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Rookie Mistakes

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Bakugo hated working with rookies, but he’d never had one as bad as this. The cocky bastard had only just gotten his hero license, hadn’t even been on a proper mission yet, yet he strutted around acting like he was the best fucking hero to every walk the earth. He refused to listen to any orders and was more interested in giving out autographs then doing any actual hero work. Bakugo hated him. He’d been hired by their agency only a week ago, and, of course, his shitty manager just had to place him with himself and Todoroki to “show him the ropes.” Bakugo was seconds away from killing the guy.

“Slow day,” Todoroki commented. He and Bakugo were standing against a wall watching their newest recruit chat up a group of girls.

“I’m glad,” Bakugo growled. “I wouldn’t trust that bastard to help with any real problems. He’d probably get us all killed.”

“He can’t be that bad,” Todoroki replied. “He graduated from Shiketsu and his quirk is decent enough.”

Bakugo scowled at the rookie (he couldn’t even remember the bastard’s name), who was now signing something one of the girls had given him. His quirk allowed him to manipulate metal, and while Bakugo agreed it could be very useful in a fight, he didn’t trust the guy’s ability to use it. “I suppose,” he grudgingly agreed. The rookie let out a loud obnoxious laugh and wrapped his arms around two of the girls, pulling them closer to take a selfie. Bakugo rolled his eyes. “But he doesn’t exactly have the personality of a good hero.”

“Some might say the same about you.”

Bakugo turned his glare on Todoroki, who was looking at him with a teasing smirk. “Tch, I’m the greatest fucking hero there is.”

“I know,” Todoroki laughed at him, entwining their hands together. “Which is why we don’t have to worry about him messing up. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be there to save us.”

“You’re such a sap,” Bakugo growled, but he couldn’t help returning his partner's smile and giving his hand a gentle squeeze.

Bakugo and Todoroki had started dating in their third year. After they had finished their remedial classes and gotten their provisional licenses, Todoroki had started insisting they were friends. Of course, Bakugo had denied this fervently, yet Todoroki would still follow him around, eating meals with him, forcing Bakugo to train and study with him, and just generally bothering Bakugo to the point of insanity. No matter how much Bakugo yelled and cursed at the heterochromatic teen, Todoroki stuck around, and it wasn’t long before Bakugo realized he had feelings for the bastard. But being the stubborn moron that he was, Bakugo denied these feelings for as long as he possibly could. Eventually, Todoroki lost all patience and told everyone that they were dating. Bakugo had put up a half-hearted attempt to fight him on it, but finally gave in and hadn’t regretted it for an instant. After graduating, the two joined up at the same hero agency and moved into an apartment together. Bakugo would never admit it out loud but falling for Todoroki was the best thing to ever happen to him.

A sudden call from their communicators jolted Bakugo from his reminiscing. An armed robbery at a bank a couple blocks away had been reported and they were the closest responders. Bakugo sighed, “Shit. Well at least it sounds like it’s only some petty criminals, instead of some fucking overpowered supervillain. Should be an easy first job for the idiot over there.” Todoroki only chuckled in response. They moved away from the wall, calling their rookie away from his fans, and headed out towards the bank.


A line of police cars, their lights flashing, were parked across the street from the bank where the robbery was taking place. A perimeter had already been cordoned off, and a group of people were already gathered, straining to get a glimpse. Ducking under the police tape, the trio headed towards the group of police officers sheltered behind the line of cars. Through the windows Bakugo could see a group of six criminals, all carrying heavy assault rifles, spread out around the lobby of the bank. They all wore black tactical gear and black ski masks. Kneeling right in front of the bank windows, hands held up being their heads, were several people in civilian clothes. Hostages. Fucking great.

Bakugo instantly recognized the bank robbers from an article he’d read a couple of months ago. The group had managed to rob another bank, incapacitating the two pro-heroes who had attempted to stop them and escaping without any problems. The entire group were reported to be quirkless but made up for that disadvantage by being extremely well trained. It was also reported they might contain some form of quirk suppressant. They had easily incapacitated the two heroes without any issues. Bakugo sure as hell wasn’t going to let that happen again.

