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Yuuji trusts him way too much.

It’s flattering, really, and adorable, all that unwavering devotion that borders on worship and just barely inches its way towards religious fantatism. After witnessing his strength and being at the delicious mercy of his increasingly overwhelming personality, Yuuji has taken to him like a fledgling straight out of the egg, following him eagerly, smiling and nodding and following his every order without complaint. He’s laid his little life right into the palms of Gojou’s hands, that much is clear, and while Gojou fully intends on protecting it with everything he had, he also can’t help but... wonder.

He can’t help but want.

It’s been far, far too long since someone begged to be destroyed like this in his presence. The sheer amount of innocence it takes, the absolute bleeding heart the boy wears on his sleeve, just begging for someone to pluck it up and place it between their teeth. A second doesn’t go by where Gojou doesn’t wonder what it’d be like to bite down and feel the boy burst apart at the feeling. He can’t look at him without wanting to crush him. 

Gojou supposes he’ll have to do something to take care of that naivety at some point. It’s a bit of a death wish, otherwise, and he doesn’t need anyone else staking their claim or taking advantage of what’s rightfully his. But that doesn’t mean he has to do it today.

No. Today, he’s going to test something. See just how deeply that trust lies.

Maybe even ruin him a little, if he’s lucky.

When Gojou tramps his way down into the basement, Yuuji is absorbed deeply into his training, mouth slack as the suspense of the moment captures him fully. He only greets him with a distracted, wordless grunt, hand waving lazily before he gasps and leans forward, clutching the cursed plush tight. It hardly even fidgets as a result, and Gojou silently praises his student as he creeps forth, finalizing the last few pieces of his plan.

Yuuji’s a bit of a slob. He doesn’t know if the kid makes a habit of making a mess out of his living spaces or if it’s a result of being trapped in a musky basement for days on end, but wrappers and bottles litter the table in front of him. Making sure not to obscure Yuuji’s view of the television, Gojou pokes around, smirking all the while as he immediately takes notice of exactly what he needs.

There’s an abandoned can of soda just a ways from where Yuuji sits, its open tab waiting tantalizingly for something to slip inside. Gojou does just that within the minute of spotting it, slipping a little something from his pocket and popping it inside, grinning at the way the audible plop! of the drugs landing into the liquid gets covered by a dramatic swell of orchestral music.

“No!! He can’t die!” Yuuji shouts out suddenly, though the plush on his lap is still unperturbed as he kicks out into the air. “Aaaagh, why couldn’t it have been anyone but Katsuragiiiii!?!”

Gojou sighs.

“Yuuji,” he murmurs, and he turns around, holding the soda can up into plain sight as Yuuji’s large eyes fix onto him, a pout on his face as he’s interrupted. “How long has this been sitting here? You shouldn’t let your food go to waste, you know, especially when it’s being provided by someone else’s hard-earned paycheck.” 

Gojou delights at the flash of guilt he sees before he continues. “Hurry up and drink this, would you?”

Yuuji lets out a soft little whine, pouting as he’s scolded. “I was gonna finish it...” he whines as he reaches out as far as he could, unwilling to part from the couch. He grabs at the air childishly for a few moments before Gojou finally appeases him, handing the soda over and grinning as he takes a particularly large glug.

“... Huh?” 

Yuuji pouts and gags slightly at the taste, his brows furrowing as he pulls back and stares at the can with bewilderment. “Did you do something?”

“Hardly,” Gojou chirps good-naturedly, though internally he praises Yuuji again for noticing. “Oh~ But you’re really making me wish I did. That would have been such a good prank~”

“A prank?” Yuuji repeats with a small laugh. “How old are you?”

“Mm, I wonder,” Gojou hums vaguely, hands slipping into his pockets again. “Now c’mon, Yuuji. Down the hatch,” he orders before miming the tipping back of a drink. “Chug, chug...”

“Okay, okay...” 

Yuuji laughs again before returning to his movie, draining the rest of his can and hiding the few grimaces he makes at the taste before he seems to get used to it, sipping along easily. 

For a few moments, it’s silent between them as the resolution of the movie plays. The credits are just about to start rolling when Yuuji bounces once where he sits, his hand popping up and presenting the empty can.

