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breaking the cutie

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He passes by in a rush, urgently trying to get to work, and the scent of his cologne wafts towards you. Ahh, he smells so good. Light sandalwood and tonka bean with a hint of something spicy, like he wants to wear something manly. It doesn’t suit him, you think. What he should spritz on is an ambroxan to compliment the scent of his sweat, sweet and heady. You’ve smelt it once, “accidentally” bumped into him on his afternoon run. He hadn’t recognised you, of course, you’re just another middle-aged man with indistinguishable features from the rest of them. That’s fine, to be honest. You’ll ensure he remembers eventually. 


His face is so pure and pretty, such delicate features for an adult man. You wonder how it would look with your cum all over it. The thought makes your cock twitch in your slacks. There’s nothing more you want so desperately than to see that slender man underneath you, at your mercy, completely mindbroken as you take him over and over. 


Your plan will come to fruition soon, though. 


You’ve been planning it for a year. 


He lives alone, that young man. His name is Xue Meng, and you visit his small studio apartment frequently when he’s not at home. Sometimes you steal a pair of boxers from his laundry basket, taking it as a souvenir, which you sniff and masturbate to at home. You always like to rub yourself on his bed, breathing in the scent of his sweat and luxuriating in it, imagining that you’re pinning him down on it. You also liked to brush your teeth with his toothbrush, and cum into his conditioner. Marking your presence in his home without him realising it is so enjoyable too.


It’s late at night when you sneak in through the window, everything silent as you slowly feel your way to his bed. You turn on the bedside lamp. Xue Meng is sleeping, his face peaceful and unaware of what will happen to him. You slowly sit onto the bed, the mattress dipping under you. He stirs slightly, but continues snoring softly. You gently pull back the blankets and wrap your large hands around his delicate wrists, bringing them together and handcuffing them to the bedpost with a click. 


Xue Meng startles awake, trying to get up before he realises he’s immobile. 




You straddle him, pinning his hips down as he tries to thrash around on the bed.


“What the fuck! Who are you?!” he snaps, glaring furiously.


Ahh, he’s so cute, his eyes full of rage and terror in the half-light as you pin him down with your weight. Your cock is hard in your pants, and you grind against him slightly. He tries to kick at you, with little success.


“What the fuck! That’s disgusting, get off me, gross old man!” he shouts. You ignore him, pushing up his thin tank top to reveal his slightly muscled but slender chest, and you brush your calloused fingertips over them. “Help -”


You lean down to kiss him, stuffing your tongue into his mouth. He tries to turn away, then tries to bite down on your tongue. When he does, you pinch his nipples hard and he screams, allowing you to pull away. 


“No one is coming to help you,” you tell him. “Your neighbours are all out for the weekend.”


His brow furrows. “How…?”


You had planned this, stalked his neighbours too until you discovered that one was moving places to rent somewhere else, while another had planned a vacation. This timing was too perfect. No one could disturb you now. 


“You’re all mine now, Mengmeng,” you croon, rubbing your palms all over his smooth, silky skin. He looks disgusted by your touch. 


“If you don’t behave, I’ll hurt you,” you tell him casually. “And I’ll make sure everyone knows that the great Xue Meng was raped by a man double his age.” 


He freezes in fear. 


“But don’t worry,” you tell him. “I’ll make it so good for you, by the end, you’ll be begging for it.”  


“No!” he shouts, and you lean down to kiss him again. While he struggles, this time he doesn’t bite. A fast, obedient learner, this one. He tastes so sweet as you swipe your tongue around his mouth, his lips so soft, his mouth so pliant underneath yours. You kiss him until he’s gasping for breath, his saliva dripping out the corners of his lips. Pulling away, you let him breathe for a few moments, watch with satisfaction at his expression. He’s so sensitive to pleasure, and it shows all over his face, visible even in the dim lighting. How dilated his pupils are, his shiny swollen lips, makes your cock harder, and you grind against him, causing him to whimper. 


His own cock is half-hard, and it pleases you that he enjoys this too, even as his words deny what his body shows.


“No,” he begs. “Please… stop…”


“Mengmeng,” you purr. “You react so well to my touch. Aren’t you being dishonest, lying with your mouth when your body tells the truth?” 


He tries to struggle against his restraints, but him wriggling underneath you only causes him to rub himself against your clothed cock. You moan unabashedly, and he freezes. 


