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Lisa is Too Money Hungry (to Say No) And That's Why She's My Cum Sponge

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Lisa didn’t regret running away from home. Not even for a second. She didn’t regret going from the West coast to the East all on her own. She didn’t regret emptying out one of her parent’s many bank accounts to finance this journey. She didn’t regret ending up where she did, Brockton Bay, a city where a girl with a brain could make something of herself.


She didn’t regret that.

“Come on,” Amelia Dallon, the great and powerful Panacea, breathed as she pushed her waist forward. Offered herself up, her throbbing dick bouncing lightly in front of Lisa’s face in comfortable grabbing range. “You promised.”

Lisa did regret being here right now though. Sort of. She could be pragmatic when she had to be. To a point. She hadn’t reached that point yet, yet, because of this pragmatism.

Things had been good for a while. She’d been riding high. But, now, things had to change.

Things had been getting sort of - tight. Money had been running low. Several stores had singled her out as a possible (she was) shoplifter already. Boardwalk security had been giving her the stink eye lately over her semi-regular loitering around the food carts. The cash had been running out, the lemon cake and coffee she’d picked up that very day almost wiping her entirely.

There was a little less than five bucks in her pocket. Pretty much nothing, once you thought about it. Or didn’t. Thinking about it wasn’t necessary. Five bucks couldn’t buy shit.

Lisa was also pretty sure that someone out there was looking for her. Or, at least, for a green-eyed blonde. She didn’t have the data yet to say who or for why, but she was a big girl. A big girl that took care of how she looked. She could guess and she didn’t like what she was guessing. Lisa’s power had been put on overtime for that one and how to not get any firsthand experience with it, with all the other stuff as secondary right after she’d found out.

Food and shelter and a new purse that fit with her even newer set of Gucci shoes was great and all, but so was not ending up in some freak’s basement. Or attic. Or a hidden room in their bedroom. Or wherever the fuck deranged serial killers put the people they caught. That was important too.


Anyway, as always, her power had come through for her. It had told her what she’d had to do to claw her way up to a standard of living to which she was accustomed. It had done that. Just...not exactly in the way she’d have liked it to? At all? But it had? She guessed?

It was a tossup. Her power telling her to stick to New Wave’s token new-girl like a leech with superglue had been something she’d agreed with. At first. It had just come up while she’d been buying her daily caffeine fix, while she’d been casing the place for any rubes that wouldn’t notice their missing wallet if she was smooth enough.

Lisa had caught sight of Amy Dallon during that sweep and her priorities had been instantly forced to shift; having a celebrity for a friend couldn’t hurt; Oh, the money thing had stayed. She was definitely looking to put a dent in her checkbook. She had been from the start. That had stayed the same. It was just that the method that would work best kept on changing and that was screwing with her head.

Keeping to a plan was hard when you didn’t have one.

Her power had gone from telling her to be Amy’s friend, to her best friend, to that one girl you saw at high school (there was always one) that would jack you off in the janitor’s closet for a twenty and a burger. The changing of roles had been so fast it had given her whiplash and, more fool her, she’d gone along with it. Lisa had done what her power had said.

Because of course she had. Why wouldn’t she? It hadn’t steered her wrong yet. She was still alive, wasn’t she? Her parents hadn’t found her yet, had they? Right.

From then on, she’d just been going along with the flow.

The amount of resistance Lisa had put up since they’d met, had been putting up, was the barest amount necessary to keep Amy interested and invested. If she’d been too easy, they’d have balked. The amount of money she’d made Amy put up for the pleasure of spending time with her, same. The only part of the mess she was in now that hadn’t been on the script had been the cheerleader outfit thing.

Lisa hadn’t been lying about being a cheerleader once. She’d hated it the entire time. It had been too much work for too little. Putting the outfit back on, even if it was for a different school, sucked. But, well, if Amy wanted to throw over a hundred dollars at her just for that, who was Lisa to argue? That was a couple of days at a hotel and a couple of days of raiding the hotel’s buffet for maybe ten minutes of work while wearing a stupid costume.

