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Peaches and Cream (You're All That I Need)

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The birds chirp outside happily, sunshine sparkling as it streams into the room. Jimin can feel goosebumps rise on his skin in tandem to the breeze making its way inside the room. 


Mornings are always chilly in this part of town and Jimin finds it hard to get used to. It’s not like the warm sunny days back in his hometown. It’s weird, especially since the new house is only an hour away from the old one — strangely Jimin doesn’t know if he likes the change or not. He’s always been the kind of person to strive for something new, easily bored of the same thing for too long, however his old house had been his sanctuary. Something he still holds close to his heart, the only thing keeping him sane is the fact that they’re not selling it yet; Jimin hopes they never sell it but right now his life is way too cluttered and busy for him to worry about anything else.


He throws a thick, heavy thigh along the other side of his queen sized bed; ivory silk sheets feel cool and refreshing on his skin and he loves the sensation. Always the one to welcome chill with open arms rather than burrow in the warmth of his duck-feather duvet.


It’s a sunday, Jimin knows there’s nothing much for him to do that hasn’t already been done around the house but the tiring action of unpacking his belongings and putting all of them away still looms over his head, dampens his mood. The kitten hybrid has always been pampered and spoiled, never had to lift a finger for most things, though he refuses to let anyone else touch his belongings. That means his most prized possessions smelling like somebody else and Jimin would rather burn them all than have that happen. His room is in disarray and even if the kitten knows where everything is, this mess is getting on his nerves so the sooner he unpacks and puts the boxes away, the better.


With a sleepy yawn, Jimin lets a tiny meow slip past his lips. It’s incredibly embarrassing to do this in front of other people, but when he’s alone or in the presence of his parents, he doesn’t feel the need to hold anything back. Stretching thoroughly, another mewl is heard while Jimin basks in the sunlight and reaches for his phone thrown somewhere in his large bed. He can feel his eyes are still swollen from staying up the previous night but he couldn’t help it, too immersed in the new episodes of his favorite show. 


The light emitting from the phone makes his eyes hurt, but soon it goes away as his fingers move along the keypad in quick succession, bidding Taehyung and Namjoon good morning before he throws the phone somewhere in his bed again and buries his face in the soft pillows. Two deep exhales later, Jimin’s trained ears focus on his mom walking up to his room so he sits up in his bed before she has a chance to come in and chastise him for being a spoiled sleepy baby. She always does it with such a soft tone and loving eyes though, that Jimin thinks she’s not upset with him anyway.


“Baby,” Naeun’s voice is light, soft. “What are you still doing in bed?” Her grey tail swishes behind her excitedly and Jimin’s own fluffy white one can’t stop itself from doing the same. She comes closer, steps almost silent with the elegant way she walks. With a groan, Jimin gets out of bed and adjusts his silk shorts around his thighs, tugging them down.


“Wanted to sleep in today, I don’t have anything to do.” Jimin lies, Naeun knows he’s lying. Looking over the moving boxes cluttered all around the kitten’s room but chooses not to comment. “Why? Is something the matter?”


“No, baby.” Her demeanor softens immediately, eyes round and kind while she opens the door to Jimin’s walk-in closet and starts picking some clothes for the other to wear. “I need you to get this mess out of your room, we need to take the boxes out by the end of the day.”


“I know, mom.” Jimin feels like he’s being scolded like a school-boy. He has been spoiled for all his life and loves being babied more than a twenty-three year old probably should, but being scolded is very high up on the list he hates. “I’ll do it in a couple hours.”


Trailing his fingers over all the pastel colored workout sets he owns, he settles on a pretty lilac one and takes it off the hangers while his mother watches him from the entryway. It’s clear she wants something but doesn’t know how to approach the subject so with a knowing sigh, Jimin turns toward her and raises a brow. He would do anything his mother asks anyway so this whole situation just seems useless.


“Yes?” The pajamas feel sticky and uncomfortable on his skin and he’s starting to sweat already which feels horrible on his soft skin and fur dusted tail. It’s only been a few minutes but the drastic change in weather is apparent and something Jimin is starting to love about this town. “Is there something you want to ask me, mom?”


“We have a new pool boy.” She starts, not wasting time. Cocking his head in interest, Jimin makes a curious sound and his ears twitch — a habit he hasn’t been able to get rid of since he was a tiny little chubby kitten, running around in the backyard and chasing butterflies. “You should meet him, he’s already here.”




Jimin doesn’t know what to think about this or what answer to give. He’s never been asked to do this before because usually, he ends up meeting the people his parents hire one way or another anyway. There’s never been a need to arrange their meeting prior and it unnerves him, but the curiosity is much bigger than his laziness and want to burrow into his nest for the rest of the day.


“So?! What are you standing around for? Get dressed and come down.” His mother ushers him out of the closet and towards the bathroom so quickly that Jimin can barely wrap his mind around what’s happening. “He will only come around on weekends, please come before he leaves, yes?”


“Mom,” Jimin’s heart is already racing with the promise of meeting someone new. He’s curious, yes, but he’s also anxious which always happens before he has to do something he’s never done before. It wraps its ugly hands around the kitten’s throat and chokes him, pilling him down towards the abyss. “Are you sure? Do I have to?”


“He’s a very nice young man,” Naeun tries to soothe him, coming closer and wrapping her hands around Jimin’s chubby cheeks. “Well-mannered and hardworking! It’s just a simple introduction Jimin.”


“I know but—“


“Jimin.” Judging from her voice, there’s not much more room to argue. “Come down when you’re ready. Make it in the next twenty minutes, please.”


Huffing in annoyance, Jimin shakes his head and pouts, trying one last trick in the book for his mom to relent; however, the only thing she does is click her tongue and walk away. Thick grey tail swaying behind her back playfully and flicking once or twice before she walks out of the room and clicks the door shut.


Finally alone, Jimin drops the clean clothes onto his bed, taking the pink shorts off on his way to the bathroom along with the matching top shirt. Although he’s never going to admit it, he loves being completely naked, feeling the soft fur of his tail all along his thighs and his back whenever he decides to move his tail back and forth. 


The water feels amazing on his skin, washing away all the sweat that’s accumulated on his skin throughout the night and leaving crystal clear, soft skin behind. As much as the kitten loves taking his time in the shower, loves running his hands over the soft, meaty flesh of his thighs, he knows he’s running out of time so he can’t bask in the warm water today. The moments when he uses all the different products on his skin and white fur covered parts of his body flashes by in what feels like seconds, so when Jimin walks out of the shower, he doesn’t expect the better half of the twenty minutes to already be gone.


While he dries himself, the kitty thinks about what Jeongguk may be like. 


Surely, being a pool boy means he’s tanned and has a lean body which always gets Jimin going. However, he doesn’t have much time to think about it and get carried away so he quickly dries his hair, fluffy ears and tail before putting the new clothes on in haste. Once dried and clothed, he figures it’s best to get this whole thing over with since it’ll happen sooner or later anyways, so he walks out and searches for his mother whom he finds in her new office, putting some documents away and filing them in their own separate cabinets. She frowns at the intrusion, then a gentle smile overtakes her features upon seeing the fluffy state Jimin is in. He didn’t really try to look like anything special — was too lazy to alter his looks in any way.


His blond hair shines in the light prettily, kind of damaged from the bleaching it had to take a few days prior but still looking thick and beautiful just like the rest of him. Jimin has always been naturally pretty and confident in his looks, so the times when he felt like he had to look a certain way to impress someone are very seldom and far in between. 


“Good! C’mon.” Naeun drops whatever she’s doing at the sight of him which always feels so sweet to Jimin and he can’t figure out why. Seeing his mother disregard anything else even when the matter is so small and insignificant is exactly the right dose of validation and confirmation of love that Jimin needs sometimes. 


He’s always been very emotional and clingy to people he loves. It’s his thing to be really touchy with everyone, to be vocal about how much he loves them or appreciates their company. Dropping things to be there for a reason is like second nature to him, so getting it in return is something he appreciates to no end.


However, as the pair walk down the steps, he can’t help but be curious anyway.


“Why do I need to meet him?” With a curious side-eye Jimin walks down the steps lazily, his tail twitches behind him once or twice before it relaxes and hangs down all soft and sweet. “It’s not like we’re going to become best friends.”


Shaking her head, Naeun directs a harmless glare his way before sighing and moving away from him. “Minie.” Her voice is full of warning. “You don’t know anyone here, it will only do you good.”


The kitten knows his mother is right; Jimin has always had trouble making friends, especially when he’s the new guy in town and even though this whole thing feels very calculated and almost clinical, at least Jimin can see the effort behind it.


His nerves are on high alert, fingers kind of going numb at the prospect of how the other will react to their meeting, but Jimin is trying to keep it together. What is the worst thing he could do? He can’t be mean, or Jimin is sure he will lose the job and that settles him down somewhat. However, there’s nothing that would prepare him for what he’s about to see as the two walk out into the backyard, towards the large swimming pool.


The stranger is tall and facing the pool. Back muscles hard and rippling under the sun as he glides the cleaning rod underwater, trying to get all the fallen leaves and any other small thing that’s made it into the water out. Jimin tries to look over the other some more, but Naeun must have something else in mind since she calls out and gets the stranger’s attention.


“Jeongguk!” Her voice is loud, overpowers that of the loud filter pipe going in the distance. “A second of your time please.”


Jeongguk turns around and if Jimin was anxious before, he’s even worse now, though he refuses to say anything, let alone act like something is wrong and give away the state of his nerves. He’s just so fucking attractive even at the first glance Jimin could explode in his spot if he could. The kitten tries so very hard to keep all the excited kitty sounds threatening to come out of his mouth at bay and so far, he’s doing a good job at it, however, his scent must give him away since his mother’s scandalized eyes find his own and instruct him to relax silently. Jimin tries so hard, so hard , but whatever gods made Jeongguk have clearly tried harder.


“Yes, hello!” Jeongguk greets back. There’s dark purple scales lining his forearms, and Jimin wonders what kind of a hybrid the other must be, but that’s such an intimate subject he could never dare and ask him that anytime soon. Maybe if they get closer, when they get closer, Jimin can ask such a question then. Jeongguk is supposed to come here every weekend anyways, and Jimin loves sunbathing way too much so it’s not like he won’t have an excuse to basically live out here anyway.


“Hi,” Jimin’s shy voice rings out at a much lower volume that he intended but if Jeongguk’s answering smile is any indication, his ears must be sharp enough to have caught it. Some kind of a reptilian… But what kind?! Jimin wonders to himself, not being able to take his eyes off Jeongguk’s scaled arms. Now that he’s gotten closer, he can see the same dusting of dark purple along his neck and stomach which bleeds into an impressive set of abs and Jimin feels like he’s short of breath. It’s so embarrassing, they’ve literally only said two words to one another and the kitten is already halfway drowning in Jeongguk. Would love to drown in his scent too but it’s way too early to think about that now.


Jeongguk’s voice is raspy but not too deep, just right, just the right pitch for Jimin to already feel a lick of heat at the base of his tummy. “Mr. Park, I presume?”


“Yes!” Naeun answers after a few seconds of waiting. It had gotten awkward and Jimin only realized it too late. He just can’t stop staring at the other’s face. It’s just so perfect and handsome, Jimin is sure he’s never seen anyone quite like this before.


His eyes are sparkling under the light, kind of squinting at the kitten and his mother because of the scorching sun getting in his eyes. Perfect eyebrows line the space right above his eyes, bleeding into a soft, round nose and slim pink lips. There’s a tiny mole underneath his bottom lip that looks especially cute and Jimin has a sudden want to cover it in kisses— soon . The other hybrid seems sturdy and strong, his muscles thick and looking hard underneath his skin. Jimin’s fingertips itch, wanting to touch and examine all the tattoos the other’s arms and part of his chest are covered with, but he can’t. He can’t and he knows it.


Jeongguk seems nice, even the tone of his voice is so soft despite the rasp in it. His mother and Jeongguk keep talking about something and Jimin is thankful for it since he clearly can’t get his act together to join in on the conversation without seeming like a silly hybrid with a crush.


Jimin can’t believe he was anxious about this. Of meeting Jeongguk when he already seems so friendly and nice. His looks are just an added bonus that the kitten won’t mind staring at for days on end.