“Mengmeng is so cute to play at struggling. We both know you’ve been seducing me these past few months, haven’t you?” you say, grinding down against him. “Mengmeng wants me to fuck him, hehe…”


You pull out a tube of lube and set it next to the pillow. Xue Meng’s eyes follow your motion to the side. You shuffle backwards onto your knees, careful to keep his legs pinned but not break them. You don’t want to hurt your darling Mengmeng, after all. You slide off his boxers, stuffing it into your pocket as you slip them off his feet. He tries to kick at you, but you grab his ankles before moving away, peeling off your clothes and dropping them to the floor. Once you’re fully undressed, you straddle him again, and he tries to struggle underneath you. 


“Get off me, stop this!” he cries with renewed strength, his eyes wide and frantic as he tries to throw you off. It must have hit home, now that you’re nude, that you really are going to fuck him. You see his eyes trail over your body with horror, his gaze settling on your cock. You know it’s quite large, thickest near the head before tapering off slightly. You know it’s the only appealing thing about you, and you’re quite confident that Xue Meng will come to like it too. 


Even if he doesn’t willingly, you’ll make him like it.


“Is Mengmeng still a virgin back here?” you ask him, spreading his legs by the knees. He thrashes around but you hold him in place, giving yourself a good view of between his legs. His cock is so pretty, dripping pre onto his flat tummy. His hole also twitches slightly as he tries to hide from your discerning eyes. Pressing his legs together, you hold onto his ankles in one large hand before reaching for the tube by his pillow.


“What’s wrong with you?! Why are you doing this!” he demands, gritting his teeth. 


“Mengmeng shouldn’t have seduced me daily,” you tell him. “Wearing skimpy clothes to attract my attention. So many men look at you, but only I made a move…”


“You’re crazy,” he sobs out, shaking his wrists, but the restraints hold steady, only clanging against the bedpost. You grin, unscrewing the tube’s cap before squeezing some lube right under his balls. It drips thickly downwards, catching on his hole. Setting it town next to Xue Meng’s bottom, you press a finger to his twitching entrance, spreading it slightly. He yelps as you massage it into his skin, not entering him yet, trying to prepare him for it. 


“I’m crazy for you, Mengmeng,” you sigh blissfully, squeezing some more lube onto his skin before spreading it onto your finger, rolling it against his lubed sensitive skin. “Your bottom and thighs are so lovely and round. Perfect for breeding.”


He shudders at that. Keeping a firm grip around his ankles with one hand, you start to press the finger of your other hand against him. You watch with rapt attention, eyes flicking between the way his hole swallows your finger, and his face, which appears in slight discomfort.


“Noo… that feels weird… take it out…” he says. 


“No, Mengmeng, I have to prepare your boypussy for my cock, remember?” you remind him. His inner walls clamp down around your finger. “Oh, so tight and eager for me…” 


He starts sniffing and hiccuphing as you slide the finger in and out of him. Poor Mengmeng is crying, but somehow that urges your sadistic side on, wanting to see him cry more. He’s just so cute and pretty. His long, dark brown hair is strewn out all over his pillow, making him look like such a delicate beauty. With his rather slight figure, and his now flushing face, he looks so fetching. It makes you want to take him right now, but you know you have to prepare him. He’s so delicate, he might break, and you want to keep him as your pet forever.


As his hole gets looser from the thrusting of your finger, you add more, scissoring them inside him to stretch him out further. It’s not comfortable for him, you can tell by the grimace on that sweet face, but you know that if you don’t prepare him well now, he’ll be in for a world of pain when you slide your cock inside him. You’re so excited for that, you’ve been imagining it for a year now, and he’s so tight and warm around your finger. 


He makes soft, whining sounds against his will from his chest, trying to resist the building pleasure as his bottom is teased, his thighs trembling with the effort of holding still. His cock betrays him, spilling more and more pre onto his tummy, the sticky clear fluid reflecting the dim lamp’s light. 


“So cute, Mengmeng,” you murmur, and he twitches around you. “Such a seductive body, made to take my cock. Made to please me.”


“No…” he whines softly, shaking his head. 


You sigh indulgently. A little bit of resistance is fun, too, though. You pull away and take some lube into your palm and Xue Meng watches as you rub yourself off. 


