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It’s a quiet Sunday morning in the Knope-Wyatt household, which in itself is a miracle given the fact that they have three ten year old monsters and their mother living in it.

But today it’s quiet. 


The triplets are all sitting at the kitchen island, each of them busy with their own iPads. They’re allowed to have screen time while Ben and Leslie finish making breakfast, their usual waffles, bacon and coffee (for the adults) and orange juice for the kids. Then it’s family breakfast time and no distractions are allowed.


Stephen is almost done with the second chapter of the Professor Layton game series and he plays it on the lowest volume possible, enough for him and everybody to hear it, but not loud that it would bother Sonia’s reading of her Agatha Christie book or Westley’s streaming of the Sunday morning news. He plays it for their parents to hear it but does not look at the screen, instead he is watching the magic dance that always happens when his parents cook together.


Ben and Leslie know how to fit together in the space of their kitchen, they anticipate what the other needs in order to perform their task and wordlessly help, they never bump into each other and they warn the other when one of them is dealing with something hot because one can never be too careful. Today is a lazy dance.


Leslie is running the double waffle iron, adding chocolate chips in the mix only halfway through for her and Westley, knowing how each member of her family takes their breakfast and cooks them to perfection. She is not much of a cook, but Leslie Knope’s breakfast making skills are unmatched.


Ben is picking stuff from the fridge when the coffee maker brews, he brings orange juice and pours it for their kids before grabbing butter, maple syrup, and chopped fruit for the table as well as the can of whipped cream for his wife  - of which he takes to the kitchen counter with the carton of half and half. The coffee maker goes off and he pours a full, plain mug for himself  before pouring half a cup in his wife’s cup. He adds some half and half to the mug and grabs the chocolate syrup from the cupboard and adds a big squeeze into her cup, giving it a big stir with a spoon before taking the cup to his lips and adding a dollop of whipped cream and handing the cup to his wife.


He does this every morning, even when they’re late for work and his tie is still undone or she’s not wearing any shoes. He makes his and her coffee and always takes a sip of hers before giving it to her, even though he doesn’t like the taste and usually grimaces after taking a sip, but he knows how his wife likes it. Then he watches her take her first drink and he knows he did a good job. He just likes watching her and seeing her contented face. Leslie takes the cup and holds it with both hands, enjoying the warm mug on her fingers and taking a big drink of her sugar filled caffeine deliciousness, knowing it will be completely up to her standards of perfection. She closes her eyes and hums and looks up at her husband with loving eyes.


“Perfect, thank you,” Leslie says and leans in to give her husband a small peck on his lips.


“You're welcome, my dear,” Ben replies with a sweet smile.


This simple gesture of making her coffee perfect is just as enjoyable for him as it is for her. Maybe more.