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The Switch

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Mary woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 


No, really, this isn't her room. 


It is an unfamiliar territory and it made her drowsiness fade as quickly as she rose up from the comfortable sheets. What the hell? Where am I?! The theory of being dead is there floating in her mind. Her breathing went ragged, finding it hard to inhale as if something is weighing on her chest. 


She looks down, "Gah!" And was surprised at what she saw. Since when did I have big boobs?! Her palms automatically rest upon those mountains, in disbelief when she squeezed it and find it realistic. 


Just then, some strands of her hair fell down on her shoulders. But instead of her bright golden locks, she is greeted by long, lovely silver ones. Familiar color. 


Oh no.  


Mary rushes to the full-length mirror by the wall. This time, she screamed in terror. She doesn't possess her sharp eyes, and her cheeks are flushed. 




She's.. in her girlfriend's body?


Then where the hell is Ririka?


A knock on the door interrupts her inconvenient morning, followed by a soft voice. "Momobami-sama, is everything okay?"


"Uhh, yeah! I'm fine!"


"Alright, please head to the dining room for breakfast. Your sister is waiting for you."


No point of staying here. I better see Ririka soon. Mary shrugs the shiver away and went to the bathroom. As astonished as she is from seeing how modern and big it is compared to her own at home, she managed to figure out which is which. Ririka sure does have a lot of necessities. Then came the uniform. She had no problem with that one. It is similar to hers. 


After finishing getting ready for school, Mary went to the dining room, partly having an unintentional detour as she doesn't know where it is located. Though she had been dating Ririka for awhile, she haven't stayed at the Momobami Manor knowing Kirari is around. She would rather die than be in one room with the twin for longer than usual. 


"Sister, pleasant morning. Let's eat." Kirari greets her with a warm smile. It distracts Mary for a brief second, but she took a seat beside the twin, facing the cuisines they will have for breakfast. It was nothing like what Mary have at home. 


"You are dating Saotome, right?"


At the mention of her name, Mary's ears perked up. Right, she thinks I'm Ririka. "Yes, why?"


"I have been seeing Jabami getting too close with her, and Saotome doesn't seem to mind. Just know that if she ever hurts you, I will do what I have to do and finish her off."


Did Kirari just threaten Mary? Well—not really. It did not fail to make Mary's blood boil though. It was already accustomed that they both dislike each other, and that Kirari still hasn't given her blessing for her relationship with Ririka, but goddamn you, Momobami.


"I trust Mary. She will never do things like that."


"Bold of you to assume the future, dear. But it can't be helped. I'm just trying to protect you. Mary is another thing. You know how she gets, so try not to get too attached."


"Fu—" Mary immediately slaps her mouth to prevent her from cursing. Fuck you! If only I'm in my right body. Kirari eyes her quizzically, trying to figure out what she was supposed to say. 


The short breakfast ended in a blur. Mary finds herself rushing outside, the strap of Ririka's designer bag wrapped around her fingers. She stopped on her tracks when Kirari proceeded to use that same look, that she seemed to be in confusion. "Do you feel well?"


"Yes, I do. Why do you ask?"


"You're not wearing your mask. Though it's your choice if you want to or not, but about our identity—"


"Ah! Yeah sorry!" I'm not listening to any of your shit. Mary runs back inside her room and grabbed the theatrical mask laid on the bedside table. Once putting it on, she takes a deep breath in hopes she is ready for the day.



Mary knocks on the door of her supposed to be classroom. She did the honor of sliding it open as well, peeking inside to see most of the eyes watching her with nervousness. Right, they’re scared of Ririka. 


“Can I excuse Riri—I mean, Saotome?” She adjusts the mask over her face, nose scrunching. Damn, how does Ririka even breathe in these?! I feel like suffocating.


“Saotome-san, the Vice President would like to have a word with you!” Mary’s perspective move to a certain raven, squishing a disheveled blonde woman with her embrace. To think that she is seeing her own body (that is controlled by someone else) have her shuddering. 


The blonde immediately walks out of the class, shutting the door close before giving Mary a bone-crushing hug. “Mary!”


“Woah, calm down.” 


Ririrka looks up to her with tears brimming on the corner of her eyes. Wouldn’t you believe it? To see that Mary looked completely invulnerable when Ririka is the one using her body. It is definitely Ririka inside the blonde’s body. They did switch bodies for some unknown reasons.


“What is happening, Mary? Why are you inside me? Why am I inside you?”


“That sounds so impure.. but, I don’t know either. We need to find a way back. I need my body back. But we can’t do it during class so try to endure until dismissal, then we’ll figure it out.”


Ririka nods as Mary lightly wipes the tears away, fidgeting to feel stares of curiosity from inside the classroom. It already felt difficult enough to be herself, but to be Ririka? To be the Vice President? Mary isn’t sure she would even survive. 


The bell chimes, indicating the start of the classes. Mary bids farewell to her girlfriend, ushering her back inside the class as well as noting to sustain the energetic Yumeko. Ririka will be okay, as long as Ryota is there, anyway. Mary hoped Itsuki wouldn’t bother her as much as she always do.