero looks up to see that it’s Bakugou’s dearly treasured ‘small-fry’ hoodie. Bakugou never shares clothes with anybody, much less one of his favorite items of clothing. 

Todoroki slips it on over his shirt, and Bakugou doesn’t even bat an eye. 

“Where are you going?”

“Don’t know. But we’re probably going to get dinner. Would you like me to bring something back? I could get that strange curry you like from the conbini.”

“Nah, it’s fine. Oi, Pikachu, finish the damn problem.”

“What about something from that spicy restaurant?”

“I don’t need anything. Why do you keep asking?”

Todoroki laughs slightly, leaning on the desk next to Bakugou. “You caught me. I’m trying to pay back some debts.”

“Ohoho, so the pretty boy actually has morals.”

“Quiet, you only went to the cat cafe with me once.”

Bakugou? A cat cafe? Sero would love to see that. He snickers slightly at the thought of Bakugou sitting in a pastel themed cafe, which earns him a withering glare.

“One time too many. Get out and go with those losers already.”

“Mhm. Alright. I’ll give this back to you afterwards.”

Bakugou scoffs. “Please. I’m never seeing that again, you thief.”

“Mhm, you’re probably right. You guys have fun studying.” Todoroki moves to leave, but Bakugou stops him.

“Wait. Todoroki.”

Sero’s eyes widen slightly. His actual name? He didn’t know Bakugou actually knew their names.


“Can I...see you tonight?”

“...What for?”

“I have something to tell you.”

Todoroki frowns. “Uh...well, I guess I won’t be busy, so yes. Of course.”

Bakugou holds Todoroki’s gaze for a moment before suddenly looking away. “Cool. I’ll text you.”

“...Alright. Well, I’ll be going now.”

They all chime goodbyes at Todoroki, who smiles over his shoulder before closing the door. Bakugou’s gaze lingers on it for a moment before he shakes his head, and turns back to them.

“Back to work.”

Ashido groans, her head making a thunk as she drops it on her notebook. 

Sero is still curiously staring at Bakugou. The past ten or so minutes have definitely led Sero to a conclusion.

Bakugou and Todoroki actually might be best friends. 



“Class 1-A movie night!”

There’s half-hearted cheers all around. Everyone is rather tired from the day’s training, but it’s finally the weekend. 

Ashido yawns slightly as she stretches out on the couch, legs falling into Uraraka’s lap. “Hey, we’re missing Todoroki and Bakugou!”

“What about us?”

“Where are you guys going?”

Bakugou scoffs. “None of your business.”

“We’re going out with Yoarashi and Utsushimi.”

“Great, Half-n-Half. Spill all our fucking secrets.”

“What? They asked…”

Bakugou rolls his eyes. “Doesn’t mean you fucking answer. Let’s go. Blondie’s gonna be up on my ass if we’re late again.”

“It was your fault last time.”

“No, fuck you.”

Todoroki pulls on his shoes. “Sorry that we’ll have to miss tonight. We’ll see you guys later.”

Bakugou leaves without a goodbye, which is fitting of him. Todoroki has the decency to wave before closing the door. 


“Did you know they had friends?”

Kaminari pops up. “Hey, Utsushimi and Yoarashi. They’re the Shiketsu students that Bakugou and Todoroki did training with, right?”

“Oh yeah! I follow Utsushimi on Instagram!” Ashido whips out her phone. 

“Wait, wait. We won’t get anything yet. They haven’t done anything. Let’s...let’s just watch a movie, okay?”

Kirishima sighs. “Iida. Come on man.”

“What if they don’t want us seeing?”

“Well, Utsushimi has a public account. So whatever happens there...technically, it’s not our fault if we see.”

“Fine. But let’s just watch at least one movie. That is the goal of movie night, not spying on our friends.”

In the end, they do end up putting on some random action movie. Of course, most of the class isn’t really paying attention since their minds are all on Todoroki and Bakugou’s business. 

When the ending credits hit, Ashido finally pulls out her phone again. It was the longest hour and a half of her life. 

“Guys, she’s live! Gather round!”