Todoroki recognized them as well. “Looks like the same group from that article a while back. We’ll need to take them by surprise. Try to avoid whatever quirk suppressant they have,” he commented, examining the bank. Bakugo grunted in agreement.

Before they reached the group of officers, Bakugo turned on the rookie. “Stay behind us and keep your mouth shut. Got it?” He ordered. The bastard only rolled his eyes in response.

As they reached the huddle of officers, he heard Todoroki call out, “What’s the status?”

“Thank you so much for coming Ground Zero and Shoto!” A young-looking officer responded, bowing to the two pro-heroes. “We suspect there are ten of them in the bank, though we only have visual of six of them through the windows. We assume the remaining four are guarding the rear entrance. All appear to be in procession of heavy assault rifles. We believe it to be the same group that robbed the bank two months back. We were in contact with them about ten minutes ago. Their only demand is that we leave the premises, and they won’t harm the hostages. If we send any pro-heroes in, they said it won’t turn out as well for them as it did last time.” The officer paused looking at the two heroes nervously before continuing. “They didn’t ask for a vehicle or anything, so we assumed they had transportation waiting for them somewhere. We sent a squad out searching but have yet to find anything.”

“You mentioned a rear entrance to the bank. Besides the front, are there any others?” Todoroki questioned.

“No, Sir. The back entrance is just a service entrance though. Locked from the inside. The only way though would be breaking down the door.”

Todoroki hummed in acknowledgement and turned to Bakugo. “Still seems like our best bet. There are fewer of them guarding the door and we’ll have a better chance taking them by surprise.”

Bakugo nodded and turned towards their rookie. “Right, listen up newbie. When we get in, Shoto and I are going to handle those bastards. As soon as you have an opening, I want you to help the hostages. Get them out of there as quickly as possible and don’t confront any of the robbers, got it?”

The only reply he got was another dramatic roll of the eyes, but at the death glare Bakugo shot him he answered with a sarcastic salute and a “Yes, Sir.”

Bakugo had to restrain himself from blowing the asshole’s head off right then and there. He saw a slight grin on Todoroki’s face and gave him a sharp elbow in the ribs. “Let’s go,” he growled. He led the small group around towards a side alley that would lead to the rear entrance of the bank, keeping them out of sight of the front bank windows.


Taking out the guards at the back door was surprisingly easy. Breaking down the door had knocked one of the bastards out and a quick fist to the temple took care of the other one. “Maybe this job is going to be easier than I thought,” he grinned at Todoroki. “Only two guards though. Either the officer’s information was wrong or there are two more goons somewhere in the bank.” Either way it wouldn’t be long before they figured it out—Bakugo breaking down the door hadn’t exactly been quiet.

Todoroki positioned himself behind the door leading deeper into the bank and nodded at Bakugo to cover him. He slowly inched the door open and peeked through the crack between the door and the frame. He quietly reclosed it and glanced at Bakugo. “The two missing robbers are heading this way,” he whispered. “They must have been close by and heard us break in.” Bakugo nodded and positioned himself on the other side of the door.

Taking them down took about as long as it did to take care of the first two. These guys really were pathetic. He couldn’t fathom how the two pro-heroes at the last robbery had been incapacitated. Fucking extras.

Bakugo and Todoroki were now past the door and moving through the hallway towards the lobby. They came around a corner and halted. About 10 feet ahead stood the entrance into the lobby, from which could be heard raised voices and the scared sobbing of hostages. Bakugo crept closer to Todoroki. “How do you want to handle this?” He whispered in his ear. In the past, Bakugo would have just burst in by himself, explosions blazing, but he’d come a long way since his U.A. days.

Todoroki took a minute to consider before answering. “I think we should…” He suddenly cut off whatever he was going to say and leapt away from Bakugo, racing towards the lobby entrance. “Wait!” He hissed.

