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weathering the storm with you

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Outside, the wind howls with the menacing vigor of a pack of wolves during the nights when the moon is at its fullest. The force of its fury is comparable to that of a tyrant, mercilessly whipping and slapping anything that is unlucky enough to stand in its path. Mailboxes creek when their doors are ripped open and shut as if they are no more than paper. Litter puts on a show of dizzily dancing through the air, and a tree hangs on for dear life while its branches smack repeatedly against the windows like they're being pushed around by a playground bully. Rain shoots down with the intensity of bullets, encouraged by the cruelty of the wind in its pursuit of wreaking havoc upon the streets.

But that’s neither here nor there, and ultimately leaves him as unaffected as any other storm might, for Luo Wenzhou sits safely within a brick shelter with a beauty curled up at his side.

“Good thing I got back before hell decided to unleash itself,” he observes, eyes trained on the glass that’s been so tortured it's impossible to see through it. “Or else my bike might’ve been blown away with me on it.”

“I would've braved the storm to come pick you up,” Fei Du hums against him, head pillowed in the crook of his neck. He pulls the blanket encircling them tighter, and Luo Wenzhou instinctively draws him in closer too.

“As if I’d let you drive in that.”

Fei Du shrugs, “I’ve driven in worse conditions.”

“That doesn't mean you should seek out more, darling,” He huffs, lightly pinching Fei Du’s waist.

They’re lounging on the sofa, Luo Wenzhou with his feet kicked up on the wooden coffee table while Fei Du latches onto him like an overgrown sloth. A few feet ahead, the flat screen tv buzzes with a rerun of some action movie neither of them have been paying attention to for a while now—its only purpose being an excuse to bask in the warmth of each other like this. To feel the heavy comfort of another body at the end of yet another long day.

“Oh? And how did Shixiong plan on stopping me?”

Luo Wenzhou cocks an eyebrow. “Is crossing me not enough of a threat?”

“Hmm,” Fei Du turns his head to look up at him with hooded eyes. A lithe finger drags daringly down the exposed patch of Luo Wenzhou’s chest, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake. “But I like you better when you’re all riled up.”

“Watch your hands, brat,” Luo Wenzhou snorts, suppressing the urge to shiver. Fei Du’s hands were always frigid as the biting winter breeze in that first moment one stepped out of the security of a toastily heated building and into the bitter, unforgiving cold. The only exception to this was when Luo Wenzhou held them between his own, somehow taking on the role of a portable furnace alongside his duties as a boyfriend.

Fei Du does not heed his warning, instead deftly unhooking the first button of his shirt with practiced ease. “I made an investment in this body. Now you’re saying I can’t indulge in my share?”

“Are you really trying to seduce me with finance talk?”

Using that bold hand for balance, Fei Du pushes himself up enough so he can twist out of Luo Wenzhou’s arms and into his lap. The wool blanket desperately fails to cling to his shoulders as Fei Du straddles his hips, leaning closer so his lips are angled to blow a breath of warm air into Luo Wenzhou’s ear. Then in a low, sultry voice, he whispers—


Luo Wenzhou doesn't throw Fei Du out of his lap, but it's a close thing.

He settles for lightly smacking him on the back of his head, mocking, “Bastard. You think you’re really clever, don’t you? Well, I hope it was worth it, cause you just lost any chance of getting some for the night.”

Fei Du tilts back, but remains close enough for Luo Wenzhou to still be able to see each curl of his lashes and a mouth that quirks up at one end to say, “Do the risks of the rise and fall in market value not turn you on, Captain?”

He dips forward to slot their lips together, but Luo Wenzhou turns his head to the side with a scoff so Fei Du misses and lands on his cheek instead.

The clear rejection has Fei Du straightening his posture, his teasing fingers ceasing their provocative exploration to politely smoothen out the wrinkles in Luo Wenzhou’s shirt. Out of the corner of his eye, Luo Wenzhou sees his expression neutralize, no doubt to be followed by—

“I was wrong.”

And then—

“Shixiong, I love you.”

There it is. Hook, line, and sinker.

It works, too. Luo Wenzhou’s expression may appear unimpressed, but his traitorous heart always leaps and skips for joy while Fei Du plays him like a fiddle. No matter the manner in which they are said, to hear those three words is no less enchanting than the song of a siren, and Luo Wenzhou has long since dived headfirst into the rocky waters.

Still, he has a reputation to uphold. And if he were to give Fei Du an inch the brat would be sure to take a mile.

“Only showing remorse when it's convenient for you. President Fei, some may start to think you’re insincere.”

“Maybe to others,” Fei Du admits, slipping both his arms back around Luo Wenzhou’s neck. His eyes crinkle at the corners to accommodate the smile that settles onto his lips. “But in all my life, the only person I’ve ever said I love you to and meant it was you.”

Up above, an angel hits a strike, bowling pins thundering as the sky lights up in victory. Luo Wenzhou can’t hear it over the roaring of his own heart, swelled so full it pounds against his chest like it's reaching for the man in front of him. He follows its will, crushing Fei Du against him so not even a sliver of space separates them. Their teeth clack together with the force in which they collide, Luo Wenzhou pouring out his soul into Fei Du’s hands, wanting to offer up each and every piece of him without anything left behind.

To have this, to be loved by him, is the greatest fortune of Luo Wenzhou’s life.

“I love you,” he murmurs in the brief moments where they part for breath before crashing back together again.

“I love you,” he sighs as Fei Du caresses the back of his neck, panting into his mouth with bruised lips.

“I love you,” he whispers as the buttons of his shirt are torn open, and a hand places itself right over his racing heart. He puts his own hand, much larger and rough with callouses, over Fei Du’s and says, “All for you.”

There’s a sharp inhale, and then, “All for me?”

Luo Wenzhou uses his free palm to cup Fei Du’s cheek, the other nuzzling into it, eyes refusing to stray from his own.


Fei Du takes their joined hands and guides them to his own chest, where a matching beat pulses just as intensely. “For you, too. Forever.”

The kiss this time is softer, steady with the promise that they have all the time in the world. Gently, they nip and lick at each other like they’re savoring every taste, ingraining the physical parts of their love into their very chemical makeup. Fabric is tugged and pulled away until all that barricades their hearts is the skin on their bones, marked up by the remnants of their every touch.

And when all is said and done, the two tangled up in a mess of limbs on a couch that’s far too small to fit the both of them, the storm has long since passed.