Once again, Lisa could be pragmatic if she had to be... And that was why she was currently tying her hair back with a rubber band; The pout on her face was part of the show, a little something extra that tickled Amy’s heavily suppressed and thankfully very minor sense of sadism. The rubber band was mostly that most-vaunted pragmatism in play again.

Lisa didn’t want anything getting in her hair. Ew.

Amy had been dripping like a faucet and Lisa suspected that she should have asked for an umbrella. Probably. From what Lisa understood, that was actually pretty normal when it came to new-girls. They were oversexed. To varying degrees. Shame on her for not thinking that through before she’d agreed to this... Ha. No. She was just kidding.

Amy should have thought about that before she let her fat and trembling rod start spewing thick, off-white drops of pre-seed on the carpet in a weird attempt at a power play and fantasy building all in one. Getting that out was going to be hell and the healer was letting the situation get to her head... Also, not Lisa’s problem. Definitely not. None of that was.

If Amy wanted to make her life harder in the long term, more power to her.

“Yeah, yeah. I did. We had a deal. Have.” Lisa let her band go with a snap, wishing that she’d thought about getting gum to chew. Obnoxiously. It felt right. “Lie down.”

Amy blinked as she drove over a mental bump in the road. This hadn’t been in her fantasies, obviously. “Why?”

“I agreed to jerk you off, not let you baste me like a turkey.” Lisa resisted the urge to roll her eyes when Amy’s cheek twitched. Lisa didn’t even need her powers to see the new-girl’s will crack. “So, how about you just-”

“Three-hundred,” Amy rasped, interrupting (she did that a lot) and ensuring that Lisa had a shower in the near future as she walked right into the blonde’s trap. Again. She also took a step into Lisa’s space, filling it with the increasingly musky stench of sex and desperation. Fun. “I want to see it all over your chest.”

Making money had never been so easy.

“... Well, if that’s how it’s going to be...” Lisa shrugged that expected reply off, her nose wrinkling when Amy took another shuffling, bouncy, leaky step. It was a step that came with the very welcome deaths of several billion germs and microbes as they came into contact with Amy’s bare skin; At least they were clean. “Good luck getting the stains out.”

“I’m not worried about it. Don’t worry about it.” Amy panted as she pulled her loose t-shirt up higher on her waist along with her skirt, showing off the freckled expanse of skin just under her bellybutton and the soft padding of her stomach as she did so; she was just about feral and they hadn’t even started yet. “Let’s do this.”

Lisa didn’t think she could up the price any higher right then, so... Right. Time to get sticky.

The blonde hesitated for a breath, her fingers crazing along the shiny-wet skin of Amy’s glans before she took them in hand.

She couldn’t even do that entirely, even if she’d tried. Amy was too big for that, the heavy throb that inflated every vein on her slick shaft making it only harder to do as it forced her fingers apart in an obscene show of animalistic lust. A grimace crossed her face as it bucked in her hand hard enough to nearly slip free while a dollop of pre slung free from the head in a rope to dirty the bedspread between her thighs.

“I guess you didn’t want that thirty after all.”

... Right. Amy had wanted dirty talk. She’d wanted to be the stud for once. That had slipped Lisa’s mind.

This was going to be embarrassing.

“Sure, baby. Okay. You want me to say something dirty? Is that what you want?” Lisa slapped on a smile and a peppy tone with the practiced ease of high school cheerleaders everywhere; Making the QB believe the steroids hadn’t shrunk his dick was a part of the job. “Do you want me to say nice things to you while I work a load out of your fat, nasty cock?”

A full-body, near-orgasmic shudder ran through Amy’s entire frame at the cringe-worthy mess that had just come out of Lisa’s mouth. She also swayed on her feet, toes curled and eyes closed when Lisa gave her a one-inch pump up and down. “Uh huh.”


Lisa took the time while Amy’s eyes were closed to make some more faces while teasing their almost purple tip with her thumb, coaxing out even more copious amounts of precum to glaze the ground with a near unbroken stream; Drool escaped from the side of Amy’s mouth, just a dash as she let out a moan while Lisa muttered platitudes.