“Ahhh, Mengmeng, look at what’s gonna go inside you,” you moan. “My fat cock’s gonna steal your virginity heh heh…”


His face is still streaked with tears. 


“Don’t,” he begs you. “Just stop now, I won’t do anything, just walk away, please…”  


You laugh, guiding the tip of your blunt cock to his hole. You grab each of his knees in one large hand, spreading him and pushing his bottom upwards so he can have a good view of where the two of you are connected. 


“I can’t walk away now,” you say. “This is the best part.”


And then you’re pushing inside him, sighing blissfully as you feel the give of the ring of muscle around your cock. It’s so slick and warm and it welcomes you, even as he screams in denial, screams and begs you to pull out. You keep pushing, keep breaching, and his words become frantic and then jumbled. He tries to push you out, tries to squeeze down so you can’t push in all the way.


“Relax,” you tell him. “If you don’t, you’ll bleed.”


He doesn’t listen, so you sigh, rolling your hips against his bottom and he cries out. You try to push in deeper and you’re finally able to bottom out inside him. He slumps against the pillow, the fight temporarily leaving his body. So cute, you think, looking at the way his eyes are spacey from how deep your cock is inside him. 


“Mengmeng is so dishonest,” you croon. “Look at how well you take my huge middle-aged cock, hmm?” 


“No…” he says weakly. You laugh again, pulling out slightly, causing him to let out a strangled moan as you pull out, before wriggling your hips so you’re pushing back into him again. That tight heat of his is so captivating, and you shuffle forwards so that your thighs are pressing his down. His skin is so silky and smooth against yours. You grind down, humping him as you cup his face and start kissing him again. He lets you, lets you stuff your tongue into his mouth again, lets you suck on his cute little tongue, and you moan against his lips. His soft moans are swallowed up by your mouth, which is disappointing, so you pull away again, opting to grab his hands that are still restrained. You interlace your fingers with his as you thrust into him, stealing moans from him with each quick and deep movement. 


“I’m breeding Mengmeng’s cute little boypussy,” you moan, feeling giddy from the very thought of it. “How does my fifty-year-old cock feel, Mengmeng? Feels good?”


He moans, shutting his eyes tightly and shaking his head.


“Mengmeng, so naughty, lying even now while your boypussy accepts my fat cock so easily,” you hiss, rutting into him faster. “Shall I teach Mengmeng how to be more honest with his mouth like he is with my cock in his ass?”


“F-fuck off,” he says, the end of his expletive trailing upwards in a whine of pleasure. “Fucking disgusting…”


“Well, this disgusting old man is balls deep in your slutty little boypussy,” you tell him. “Gonna fucking train you on my cock so you can’t live without old man dick, how about that? How does Mengmeng feel about being my personal boytoy cockwhore?” 


“I hate you,” he sobs. “I’m going to tell my father about this…”


“About what?” you taunt him gleefully, the bed creaking from the weight of you thrusting into him. “That his baby boy is a slutty cumdumpster for a man twice his age? That his precious son got raped in his own bed and enjoyed it?” 


Xue Meng’s eyes are so pretty when they’re filled with tears and glaring at you. He looks so beautiful, angry and flushed, but still at your mercy. The effect is rather cute since he’s on his back, staring up at you from between his spread legs.


“I’m going to fuck you all night long,” you goad him. “Gonna make you addicted to being rawed and filled.” 


He looks horrified when he realises you’re not wearing a condom. 


“Take it out, stop…” he says, struggling again.


“You think I’m diseased? Don’t worry, I’m clean,” you tell him. “But even if I weren’t, I’d fuck you anyway. Haha!”


When he thrashes, he accidentally causes you to press against his prostate, causing him to moan. You gleefully press your cock against that spot again, thrusting against it over and over, intent on drawing out an orgasm. 


“No… no,” he whimpers, and then his body is shuddering as he cums all over himself, some of it spilling over his face. Streaks of white mark his cheekbone and in his half-open mouth, and he swallows before realising what he’s drunk. “Ugh…”


You move your hips again, enjoying the way that the walls that had squeezed down on you are now so pliant. 


“Wait… I’m sensitive,” he protests.


“Good,” you tell him. “And I haven’t had my fun yet.” 


You adjust the two of you so that his legs are flat on the bed while you continue to thrust into him, kneeling over him. You press your face into the nape of his neck, licking and sucking and biting so you can leave marks on his skin. You nudge your face into one sleek armpit, before breathing in the slightly sweet, sweaty scent of him. 