Even all the seemingly uninterested kids gather around her spot on the couch as she clicks on the girl’s icon. They’re met with blasting loud music. 

“Ay, Todoroki, get into it!”

Todoroki is surprisingly pulling off all the dance moves as the strobe lights change color. Already, Jirou is hiding snickers behind her hand.

“Did you just fucking dice roll?”

“Fuck off, I’m living!” Todoroki loudly proclaims, throwing something at Bakugou, who’s sitting at his feet. Bakugou glares up at him.

“You’re really not!”

“Are they in a club?”

Midoriya frowns. “That’s not legal. They wouldn’t do that. I think...I think that’s Todoroki’s house? It looks like his room.”

“Todoroki! Todoroki! Where’s the bathroom? I gotta piss.”

Todoroki rolls his eyes. “Down the hall, to your left.”

Todoroki waits until she’s out of sight before beckoning Bakugou closer. “ Bakugou, come here, she brought snacks.”

“The damn bitch was holding out on us! Oh, look, more Shiketsu students joined the live.”

“Wait, Bakugou, I want the gummies.”

“Fuck off, they’re mine.”

Todoroki frowns. “Bakugou.”


Todoroki lunges forward, grabbing the bag out of his hands and running away. 

“You bastard! Get back here!”

A bulky frame pops into view with a peace sign thrown up. “Just give them a second. They’ll kiss and make up in no time.”

“Fuck off, Baldy!”

“Yo, Todoroki, what the hell are you doing with my snacks?”

Ashido can’t stop laughing. It’s absolute chaos, and she loves it.

“We asked you if you had snacks. You said no. I feel betrayed, actually.”

“They were for two in the morning…you know, when we’re all tired, and we can’t move but we’re hungry so I pull out the gummies and then you love me forever.”


The so-called baldy moves the phone camera towards the pile on the floor. Bakugou is sprawled on the tatami flooring, Todoroki’s head pillowed on his bicep. Todoroki pulls a duck-face, putting up a peace sign. “Hey, I’m Todoroki Shouto, and I hate my fucking dad.”

Bakugou cackles at him, chucking a pillow at his face. “So original, IcyHot.”

“What are you gonna say? Hi, I’m Bakugou Katsuki, and I’m a massive fucking dickhead.”

“Oi! Watch your mouth, you bitch!”

“Aw, mom and dad, don’t fight!” 

Kaminari chokes. 

“Who fucking said that?”

“Oh, I dunno, some comment from a classmate.” Utsushimi chuckles and lies down next to the two on the floor. Yoarashi joins them moments later. Todoroki is now on his own phone, distractedly looking at something on his screen as Bakugou continues to pester him.

“You wanna fucking go?”

“Yeah. To McDonald’s. Kinda want a milkshake.”

Bakugou frowns. “We ate like an hour ago.”

“Correction, you shoved a banana in my face. Wait...that sounds wrong.”

“Oh, fuck off.”

Todoroki rolls off of Bakugou, picking up the camera and looking at himself while fixing his hair. “Ooh, I did pop off a bit.”

“Fuck off, IcyHot. Camie literally only put eyeliner on. You wouldn’t do anything else.”

“I know, I’m so crazy.” Todoroki winks at the camera. Ashido feels guilty for blushing.

“I can’t stand you.”

“That’s why you’re laying down. I know you’re obsessed with me. Jealousy is a disease, get better soon.”

A shoe hits Todoroki in the back of the head, but all he does is throw his head back and laugh. Bakugou, Yoarashi, and Utsushimi are laughing in the background. Once they’ve all calmed down, Todoroki perks up again.

“Hey, wait, you wanna see my renegade?”

Utsushimi looks at him in horror as he stands up, and lunges for her phone. “Todoroki, no!”

The live abruptly ends, and class 1-A is left staring at Ashido’s phone half in hysterics and disbelief. 

“What just happened?”

“We just witnessed Bakugou and Todoroki’s double life!”

Ojiro scratches at the back of his head. “I didn’t even know they were close.”

Uraraka hums, and looks away. She’s definitely hiding something, so Ashido will dig it out of her later. “Well, I kind of suspected. They spent a lot of time together at the remedial courses.”