It didn’t matter what Lisa said as long as it was ‘dirty’. Amy didn’t have the higher thought required to care about it anymore, and wouldn’t for as long as Lisa kept touching her. No point in going for ‘quality’ if ‘good enough’ worked.

Lisa kept on playing with Amy’s length with that in mind, tickling and squeezing the base with her free hand while quickly and gracelessly jerking the first few inches beneath the glans. Amy moaned again, louder as her prick spasmed during one of Lisa’s squeezes and unleashed a thin, milky spray all over Lisa’s cheer top, instantly soaking it through in several spots; ... She was doing good then. Great.

She was lucky that Amy’s standards were so low or this would have been a lot harder... And, also, this stuff was fucking warm. Lisa hadn’t really thought about it while it was just her fingers feeling it, but god damn. It felt like she’d dropped a fourth of a cup of warm milk on herself, hot and right off the stove... And it smelled funny, now that it was this close. Now that it was touching her.

It was actually mixing with her perfume and it was making her dizzy. Lightheaded even. They didn’t mix all that well.

Lisa’s heart pounded desperately inside of her chest as an already awkward act just got more so. Strings of goo began to break under their own weight, splattering heavy droplets all over Lisa’s forearms as thin rivers slid down the back of her hands. Amy just kept making noises, grunting and sighing while Lisa did the job she’d been paid to do; She jerked her hips every once in a while, always forcing Lisa to rear back as they fucked against the blonde’s hand with a sloppy squelch or pop.

... This all felt familiar for some reason. Very. Having never done this before in her life though, Lisa quickly put that out of her mind. What a stupid fucking thought that was.

Before long, a little less than the ten minutes that Lisa thought it would have taken, nearly everything below Lisa’s elbows was covered in Amy’s fluids as the healer neared the edge; Her thankfully sterile fluids; Amy’s germicidal touch didn’t end at her skin. That made itself very clear to Lisa as Amy’s juices wiped the slate clean, smashing a whole new anxiety-causing button even as they gave another a rest.

It was so gross...but it was so useful. Lisa wouldn’t be touching her face anytime soon, but watching another billion amoebae melt was so satisfying... Satisfying, and not something she should be thinking about right then. Not when Amy was on the verge of blowing her load all over her tits.

It was what they’d paid for, so it was what it was. Three-hundred was nothing to scoff at, even if it was all she made that day.

If. That was the operative word.

Amy’s hip thrusts were now a regular thing. Her hips moved forward and back to an unstable and undignified beat, whimpering like a dog underneath her hood while Lisa braced herself for the oncoming deluge. That, and sped up her own movements with narrowed eyes as Amy’s eager nuts slapped against her thighs, causing the thin rivers of pussy juice on them to splash with each clap.

Getting that in her eyes sounded like it would hurt...and Lisa had to wonder how that worked, having both sets at once. It wasn’t something that had ever come to mind before now, but now she had to wonder. Weirdly, she suspected. Also, for now, not her problem.

“I’m gonna cum,” Amy said breathily, telling Lisa what she’d already known as her meat in the blonde’s hands gained a third of an inch in width and her family jewels contracted; Lisa kept her chin up and pointed them down, closer to her stomach than her cleavage. She was expecting some kick. “I’m going to fucking cum.”

Lisa didn’t have anything smart to say to that one. Just something about how Amy should just do it all over her tight body already instead of making her wait when Amy let loose to do just that. Cum positively exploded out of her bucking cock in a wave of spunk, proving that Lisa had been correct to have aimed them lower on her body. Lisa had expected some push back, but not this much.

... She kind of got where Lustrum had been coming from now, as to new-girls being the weapon to end all weapons. This wasn’t exactly Lisa’s thing, but she could see where people were coming from when they commented on hyper virility being a feature instead of a bug. If it wasn’t for the spate of males that had been born from new-girls in recent years, males born with their ‘best’ features, it could have been bad.

Lucky them, huh?

The near-solid spray hit her uncovered stomach first, drenching it and the elastic of her skirt before cutting sharply upwards onto her top. Right between Lisa’s cleavage, soaking the Arcadia Whale right through with a white tsunami along with her bra before dotting the start of her collarbone, just under her chin.

