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things all cat owners should know about their cat!

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It’s late. Mew just finished reading his lines for the new series he’ll be starring in and all he wants to do right now is to watch a couple of vlogging youtube videos (he’s currently very much missing traveling different places) and then curl up in his blanket and sleep. 

He’s almost done with the video when he receives a notification from his friend, Boom. He frowns, confused on why Boom would message him this late. Figuring that it probably is an emergency, he pauses the video and clicks on the notification. 

boom: hey

boom: check this out

boom: [link: things all cat owners should know about their cat!] 

boom: that’s so gulf lmao

mew: boom it’s 2 in the morning

boom: stfu we both know you’ll read it

boom: you’re welcome

Mew forcefully exhales through his nose and closes his eyes for a good, whole second. Boom is sending him cat articles? Is he serious? Why is he even awake and reading cat articles online? But Mew clicks on the link nevertheless, just like what Boom said, because one, boom mentioned gulf and mew is a complete simp over him. And two, refer to reason number one, thank you very much.

So the youtube video is long forgotten, he waits for the website to load. 

It’s extremely colorful and bright, filled with flowers and heart decorations. There are cat pictures on the sides neatly placed like a frame and big bold letters on the top of the page. 

Things all cat owners should know about their cat!

Mew starts reading. 

Hello, my fellow cat lovers! Do you have a cat? Or are you planning to get one? Having a pet cat can be stressful at first, but don’t worry! I’m here to help. If you are looking to learn more about your adorable, feline friend, then you’ve come to the right place! 

I’ve had my baby Snowball for a few years now and trust me, I was also probably as confused as you are right now. Why is she meowing at night? Why is she destroying all my best pillows? But after a while, I’ve started to understand her actions a little bit better. I want to share with you what I’ve learned so far, so here are 6 things all cat owners should know about their cat!

  1. Cats love to take naps. They can get rather grumpy when they don't get enough sleep.

Today was a full schedule for both of them. They had a radio interview at 8 in the morning, then a Tharntype season 2 event from 12 to 3. Right after that a dance practice session for an upcoming show until 5 and then finally, a live event on Lazada until 9 to 10 give or take. 

They were on a 10-minute break before the Lazada live show started and Mew could already tell that Gulf was not having it. It’s not new that Mew was known as the more extroverted one out of the couple, but he’s actually really good at masking his true feelings when out in public. He knew that they have cameras everywhere they went and even the slightest flicker of emotion would be seen by their fans. It’s heartwarming to see them worry about their health, but he really didn’t want them to worry. 

Gulf, on the other hand, expressed everything he was feeling on his face. Happy, sad, angry; literally all the crew, their fans, the MCs, the janitor that’s cleaning the bathroom, they’ll know what he’s thinking. And right now, his face screamed I need my fucking sleep a-fucking-sap. The poor boy was basically yawning every second and only answering the MCs with short, brief answers. 

They managed to record 30 minutes of the live, before the internet connection broke down and they had to pause. The MCs left the scene to help contact the IT department and Mew took the time to steal a glance at his boyfriend, who’s aggressively swiping down his Instagram feed and practically punching the screen to like each post. 

“You okay, bub?” Mew asked. 

“Hm,” Gulf responded, still not looking up from his phone. 

“You sure?” Mew asked again. He was more than fine in canceling the whole event today and moving it to tomorrow or something. He knew they had agreed beforehand, but their health came first; their fans knew this. But Gulf was also stubborn in keeping his promises and would probably kill him if he did that. Maybe it was worth a try? 

Gulf finally turned his face towards him, a frown cutely on his face. “Don’t even think about it.” 

“You’re tired.”

“Yeah? You’re stupid.” 

By now Mew was used to whatever middle school insults his boyfriend liked to throw at him whenever he’s tired. “What time did you sleep yesterday?”

Gulf huffed, slightly annoyed that Mew didn’t even blink at his attack. “At one.” 

“What for?”

“Had to write lyrics for this new song.” 

“Ah.. What was the song about?” 

Gulf looked at him with a glare. Mew chuckled. He’s practically making Gulf talk even more when he clearly didn’t want to. 

“Okay okay you can tell me tomorrow,” Mew said sweetly. He saw Gulf sneer at him but right after that he took Mew’s hand in his and leaned his head against his shoulder. Mew blinked, trying to downplay the warm feeling flowing in his chest but it’s very difficult when Gulf was just so warm and right next to him like this. 