“I’m done~” he announces proudly.

“Good job, Yuuji,” he praises as Yuuji beams so brightly he’s sure he’d be blind without the fabric over his eyes. He plucks the can from his fingers and tosses it into the trash before heading to the table again. “Let’s start something more fun, now, shall we?”

“Sure thing!” Yuuji crows as Gojou snatches a particularly long movie up, one of those Oscar bait sob stories that are particularly boring to sit through at the start. 

As he puts it in, Gojou sighs a little, gently taking the time to tug his blindfold from his eyes. When he turns, Yuuji tenses in surprise at the sight, his own eyes widening as their gazes meet, and Gojou doesn’t hide his smirk as he takes his seat right next to Yuuji, pretending not to notice as he’s gawked at.

“Now let’s see how you wager against this...” Gojou announces before smacking the play button.

The movie takes its time to begin, the camera dragging across a sprawling landscape as a slow and beautiful tune floats over the scene. Yuuji is immediately taken in by the beautiful cinematography, and Gojou gets to spend a nice, long moment admiring the way he looks when he still has his energy, his leg bouncing in excitement and his eyes bright with joy.

It makes watching the shift in his demeanor that much more delectable. As the opening credits continue, Yuuji shifts where he sits, and his shoulders fall just slightly, his movements slowing to a stop as the drugs start to kick in. Quieting, he hugs the plush to himself, face scrunching slightly in confusion, like he’s missed something at some point, something he needs to try and figure out on his own, like he’s been presented with some sort of puzzle. He blinks slowly, then blinks again, then yawns a little before forcing himself to straighten in his teacher’s presence, cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

He’s so cute.

It isn’t until the actors on the screen start exchanging lines with each other that Yuuji yawns again and starts to pout, glancing Gojou’s way nervously. He doesn’t seem to want to bring anything up, and Gojou has a good time pretending yet again not to notice, fixing his eyes forward and watching him fidget in his peripheries. 

“... Ah, sensei...”

“Focus, Yuuji,” Gojou interrupts, and gives his head a pat for good measure. “You’ll miss the best part.”

Yuuji nods slowly and faces forward again, and Gojou’s lips curl in victory.



Yuuji feels strange.

It’s not that big of a deal, though. At least, he doesn’t want to make it a big deal. With the way his teacher is spending so much time on him, he really doesn’t want to let him down. He wants to get himself stronger and fast, and he really is willing to do anything and everything he takes to do it...!

But this... He doesn’t know what to think.

It crept on him slowly, worming through his organs at first, a slow, languid tickle along his guts and up his spine. The urge to yawn builds in his chest, his thoughts starting to saturate and swim like his skull is slowly filling with opague water. It’s not very late in the day, and training today hadn’t even particularly been hard, so he doesn’t know why he’s suddenly so exhausted. 

Maybe Gojou-sensei had done something.

He’d only suggested it as a joke, but...

No. That wouldn’t make sense. There’s no reason for that sort of thing. He’s just tired. This is probably a side effect of all the cursed energy he was trying to handle. Or Sukuna’s doing, the bastard. Something like that.


“Focus,” Sensei keeps saying, and he keeps trying to, sitting up straight and fixing his blurring gaze on the television, but it’s starting to get so damn hard...



Gojou can’t stop smiling.

At this point, Yuuji doesn’t realize that he’s starting to cling to his teacher for purchase just yet, his hand clutched to the man’s sleeve with an unwavering desperation. He hardly seems to realize just how heavy his head feels, how it keeps dropping to the side, landing gently against his shoulder for increasing increments of time.

He’s mumbling, too. Sleepy little reminders and encouragements that slip through his lips like molasses. Little c’mon’s and you got this’s and one little damn it, focus! that has Gojou chuckling.

The way he yawns is so cute. The way he rubs at his eyes with a grubby fist, squinting and scowling as he tries to will himself awake. It’s so cute. He’s trying so hard.

He’s so excited to watch him fail.



Time is moving strangely now. He could have sworn only a few seconds has passed. He’s sure he only blinked for a moment, trying to clear his vision, but now the room is pitched in darkness, and there’s a different scene on the screen. A woman weeps openly, falling to her knees and wailing her despair to the heavens, when seconds earlier she’d been happily clinging to her beau outside of a restaurant.