It was only Lisa’s panicked push downwards that kept Amy from going even higher and hosing her face when the second shot came through. Even while being less than the first, slightly, it still made the underside of Amy’s erection noticeably bulge before it was flung all over Lisa’s already waterlogged chest. It was more than enough to hide any distinguishing markers, any blue or gold as it forced the material to conform to her body anyway...and then a pause. An anticlimactic halt where Amy stopped vibrating quietly in place and her muscles loosened with a sigh.

Lisa just chalked it all up to ‘new-girl things’ and let it go.

“That hit the spot...” For the first time that day, Amy almost sounded happy. No. Too far. Content. She almost sounded content. Almost. A quick look down at their still iron hard erection and their quivering balls had Lisa doing some very quick math. “You were worth every dollar.”

“Glad to hear what you think.” Lisa kept her expression a very careful neutral as she kept herself from wiping at her neck. What with the gunk her hands were covered in, she’d just be trading one mess for another...and Lisa had just finished doing math. Six minutes of work. Nine if she counted her putting on the uniform. Three-hundred dollars. A thousand dollars for forty-five minutes was worth the long shower she was going to have to take and that was that. “But are you really done?”

Amy instantly went stiff again and babbled something incoherent. Not even Lisa’s powers could pick up what it had been, other than ‘intrigued surprise’. The thought that she might get more out of Lisa today hadn’t crossed her mind, it seemed. To be fair, it hadn’t crossed Lisa’s mind until now either. But, needs must. Those tiny chocolate mints that the good places put on their pillows didn’t pay for themselves.

“Oh. Wait. Sorry. Never mind.” Lisa’s expression shifted into one of grudging contrition while Amy continued to waffle over what she should do as her post-orgasm clarity came on. “You’re paying me with your savings, aren’t you? You just blew out your allowance for the rest of the year. I can tell. Again, never mind. Where’s your shower?”


“Give me a second,” Amy said, sounding like she wanted to scream it while choking on her spit instead. Her skirt fell, instantly turning themselves into a tent with a dark spot in the middle; The smell of sex was everywhere now and Lisa sort of wanted to be the fly on the wall when someone said something about it. “You’re okay with doing more?”


“Not for nothing. We talked about that already. Hell, I want to see what you owe me.” Lisa rose a brow. Amelia sputtered and began patting her clothing down. “Does it even exist?”

“It's right here!” Amy didn’t do anything as cliche as cheering as she hauled her well-padded silver money clip out of a fold in her skirt, but the faltering steadiness in her voice as her libido fought to take the driver’s seat back was obvious. Also, Amy had just squirted right through her clothes. That dark spot had just become see-through. The things Lisa did for an all-you-can-eat... “How much?”


“What are you looking for?” Lisa snatched the soon offered three-hundred adroitly between her fingers. She then slid it under a bra strap with a sharp grin, nearly giving Amy a heart attack. “I can’t read minds.” Technically. “Your lips, my ears.”

“What do I want? My lips? ... Whatever I...” If Amy had been lying down her legs would have been kicking like an embarrassed schoolgirl’s. What little of her cheeks that Lisa could see peeking out from over the top of their collar was dark red, surrounded by barely darker freckles; This was going better than she’d ever dreamed. “Can we have sex?”

Oops. Too far. Pull back. Do not pass go.

“Now I’m sure you don’t have enough. I already told you this isn’t something I normally do.” That dry reply from a still smiling face was the most honest response Lisa had made all day. A little less than two-thousand dollars wasn’t nearly enough for her to give up any of her virginities. Not even close. “Let's think smaller.”

If Amy asked for anal instead, she was leaving. Powers prodding her to keep going or not. Money or not. Besides pragmatism, Lisa also had standards. One of those standards was not giving someone the key to her backdoor on the first ‘date’.

That was just common sense.

“... Oh. Damn.” Amy, now greatly deflated after having been denied for the first time since they’d stuck the deal that had led to this moment, rolled her shoulders and stood up from her sudden depressed hunch. “Could I - get a blowjob?”