“—right Jimin?” Naeun’s voice clears up the haze in Jimin’s mind, finally, and he just stands there with a confused expression, wondering what he’s supposed to agree to.


“Sorry, what?”


“You’ll show Jeongguk around the guesthouse pond later?” Jimin cannot fathom as to why a pool cleaner would need to see a koi fish pond, however he agrees hastily and curls his tail around his naked thigh. 


Once his mother bids both of them goodbye, she walks away and leaves the pair alone to their own devices. It’s awkward, he flushes in embarrassment as it crawls up Jimin’s chest and suffocates him; however, it does nothing to aid him and think of something to talk to the other about. It’s always been like this, Jimin’s conversational skills aren’t the best with strangers no matter how welcoming they seem. 


One thing is certain though, Jimin finds Jeongguk insanely hot and definitely wants to do something about it. Even if he has to learn a whole new skill and converse with the other about the weather and make it seem like the most interesting thing on the planet, then so be it.


“I don’t want to get in your way,” Jimin comments with a smile as he steps back and sits down on one of the soft sunbeds near the pool. Jeongguk gives him a confused look before smiling at him and turning away, gliding the rod in the water again, trying to collect all the leaves before putting the chemicals in to balance the acidity of the water. Jimin doesn’t understand any of it, what he does understand though is that Jeongguk is a hot hybrid with an amazing body and no shirt on so he has no problem with sitting there and watching him clean the pool all day.


“You won’t get in my way, kind of hard to with you sitting so far away.” Oh. Oh. So he’s not above flirting with his boss’ son, good to know .


Smirking, Jimin feels much more at ease. Flirting with hot guys is one of his favorite pastimes. “Oh?” Jimin plays along, biting his pinky nail as he does so. “Sounds like you want me closer, hm?”


Chuckling, Jeongguk gets the rod out of the water and puts it away, picking a box of white powder up instead. “Does it?” He says, turning around and looking at Jimin straight on. “I was just making an observation.”


Jimin feels like someone threw cold water all over him. The embarrassment is light but still there, so, he raises a perfectly sculpted brow and purses his lips. “Shame,” He starts and gets up, adjusting his shorts over his ass and snapping the tight material of it against his ass. Jeongguk licks his lips at the sound. “I’d come closer if you just ask.” Jimin comments and smiles at him sweetly, then turns around and arches his back just right, kitty ears twitching and tail swaying behind him to accentuate his hips. 


Hearing Jeongguk’s frustrated sigh behind him, Jimin wants to giggle but knows Jeongguk’s sensitive ears will hear him if he lets it slip. Still, strangely, he feels some kind of fulfillment fill him up the farther he walks and leaves the other hybrid behind him.


“Let me know when you want to see the pond, Jeonggukie!” He calls back without looking back and bites his bottom lip. The kitten hears a faint growl-like sound, surely coming from Jeongguk behind him but he doesn’t turn to check; figures he’ll find out what it is soon enough anyway.






The sun shines right into Jimin’s squinted eyes, so he adjusts his large sunglasses onto his face and leans back into the sunbed. The soft blue material feels amazing against his skin, tail flicking against it once in a while and sounding a muted thud as he does so. He’s been laying here for around half an hour now and Jeongguk is still nowhere to be seen, however, this doesn’t deter him at all. The kitten hybrid loves the sun — most of the time — so he has no issue sunbathing for hours and doing little to nothing. He’s getting quite bored though, so, taking his phone, he dials Namjoon’s number and holds the phone up to his face, careful to hold it at a distance and not right up against his skin — the last thing he wants is a pimple right on his face.


“To what do I owe this pleasure?” Namjoon’s voice is loud and sudden, it makes Jimin giggle, always excited to talk to one of his best friends. He misses the other terribly, now that he lives in a different town they don’t see each other as much so talking to him over the phone is the next best thing.


“Just missed you,” Jimin speaks into the phone. “Wait, let me put Taehyung on.”


Once all of them are on the line, their greetings are just an excited babble of words. All of them speak over each other and it’s so hard to distinguish who’s saying what that it kind of makes Jimin want to cry. He’s missed this so badly, wishes he had both of them right here beside him.


“You guys need to come visit me before I lose my mind here.” Jimin whines and pouts, even though they can’t see him, both can hear the petulance in his voice. “I can’t exist without you two.”


“You too! We could have a sleepover at my place,” Taehyung responds, he’s always the one to ask people to visit him instead of it being the other way around. His laziness is stupidly adorable to Jimin, however not everyone thinks so. Good thing Taehyung isn’t the kind of person who cares about what other people think of him.


Smiling, Jimin decides to speak. “Maybe—“


“What the hell! Ya’ll come to me, this is so unfair! You know I can’t leave Moni—“


“Are you seriously refusing to visit me because of your dog—“


“Guys,” Jimin speaks over them both, giggling cutely at the other two bickering as they usually do. “I’m sure we can manage something, I just know I need to see you before I do something stupid.”


“Is this about your loverboy hybrid?” Taehyung’s knowing voice is teasing and filled with humor, an excited “ooooh” from Namjoon filling in the silence while Jimin thinks of something to say. 




“It is!” Namjoon chuckles. “Fuck him.”


A bout of giggles bursts out of Taehyung then turns into a cough because of lack of oxygen. “Hello?!”  


“Stop!” Jimin is sure he blushes right up to his ears, good thing no one is here to witness it. “I’m trying.


“Well, try harder.” Taehyung’s voice sounds amused and airy, the kitten hybrid can’t tell if he’s being serious, but still takes his words as such.


“I don’t just want to fuck him though,” Jimin says, mock melancholy lacing his words as he turns to the side and adjusts his yellow thong between his meaty cheeks, stretching on the sunbed and purring at the warmth hitting his skin.




“Does our Jiminie have a crush?!” Namjoon is elated if the tone of his voice is any indication. Jimin rolls his eyes even if neither can see him, feels appropriate to him.


Giggling, Jimin looks around, still no sign of Jeongguk so he’s safe. “Maybe.”


The absolute chaos this one single word causes is just simply incredible. It fills Jimin up with joy to see his best friends being so supportive of him even when they’ve never even seen Jeongguk or spoken with him to form their own opinions on him and give some kind of advice to the kitten. Jimin thinks if they ever meet in the future, they’re going to love him and he can’t wait for that to happen. He needs to get Jeongguk on a date first though, and if he gets his way, that won’t take too long.


“That’s so cute—“ Taehyung starts sweetly but Namjoon cuts him off before he can finish.


“You sure about this though?” The question is kind of confusing; is Jimin sure of what? That he wants to get fucked into next Sunday by Jeongguk? Yes. That he wants to go on a few dates with him and get to know him? Also yes.


“What do you mean?” Jimin questions, sensitive ears twitching at the sound of a heavy truck engine pulling up in the driveway. He’s here. A jolt of electricity passes through him, it’s been like this ever since the second week of Jeongguk coming here. It’s been close to three months now, and every time, Jimin feels like his excitement will consume him whole.


“Here we go,” Teaehyung’s voice turns bored, teasing. “Always the voice of reason, huh?”


“Well, someone has to be.” Namjoon giggles cutely into the phone, Moni’s barks sounding off in the distance from his end. “Be careful though, Jimin. He works for your family, if it doesn’t work out, he’s out of a job.”


Jimin hasn’t really thought about it that way, and now he feels bad. The kitten has been too consumed with his want of being near Jeongguk, the want to be all over him and get to know him even better than he already has over the months. He’s never been as bold as he’s about to be today though, so he’s excited and scared.


“I will be, I promise.” Jimin’s voice is much more serious now, knowing the severity of his actions if things go wrong. He has absolutely no intention of breaking Jeongguk’s heart or his contract with his family. “He’s here though, I gotta go.”


“Choosing dick over your best friends… I have seen it all.” Namjoon tries keeping the laughter away from his voice but Taehyung’s booming voice overtakes him soon enough.


“Jimin and Jeongguk sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S—“


The kitten tries hard to stop himself from giggling but can’t help it, heart hammering in his chest like a drum once he sees the gates to the back yard opening slowly, signaling Jeongguk’s arrival so Jimin quickly ties a thin wrap around his waist, wanting to take it off once the dragon gets inside for the full effect. He bids a quick goodbye to the two boys, not even knowing if they heard him as they had their own conversation going on at that point.


Jeongguk walks in, all tall and thick and pretty . He’s just so fucking pretty Jimin can’t wrap his mind around it sometimes. His high cheekbones dust with pink every time Jimin shakes his ass a certain way or flirts with him, but he doesn't fool Jimin. Jeongguk is just as much of a menace as Jimin is — if not more.


As he comes closer, Jeongguk smiles widely and waves at Jimin. The scales on his forearms glinting in the light prettily are hypnotizing, Jimin could drool but he saves that for the day when he can drool at Jeongguk’s cock too. Shaking his head side to side to get rid of his filthy thoughts, Jimin waves back and waits for the other to come closer, watching his muscles flex as he carries all the equipment needed to clean the pool thoroughly like he always does.


“Hey,” Jeongguk greets, wiping the sweat off his brow as he sets everything down and starts setting things up. “Were you waiting for me, hm?”


“You wish,” Jimin giggles and bites his bottom lip, playing his laugh up to sound more airy and flirty than usual. “I just came here, is that allowed?” Big eyes accompanied by an even bigger pout and Jimin knows he’s got Jeongguk wrapped right around his little finger. It’s so cute, so cute , Jimin loves every time it happens and wishes he could squish Jeongguk but he can’t; he can’t and it makes him sad. How much longer will he have to wait for Jeongguk to finally make the move?


Jimin could do it himself, sure, but he loves when the other person does it first. It makes him feel like he’s desired and wanted by the same person that he wants and there’s nothing quite like it that he could compare the feeling to.


“Oh, I didn’t think you— uh—“ Jeongguk sputters, the blush high up on his cheeks. It’s endearing, kind of sexy too.


“Oh,” Jimin giggles “I’m not gonna swim, I just wanted to lay in the sun. Is that—“ He takes off the wrap tied around his slim waist and reveals the yellow bikini underneath. “—Is that okay?”


“Yeah—“ Jeongguk is clearly nervous, picking up the chemicals instead of the usual cleaning rod he starts with; it makes Jimin giggle, he loves having that effect on people. The kitten swishes his tail again, ears flattening out to his head as he gets comfortable on his stomach and arches his back, shaking his ass very slightly, just enough to make the soft flesh jiggle invitingly. “Jesus, fuck—“ Jeongguk whispers and the kitten can’t tell if he did it on purpose or if he just let it slip on accident. Regardless, Jimin gives a point to himself for it.




“Nah— uh nothing,” Jeongguk responds with a shake of his head and goes back to his work, not sparing a glance or showing any other kind of emotion apart from a deep sigh and a twitch of his leg. It’s strange, Jimin has never seen another hybrid show their frustration like this apart from dog hybrids and Jeongguk is clearly not that. He still doesn’t know what kind of a hybrid Jeongguk is and the latter hasn’t brought it up, which is why Jimin is too shy to do it himself and ask him about it.


He’s a reptilian for sure, because of the scales, a predator too if his red glinting eyes — when irritated — is any indication and if Jimin could present right here and now, he would. It’s incredibly attractive; Jimin has always wanted to be dominated by a predator, it had always been something he’s wanted to try. He’s always thought if he ever got the chance, it would be an amazing, unforgettable one night stand; he can’t help but want more with Jeongguk. He can only hope Jeongguk will want the same too.


Only after about thirty more minutes of small talk pass, does Jimin get really bored. He doesn’t know what to do, keeps turning and tossing in the sunbed wanting to get comfortable but being unable to do so. His back feels particularly hot and uncomfortable, too late does he realize he never put any sunscreen on.


“Jeonggukie,” Jimin starts, a pout on his lips and voice kind of whiny, “Can you do me?”


Jeongguk sputters and turns around at once; he’s blushing once again but still, there’s a smirk on his lips. “Pardon?!”


“I meant the sunscreen, silly,” giggling, Jimin waves the bottle around, uncapping it once he stops and waits for Jeongguk to answer him. There’s some clear hesitation, at the end of the day, Jeongguk is doing his job and has all the rights to refuse. Judging from the way he drops the cleaning rod on the stone edge of the pool and comes closer though, Jimin is sure he’s just as excited for this as the kitten hybrid is. 


