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Apple Pie After Work

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Why does Emperor make me report to him using paper? It takes forever. Texas leaned back in her chair, complaining in her thoughts. I already confirmed that Rhodes Island isn’t anything more than they claim to be yet he insists on all this information gathering. Sure, they have a lot of combat personnel and a lot of them are conspicuously young, but it’s not like we’re exactly unshady either... She lit herself another cigarette, puffed out the smoke and thought out loud in the same breath. “If only Exusiai had a longer attention span, she could do this. Her handwriting is far better than mine.”
“Knock knock! What do I have that’s better than yours?” Exusiai said jubilantly as she opened the door to Texas’ room in her usual cheery mood. She wasn’t wearing her typical uniform, simply a tank top and jeans.
“Oh, Ex. Nothing. I’m just bitching to myself about the paperwork that Emperor is still having me do,” she said as she took another drag from her cigarette.
“Oh, he’s still having you do that? What a drag!” Exusiai giggled as she walked up behind Texas and wrapped her arms around Texas’ neck, hugging her and resting her chin on the crown of Texas’ head. “What are you putting in the report?”
“Nothing special, just going over the most recent people that RI contracted and whatever I could find out about them. This may actually be the most boring report I’ve sent.”
“If you ask me, every report is the most boring report!”
“Your standards for boring include anything that doesn’t involve weapons maintenance, shooting said weapons or partying.”
“Or you~!” Exusiai whispered in Texas’ ear and gave it a nip, teasing Texas.
“Hey, stop. Not on the clock!” Texas giggled as she tilted her head in response to the nip.
“You’re always on the clock! And I, for one, am not on the cock, which is unacceptable!” Exusiai complained, shifting her expression to a smug grin when Texas rolled her eyes. “Take a break. Blow off some steam. And take the jacket off, will you? What, you don’t want everyone to know about these massive tits you got~?” she teased Texas some more as she squeezed her breasts from behind.

“Ex, come on!” Texas said, laughing, “I really want to get this done.”
“Yeah, but I want to get done, too!”
“Ex, please. Wait until I’m done. I promise I’ll give you attention when this is finished.”
“‘Give me attention’? What am I, one of Mousse’s kitties?” the redhead asked as let go of Texas and went to sit on her bed.
“You sure are acting like one.”
“Am I cute like one?”
Texas turned around in her chair and looked at Exusiai, “I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer,” Texas turned back around and went back to writing the report.
“Aww, you’re no fun,” Exusiai sighed as she flopped down onto the bed. She looked up at the ceiling and back at Texas. She rolled over, laid on her stomach and rested her head on her knuckles. She looked at Texas longingly and rolled over onto her back, hanging her head over the edge of the bed. “Ahh… I think I’m gonna nap, Tex,” Exusiai yawned and closed her eyes.
“Alright, I’ll wake you when I’m done,” Texas replied as she jammed her cigarette into the ashtray on the corner of her desk.

Exusiai was awoken with Texas gently rubbing the top of her head. “You’re so pretty when you’re upside down, Tex.”
“You’re the one that’s upside down.
“Subjective! Astesia says that in space there is no up or down.”
“Relative. Well, for one, we aren’t in space,” Texas said as she climbed into bed, flat on her stomach, laying next to Exusiai.
“Why be in space when you could be in me~?” Exusiai asked suggestively and gave Texas a peck on the lips.
“Mm, come here,” Texas said as she rolled over onto her back and pulled Exusiai on top of her, both hands planted firmly on Exusiai’s ass. Both of Exusiai’s hands lay on Texas’ chest with her chin on them and looked into Texas’ eyes.

“Tch, you’re still wearing that jacket? Take it off, already.”
“I roll you over onto me, we gaze into each other’s eyes, and that’s what you say?”
“I mean, I’m sorry, Tex, but at least unzip it!” Exusiai said as she pulled the zipper down. To her surprise, she was greeted by her naked breasts, as well as the most shit-eating grin from the Lupo. “Oh, my! Do you always wear nothing under your jacket?” Exusiai expressed her appreciation of the surprise. She grabbed Texas’s breasts again and gave her a slow, gentle kiss.
“Mm, only on my days off. It’s comfortable,” Texas said, slightly embarrassed and blushing.