Lisa found herself in the middle of the...fourth or fifth biggest dilemma of the day right then. In line. Not in terms of severity. That was up in the air. What wasn’t up in the air was the math. The effort times nut equals money ratio. This equation had a say.

A blowjob meant that she was going to have to put something in her mouth that she really didn’t want in her mouth. That was a problem. A big problem.

Then again, she figured, Amy was proving to be a fairly quick shot. A handjob in a cheerleader outfit stood to pay for a few nights in a classy hotel, a couple weeks in the local holiday inn. A blowjob, even a mediocre one, could keep her in fluffy bathrobes and pillow chocolates for a whole week.

She’d also run out of mouthwash like a week ago and her mouth was starting to get kind of musty. Lisa had to think of things like that.

"Two-hundred for a blow then.” Lisa crossed her arms, ready to die on the hill she’d found. “I make no promises on how deep I'll go."

Amy sweated quietly, fingers trembling while visibly subtracting the amount from her clip without removing it. Lisa would have just loved playing poker with them. "Are my balls a part of that? My pussy?”

And Lisa had thought she’d only have to deal with one half of the set today. Well, no skin off her nose.

"I’ll tickle them for you for another fifty, but I’m not putting either of those last two things in my mouth," Lisa quickly replied, already planning on where to go for some fancy soaps. “I’m not a miracle worker.”

And she was only going to put one new thing in her mouth today, thank you very much.

“You aren’t. Yeah. Yeah...” Amy didn’t say anything more for a worryingly long amount of time before shaking her head; Lisa had to say, chipmunk cheeks would not be a good look on her. Or a foot-long tongue; Two-fifty found its way out of Amy’s clip and into Lisa’s hand in short order...and she was going to have to find a new place to put it all. All the cum on her cotton clothes was starting to spread out and dirty money was just a saying. “Done.”

Lisa wished for gum again and held back a sigh as Amy took over yet more of her personal space. Then she apparently decided that her clothes were just getting in the way because, after some struggling to get her dick through the waistband, her skirt fell to the floor. Then her boxers too and that was when Lisa learned that Amy trimmed but didn’t shave.

Lisa could have found out earlier, but she hadn’t really wanted to know. Oh well. She would have found out eventually.

At least they looked soft. There was that...and Lisa had to raise a brow when Amy didn’t remove her loose and, Lisa had to admit, comfy looking t-shirt as well. “Feeling shy?”

“No,” Amy badly denied while Lisa looked her over... She honestly didn’t look that bad. She wasn’t going to be walking a catwalk anytime soon, not with thighs and a bottom that thick, but it wasn’t a bad look on her; Amy was still clearly the type to wear all her clothes to the pool. “You’re not working with my boobs is all. Why do I need to take off my shirt? No point.”

“Whatever you say.” Lisa shrugged and licked her lips, wetting them as she beckoned Amy forward with a hand. Today was just full of new experiences. “Come here.”

Lisa lightly bit her tongue in her haste to avoid Amy as they flopped into position, her left eye only just avoiding a terrible end. No amount of showers would have been able to wash that shame away. Or free and in depth medical care.

Besides… She was being paid for dirty talk, not degrading talk. That was a completely different billing code.

Amy let out a rather awkward noise, half apology and half anticipation as she waited for Lisa to do something. Lisa quickly wiped away the little smirk on her face. It wouldn’t make Amy think that she was enjoying this. Part of the scam was the appearance of reluctance, playing on Amy’s well-developed sense of ‘good’.

It was the difference between five bucks and fifty.

Lisa said something nice about how good Amy smelled, or something, while trying not to roll her eyes. The twitch that wiped away any and every trace of softness in Amy’s penis only made not doing so that much harder.

This was some real bodice ripper nonsense.

Lisa pursed her lips and took a deep breath through her nose. She couldn’t help but scrunch it at just how thick the air had become as she pressed her mouth against Amy’s tip.

Repressing her gag reflex was a herculean act.

Salt. Salt and musk and iron and other things instantly flooded her mouth when she redrew the tip of her tongue. Lisa knew the makeup of what she’d just eaten. Where it had come from. And it made her eyes water, just slightly, as it overwhelmed her senses.