“Right...still. It’s weird seeing a side to them we never get to see.”

“I didn’t know Todoroki was so unhinged.” 

Jirou can’t hold back her laughs anymore. “No, but it totally suits him! He’s a rich kid that’s been sheltered all his life. Of course he’s crazy!” 

“But don’t you guys think it’s strange how they can be like that with each other? Is that not weird to you guys at all?” Ashido asks. 

“Sure, I guess, it is.”

Ashido frowns. “You guys don’t get it. I mean, they’re not at all smiley or touchy people.” 

Uraraka peers over her shoulder and points at something. “Mina, they’re live again, right?”

“Oh? I guess so.”

She clicks on it again, now met with Todoroki’s face. “Okay, so they didn’t want to see my renegade.”

“You looked stupid.”

“I didn’t think it was that bad.”

Bakugou’s face appears next to Todoroki’s. “It was. It was that bad.”

“Do you want to fight?”

Yoarashi takes the phone from Todoroki’s hands. “Oh shit, oh shit. They fightin’ in the backyard!”

The camera flips around to show Todoroki in a fighting stance while Bakugou charges towards him. He tackles Todoroki around the middle, and slings him over his shoulder.

“Wha—put me down! Hey!”

“Sorry, you lost.”

Todoroki sighs, going limp and accepting his fate. Yoarashi walks up to him, shoving the camera in his face. “Yoarashi, what are you—”

“Say hi to your fans.”

“Heyyyy. It’s me. Currently being carried by one Bakugou Katsuki.”

“Keep my name out of your fucking mouth.”

“Anyways, I’m going to rate this carry a two out of ten. We’re stable and everything, but your hand is totally on my butt.”

Midoriya spits out his drink while Yoarashi chokes, and drops the phone. Utsushimi cackles while simultaneously wailing about her dropped phone. Yoarashi picks it back up to show Bakugou screaming profanities at a bored-looking Todoroki.

“I am not touching your ass! If you want me to fucking drop you, I will!”

Todoroki freezes just as he’s about to speak. “Uh…”

“Shouto, what the hell is going on?” An angry voice bellows.

Ashido’s jaw drops. Is that…?

“Fuck, that’s my dad. Run!”

Utsushimi takes her phone back, and for a few minutes all they hear is muffled screams, the sound of shoes hitting pavement, and laughter. Finally, when the camera stabilizes, they’re all breathing heavily and sweating slightly. 

“Oh my god, Todoroki, we could’ve done a YouTube video and called it ‘OMG: Running from the Number One Hero while carrying his son!’.”

“I still don’t understand why you’re still carrying me.”

“I panicked.”

Bakugou finally drops him, and Todoroki doesn’t bother getting up from the pavement. 


“Yeah. Okay. McDonald’s.”

Utsushimi waves before the live ends, probably for good this time. 

“I feel like we shouldn’t have seen that,” Iida says.

“Yeah. I agree. When they come back, how are we supposed to take them seriously?”

“Simple. We don’t. It’s not like we’ve ever taken anyone in here seriously anyways,” Asui says. 

“Hey, Todoroki and Bakugou can be scary when they want to be.”

Uraraka chuckles. “Sure, but now that we’ve seen them like this…”

“Well, now that all of your curiosity has been satisfied—”

“Iida, don’t act like you weren’t watching.”

“—let’s continue with the movies.”

Midoriya looks pale. “K-Kacchan and Todoroki-kun…”

Asui pats his shoulder. “It’s best if you don’t put so much thought into it, Midoriya-kun.”

Kaminari hides a laugh behind his hand. “Your brain might actually explode knowing that they’re such good friends.”

“Y-Yeah! I mean, how did that even…”

Uraraka shakes her head. “Don’t dwell on it, Deku. C’mon. Why don’t you pick a movie?”

That’s how they end up watching an All Might movie. Apparently, it comforts Midoriya. She supposes she would also need some comfort after seeing that from Midoriya’s point of view. 

But she’s not Midoriya, and the movie isn’t exactly the best quality, so she finds herself drifting off to sleep. 

