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Roses and Cream

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“Joooon, I’m bored.” 

Namjoon tilts his head toward Jungkook, but his eyes don’t leave the book in his hands. “Hm?” 

“I’m bored,” he whines. 

“Play a game or something,” he murmurs, highlighting a sentence in bright pink.

“No, I’m bored, ” he says again. 

Something in his tone of voice finally makes Namjoon look up. 

Jungkook is slouched in the chair across from him, shirtless and hair still damp after showering. And his legs are spread, hand massaging at his dick through his boxers. 

“Oh. And what am I supposed to do about it?” He laughs, but he also shuts the book, hand wedged in between the pages to hold his place.  

“Let me fuck you,” Jungkook hums, eyes heavy with lust. 

Namjoon scoffs with a short laugh and pushes up his glasses. He watches Jungkook touch himself with lazy strokes a little longer than he meant to. “I have a test in the morning, Jungkook.” 

His tone is apologetic. Usually, he doesn’t turn down his roommate. Jungkook is the prettiest omega he’s ever seen if he’s being honest. Usually, he’s not honest. They’ve known each other since junior high, but they never really hung out until they both ended up needing a roommate the second semester of college. And honestly, they still don’t really hang out. They just live together and… fuck sometimes. Maybe more than sometimes. 

He didn’t mean for them to end up like this, fucking each other out of boredom or a need for comfort. Maybe, he likes the way it normalizes sex, he thinks. After so much being made of it growing up, it had become a scary, nebulous thing, full of unspoken rules and expectations and ties. But Jungkook doesn’t see him as an alpha, he sees him as Namjoon. He fucks him as Namjoon. 

It’s nice. They just have sex, sometimes. It feels good and so they do it. He trusts Jungkook and in an odd way, it normalizes trust. Not something to fear, not something to put on a pedestal and cling to violently.

Of course, he’s never said any of this to Jungkook. But he figures it must be something similar for Jungkook, too. Maybe not. Maybe he just likes the sex. 

“You can keep studying,” Jungkook says with a lopsided grin, other hand coming up to drag across his own chest. 

Heat rises up Namjoon’s neck and he knows Jungkook can scent that he wants it. He likes that it always starts this way, Jungkook asking for him, not a bit shy. Demanding, if he wasn’t so sweet. 

A grin when he can tell Namjoon is considering it. “Come on, alpha,” he hums, syrupy and teasing. “Let me fuck you.” 

Namjoon’s jaw clenches, watching Jungkook prop a foot up on the arm of the chair to touch himself better. 

“Of course, if you really have to study…” 

“No it’s- yeah okay fine,” he grumbles.

Victorious, Jungkook giggles and stands up. “Lean over the table,” he says, pointing at the low wooden coffee table in front of the couch. “Bring your book if you want, nerd.” 

He giggles when Namjoon does and swats harmlessly at Jungkook’s shins. Pen, highlighter, book and notebook dumped on the coffee table, Namjoon kneels and lays his stomach on it. 

“Good?” he asks, voice husky with shyness and anticipation. He pushes his glasses up again, a nervous habit. 

A warm hand drags down his side and rests clutched at his waist. “Good,” Jungkook agrees, hungry and low. 

Though his hands shake, Namjoon opens his book again and uncaps the highlighter, reading the words and forgetting all of it immediately. His attention is behind him, every unseen touch tingling through his gut. He highlights something to keep from gasping at the wet kisses Jungkook presses along the waistband of his sweatpants, inching his shirt up just high enough to kiss. He fans his fingers up under the shirt and drags them back down, almost like he’s teasing himself. 

Namjoon reads a few sentences under his breath to see if it’d help him focus. Jungkook sits up, but all the kisses still burn cool across his back. In one motion, Jungkook yanks his pants down to his knees and gives his ass a hard smack, giggling when Namjoon gasps a little. 

“Sorry, sorry to distract you.” He doesn’t sound sorry at all, grabbing two rough handfuls of Namjoon’s ass. 

With an unceremonious tug, Jungkook shoves his boxers down his thighs and kneels close behind him, Namjoon’s knees caged in between his. He feels like his whole body must be glowing red, exposed like this in the middle of the living room. 