It - actually wasn’t that bad. If it wasn’t what it was she could have put it on a salad and felt good about it. It was very - healthy. Full of vitamins and minerals and all that. It was good for her hair too.

… Disgusting.

Amy made a wheezing sound at the first hint of contact, her hands putting themselves on top of Lisa’s head in a silent request to continue; That was going to be another fifty for sure; Lisa was just thankful that Amy was mindful enough to not try and force her down. Maybe too mindful as, when she tried to move forward, she found herself held in place by the iron grip on her head.

Well, if they didn’t want their money’s worth… Sucker.

Lisa shrugged and just forced herself to move her tongue, slowly and awkwardly moving it around the head. Here. There. Wherever she had to go as she learned her way around the curves and ridges, using Amy’s huffing squeaks and moans as her guide to success.

Easy. Easy. So very easy.

Amy sighed, her moans reaching a lower pitch when Lisa flicked her tongue over the ‘v’ on the underside. It was sensitive enough that it made Amy’s legs shiver under the stress she was putting on them, just so she didn’t fall over. That was enough for Lisa. She’d found their weakness here. It was a weakness she was more than happy to take advantage of as she continued to use the very tip of her tongue to best effect, poking and prodding at this area so often it was as if she was trying to deepen the groove already there.

Then Lisa went for their other weakness and it was over. Or it would be.

There was no warning on her end other than her fingers sliding along Amy’s glistening thighs, behind her balls and to the so far untouched slit that was there. Amy didn’t even jump when, with a twist of Lisa’s hand, the blonde fit an entire two fingers in, the middle and ring. Smooth. Almost as easy as it had been to convince them that Lisa had their best interests in mind.

Lisa pulling those fingers back towards herself, just as soon as she found that one rough patch every girl had, changed things drastically.

Amy let go of Lisa’s head with a scream. Not a tortured one, thank god, but a scream. Shrill and sharp as her eyes rolled about in their sockets like she’d just been hit over the head. Another pull and a kiss on their rapidly dilating urethra shut Amy right up; she ran out of air in a single bark of hysterical not-laughter as she fired everything she had left just over Lisa’s shoulder as the blonde dodged to the right.

Her face wouldn’t have been able to protect her hair. She wouldn’t have been able to swallow it all, even if she’d wanted to. It was only right to let nature take its course. Short, brutal nature. Really short.

Lisa shuffled sideways on the bed, further away from the now drooling and still furiously orgasming new-girl repainting the wall over her bed a whole new shade of white...and Lisa didn’t know how to feel about it. Not really.

It was…a sight? One that she’d been able to force in less than two minutes. That had to be some sort of record, right? Something for the books? That had hit the wall with all the force of a softball, after all.

That had to have hurt.

Amy slumped forward when, just like before, her orgasm came to an end. She then let out an awful groan, the groan of someone that had no more to give as she took the final step needed for her to fall on the bed, face first and finally flaccid… And, once again, anticlimactic. “Every - dollar.”

Then she started snoring and Lisa was alone. Effectively. For all intents and purposes, alone.

"Well don't mind if I do." Lisa smiled, taking what Amy had said as the endorsement it was and not as an invitation to rob her blind (sadly) as she tiptoed around the now gently snoring girl. Apparently, it was true. You get a guy, or new-girl in this case, to let out a load or two and it's like you’d hit them with a tranquilizer; At least there wouldn't be any awkward small talk after.

Lisa after picking money out of the clip finally let her power loose some, letting it give her more than just nudges for a second while she wiped herself off with Amy’s sheets; they hadn’t even taken long enough for the gel-like mass on her chest to get cold yet. Yet… She had a question to ask.

How much money could she take while keeping Amy happy and willing to come back for more? Amy was a golden goose and only idiots killed a good thing when they found it.

Lisa blinked. “Really…?” The answer was quite a bit. More than half. That girl needed a hobby or something… Or Lisa could be her hobby. Her expensive, expensive hobby. Oh well.

She was cheaper than miniatures. There was that.