Jimin can feel the other’s hands are shaking a little as he places both of them on the small of his back and gets comfortable on the sun bed — as comfortable as he can get. “Give me the bottle.” Jeongguk’s voice is deep and kind of demanding, it sparks something in Jimin. Something that turns him on incredibly. 


He leans forward to take the sunscreen off from the side patio table, gripping it in his short and chubby fingers before he hands it off to Jeongguk, who uncaps it quickly enough and squeezes some into his large hands. Nothing can prepare Jimin for how the other’s hands feel like on his back, he knows Jeongguk’s just putting sunscreen on him — but it feels like so much more than that. 


The way Jeongguk’s fingers dig into his back and rub up and down, it feels like an intimate massage and Jimin can’t get enough. A couple mewls escape from his lips against his will, one meow as well and his ears flatten to his head in embarrassment. Jeongguk just chuckles fondly and continues what he’s doing. It feels amazing, all the knots are worked hard out of Jimin’s skin, back aflame and getting hotter and hotter every time Jeongguk’s hands slide around or squeeze his flesh just right . The kitten wants him to move deeper, lower, so he arches his back and feels his hands end up at the dip of his waist, right above his venus dimples he’s so proud of.


“You’re enjoying this huh?” Jeongguk is amused, his voice low and sultry, inviting Jimin to dig deeper and get lost in the other. He’s ready to do just that, ready to give anything up for the other and it should be kind of worrying but Jimin really couldn't care less. If Jeongguk asked him to jump right now, he’d ask how high.


Jeongguk’s humorous chuckle brings Jimin out of his thoughts, he makes a curious sound that sounds a little like another meow but not quite, it’s fucking adorable. “Your tail,” The other hybrid comments, “You keep flicking it, babe— uh, Jimin.” 


Jimin doesn’t know how he doesn’t just quite literally explode right then and there at the pet name. It’s the first time it has happened and, oh, what Jimin wouldn’t do for it to happen again. He doesn’t comment on it though, afraid it will make things weird or make Jeongguk think he crossed a line when he did anything but. Jimin curls his tail against his own naked thigh and apologizes meekly, burrowing into the sunbed, ready to bask in the massage.


“You know,” Jeongguk starts and Jimin’s ears stand up in curiosity to hear him better. “If you want me so bad you can just tell me.”


Jimin’s heart lurches in his throat, beating stupidly fast to the point where he wonders if this is even healthy or possible. He doesn’t know what to do, there are so many thoughts in his head that he doesn’t know which one to listen to. “That’s no fun, right?” is the phrase he decides to go with instead, trying to test the limits of how much he can push before Jeongguk finally relents and gives him what he wants — what they both want.


“So you admit it?”


“Do you think I wear bikinis and shake my ass in front of every random person?!” There’s really no use in hiding it anymore, both of them know what’s happening here and what has been happening since they met.


“Well, I don’t know.” Jeongguk starts and Jimin raises a brow in question, looking over him from his shoulder through his sunglasses. “But I was hoping I’m special,”


Jimin giggles heartily, soft airy sounds bubbling over his lips as he blushes and hides his face in his forearm shyly. To Jeongguk these drastic changes in Jimin are incredibly adorable. Seeing how the latter can go from being so daring and sultry — ready to get whatever he wants, he can also turn so shy and cute in just a blink of an eye. At the newfound — or newly acknowledged — information, Jeongguk lets himself trail his fingers lower and lower, finally arriving at their destined place and squeezing his ass hard. Jimin grunts deep in his throat, arching his waist even more and chasing Jeongguk’s hand — it kind of makes Jeongguk’s brain short circuit. 


“Your ass is fucking insane,” Jeongguk groans, voice scratchy and filled with desire while his hands squeeze and prod at Jimin’s cheeks like they’re two mounds of squishy dough. Jimin enjoys it the best he can, it’s the most freeing feeling and he can’t put his finger on as to why. Perhaps because he got the guy, finally, after trying for months on end. Maybe putting it that way is speaking too boldly, but since Jimin already has Jeongguk on his hook, he doesn’t plan on letting him go anytime soon.


Jimin manages to smile softly, an embarrassing purr coming out along with it which just sounds too loud for Jimin’s liking. Jeongguk doesn’t mind it though, chuckling at the state Jimin is in, and he leaves the kitten’s ass alone to lightly tug at his tail instead. It’s always so sensitive, Jimin tugs on it sometimes when he’s three fingers deep inside himself and his slick is dripping down onto his forearm. Mewling, Jimin reaches back and clasps Jeongguk’s wrists in his own, dragging his large hands up towards his waist again. He doesn’t really want to rid himself of the warmth that they provide, but the need to be even bigger of a tease toward Jeongguk overshadows it. 


Jimin hears Jeongguk grunt deep in his chest, but he shows no other complaint about their current position; just continues rubbing at the kitten’s waist and back. His hands travel all over the expanse of Jimin’s back, goosebumps blooming in their wake. It’s so soothing that somewhere in the middle of Jeongguk’s deep breaths and Jimin’s purrs, the latter closes his eyes. He doesn’t even tell Jeongguk to stop, figures that he’ll stop eventually anyway — not like they can sit here for the rest of the day. 


The kitten cannot even bother to open his mouth, let alone turn around and look at the other to gouge his expression. He wonders what Jeongguk must look like or what he must be thinking in this predicament and the only thing he can do about it is just lay there and do just that — wonder. Jeongguk’s hands slow down gradually, the sunscreen has long seeped into Jimin’s skin now and the slide is kind of dry but not uncomfortable, now he can really feel what Jimin feels like and it’s exactly as he expected. He’s so soft and sweet that sometimes Jeongguk wishes he could confess already but he’s unsure of where they stand, doesn’t know if Jimin wants anything other than a quick hookup so he doesn’t say anything at all, worrying he might ruin everything. If a hookup is what the kitten wants, then Jeongguk is ready to give it to him and has been for weeks now.


Their attraction towards each other had been quick and strong right from the start — Jeongguk can’t help it. The other is just so insanely pretty and looks delectable all the time, he’s the reason as to why the dragon can’t clean the pool properly whenever he’s around so he doesn’t know how, or when, but it’s all leading up to them coming together one way or another and it’s apparent neither want to stop it from happening. Jeongguk’s mind has short circuited at least five times since he’s gotten his hands on Jimin’s clear skin and he doesn’t know what world he saved in his past lifetime to be here now but he doesn’t question it. Just lets Jimin’s purrs spur him on.


Jimin mewls one last time and reaches back again to take one of Jeongguk’s hands in his. They hold hands in the sun, Jeongguk’s scales are warm and inviting when the kitten runs his fingers over them over and over and wonders if Jeongguk can feel it, feel it like something that’s part of his skin or if it’s just there for protection. However, he doesn’t get to ask any of this when his mind starts sinking deeper and deeper into his subconscious. He sees a million different shapes behind his eyelids, it’s kind of trippy but he gets used to it quickly enough. Nuzzling into the sunbed, Jimin squeezes Jeongguk’s hand again and stops fighting the sleep that’s been trying to overtake him for minutes now. He knows Jeongguk won’t have anything against it nor will he do anything in Jimin’s sleep that he would refuse, so, Jimin relaxes farther into the softness and falls asleep; his purrs die down into his throat gradually, until there’s no sounds coming out of him anymore, just soft huffs of breath and some mewls here and there; babbling in his sleep.


The next time Jimin opens his eyes, the sun has long gone down and the whole backyard is drowning in the low light of the evening. He’s disoriented for a while, notices Jeongguk is nowhere to be seen which is expected since his shift ends whenever he finishes cleaning the pool and the koi pond that Jimin’s mother puts way too much effort into. Jimin never understood it but it makes her happy so he doesn’t comment. Just tells her it’s really pretty when she decides to order some new plants for it.


He hears something in the distance, though, and he doesn’t realize where it’s coming from before he turns and notices his father waving at him to get his attention from the back porch. “Jimin!” He calls again, voice scratchy and tired. “If you’re tired, sleep inside.”


“Coming,” Jimin calls back weakly, his limbs are still tired and half asleep so he can’t even move yet which irritates him a lot. Still, he lays back down on his back and flicks his tail a few times before curling it around his thigh. What had happened hours before just seems like a faraway dream now; he can’t believe he was so daring and basically confessed to Jeongguk that he wanted him. The kitten giggles to himself knowingly, his blush deep and setting high up on his cheeks.


If he’s been waiting for Jeongguk to come around every weekend before this, he’s even more excited to see the other now. Even if they don’t talk about what happened, all Jimin knows is that he wants those being hands on himself again and he won’t force himself to hide it anymore.


“Jimin! Come on.” His father’s voice booms again and he jumps in his spot, not expecting the sound. He yells “ coming!” back once again before actually getting up from the sunbed and adjusting his thong between his soft cheeks before he grabs the swimsuit cover and ties it around his waist again.


Just as he’s about to step inside the house, his phone buzzes in his hand. Looking down, Jimin sees a text from Namjoon:


So?? Did y’all fuck yet or what? 💁”





Clear liquid shakes inside the small shot glass; Jimin doesn’t wait for it to settle before he’s throwing his head back and downing it in one go. It burns deliciously in his throat, the lime juice explodes in his mouth soon enough when he bites the wedge before throwing it away. 


“Jimin?” He doesn’t even remember the name of the person calling for him, this pool party was a horrible idea. Still, the kitten plasters a smile on his face and turns around from the kitchen bar, waiting for the other to speak and giving them an expectant look. “Coming?”


Nodding softly, Jimin responds. “Yes, I’ll be there in a second.” He has no intention of being there in a second but he can’t just go ghost mode on his own party so he figures he can at least go out and sunbathe while the other ten or fifteen or twenty people jump all over each other and drink their weight in alcohol. This has so much potential to go south and Jimin is simply not here for it — or the cleanup after. He helps the people his parents hire to clean up the mess left behind the parties most times, because he feels weird about sitting there doing nothing while other people take care of the disarray he contributed to.


He only wishes that Jeongguk would magically show up some way, if only he was here he wouldn’t be ready to smash his head into the nearest solid surface to escape the insufferable party he was basically forced to host. His parents have left for a date and promised to return home “later than usual.” which would usually excite Jimin but now he can’t stop counting down the minutes before they return.


The kitten’s mind goes back to Jeongguk as he stands there and picks up a champagne flute from the kitchen counter, filling it up himself even though he knows there’s many more waiting outside. Jimin wonders how his crush is doing, or what’s he doing matter of fact. They haven’t gone past the ass incident and surprisingly, it hasn’t been as awkward as Jimin had thought it would be. Instead, they’ve gotten much closer — learning about each other and bonding every single time Jeongguk comes around. Jimin has tried to ask him out so many times but he chickens out and flushes at the last second each and every time, the only upside of this is when Jeongguk teases him for blushing near him all the time for seemingly no reason.


It’s so much fun to just be with him, to exist alongside Jeongguk and bask in the attention the latter gives him; Jimin is so happy he’s scared it will all be taken away from him — surely things can’t just keep going as smoothly as they have. Before Jimin makes his anxiety worse, he hears his name being called again and rolls his eyes at being interrupted.


Walking outside, what he doesn’t expect to see is a clueless Jeongguk standing right beside the gates with his cleaning rod in hand looking like he’s just walked in on something he shouldn’t have. It brings an innocent smile to Jimin’s face, however he’s still confused. Jeongguk shouldn’t be here — not that Jimin doesn’t want him to be here, he just shouldn’t be working so seeing him in his uniform and supplies makes him frown.


Jimin places the champagne flute he had grabbed seconds before on one of the nearby patio tables and walks up to Jeongguk with quick steps, questions bubbling at his lips as to what’s going on. 




Jeongguk smiles shyly, kind of looking out of place with how stiff his shoulders have gotten the closer the kitten walks to him. “I don’t think I’m supposed to be here.” He tries to laugh but it comes out like a strained groan. Jimin’s frown gets deeper.