Yuuji squints. He feels a strange little shift of weight behind him, and he turns his head, blearily looking at his teacher’s arm as if trying to recognize the limb. It wraps warmly around his shoulders. He frowns, and the plush on his lap stirs with a soft growl, and Gojou’s fingers tap twice against his shoulder.

“Yuuji,” he warns softly. “Pay attention now.”

“S... sorry.”



He can hardly open his eyes now. Yuuji faces forward, shoulders dropping, head drooping, barely conscious.

It’s too easy, now. He’s just too irresistible. He hardly responds when he’s tugged against his side, and when Gojou reaches out to tip his head back for him, it falls limply onto his shoulder, his hazy eyes fixed upwards towards the ceiling. He’s so cute.

“Oh, Yuuji...” he purrs in content before he starts to lean in.



He hears his name called. His lips move to respond, but he hardly feels the action, hardly can tell if his reply even managed to escape. He’s so tired. He feels so weighed down, floating and drowning all at once. Something soft presses to him and it’s almost nice, tickling against his skin. He tries to smile but his mouth feels clumsy somehow, no, it’s more like, something almost seems to crush over it...

He tries to mumble something in alarm. Can’t.

Tries to move. Can’t.




Yuuji wriggles against him, writhing and trying to struggle, but he doesn’t care. He deepens their kiss with a sigh, tongue slipping past pliant lips and exploring his mouth with all the luxury of the world. He can still taste the sugar in his soda, tinged with something cloying and slightly bitter, such a low dose of the drug he’s slipped him remaining. It only makes him want to savor this more. This is what Yuuji tastes like when he belongs to him.

Gojou groans, and he presses Yuuji down into the couch, climbing over him fast.



It feels really nice.

Warmth flutters along the sensitive skin of his throat and over his collarbones, down his chest and up again. It simmers through him and pools in his gut, every breath he takes coaxing the slowly cooking pleasure inside him like a campfire. The fabric that rubs against his sensitive skin is unbearable, and when it all seems to start to disappear from him, he sighs in vague relief before losing himself all over again to how good it all feels.

It’s wonderful, really. 

It’s a nice little dream he’s in. He wonders who he’s dreaming of.

Maybe a girl. Yeah. Maybe it’s a woman’s slender hands running along his body, pink lips worshipping his skin. That would be nice. Someone beautiful with long white - why was he thinking white hair? He likes blondes. Long, blonde hair. Brilliant eyes, fixed on him, unblinking and unnerving. Someone beautiful. No.

Calling him beautiful. 

Whispering all kinds of words, praises, compliments, voice hushed like a spell spooling out into the air. Spreading his legs - though, he doesn’t really want to do that, so he tries to close them - and shushing him and coaxing him with kisses as he - as, as she... gets between his thighs...

... This is a dream, right?

He really hopes this is a dream.



Gojou peels away the last of his clothes. Yuuji’s legs are long and slender and he has the time, so he spends it kissing his way down them, leaving little kisses against his ankles and along his calves and little nips into his soft thighs.

His Yuuji is so sensitive. He’s hard after barely being touched, and his flushed cock twitches against his stomach as he toys with his body slowly, acquainting himself with every piece of him. Gojou hums to himself, reaching up to entwine their fingers. He brings his limp hand to his mouth, kissing his knuckles.

A weak murmur of his name leaves Yuuji’s lips, and a swell of passion swirls in Gojou’s chest as he brings their mouths together again.






Something’s wrong.

He really does feel too sick and too wrong now. He really doesn’t like this. It isn’t fun anymore. He doesn’t know what’s happening. He tries to writhe and he’s only further crushed, he tries to claw at what’s on top of him and his fingers sink uselessly into thick fabric. He tries to speak, and he’s only further choked, his mouth dominated and filled as a groan echoes all around him.

He doesn’t like this. He’s scared. He wants to wake up. He wants this to be a bad dream he wakes up from. 

Why can’t he wake up?

Why can’t he move?


