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Ears perked upright as the doors shut behind the men who strode inside, securing their powerful, potent scents inside the infamous nightclub known as The Meadow. Customers and employees alike held their breaths with anticipation, some averted their eyes and others whispered to their companions about who had just arrived. Glinting eyes reflected in the dim lights shining down upon the club’s customers, all shooting quick glances at the men standing by the entrance before respectfully looking away.

Miyuki Kazuya could clearly hear their voices, all ranging from worrisome hisses to whispered remarks of awe.

“It’s really him…!”

“Oi, that fox has to be…”

“... I wonder what he’s doing here…”

Miyuki took a moment to pause once his group was inside, routinely establishing his dominance over everyone present, especially aiming at the other alphas. A thick wave of his spicy, sharp scent washed through the room, instantly causing many men to fall silent and bow their heads in submission. The omega employees immediately scattered, no doubt to inform the owner of the club of who was here to pay them a visit.

Beside him, Kuramochi pinched his nose and let out a growl of irritation, though Miyuki allowed it to slide—his faithful cheetah companion was the only one allowed to react to Miyuki like that. Well, and so was his mate—the serval Ryousuke Kominato—who began instinctively baring his fangs in response to Miyuki’s intensified scent. Okumura had long learned to hold back his growling, yet his attempt to control the sound could still be heard in his throat from where he stood a pace behind Miyuki. Even Masuko, usually the most relaxed panda Miyuki had ever met, was giving off a sour scent in reaction to Miyuki’s show of dominance.

The irritable growls of his companions were what finally made Miyuki tone it down. After all, he knew his family respected him, but their instincts compelled them to resist Miyuki’s authority. He understood that and didn’t punish them as long as they didn’t act out of line. Respect and loyalty to Miyuki were crucial aspects of being a part of Miyuki’s family, after all.

Now, there was no longer a shred of doubt amongst the customers and employees of The Meadow about the presence of Seidou district’s most powerful crime boss, the clever alpha fox, Miyuki Kazuya. 

Feeling satisfied, Miyuki removed his fedora hat and shrugged off his coat jacket, then handed the clothing to the beta working in the coat room. The humble beta bowed his head and murmured something like “thank you for your visit, sir,” to Miyuki. He simply turned away as the beta collected the outer layers of his companion’s clothing as well to be hung securely in the back.

“Right, now that our formal hello is out of the way…” Miyuki trailed off as he flashed a cheeky grin to his closest family members, as he liked to call them. “Why don’t we go enjoy ourselves for a bit?”

“More like you will get to enjoy yourself, since I don’t even know why we agreed to come here with you,” Kuramochi muttered as he slid one arm protectively around Ryousuke’s waist. “It’s not like we’re interested in eyeing up scantily-clad omegas like you are, fuckin’ pervert.”

“Relax, it’s just for fun,” Miyuki waved his hand dismissively, one pointed ear flicking to the side, as if shooing away an irritating fly. “You have eyes to appreciate with, don’t you? No touching is necessary. Besides, if it bothers you so much, just keep tabs on everyone else. Pretend you’re only here to be my bodyguards.” He titled his head, one amber eye twinkling mischievously as he peered at the pair from his peripheral.

Clearly disgusted by his boss’s antics, Kuramochi just rolled his eyes and gagged. Bemused by his friend, Miyuki just snickered and casually slid his hands into the pockets of his slacks. He continued on inside the city’s famous club, making a beeline to the best seat in the house—the long leather loveseat situated right in the front. 

As Miyuki approached, he saw how a notorious pimp was arguing with the omega trying to escort him to another seat elsewhere in the club. Apparently, he had been occupying Miyuki’s spot until now, and when the employees noticed the Seidou mafia boss’s entrance, they immediately knew they had to move the pimp to another location to make room for the much more powerful man. They respected Miyuki’s business and alliance much more than they cared about the pimp—no matter who had been sitting in Miyuki’s spot, they would have cleared the way for the mafia boss regardless.

Once the meddling pimp saw Miyuki’s approach, his words died in his throat and he went still with realization. The omega, who Miyuki recognized as Haruno, had been trying to convince him to move until he suddenly went quiet mid-sentence. Confused, she turned around and let out a small yelp of surprise as well, clearly not expecting to see the mafia boss himself standing so close by. Her fluffy pomeranian tail began to quiver now that she was bordered by two powerful alphas.

“Don’t worry, this beautiful girl will take you somewhere that you’ll still be able to watch the show clearly,” Miyuki assured the pimp with a rather condescending, yet still velvety-smooth voice, then shifted his charming smile down to Haruno as he added, “won’t you, angel?”

“Y-Y-Yes!” The pomeranian barked with a curt nod. Her skin colored red as thanks to Miyuki’s term of endearment and she placed a delicate hand on the pimp’s arm. He allowed himself to be guided away, eyes lingering on Miyuki’s smug grin briefly until he had no choice but to look ahead. It was written all over his face that he knew he would be fighting a losing battle if he even attempted to bicker with Miyuki. Haruno encouraged, “Follow me, Ryouta-san! I promise, this seat will also give you such a great view…”

Naturally, besides that minor incident, no one protested to Miyuki occupying the club’s luxury seat. His authority was well-understood by anyone who meant anything in the Seidou district and he went unchallenged—for when insolent brats tried to nip at his heels, he either stomped them to the ground or brought them under his wing. 

Such was the case of Okumura, the stony-faced alpha wolf seated beside him, looking much like he’d rather be literally anywhere else. Though Okumura made it crystal clear that he wanted to take Miyuki’s place as leader one day, he agreed to become part of the mafia instead in order to learn their ways before he tried to fight Miyuki for the position. He saw potential in the kid and had actually started to consider passing on the responsibility to Okumura one day.

But not anytime soon—Miyuki worked hard to earn his place in Seidou. He wasn’t about to toss that aside without a fight. 

He let out a sigh and tried to relax rather than getting all worked up about succession. He wondered where the others went and saw that Masuko had somehow already gotten his hands on a snack. A small smile pulled on Miyuki’s lips—good for him. 

Just as Miyuki suggested, Kuramochi and Ryousuke were hanging out by the bar to keep an eye on who was in the club, just in case any trouble occurred. Their belts were on full display, showing off their guns lodged in their holsters, not to mention their powerful scents making sure no one dared to give them a funny look. Meanwhile, all the others spread out throughout the club, leaving only Miyuki and Okumura sitting together.

Admittedly, he didn’t really want  Okumura as his close company since Okumura was still so prickly around him, but he figured the wolf would eventually find somewhere else to sit once the show was underway. 

Unless… Miyuki flashed a cocky smile at him.

“Don’t tell me you’re a secret pervert wanting to get a good view of the show?” Miyuki teased, arching one thick brow to taunt the younger alpha. His bushy fox tail swished to the side mischievously, and he noticed the fur on the base of Okumura's tail beginning to bristle with irritation. “I heard they have a newbie performing tonight, a juicy little rabbit. Don’t wolves like rabbits, too? Us foxes and wolves have similar tastes, according to the stereotypes. So? Are you excited?”

“Shut up,” Okumura growled, shooting an icy glare towards Miyuki. “I’m only here because you dragged us all in here with you to form your little entourage.”

“Aw, c’mon, lighten up!” Miyuki insisted with a cheerful nudge to Okumura's arm. Of course, the wolf gave him the cold shoulder and scooted away. Undeterred, Miyuki grinned wider at his companion. “We’re here to celebrate, you know. We managed to chase those guys from Ugumori back to their turf without any injuries. You realize how rare this sort of skirmish ends without something worse happening, don’t you?”

Okumura begrudgingly grunted his understanding. That was the only sort of acknowledgement Miyuki was gonna get all night, so he shrugged and turned towards a familiar omega waiter approaching him to take their drinks.

“Oh, and get something strong for him,” Miyuki added after ordering, nodding towards Okumura with a smirk tugging on his lips. “He needs to loosen up.”

The omega giggled, expressing that he understood before trotting off to fetch Miyuki’s requested drinks. Okumura's tail was fluffed out with annoyance, since he must have overheard what the wily fox beside him just said to the waiter. Feeling satisfied, Miyuki leaned back against the leather seat and crossed his legs, then eyed the empty stage with curiosity burning in his gut. 

He wasn’t the type of alpha to keep a harem of omegas around, even though he knew he had every capability to do so. His influence, money and charisma could get omegas flocking to him in no time if he desired their company. The truth was that he was far too suspicious of pretty, preening omegas—they could cover up any suspicious behavior with seductive purrs and sweet, intoxicating pheromones. Whenever Miyuki decided to take a mate of his own, he had to be totally certain that the omega wasn’t sent to him in order to sabotage him or worse, his family.

The mere thought had him swallowing down a warning growl. No one messed with Miyuki’s family without paying the price, especially not on his turf. Miyuki’s influence was so intense that he even had control of the local police—he could get away with anything if he wanted to. 

That included getting blood on his hands, if absolutely necessary.

Miyuki didn’t like getting that dirty, so he avoided getting involved with excessive violence if he could. After all, he preferred winning over his challengers and enemies through ulterior ways that would give them hell—the amounts of times he got people fired, exposed them for being unfaithful to their mates, or tore their public reputation to shreds were too many to keep track of. The fact that he managed to frighten the Ugumori lackeys into running away like cowards with their tails curled between their legs, all from threats alone, was something to be celebrated. 