“Did my parents not reschedule?” It’s a stupid question, because, obviously they haven’t but Jimin can’t ask anything else without sounding rude. He doesn’t want to come across like he wants the other to leave — quite the contrary. He’s been dying to see a familiar face around here since none of his friends could come to the party. To this second Jimin doesn’t understand why he’d needed to host a party for all his neighbors in his age range but trying to reason with his parents once they’ve made up their mind is like asking pigs to fly.


Jeongguk laughs, it’s humorous but Jimin can still detect an ounce of annoyance in it which makes him want to make everything better and ask what’s wrong even though he already has an answer to that question. “Nope, they didn’t.”


The kitten doesn’t really know what to say, so he opts for stepping back and trying not to frown at the other. It’s useless to apologize now but Jimin doesn’t want him to go away either. He can always offer to pay for Jeongguk’s time and pretend like he finished his shift but for some reason Jimin feels like that would offend him so he decides against it.


There’s a million things he could say, the least he could do is apologize for completely forgetting to reschedule and not make the other waste his time like this but the only words that comes out is said in such an excited tone with so much enthusiasm that a blush overtakes his delicate features at once. “Stay! C’mon let’s go inside.”


Jeongguk’s eyebrows shoot up towards his hairline comically, it’s so cute, makes him seem more boyish and less like a big, scary dragon hybrid that he is. Jimin doesn’t even remember how he managed to survive the first time Jeongguk told him. It had been a simple sunday afternoon — a week after Jeongguk had given him the massage — and while staring at his dark purple scales letting off an iridescent glow in the sunlight, Jimin asked the question without thinking much about it. “ Dragon, why?” Jeongguk had asked with a smirk, as if he already knew what the knowledge would do to Jimin before he zeroed in on the latter’s face to scope out his exact reaction.


“Stay?” Jeongguk parrots, “Here?”


“Where else, silly?” Jimin giggles and grabs his forearm, letting him drop all the supplies beside the gate and tugging Jeongguk in, towards the party where people are still being as energetic and annoying as before. “I’m really bored, I’m glad you’re here.”


“Jimin, I don’t really belong here.” Jeongguk laughs awkwardly and tries to back away. Jimin keeps tugging at him but he won’t budge — he has to be smart, knows his usual pouting won’t work now. Jeongguk’s comment does make him upset though, what in the world does it mean? Of course Jeongguk belongs here. Jeongguk belongs anywhere Jimin is.


“What do you mean?” Frowning, Jimin tugs on him again and again. He can tell the dragon is finding it amusing and doesn’t get even more upset solely because of this fact. “Of course you belong here!”


“Jimin, look around, and then look at me—“


Tilting his head to the side, Jimin takes his hands off of Jeongguk and steps back, hands folded over his middle in a defensive stance. “Don’t you dare finish that sentence.” 


Jeongguk laughs, humorous; then, he gives up and shrugs, stepping closer. “Fine, but I can’t stay for long.”


“It’s okay, we can kick everyone out and have our own party.” Giggling, Jimin takes Jeongguk’s wrist in his hand and continues walking with a brisk pace, babbling about how he doesn’t know anyone here and he doesn’t really plan on changing that fact. He doesn’t like anyone here, they seem pretentious and very surface level. Jimin has been spoiled his whole life, but thankfully he didn’t turn out that way.


“You’re judging them quite hard, huh?” Jeongguk laughs and raises his brow. Refusing the champagne flute Jimin extends to him, he sits down on one of the bean bangs towards the corner of the pool and looks around. He can’t really hear what the kitten says over the loud music, however he does feel a few pairs of eyes boring into his neck; it’s such an uncomfortable feeling, but who could ever say no to Jimin? If such a person exists, it’s certainly not Jeongguk.


Rolling his eyes at the dragon’s comment playfully, Jimin huffs and takes a large swig from his own glass. He probably shouldn’t be mixing different kinds of alcohol but he doesn’t really care enough to stop or ask anyone else if it’s safe. “Don’t they deserve it?”


Jeongguk looks taken aback, an unimpressed look on his face but he still looks amused. “Do they? Does anyone?”


“There’s nothing wrong with me finding a bunch of rich kids annoying,” Jimin starts and plops down right beside Jeongguk. “I’m being such a bad host.”


“You think?” There's a teasing lilt to his voice, but it’s still kind of awkward. Or maybe it’s just awkward to Jimin since he can’t stop thinking about Jeongguk’s hands on his ass. “I don’t think they really care, they seem to be having fun.”


Feeling daring, Jimin leans his head on Jeongguk’s toned shoulder and sighs.  “I wish they would leave and have fun on their own.” There's a purr ready to escape his lips but Jimin keeps himself calm, not wanting to embarrass himself further.


“You can always—“


“Who’s this?” Neither of them even notice a random brunet approach them. They’re tall and slender, Jimin doesn’t remember them walking in but he doesn’t really go too deep into his memories of earlier that day. What matters now is that they’re here and they’re interrupting Jimin’s quality time with Jeongguk. “A dragon?”


What the fuck. How do they even know what Jeongguk is when it had taken Jimin days to come to that conclusion and a couple months to dare and ask him. It’s such an intimate question, the kitten wants to roll his eyes and turn away. Why is everyone here so annoying?


“Uh, yeah.” Jeongguk nods stiffly, it’s so forced and robotic any self respecting hybrid would blush in embarrassment and walk away with their tail between their legs but clearly, it’s not this person since they smile mischievously and come closer. Jimin bristles, his tail twitching underneath him uncomfortably and ears flattening down on his pretty little head. “So?”


“Nothing, just surprised.”


Right, Jimin is even more irritated than seconds before. Probably more than he’s been today, even when one of the partygoers broke a few glasses by accident. “What’s so surprising?!” His voice is clearly displeased but it has an opposite effect on the hybrid before him; they smile.


“Nothing, don’t usually see a little domestic cat with a predator.” They shoot Jeongguk a dirty look, a cynical smile plastered all over their face like they know what they’re doing and loving the reaction they get. Jimin hisses against his will, so much for not wanting the other to get under his skin. He’s heard a lot about domestic hybrids disliking predators, but he’s never seen it first hand; it makes the blood sizzle in his veins, feeling his anger intensify the more the silence extends.


Jeongguk is quiet, avoiding the whole interaction and pretending he can’t hear the exchange. Jimin thinks this is what he’s been trying to avoid by his hesitation at the start. Guilt suffocates him with every second that passes but he can’t think of himself right now.


Calculating his next step, Jimin wants to defend Jeongguk even if the latter refuses to do so himself. “I think you need to leave us alone.”


“I’m just making an observation.” They shrug, uncaring off what their observation has caused. “No need to be so upset, right?” They turn to Jeongguk now and look him up and down, face contorted in such a way that clearly suggests how little they think of him.


Jeongguk is still silent, hot breaths loud and demanding attention as the other eggs him on and on, clearly trying to push him to the highest degree of anger to try and see what he will do. With a few more exchanges, Jimin stands up and demands for them to leave but Jeongguk beats him to it and stands up right behind him. “What a miserable life you must live to come here and do this shit completely unprovoked.” He laughs cynically. “What exactly are you implying?”


“Oh, I think you know exactly what I’m implying.” The stranger laughs, emotionless, almost bordering on angry at being challenged. “Are you going to breathe fire now—“


Jimin can’t even wrap his mind around what’s happening before Jeongguk is surging forward but his senses are quick enough to hold him back and get in between the pair. The dragon is positively seething with anger, his face getting redder by the second and scales extending from his skin more than they usually do. It’s a fascinating sight, but Jimin doesn’t have enough time to stand and admire Jeongguk like he deserves. His own rage overshadows any other feelings his body fosters quite quickly, turning around towards the stranger while keeping a warning hand behind himself to reach Jeongguk and touch his skin; he hopes at least that will keep him at bay for now.


“Get the fuck out of my house. Now!” His voice is deep and filled with warning, tail standing up in alarm and fluffy ears leaning back towards the back of his head; the kitten doesn’t really remember the last time he was this upset, he usually tries to not get involved in things that will ruin his mood since he’s a very emotional person and whatever upsets him stays with him for weeks sometimes, but for Jeongguk? For Jeongguk, he doesn’t really care.


He cares about Jeongguk more than he cares about his emotional state which could be worrying since they’re not even that close but Jimin really couldn't care less.


Once the only thing Jimin gets in return from the stranger is an incredulous look, offended at the daring stance the kitten has taken, Jimin steps forward, “Never show your face near either of us again.”


“All this for a predator,” the other chuckles bitterly. “Sad.”


“Sad?!” Jeongguk parrots from behind Jimin, trying to get the latter’s hands off himself and move forward again but the kitten keeps him at bay. Jimin knows Jeongguk could overtake him if he wanted to, he’s much stronger and both of them know it, but the fact that the dragon stays back even when he doesn’t particularly want to makes Jimin want to cry with joy. At least someone at this stupid party is being rational.


“The only sad thing is your existence.” bristling, Jimin can’t keep the hiss from his voice, “your life is insignificant so you decide to take your anger out on innocent people. Get the fuck out of my house, don’t make me repeat it again.”


“Cat’s got some claws, huh?” It’s incredible how detached the stranger is, still having the nerve to continue the conversation when it’s so clear what his behavior has caused. The audacity is disgusting and surprising at the same time, Jimin has never quite seen anyone like this before and hopes to never come across them again.


A little crowd has formed around them, some people looking at the argument with fiery eyes, clearly hoping for an escalation and others trying to make them break it up. Jimin’s closest neighbor — Hoseok, Jimin thinks he’s called — comes in at the last minute, face contorted in disappointment and grabs the intruder to hold him back and make him leave but the latter resists, annoyingly enough. “If it wasn’t for Jimin I would’ve ripped you to fucking shreds,” Jeongguk’s voice is incredibly controlled and devoid of emotion, it sounds scary to most, dominant and assertive to Jimin. He’s the farthest thing from scared, just wants to see Jeongguk put this little bitch in their place but this is no time for an even bigger scene.


“What’s that on your shirt?” Jimin hears directed at Jeongguk as this sorry excuse of a human tilts his head and tries to make out the pool cleaning company’s name printed on it. “Min n’ sons huh?” It’s so clear what he’s planning on doing and Jimin can only pray for him to be bluffing, pray that he’s not actually planning on getting Jeongguk fired for a misunderstanding that wasn’t even his fault.


“Leave!” The kitten repeats again, moving forward with claws extended out of his knuckles to push at them but Hoseok is quick to drag the other away and out of Jimin’s reach; he shakes his head, mumbling a quick “ it’s not worth it, Jimin.” Before he starts walking and dragging the stranger with him.


“I wonder what your boss will think about having such a violent fucker working for him—“ is what they call out when Hoseok nears the gate, this sets Jeongguk off even more and the kitten wants to cry. Jeongguk doesn’t deserve any of this, it’s so horrible and heart wrenching to see him having to deal with such absurdity when he didn’t even do anything wrong. It makes him wonder how many times Jeongguk has had to deal with stupid assholes harassing him for just existing.


Jeongguk’s eyes are filled with anger, his forehead vein bulging and throbbing as it pumps the blood to his brain. His scales are more extended than they’ve ever been before, they look sharp and scary but Jimin doesn’t care at all; he’d caress them and admire them all in the same breath if he wasn’t preoccupied with holding an armful of Jeongguk back from lunging at the other while yells of profanities leave his sweet mouth. 


“You can kiss your job—“


“That’s enough!” Hoseok’s yell overpowers everything else, even the scandalized chatter of everyone else standing around there. Jimin barely has any energy left for them so he quickly directs a dirty look towards them all and tells them to leave, to go away and fuck off. He didn’t care about any of them, much less now that they’ve stood around with their noses up in the air judging Jeongguk as if he’s done anything wrong. The only decent person here had been Hoseok and Jimin makes a mental note to thank him later.


Once everyone clears out one by one and leaves the pair alone, only then does Jimin manage to get a good look at Jeongguk and soften at how upset he looks. 


His eyes are glassy though not tearful and Jimin wonders if that’s just another indication of Jeongguk’s anger and hybrid side. There must be something other than extending scales and red tinted eyes, he’s sure. Jimin’s own claws retract back into his fingers as he gradually comes down from the high of his anger, trying to discern what Jeongguk must be thinking about.