“Mengmeng’s armpit is so pretty and sexy,” you tell him, licking at it. “So tasty, as expected of a rich young master…”


He squirms, ticklish, as you lick at him, your hands coming to play with his dusky nipples. 


“Cute little nipples, so perky and bouncy,” you say, gently flicking and tugging at them. His hole twitches and tightens around your cock in response. “Oh, wonder if you could cum just from playing with them? Maybe another time…”


Even as Xue Meng tries to lie still and ignore you, you toy with him. When he fights back, you goad him. Every side of him is something that appeals to you, and you love to experience and take it for yourself. 


Poor Xue Meng is utterly exhausted when you finally cum, thrusting inside him deep as you release yourself, groaning into his ear. 


“Feels so good to breed Mengmeng… rape his little boypussy… dominate it and make it my personal use hole…” you mutter into his ear, causing him to tremble slightly. 


But it’s not enough. Your first night with Xue Meng, how could you possibly hold back and take it easy? You’re raring to go again, so you breed him several times, watching his cute face slacken as he drifts in and out of consciousness. He feels and smells amazing, his hair sticking to his sweaty forehead, and you finally undo his handcuffs. His hole is puffy as you spread his legs to wipe him down, marvelling at the way your cum dribbles out and onto the sheets. You carry his slight form to the bathroom to wash him, and when you’re done, you cuff and chain one of his ankles to the bedpost, before snuggling him, pressing him into your arms.



You awake before he does. Of course, he’s still exhausted. He looks so adorable, so small in your arms. 


He becomes a prisoner in his own home. You take care of him, of course, cleaning and feeding him. 


Mostly fucking him though, intent on drawing orgasm after orgasm out of him. When you’re too tired to fight him, you tell him you need to go for groceries, then tie him up and blindfold him and put him on a sex machine, setting it on high so he’s all pliant and fucked out already. So that when you get back, he’s unable to resist you. 


It takes days of toying with him, and he still resists. He’s rather resilient, and it makes you all the more eager to mentally break him. No matter if he’s taken multiple times from behind, or bounced on your lap, or lying on the bed as you plow into him, he somehow still retains his sanity.


So you cheat a little. You kiss him, but there’s a pill in your mouth, and he swallows it down before realising.


“What did you feed me?!” he asks you, horrified. 


“I’ve been feeding you for weeks now, and this is what you wonder about?” you ask him. “Anyway, it’s just something to help Mengmeng feel better.”


He looks at you suspiciously, though he’s right to be worried. You know the effects of this drug, but sometimes things can be unpredictable. Not everybody reacts to the same drug in the same way, after all. 


His fears come to light when he finds himself reacting more than usual.


“What… why are you…” he grits his teeth. “Why are you doing this to me?!”


“I love you, Mengmeng,” you croon, nuzzling his chest. “My sweet darling… going to breed you until you cry…”


He’s definitely more excited, thanks to the help of the drug. Xue Meng’s hips buck harder to match each of your thrusts, and he struggles to spread his thighs wider, as if hoping you could drive in even deeper. So obedient and cute, you wonder why you didn’t try this earlier.


“Looks like Mengmeng finally accepted my middle aged cock,” you moan, pinning his torso down with your weight. You grip his hands against the headboard as you grind your hips down on his, driving into him. His hole seems to twitch around you more frequently, likely from the spikes in pleasure from the drug. He moans senselessly, his eyes seeming to space out, not in focus on your own, his mouth half open.


“Does Mengmeng like my cock? Does Mengmeng like the way I raped him into submission?” you ask him, rocking gently into him. 


“Ahh… ah…” cries out Xue Meng, and you sigh, slipping a thumb into his mouth, pressing down on the wet muscle of his tongue before tugging the corner of his mouth with it.


“Come on, baby, speak,” you tell him, taking away your hand. “Tell daddy what you like.”


He looks up at you, eyes tearful as he tries to focus on what you’re asking from him. 


“Does Mengmeng like daddy’s fifty year old cock?” you ask him, gently stroking his face with your hand. 


“Yes,” he moans, tongue heavy from the way he speaks. “Daddy’s cock is so good…”


“Mmmm, Mengmeng is so cute when he’s honest~” you say cheerfully, lifting his hips up so he can see where the two of you are connected. “Look at how your hole sucks onto my cock so happily. Mengmeng is so happy to be bred by daddy, right?”