It’s two in the morning when she jerks awake, according to the quick glance at her phone. Kirishima and Sero are passed out next to her, while Uraraka snores on Iida’s shoulder, who’s also fast asleep. Everyone else has already gone up to their own rooms it seems.

Just as she’s about to fall asleep, the door to the dorms creak open.

“Oh, they’re sleeping. Be quiet.”

“I’ll be loud if I fucking want to,” Bakugou whispers. 

Ashido decides that she’s going to pretend to sleep. She needs the tea. She needs to grasp how exactly Todoroki and Bakugou are so comfortable with each other. 

Todoroki turns the kitchen light on, and Ashido thanks her lucky stars that it doesn’t reach the common area.

“ stomach.”

“Want me to make you some tea?”

Todoroki nods, and Bakugou pushes him onto a chair. 

“Still can't believe you chugged that mix of soda and ice cream. That was fucking nasty.”

Ashido stifles a giggle. 

“Shut up. I did it for the money.”

“Was it worth it?”

“Of course. You make fun of me now, but when the sudden need for food hits you, you won't have thirty dollars. I will.” 

“I’ll never look at you the same way again.”

“Ah, well, too bad.”

Bakugou places the kettle on the stove, and sits down next to Todoroki. “You okay?”

“Ugh, yeah. I’m just a little...uh…”

“Yeah. I get it.”

They’re silent for a moment before Todoroki speaks up. “So, how pissed do you think my dad is?”

Right. Ashido forgot that whole thing happened. If she’d been caught by her dad, he’d probably join in with her. She honestly feels bad for Todoroki. 

“Eh, fuck your dad.”

“I’d rather not.”

Bakugou gives him a look, and slaps him upside the head. “You’re so much mouthier at two in the morning.”

“You like me more that way.”

“No, not really.”

The kettle beeps (yes, beeps, because their old kettle was suspiciously iced over), and Bakugou gets up to pour the water into the teapot. He gets out two cups, and scoops out the tea leaves into the infuser and drops it in the teapot. 

“Just chamomile.”

“Thank you.”

Bakugou pours out the tea into the cups, and hands one to Todoroki. “What are you thinking about now?”

Todoroki takes a sip before answering. “I’m just thinking about how I finally get to feel like a teenager, and then I get caught by my father. I’ll probably never be able to leave my house again.”

“Shut up. You’re getting worried over nothing.”

“He’s been blowing up my phone for the past two hours.”

“At least he’s not blowing up anything else.”

Todoroki huffs out a laugh. Ashido doesn’t find that funny at all, it’s rather sad actually, but whatever works for Todoroki. 

“Mhm. You know, he keeps saying how it’s improper that I’m acting like this. Apparently I’m disgraceful and I’m going to dishonor the family. He also went on about how I shouldn’t be hanging out with people like you guys if you’re going to influence me like this. I...I really thought he was getting better.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I guess people don’t really change.”

Bakugou shrugs. “I did.”

Ashido has to agree with that. 

“ were always good.” 

“Hate to break it to you, but I’m a pretty big asshole.”

Todoroki laughs, and shakes his head. “Well, yes. You are. were never like...him. Okay, yes you were, but you were a kid. You changed, because that’s what happens when you grow up.”

Bakugou stares at him for a long moment. “Is it bad that I also believed he could’ve changed?”


“Yeah. You know, it’s not fun seeing you in a bad mood every time you see him. I wanted you to be able to get over him. And I wanted him to finally treat you like a son, not a project.”

Uh oh. Ashido has a sense that emotions are coming. And if one of them starts crying, she probably will too. 

“Guess that’ll never happen.” Todoroki takes another drink from his cup before pushing it aside. 

“You’re stupid.”


Bakugou chuckles. “Listen. Screw him. You don’t need to change for him just because he won’t. Just keep doing what you want. And if that means hanging with a bunch of ‘bad influences’ until two in the morning, then so be it.”

“You make it seem like it’s easy to ignore someone like him. He’s my father, and he’s very persistent.”

“He’s your father in only name and DNA, idiot. You really don’t need him at all.”