“Hey, hey…” Jimin’s voice is soft and collected, hands gripping his face and thumbs swiping over his cheekbones. There’s slight stubble on his face but Jimin loves the scratch, would love to feel it against his own face sometime. “Jeonggukie,”


Jeongguk huffs angrily, closing his eyes when Jimin reaches up and runs his hands through his hair. “I’m fine.”


“I’m sorry.”


“Not like you asked them to come up to me.” Chuckling bitterly, Jeongguk steps back. Jimin feels like he’s just been punched in the gut but if being alone is what he needs, Jimin is ready to give it to him.


“I don’t know what to say… I’m just… You’re none of those things, Jeongguk.” Whispering, Jimin can’t help but go closer again. So much for wanting to stay away. 


“Aren’t I?” Jeongguk’s voice is bordering on cynical and the kitten doesn’t like one bit of it. He’s not used to Jeongguk like this. “I told you I didn’t belong here. And you didn’t believe me.”


“Just because some shithead ruined our night—“


“They were right.” Jeongguk laughs, turning his back to Jimin but then changing his mind at the last second so he turns back around and faces Jimin head on. “You know they were. I don’t belong here, I’m not like you and I never will be.”


“Why are you saying that?!”


“Because it’s true!” Jeongguk raises his voice, however it’s not enough for Jimin to step back and give up. “It’s true, whatever this is—“ Jeongguk waves his hands and looks up to the sky, “—it’s never going to work. You’re having fun with me now, flirting with me and—“


Jimin doesn't know what drowning feels like, but he thinks it’s close to what he’s feeling right now; disappointment fills him up mainly for himself rather than anyone else. He’s disappointed that he ever made Jeongguk feel like it was just some game to him, that he was using Jeongguk in any way or that he wasn’t taking the dragon seriously. “It’s not like that!”


“Isn’t it?! What are you planning, what future do we even have?!” pushing his hair back, Jeongguk shrugs emotionlessly. He doesn’t even look like he’s angry anymore which just makes the kitten feel even worse.


He’d rather take anything else than this, would rather willingly withstand Jeongguk’s anger than whatever he’s seeing now. “How long until you get bored of me? And then what?! I work for you, I work for your family and since that fucker will probably try to contact my boss anyway, what happens if you decide you don’t care that much about a hookup?”


Jimin wishes he wasn’t so emotional, wishes he could hold back the angry tears but he can’t. It’s always been like this; he’s always been too weak to not cry out of anger. The only thing he hopes for is that Jeongguk doesn’t think he’s crying out of sadness; because he’s not sad, just incredibly angry that Jeongguk would think like this about him. Jimin had thought he’d shown Jeongguk the kind of person he is until now, it’s disappointing to be faced with the opposite. 


He feels so many feelings towards Jeongguk and himself as well that he’s on the brink of giving up. Disappointment toward himself for not being good enough at showing his true self; disappointment toward Jeongguk for not realizing how sincere Jimin had been all this time.


“This has never been just a hookup for me—“


Jeongguk doesn’t let him finish; suddenly, he crowds all around him and wraps his hands around Jimin’s lithe waist. It’s an overwhelming feeling and the kitten feels like he’s kind of losing his grasp on reality but when Jeongguk connects their lips softly, so tenderly, Jimin wants to cry, to beg Jeongguk to stay, to not leave him and change his mind about this whole thing. Unfortunately, Jeongguk has a different plan in mind. He kisses Jimin for a few more moments, his fingers holding Jimin’s face gently and poking his chubby cheeks.


Jimin’s ears twitch over and over again, tail curling around Jeongguk’s waist to bring him closer to himself. Their torsos mold together, it’s warm and sweet and fills Jimin up with a desperate need to be touched even if they’d been fighting just ten seconds before. Jeongguk licks into his mouth wetly, groaning when Jimin parts his lips right away and sucks on his tongue for a moment before he licks at Jeongguk’s lower lip.


The kitten is purring and mewling in Jeongguk’s arms, but not for long since the latter leans away and detaches their lips suddenly, leaning his forehead against Jimin’s. The kitten had thought they’d at least work things out; thought that his words had somehow convinced Jeongguk of his true feelings and would make him realize there’s nothing they couldn’t figure out,but just one look at the dragon and his heart sinks to his stomach.


All along, Jeongguk was just saying goodbye.


His eyes are desperate and looking for something that Jimin can’t put his finger on. Sadness crawls its way into the kitten’s heart and clasps its bony hand around it, squeezing all the blood out until it’s run dry — unable to give any more. Jimin shakes his head as Jeongguk leans even farther back, eventually his hands fall from Jimin’s waist too, leaving the latter cold and alone. Suddenly the evening sun can’t warm Jimin up anymore, feels like a depressing winter night rather than a hot day of August.


“Jeongguk,” Jimin whispers, desperate and searching for something that Jeongguk cannot give him.


Jeongguk doesn’t look any better, scales almost fully retracted into his skin pathetically and his muscly arms coming around his own self to make him feel better. “I’m sorry, Jimin,” Whispering softly, Jeongguk steps back and turns to walk away.


“Jeongguk!” Jimin calls after him, praying for him to stop and turn around. Hoping to see that boyish smile again and realize all of this has just been a prank he cruelly played on him.


The dragon doesn’t say anything else, just walks away silently and Jimin has no energy to run after him. Especially if he’s refusing to believe a word Jimin says. All this time, he’s been trying to show Jeongguk his true self, even if half of it had been wrapped under a guise of flirty banter but still, it didn’t work.


Jimin watches as Jeongguk picks up his supplies that he had so carelessly dropped behind him just to follow Jimin in and make him happy. If only he’d known where it would end him up he would’ve never walked inside.


It’s getting dark, the sun dips behind the horizon and darker clouds make their way from the north, threatening a downpour. It’s already downpouring in Jimin’s heart as he watches someone he cares about so sincerely walk away from him and not spare him a glance.


Just as the first few drops of rain land on Jimin’s chubby cheeks, Jeongguk looks back one last time before he walks through the gates and shuts the door behind him. He doesn’t look much better than the kitten which worries Jimin even more since he’ll have to drive back. Jimin wants to call out to him once more, wants to tell him to be careful or offer a spare umbrella even if it’s useless for such a short walk; however, Jeongguk disappears from his line of sight in a few seconds and the only thing the kitten is left with is the onyx black of his gates.


Jimin can’t tell if it’s the rain or his tears slipping down his cheeks, and as he walks back inside all alone and miserable, he realizes he doesn’t really care.








“I mean… I get it.” Namjoon’s words are drawled out and raspy. He sucks on the cherry red lollipop, suckling on the sweet candy and Jimin doesn’t know if he wants to smack him or get his own lollipop out of his inside pocket and suck on it alongside him.


Frowning, he leans away into the chair and regards the other with an unimpressed look. He gets it too but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less. “Whose side are you on?!”


“The side of the truth!—“


Chuckling, Taehyung smacks him upside the head softly before bringing him closer to his neck and hugging him close. “Shut up.” It’s such a soft action; kind of makes Jimin want to cry and demand cuddles too. “It is completely unfair. I’m sorry, Jiminie… We will find you someone better!”


Taehyung’s heart is in the right place and the kitten appreciates how he clearly doesn’t really believe his own words but still wraps them in something that resembles confidence and reassurance for Jimin to believe them, but all three seated at the table know the truth. “I don’t want anyone better. No one is better.” Jimin murmurs pathetically, ears pulled back and laying flat to his head because he’s so upset. It’s such a sad sight, always works to get what he wants, but today he just wants Jeongguk and he can’t have him.


Earlier in the day, Jimin had begged his parents to leave him alone and not make him go to the annual charity gala they host; but all of them have fallen on deaf ears. He had pouted and acted petulant on purpose, even hissing at his own closet when he couldn’t find anything pretty enough to wear. The only thing that still had him going was the promise of seeing his friends for the first time in a few weeks and the kitten had almost bursted out in tears once his eyes focused on Taehyung’s large smile and open arms, Namjoon following close behind him.


All this time, he hadn’t been able to take his mind off the kiss and the fight that happened before it. Jimin thinks his mind is a specially made torture device to be used against him subconsciously since he can’t stop replying the events before his eyes. However, it never fails to break his heart over and over again — he cannot get the feeling of Jeongguk’s soft yet kind of chapped lips out of his brain, can’t stop thinking about his taste, his smell; the way he had taken Jimin’s jaw in his hands so softly and the way he had left so cold-heartedly, leaving Jimin alone in the cold night and looking like his own world had been ending too.


Above anything else, Jimin is worried about him. The kitten knows there’s no way Jeongguk doesn’t feel anything for him. It’s unreasonable to think so considering how Jeongguk had treated him and how much care he always regarded Jimin with.


Above anything else, Jimin only hopes to god that he’s not blaming himself for breaking the kitten’s heart because while he had done just that, he was also protecting himself and forcing himself to believe something completely ridiculous and untrue.


It’s such a complex and delicate situation the little kitten doesn’t know how or where to even start on trying to solve it. However, the first step had been contacting Jeongguk’s workplace and even if they weren’t planning on doing anything to Jeongguk or his contract, it felt good to make sure nothing would happen. Apart from that though, it had been complete radio silence on both ends. It had just happened that Jimin had been too busy shadowing his father at work to see the other while he cleaned the pool. The only thing Jimin could hope for was that his mother didn’t notice anything and hadn't fired Jeongguk because to him, that would hurt less than Jeongguk not seeking him out for all this time.


“—Jimin?” Taehyung waves a hand in front of his face, a confused frown gracing his beautiful features. His tail is neatly tucked over his thighs much unlike Jimin’s own which is standing upright, alert and flicking occasionally in anxiety. When the kitten doesn’t reply and only hums at him in acknowledgement, Taehyung relents and regards him with a softer look, “would you...It’s Wednesday, doesn’t he come in on weekends? You should speak with him,”


“I want to, really badly.” Sighing, Jimin looks around for a close by waiter, but they’re in a much more secluded resting area so no one seems to be around. “I don’t know if he will… What if he doesn’t want to hear what I have to say?”


“I don’t think that’s what’s gonna happen,” Namjoon pipes up, “He clearly likes you, it’s just the implications of your relationship you got to talk about.”


Implications of our relationship.” Jimin laughs, his ears shaking with his shoulders softly, “What does that mean—“


“Oh,” Taehyung shrugs, then sucks up a sip out of his cocktail straw. “Just that you have to change his mind over the whole “ I feel like I don’t belong near you or your circles” thing. Not like it’s hard, right?” Sarcasm drips from his words and Jimin’s thankful for it since it makes him giggle for the first time today.


“I’m glad my pain amuses you—“


Namjoon shakes his head fondly and rubs Jimin’s shoulder. Taehyung, however, laughs and shrugs again, saying something about being there for Jimin and picking up his broken pieces if it doesn’t work out. Jimin doesn’t hear any of it though — he doesn’t hear it since his eyes are too busy focusing on Jeongguk’s form clad in a waiter’s suit, getting closer and closer. From the looks of it, he hasn’t noticed the trio yet and just stands near a window, running his hands across his face then to his hair and brushing it back.


Jimin stands up without saying anything, but noticing their confused expressions, he slows down and wraps his tail around his waist snugly. “I’ll be right back.” He murmurs slowly, nodding at Taehyung before he sees him turn around and notice Jeongguk as well, a knowing smirk painting itself over his lips. 


“Oh, Romeo— wait, Jimeo!” Taehyung cackles, nearly falling off the chair he’s occupying and he would’ve if it wasn’t for Namjoon catching him and pulling him back at the last second.


Fearing Jeongguk heard them, Jimin just flips him off quickly as he giggles himself as well and walks off to where the dragon stands with his head in his arms and leaning over the windowsill. He doesn’t really look good which just makes Jimin’s heart twist in his chest painfully, hating the way the dragon looks like he’s given up completely.


The way he bends down and leans on the windowsill does something to Jimin; his suit is tight around his biceps and thighs, Jimin can only imagine what it looks like around his ass, but that’s a thought that will get him way too distracted so he quickly tries to get rid of it and adjusts his black tulle blouse around his collar to look more presentable.