Bakugo had been so focused on analyzing how they should enter the lobby without endangering the hostages, he hadn’t even realized their rookie had started bolding running towards the entrance. He dramatically burst through the swinging double doors; hand outstretched and ready to activate his quirk. Todoroki was only steps behind him. “Surrender!” He called loudly into the room. If the situation hadn’t been so serious, Bakugo would have laughed at how stupid he looked.

Unfortunately, barely a second after his abrupt entrance, there was the small explosion and some sort of green-coloured gas flowed out through the doorway, spreading out around the two heroes. They both started coughing aggressively and Todoroki quickly threw out his hand in an attempt to throw up a defensive ice wall. Nothing happened. Todoroki glanced down at his hand, a bewildered expression on his face. The gas must have been the quirk suppressant. As the air started to clear, there was suddenly loud shouting from the lobby. The idiot rookie, still standing in the open doorway, was frozen, staring into the room with a terrified expression plastered on his face.

“Move!” Todoroki screamed. He rammed into the rookie just as multiple assault rifles went off. The rookie fell onto the floor and Todoroki took the full impact of the attack, jolting several times as bullets tore into his body. Bakugo watched in horror as the love of his life crumpled to the ground and lay there unmoving.

Bakugo saw red. Without even realizing it, he was racing through the doorway roaring, not even fearing for his own life. All he could think was he had to get to Shoto. The battle in the main lobby was fast and bloody. The group of criminals were unprepared for the barrage that was Bakugo Katsuki, and soon all of them were lying in various states of consciousness on the bank floor.

Once Bakugo was sure none of them were going to be getting back up anytime soon, he rushed back over the Todoroki’s side and dropped to his knees. He looked over Todoroki and had to force himself not to puke at the sight of his boyfriend’s ravaged body. Multiple bullets had entered Todoroki’s torso, the flesh around the wounds completely destroyed.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Bakugo didn’t know what to do. He felt his heart rate increase and his breathing started coming out in rapid gasps. He needed to calm down. Shoto needed him right now. He quickly pushed down his rising panic and grabbed the tubes on Todoroki’s belt that held his first aid supplies. Yanking out several bandages, he quickly pressed them down onto of some of the bleeding wounds. Shoto gasped at the pain, and weakly grasped one of Bakugo’s wrists.

“Ka…Kat…suki,” he rasped weakly. His body was racked by a sudden fit of coughing, causing the wounded man to let out an agonized whimper, a thin stream of blood leaking out one corner of his mouth.

“Shh,” Bakugo admonished him gently. “Don’t talk. I’m…I’m gonna get you fixed up, ok? You’re gonna be fine.” He watched as a drop of water landed on Todoroki’s pale face and realized he was crying. Some of Todoroki’s torso was still uncovered and bleeding profusely. He desperately needed to stop the bleeding or Shoto had absolutely no chance of surviving. His head suddenly whipped up and met the gaze of the rookie. He was kneeling a few feet away, seemingly unharmed, staring at Todoroki with wide eyes.

“He…he saved me,” he stammered, meeting Bakugo’s eyes.

“Stop staring and get the fuck over here and help me!” Bakugo demanded. His voice sounded raw and pained, lacking his usual anger. “I need you to call the paramedics and then come help me put pressure on the wounds.” All he received was a blank stare. “Now!” Bakugo’s shout startled the rookie out of his frozen state and he scrambled over to Todoroki, speaking into his communicator as he came. He grabbed more bandages and roughly pressed them down on the uncovered wounds. Todoroki let out a pained cry at the sudden pressure, and his weak hold on Bakugo’s wrist tightened slightly. “Be careful, bastard!” Bakugo snapped at the rookie. He looked back down at Todoroki, who was staring up at him, his eyes half closed and glassy.

“I…I’m so…sorry,” he choked out when Bakugo met his eyes. A few tears leaked down the sides of his face, mixing with the blood pooling beneath him.

“Shh, it’s not your fault,” Bakugo murmured softly. “You’re going to be alright. An ambulance is on its way. Just stay with me.”