Plus, who could blame Miyuki for wanting to have a little relief for a night? It had been far too long since he let himself loose and caved into his alpha instincts urging him to mate. He deserved a little reward, and when he got the word that a pretty bunny boy would be center stage tonight, he couldn’t resist the urge to go see the fresh meat for himself. To secure a solo show at The Meadow was no easy feat; this bunny must have potential as the club’s next star.

There was no harm in getting frisky with one little rabbit for a night, and if Miyuki had any suspicions,  he would be sure to never come back. Simple as that.

Miyuki’s thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of their drinks. The waiter walked off and Miyuki slid one glass over to Okumura with a wink. He grinned when he saw Okumura take it despite not really being interested. The wolf was smart and he knew better than to turn down a drink hand-picked by the single most powerful man in his district, so he took it and tipped the glass against his lips. Miyuki’s tail wagged with approval, simply wanting to encourage the way Okumura's tail betrayed his poker face and twitched with his suppressed happiness.

Once Miyuki’s drink was coursing through his veins, he felt like he could finally unwind. He let out a sigh and leaned against his seat, then reached up and loosened the knot of his tie so he could unbutton the collar of his shirt. He knew that part of being in charge was looking the part, but sometimes he had the desire to forgo the formal vest-and-tie combination he wore under his suit jacket. At least here, he could look a little more disheveled without worrying about his reputation.

The lights dimmed further and a voice announced the beginning of tonight’s show. Miyuki didn’t care about the fluffy introduction and the buildup of the introductions to tonight’s performers, but his ears twitched with fascination when he caught the starring omega’s name—Sawamura Eijun. He hadn’t heard the name before and he was extremely curious to find out about his enticing new treat. Rabbits had always been his favorite, after all.

At long last, the omega himself emerged from the shadows of backstage, though perhaps ‘emerged’ was too delicate of a word—the bunny practically sprinted out to the edge of the stage itself. His little nose twitched as he stared out at the audience with a pair of stunning golden eyes, flushed red with his forehead already dotted with perspiration. The kid was clearly nervous as hell but trying not to show it.

“Everyone, thank you for coming to see me tonight!!” Sawamura belted out to his audience, yelling entirely too loudly for a species famously known for their demure, shy behavior. This rabbit was incredibly energized, all wound up and ready to burst. Miyuki even noticed the way his foot started thumping rapidly on the stage before he forced himself to stop. Miyuki had to stifle a chuckle of amusement—he was already very entertained by the peculiar omega. “I promise not to disappoint you, so please stick around and watch me until the very end!”

Though Miyuki, and surely Sawamura, could hear a few scoffs and less-than-impressed remarks, the omega didn’t appear to be deterred by their initial disapproval. He turned away from the crowd and sucked in a deep breath, visibly puffing up before exhaling rather noisily through his nose. He repeated this motion a few times, eyes clenched shut and ears quivering, before finally he seemed to fully relax himself.

Sawamura's eyes opened slowly, and it seemed that instantly, all traces of that goofy attitude were gone. His gaze reminded Miyuki of two golden coins, brilliant and rich with a passionate fire. When the music started to play and he began to move, the alphas who had started to whisper and mock Sawamura under their breaths fell entirely silent.

Miyuki’s eyebrows raised with intrigue. Oh, wow.  

Suddenly Miyuki was soaking in the sight of the bunny’s lithe body and noticing things about the charming omega he hadn’t caught at first glance. He settled back against his seat and lifted his glass of whisky, giving it a sniff before he tilted the copper-colored liquid against his lips. His eyes narrowed as he watched the omega dance, gaze following the way Sawamura trailed one hand along the steel pole in the center of the stage and caressed it as delicately as one would handle a flower’s stem.

Now Miyuki could see it as clear as day—Sawamura was a model of perfect proportions. He was filled out in all the right places, each seductive sway of his hips bringing attention to their natural omegan swell. The waist-high black shorts he wore accentuated the smooth curves of his body, clinging tightly to his plump ass and showing off the teardrop-shaped tail poking out like a cherry on top. His tail looked silky and groomed, the fluffy white downy fur underneath looking crisp against the chocolate-brown fur on its opposing side.

That little tail was like a siren, pulling Miyuki’s eyes this way and that, making it difficult for him to look away and admire the rest of his body. He eventually was able to break its spell and get a glimpse of those lean, long legs, exposed and flawlessly stepping around the pole like it was his lover. He raked his eyes back up that gorgeous body as Sawamura twirled around, showing off his front to the audience yet again.

The adorable little omega’s outfit was inspired by the image of a classic Playboy bunny, for he wore a white short-sleeved dress shirt that was tucked into his shorts. A black bowtie kept the collar of his shirt secure, and on his wrists were two white cuffs secured by black buttons. His brown ears remained perky and upright atop his head, giving off an air of playfulness, as if he were tempting the men staring him down to come and get a taste.

Miyuki licked his lips. He was already lowering his whisky in an attempt to get a better whiff of the omega’s sweet scent. The bunny wore a coy smile on his lips as he wiggled his hips from side to side along with the music, cheeks flushed a delicate shade of pink. He knew exactly what he was doing and his expression was nothing short of devilish. 

He was being a bad boy by showing off to so many prying eyes and he knew it. Something hot tightened in Miyuki’s gut, something that made him want to put the frisky rabbit in his proper place.

This might have been Sawamura’s first show, but he clearly had practiced before tonight. His moves were a little shaky, no doubt due to his nerves, but he was doing a stellar job at controlling himself. Miyuki could sense that many alphas in the room were already riled up with interest, staring the rabbit down with hunger swimming in their eyes, and Miyuki was certainly one of them.

Sawamura still hadn’t noticed him or even glanced in his direction, however, and that just wouldn’t do. Miyuki’s tail began tapping against the cushion of his seat thoughtfully and he took another swig of his drink. Meanwhile, Sawamura had slyly removed his bowtie and extended his arm out, dangling the little accessory on the tip of his finger before letting it fall like a droplet of water. A few alphas whooped and hollered with excitement now that the stripping had begun.

The bunny crouched low to the ground and did his first body-roll back as he raised himself back up, pushing out that pert little ass on the way. During this moment, he finally got a glimpse of who was watching him so closely, and his eyes unmistakably landed upon Miyuki.

The fox’s lips curved into a charming smirk, his eyes darkening with unmistakable desire. Without speaking, his expression sent his message to Sawamura clearly. 

Well, hello there, little bunny.

Sawamura’s cheeks reddened and he took a swift step to the side, twirling his body away from Miyuki before he could get too riled up from their eye contact. The realization that he’d grabbed the omega’s attention and flustered him made Miyuki growl lowly with pride. 

Beside him, Okumura nearly snarled with retaliation, reminding Miyuki of his presence. Right. The wolf’s angry expression could very well be keeping Sawamura at arm’s length, but more importantly, Miyuki’s inner alpha sensed Okumura as a challenger to catching this bunny’s attention. He wouldn’t allow that, so shot a glare at Okumura from the corner of his eye, one that halted the warning snarls in Okumura's throat instantaneously. The wolf went stiff and swallowed, like he just now realized how he was defying his boss.

“You know, I heard that the bartender is a rabbit as well,” Miyuki drawled out, having caught a glance at said rabbit when they walked in. He wasn’t Miyuki’s type, sporting a pair of tall ears and red glasses, but perhaps Okumura would take interest. Miyuki hoped his message was clear as he gave Okumura a meaningful stare. “Maybe you should go check him out for me.”

The wolf was smart enough not to fight back. He simply took his drink and left, leaving Miyuki alone to enjoy the performance. Miyuki watched him retreat to the bar and finally brought his focus back to the bunny on stage, now pleased that Okumura's exit made room for the companion he hoped to have situated on his lap before long. 

Miyuki was delighted by the sight of Sawamura gradually unbuttoning his shirt, giving the audience a half-lidded gaze that started getting bills handed to him. As he undid his shirt, it was revealed that he was wearing a velvet choker necklace underneath with a much tinier bowtie as its centerpiece.

Sawamura was just a little clumsy, clearly unsure how to handle the sudden influx of money now being raised in the air for him to take. His first few steps were wobbly with uncertainty, but eventually he sank into the groove yet again and was able to incorporate the taking of bills into his strip show. He plucked a button of his shirt open and sauntered to the edge of the stage. He reached down and took a bill from an apha grinning lavisciously at him, then stood back up and spun on his heel. The man got a close-up view of his ass as he strode away, making Miyuki feel just a little envious. 

After a few more beats, his shirt was unbuttoned lowly enough to reveal the faintest hint of a rosy-pink nipple, and the alphas watching all wanted more by the sounds of their cheers and claps. Sawamura smirked slyly at the audience and continued to pull one button free at a time, all the way down until the shirt hung loosely on his shoulders. He turned his back to the eyes watching him and slowly slid the blouse down to his elbows, revealing smooth, unblemished shoulders and the elegant dip of his nape.

Miyuki swallowed, ears perking up as he focused his senses on the omega before him. His instincts stirred, urging him to lean his weight forward and lick at his chops. He wanted nothing more than to prowl towards the omega, to gather his strength and wait for the right moment to finally pounce. The bunny had totally enraptured him, and Miyuki firmly decided that he wouldn’t rest tonight until he was buried balls-deep inside the omega.

He knew Sawamura was merely a stripper and may not provide other, more special services in private to his customers, but Miyuki was no ordinary client. Any amount of money Sawamura desired for his virginity, Miyuki would give it to him. It was no loss to Miyuki—he could always earn his cash back in no time. Miyuki could afford to be reckless right now since his men were rolling in dough. Naturally, if they got to splurge with Miyuki’s permission from time to time, Miyuki had the ability to do the same thing.