Jeongguk doesn’t notice him at first, but when he hears the approaching footsteps and looks his way, his eyes widen like saucers and a tiny cough forces it’s way out of his throat. Jimin isn’t really surprised he does look really good.


His pants are black and tight around his meaty legs, a great contrast to the white fluff of his ears and tail. The tulle of his blouse is a see through sparkling meshy fabric with little Swarovski crystals glinting in the dim light of the ballroom. Jimin’s heels clink across the marble flooring and he feels like the closer he gets to Jeongguk, the louder they get. However knows it’s just in his head, the anxiety thinking.


“Hello,” He’s a few steps too far away from Jeongguk for it to actually be audible but Jimin couldn’t help himself, felt like he had to fill in the silence even before he got close to the other in case Jeongguk managed to avoid him once again and dart back to where he came from. Jeongguk must’ve heard him because he purses his lips and shrugs mutely, it’s so cute — would make Jimin blush if he wasn’t already from how nervous he is to talk to the other.


Jeongguk stands up, rolls his shoulders back and looks behind Jimin; seeing this, Jimin does the same and notices how Taehyung and Namjoon slowly retract into a nearby room to leave them alone even though the space is huge and they wouldn’t really interrupt anything anyway. But the kitten is glad they left. 




“Yeah, hi.” Jimin wants to smile at him, wants to reach over and get his hands on him but can’t do any of that so he stands back and waits for Jeongguk to do something, but he doesn’t. It’s silent and suffocating; the kitten is sure Jeongguk has to go back to his job soon and the last thing he wants is to get him in trouble again , but seconds go by and yet nothing changes. It’s Jeongguk who speaks again after a while.


“Shouldn’t you be out there, with your parents? I saw them earlier.”


Jimin wonders if that’s why Jeongguk came all the way here; to avoid accidentally meeting him.


“Well, yes.” Jimin smiles, guilty. “But I don’t want to be there, so I’m here instead.”


He’s trying so hard to keep up the act. To pretend like he’s still his old, humorous and flirty self but it’s cracking at the edges and Jimin is scared that Jeongguk will notice him and catch him in it. What he wants the most now is to work things out and go back to how things were — not even in a romantic sense but a friendly one. Jimin feels like he’s walking on a frozen lake — never knowing when the ice will break through and take him with it.


Jimin looks down at his feet, swinging one of them back and forth nervously and wringing his hands behind his back. It’s strange, to stand here before Jeongguk and not being able to come up with something to say when all this time he’s wanted to speak to the dragon and pour out his heart freely.


“Why are you here, Jimin?”


“My parents—“


“No, I mean here. Why are you here?”


It’s such an easy question to answer, so why is Jimin having such a hard time doing it? Why is Jimin here? Surely he can’t convince the other to forget everything that happened the last time they were together but the least he can do is try.


“You must have an idea as to why I’m here,” Jimin starts and goes closer. “I want to talk to you.”


Sighing, Jeongguk runs his hands through his hair again and turns his back to the window, leaning back on the windowsill. “Is there really anything to talk about?”


Tilting his head, Jimin frowns and goes even closer. He can smell Jeongguk now, his natural scent mixed with his cologne and Jimin is too weak not to touch him. His fingers graze Jeongguk’s chest softly, the fabric of his white shirt kind of rough against his skin but for some reason Jimin thinks it’s very fitting. The reaction is immediate, the dragon lets out a deep, hot breath and clasps the kitten’s hand tightly in his own. 


“Of course there’s something to talk about,” Jimin breaths out, eyes glazing over suddenly and ears twitching atop his head before they droop down sadly. Jeongguk watches them curiously, he’s always done that and seeing him do it again, the kitten feels a sense of familiarity he never wants to let go of. 


“You know this is hard for me too,” Jeongguk leans down, looks at Jimin’s plump lips for a second before looking up at his eyes and hugging the kitten close. It catches Jimin off guard, not knowing how to react or what to do, Jimin freezes in the dragon’s arms before returning the hug. Wrapping his arms tightly around Jeongguk, the kitten leans up on his tippy toes and buries his face in the other’s neck, breathing in his scent as deeply as he possibly can to store it in his lungs and have a tiny piece of Jeongguk all to himself.


“You know I would never think about you that way, and no one around me would either.” Jimin can’t help but whisper in Jeongguk’s ear gently. His lips graze the skin and he can almost feel the goosebumps spreading all around the skin of his neck. The dragon takes a breath, like he’s about to say something but Jimin beats him to it. “And I don’t care what others think.”




“Come with me, back to my house, please.” Leaning back, the kitten can see how Jeongguk looks much more unsure than he has ever looked. “Please, we can talk there, alone. I’m not going to let you convince yourself of this ridiculous notion just because some shithead got inside your head.” 


Jeongguk huffs, unimpressed, but then something resembling a smile crosses his features which calms Jimin down slightly. “Don’t think I’ve ever seen you this determined before,”


Jimin worries this is just an act; that Jeongguk is just entertaining him and doesn’t really have any plans to stop or change his mind. What if all of this is to just be alone with Jimin for a little bit, see the ghost of what could’ve been before it’s gone and Jeongguk leaves him again. Before he succumbs to all his fears once more and leaves before they can find out if they will ever come true.


“Come with me,” Jimin has no time to waste, has to convince the other before it’s too late. “Do you have a full shift here?”


Jeongguk still looks unsure, it’s like since he’s seen that Jimin is nowhere close to giving up now everything became real and he’s not too convinced about letting Jimin do any of this. “Jimin…”


Every time Jeongguk tries to backtrack, every time he seems unsure, Jimin’s panic gets worse. He’s trying desperately to hang onto the hope, claw at it and never lets it go, which seems kind of over dramatic considering how little their relationship has progressed but there’s not a single bone in Jimin’s body that’s even close to giving up. “Trust me, please.”


The next thing the kitten hears is a sigh that sounds strangely like Jeongguk has relented and he has to physically hold himself back from squealing. He does, however, pat at Jeongguk with his fluffy tail as he reaches down and takes his hand in his. “Fine. My break ends soon though, so—“


“Would it be terribly inappropriate if I were to ask your boss—“


Jimin sees how the other’s shoulders sag in relief and back stretches back followed by the cracking of his joints. He laughs and starts walking a few steps back behind Jimin. His hands are so warm, Jimin never wants to let them go. “Fuck no, I’m really tired.”


“Good.” Jimin replies, then realizes his mistake and turns back with widened eyes, “Good that you’re coming, not that you’re—“


“I know.” Jeongguk smiles back and gets closer, glancing between Jimin’s eyes and lips and the latter knows what’s coming. He closes his eyes and awaits the kiss, even puckers his lips a little bit. What comes is just Jeongguk rubbing his under eyes softly before he leans even closer and places a gentle kiss on his forehead. The action is so sweet and lovely, Jimin can’t even complain or say anything so he just flattens his ears on top of his head cutely and blushes. He figures he can always ask for more kisses later.


They walk, hand in hand toward the more crowded area. Jimin can feel a few stares on his back but he doesn’t acknowledge them. The last thing he wants is for his parents to spot him somewhere and force him to stay or worse — ask why him and Jeongguk are going back to the house when it’s the middle of the week and middle of the night. They wouldn’t really say anything, certainly wouldn’t get angry since they know Jeongguk and are rather fond of him, however the embarrassment that will come along with admitting to his parents that he’s taking a boy home with a blush on his cheeks and a dopey smile is not something Jimin wants to feel anytime soon.


Quickly enough, they make their way through the more crowded area, leaving the gossiping housewives behind them and walking up to the green room located right next to the kitchens; the smells that escape it are otherworldly, and Jimin being the foodie that he is has half a mind to walk in there and ask for a to go bag but he’s too preoccupied once the door opens and Jeongguk’s boss walks out of it. He was clearly going to do something else but when he’s met with the pair, he stops in his tracks and regards both of them with a questioning look as he crosses his arms across his chest and flicks his thin tail behind himself. Jimin can’t tell what emotion it’s trying to give off but only hopes it’s not anger as he doesn’t want to cause problems with another one of Jeongguk’s jobs again.


“Mr. Choi!” He starts, remembering his last name at the very last second and he can’t figure out how. God must be on his side today. “Very lovely to see you again.”


Mr. Choi has no time to return the sentiment as Jimin opens his mouth quite quickly once more. “I have a very urgent— uh… affair! Very urgent affair I need help with. May I borrow Jeonggukie for the night?”


The poor old man looks terribly confused, Jimin bites his giggle back and perks his ears up. His hands are still clutching Jeongguk’s tightly in anxiety even if he knows that Mr. Choi would never refuse him. His parents have been using his catering services since Jimin was a tiny kitty running around the venue with curious hunger in his sparkling eyes and it's safe to say the old man has a soft spot. “We are slightly short staffed, and it is his second week working for me—“ looking uncertain, he ponders over his words but Jimin knows it’s just an act to pass the time. “—But since you asked so nicely, Mr. Park, how could I refuse?”


Jimin smiles at him warmly before bidding him a quick goodbye and tugging Jeongguk behind him. The dragon makes a displeased sound at the quick pace of their steps but he too knows they can’t let Jimin’s parents see them so with one questioning look from Jimin, he settles down and follows after him quietly.


“We need to get a taxi, I came with my parents.” Jimin murmurs, slipping his phone out of the back pocket of his pants. He notes a few excited messages from his group chat with Taehyung and Namjoon but doesn’t open them. The previews make his heart jump enough for him to read more — “ Jimin and Jeongguk sitting in a treeeeeeee 🎶 “ From Taebear and “F-U-C-K-I-N-G🥰🥰” from Joonie.


Apparently, Jimin isn’t quick enough to open the taxi app and get rid of his other notifications because Jeongguk whistles in surprise and follows it up with a cute little giggle. “What was that—“


“Nothing!” Jimin physically covers his screen even if there’s nothing on it now.


The dragon huffs, then, he comes closer to Jimin and stands behind him wrapping his thick arms around the other’s smaller frame. “Didn’t seem like nothing to me.” Jeongguk whispers hotly in the other’s ear, but soon after he gives up when he sees Jimin bristle and flatten his ears to his head in embarrassment. “I’m glad your friends are so supportive.”


“Oh my god,” Jimin‘s fingers shake over the screen from how embarrassed he is, even though Jeongguk’s lighthearted tone and approach calms him down. The last thing he wants is for the other to think he’s weird or he’s just using him again. This is so much more than a hookup to the kitten. “Please stop.”


“Why? You’re adorable when you get embarrassed, I don’t usually see this side of you.” Jimin wishes the ground would open up and swallow him whole; there’s a reason as to why people mostly don’t see him this way — he doesn’t like being that vulnerable with anyone. But seeing how Jeongguk reacts to it though, seeing him find it cute rather than weak and annoying is a change he wouldn’t mind exploring further. “Aren’t you cold? Where’s the car?”


Having changed the subject successfully, Jeongguk leans farther down and nuzzles the back of Jimin’s neck. There’s some white hairs dusting the top of his spine which Jeongguk finds fascinating — he loves the difference between them. Between his own scales with hard edges and Jimin’s soft fur lightly covering his skin in certain areas. The kitten’s heart warms, thankful to Jeongguk that he didn’t prod at the other more and more to embarrass him and choosing to change the subject instead, even though he knows hybrids usually run hotter than humans — since he is one — and the possibility of Jimin feeling hot in such a weather is close to none even if he was naked.


“Nope,” Jimin responds anyway, “and the car should be here in two minutes. They’re letting off someone nearby.”


“Oh god, I hope we don’t get a chatty driver.” Groaning, Jeongguk links his hands over Jimin’s middle; toned muscles fluttering under the warmth of his hold. “It’s always so awkward trying to come up with a reply.”


“Oh… You’re shy with your drivers?” Jimin’s eyes light up with mirth and he turns around in Jeongguk’s hold, his hands sliding up to the other’s neck and fingers sinking in his hair and tugging softly. “You’re a baby.”


Jeongguk’s eyes widen in surprise, barking out a shy laugh and wringing his hands together; Jimin feels it on the small of his back and shivers in anticipation. “Stop,” Jeongguk is so shy, so shy , Jimin has never seen him like this and it spurs something inside him that hasn’t been awakened before. He wants to take care of Jeongguk, cradle him in his arms and give him a permanent soft safe space the dragon can come to whenever he’s feeling down or under the weather.


