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The Switch

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Mary grunts after revising (or just skimming) the nth life plan given to her by the secretary of Kirari's. Pity is one word to describe seeing how her fellow students had the rest of their future planned out for them by the President herself, but she was thankful enough to get out of that situation. 


"Vice President," Sayaka comes closer, placing a few more files on the table that made Mary's soul go out of her body. Kirari is by the end of the desk, on her rightful place to be as the student body. "Here's three more, then I can go distribute it after. Thank you for the hard work."


"Thank you for your hard work," Mary corrects, seeing how tired Sayaka is. The secretary was taken aback at the acknowledgment, cheeks warming up before she nodded and skipped away. 


Weird. Mary clears her throat and grabbed a Life Plan. She was about to open it when her eyes caught something she never expected to see. Her name, on the file. 




Kirari rose her look up from her older twin, head slightly turning on the side. "Yes?"


"Why do I—why does Mary have a life plan? She redeemed herself back, did she not?"


"Oh, that's just a precaution in case she did hurt you—"


"She won't!" The masked twin cuts Kirari off, which had the younger look at her with a deep frown. It was unlikely for 'Ririka' to act out so irrationally; never did she raise her voice at Kirari. 


"Saotome is really influencing you, huh? You yelled at me."


Mary could feel anger building up inside her, that all there is left to do is to lash it out on the grinning woman in front of her. She couldn't understand why Kirari dislikes her for Ririka when she never did anything to put her girlfriend in any sort of ache. 


And getting herself back with the life plan is clearly unacceptable. Mary will never let herself be back in that situation ever again. And Kirari is absolutely pissing her off with it. "Mary loves me.. as I love her. All I ask from you is your blessing."


"My blessing? I do not want your future to end up down in the dumps just because you are in love with a middle-classed woman."


"You don't know what's good for me, Kirari."


Kirari halfheartedly laughs, standing up from her seat. She circles around her table, the soles of her shoes clicking on the wooden floor as she ends up in front of her twin sister. "We're twins, Ririka. I know what's good for you and it is not Saotome. Could you not see how reckless she is?"


"Um, President.. I don't think it's the right time to have this." Sayaka butts in, feeling uneasy with the thick tension surrounding them. Mary could not even give a damn about her right now when she all wants to do is to defend her name.


But a ringtone stopped her from doing so. The vibration came from her leg, which meant it was her phone in her skirt pocket. Mary takes it out, seeing a message coming from her girlfriend telling her come outside. 


"Sayaka!" Midari enters the room, oblivious of what the commotion is though if she knew, certainly she will not even stop it either. "Let me copy your homework, please?"


"I'll take my leave." Mary turns her heels and was about to strut away, when Kirari called her again. 


"Take the Life Plans and distribute it with Midari. I need my secretary as of the moment."




"Fine." Mary carries the stack of files and forcefully gave it to Midari, who catches it without any difficulties. They both exited the room by then, with Mary carrying nothing but her anger. 


"Oi, Ririka! Could you not walk too fast? I'm the one carrying these!"


Mary's in her own world. Despite the constant whines from Midari, the loud chatters of the students by the hallway, it was broken off by her thoughts. How could Kirari treat Ririka like this? She's the younger sister for fuck's sake!


"Vice President!"


"What?" Mary finally answered. 


"Are you okay?"


"I'm fine." I just need to see Ririka. Mary thinks. They were already outside where only a few students are hanging out. Strangely enough, she did miss Yumeko's clingy self, Ryota's fear and Itsuki's loud ass voice. Being Ririka tired herself out. 


Then came in her view is those three girls she gambled with, beating up her body. She and Midari managed to scare them away, but she got herself carried away to the point of profanities. But that didn't matter, she can just go speak with Midari to tell no one about it. All that matters now is Ririka's safety. 


She leads them to the empty infirmary. Ririka takes a seat on one of the beds, whilst Mary went to grab aid to treat the latter's bleeding lip. "You should have fought back, you know. You're in my body. They know I fight back."


"Making enemies is just an additional to your problems, Mary."


"And you think letting them ruin my perfectly good looking face doesn't?" Mary fires back, dumping alcohol on a cotton ball. She lightly damps the cotton on the wound, with Ririka wincing every now and then. "Sorry you had to deal with that. I didn't think they would take revenge or whatever."


"It's fine. Nothing I couldn't handle. How about you? How is Kirari?"


"An asshole as she always is, let me tell you that. I don't understand why you let her talk to you like that, babe." Ririka gently held Mary's wrist, pulling it down before leaning in to plant a kiss on her lips. They stayed still for a bit, before Mary moved her lips first, slightly opening it, and tilting her head to gain more intimacy. 


But Ririka is first to pull away, smiling adoringly, only for Mary. "She's the leader, Mary."


"But you're older."


"That doesn't mean anything as long as Kirari is more powerful than me. It is why she got the position, the praise, the attention, everything."


Another reason why Mary doesn't like Kirari. On purpose or not, she made Ririka feel worthless. Like the only use she had in this world is to be her shadow that cleans every mess she did. And that is unfair. 


"But it's okay."


Mary sighs, her tense shoulders slowly relaxing when Ririka caressed her cheeks with her soft palm. "It's okay, because.."


"I have you. And that's all I need."


“That’s.. so sappy.”