Sawamura dropped the shirt to the ground and turned around at last, giving the alphas all something enticing to look at. Miyuki unashamedly slid his eyes down to admire the soft pink buds on his chest, hard and perky from the cool breeze of the air conditioning within the club. He wondered what sounds Sawamura would make when Miyuki licked at them, swirled them around and suckled, pushing the demure bunny to his limits until he just couldn’t take it anymore.

Now that it was time to really begin revealing himself, Sawamura’s ears quivered with the urge to lower. So many emotions could be detected through the movements of ears and tails, and rabbits were notorious for being open books due to how expressive their long ears were. Miyuki began to grow impatient to see the moment Sawamura grew modest, or if that moment ever came. He began reaching into his pocket for his wallet, knowing that soon, the show would be over. Miyuki needed to get his attention before that happened, and he knew exactly how to accomplish that.

While the alphas all offered small bills, Miyuki pulled out a crisp, brand-new bill of the highest number that a person could have. He casually played with the bill as he uncrossed his legs, eyeing the bunny on stage as he started to tug down the zipper of his shorts. Sawamura crawled to the edge of the stage, taking an alpha’s bill between his teeth with a cheeky grin, then knelt back to roll his hips along with the music. He began edging his shorts down, revealing more of that delectable flesh and those round, plump cheeks of his ass. Miyuki watched with a sharp gaze as the shorts slid down and off, leaving Eijun in nothing besides his cute little choker necklace and a fancy, lacy pair of waist-high black panties.

The lingerie he wore reached up along the curve of his body, the patterns of the lace beautifully scrawled over his skin like ink on a canvas. There were ribbons criss-crossed over his spine, starting from the small of his back going downwards into a fine point along the center of his ass. The design reminded Miyuki of a traditional corset topped with a pretty bow. The ribbons keeping the panties tied together stretched over his cheeks, giving Miyuki only a glimpse of his crack beneath, like he was a present meant to be unwrapped. The lace rested over Sawamura’s hips and thighs, almost like a skirt, while the little pouch at the base just barely contained his cock and balls.

As soon as Sawamura turned around, stepping out of his shorts completely, Miyuki caught his eye and raised the bill in the air, signaling him down. Sawamura’s eyes widened with shock at the bill and he even went still for a moment, like he had no clue what to do next at the sight of so much money being offered to him. His ears perked up and the gold in his irises glittered, clearly enticed by the money Miyuki held between his fingers. 

That could have been the only reason why he looked so excited, but Miyuki was willing to bet that there was more to the way his nose twitched and how his skin blushed a pretty shade of pink. Their eyes met and Miyuki fixed him with a smirk, tilting his head to the side just slightly.

Sawamura gathered himself and made his way towards Miyuki, cautious and playful all at once, like he could run off and leave Miyuki in the dust at any second. Even so, Miyuki knew that he wasn’t going anywhere. Miyuki leaned back against his seat and admired the way the omega stepped closer to him, soaking in the sight of those toned thighs and the telling bulge in his panties. He was all worked up from exposing himself to so many eyes, making the fabric strain around his growing erection.

Cute… I want to give him an idea of what I’ve got to offer, too. Shamelessly, Miyuki spread his thighs as well, flaunting the hefty bulge he was sporting there. He didn’t miss the way Sawamura glanced down and back up to Miyuki’s face, blushing brightly as if he wasn’t sure he was allowed to look at the alpha so freely. Truly, Miyuki didn’t mind. He lifted his chin and fixed a challenging, hungry look at Sawamura, urging the omega to come feel it for himself. He then lifted his finger and curled it towards him, beckoning Sawamura to come closer.

Eager to please and create the perfect image of an obedient omega, Sawamura reached the edge of the stage and slid to the floor to position himself on all fours. Like this, he crawled towards Miyuki, blinking sweetly up at him from beneath his lashes. The spotlight followed him, making his skin appear to glow golden. Miyuki narrowed his eyes slightly as the brightness of the light reached him as well, but he quickly adjusted and was able to enjoy the view of the omega, who was finally right in front of him.

A pleased growl rumbled low in Miyuki’s throat as the omega crawled up towards him, his bushy, white-tipped tail lashing from side to side with a desire to mount the omega kneeling in front of him. Sawamura’s blatantly submissive posture set his instincts on fire, thus making his scent sharpen hungrily. A soft whine escaped Sawamura’s throat as he came to settle between Miyuki’s legs, preening, pushing his chest out and raising his hazy eyes up towards Miyuki pleadingly.

“What a pretty omega,” Miyuki remarked, knowing that their words could only be heard between each other—the music pulsing through the club made it impossible for anyone else to listen to their exchange. He brought his hand down, the crisp, rich bill gently folded in half between his fingers, and watched as Sawamura eyed the money eagerly. He brushed the edge of the paper underneath Sawamura’s chin to coax his head to tilt back, pulling his attention back up to Miyuki’s searing gaze.

“Come show me you deserve your pay,” Miyuki huskily demanded, then brought the bill back and away from Sawamura. “You know who I am, don’t you?”

“Miyuki Kazuya,” Sawamura breathed his name almost reverently, his eyes shimmering as he brought his body up towards Miyuki. “Everyone knows who you are…”

Eventually he was straddling Miyuki’s lap, and that was when those perky bunny ears finally lowered behind his head, true embarrassment and wanton desire written all over his face. His skin burned red and he quivered, hands shaking as they came to rest on Miyuki’s broad shoulders. Miyuki would be an idiot not to notice the way Sawamura’s cock was fully hard now, pushing against the thin material of his panties. The gaps formed by the laces crossing over his crack made it so that as soon as he started leaking slick, the sugary-sweet scent totally engulfed his surroundings.

Even Miyuki was trembling from the excitement and inherent rage from all the powerful alpha scents in the club. He wanted nothing more than to dig his claws into Sawamura’s flesh and fuck him hard and fast, right here in front of everyone watching, just to prove that the bunny was his prey. Though he was grinning, his canines sharpened from the thought of the challenge, his growls sounding more vicious and possessive than before. His pupils slitted thanks to the alpha within, giving him power and influence over the other alphas all watching them with similarly hungry stares.

“That’s right,” Miyuki responded after a heavy pause, one hand lifting to rest on Sawamura’s thigh. He gave the plump flesh there a squeeze, watching as Sawamura shivered and gasped in response to the touch. Sawamura rolled his hips suggestively, trying his best to perform a lap dance even throughout his intense arousal. Miyuki leaned in closer, lips brushing along the velvety edge of his slender bunny ear as he hissed, “But you can refer to me as sir, or even daddy if you like.”

“Y-Yes, sir…” Sawamura shakily responded, his soft dandelion scent intensifying. He cupped his small hands on either side of Miyuki’s neck, thumbs boldly rubbing right along Miyuki’s scent glands. The pressure on such sensitive areas had Miyuki shivering, tail-fur bristling as he became even more riled up than before. 

By touching his scent glands, the omega was causing even more of his pheromones to leak out and overwhelm everyone in their company. Thanks to the omega’s eagerness, Miyuki’s cock was taking interest, twitching and growing hard in his slacks. The bunny on his lap ground against him, encouraging his erection to swell, his gyrating now leaving less room than before between their bodies.

“Tell me…” Miyuki whispered, his tail curling around to wrap around and tickle one of Sawamura’s legs. The bunny barely held back a squeak as Miyuki’s fangs brushed against the sensitive furs on his ear. He scraped his claws on Sawamura’s thigh as he asked, “Are you a virgin, omega?”

Sawamura trembled as he clutched onto Miyuki tightly, lashes fluttering with embarrassment. He nodded up and down, teeth scraping against his bottom lip as a shaky breath escaped from his mouth. “I am, sir…”

Miyuki couldn’t resist chuckling darkly as he slipped his hand around to the back, gripping a handful of Sawamura’s ass. It was possible that Sawamura could be lying just to further the fantasy his client wanted, but something about his pure, ripe scent hinted to Miyuki that he was being truthful. His answer wouldn’t have turned Miyuki away regardless—he wanted to fill the omega up until he was begging for mercy whether it was his first time or not.

Still, knowing that he would be the one to claim Sawamura’s first time made his dick ache and his fur puff out with pride. He would ruin this omega—make it so that no one else could fill him up and fuck him quite as good as Miyuki could.  

As Sawamura rolled his hips, Miyuki purposefully played with the black, silky ribbons just barely keeping his panties on. He tugged at them, threatening to remove the last article of clothing he had on and unfurl the omega to the world. The faint, suggestive touches had Sawamura whimpering, the scent of his slick becoming more intense as he undoubtedly grew even wetter. Miyuki couldn’t resist letting his tongue slip out to lap along the underside of Sawamura’s jaw, getting a swift taste of his skin that he savored even as he pulled away.

“This is just a tip, darling,” Miyuki purred, now slipping the bill down Sawamura’s navel and underneath the hem of the lingerie. He smirked as his fingertips tickled the wet head of his cock for just long enough to get Sawamura’s breath to hitch, then pulled his hand out, leaving the bill nestled inside Sawamura’s panties. He slipped his finger underneath the velvet choker on Sawamura’s neck and tugged him closer, encouraging their eyes to meet. “I want you to be mine tonight, Sawamura. Name any price and I’ll pay it. I’ll be waiting for you after the show.”

Sawamura nodded frantically and slipped away from Miyuki, knees wobbly and cock visibly straining against his undergarments. He managed to finish off his show, rubbing his clothed erection on the pole and moaning, which earned him a few more handfuls of bills. 

