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Our Sea Life

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You were walking around the beach of Sunset Bird looking for some driftwood so you can craft with it, of course it could be hard to find so you had a wetsuit on so you could go into the water if needed.

You were wearing sandals and had a towel with you in order to carry the driftwood home in case you could not carry it with your own two arms, you also had a flashlight with you in case you still did not have enough driftwood at the end of the day, although you had a feeling you would not need it.

You hummed a small tune while finding your first piece of driftwood, you smiled to yourself and continued to search. Unaware of the curious gaze of someone in the water, their head was halfway out of water looking at you.

You managed to collect some more driftwood before you noticed something in the water, being curious you decided to lay your towel with driftwood onto the sand and place your sandals next to the towel.

after you did that you started to walk towards the green mush that was in the water, It seemed like a person but you were not sure.

A childish part of your mind hoped that it would be a mermaid or something but the adult part was sure that mermaids don't exist after all so many beaches and zero mermaid sightings.

The green haired something turned out to be a male when the rest of his face got out of the water, you could see that he looked at you curiously and with a tilted head but the green haired male seemed nervous or scared, maybe even a mix of both.

“Hey” You said towards the male as you walked into the water, The male looked almost surprised that you saw him but he awkwardly waved at you. “Hi,” he said, not making eye contact. 

“I never seen you around before, do you live close by?” You asked with a cheeky grin on your face but you did ask what was on your mind, You usually remember who you have seen around Sunset bird and you never seen the green haired male before.

The male nodded shyly but did not tell where he lived, it was clear that he wanted to keep that private. or atleast to himself

You nodded at his answer and decided to ask for his name instead, “My name is y/n l/n , what’s yours?” you introduced yourself to the male while asking for his name

“Cove” was all that the male said while looking away, maybe he was just naturally shy however he was the one who changed the topic this time.

“Is this your beach? I can leave if you want…” he said making eye contact with you for a second before looking away again.
“Nope,” You said with a cheeky grin before you continued “Besides if it was you still would not have to leave, You seem like a nice person to have around.” You said honestly, because honesty is the best policy.

and it also made Cove blush from your comment so that was a score, although it could just be because he seems like an awkward person so you could never know for sure.
Time has passed and it was time for you to go home, during the time that you spent with Cove you found out why he was so shy. or at least part of the reason why he was so nervous.

He did not have legs, or at least he had a tail so he was a merman, the male version of a mermaid. Or if you look at the mermaid/merman folk as a whole they would be merfolk.

You spent your time just laughing and having fun while also asking Cove here and there about how life was living underwater, Cove tried to explain the best that he could but somethings just could not be explained.

Cove explained that humans could breathe underwater but in order to do so they would have to kiss a merfolk, he explained that part with a blush on his face.

You smiled to yourself as you had your driftwood in the towel and were wearing your sandals again, you told cove that you would come by again tomorrow with a grin on your face.

When you were home the reality sunk in, merfolk are real and they are not just some fairy tale, I mean like they are but they also exist.

You blinked twice before placing your towel on the coffee table and decided to dry them one by one so you could craft with them without having to worry about water ruining the glue or anything like that.

You were making a piece for your windowsill so that it would not be empty anymore,and so that it could provide for some lighting once you were done with it all.

after a while you started to yawn and that was when you looked at the time and realized that it was 11:30 Pm so you should go to bed soon, you let everything lay on the coffee table and went upstairs to your bedroom.

as you changed into your pjs, you wondered what kind of conversation you would have with clover next time but only time could tell.

You layed down on your bed and flicked the lightswitch that was near your bed, as soon as you did that you were encased in darkness and soon fell asleep.