His eyes drift to where you’re showing him, the way your cock spreads him open. His hole clings onto the shaft of your cock as you pull out, the sound of it wet and obscene. 


“See?” you tell him. “It’s proof of your sluttiness, Mengmeng. So eager to gobble up my cock. Your hole’s so loose after my special training~”


You lean his lower back against your legs as you spread him open with your thumbs, gently tracing his rim even as you’re still joined together. He whines. Your calloused skin gives him a teasing friction.


“Your boypussy’s been wrecked into submission and knows its master now, how nice,” you tell him. “But Mengmeng’s training still hasn’t finished yet…” 


Resting Xue Meng’s calves over your shoulders, you drive into him more forcefully, switching your grip to his thin waist. Your hands are large against him, and you rub the sides gently, knowing how ticklish he is. He squirms as you continue to slide into him.


“Mengmeng still needs to ride me out of his own free will, and tell me how good it feels, and I will let him graduate from his training~~ I will leave him alone and never hurt him again, how does that sound?” you ask him. 


“I…” he hesitates. “What… what do I have to say…?”


“Tell me that Mengmeng loves being raped by my cock and that you’re a whore who learned to love it, something like that,” you say, thumbs rubbing circles into his waist.


“No… not saying that,” he denies, looking disgusted. 


You laugh. 


“Isn’t Mengmeng’s freedom what he always wanted?” you taunt him. He shuts his eyes, and you don’t bring the subject up again, opting instead to release your seed inside him several times until he passes out. 



It’s another week, a week of being fucked daily while kept high and pliant on drugs during the act, before Xue Meng is the one to bring it up.


“I… I can’t,” he begs you. “I can’t do it anymore… I’ll do what you say, please… let me go…”


You untie his wrists from the headboard, and settle back against it, letting Xue Meng straddle you as you rest your hands on his soft thighs, fingers digging in ever so slightly as a warning. 


He wriggles a little before looking at you expectantly.


“Go on,” you tell him. “Squat over my cock and put your hands behind your head. Ride my cock and tell me how much you love it. How much of a slut you are for it.”


His cheeks are bright red but he obeys, placing his hands behind his head to give you a good view of his armpits, while he plants his feet on the bed, causing the mattress to sink under them. He lines his bottom up to your cock, sliding it between his cheeks as he tries to press the head of your cock to his entrance. He gets it for a few moments, trying to spear the head of your cock into him, but then it slips and slides backwards and he gasps softly. 


“Come on, Mengmeng,” you coax him. “Be a good little slut and ride daddy’s cock properly, okay?” 


He grits his teeth but then he tries again, and this time, he’s able to slide it past his pliant entrance, and he gasps as he sinks down onto your cock. Breathing through his nose, he lowers himself until he’s completely seated, looking at you hesitantly. 


“Good work Mengmeng, you got daddy’s cock inside you! Now don’t lose your balance and ride it, and tell me what you think, okay?” you ask him, looking smug as you lean back against the headboard. 


Frowning, he slowly moves off of it before sinking back onto it, repeating the action hesitantly a few times. It’s a bit of an effort for him, especially after these past few weeks where his lower back is sore from the relentless fucking you’ve been giving him, but he seems a bit more flexible after your training.


“Faster,” you tell him, and he starts swinging his hips in response, moaning as he spears himself onto it. “Gooood. Now how does that feel?”


“Feels good,” he gasps, trying to keep his balance as he rides you. His face is so close you could grab him in for a kiss any time, and his shocked face is so adorable you’re tempted to. But you don’t, because that would ruin the fun.


“Tell me more,” you say to him. “Is Mengmeng a slut?”


He doesn’t reply, so you sigh. 


“Mengmeng, how can daddy fulfil his promise if you don’t with yours?”


“Mengmeng’s a slut!” he says, eyes tearful as he’s being bullied by you. You chuckle. He’s truly adorable. 


“And? What does Mengmeng think of my middle-aged cock?”


“Mengmeng loves daddy’s rugged middle aged cock,” he says, face twisting slightly from the humiliation. “Mengmeng is a naughty slut who loves having his boypussy trained and raped by daddy, feels so good…”


Your cock twitches inside him, delighted by his words. He’s so cute and sexy like this, bullied and begging for you, degrading himself as he rides you. You want to bully him, more and more.