After Miyuki’s special treatment, the other alphas offered up more money than they were before, likely wondering if they could get so up close and personal with the enticing bunny on stage. However, none of them paid up as much as Miyuki had, and more importantly, none of them were Miyuki Kazuya. It was no surprise that Sawamura didn’t perform another lap dance that night or give anyone else a second glance. They weren’t too upset—there were more omegas that would perform tonight while Miyuki was occupied, meaning everyone in the room would finally be more or less equal to each other.

It wasn’t long before Sawamura was leaving the spotlight and a new performer was taking his place. Miyuki didn’t care to stay behind and see who it was—he was totally focused on that delicious little rabbit. He had gotten a taste and now he wanted to ravish the omega, to milk him for all he was worth and perhaps even consider keeping him. Of course, Miyuki wouldn’t let his guard down so easily by mating him permanently on the first night, but it had been a long time since he felt so drawn to an omega. He’d never been so enticed by someone’s scent before and his instincts were burning to totally consume the prey that he had been promised.

No one questioned Miyuki’s intentions as he headed backstage, not bothering to ask for any sort of identification or proof that he had permission to be walking around in the VIP areas. Everyone knew who he was and most of all, everyone had seen—and smelled—how close Miyuki and Sawamura had been. There was no doubt over what the alpha was doing back there and who he was looking for.

It didn’t take long for him to sniff out the omega with his distinctively fresh scent, heightened from arousal and sweetened with his slick. Miyuki could even detect his own scent still lingering on Sawamura, which made something inside him growl with possessive pleasure. He pushed the door open that stood between him and the omega he desired, not bothering to knock or make sure this was the right place.

However, once he poked his head inside, he knew he found the right place. The purpose of the room was clear, for there was nothing inside besides an excessively large loveseat, a plush rug underneath, and a minibar in the corner. When he walked in, Sawamura was busy fiddling with a bottle of expensive wine, and he let out a soft squeak at the sight of Miyuki. Luckily, he didn’t spill a drop and managed to set the bottle down before he dropped it. He still wore nothing besides the lacey panties, knowing better than to get dressed again.

Miyuki shut the door behind him and switched the lock, even though he knew that no one would dare to interrupt them. The sound of the lock sliding seemed louder than usual, and Miyuki noticed the way Sawamura’s ear swiveled to follow the sound. He held his breath as Miyuki walked towards the loveseat, but the wily fox simply brushed his tail along Sawamura’s leg as he passed with a smug smile on his lips.

He settled down onto the couch and reached up to loosen his tie, finally pulling it free from his shirt collar with a relieved sigh. Miyuki flung the material aside and reclined against the seat, legs spread just like before to allow his natural musk to cloud up the air. Sawamura’s back was still to Miyuki as he stored the wine properly, then gathered up the glass he poured just before Miyuki came in. Miyuki took advantage of having the omega’s back to him, admiring the little heels on Sawamura’s feet and how the lift pushed the cheeks of his ass up, making them perk slightly more than how they would sit naturally.

“I-I was told you like Cabernet Sauvignon, sir!” Sawamura barked out, sounding a little too much like a soldier greeting his general as he turned around. His cheeks were flushed red and though his erection had waned down slightly, he was still clearly half-hard in his panties. Most of all, Miyuki could smell the slick still wetting his crack, likely making each step very uncomfortable for Sawamura. He could tell that much by the way the bunny’s nose twitched and scrunched with distaste as he approached Miyuki.

“It is my favorite,” Miyuki agreed with a soft purr in his one. His eyes narrowed and darkened with lust as he watched the omega wander towards him. Sawamura paused once he was standing over Miyuki. He looked troubled, like he didn’t know exactly how to present Miyuki with the wine in order to please the alpha, so Miyuki took matters into his own hands.

“Wha—!” Sawamura yelped as he was tugged right onto Miyuki’s lap, the sudden movement causing him to flinch. The wine sloshed around dangerously in the glass, but nothing was spilled, and Sawamura stared at it with fright until seeing that he avoided making a mess. He turned critical eyes to Miyuki and pouted at him. “That could have ended very badly, Miyuki Kazuya! You shouldn’t be so reckless! This is our most expensive wine, after all! We don’t want it to go to waste!”

“Haha, sorry!” Miyuki flashed him with a grin that was anything but apologetic. His tail tapped against the seat of the couch, for he’d never met an omega so clearly willing to submit to him while also being comfortable with chastising him. Sawamura was already so desirable, and yet now that they had a space to themselves without deafening music pulsing all around them, Miyuki was eager to get to know him more.

“Jeez, you don’t look very sorry,” Sawamura grumbled with distaste. He wiggled his hips slightly as he adjusted his positioning on Miyuki’s lap, little bunny tail twitching atop his rump. That plump ass pressed up against Miyuki more, evoking a pleasant burn in his gut as he smirked up at Sawamura. He slid one hand around to grope at that tail, grasping a handful of the fluffy appendage and stroking along its underside.

Considering Sawamura’s reaction, it was certainly a good idea for him to be so bold. Sawamura yelped and flinched immediately, the wine yet again wavering frighteningly close to the rim of the glass. Miyuki’s brows raised with amazement as he repeatedly stroked the tail, rubbing the tip with his thumb before dragging his fingers back down to the base of the tail.

“Wow, so this is an erogenous zone for you?” Miyuki remarked with a growing smirk on his lips. Victory flared hot in his chest—after all, not everyone’s tails were this sensitive. “So sexy…”

“H-Hnn—!! Mi—s-sir, stoppit…!” Sawamura whimpered, his hands shaking as he tried to steady the glass of wine. His golden eyes shimmered with humiliation, ears drooping down to either side of his head as he quivered helplessly. His hips instinctively canted back into Miyuki’s touch, begging for more in one moment and shying away in the next. Sawamura’s face burned pink as he whined, “I-It’s too much…!”

“Cute…” Miyuki commented with a low chuckle. He released Sawamura’s tail, though he couldn’t resist giving its ultra-sensitive underside one final stroke on his way out, and the touch pulled a squeak from Sawamura’s lips. He reached up and finally took the glass from Sawamura’s shaking hand, which allowed the omega to place both his hands on Miyuki’s chest for some stability instead.

“L-Look, it’s… it’s my first day on the job, you know!” Sawamura snapped. “I’m not experienced with any of this, so the least you can do is be kind to me! Before this, I’ve only ever…” 

Sawamura started to heatedly rant as Miyuki swirled the wine in its glass, then sniffed its contents to sample its taste without even drinking it. The aroma of blackcurrant berries was mixed with Sawamura’s scent, producing a new sort of fragrance that Miyuki had never experienced before. Intrigued, he tipped the wine against his lips. Delight burned hot in his core as the wine slipped down his throat, silky-smooth and rich; it was obvious that this was a luxurious bottle, hand-picked specifically with Miyuki’s tastes in mind.

“Are you even listening to me!?” Sawamura’s complaining had been drowned out in favor of Miyuki’s fascination with the wine. He suddenly lifted his eyes back up, noticing that the bunny had been spouting off all sorts of things this entire time. He wasn’t sure when he checked out, but he heard the first bit about Sawamura’s inexperience, so he could work with that.

“You’re a virgin, you said?” Miyuki cocked a grin at Sawamura, watching as he tensed and grew bright red with anger. Undeterred, Miyuki set the glass down on the small table beside them and lifted his now-free hand to cup Sawamura’s chin. “Don’t worry. Your inexperience is far from a turn-off for me.”

Apparently, that was the wrong choice of words, for Sawamura bristled and fixed a furious glare at Miyuki. He turned away, breaking Miyuki’s hold on his chin as a stubborn frown formed on his face. He crossed his arms over his chest and huffed indignantly.

“So you go around stealing the virginities of all sorts of omegas, don’t you?” Sawamura accused, ears taut and lowered with anger. “I’m just another in your deck of cards, aren’t I? Do you expect me to be happy because you’re the Miyuki Kazuya or whatever? Don’t make me laugh!” He turned his face towards Miyuki just to stick out his tongue, like a child, and mocked, “Blegh!”

Stunned, Miyuki watched with wide eyes as Sawamura lifted himself from Miyuki’s lap and curtly turned around. He was clearly aiming for the door and planning to leave after that, and Miyuki’s ears went upright with surprise and alarm. He stood up quickly enough to grab Sawamura before he could get very far, one hand grasping Sawamura’s wrist while he constricted his other arm around the bunny’s waist.

“Gnh —let go of me, you asshole!” Sawamura squirmed and flicked his ear behind his head to thwap it against Miyuki’s temple. Miyuki simply closed the eye most threatened by the ear and tilted his head away, tail lashing from side to side with irritation. Fine, he could take a different approach—despite Sawamura’s hero-worship out there in the club, it seemed that he was already past the starry-eyed phase. Miyuki would have to pull some different tricks from his sleeve if he wanted to win the omega over.

“Hey now, who said I went around sleeping with every virgin omega I come across, hm?” Miyuki challenged, voice low and velvety as he spoke against Sawamura’s ear. He tightened his hold, making Sawamura go still spare the shiver that rolled down his spine. Miyuki could feel that little teardrop-shaped tail twitching against his navel, where Sawamura was pressed up snugly against him. “You’re putting words in my mouth, sweetheart. I haven’t tasted an omega in a long time.”