Still in his boxers, Jungkook grinds his dick against Namjoon’s bare ass and grabs him by the waist. Namjoon exhales a shaky breath, eyes glued stubbornly to his textbook. He’s not sure if he’s doing it out of spite or nerves, but it seems to make Jungkook try harder to win all his attention. Anticipation builds in his gut as Jungkook spreads his cheeks with rough hands and grinds harder, but he tries to keep it quiet. 

Like he’s just a toy, Jungkook picks up his legs and moves them wider. Fingers glide between his cheeks and squeeze at his balls. His jaw drops to let a sigh escape. Jungkook laughs softly behind him when he finds Namjoon is already hard. 

His face goes hot again and he’s glad Jungkook can’t see him. In ways he can’t even explain to himself, he likes this. He likes being used like this. Just something to bend around and fuck however Jungkook wants, just a toy for a pretty omega. He likes not having to think. He likes being good enough. 

In the darker places of his mind, he never thought he could be wanted like this. Even to himself, he can’t quite explain it. It’s not that he thinks he’s ugly… just not desirable, somehow. It’s always, sure maybe if they get to know me, maybe if they fell in love with me after a while… maybe then they’d want him like this too, but only then. So when Jungkook massages at his ass and groans a quiet “so fucking hot”, he smiles shyly down at his notebook. 

It doesn’t mean anything, isn’t leading to anything more besides more sex and yet still, it means so much to hear it. It means something that he can make an omega wet by being a shy alpha with his ass in the air waiting to get fucked. 

He can’t help the low growl in his throat when Jungkook’s sweet scent of rose fills the air. Once, when friends were over, they somehow got into ranking everyone’s scents. Not something normally talked about, but. Everyone had agreed Jungkook smelled so good, but he had just crinkled his nose. “No way, I hate it. Why rose,” he had muttered. “Roses are for grandmas.” 

Namjoon had been speechless with the need to tell him how wrong he was. This, this scent of raindrops on rose petals and rich, sweet cream goes right to his head every time, clinging to his damp towel in the bathroom in the morning or tanged with sweat after a jog, or now, thick in the air as Jungkook gets wetter, rougher. 

It makes his cock leak when a little bit of slick is rubbed around his rim. Jungkook touches, teases. No doubt watching the way Namjoon arches into it in tiny increments. “What are you studying?” he asks suddenly. 

“Hm? Um, the history of- fuck, ” he gasps when Jungkook finally pushes a finger inside him. 

A mischievous giggle. “The history of fuck.” On a slow, steady rhythm he pumps his finger in and out, other hand gliding from his ass up the slope of his back, gentle at times, tangling through his hair and pulling at times. 

A highlighter is still poised in his hand, but Namjoon has lost all focus. Here and there he pretends to read the words that blur in front of him, but increasingly he slumps into his shoulders, mouth parted to whine when Jungkook adds another finger and more slick. 

The wet, sloppy sounds always make him so shy, especially like this when Jungkook just watches. He wants to hide or turn off the lights, but he likes it. Jungkook could watch porn, could just fuck him and get off and be done with it, but Jungkook always likes to watch him so intensely, moaning and getting himself worked up at the sight. At the sight of him, Namjoon. 

Sometimes, just a little, it makes him brave. Rising up on his elbows, he pushes back into Jungkook, groaning when his fingers sink in deep. He does it again, and again, encouraged by the way Jungkook mutters how fucking hot he is. Jungkook holds his hand still and lets Namjoon fuck himself on his fingers. He grips one side of Namjoon’s waist and guides the rhythm of his body until Namjoon’s arms start to shake and he can’t quite keep up. 

“God I wanna fuck you so bad,” he grits out, standing to yank his boxers off. 

Face smushed against his textbook, Namjoon sighs and spreads his legs a little wider. “Smell so good,” he whispers, not sure if Jungkook can hear him or not. 

Hitched breaths as Jungkook eases in his cock, a long contented sigh when Jungkook is full and deep inside him. There’s a pen stuck beneath him that jabs him in the stomach with every thrust but he doesn’t care, gripping the sides of the table he’s slumped over. 

“Smell so good,” he whispers to himself again when another wave of sweet, milky rose surrounds him, paper crumpling under his cheek. 

“Yeah?” Jungkook leans back and spreads his ass in a rough grip. Namjoon knows he’s watching his cock slam into him and he feels a little helpless, nowhere to hide away.  