“Anyway, you got business to do. I’m business, by the way.” Exusiai said as she rolled off of Texas and started to pull her jeans off.
“That’s like the same joke as earlier. Why are you always so corny?”
“It’s funny! At least it makes me laugh, which is all that matters.”
“You’re just lucky you’re cute,” Texas said as she crawled between Exusiai’s legs as the Sankta tossed her jeans onto the floor and rested her head on the pillow. Texas placed a gentle kiss on Exusiai’s hips. Her tongue glided across Exusiai’s waist starting at Exusiai’s left hip and slowly, tantalizingly to the right, tickling her. Once Texas’ tongue reached her partner’s right hip, she gently bit it, forcing a reflexive moan out of Exusiai.
“Oh, my, miss Wolf, what big teeth you have~,” she giggled. Texas silently looked up, still diligently nibbling at her thigh, lifted her wrist up towards Exusiai, and flipped her off, before setting it back down on her and refocusing her gaze on business. That only made Exusiai laugh harder, “Babe, come on, don’t be like that,” Exusiai tried to appease Texas by running her fingers through her hair. Texas took very good care of her hair. It was as soft as velvet and shined in the light. It also tickled Exusiai whenever Texas went down on her.

Texas ran her nails gently up and down Exusiai’s smooth thighs, making her giggle and squirm. Her arms looped under Exusiai’s thighs as her hands gripped the front of them as she started to give her kisses through her panties.
“Phaaa…” Exusiai gasped, then, quietly, “you know just how to tease me.” She scratched Texas’ ear with her left hand. It twitched under her touch, and Texas tilted her head towards her hand, leaning into the feeling. Texas worked her fingers under the elastic and pulled them off of Exusiai. She then gave a kiss to Exusiai’s lower lips as she put Exusiai’s legs over her shoulders.
“Oh, are you gonna eat some of my—”
“Don’t you dare,” Texas' eyes darted to Exusiai’s face. She didn’t glare, but Exusiai knew she was serious.
“I’m sorry, it’s just a joke!” Exusiai chuckled as she rubbed Texas’ head some more. Though she’d never admit it, Texas loved headpats and Exusiai knew it.

Texas gave her a few small licks at first. Her lips and breath caressed Exusiai, tickling and teasing the area just around her crotch. “You’re always so sweet to me. Almost as sweet as—” Texas didn’t stop licking but her eyes returned to look at Exusiai’s face. “Ahh, sorry, hun~,” she said as she laid her head down on the pillow and let Texas eat her out in peace. Texas reached out her own left hand and interlocked her fingers with Exusia’s right hand.
“Oh, naughty girl! I can forgive eating me out, but holding my hand? What other unholy things do they teach you outside of Laterano?” This one had worked, as Texas’ lips ostensibly morphed into a slight smile against her.
Texas used the fingertips of her right hand and made small circles on Exusiai’s inner thigh. Exusiai gently locked her ankles. Texas’ tongue slid into Exusiai’s pussy, eliciting a moan and wiggle from the redhead. “I love your tongue, babe,” Exusiai said as she gripped Texas hair a little tighter. She also held Texas’ hand a little tighter. Texas’ tongue slid around, trying to find the perfect spot. “There, right there…” Exusiai whispered as she locked Texas’ head in place with her legs and gripped her hair even tighter as she pulled Texas’ head into her, forcing her to focus her tongue where it was. “Hey babe, look,” Exusiai beckoned to Texas as she moved her hand from Texas’ head. As Texas moved her eyes to look at Exusiai, she pulled her tank top up, flashing Texas her tits. Her cheeks tinged with red. “You’re so easy to tease, it’s adorable! You’re actually eating me out and it’s my tits that get you?” she giggled, teasing Texas. Texas peeled Exusiai’s legs off of her neck and she crawled up and pinned Exusiai’s wrists to the bed. She looked Exusiai in the eyes warmly. “You’re lucky you’re cute,” Texas repeated with a tiny smirk. She gave Exusiai a kiss.
“Come on, Tex, are you gonna fuck me or what?”
“Hold on,” she said as sat up and took her shorts off. As she tossed them aside, Exusiai tore her tights open and used her fingertips to tease Texas’ cock through her panties.
“Hey, what are you doing!?”
“Helping you undress”
“Ugh, I go through so many tights because of you. I swear if you rip this underwear...” Texas said as she reached into her nightstand.
“I’ll pay you back, don’t wo—” Exusiai dropped the thought as Texas pulled out a condom. “Aw, really? It’s been so long since we did it raw,” she whined.
“Come on, Ex, I’m trying to be responsible,”
“I know, I just missed how you would just come up from behind and leave me dripping with your—”
“I get it, I get it. Next time, okay?” Texas said as she kissed Exusiai.
Exusiai smiled cutely. She pulled Texas’ panties aside and gave her cock a few pumps. Texas opened the wrapper and pulled the condom out. She found the proper end then put it on.