“So you have taken other omega’s virginities… I knew it,” Sawamura grumbled, now more soft-spoken than before. He was clearly not convinced quite yet. “Whatever, just let go of me. Thanks for the tip, it’s more than enough for—”

“When did I say they were virgins, too?” Miyuki countered, one eyebrow raising inquisitively. “Moreover, what does it matter? They’re in the past. Besides…” His hand slipped down slightly, his large palm splaying over Sawamura’s navel. The hot touch reached Sawamura’s skin underneath the sheer lace, making the omega’s breath stutter unevenly. Miyuki’s lips curved back into a smirk as he whispered, “...I have the power to sleep with whoever I want to, but ask anyone and you’ll find out that I hardly ever sleep around. I’m picky, you know. I don’t share myself with just anyone.”

Sawamura’s skin was pinkening from the implication that he was something special. Miyuki’s tail curled around their bodies, fluffy fox fur now stroking along Sawamura’s bare thigh. The tip tickled the bulge in his panties and Sawamura let out a soft gasp, his body yet again trembling and succumbing to the alpha holding him captive. Miyuki’s intoxicating scent began to fill up the small room they found themselves in, clouding Sawamura’s reasonable mind and encouraging him to lose himself in his desires.

“See?” Miyuki spoke with a soft voice, working his seductive magic on the omega in his grasp. “You want this, Sawamura. You know you can be a good boy for me. Maybe I’ll even keep you, fill you up as much as you like as often as you like, all so I can keep that needy little omega inside of you sated…”

“D-Don’t say things like that if you don’t mean it,” Sawamura whispered out shakily, now trembling as he rubbed himself back against Miyuki. He was burning up hot in Miyuki’s arms, frenzied with the thought that such a powerful, capable alpha wouldn’t just use him and toss him aside. 

Miyuki usually didn’t lie to deceive and coerce his partners into bed, so the words surprised Miyuki himself—they felt genuine enough, even if he spoke those concepts into existence right on the spot. His inner alpha must really want Sawamura more than he realized. As weary as he was about taking a mate, for some reason the thought of Sawamura felt just right. He wouldn’t rush into things, but he wanted to make it clear to Sawamura that he was interested in him for more than just one fun evening together.

“Oh, sweetheart…” Miyuki pulled Sawamura tight against him, fangs scraping on Sawamura’s ear as he growled, “I mean it.”

Sawamura let out a small whimper, turned around in Miyuki’s arms, and crashed their lips together before Miyuki had a chance to react. He was pleasantly surprised by the way Sawamura lunged at him, coiling his arms around Miyuki’s shoulders as he curved his body into Miyuki’s muscular form. It was clear that his resistance was solely verbal—anyone could tell how badly Sawamura wanted him. He played hard-to-get for a moment there, but judging by the way his little cock strained against his panties and nudged insistently against Miyuki’s clothed bulge, he was getting what he truly wanted now by kissing Miyuki breathless.

Miyuki couldn’t resist grinning against those lips, only breaking their kiss for a moment to let out a husky laugh before he connected their mouths yet again. This time, he coaxed his tongue inside, noticing the bluntness of Sawamura’s teeth when he ran his tongue along their edges. Only predators like Miyuki bore fangs—they were natural assets for predator-type animals to use and mark their mates with. The sharp edges of his fangs pricked on Sawamura’s plush lips, causing the bunny to shy away slightly until Miyuki pushed forward, chasing his mouth with a low growl.

Their kiss ended with a wet popping sound, leaving Sawamura gasping for breath. His eyes were hazy, pupils blown wide with unadulterated lust while he gazed dreamily up at Miyuki. His ears had folded back submissively, thighs squeezing together as he coped with the feeling of his painful arousal. Miyuki assumed his cock and rim were aching by now, having produced so much precum and slick without much stimulation at all.

Poor thing. Miyuki’s smirk was downright wicked as he let go of Sawamura and took a step back, then sat down on the loveseat again. Sawamura trembled where he stood, though his instincts took over for him, causing his knees to buckle and his legs to fold beneath him. He was instantly on all fours without being told, knowing that it was the right, natural thing for an omega to be physically beneath his alpha. All he wanted was to look up at Miyuki, to follow his commands and please him—such an act would ultimately please the omega inside Sawamura as well.

He crawled forward until he was kneeling between Miyuki’s legs, hands pressed to the ground and ass pushed out enticingly. He blinked up at Miyuki, flushed and hazy while his eyes flickered between Miyuki’s penetrating gaze and the bulge of his trousers. He swiped his little pink tongue over his lips, making his desires clear, and Miyuki was more than happy to indulge him.

“How would you like to be my cockwarmer, baby?” Miyuki offered, eyes glinting with mischief as he began to slide the leather of his belt free from its buckle. Sawamura’s ears twitched and perked upright, listening to the sound of his belt dragging along his trousers, pulling the loops of his pants until finally, the garment was completely removed. Sawamura’s eyes were totally trained on Miyuki’s hands as they moved, tugging the zipper of his slacks down and popping the button open.

Excited, Sawamura wiggled his hips and pursed his lips, a small needy sound leaving his throat. For someone acting so stubborn before, he sure couldn’t wait to get his lips around Miyuki’s cock now. Judging by the grin on his face, he was seemingly totally unafraid about his lack of prior experience. Miyuki wasn’t concerned about Sawamura’s virginity, either—it was obvious that Sawamura would be a natural. He had seen the way Sawamura behaved on stage. His omega genes were strong, allowing his instincts to take over for him and embrace his inherent seductive nature.

Miyuki pulled his bare cock free from his slacks at last, showing off its thick girth and impressive length. Sawamura stared at his straining erection in awe, eyes sparkling with so much enthusiasm that Miyuki swore he could see little hearts forming in place of his pupils. A fond chuckle escaped Miyuki’s lips as he stroked himself, smearing the precum from the tip along his shaft with a tight-fisted squeeze.

“Are you ready to try?” Miyuki asked, gazing down upon his anxious bunny with a hungry grin stretching across his lips.

“Yes, daddy,” Sawamura breathed, the words tumbling from his lips as if he’d said them a hundred times before. “Teach me how to be a good boy for you...”




Sawamura had always been aware of the many, many stereotypes around bunnies. There were tons—bunnies were shy, they loved flowers, they were some of the best competitors at sports like track and field, they were impossible to beat at jump-rope—Sawamura couldn’t list them all even if he tried. However, there was one stereotype that always befuddled Sawamura, one that he figured he would never understand.

Despite being characterized as sweet, shy creatures, bunnies were said to be absolutely sex-crazed. 

Sawamura had first heard the rumors in high school, and it helped him understand why so many alphas eyed him with more interest than they looked at other omegas. He heard the rumors, the whispers and the assumptions all throughout the school halls—once bunnies discovered the pleasure of orgasm, of getting touched, and most of all, of getting fucked, they could never go back. It was like a drug to them, the sensation of lust and the high of climax, seemingly more intense for their kind than most other animals. That was where the phrase “fucking like rabbits” came about, after all.

At first, Sawamura had scoffed and figured such a rumor was baseless and foolish. He continued on without thinking about it, but when money got tight and he didn’t have the credentials he needed for the job he truly wanted, he had to start broadening his horizons. When he searched around for places that tended to most frequently hire bunnies, his eyes widened with shock—those silly old high school rumors seemed to actually have an influence on the real world. 

So it was no surprise that when Sawamura couldn’t find a job, he turned to places he never thought he’d go—bars, brothels, and strip clubs. He was messy, inexperienced, and virginal, so he feared no one would take him in, but he somehow got hired at the first strip club he applied to—The Meadow. The employer got one look at him and deemed him suitable, knowing that a bunny star would attract a hefty crowd of hungry alphas. Even if he was a total newcomer at the job, he would draw in plenty of customers that would want nothing more than to gaze at him.

Only after he got hired did Sawamura truly start looking into himself for the first time, searching for his own sexuality so that he could appeal to the customers of the club. He had always been extremely flexible, expressive, and energetic, so he felt that stage performance would suit him well. He couldn’t sing but he could embrace the seductiveness supposedly buried within himself—as long as he found a way to channel that inner trait into the movements of his body, he could make this work no matter how new he was to stripping and pole dancing.

Sawamura practiced and trained hard, learning all the ins and outs of pole dancing for future gigs. The club owner assured him that he didn’t have to actually hoist himself up on the pole for his first show, but Sawamura knew that simply dancing and strutting around the stage would get stale after a while. He would learn how to pole dance properly and continue to dazzle his audience for as long as he needed to. Plus, pole dancing was no easy feat, and he was even more in shape now than he had been for a while thanks to how much he practiced.

Despite his determination, Sawamura continued to feel nervous on stage during his first show. He’d never undressed like that for anyone, let alone a room packed full of strangers. Yet even as his heart raced from how anxious he felt, a particular scent cut through the room, circling him and guiding him towards the source as if he were a bloodhound being led to his target. Once he met a pair of sharp amber eyes, he immediately understood that the scent that had attracted him belonged to Seidou’s most infamous alpha fox, Miyuki Kazuya.

All the times he doubted the rumors around rabbit sexuality were forgotten—suddenly he could hardly breathe, could hardly think about anything besides the alpha. All he wanted was to be filled up, to be bitched and bred unlike ever before. He craved to feel the alpha shove him down and have his way with Sawamura no matter how loudly the omega complained. 

He didn’t have time to process these emotions or come to terms with them by the time the show was over and he was alone in a room with said alpha. All he could do was try to cope with the heat pulsing through his veins, coaxing him into a state of total mindless bliss.