He just hums, gaze hazy on the blank tv across the room. Jungkook leans over him and presses three fingers between Namjoon’s lips. The creamy floral scent hits him hard. A growl comes out as a mewl and he licks the slick clean from Jungkook’s fingers, sucking at them as Jungkook fucks him harder. He likes the pressure against his tongue, likes the gentle overwhelm of being filled in more than one place. 

Jungkook slows down and drapes over him to kiss between his shoulder blade, moving inside him in deep little thrusts. His free hand reaches around to find Namjoon’s dick, hard and leaking in steady dribbles. He only rubs at the fat head, wet and swelled almost painfully. 

It makes Namjoon writhe beneath him, releasing the fingers in his mouth to cry out in pleasure or agitation, he’s not sure which. 

Jungkook drags his hand from Namjoon’s lips, clutching around his throat for a moment before holding him at the crease of his hip. He won’t stop teasing the over-sensitive head of Namjoon’s dick, dragging right up against his prostate in movements maddeningly slow. It’s almost not enough to feel good, just enough to make him itch for more, over and over, squirming away from and into Jeongguk’s fingers. 

“Please,” he gasps. “Please, fuck-” 

“You’re so fucking hard,” Jungkook laughs low against his skin, nipping at his shoulder blade. In one achingly satisfying stroke, he finally drags Namjoon’s cock through his fist, thumb massaging at the base. “Feel like I could get you to knot my hand if I tried a little harder,” he teases. 

“I’m- rut starts soon,” he admits. They’ve never really talked about it, not quite at this level of… trust the last time he was in rut. 

“Oh yeah?” Jungkook leans back up and grips his fingers through Namjoon’s hair, tugging just a little so Namjoon will stop hiding his face. He pulls all the way out and slams back inside him, watching the way Namjoon’s expression peaks and slacks. 

“Have you ever let an alpha fuck you?” 

Such a random question for the moment. Namjoon laughs a little, distracted by Jungkook fucking him faster again. “Have I-? No, no one’s ever wanted to.”  

“I doubt that’s true. Who wouldn’t want to.” Jungkook hums and claps his hands to Namjoon’s ass. 

He wants to know why he’s asking but Jungkook suddenly fucks him so relentless that there’s a loud crack from the table that can be heard even over Namjoon’s breathy yelps. 

“Ride me?” Jungkook says it like a question but he’s already tugging Namjoon up from the table.

Namjoon chokes down the rise of emotion when Jungkook pulls out of him. He’d never admit it but he hates it, wants to be spread full again immediately. But, he hesitates, shy at the thought of riding Jungkook, of not being good at it there under his gaze. They’d only done it a couple times before and both times Namjoon thought he was going to burn right up, embarrassed and too seen and secretly preening at how it made Jungkook lose himself. 

A smack to his ass. “Come ride me, pretty.” He can hear the grin in Jungkook’s voice but can’t make himself look up to see it, busying himself with pulling up off the table and crawling around to Jungkook who’s leaned back on elbows behind him. 

He pauses at the sight, Jungkook lean and naked and sweaty, cock rigid, thighs spread carelessly and wet with his own slick. Unable to meet his eyes, he runs his hands up Jungkook’s thick legs and moans at his scent. He leans down and bites the inside of one thigh, licking at the slick there, losing himself in big, mouthy kisses to taste him. He knows he bites a little too hard a few times judging by the quiet hiss and and fingers yanking at his hair, but he also knows Jungkook likes it, slick pooling over his fingers where he has them shoved up under his ass. 

“Ride me,” Jungkook asks again, voice a little huskier now, a little less present. 

Namjoon sits up, warm at the sight of his wet, bruised up thighs smattered with bite marks that don’t quite break skin. He coats Jungkook’s cock in slick and climbs up over him, comforted a bit at the solid warmth of his chest when he pushes himself up. 

Eyes holding a smile, Jungkook bites his lip in anticipation as Namjoon centers over him. He grips Namjoon gentle at the waist, breath held as Namjoon lowers down slowly on his dick. 

Forcing himself to finally relax, Namjoon sighs happily when he’s seated on Jungkook, stuffed full again after the emptiness. 

“You really like it, don’t you.” Jungkook’s chest heaves under his hands, a little smile as he gazes at him through heavy lids. 


“Dick.” He giggles when Namjoon scowls down at him. He soothes his hands over Namjoon’s thighs and gives him a minute to adjust. “Like, getting fucked, I mean.” 

Only half paying attention and little perplexed, he thinks Jungkook is implying he’s a slut and he… likes it. It tickles in his gut, the idea that Jungkook sees him like that. 

