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Re-Married or Married?

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{Grace Kingdom; Viole’s Room- 7:39 AM}


“Mother, what?! I can’t be with Khun!” viole shouted “isn’t it amazing? Who taught you to become a flirt? It must be from your father? I can’t believe my dream is finally coming true!” Arlene's eyes shed tears of joy as she grabbed viole’s face and showered it with kisses “Mommy is proud of you Viole, I’m going to buy some new clothes for you, and bam! Bam take care of your brother ok?” Arlene left and viole glared at his older brother “Bam what do you mean?!! I can’t be with Khun! I don’t like him he’s a jerk! And firstly, we just met and then attacked me and he even tried to make fun of me and now we are getting married?!” Viole shouted “viole clam down, the marriage is not official yet,” bam said and now viole is pissed “I am sorry viole, I.. I did tried to flirt with him during the mock battle because I thought it would be the solution to make him go away, I tried to act cold-hearted but when I heard he fell I was really scared! I promise I’m going to fix this!” viole knows the person who acts more mature was him, even though bam is 1 hour older than him based on birth, Viole still acts like the eldest “bam I have a plan but I need to know when are we going to meet him again” viole said “Uhh about that viole, I heard mother said you’re only allowed to meet until your 16, mom said that it was a rule from the Khun family and it's so that..that you need to be ready before Ummm you get married?.. and you’ll be having some training but maybe you can meet with him secretly?” bam knew his brother is going to have tantrums so he quickly left the room but viole grabbed him,  ok bam prepare for-  “ok never mind about that I just got an idea!”




“Viole are you sure about this??” bam was completely against this but




“of course, when I’m 16 I will-”















“shibisu what do you mean?!! Me getting married?!!” khun shouted “I don’t know! Viole’s mom and your mom suddenly announced that someday you’re going to get married” ooh he said  someday  well that means “stupid alligator you scared me to death! I thought I was really going to get married but it was just a stupid arrangement” rak didn’t care about what he said because seeing blue turtle’s reactions is really funny “it’s all your fault blue turtle! Every time you’re with the black turtle you keep on being a chicken!” shibisu sighed, they just met yesterday at the ball and they have gotten pretty close well not that close because this is their 19th argument and they still haven’t stopped not even once “What do you mean it’s my fault?! He was messing with me stupid alligator! You were there and you can’t even see it?! Maybe you should eat more vegetables to make your eyes clearer stupid alligator” rak eyes twitched he said ‘alligator’ twice “WHO ARE YOU CALLING ALLIGATOR?! I AM RAK WRAITHRAISER!! AND I EAT VEGTABLES!” rak shouted “heh vegtables like what?” khun asked teasingly making rak go mad “I EAT BANANA STUPID TURTLE!” banana?? “hhahahahhahaha! He said he eats banana! Hahaha y-your even dumber than I thought you were hahaha!”




“WHAT DO YOU MEAN DUMB?!!” rak roared making all of the birds outside fly away from the trees “banana is a fruit stupid alligator! It’s not a vegetable!” Khun said as he continued wheezing not daring to stop “BANANA IS HEALTHY BLUE TURTLE! YOU EAT TO MANY CHOCOLATES YOU SHOULD IT MORE HEALTHY FOOD!” oh no there they go again shibisu, wangnan, novick had enough of this “SHUT UP!” the door banged showing a small bluenette with blue eyes and ribbons on her hair “brother! it’s early in the morning and you guys are still arguing?!” the little girl shouted “ohh kiseia, good morning” Khun lazily waved like nothing had happened “can’t you guys be quiet for once?!” kiseia shouted “nope, that would be impossible to do” said another bluenette with dark blue eyes and curly hair “it’s all because of this stupid gator!” Khun shouted and ran rolled his eyes “A.A I heard you're getting married to viole, is It true?”




Khun can’t lie he knew probably this information has spread throughout the kingdom “yes” Khun sighed “Awww my cute brother is getting married, you should’ve asked me to help you two play date” Khun glared at his older brother “we just met a few weeks ago and the marriage was suddenly announced and since when did you get here hachuling? I thought you were with Urek Mazino?” Khun asked “oh my work in Wolhaiksong is done so I decided to take a break for about 1 year” raising a brow, Khun can see he’s not lying so he sighed “anyways out! Get out of my room!” Khun ordered “can’t I at least hug my cute little brother?” hachuling asked “try that and I’m sure to stab you with my knife” Khun threatened “what a heartless brother” hachuling sighed





Khun was 14 when he realized he was in love with viole, P.S Blame rak for showing a lot of photos of viole “Blue turtle where did you put my bananas?!!” rak shouted “find it somewhere in my room, I don’t have time to play with you I need to study” khun said “Hmph! After a few years your going to see black turtle again” rak said “I know!” khun shouted, khun is still not ready when he was 12 he thought it was only an arrangement but when he asked his father, if was officially confirmed! Not that he hates it though but will viole love him back?