It didn’t take long for Sawamura to succumb to his inner omega and literally crumble down to his knees. He was too embarrassed to face his emotions and grow ashamed of how badly he suddenly wanted Miyuki, so he put his rationality aside and allowed his instincts to take over. Before he knew it, he was crouching on the floor between Miyuki’s legs, mouth watering as he parted his lips to take Miyuki’s cock inside.

Sawamura’s heart pattered quickly with fear and uncertainty—the logical side of himself worried about technique, about hurting Miyuki, about breathing properly, about the sounds he was making, about the way he looked, and about so much more. Yet the omega inside took over, soothed his thoughts so that they faded into nothingness, and urged him to simply do all he could to please.

He couldn’t recall a time he’d forgotten about the world like this before, throwing everything to the side to listen to his animalistic side. He’d read about this sensation before, mostly in the context of horror stories and parties gone too wild; it was said that alphas and omegas reverted to their most primal states when their lives were in danger, or when they were so happy that they forgot how to behave and started doing things like howling and destroying their belongings. Apparently, they could go feral during the mating process as well, but Sawamura never really read in detail about that. Now, he was living the experience.

“I bet you don’t know what it means to be a cockwarmer, do you?” Miyuki’s voice pierced through the fog of Sawamura’s mind, granting him a little more clarity than he had before. His tail quivered as he brought his eyes up to Miyuki, demure and innocent despite the way he was pushing Miyuki’s cock deeper into his mouth. It was his first time sucking someone’s dick and he felt proud of the way he took Miyuki inside, like he had done it hundreds of times before without struggle.

Even though Sawamura didn’t (and couldn’t) answer Miyuki’s question, it was obvious that Sawamura wasn’t familiar with the term or concept. He let out a soft sound in response, cheeks burning hot as he suckled on Miyuki’s cock and let his lashes flutter with bliss. Miyuki hummed low in his throat, sounding approving of Sawamura’s position and what he was doing with his mouth so far.

“Well, you’ll learn,” Miyuki continued, reaching down to comb his fingers through Sawamura’s hair. “For now, focus on getting my cock nice and wet… yes, good boy, just like that.”

As he spoke, Miyuki scratched at the spot between Sawamura’s rabbit ears, evoking a pleasurable tingle that ran down Sawamura’s spine and collected at the base of his tail. He shivered and arched his back, further accentuating the natural curve of his body while he tried to chase that delicious feeling. A happiness comparable to the way Sawamura felt when sunbathing in the comfort of his room formed in his chest, bubbly and warm, when he felt Miyuki’s hand petting him. 

It was like he was truly a well-behaved omega, like he had earned Miyuki’s approval. Excited for more of this feeling, Sawamura began bobbing his head and hollowing out his cheeks, little moans and whimpers sounding in his throat. Saliva dripped down his chin the more he sucked and swallowed, but the messiness didn’t deter Sawamura whatsoever. He followed the motions that his instincts told him were natural and the right thing for him to do, and each time Miyuki sighed and rubbed on Sawamura’s ears with approval, his own prick throbbed and leaked a blurt of precum. 

“Nnh… your mouth is so hot, Sawamura—it’s like you were born to suck my cock like this,” Miyuki growled, nails scraping on Sawamura’s scalp as he began to grip onto his omega tighter. He rolled his hips forward slightly—not enough to cause Sawamura to choke, but just enough to throw off his rhythm. Sawamura went still and his eyelids suddenly felt droopy, for that hot wave of submission returned full-force and commanded him to sit still and take it.

Sawamura probably should have felt offended, being made to crouch on the floor and allow this alpha with too much power to push his cock into his throat… and yet, the last thing he wanted was to shove Miyuki back. He was high on the feeling of being obedient, of pleasuring this alpha and bringing him closer to the edge. 

Sawamura swirled his tongue around, a needy moan slipping from his throat as he nearly choked on Miyuki’s taste. The flavor of his precum was strong, enough to make him gag, but he didn’t care—he simply swallowed more, pushed himself forward so Miyuki’s cock went in deeper, and inhaled the heady scent from the hairs at the base of his cock. Being full just felt so good and he mewled softly, wiggling his butt and praying that Miyuki would want to breed him sooner than later.

Urged by an unfamiliar tug low in his gut, Sawamura gradually pulled himself off Miyuki's cock. His lips were shiny pink and swollen, connected to the bulbous head by a thick strand of saliva mixed with precum. Embarrassed from the feeling, Sawamura reached up to wipe the spittle away and fixed his heated gaze up at Miyuki, cheeks red and eyes teary.

“Alpha… when will you—when are you gonna—fu— nnh…” Sawamura stammered over his words, feeling too flustered to get them out properly this time. Miyuki looked down at him, head tilted inquisitively.

All he wanted to ask was when Miyuki was going to fuck him already. Somehow he was able to address Miyuki as ‘daddy’ earlier thanks to a sudden spike of confidence and the temporary disappearance of his shame, but now he was getting worked up all over again. His entrance fluttered around nothing, wet and naturally dilated—all it needed was a little stretching and fingering to prepare, most likely. Sawamura had only used his fingers to play with himself before, but he had always marveled at how wide he could get. His body was made for this sort of activity, after all.

“Hmm?” Miyuki’s smirk widened and he leaned down, slipping one hand underneath Sawamura’s jaw to delicately turn his face back up. Sawamura’s skin burned, nose twitching shyly as his ears pressed down against his head even further. He felt so small, so vulnerable in between the alpha’s thighs like this, as if he were just a pet for Miyuki to enjoy and play with for as long as he liked.

It didn’t help that on top of his seductive words, Miyuki was so damn handsome. He was enchantingly beautiful, showing off smooth skin and luminous eyes, plump lips and a pretty smile—yet at the same time, those shapely brows, that firm jaw and his broad stature emphasized his masculinity. The fact that one man could be so gorgeous, with such manly traits softened by subtle feminine allure, drove Sawamura up the wall. Those delectable physical features combined with his domineering scent had Sawamura quivering with an urge to worship the man, to spread his legs and let the alpha do whatever he pleased with his body. On one hand, he was Seidou’s most influential mob boss, but it was significant that he looked the part, too.

Truly, it was unfair that a single man could harness so much power by being so wealthy, so in control of a community, and so maddeningly sexy all at once. Sawamura was starting to grow embarrassed when he remembered the way he tried to resist Miyuki not too long ago—as if he could possibly deny a man like him when just one look made Sawamura’s knees go weak.

“I-I… I want you to take me already,” Sawamura admitted huskily, the words spoken at a volume just barely above a whisper. He wasn’t sure how he was able to speak such bold words now, but his heart pounded wildly against his chest, getting him so excited over the thought that he felt a fresh gush of slick dripping along his crack. He whined and leaned into Miyuki’s hand, fixing the sweetest puppy-eyes he could muster up at the alpha. “Please, daddy…”

Miyuki’s pupils were narrow and his irises appeared to gleam, the colors flickering there reminding Sawamura of amber and flames. When Miyuki’s lips pulled back just enough to show his teeth, Sawamura saw how those fangs were fully extended. Those razor-sharp points warned Sawamura of the dangerous power a predator-type alpha like Miyuki had over him. His tail was puffed out to its largest size, the fur at the base of his ears standing on end as a pleased growl seeped past his teeth.

He was the perfect image of an alpha on the hunt and Sawamura was his next meal—and though Sawamura could hear an inner voice yelling at him to run, he didn’t make a move to budge. All he wanted was Miyuki to devour him, to ruin him for life and show him why bunnies became so addicted to sex. Earning money was not a concern anymore—he knew Miyuki would pay him whatever Sawamura asked for, but that was all in the back of his mind now. He just craved Miyuki and his release above all else.

Sawamura gasped as Miyuki slipped his hands underneath Sawamura’s arms, then lifted him up into the air. He plopped the omega onto his lap and smoothed his hands down Sawamura’s bare sides, all the way down until his hands gripped onto Sawamura’s hips. He reached around to the back and pulled on the ties keeping Sawamura’s panties secure, yanking hard so that the ribbons fell and the garment loosened. Sawamura’s breath hitched and he flushed hot as he felt the lingerie open up, exposing his most intimate places for the first time.

The panties slipped from Sawamura’s body, leaving him wearing nothing besides the choker on his neck, the little white shirt-cuffs on his wrists and the heels on his feet. He shivered under Miyuki’s prying gaze, ears and nose twitching while his cock drooled precum onto Miyuki’s lap. A small whine escaped his throat when Miyuki groped his ass, gripping one plump cheek in his palm and giving it a hearty squeeze. A part of Sawamura wanted to hide, but he knew that no matter which way he turned, Miyuki would be able to see everything he wanted.

“Hnn… ah!” Sawamura let out a soft cry when Miyuki gripped both their cocks in one hand, now lining them up so they were pressed flush together. He rolled his hips up, rocking their erections so that the wetness coating their shafts mingled. The slickness between their cocks had Sawamura feeling more sensitive and tender than before. He trembled, feeling heat collect in his face as he looked down at their dicks and noticed their size difference. While Sawamura was slender and petite, soft just like the rest of his omegan body, Miyuki was wide and heavy, flushed dark and filled out in all the right places.

At the same time, Miyuki’s fingers dipped into Sawamura’s crack, playing with the sticky substance he found collected around his hole. He ran his fingers up and down, teasing, pressing on Sawamura’s slick-soaked taint before sliding back up to his tender, twitching hole. He circled his rim with his fingertip, the touch feather-light and suggestive, making Sawamura quiver with impatience.