“I never even liked dildos, to be honest,” Jungkook continues, bucking his hips just the littlest bit.

“Oh,” Namjoon finally realizes and shivers. 

“Just a weird omega, I guess. But watching you… you really like it, huh?” He bites his lip again and thrusts a little harder. 

He whimpers and grips Jungkook’s shoulders. “Yeah,” he whispers. “Feels so fucking good.” 

“I can tell. Makes me wanna fuck you harder.” His hips clap hard to Namjoon’s ass, holding him in place by his waist to grind up into him. 

“Fuck,” Namjoon breathes, grinding down against him too. 

Both of them groan, rutting up against each other, Jungkook so deep in him. It almost hurts but he can’t stop his hips from moving, chasing after the ache building in his belly. 

Jungkook’s tight grip at his waist loosens and he remembers to exhale, pulling gently at his waist to encourage him. 

Shy at first, Namjoon rises a bit and sinks back down on his cock. Even though it’s not quite what he meant, he can’t get the notion out of his head, Jungkook seeing him as some cock hungry slut who wants to get fucked all the time. He likes it, god he likes it. 

Just a little bit, it makes him less shy. Who cares how he looks or how good he moves, he’s just some slut that wants to get fucked mindless. He sits up, hands on Jungkook’s chest again for a moment, and then he arches up to the ceiling, working himself on Jungkook’s cock, not quieting his moans for once. 

“Fucking shit, you look so good,” Jungkook grits out, fingers digging into his waist again. He grinds up into Namjoon every time their hips meet until Namjoon is bouncing on him too fast to keep up. 

The sounds between them are wet and humiliating but Namjoon doesn’t stop. He’s just there to be fucked and used. He smiles at the thought. 

Jungkook sees it and drags his fingers down his stomach. “Feel good? You’re loud tonight,” he laughs, when Namjoon moans to the ceiling and grinds down against him. 

“Feels so good. Just want your cock. Just want it, just wanna get fucked,” he babbles, leaking precome onto Jungkook’s stomach. 

“Yeah?” Jungkook’s voice is low and shaky. “Pretty little alpha slut,” he teases. 

Jungkook is probably surprised at how the words makes him almost shout in arousal but he can’t stop, fucking himself harder on his cock, raw and frenzied until he falls back on his hands, chest arched up to the ceiling. 

Nearly hard enough to bruise, Jungkook holds him by the waist and fucks him fast, thrusts hard enough to make his breath come out in choppy pants. His head lolls back to the wall behind him. He knows he’s being too loud, he knows the neighbors must be able to hear him but he can’t make himself care. He loves how Jungkook fucks him until he’s mindless like this, the thick drag of his cock, the electric grip in his gut as pleasure floods over pain. 

And this, Jungkook moaning with him, rushed, half-finished words of praise getting lost in the loud clap of their bodies coming together. Later, when Namjoon is alone and reliving the moment, he always feels an odd rush of pride that he got Jungkook so worked up too. 

“You wanna come? You gonna knot for me?” 

With a whimper Namjoon nods, propping himself back up to ride him again when Jungkook slows his pace and takes hold of his aching cock. 

So neglected and swollen, Namjoon chokes back a grating shout when Jungkook rubs his palm over the head, not trying to be gentle. A lazy grin stretches across his face when Namjoon squirms and clenches around his cock, grinding down against him as if the full length of his cock still wasn’t quite enough. He takes Namjoon’s dick in his other hand, thumb rubbing at the base, fingers still teasing over the head. 

“Knot for me, alpha slut.” He smiles again when the words make Namjoon’s cock flex in his hand. 

“More,” Namjoon whines, panting. “More, fuck me, just fuck me, fuck-” 

Jungkook thrusts in a hard, steady pace, watching as Namjoon shakes and loses himself, bucking his hips into Jungkook’s hand. He always comes a lot, but this… this has Jungkook groaning, a steady stream of come onto his belly followed by another, and another as he milks him, gripped tight around the base of his cock. 

“Fuck, gonna knot,” he gasps, hands falling to the floor around Jungkook. 

“Really?” Jungkook whispers. His eyes go wide but he’s determined to keep up the pace, amazed when more come pools across his belly button and spills down his side. 

“Oh fuck.” He groans when he feels it rise beneath his hand. “Fuck,” he repeats in awe and rubs at the swelling knot. 

