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Not a Bad Thing

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Having a boyfriend at the same college was surprisingly troublesome, something that Tobio wish he knew before. Sure it was fun and game until, well, they become an ex. It was confusing on Tobio’s side too since basically they parted in good terms. No crying, no shouting, just them sit on the chair by the window inside the music studio, where Tobio got his first confession too, with his ex played Not a Bad Thing by Justin Timberlake on the grand piano in the middle of the room. How it’s still sent a shiver down his spine only by remembering those scenes was disgusting.


And if I had a pair of wings
I'd pick you up and fly you far away from here
And we'd fly so high up in the sky
Where the stars are so clear
And then I could save you
From the troubles of the world
And all you'd have to pack is your heart to bring


Tobio about to threw up. He couldn’t believe he really fell for that.




“Let’s break up.”



“I’m sorry?”

“I said, okay. Let’s break up ,  if you want to. It ’s not really nice  to   for ce  other people to do things they don't want to, right, Tobio?

“You don’t even want to know why?”

“You want to tell me?”

Tobio burning inside.

“No, i am not. And thank you for the past 12 months.”

“11 months, Tobio, it’s not even December yet.”




It was two weeks ago. Now that he think about it, he might didn’t really want to broke up with him in the first place. He just still in the phase of wanting to be recognized. That Oikawa needed him more that Tobio needed him, as childish as it sounds but Oikawa reaction was something that Tobio hadn’t expected. Tobio was hoping  Oikawa would at least asked him why and maybe after that little clingy lovey dovey shits since Tobio kinda needed it but oh how he was so wrong in so many levels. How could he forgot that he was dating the Oikawa Tooru.

Tobio lived his life like a snail for the past two weeks. If he sensed a bit of Oikawa related he would quickly got into his shell. But life wasn’t that easy as it seems. In this big, large, and spacious ass college building how could he almost met him everywhere when they’re not even in the same faculty. Much worse, he was never alone. He always had his friends surrounding him like a communal animal try to hunting for prey. That one time Tobio braced himself and walked pass them, his friends squawked louder than a bunch of hungry crows and Tobio hope the ground where he stood split up and swallowed him up. Too bad universe kind of hate him, of course it ain’t happen. As he felt his face was the same color as the roses Oikawa bought when he met his parents the first time, Tobio swore he would never want to bump into him intentionally or unintentionally. Not even his addiction to milk that his friends often made fun of could pushed him. He as willing to give up from drink his precious liquid than saw Oikawa Tooru again. May sound redundant but he means it.


So, when he finally reached the gate and saw a glimpse of a brown hair there, he kind of panicked. Just a little bit. Not to sounds like he failed to move on or something, he just wasn’t prepared. He could only hope Oikawa would not saw him.


Exactly why Tobio believed universe hated him.


“What are you doing here alone?”

“I’m not alone.”

He saw Oikawa grinned at him.


“Heh? I’m pretty sure i see no one except us here.”

Tobio threw his gaze away, anywhere except those pair of eyes that sparkling jokingly. Then Tobio saw a familiar blond hair walked towards them, well, not really, since they are standing in front of the gate. Tobio could not remember who he was, nor his name, he just felt like he know him somewhere before. Tobio was sure he had seen him talk to Hinata, though. Maybe his senor, at least he was not really a stranger. A poor soul that Tobio had no choice except to use him.

“Oh, he is here.”

Tobio waved his hand and come closer to the not yet named boy leaving Oikawa behind, he could felt Oikawa’s gaze burning in his back but it’s not Tobio’s fault that he came out from nowhere.

Tobio reached on of the stranger hand, pull them down and whispered in his ear. The stanger lowered down his head and Tobio started to share his impromptu plan.

“I’m sorry but i need your help. I know we don’t know each other but i’ve seen you talking to Hinata once. I’m Hinata’s friend. Can you pretend that we know each other and walk to the bus stop together?” Tobio said low enough for only the both of them to hear and he stared at the other eyes hopefully. The latter looked at him in a few seconds, and then something behind Tobio, probably at Oikawa and smiles at him fondly. Tobio almost jumped from the ground.

Tobio didn’t let go of the other hand and walked side by side approaching Oikawa who was still standing in the same place since the firs time Tobio saw him. Just before Tobio could said anything, he heard Oikawa asked him,

“You know him?”

Tobio blinked his eyes and looked confused as ever as he force his brain to think about what he should said. Why didn't he remember to ask his name and introduced himself first? He was still in his state of mind when he heard the boy beside him answered instead.

“Oikawa-kun, thank you for accompanying Tobio-kun while he was waiting for me.”

Tobio snapped his head at him but had no time to answered because he heard Oikawa voiced again.

“Tobio-kun?” Oikawa eyed him suspiciously.

“Yes, Tobio-kun. You couldn’t possibly forget your ex boyfriend’s name, right? Come on Oikawa-kun, that’s rude.”

“Ah, no, i was just don’t expected you know Tobio, Miya Atsumu-kun.” Tobio could felt Oikawa’s piercing eyes on the boy that he called, who, Miya Atsumu? Tobio couldn’t hold his curiosity any longer and blurted out.

“You both know each other?”

It was the Miya-something who answered.

“Oh yes, we know each other. Sorry, i’ll tell you later. It’s getting late, let’s go home. Oikawa-kun, see you around.”

“Wait-” Tobio about to protest but shuts it when he felt the boy beside him slides his hand on Tobio’s shoulder and dragged him away from the still stunned Oikawa.




What the fuck.