“You’re so wet and it’s all for me…” Miyuki growled, breath tickling Sawamura’s neck as he leaned in closer. He stroked their cocks together, moving his hips just enough to gently rock their bodies together. Sawamura flushed at the lewd movement; he was practically already bouncing on Miyuki’s cock at this rate. 

He squeezed tightly onto Miyuki’s shoulders, face burning as hot as a flame, breaths strained with impatience. Miyuki pressed a light kiss to the underside of Sawamura’s jaw at the same time that he dipped one finger inside of the omega, causing Sawamura to gasp and buck his hips from surprise. It felt so much different than his own finger—Miyuki’s hand was larger than his own, making the intrusion more startling than it would be if Sawamura was fingering himself.  

Miyuki smirked upon hearing that gasp and whispered, “That’s right, good girl…”

“G-Girl!?” Sawamura squeaked, bewildered by the word itself and, more notably, how it made his cock jump and twitch with arousal. Even his ears felt hot as blood pulsed through them, making him dizzy from the rush of heat all through his body. Weakly, Sawamura tried to argue with him. “I-I’m not a…!”

“Mm, but what about this soft, wet cunt you have?” Miyuki chuckled, speaking such filthy words without struggle. Scandalized, Sawamura stiffened and let out a soft, pitiful squeak. Miyuki continued to play with his rim, gently dipping his finger inside and barely wriggling it around before he pulled it back out. “It feels like it’s opening up all for me. That’s how badly you wanna be pounded like a bitch in heat? Wow… so erotic.~”

What a jerk…! Sawamura clenched his teeth together and tried to glare at Miyuki, but it was a frail attempt to act like the dirty talk bothered him when it really didn’t. Miyuki glashed a wicked grin at him and dipped a second finger inside, casually stroking Sawamura’s inner walls as the bunny twitched and gasped helplessly. He was completely succumbing to the commanding touches of the alpha, feeling overwhelmed by the sensations from the back and the front all at once. 

Slick gushed out around Miyuki’s fingers, coating his hand in the translucent substance, as if only to prove Miyuki’s point. The alpha smirked knowingly and pulled his fingers out, just so that he could hold them up to Sawamura’s face and flaunt them at the omega. At the sight of those fingers, sleek and wet with his own arousal, Sawamura whined and felt his pride crumble. He wanted nothing more than to curl up and hide his face with embarrassment. Seeing how much slick was on his fingers had Sawamura’s cheeks utterly baking bright red with shame. How could he be that horny over this jerk of an alpha, who seemed to be getting off on degrading him and comparing him to a girl?

“See?” Miyuki taunted, even going so far as to press his slick-coated fingers onto Sawamura’s lips. The bunny gasped as Miyuki shoved his fingers inside, giving Sawamura no choice but to taste his own sweet, powerful flavor. Miyuki rubbed his fingertips along Sawamura’s tongue, smearing his slick around and ensuring Sawamura got a hefty sample as he cooed, “You’re soaked, sweetheart… it makes me think your body wants me to knock you up, fill you with pups until you’re bursting.”

“Mmh—!” Sawamura’s body jerked in response to those words, the movement causing him to rut his cock pleadingly against Miyuki’s. Fuck, he’d only just met this man, of course he didn’t want to think about having pups, of all things—yet the fantasy was doing sinful things to Sawamura’s mind. His libido had never been this active before in his life, he swore on it. It was like he had a baby fever of some sort, the desire to let Miyuki fuck him so hard that he caused Sawamura to conceive suddenly taking over his consciousness.

“You like that thought, hm?” Miyuki teased, now pulling his fingers free from Sawamura’s mouth. Sawamura leaned forward, chasing his fingers with a small gasp slipping out from the part in his lips, eyes glistening with needy tears. He brought his saliva-slick hand right back down to Sawamura’s hole, thrusting two fingers inside without warning. The sudden penetration evoked a throaty moan from deep in Sawamura’s chest—his lashes fluttered and he slumped forward, nearly losing all his strength to even sit upright.

“P-Please, I can’t…” Sawamura begged, rolling his hips back into Miyuki’s hand with a feeble whimper. He never knew just how badly his body could ache with desire, not until someone cruel like Miyuki was teasing him and working him up like this. Sawamura feared that the second Miyuki pushed his dick inside, Sawamura would blow his load immediately, so he shivered and pleaded, “I can’t take it much longer…!”

“Aww, poor thing,” Miyuki tilted his head to the side mockingly, eyes glinting with cruel amusement. “You want daddy’s cock so badly, don’t you? You don’t even know what it feels like yet and you just can’t wait, can you? Heh, well...” Miyuki paused to chuckle and lick his lips—at the same time, he used his fingers to scissor Sawamura’s entrance wide open, just to watch the way Sawamura’s mouth gaped in a breathless, silent cry. He then pulled his fingers free, leaving Sawamura empty and clenching around nothing. “It must make you relieved to know that I’m feeling impatient, too.”

Sawamura’s heart jerked at the sound of that. Miyuki was finally going to fuck him and the realization had Sawamura squirming with need. He sat up onto his knees, rocking his weight forward so that Miyuki could slide his erection along Sawamura’s crack. The first contact of the head nudging on Sawamura’s perineum caused Sawamura to gasp, his small, fluffy tail twitching eagerly. Miyuki repeated this motion again and again, ghosting his cock along Sawamura’s greedy rim without actually pushing inside.

“Alpha, please!” Sawamura cried out, knowing well now that he was pushed to the limits of his patience. He was shaking from holding himself up on his knees, fingers curling to grip tightly onto Miyuki’s shoulders. He bunched up the material of his shirt in the process, no doubt leaving telling wrinkles in his wake. He wanted so badly to sink down onto Miyuki’s cock, and though he had the physical ability to do so, he didn’t believe he had the authority to act out of line. Instead, he wiggled his hips, praying that he looked tempting enough to the alpha to make him snap and lose control.

“I love it when you beg and cry for me…” Miyuki growled, a sadistic grin tugging at the corners of his mouth just as he dug his claws eagerly into Sawamura’s skin. He pushed Sawamura down, guided his cock inside, and breached Sawamura’s virgin hole at last. 

The omega was soaking wet and stretched wide, which came as no surprise—his body was more than ready. He had been craving the sensation of mating this entire time, barely able to wait for it any longer. The excessive slick soaking from his entrance made their connection feel easy—so easy that Miyuki bottomed out on the first thrust. Miyuki let out a low groan from the feeling and clawed at Sawamura’s skin, scraping thin lines along his sides to mark him up.

“Hhn…!” Sawamura whined and struggled to steady his breaths, totally overwhelmed by the foreign sensation of having something other than fingers inside of him. He squeezed around Miyuki’s cock, feeling every throb and twitch of the alpha’s length from where it was pressed deep inside. That cock was stuffing him so damn well, making Sawamura feel complete for what felt like the first time in his life. That, added with the sensation of those dangerous claws scratching his delicate skin, had Sawamura believing that he was nothing but prey captured by someone much more powerful than he was.

“It’s so hot inside of you,” Miyuki said, voice shaky and breathy from lust. “You’re so perfect for me, baby… so perfect.”

The praise went straight to Sawamura’s cock and he sighed, lashes fluttering with bliss. Miyuki leaned in close to drag his tongue along Sawamura’s neck, lapping over his scent glands and causing the bunny to shiver delightedly. Miyuki held him tighter, pulled him close and rubbed up against his neck, trying to scent the beautiful omega in his arms so that no one laid a finger on him. The possessive gesture made something twist in Sawamura’s core, something sweet and warm akin to honey. He bit down on his bottom lip to try and hide the way he was smiling. 

“You like that, hm?” Miyuki chuckled, already having noticed Sawamura’s grinning. He reached up to cup Sawamura’s cheek, the gentle touch causing their eyes to meet. Sawamura gazed back at him, nodding shyly as his skin blushed redder than before. He nuzzled into Miyuki’s palm and released a sigh, his flushed prick aching and dripping precum as his inner walls fluttered around the cock nestled inside of him. Miyuki’s smile widened as he growled, “You like being called perfect.”

“Mnh, yes, daddy…” Sawamura whispered. He started to roll his hips, yet again growing impatient to feel Miyuki fuck him like a true alpha should. His eyes shimmered with unshed tears of oversensitivity and he took in a shaky breath. He wanted to ask Miyuki to move, but he was too humiliated to try and speak again—instead he whimpered and prayed Miyuki would understand what he was begging for. 

“Not so fast,” Miyuki chastised softly, now leaning back against the seat and putting a little bit of distance between their bodies, spare where they were connected carnally. His eyes darkened as he reached up, running a hand through Sawamura’s hair to briefly push his bangs back. “This is what it means to be a cockwarmer, baby. You just have to sit there and look pretty, keep my dick snug inside that tight little ass of yours, and show me that you’ve earned my cock by waiting for it.”

Wait? Even though Miyuki was finally buried inside of him, Sawamura still had to sit there and wait? His ears had perked up, but now they drooped again as he openly pouted at Miyuki. The fox playfully scratched behind Sawamura’s ear, then moved his hand away so he was no longer touching Sawamura.

Sawamura’s brows furrowed and he whined, trembling and feeling so terribly exposed. He was more aware than before of how naked he was compared to Miyuki, who was reclining, completely clothed with only his dick out—and even that part of him was shielded from view, completely pushed inside of Sawamura’s ass. 

On one hand, he looked so damn seductive in his dressy clothes, so Sawamura didn’t really have any complaints. Plus, the fact that Miyuki remained dressed while Sawamura was naked further emphasized the power imbalance between them, reminding Sawamura that he was under Miyuki’s control and it was definitely not the other way around. 