“You’re getting me ice cream tomorrow,” he heard the boy mumble grumpily under his breath and he laughed. 

“Baskin Robbins like last week?” 

Gulf gave no response. Mew figured he’s tired of talking and didn’t push it any further. But when he turned his head slightly to look at him, he saw that he’s fast asleep. 

A strand of hair dropped in front of his face and Mew used his free hand to gently tuck it behind his ear. He looked so pretty, so angelic with his long eyelashes and plump lips, and the MCs weren’t back yet so Mew let the boy use his shoulder for a while. Even when it turned completely numb. 

When the power turned back on, Mew shook him gently, slightly terrified for himself for waking the boy up. He expected Gulf to whine and go back to sleep, but he didn’t. He simply rubbed his eyes and continued on with the interview. Mew even believed that he looked slightly less aggressive. Mew bit down a smile. Gulf seemed too young in the industry, but he was actually one of the most mature people Mew’s ever met. Well, at least the small power nap helped. 

“He’s going back to your place?” P’Best asked him when everything was wrapped up. Both of them turned to look at Gulf, who was angrily eating the churros Lazada gave them as an apology for the power issue. P’Best looked exhausted too. Driving Gulf back to his place before going home himself would take him another hour, while Mew lived only 15 minutes away. 

“Most probably.” 

The ride home was merely quiet. Gulf sat by the passenger seat and finished Mew’s churros (Mew gave it to him because he got less cranky when his mouth was stuffed full) before dozing off to sleep a second after. Mew turned the music down a little and made sure that Gulf’s head was leaning against the seat in a comfortable position. God only knew how grumpy he’d get with no sleep and a sore neck. 

Gulf had snapped at him when Mew tried to wake him up and glared at him sleepily during the process of Mew helping him dress into his PJs. “I’m not a baby. I can dress myself without P’Mew’s help,” he kept mumbling but his arms instinctively reached up when Mew was putting on his shirt. Mew placed a quick kiss on the boy’s nose when he’s done, which Gulf scrunched his nose to afterward. 

It’s amusingly adorable, really. Gulf was complaining about everything Mew did and didn’t respond when Mew told him he’ll go shower for a while, but when Mew stepped out from the bathroom with wet hair and loose clothing, he found Gulf patiently waiting on the bed for him. 

Mew turned off the lights and slipped under the covers. Gulf’s had spent so many nights with him before but it still gave Mew the same warm feeling, knowing his boyfriend is right beside him, cuddled and warm and safe. He felt the bed shift a little and suddenly Gulf was facing him, honey brown eyes darker due to the dim light. 

“Thank you for today,” Gulf whispered, then he placed a soft kiss against his lips. Thank you for keeping up with me, for taking care of me left unsaid, but Mew didn’t mind the least. 

He kissed Gulf’s forehead, looking at him affectionately as the younger scooted closer and wrapped his arms around Mew’s waist, head nuzzled against his chest. Mew instinctively wrapped his around Gulf’s waist, pulling him closer. He placed his chin above Gulf’s hair, breathing in the smell of his strawberry scented shampoo as he waited for Gulf to doze off. 

He didn’t mind. Gulf could flip him off a thousand times, ignore him for a whole year and glare at him as much as he liked; he would still spoil and take care of him.


  1. Cats love tight spaces. Anywhere they fit, they will sit

Mew was working on his new lyrics in his room. Naa na was just released, but he had a quick lightbulb moment in the car on the way home so he really wanted to write everything down before he forgot it. He was halfway finished when he heard his door slide open. 

“Hey,” Mew said as he watched Gulf step in with a large blue t-shirt and black shorts, that Mew could safely bet was stolen from his closet. The boy’s hair was ruffled and messy, making him look even younger than he already was, and he’s yawning, so Mew guessed he’d just woken up from a nap. 

Without a word, the boy made his way towards Mew. 

“Hey- oh my god. What are you up to?” Mew chuckled as Gulf pulled the rolling chair he was sitting on away from his desk. He watched in amusement as Gulf quietly made his way up to his lap, legs coming out from the back, almost touching the floor due to its length. 

The chair was small and squished down by both their weights, and Mew figured if he moved slightly just the wrong way, it really might collapse, but Gulf simply wrapped his arms around Mew’s neck as he snuggled his head against his chest. “Hi P’Mew.” 