Todoroki groans. “I know, I know. But know, I can’t help but want his approval. It’s stupid, I know, because it literally means nothing.”

“You’re right. It’s stupid. But it’s justified. So now, I’m telling you that it’s dumb, so you can finally stop thinking about that flaming piece of garbage.”

“Easier said than done.”

“Oi, IcyHot.”

Todoroki lifts his gaze up. “Mhm?”

Bakugou takes his hand, and slowly lifts it to his lips. He brushes his lips over Todoroki’s knuckles, and Todoroki’s eyes visibly soften. “Promise me you’ll stop worrying about what he thinks.”

Ashido stops breathing. Suddenly, things start to fall into place. It’s all very enlightening.



“Promise me you’ll keep me distracted long enough so I don’t have to worry about what he thinks.”

Bakugou scoots his chair closer. “Look at me.”


“Look at me, Shou.”

It takes all the willpower in her body to stop Ashido from squealing.


Todoroki reluctantly meets Bakugou’s eyes. Bakugou waits a few seconds before cracking a smile. “Is it working?”

Todoroki groans, and looks away. “Very funny.” 

“Well, is it working?”

“...Maybe a little bit.”

Bakugou smirks triumphantly, and Todoroki rolls his eyes. “I hate inflating your ego.”

“Hey, it’s effective.”

Todoroki scoffs, and slips off his chair. “Whatever you—”

Bakugou grabs his wrist, pushing him against the table counter. 

“—say. What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?”

Todoroki winces slightly. “Hopefully massaging my stomach. God, that hurts.”

Bakugou sighs, putting a gentle hand on Todoroki’s abdomen. Todoroki tentatively places a hand on top of his.

Ashido can’t believe she’s witnessing tenderness from the class ice prince and one very angry Bakugou Katsuki. She didn’t know they could be capable of such gentle gestures. Ashido is learning so many new things this fine morning, including an answer to her previous confusion about their relationship.

“Fine. Whatever. Let’s go.”

“Your room?”

“Yeah. My room.”

Todoroki quickly leans over and pecks his cheek. Bakugou smiles before taking his hand and turning off the kitchen light. Ashido doesn’t dare move until she hears the whirr of the elevator.

Ashido’s head hits the couch with a sigh. 

Ultimately, she decides to keep her new findings to herself. If Todoroki and Bakugou limit their...relationship, or whatever it is, to only soft conversations in the kitchen late into the night, maybe they don’t want her blabbing about it everywhere. 

But at least Ashido finally understands what exactly is going on.



Aizawa sometimes regrets his choices to become a teacher. Especially this year. He has no idea why villains want to target the first year hero course so much. The kids really need a break. And that’s what they were supposed to be getting. A whole class outing would’ve done them some good. But of course, evil doesn’t rest. 

“Sensei, Bakugou’s alright! Look!”

Bakugou for some reason had decided to take on the main villains residing in the collapsing building. He’d charged in for no reason, and nobody could stop him. 

Students from his class and 1-B quickly crowd around him, but Aizawa and the rest of the U.A. teachers push them aside. 

“Bakugou, what were you—”

“You fucking idiot!”

A blur of red and white pushes through the teachers, and before Aizawa can do anything, Todoroki has already gripped the front of Bakugou’s shirt in his fists. 

“What the hell was that?” Todoroki growls.

“I was fighting, like I was supposed to.”

“No! The teachers were on their way! What the hell do you think you were doing? Actually, don’t answer that. You weren’t thinking at all! You could’ve gotten killed! And I was right there! Were you going to make me watch them gut you?” Todoroki is absolutely furious, and every single person around them freezes—either from the shock of Todoroki yelling at someone or the rapidly dropping temperature.

Bakugou scoffs. “I was fine .”

“You were not! The building was collapsing, and there were at least four villains inside! You could’ve at least waited for the pros. But you always have to do things by yourself! Why did you do that? I was already outside with the evacuated civilians. You almost died for nothing! Is this some kind of pride thing?” 

Aizawa has never seen Todoroki this angry. He almost steps in, but Bakugou explodes too.