Namjoon barks in sharp pleasure, a growl deep in his throat. He grinds hard into Jungkook’s hand until it’s crushed between Namjoon and his stomach. He knows he’s being so loud but he can’t help it, it’s been so long since he’s knotted, and Jungkook is so good at getting him to this state where he finally doesn’t care, wolf instincts taking over his busy mind. 

Both overwhelmed, a mess of sweat and groans, Jungkook comes in his ass as Namjoon keeps grinding his knot against Jungkook’s fingers. Shaking and sinking to his elbows around Jungkook, he doesn’t stop, whining and gasping and nipping at Jungkook’s chest when he has the energy to raise his face. 

Thinking to get at a better angle to play with his knot, Jungkook tries to pull out but Namjoon grips his thigh. “No! Don’t. Want it, I want it,” he whines, sitting back to feel his cock all the way inside again. 

Jungkook curses. “Okay,” he says gently. “Just wanna see your knot.” 

Even still, a little come dribbles down his cock when Jungkook massages at it. He lets go just once so he can get a good look at the knot swollen near the base of Namjoon’s cock and hums in satisfaction.

Namjoon yelps and shudders but Jungkook grips him again, massaging Namjoon into submission, a happy, simmering growl in his throat as he sinks back down to his palms. 

“So fucking hot, shit.” He tips Namjoon’s face up to his, thumb dragging across his chin. “Feel good?” Jungkook grins, gaze heavy and sated. 

Namjoon opens his mouth to speak but he just grunts, teeth clapping together in a harmless bite. 

“Too good to speak? Did I make you go wolf-brained?” 

Namjoon grunts again and nods, holding the flesh of Jungkook’s shoulder between his teeth when Jungkook lets go of his chin. 

Jungkook giggles. “Cute. I can’t believe you really knotted my hand.” 

Namjoon whines, embarrassed, yet still he ruts against Jungkook’s thumb. 

“So fucking hot,” he mutters through his teeth, recalling just moments before. “God you’re so fucking hot. I can’t believe I got an alpha to ride me and knot my fist? You’re so- so fucking hot.” Jungkook claps a hand to Namjoon’s ass and coaxes his face upwards to kiss him.

Immediately Namjoon goes pliant and slow. They don’t always kiss but Namjoon loves kisses. He nips at Jungkook’s pouty lips and licks into his mouth, happy hums when Jungkook doesn’t stop kissing him back. 

A sigh and he slumps face first into Jungkook’s chest. “I can’t believe I knotted your hand,” he finally says, sheepish and exhausted. 

Jungkook laughs and throws his arm around Namjoon, doing nothing more than holding his slowly fading knot between them now. “God, I bet you’re fucking cute in rut.” 

“No,” he argues, burying his face in Jungkook’s neck. 

“Yes,” he insists, leaning up to bite Namjoon’s ear. “I’m gonna pull out,” he says after a moment. 

Namjoon whines but nods, sitting up and trying not to pout at the loss. 

“You can use the shower first.” 

“Just come with me,” Namjoon laughs, eyeing the mess on Jungkook’s stomach. 

They’ve never really done that, but Namjoon’s too exhausted to care if it oversteps some line between sex and fondness. 

The hot water soothes his tired muscles, eyes falling shut when Jungkook giggles and massages shampoo through his lolling head. 

“Must’ve fucked you too good.” He grins when Namjoon just hums in agreement and holds himself steady by Jungkook’s waist, tipping his head back to rinse his hair. 

“You usually do,” he murmurs after a moment, brain working on a delay. 

“Yeah? Just the way you like it as far as I can tell,” he teases. His soapy hands pause on Namjoon’s stomach. “Sorry I called you a slut,” he says, voice lilting like maybe it’s a question. 

Namjoon shakes his head and stares down at his hands. “I liked it.” 

“Yeah?” Jungkook smiles when Namjoon nods, shy and content. He turns Namjoon by his waist and takes the soapy washcloth to his back. “Do you maybe wanna stay here with me whenever you go into rut this time?” 

He says it casual as he scrubs at Namjoon’s shoulders, but it hangs heavy in the air. Namjoon’s eyes open wide. It’s not a big deal but it is, or at least, traditionally it is. Between them, things are ever light, but even for them this is an admission of trust, of… something bigger than he’s used to. 

“Yeah,” he says softly, stepping into the stream of water. “Yeah I do.”