“the black turtle’s twin brother is going to be the next king of his country, what will you give him?”  ooh yeah viole had a twin..named bam,  khun never really saw bam even when bam went to the khun kingdom back then when he was 12 because he was not allowed to seek or visit bam…  what is he going to look like? Probably like viole?  Khun tried to imagined two Violes “NO!” khun shouted as he kicked rak away from him “what the hell was that for blue turtle?! Did you hit your head or something?!” khun ignored rak but having two viole isn’t good for his heart “I was vocalizing, gator” khun said all high and mighty “your voice is ugly blue turtle you even sounded like a girl, are you sure you’re a male turtle?” rak asked and he continued to munch he’s banana’s “of course I’m a guy! who do you think I am?! I am khun Aguero Agnes, son of khun Eduan!” khun shouted


“KHUN!!” shibisu shouted “shibisu? What are you doing here? I thought you were having classes” khun asked “I skipped it of course!” shibisu shouted “disgusting, its been two years and you’re still wearing that ugly earrings?” hatz said “what is your problem?! This is my ear” khun shouted “and the earrings looks ugly” hatz said “What?! so, if I remove my earring will you call me pretty?!” khun asked and hatz turned away “o-of course not! Your ugly with or without your earrings!” hatz shouted “ooooh looks like someone is blushing” khun said as he walked closer to hatz and whispered “are you falling in love with me?” khun smirked, hatz punched him in the face without hesitance “ow! What you doing stupid seppeku!! Agh! Now my nose is all red!” khun groaned “ha ha ha looks good on you blue turtle” rak shouted “SHUT UP!” khun said “anyways why are guys here?” khun asked and shibisu stretched out his hands and khun saw a letter “wangnan asked me to deliver this to you he said it’s from viole” the letters! Khun immediately grabbed the letter from shibisu’s hand “hey turtle let me see!” rak said and they all shoved near khun and read the letter


Dear, khun

Hello it’s been a while I really miss you, I’m sorry I can only send a few letters because you know the rules “you must not send letters to your husband unless you 16” but hey I sent one hahahah, how are you khun? are you eating well? I heard from out of the kingdom that people are getting sick lately please take care of yourself, oh and if we ever meet again, let’s hug each other ok? And bring rak along with you I bought some bananas for him also hatz and shibisu, I heard they had a high scholarship tell them good job from me ok?



-Jue Viole Grace


“look black turtle even bought me bananas!” rak shouted, khun felt his face heating up, viole is worried about me? And how can you sound so good even though your writing a letter? “reply reply” shibisu shouted “give him a reply earrings” hatz said “I know!” khun grabbed his pen and paper




Dear, Viole

Thank you for your concern about me, I am eating properly don’t worry, the alligator is eating thousands of bananas you should be worried about him and hatz is still an idiot same with shibisu so don’t worry too much and call me Aguero since Ummm you know...


-Khun Aguero Agnis


“boo your letter is so lame blue turtle” rak said “lame?!” khun shouted “yeah khun you did not even put ‘I love you’ or ‘I miss you too’” shibisu said “hey whose side are you on?” khun glared “come on khun” shibisu said “I still have studies to do, deliver this to viole now shoo shoo” khun moved his hand to shoo shibisu away like a bug “why do you have to shoo me away!” shibisu said and ran dramatically toward the door “bye ugly earrings” hatz said “goodbye seppeku”



{Grace estate; Viole’s personal garden}



“rachel” the brunet shouted “viole!” rachel ran towards him and pulled him in a hug “ are you?” viole asked “viole, I…” viole realized something was wrong, rachel was always smiling why does she look sad “Viole I can’t stay with you, your getting married to khun…and I’m just…I’m just a slave..” rachel said “no rachel! You're staying with me! I promise I'll take care of you, don't worry” viole said “thank you viole” rachel said.



bam looked at his window and saw Viole and rachel doing their lovey-dovey thing but he couldn't help but smile for his little brother “bam!” the yellowed haired boy shouted “oh wangnan!” bam shouted back “its good to see you again!” bam said happily “I received cookies from queen Agnes! I thought I could share it with you!” wangnan said “of course, thank you!”  Agnes huh ..bam tried to recall a blue-haired boy blushing in front of him and bam smiled “also here, a letter from khun” wangnan knew that bam is the one Khun's in love with because when viole and bam are having a conversation he accidentally overheard everything but he can’t tell khun, he will be needing to let the love birds do their thing and so he watched viole open the letter and uttered something “thank you wangnan” bam said, wangnan was glad that he could help “hey bam, when are you going to tell khun that..” wangnan paused and looked at bam “I don’t know wangnan, I can’t tell him yet or things will be chaotic” bam said and wangnan sighed and tapped bam’s shoulder’s lightly “you know he’s going to get married to viole, if I were you I should've told him sooner” wangnan said “I know wangnan but it’s hard” bam walked towards the sunny window to see clear blue sky 




“I miss you, Aguero”





(2 years later)


“khun khun khun! Viole is here!” shibisu shouted and khun ran out of his room and saw viole, he looked so mature! God his hot…”Viole” khun shouted, this time bam is not disguised as viole this is the real viole, viole saw the blunet ran towards him and opened his arms, he knew what he was going to do so viole quickly dodge khun’s hug and watched the bluenet’s face slam in the hard cold floor, khun was not expecting this he thought viole will hug him “you old me to hug you, you know” khun said and dusted himself up “oh did I?” viole said “viole, you with your jokes again, you told me that in the letter and you forget?” oh right this was part of viole’s plan that; bam is the one who is going to write khun a letter but he have to attend his meeting with khun at the age of 16 and tell him that- wait no it's to early, viole didn’t want to make it sound like he did not even write it so he hugged the blunette




“its nice to see you again, khun”




Khun?  “I told you to call me Aguero” khun said “ah yeah right, Aguero” viole is suspicious, khun thought but he probably had a lot of things to do and he forgot “Black turtle, where is my bananas!” viole looked at the mini-sized creature behind him, reaching his hands out and waiting for his bananas, bam probably promised this creature something, viole created a shinsu banana and give it to rak “ew! I said real banana’s turtle! I can't eat shinsu!” rak shouted “I must’ve left it at home, I'm sorry” viole said “hmph!” rak said in response and glared at him “black turtle you smell weird” rak said, viole took a heavy gulp, it's going to be over if this creature finds out that he’s not the  ‘person’  they met before "your not black turtle" rak said 








"Who are you?"