“You don’t fucking know anything. You said it yourself! You were right there! You were right outside the damn collapsing building. You were distracted and helping the civilians. The damn villains were targeting you. I was trying to fucking protect you. That’s not doing nothing. You’re not nothing. Not to me.”

Todoroki falters a bit before steeling himself again. “You were protecting me by going inside on a suicide mission? If the pros hadn’t arrived, you would be dead! Do you understand me? I would have to live with myself knowing that you ran in there because of me, and the one person I couldn’t save that I wanted to save was you.” 

Bakugou doesn’t have anything to say, instead just letting Todoroki vent out his anger. Aizawa walks over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder. “Todoroki. Let go.”

Todoroki glares at him for a moment longer before shoving Bakugou away. “Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

He stalks off angrily, not sparing a glance back at Bakugou or anyone else standing in quiet shock. 

Aizawa gathers his bearings, and turns back to Bakugou. “Er...Bakugou. Do you need medical attention? We should just have you looked over just in case.”

Bakugou shrugs everyone off. “I’m fine.”

“Bakugou, we really should—”

“I said I’m fine.” He snaps. Aizawa is used to it by now, so he just releases a tired sigh. 

For once, Bakugou is eerily quiet. The students surrounding him back up slightly, just to give him space in case he explodes. But Bakugou doesn’t do that. He just pushes through the crowd and starts jogging after Todoroki.


Shouto? That was new. 

“Shouto! Wait! I’m sorry, okay?”


Aizawa feels like he’s never heard that word ever come out of Bakugou’s mouth. 

“Shou, I’m sorry. I really am, please, just wait.”

Oh god, he even said please. Aizawa shares a confused look along with the rest of his students.

“I’m mad at you. I’m really, really fucking pissed at you.”

“I know, but will you please just listen to me?”

“...Katsuki, do you know what ‘I’m mad at you’ means?”

“I do, but I don’t want you to be. Talk to me.”

The two finally disappear from sight, and Aizawa awkwardly stands around with his students and the U.A. teachers. “Well. Is anyone hurt?”

There are a few scratches and bruises, but he’s pleased that everyone is relatively unharmed. The students shake their heads, and with that the teachers usher everyone off the scene while more paramedics arrive to check on civilians. 

Aizawa leaves his class with Mic, and does one final round around the scene and the rest of the block in case they missed anything. 

He hears quiet whispers in an alleyway, and quietly drops down. The voices don’t pause, so Aizawa assumes they didn’t hear him. 

“Fuck. Don’t cry, Shou. I’m sorry. You know I’m not good with this shit. Don’t cry.”

“I’m still really mad at you.”

“I know. I think I deserve that.”

Aizawa quietly moves closer, realizing that they’re his students. He’s about to speak up and ask them to come back, but Todoroki speaks up first. 

“Please don’t do that again.”

“I can’t promise that we won’t be in difficult positions like these again. But I can promise I’ll try and come back to you. Always.”

Aizawa feels like he shouldn’t be seeing this. It doesn’t seem like a friendly discussion between friends. But it’s too late now. He can’t just interrupt them or jump away. Well, he could, but that would be incredibly awkward for him, and he doesn’t have any idea how to deal with that.

“I know. I hate that I understand what you’re saying.  I hate that this has to be part of what we want to do. I’m scared that one day I’ll have to choose between you and my job.”

“Don’t think like that then. You have me right here, and for now, I’m not goin’ anywhere, Shou. I’m not leaving.”

Todoroki throws his arms around Bakugou’s shoulders, squeezing the life out of him before pulling back and leveling him with a look. “If you love me, you’re not going to scare me like that ever again. Because if you do, and you survive , I’ll kill you myself.”

“Alright, alright. I get it. I won’t do that again.”

“Seriously. I’ll kill you.”

“I know.”

“I don’t think you—”

Bakugou interrupts him. “Why don’t we go back before you decide whether you want to decapitate me or not? The idiots are probably looking for us.”

Todoroki narrows his eyes. “You are changing the subject.”

“Oh, I love you,” Bakugou says while nosing into Todoroki’s hair. 

“Stop changing the subject.”

“Say it back, fuckface.”