Another weak cough afflicted Todoroki’s body, causing more blood to leak out of his mouth and splatter on Katsuki’s face. He looked up at Bakugo, a small smile on his bloodied lips. “I…lo…love you.” His eyes slowly slipped closed the rest of the way, his grip on Bakugo’s wrist slackening completely.

“Fuck! Shoto? No, wake up! SHOTO!” Bakugo could hear the sirens faintly in the background—they’d be here any moment. He placed one of his hands on the other man’s pale face. “Please wake up,” he begged. Shoto remained silent, the small smile still gracing his features. The bandages on his wounds were soaked through with blood, the injuries still bleeding heavily. Bakugo let out a choked sob. He bent down and placed a gentle kiss on his partner’s bloody lips, his forehead resting against the other's.

“Please don’t leave me!”


Bakugo sat dozing at Todoroki’s bedside. His partner had been in a coma for several days now. It was a miracle he was even alive at all. The damage from the bullets had been extensive, both internal and external. Todoroki had gone through multiple surgeries to repair the damage, and even then, the doctors hadn’t been certain if he would pull through. He’d lost so much blood he had fallen into the coma. Todoroki had been stabilized, and the prognosis was that he would make a full recovery. It would take a long time, but the doctors assured him, with the proper physical therapy, there would be no long-lasting effects and he should be able to return to hero work. He had been very lucky.

Now Bakugo just had to wait until he woke up. He had barely left the hospital since Todoroki had been brought in, only the few times Kirishima dragged him home to shower and catch a bite to eat. When Todoroki had been stabilized and was finally allowed visitors, Bakugo had kept a constant vigil over his partner, barely eating or sleeping. At this point he probably looked as bad as Todoroki did.

Bakugo was just on the brink of falling asleep when he felt a faint brush of fingers on his hand. “Katsuki,” came Todoroki’s quiet, weak voice.

Bakugo jolted upright and stared at Todoroki, who was looking at him with a gentle smile on his face. “Hey,” he whispered.

“Hey,” Todoroki croaked, his voice cracking from lack of use.

“Shit, I’m sorry. Here.” Bakugo grabbed the water on the table next to him and placed the straw at Todoroki’s lips. Todoroki gulped greedily causing himself to cough, wincing as his injuries were jostled. “Fuck, slow down. You’re gonna hurt yourself,” Bakugo reprimanded. Todoroki took another slow sip and removed his lips from the straw. Bakugo placed the water back on the table and turned to Todoroki, entwining his fingers with his. “I’m so happy you’re awake,” he choked out, finding he was crying again. Dammit, he had cried way too much this past week.

Todoroki gave his hand a gentle squeeze. “Hey,” he murmured. “It’s ok, I’m fine.”

Bakugo scoffed. “You’re fucking kidding me, right? You’ve got more holes in you than a slice of fucking swiss cheese.” Bakugo’s mouth pressed into a thin line, his voice quiet and serious. “I almost lost you.”

There was a brief moment of silence. “I’m sorry,” Todoroki said, hating the pained expression in Bakugo’s eyes. “It was the only thing I could do. Is Taiki alright?”

Bakugo gave him a confused look. “Who?”

Todoroki rolled his eyes, an amused expression on his face. “The guy I took the bullets for.”

Right, that was the asshole’s name. Bakugo’s face darkened just thinking about him. “That fucker probably wished he was the one who got shot by the time I was done with him,” he growled. “He’ll be lucky if he ever works as a hero again.”

He studied Todoroki’s face, still unnaturally pale. “You better not do something like that again,” he whispered. “Please. Please promise me, Shoto.” Bakugo knew that what he was asking was impossible. They were heroes and it was their job to save others, even if it meant sacrificing themselves. But he also knew he couldn’t go through this again. He couldn’t live without Todoroki, so he begged him to make a promise he knew he couldn’t keep.

Todoroki saw the desperation in Bakugo’s eyes, his heart breaking at the pain in his partners face. He grasped Bakugo’s hand and pulled him closer until Bakugo was leaning over him, their foreheads touching.

“I promise,” he whispered softly.