It’s like a complete change from how their relationship used to be. While Jeongguk thought it was a simple hookup with no feelings involved, they had been so flirty, almost shameless with the way they’d interacted with each other. Jimin can still feel the powerful grasp of the other’s hands along his ass cheeks, how he had squeezed and prodded at the skin under the guise of applying the sunscreen and Jimin had just basked under the attention; but now, when everything is said and felt on a much deeper level, with the understanding that both of them want this, that this means a hell of a lot more than either of them had thought. It’s like Jeongguk has retracted back into his shell, trying to shield his heart and appear more mellow once realizing it wasn’t a one time thing. 


Jimin only hopes he can manage to convince Jeongguk that he won’t break his heart, that everything will be okay, that they don’t have to keep it a secret.


“You’re like a different person.” Jimin murmurs once inside the car, having greeted the driver fleetingly as they push back against the backrest from how fast they drive. It worries Jimin but at the risk of sounding too lame, he doesn’t comment on it. Jeongguk must sense his uneasiness so he takes his hand and brings it to rest over his chest — Jeongguk’s heart drums quickly and somehow it makes Jimin feel better since he’s not the only nervous one.


Taking a deep breath, Jeongguk opens his mouth like he wants to say something but decides against it at the last moment. Curiosity eats away at the kitten, wonders if the other would argue or agree with him yet, he doesn’t make a sound either and the whole drive is spent in silence save for harsh breaths from the driver. Jimin moves as little as possible, not wanting to disturb the other or make it seem like he doesn’t want to be almost glued to his side, just when they’re getting closer to the neighborhood Jimin lives at, he quickly texts his mom’s number saying he had left earlier and to forgive him for leaving unannounced before he slips his phone back into his pocket and leans his head on Jeongguk’s shoulder, closing his eyes and praying they make it back home in one piece.







It hasn’t even been a full five minutes since they’ve walked through the gates and Jeongguk is already grunting in displeasure. Jimin wants to pull his hair out at how stubborn he’s being.


“You know, just trusting me isn’t such a bad idea.” Huffing, Jimin flicks his tail before it stands in alarm, upset. “You’re being so difficult!”


“No, I’m not, I’m not used to this.” Jeongguk retorts and takes a seat on the sunbed. “Flirting with you is fun, as long as I thought you didn’t want anything real with me it was easy, even if I wanted it. But now…”


“But now what?!” Jimin can’t believe his eyes. The words leaving Jeongguk’s mouth would break him apart any other time but he’s so determined and so confident in their mutual feelings he won’t give up that easily. “Nothing’s changed! It can still be as easy as it was before.”


“And what happens when we’re out at a nice restaurant, we’re having a good time and some asshole comes up to us again—“ Jeongguk’s eyes are glazing over and Jimin doesn’t know what to do about it. “—and chastises you in public for being with a predator ?” Shaking his head, Jeongguk pushes the kitten’s hands off himself when he reaches out to the other. “Jimin, why can’t you understand?”


There’s not much the kitten can take anymore. He feels like he’s been talking to a wall this whole time but scratch that, Jimin is sure he’d actually get somewhere with said wall if he tried to. “Because I don’t care!” He yells finally, hands shooting out from beside him into the air in frustration. “I don’t care what other people say, why would I?! It upsets me that you think I would ever let anyone hurt you like that, not to mention that I would ever believe them.”


Jeongguk doesn’t have a response to this and even though it feels kind of weird to bring someone to silence with a raised voice — Jimin has never done that before with someone who didn’t absolutely deserve it — it’s finally a break from Jeongguk’s guilty face painting himself to be this horrible person everyone should stay away from. “What are you scared of?” Walking closer to the sunbed, Jimin whispers softly. He hates seeing the dragon like this, at least when they’re arguing Jeongguk has a purpose or something he believes in blindly to argue his case, but now he sits there pathetically with his head clutched tightly between his hands and fingers tugging on his long luscious hair.


“What if your parents won’t like me?” His eyes are so big and so sincere Jimin’s heart breaks ten times in the span of three seconds; but he can’t be weak, not now anyway. Not even for Jeongguk’s beautiful sparkling eyes.


“Jeongguk, I swear to god.” Jimin sighs. “Now you’re just looking for reasons. If you don’t want to be with me, just tell me.” 


The kitten truly wonders what will happen now; he’s been trying so hard to try and be strong for both of them but it’s catching up to him; it’s catching up and Jimin knows he won’t be able to win the race if Jeongguk doesn’t give him something to work with. Even just a tiny glimmer of hope is enough for Jimin to take it and turn it into a beautiful beam of light that will guide them through the uncertainties and fears of a relationship.


Entwining their fingers, Jeongguk brings their enclosed fists up to his mouth, kissing Jimin’s knuckles softly while exhaling and it feels so warm along Jimin’s hands he wonders if it’s one of his hybrid side developments. Just like Jimin’s meows or his claws that he can extract when mad or feeling any other extreme emotion. “I just don’t want to embarrass you,”


Shaking his head, Jimin’s eyes fill up with unshed tears, heart breaking at why Jeongguk must feel like this or how he even manages to come to that conclusion. “You could never ever do that even if you tried. You’re not the big bad dragon you think you are.” He whispers brokenly, voice breaking off at the end. “It’s all been about me and what I feel or will or could feel. What about you?!”


“I’m sure you know how I feel about you,” Jeongguk tugs the other into his lap, leaning back into the sunbed and leaving Jimin confused, but incredibly turned on with how the other manhandled him just now. “You’re incredible.”


“I could say the same about you.”


“This isn’t about me.”


“Yes, it is,” Jimin argues promptly, frowning and pouting while having an armful of Jeongguk clinging to his middle after surging forward to hug him. “I’ll make it about you.”


“I’m shy, you said it.”


Cackling, Jimin leans back and eyes the other fondly. He’s so precious, so soft and sweet and everything else Jimin could describe him as. “Aha!” He exclaims, excited. “So you admit it, you’re shy!”


“Only around you—“


“What? You’re shy around lil’ ol’ me?” The kitten is so fond, so incredibly gone for him that he’s sure there’s tiny pink hearts coming out of his eyes while looking at him. “I like you, a lot.”


Wide eyes glow red in the dimly lit backyard and Jimin wants to mewl at the sight; knowing what that means. “I like you a lot too, Minie.”


Out of all the nicknames Jimin is lucky to have, this one must be his favorite; especially now that Jeongguk has used it in such a delicate way. 


Jimin can’t tell when he leans forward and attaches their lips together in a heated kiss, Jeongguk goes with him in a heartbeat and licks into his mouth. He lets out light moans right into Jimin’s mouth and almost drives him crazy — the kitten isn’t doing any better though. Guiding his hands towards his waist, Jimin grips Jeongguk’s neck tightly in response, before trailing them down and towards the sides then back to his chest again. He can’t stop touching the other, it’s like his fingers are hungry, not being able to get enough of Jeongguk or his hard muscles. They go at it for minutes, until Jimin’s plump pink lips are wet with spit and numb from kissing, until Jeongguk feels himself get hard gradually from how Jimin keeps twitching and squirming in his lap; rubbing and grinding into him like he’s in heat.


Moaning into Jimin’s mouth, Jeongguk squeezes his ass tightly; it’s kind of uncomfortable since Jimin’s pants are so tight but he loves it nonetheless, even more motivation to get his pants off as soon as possible. “Should we got up to your room—“


“No,” Jimin whispers mischievously above him, leaning down once more to reattach their lips before leaning away again and licking at Jeongguk. There’s a string of spit between them, Jimin runs his finger through it to detach it and then sucks on it. Seeing this, the dragon feels like he’s going to explode inside his pants any second now.


There’s a strange purring sound coming out from deep within Jeongguk’s chest. It rumbles deliciously which just sends a beam of heat through Jimin’s belly. “You don’t want a big bad dragon in your room, hm?”


The question makes Jimin laugh, if only Jeongguk knew. “Just— uh,” he grunts when the dragon licks down the column of his throat, “Just wanna fuck in the pool.” Jimin whispers against him and pushes Jeongguk away rather harshly, he doesn’t really know why it turns him on even more to see a disheveled Jeongguk staring back at him from the sun bed in the dark with red cheeks and even redder eyes.


Jimin feels like he’s being hunted like a real prey, especially with Jeongguk's hot gaze on his skin as he crawls back and out of his lap. Chills runs up Jimin’s legs as soon as he steps on the granite floor, but he doesn’t let it phase him. He starts taking off his clothes one by one, walking with his back to the pool and eyes piercing through Jeongguk’s blood red ones glinting in the soft outside lighting. The growling doesn’t stop, only increases in volume when Jimin slips his trousers off and stands there, right at the edge of the pool with just his deep red lacy panties on.


Soon enough, the kitten turns around, arching his back and pulling himself up on his tippy toes while he teases at the edge of his panties deciding whether he should take them off before or after he gets inside the pool. Oh what the hell.


“Jimin,” He hears from behind, Jeongguk’s voice is so much deeper than it usually is; the kitten nearly presents right then and there. “Babe, c’mon. What are you doing?”


Closing his eyes, Jimin smirks before fully taking his panties off, bending down on purpose to kick them off somewhere behind him. He already feels the chill against his hole when a light breeze passes along the slick trickling down his cheeks and he can’t wait until he gets in the warm water. Thank god they’d installed pool heaters with Jeongguk’s recommendation more than three months ago now. 


“Hate swimsuits anyway.” Purring, Jimin descends the few steps into the clear water, it hasn’t rained or been windy this past week so the water is as clean and fresh as it possibly can be thanks to Jeongguk who gets up from the sunbed and almost runs towards the pool to join Jimin inside. “Don’t you like me better like this?”


“I like you any way you want to be, Jimin.” Jeongguk responds. His voice is so lovely that Jimin gets lost in it, he doesn’t fight it either. It’s like a deep vast ocean that Jimin isn’t afraid of despite his lack of swimming skills — if it’s involving Jeongguk in any way Jimin would gladly drown in it thousand times over.


“We’re supposed to be having sex, don’t be a sap.” Giggling, Jimin looks up at the other as he takes off his pants and boxers as well, standing naked there for a few seconds, letting Jimin admire him before he gets a move on and jumps in the water too. Unlike the kitten though, Jeongguk dives in one time and gets his hair wet as well — something about getting used to the water temperature or something. Jimin is too busy staring at his tattoo covered chest to notice what he says. 


Jeongguk doesn’t respond verbally, only stares at Jimin with his piercing red eyes while he inches closer and closer. His muscly arms wrap themselves around Jimin easily, the latter spreads his legs over his lap, feeling Jeongguk’s dick right at his crack when he nuzzles in and sticks his bottom out for easier access for Jeongguk’s hands.


Groaning, Jimin grips Jeongguk’s hands and places them right on his ass cheeks, spreading them with the dragon’s hands underneath his. “C’mon,” It feels like his skin is burning up and the warm water around him doesn’t make it any easier. He’s so wound up and turned on he doesn’t even care about how Jeongguk fucks him as long as he does.  


Amused, Jeongguk sinks his nails into Jimin’s soft flesh surely leaving marks behind. Good thing Jimin lives for being marked by his partners and especially Jeongguk. His hole flutters in the water as it moves against his skin, slick oozing out of it and dispersing in the water. That’s until Jeongguk slips his middle finger inside at once of course.


Jimin gasps, leaning down and licking into Jeongguk’s mouth while he pushes back against his finger and clenches around him. It’s slender but deep, Jimin loves the feeling though he needs to feel that delicious burning stretch and keeps babbling about wanting more, more, more , yet Jeongguk has no intention of doing so anytime soon and he says as much. At the denial, the kitten whimpers pathetically, the top half of his wet tail flicking above the water and his fingers caressing Jeongguk’s jaw.