“I love you too, but stop changing the subject.”

Bakugou plugs his ears while walking out of the alley. “Can’t hear you, baby.”

“I won’t kiss you for a week.”

“Wait, really?”

Todoroki laughs, jogging slightly to catch up. Bakugou frowns while throwing an arm around his shoulder. Todoroki shakes his head, leaning in slightly to kiss him on the cheek. “No. But, if you do this again, I might just reconsider.” 

His students exit the alley while bickering with each other, and Aizawa sighs while leaning against the brick wall. 

He’ll have to have a talk with them when they get back. Being in a relationship with a rival is difficult. And being two pro heroes in a relationship is also very difficult. He’s sure the two of them already know, judging by the clandestine nature of their relationship. A part of him wants to ignore it, and let them have their space, and let them be kids. Sometimes he forgets that they’re only just a bunch of overpowered children with the weight of the world on their shoulders. But he has to make sure they know what they’re getting into. 

Aizawa’s head already hurts from the thought of having to sit them down for that. 

But for now, he’ll just leave them be in their own little bubble. His students deserve at least this much. 



“Once we get back, I’m going to forcibly feed you, then haul your ass over to Recovery Girl.”

“That’s not fucking necessary, I told you.”

Todoroki shoots a sharp glare. “I don’t care what you told me. There’s no way in hell you got out of that fight unscathed.”

Bakugou shrugs. “It’s not like you can tell.”

That’s what Todoroki absolutely hates about his boyfriend. It’s his complete disregard of his own injuries for the sake of his pride. “Would it kill you to indulge me every once in a while?”

“Yeah. It does.”

Todoroki sighs. “Just for my sake, would you please just get checked out?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“You’re difficult for no reason.”

“Says you.”

Todoroki doesn’t respond, instead pushing open the door to the dorm. 

“’s dark.” Bakugou says, blindly reaching around for Todoroki.

“I think everyone’s pretty tired.”

“Eh. Maybe.”

Todoroki smiles. “Then, if you’re not going to go to Recovery Girl, and since we’re alone...we can talk about how you can make it up to me.”

Bakugou raises an eyebrow, sliding a hand around his waist. “For?”

“I’m still angry, you know.”


“Mhm. I might punch you right here…”

“Oh? Are you, now?”

Bakugou backs him up towards the counter, and Todoroki grabs his collar before smashing their lips together. Bakugou cages him in, slamming his hands on either side of Todoroki. Todoroki grins, jumping up and wrapping his legs around Bakugou’s torso, catching Bakugou off guard and making him grunt. Todoroki gives him a moment before connecting their lips again. Todoroki parts his lips, letting Bakugou’s tongue slip in. 

Bakugou swallows all of the gasps and whimpers Todoroki makes, shoving him slightly so his back hits the counter with a thump. Bakugou moves closer between his legs, unbuttoning the top few buttons of his shirt.

They shuffle around a bit more, Todoroki wrestling Bakugou’s shirt off as Bakugou bites down on his neck. Todoroki cries out at the sudden pain before tangling his fingers in Bakugou’s hair.

“No fighting! I told you guys, it was a bad idea to—”

The lights turn on abruptly, and Todoroki gasps as he’s met with class 1-A staring wide-eyed back at him. He’s suddenly very aware of the hand on his butt and the hand up his shirt. He sits up, not quite knowing what to say or do.

“Oh fuck.”

“Oh god, they’re not fighting.”

“What are you guys doing?”

Todoroki slowly looks back at Bakugou. Bakugou is too shocked to start screaming profanities. He just stares back at Todoroki with an empty look in his eyes. 

“We are...we are...what are we doing?”

Bakugou is either so angry he can’t speak, or he’s simply short-circuited. “I…”

Todoroki groans quietly, sliding his hands down Bakugou’s chest and pushing him away slightly. That seems to set him off.


Their entire class is flushed red and looking extremely guilty. Todoroki almost feels bad, because they did just catch them getting it on in the kitchen. 

“W-we...well, actually...we...oh come on, someone help me out?” Uraraka whispers.


“Calm down, Bakugou! Why don’t we forget this happened?”