“Such a good whore,” you praise him, and he shivers. “Come give daddy a kiss.”


He melts against your chest and you wrap your arms around him, rubbing yourself against his soft, sleek skin. He’s so delicate, pressed against you, and the two of you kiss wetly, mouths half-open. He moans as he continues riding you, trying to clamp down around your cock. The sound is lurid, having cum inside him twice earlier, and so his hole is easy to thrust into now. Breaking away, strings of saliva connect your mouths and Xue Meng looks completely dazed with pleasure.


“If Mengmeng leaves now, he’ll never feel this good again,” you say to him. “Isn’t that a shame?”


He nods blankly, moaning softly, his jaw slack.


“Doesn’t Mengmeng want to feel this good with daddy forever?” 


“Y-yes…” he whimpers slightly.


“Good boy,” you praise him, and then you’re gripping his hips and slamming him down as you thrust up into him, eager to ruin him. He screams out as you take him roughly, until he’s a shuddering mess as he collapses against your chest. You briefly blank out from pleasure as you release inside him, coming to with a sigh. 




The next day, Xue Meng demands to leave.


“You promised me!” he says.


“But you said you wanted to feel good with daddy forever,” you say to him lazily.


“I wasn’t paying attention!” he snaps. “But I fulfilled my end of the promise.” 


You glare up at him and he freezes as you approach him.


“Don’t!” he says, hands raised up slightly in loose fists. “Don’t come near me!”


“Or what?” you say lazily, grabbing his wrists and pulling him, pushing him face down onto the bed before sliding down his boxers. “You’ll fight me?”


“Stop!” he says. “I’ll… I’ll call the police!”


You laugh.


“You don’t even resist much anymore. They’ll see we’re just lovers and be disgusted by our roleplay game. Do you want that?” you mock him. “You enjoy this, Mengmeng.”


“No, I don’t,” he stammers, and you laugh again as you lube your cock up and his hole, thrusting your slick fingers inside him. He whimpers, spreading his thighs further.


“Look at you,” you tell him. “Begging for it. Mengmeng’s training isn’t enough, it seems. Mengmeng needs to be raped into submission again~”


You press against his nape, just enough for him to turn and breathe, but not enough for him to move. Sliding inside him, he cries again, trying to resist you. But he never is able to for long, his sobs turning into moans of pleasure as you slam into him, using him for your pleasure. 


“No,” he whimpers occasionally, but you only laugh. 


It’s a few months before you finally train him completely, convert him so that he always willingly rides your cock, begging for release. He doesn’t talk about leaving anymore, slamming himself on your cock happily and moaning for you, his daddy.


“Feels good,” he says. 


“Are you going to leave me?” you ask him.


“No, Mengmeng’s just a whore to daddy’s cock,” he says, eyes glazed, mouth smiling.


He’s so obedient. So obedient that even afterwards, he’ll take your cock into his hands and mouth, sucking it clean. He does it in the morning too, now, a lovely little wake up call.


It feels nice, his wet mouth sucking on your sensitive skin, tongue laving around the head as if to clean it. The sight of his pretty little lips sucking desperately on the head of your cock is obscene though, and he tries to make eye contact with you as he does it. He still can’t take your cock even halfway into his mouth, because his jaw aches from the girth of it, and then his gag reflex plays up. But you can train him. It’s the next step of his training, after all. His hands, the silky skin of his palms, wrap around the rest of the cock where his mouth can’t reach. Sometimes you like to pet his head, trail your fingers through his hair as he eagerly sucks onto you, cheeks hollowing. Your favourite thing is to cum on his face first, so that white thick liquid paints his cheekbones and across his nose, before making him take you into his mouth again. 


You also like to tease him by thrusting your cock against his armpit, making him hold down his arm while you rub yourself off there. There’s no pleasure for him except the knowledge that he’s being used for your lust, but it feels exceptionally good for you. You like to raise his arm and cum over the sensitive skin there, until he’s begging for you to put it inside him. That’s the aim of course, to have him needy for you.


You smile as he’s tucked into your side, sleeping after several rounds of sex. You press a kiss to his forehead and he stirs slightly.


Obedient little Mengmeng, who you’ve been lusting after for a year, now mindbroken for your pleasure. 


Nothing could be more rewarding than that…