“Aww, it looks so good on you!” Exusiai teased. “Very fashionable.”
“Shut up,” Texas chuckled and smiled.
“See, you were wondering why I’m corny. I wouldn’t get to see you smile so often if I wasn’t, now would I?”
“Oh, come here, you,” Texas pulled Exusiai closer by the legs. She gripped her length and rubbed it against her slit. Exusiai reached up and tenderly felt Texas’ chest. Texas blushed. She leaned down and kissed Exusiai and finally slid the tip into her slowly, causing her to moan. Texas slid in half an inch then slid out a quarter and repeated; she knew how much Exusiai loved and hated to be teased. Exusiai’s hands went to Texas’ back, pulling her closer, their breasts pressing against each other as she also wrapped her legs around Texas waist. Her hands went up and down Texas’ back, savoring the feeling of the tone of her muscles.

“Raw or not, doing this with you is always the best,” Exusiai whispered in Texas’ ear. Texas responded by biting Exusiai’s collar bone gently, always one for expressing herself through actions rather than words. She nipped and kissed and sucked on Exusiai’s neck.

“Oh, Texas…” Exusiai moaned as Texas started to thrust faster. Her breathing picked up as her nails started to dig into Texas’ back. This made her moan.
“Ex…” Texas huffed as her hands went under Exusiai and she gripped her shoulders, pulling her down into the thrusts. Exusiai’s hands glided down to Texas’ hip from her back down to Texas’ hips. Her nails gently dithered around, teasing Texas’ waist and hips. The Lupo’s hips and legs gently quivered in response to the sensation. Exusiai’s back arched. “Harder…” she begged. Texas grunted in obligation. She began to thrust even harder, the sound of their hips clapping together filled the room. “Oh, just like that, Tex,” Exusiai said breathily, “Just like that.” Exusiai’s hands traveled down Texas’ back and down to her ass. Exusiai gave her a squeeze as she pulled Texas into her with the thrusts.

Texas’ breathing and huffing turned to moans.

“Are you getting close, babe?” Exusiai asked. Texas only nodded. Exusiai locked her hips around Texas’ hips, “Go ahead, harder.” Texas nodded again and began to thrust even harder, both their hips turning red. Finally, Texas’ thrusts slowed down but they didn’t get weaker.

“Ahhah… haahh…” Texas moaned as her cum started to fill the condom. Exusiai could feel her throb and she bit her lip. She missed doing it raw, but feeling Texas throb and fill a condom inside her was still really hot, too. Finally, Texas pulled out. The tip of the condom filled with her cum. Exusiai reached out and grasped Texas’ cock, stroking her a bit in an attempt to tease her while she was still sensitive.