Jirou frowns. “Sero, we just caught them making out.”

“You’re not making this any better, Jirou!” 


“Katsuki, I have to say, I think this was also our fault,” Todoroki whispers. 


Todoroki sighs. “We were making out in the kitchen. The kitchen .”

“It was dark. No one else was there. Or, at least, supposed to be.” Bakugou shoots another glare at their classmates. 

“Well, okay, we probably could’ve...waited.”

We? You started it.”

Todoroki scoffs. “So, it’s my fault now?”

“I didn’t fucking say that.”


“What?” Todoroki and Bakugou say while turning around to see the voice. Uraraka is pointing towards the door, and unfortunately, Aizawa is standing there. 

Belatedly, Todoroki realizes that he is still sitting on the counter with blossoming hickeys on his neck and a shirtless Bakugou caging him in. 


Aizawa shakes his head, running a hand down his face. “ do I...whatever. Do whatever.”

He leaves without another word, leaving the class alone. 

Todoroki wishes he could dig a hole in the ground and disappear forever. Bakugou is still spluttering angrily.

“You know, we’ll just leave you guys alone now…” Yaoyorozu starts ushering out their classmates to the elevator. Of course, a few of them don’t leave without winking and wiggling their eyebrows at the two of them and of course, Ashido smugly mouths ‘I already knew’. He wouldn’t expect anything else from class 1-A.

Todoroki turns back to his boyfriend. “That was...a disaster.”

“No shit.”

Todoroki pushes Bakugou back so he can slide off the counter. “Well...we should probably go somewhere else.”

“Yeah. I’m not keen on anyone else walking in on us.”

Todoroki picks up the discarded shirt on the floor, and hands it to Bakugou. Not like it’ll make a difference anyways. 

As soon as they get into the elevator, Bakugou wordlessly presses the button for his floor. 

When they reach Bakugou’s room, Todoroki sheds his shirt and slips on a random hoodie laying around. He breathes in his boyfriend’s caramel smell, and feels the tension seeping out of his shoulders. He falls back onto the bed, kicking off his pants and leaving himself in only a pair of boxers while Bakugou rolls his eyes and changes into sweats. He keeps the shirt off, which allows Todoroki to see fresh bruises from the earlier fight starting to bloom. It’s not as bad as he thought.

Todoroki feels Bakugou leaning his head on Todoroki’s shoulder from behind. “I assume you’re not in the mood anymore.”

“No. Sorry. Getting caught by our friends and teacher is kind of a boner killer.”

Todoroki snorts. “Then...we could just cuddle.”


Todoroki turns around, gesturing for Bakugou to lay down. He does, and Todoroki lays down right on top of him. 

“Ugh, you’re heavy.”

A loud smack resonates throughout the room. Todoroki hates the smirk still on his lips despite the probably stinging red handprint on his bicep. 

He finally settles down, wrapping his arms around Bakugou’s torso. Bakugou responds by doing the same.

In the rare tranquil moments that they share, Todoroki finds himself falling more and more. 

“I’m glad you’re okay,” He whispers. 

Bakugou drops a kiss on top of his head. “‘Course I am. I’m Bakugou Katsuki.”

Todoroki chuckles. “Careful. As amazing as you are, Bakugou Katsuki is still a human that is very susceptible to harm.”

“Good thing I have a Todoroki Shouto that is very good at being an angel. Heard he’s really good at that healing thing.”

Todoroki punches him lightly. “Don’t take him for granted.”

“I would never. Wouldn’t want to do something stupid and lose him.”

“You know, I don’t think he’s going anywhere.” Todoroki smiles, snuggling further into Bakugou’s warmth.

Although his friends found out about them in the most mortifying way possible, and they’re probably judging him and Bakugou hardcore (as most people are sure to do after finding out about a relationship like theirs), he’s sure he doesn’t care. 

His friends might only see the explosive, blunt, and angry side of Bakugou. But Todoroki knows better than that.

Right now, all he can see is his Bakugou, the awkwardly sweet and hesitantly affectionate and gentle Bakugou, and he’s all Todoroki needs.