Growing more aroused with each passing second, Sawamura chewed on his bottom lip and slid his hands down to Miyuki’s chest. He wasn’t told not to touch, so he chose to knead his palms on the alpha while he waited. He moved his hips in the shallowest of movements, trying to entice Miyuki with the friction between Miyuki’s cock and Sawamura’s slick rim.

“I-I’ve earned it, daddy, so please don’t keep us waiting…” Sawamura whined, leaning down so he could press their bodies flush together. His sensitive cock was squished between them and Sawamura let out a dainty gasp from the feeling, lashes fluttering with desire and excitement. He blinked up at Miyuki, ears laid back and eyes shimmering—he truly was the perfect image of submission.  

“You’re already so impatient,” Miyuki pointed out with a chuckle, one eyebrow lifting with intrigue. He started petting Sawamura’s back, stroking one hand down the curve of his spine all the way to his tail. Sawamura’s breath hitched with excitement as Miyuki grasped his tail again, and soon his gasps melted into moans while Miyuki played with the sensitive fur at his tail’s base.

“I-I just want you,” Sawamura pleaded, squirming against Miyuki as his cock throbbed and leaked yet another gush of precum between their bodies. The added stimulation from his tender tail only made him feel more riled up. “Please, alpha, s-sir, please…!”

“So pretty…” Miyuki grinned wickedly, his ears perking up at the sound of Sawamura’s desperately spoken words. He leaned forward, eyes glinting dangerously as he flashed his fangs. “Are you sure you can handle it?”

“I’ll never know if you don’t give me a-a chance…!” Sawamura insisted. He was practically groveling at Miyuki’s feet from how much he begged and cried to get what he wanted. His body pulsed around Miyuki’s cock, for his hole had eagerly swallowed him up—he was just that desperate for a thorough fucking. 

Thankfully, it was enough to convince Miyuki to stop holding back—whether that was for better or for worse, Sawamura wouldn’t know until it was all over. 

In no time he was pinned down to the loveseat and he gasped, immediately hiking his legs around Miyuki’s waist and hooking his ankles together behind the small of his back. Miyuki’s pants and underwear slid down further, bunching by his knees as he shifted, revealing his muscular thighs and groin. Miyuki’s claws pricked at the seat on either side of Sawamura’s head, and Sawamura’s ears twitched from the sound of the tearing fabric just as Miyuki got started.

“You better not tell me to slow down now,” Miyuki growled, snapping his hips forward once— fuck, his cock went in so deep and hard that Sawamura swore he saw stars —”because I’m not about to show you any mercy, omega.”

“A-Ahh—!” Sawamura could only let out a broken cry as Miyuki let loose. He started thrusting forward without mercy, not bothering to build up the pace or allow Sawamura to adjust to the sudden switch from cockwarming to getting pounded by the untamed alpha on top of him. Not that Sawamura was mad about it—he had asked for this, after all, and now he was determined to take it like the good boy they both knew he could be.

Sawamura bounced against the loveseat, back arching and toes curling from the sensations seizing his body. He clawed at Miyuki’s back, gripping tightly onto his shirt and tilting his head back from ecstasy. Now he understood why bunnies became so addicted to this feeling; he was experiencing what sex was like for the first time but he already knew he would crave this sort of intimacy all the time, especially if he was getting ravished by a fox like Miyuki.

“You look like you’re enjoying yourself, nnh, and you’re so fucking tight around me—so good…” Miyuki’s words became a little unsteady as he moaned, putting forth his full strength into fucking Sawamura the best he could. Sawamura was completely blissed out, legs spread wide and slipping from where they had previously been wrapped around Miyuki’s back. He could do little but take it. His skin burned hot from the way Miyuki spoke to him, and he realized that the alpha was seeing expressions on his face that no one, not even Sawamura, had ever seen before.

“Y-Yes… I’m s-so close, ah—ahh…!” Sawamura’s cry broke mid-way through as he arched off the cushion beneath him, hips canting up into Miyuki’s body to try and meet him halfway. Miyuki growled as their bodies practically slammed together, each thrust producing a filthy, wet slapping sound that reverberated around them. Miyuki repositioned himself and Sawamura in the process, grabbing one of the omega’s legs and hoisting it over his shoulder so that he could fuck him sideways.

The new angle sent shivers down Sawamura’s spine, making his mouth fall open in a breathless cry. His cock bobbed from the impact of each thrust, reminding him of how heavy and swollen it felt from the urge to cum. His balls had drawn up tight against the base and he let out a high-pitched keen, tears beading in his eyes from the sensation of the buildup in his gut. 

Sawamura felt it coming on—the burn of the stretch in his thigh from being manhandled so roughly, the bursts of sensation from Miyuki’s cock hitting the spot over and over, and the way those hands were grabbing onto Sawamura’s body like he belonged to Miyuki all were driving Sawamura crazy with pleasure. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait, not when he was racing towards release like this; his orgasm was creeping up upon him like a rapidly-approaching tidal wave.

“C-Can’t—!!” Sawamura warned with a gasp, shaking his head as heat rushed to his face and his groin simultaneously. His tail quivered as Miyuki forced his cock in deeper than before, pushing Sawamura’s leg down and making the tendons of his flexible muscles stretch even further. The stretch pulled a sigh from Sawamura’s lips, and the following snap of Miyuki’s hips had Sawamura feeling like his dick was splitting him in half. He let out a wail and cried out, “I-I can’t hold back—!”

“Then cum,” Miyuki snarled at him, those two words a feral, carnal demand. Sawamura was unable to resist and his orgasm ripped through him, a flash of pure euphoria that crested into a breathtaking culmination of sensations. Tears spilled over his cheeks as he cried out, cock twitching and spilling out strands of white across his stomach and the loveseat beneath them. He squeezed around Miyuki’s cock, milking the alpha as he came inside of Sawamura with a low cuss hissed under his breath.

Miyuki continued to roll his hips forward, savoring every sensation, enraptured by the friction burning between their bodies. Sawamura felt like he was in paradise, completely sated and full of Miyuki’s hot release. He hazily wondered if Miyuki would knot him, but instead, the alpha pulled out from Sawamura before the knot could form. He kept Sawamura’s leg lifted and shamelessly looked between his thighs, pink and raw from all the aggressive slapping of skin-against-skin.

“So sexy,” Miyuki commented with a snarky grin. He ran his tongue over his lips appreciatively, eyes gleaming with satisfaction, reminding Sawamura of a cat who got the cream. “It’s all dripping out of your slutty hole, Sawamura… it’s proof that I’ve seeded you, that you’re no longer untouched. You’re mine…”

Sawamura quivered and shyly turned his face away, feeling his skin heat and blush rosy pink. He could feel the way Miyuki’s cum slipped from his hole, sliding along his inner thighs and making a mess of the loveseat below. He whined softly as a mixture of Miyuki’s cum and Sawamura’s slick dampened the fur of his tail, tears of embarrassment now brimming in his eyes.

Miyuki finally dropped Sawamura’s leg, allowing the omega to lay on his back and catch his breath as he crawled over his body. He leaned down, nudging his nose along Sawamura’s jaw and coaxing him to tilt his head to the side. Too weak and spent to protest, Sawamura simply allowed it to happen, a breathy sigh escaping his lips. Miyuki pressed a few open-mouthed kisses along the column of his neck, teeth scraping his skin as his tongue prodded his scent glands. He blushed while Miyuki scented him; the alpha was trying absolutely everything to put a claim on the bunny without actually marking him for life.

“I want to keep you…” Miyuki admitted, his voice raspy and ticklish against Sawamura’s ear. He inched up so he could speak directly against its sensitive edge, evoking a small squeak from Sawamura’s lips. Miyuki lapped his tongue along the side of his ear, nipping the delicate skin briefly before asking, “So, what do you say? Do you want to belong to someone, Sawamura? Do you want to be cared for, provided for, and most of all, protected…?”

It all sounded so perfect. Sawamura wondered what the catch must be, but he was too dazed and satisfied to really think about it critically. He knew striking a deal with the mob boss of Seidou could be risky business, especially for someone like him—he was easily replaceable, surely. Sawamura wondered just how many virgin bunnies this ruthless fox has hunted down and ravished for his own enjoyment. Part of him wanted to believe Miyuki that he didn’t actually do this often, but another part of him wasn’t so sure—at least, not yet.

Even so, he guessed he could give Miyuki a chance if it meant experiencing more of what they had just done together. Sawamura shifted his focus back to the fox’s face, cheeks rosy-pink and eyes watery-gold. Miyuki’s conniving expression softened into something more gentle, almost as if Miyuki was telling the truth about protecting him, and the surprising sight put an arrow right through Sawamura’s heart. He hadn’t expected to see that sort of look on Miyuki’s face.

He was never one to resist Miyuki, after all.

“Alright…” Sawamura breathlessly answered, his lips curving into a coy smile. “I’ll give you one shot, Miyuki Kazuya. But if you fail to live up to that promise, you won’t be seeing me again, got it?”

Miyuki huffed with amusement. “I thought I was the most powerful crime lord in Seidou.”

“And I’m the omega that made you lose control,” Sawamura countered, a spark of pride flashing in his eyes as he grinned cheekily at Miyuki, “so who’s really in control now?”

Miyuki’s nervous laughter was the only answer that Sawamura needed to hear to confirm that he was right—Sawamura had more influence over Miyuki than he initially realized. He was already thinking of ways to take advantage of his newfound power. 

One thing was for sure—he would be having lots of fun.