“Hahh,” Texas shivered, “Don’t take it off.”
“Oh? Why not?”
“Not done yet,” Texas said as she flipped Exusiai over.
“Eek! So forceful~,” Exusiai teased as Texas pulled her ass in the air and gave it a spank, instantly leaving a red mark in the shape of her hand.
“Looks like all those sweets helped out after all, huh?” Texas teased.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“Means you got a fat ass, babe.”
“That explains why the jeans were tighter.”
“Do you not watch your weight?”
“Why would I need to? You’re the one who gets up close and personal. I don’t need to be fit to shoot things dead, the gun does most of the work for me.”
“Yeah, well, this time it’s my turn to do some shooting,” Texas tried to crack a joke. Didn’t feel quite right.
Exusiai snorted. “Your jokes may be worse than mine, babe.”
“Yeah, well, the alternative was a sloppy joke.” Texas gave herself a few pumps then slid back into Exusiai. She gripped Exusiai’s hips firmly, her nails digging into them as well, and her thrusts quickly reached her last peak... Exusiai’s chin rested on the bed frame and her hands held on right on each side of her head.
“I love it when you get like this~,” Exusiai moaned, “Oh, fuck yeah…”
Texas bent over with her front pressing against Exusiai’s back. She wrapped her arms around Exusiai’s waist and rested her hands on Exusiai’s belly.
“Looks like they went to more than one place,” Texas said.
“Is that a dealbreaker?”
“No, it’s cute,” Texas reassured her, kissing her on the cheek several times and she slowly made her way down to Exusiai’s neck, where she began to bite in addition to the kissing. Lower she went again to the nape of her neck, biting harder, leaving teeth marks.
Texas reached with her left hand and cupped Exusiai’s breast in her hand, kneading it and pinching her nipple. Her other hand went and held Exusiai’s hand from behind. Texas dug her teeth into Exusiai’s back, biting just between her shoulder blades and worked her way back up to her neck and right shoulder. Her jaw latched onto Exusiai’s shoulder and she growled like a dog with a bone.
“Mmm, good girl~,” she teased Texas. “Ahh, Tex… Fuck me harder, I’m gonna cum…”
Texas squeezed Exusiai’s breast harder and started to pound her as hard as she could. The bed creaked and knocked against the wall. Texas then straightened up and returned her hands to Exusiai’s hips, giving her ass yet another spank.
“Ahhh… I’mgonnacumI’mgonnacum. I’m gonna cum!” Exusiai cried out in wild pleasure as her back arched. “Fffuck…” Texas said under her breath. She was sweating and panting. She was also right on the edge. “I feel you twitching, babe, go ahead and cum~,” Exusiai encouraged Texas. It was just enough. Texas thrust a few more final, powerful times as she came a second time. Even more of her cum filling the condom; the tip swelling. Exusiai’s eyes rolled back in her head, her legs twitching. “A…Apple pie,” she moaned out, with a satisfied grin. Texas was just about to pull out. Her lips curled in disgust. She completely stopped and looked at Exusiai. “Come the fuck on. You just had to do it, didn’t you?”
Exusiai just laughed, still trembling from her orgasm, “I’m sorry, hun, I couldn’t help it!” Texas grumbled to herself as she pulled out of Exusiai. The tip of the condom was stretched and sagged.
“Mnngg,” Texas growled, “You take care of this, then,” Texas said as she pulled the condom off and threw it between Exusiai’s shoulder blades.
“Hey!” Exusiai said as she tried to get it off her back, “At least hand it to me or leave it on my ass or something,” she said as she tried to reach for it, her arms scrambling around her back trying to reach for it in all sorts of different ways. Exusiai stood and walked to the bathroom to flush the condom, limping from how much Texas ravaged her. When Exusiai was back, Texas was turned facing the wall. She took her tights off and put her shorts back on while Exusiai was walking. She climbed back in bed with Texas wrapping her arms around Texas’ body.

“Are you mad at me?”
“No, just killed the mood.”
“I’m sorry, Tex,” Exusiai apologized sincerely. “Do you still love me?”
Texas rolled over and looked Exusiai in the eye, “’Course I do.”
“Say it.”

Texas sighed. She brushed Exusiais bangs out of the way of her forehead, cupped her cheek, and kissed her on the forehead. “I love you, Ex.” Exusiai wrapped her arms around Texas snuggled tightly against her body, nuzzling her head into Texas’ neck.
“I love you, too, Tex.”
Texas ran her fingers through Exusiai’s hair for a moment and cuddled Exusiai back. Her tail wrapped around Exusiai’s waist. She closed her eyes and gently drifted off to sleep, in the embrace of an angel.