The word drifts through his mind, striking against him like a jolt of lightning. Maybe - maybe the demon could help him. He has to, doesn’t he? They share a body, they’re bound together, if he’s in danger, so is the king.

He tries to find him, as he slips into darkness again. He almost sees him, or imagines he sees him, somewhere up high, atop a throne of bones. He himself is on the bloodied ground, half submerged, naked, legs spread, uselessly staring upwards and someone - someone - crouches between his thighs, and he can see his own face looming over him, eyes boring down, boredom and disappointment in his red-eyed glare as his mouth lazily forms a single word:




Yuuji is perfect. Oh, he’s perfect.

He cries out with every finger that’s pushed into him, a soft little whimper as his head lolls to the opposite side like he’s desperately trying to shake his head no. And he keeps twitching, so responsive despite the drugs, his eyes fluttering as he’s opened up. His cock drools on his stomach and it’s exquisite, it’s so darling, he can hardly take waiting even a single second more.

But he does. He takes his time, teasing himself and Yuuji, pushing lube into him until he’s soaked and dripping, every gasp ending in a whine. Then, only then does he take him, moaning at the easiest glide he’s ever encountered as his cock slips inside of his student. Yuuji’s breath shudders like a sob as he does, weak tears falling from his lashes and leaving sparkling tracks down his soft, cherubic cheeks, and Gojou falls in love with the sound, the sight. Falls and falls for him, just that much more. 

“Yuuji,” he sighs, nestling into his neck, cuddling into him and rolling his hips slowly. “My cute, little Yuuji. My pretty Yuuji. Mine... mine,” his hips start to snap, fast and hard, “Mine.”

Yuuji cries out again and it’s perfect. 



It’s been hours.

He’s losing count of how many rounds he’s gone. 

Yuuji still hasn’t woken up, so he might as well, right? Right?



He cums into him again with a sigh. His hips press into him firmly, cock pulsing as he fills him, and Yuuji twitches back to life after ages of motionlessness.

“Can’t,” he pants out quietly, and he grips at Gojou’s shoulders, eyes cracking open lethargically. “I can’t anymore...”

“That’s no good, Yuuji...” Gojou sighs like he’s scolding him again. “Just one more.”



And another after that. And another, and another...



The same scene replays in the background, a harmonic choir, a spattering of dialogue, mindless noise under the sweet sound of Yuuji’s moans.



Yuuji blearily cracks open his eyes. The basement lights are blinding and the television is on, humming the same song on repeat, the DVD menu repeating and repeating and repeating. He blinks slowly before moving to rub his eyes some, and as he lifts his arms, he realizes he’s been covered by his own jacket, as if it were a blanket, tucked in around him like he’s a child.

He hears humming, and he looks up to watch Gojou snatch the last soda can off the table and toss it into the trash.

He shivers, just slightly.

“... Sensei?” 

“Oh? Sleeping beauty’s finally awake,” Gojou sings without stopping what he’s doing, finally heading for the TV and popping out the disc. “And here I thought I’d be forced to kiss you awake.”

Yuuji tenses, just slightly. What a strange thing to say.

He forces a laugh, after a moment. “Uh, yeah, no kisses...” He scratches the back of his head, only to grimace. His head feels awful. Stomach feels awful. Every part of him...


“Hm?” Gojou snaps the DVD case shut. “You okay?”

“Yeah, just...” Yuuji frowns and he stares off towards the trash. He doesn’t know what to think. “... Did something...? Did something happen?”

“You mean, besides you missing the performance of a lifetime?” he teases before shrugging his shoulders. “Not really.”


Yuuji shifts under his jacket. It smells like his teacher’s cologne, and that fact makes his head start swirling all over again, his chest tingling with an embarrassed flush. “... I just thought...”

“Hey,” Gojou interrupts, and he waits a few moments for Yuuji to look his way before smiling easily at him. “You trust me, right?”

Yuuji chews on his lip and forces every doubt in his mind to be dashed away. “Yeah,” he agrees, and offers him as bright of a grin as he can manage. “Of course I do.”

Gojou returns the smile and, for the last time, a chill curls its way up Yuuji’s spine as his teeth gleam, his brilliant, beautiful eyes sparkling before it disappears under his blindfold with a lazy little tug.