Frowning, one of Jimin’s hands trail down Jeongguk’s middle and grips his cock. It’s so thick and delicious Jimin’s hole nearly weeps in want. It clenches against the finger thrusting into him painfully slowly. “Please, Jeonggukie,” Jimin is not above begging, quite the contrary, it makes heat pool into his toned tummy every single time a plea leaves his thick lips. Jeongguk still doesn’t relent even when Jimin literally drools against his lips from feeling the other’s cock twitch in his hand, from feeling it has ridges ; the spit drips between them and wets both of their chins. It’s so fucking hot Jeongguk’s eyes glow even redder wben he sees it. The kitten moves his hand up and down, slowly, then picks up the pace and bounces in the other’s lap once or twice.


“You sound so pretty,” Jeongguk whispers against his lips hotly, tongue licking both of them, dipping into his cupid’s bow and teasing him endlessly. “So fucking pretty, Jimin.” The dragon looks like he’s on the verge of losing control; he moves away from Jimin’s mouth and instead licking along his delicate neck. He can feel the kittens quick heartbeat against his tongue and he’s not sure why it shoots arousal through his body and right to his cock but it twitches in Jimin’s hold and he inches closer and closer to his peak. Jeongguk definitely doesn’t want to come yet so he kisses the other again and reaches between them, taking Jimin’s small hand off his cock to which the latter clearly complains if the whimper he lets out is any indication but he can’t come before he’s inside Jimin’s pretty little hole.


“Thank you,” Jimin mewls against Jeongguk’s lips, grinding into him and arching his back at the shivers he feels because of Jeongguk’s second finger prodding at his entrance. “You’re so pretty, too. Your eyes— fuck!” Jimin moans loudly, when Jeongguk finally finds his spot and rubs against it, massaging it with just the right amount of pressure. He throws his head back, back arched as far as it will go and Jeongguk can’t help but gawk at him, he looks absolutely breathtaking with the darkness of the night as his background.


Jimin is like a renaissance painting, ethereal in how he looks, how he carries himself and having so much more to him than surface level things. He’s vast and fervent like the deepest ocean during a storm, Jeongguk couldn’t peel his eyes away from him even if he tried. He watches the other as he bounces on his fingers like he’s in heat, thick slick dripping down the dragon’s fingers before it meets the water and washes away. Jeongguk can’t even comprehend how he’s managed to get his arms around Jimin, how he’s managed to slip his fingers out and throbbing cock in.


The reaction to it is immediate. Jeongguk’s whole body freezes when Jimin sobs out a little “thank you” and leans his forehead against Jeongguk’s. His slick drips down the dragon’s length, the ridges of his cock catching on Jimin’s entrance every time he bounces in his lap. “Fuck, god. Fuck.” Jeongguk moans against Jimin’s neck as he trails kisses down his skin. Soon enough, it’s not enough, Jimin is starting to slow down and babbling a million filthy words to Jeongguk begging him to fuck him faster, deeper, clenching around his cock as it slides in and out. Wet, velvety walls grip Jeongguk’s length, the ridges of it tingling with the way Jimin swivels his hips before the dragon gets his hands around the kitten’s slim waist and fucks up into him more fiercely than before.


Both of them chase their orgasms desperately, Jeongguk keeps telling the other how incredible he is, how he’s the tightest and most delicious little kitten he’s ever met. Jimin can’t take all of it at once, his heart feeling full and overwhelmed. “Baby,” the kitten whispers, leaning down to kiss the little mole under Jeongguk’s bottom lip. It gets him an immediate reaction — a loud growl just makes more slick drip out of him. Jimin is sure he forgets how to speak, anything other a quick chant of fuckmefuckmefuckme and Jeongguk’s name is foreign on his tongue and he has no intention of saying anything else. Not when Jeongguk is fucking him so well.


Feeling him get tighter around his length, Jeongguk slows down making him sob out a few babbled words in protest. “Wait for me.” Is all Jeongguk says before he’s thrusting up into the other again, feeling him relax against him and hug him tightly. 


The dragon wants to kiss him so bad , it’s like he’s suffocating with the need to have Jimin’s soft pink lips on him again but the latter is so into meeting Jeongguk’s thrusts with his own while he sucks a love bite into his neck, he doesn’t have the heart to ask him otherwise. “Love you cock, so mu-much, god!” Jimin almost yells, he doesn’t know what to do; he leans back one second and arches his back but seconds later, slumps against Jeongguk once more. He’s crawling out of his skin from this blinding pleasure he hasn’t felt in way too long.


“Yeah?” Jeongguk questions with a smug smirk painting his face as he stares up at Jimin. His teeth are starting to extend which is absolutely the worst time for them to do so but Jimin is obsessed with them from the moment he sees them. “You like this cock baby?” Jimin nods incessantly, eyes closed and mouth open with spit dripping down the edges and Jeongguk licks it all up hungrily. “It’s all for you, kitten.” 


Jimin doesn’t know what exactly does it for him, being called kitten, Jeongguk’s strong hands holding his ass cheeks open for his thick cock to fuck into, or the way he kisses him all over his neck and chin, but he cums with no help from his hand. The thick white liquid shoots into the clear water and Jeongguk’s heart breaks because he would’ve loved to lick it all up. Jeongguk wants everything of Jimin’s, wants to have him wholly with no interruptions. Seeing him like this, his own orgasm is approaching fast, tummy clenching as his abs constrict and he grips Jimin tighter in tandem with his frantic thrusts.


“Come for me, please Jeonggukie,” Jimin mewls softly, sensitive after his orgasm but loving the way Jeongguk’s hard cock keeps moving inside him, loving the burn. “Inside,” whispering softly, Jimin kisses Jeongguk again, biting his lip when he feels the warmth explode inside him and drip out from around the other’s cock. It’s such an euphoric feeling that Jimin never wants it to stop. The dragon keeps thrusting, much more mellow now but it stills bounces Jimin in his lap; after a few seconds of Jeongguk chasing his orgasm, trying to extend it, he stops and wraps his arms fully around Jimin’s back. 


They’re both panting deeply, Jimin clinging to the other as they try to catch their breath and calm down. Leaning back, Jimin takes a deep breath, exhaling and doing it again. He’s trying to calm down but he can’t, the way Jeongguk looks so ethereal is pulling at his heartstrings incessantly. His hair is disheveled and cheeks as red as his eyes — though they’re not as intense as before.


Jimin can’t get the imagine of his extended canines out of his mind — pictures it in his mind so vividly and the fact that he had wanted them to sink into his skin and be claimed. It was a raw, carnal desire and now that Jimin’s mind is clear he’s glad his sex riddled mind hadn’t made him say anything, not that Jeongguk would actually do it but still. However, if there wasn’t an irreversible consequence behind the bite, if it didn’t mean a lifelong mating bond, Jimin would’ve done it. It’s way too early for them to do it now though, but if it happens, when it happens, Jimin wishes it’s special and just as meaningful as their first time together.


“Baby,” Jeongguk is quick to hug him close and bring Jimin out of his thoughts; his lips are at Jimin’s sweaty temple in an instant. “How do you feel? You with me?”


Jimin doesn’t say anything, just hums into his neck and clings to the other. He needs to be closer, wants to morph himself around Jeongguk’s body and never let him go no matter what happens. Would rather be a unit than walk the earth all alone.


Jimin’s legs are numb even in water, doesn’t know how the hell he’s going to get out of this pool without falling down but that’s a worry for ten minutes into the future Jimin. The Jimin of present time is too busy catching his breath in Jeongguk’s neck and breathing in lungfuls of his scent like a starved man. Jeongguk maneuvers him around, legs no longer spread around his lap but now sitting in it with both of them on one side; it feels different but good, no longer strained and sore from holding them apart for so long.


He’s still too tired to do anything though, head lolling from side to side with ease and letting Jeongguk do whatever he wants with him which is mostly just running his hands through his hair or rubbing at his back and whispering encouraging words to the kitten, which immediately makes him feel a thousand times better with each passing second.


Jimin misses his bed, wants to be under his duvet, cuddled up to the dragon and with warmth surrounding him from every which way. The softness of his duvet is a mere memory as both of them float in the water without a care in the world. He must’ve made a distressed sound since Jeongguk is looking at him in alarm, questioning what’s wrong and how he can make it better to which Jimin giggles softly. He’s so cute.


“Are you cold? What is it, Minie—“


“No,” Jimin replies, a dopey smile plastered on his mouth and eyes looking hazy and glassed over. “Just wish we were in my bed. Take me there?”


Jeongguk chuckles but does what he’s asked not even a second later. Jimin worries how the dragon will have enough strength to lift both of them up and out of the water, but of course Jeongguk has to exceed his each and every expectation as he walks up the steps to the granite flooring with little to no difficulty.


Jimin kisses him on the corner of his mouth sweetly, specifically aiming for the little adorable mole under Jeongguk’s bottom lip. The kitten is obsessed with it, can’t stop staring at it when they’re close — how he’s managed to go this long without kissing him is beyond his understanding.


Jeongguk smiles every time he feels little kitten licks and kisses under his lip while he walks to the sunbed to try and pick up their clothes but it’s not happening. He can’t freak out about how adorable Jimin is, hold him up and pick up their clothes at the same time.


“I have to set you down, okay?” Jimin makes a pathetic distressed sound, a tiny meow escaping him. It sends Jeongguk a million different emotions — mainly adoration and panic which is a strange feeling but he can’t help it. As much as he wants to just squish Jimin and play with his chubby cheeks, he also wants to know what’s wrong desperately. “What’s the matter?”


“I don’t wanna stop hugging.” Jimin mewls slowly, eyes blinking even slower and lashes sticking together. Jeongguk’s heart twists, constricts, breaks and heals itself over and over again upon seeing it. How can he ever say no to this?


Jeongguk sits down, Jimin still in his arms, clutching at his biceps. “But we have to get dressed, Minie.”


“No one’s home anyway.”


It does sound convincing, but Jeongguk isn’t so sure. His heart beating hard and fast under his flesh at the prospect of being caught with a naked Jimin in his arms.


After much coaxing and promises of a lot of scenting and cuddles afterward, Jimin is finally dressed in his panties and blouse again — refusing to wear his tight pants or heels again to which Jeongguk relents, it’s fine, they don’t even have to walk that long. Once he puts on his own pants and talks to Jimin softly, trying to coax him out of his subdued state but figures he’s just way too tired to have a normal conversation.


Jeongguk has realized a lot of things about the other in a very short amount of time — most of them deep and personal — others very simple, like how Jimin turns into a cuddle machine after being thoroughly fucked.


Once Jimin is in Jeongguk’s arms again and snuggling impossibly close to him, nose buried in the crook of his neck and little fingers running across his collarbones, does he speak. “We should’ve done that earlier.” He says and hums, his tail wrapping along Jeongguk’s arm under his legs holding them up and fingers not ceasing their little petting session. It’s so cute. Jimin’s hands are like little soft kitty paws.


Jeongguk agrees wholeheartedly, even though he’s still scared shitless of what’s to come and all the uncertainties that will surely follow their relationship or whatever else this whole thing is. They haven’t defined it yet and Jeongguk is okay with that, doesn’t need labels to know what he feels for the other is real and always has been. He’s about to agree when both of them step inside the housem— the large hallway leading to the staircase near the entrance is dark, save for the dim lights lining it — but he doesn’t get to do that. Instead, Jeongguk freezes in his spot at the end of the hallway, feet rooting themselves into the marble floors when he sees two tall slender figures standing by the door.


Jimin’s parents.


Both of them are quiet, Jimin thinks maybe if he closes his eyes and manifests hard enough both him and Jeongguk will vaporize in the air and travel through space. Jimin’s father has an unimpressed look on his face as he tilts his head in confusion and throws his keys on a nearby bench — his mom, however, is sporting a warm smile that’s way too knowing for someone who doesn’t like to meddle in Jimin’s personal life.


“Mind explaining why you’re carrying my son, Jeon?” Jimin’s father speaks, finally breaking the silence. At least it’s not an angry tone, just confused and maybe accusatory. Nothing to really worry over. Of course this doesn’t register in Jeongguk’s mind — to him, his life is over. The only thing grounding him right now is Jimin’s sweet little giggle and his fingers playing with his hair at the back of his neck, maybe things aren’t as bad as they seem to him.


“Uh oh,” Jimin laughs sheepishly, his father raises a brow and Naeun holds back her own giggle.


Yeah. Uh oh is right. They are so fucking dead.


Worth it.