Mew bit his lower lip from squealing too hard. God, he’s so adorable it’s almost insane. He let his left hand reach up to gently pat the back of Gulf’s head. “Hey baby,” he whispered affectionately. He returned the hand on the keyboard and resumed typing, realizing that he would be stuck in this position for probably a while. 

“How was your day?” He asked.

“I watched Spiderman.”

“Hm? The old one?”

“No, the homecoming one,” Mew hummed in response, and Gulf continued, “And then I ate ramyeon with egg and sausages. I tried walking Chopper but he kept trying to bite me so I gave up. I also joined Mild’s live. He kept trying to make me play among us with the rest of the crew.” 

Gulf had moved so that his chin was on Mew’s shoulder. Mew could feel his mouth moving as he talked. “Did you play?”

“One game, but I died after a minute.”

Mew snickered, “You just suck.”

Gulf blew into his ear in response, which resulted in Mew jabbing his finger against his waist playfully. The younger twitched, screaming for him to stop doing that because Mew knew he was extremely ticklish there. But instead of listening to him and going back to his work, Mew did it again, and again and again because Gulf was holding onto him and laughing so loudly and Mew thought it was the most precious sound he'd ever heard. 

He kept doing it even when the chair began shrieking abnormally loud and Gulf almost fell on the floor trying to avoid Mew’s sharp fingers and trying to kick him on the face. 

It is said that they seek comfort and safety from small spaces, so if you want to calm your cat down, just squeeze it.

Right after the event ended, Gulf immediately darted from the stage. He locked himself in the dressing room, ignoring Mew and P’Best calling out to him from behind. It was still raining heavily outside and P’Best had to scream to make sure that Gulf was able to hear him. 

“Gulf, please open the door,” P’Best called out. 

There was silence from the other side and the sick feeling Mew was feeling in his stomach grew. He knew this event was extremely important to Gulf. It was his first-ever showcase to his fans, his first-ever concert. He was able to rent an entire cruise, made sure all the decorations and food were perfect, practiced his fucking ass off for two months straight. But when it started to rain pretty heavily, Gulf had no other choice but to halt the entire thing and got everyone inside for their safety. 

Mew had seen the disappointment in his eyes whilst he performed his final song and wanted nothing else but to give him a big hug. He saw the smile he gave that didn’t quite reach his eyes and it broke his heart more than anything but he couldn’t do anything; he couldn’t stop the rain even if he wanted to. 

“Is he okay?” P’Pleng came over with a large towel wrapped around her shoulder. She was also drenched from top to bottom, and Mew would have asked if she was okay if it weren’t for the building anxiety he was feeling. The cold silence Gulf was giving was truly scaring him.

“He’s not answering,” P’Best said, “I need to know he’s not physically hurting.”

P’Pleng tried the door. “He locked it?” She hissed at both of them before turning back towards the door and saying in a sweet voice, “Gulf, honey. Open the door, please. We just want to talk to you.”

“Is Gulf in there?” Mild suddenly appeared, also covered in the rain, squeezing between them and turning on the knob himself. Boat was not far behind him, looking worried as well but stayed on the sidelines. “Is he okay? Why isn’t he answering- Gulf, open the door!”

“Don’t pressure him!” P’Pleng cried out, pushing Mild away.

“Well, he won’t open it if we ask nicely either!” 

“Should we call for an extra key?” P’Pleng asked, her voice getting more worried. She’s fumbling to get a hold of her phone, already trying to find a contact. Mew’s heart was beating so fast, so hard he could feel it all over his body.

“Can we break the door down?” Boat suggested. 

P’Best looked at him like he’d grown two heads. “We can’t kick the door down! Who’s going to pay for it?” 

“Yeah, you idiot,” Mild retorted, “Did you forget we’re on a cruise? We can drown and die!”

“How does breaking a door even result in us drowning, you dumbass?!” Boat bellowed. 

“Maybe we should let him be alone for a while?” P’Best said urgently. 

Mew swallowed dryly. His head was spinning as he tried to think of what to do. Something. Anything

P’Pleng shook her head, “Are you insane? We don’t know what he’s doing in there! Oh my god-  What if he’s hurting hims-”

Mew broke the door down. 

The gasps from the others fell into deaf ears as Mew stepped inside the room. Gulf was in the corner, knees tucked close against his chest. He lifted his head from his arms when he heard Mew and for a second he uncurled himself like he wanted to reach out for him, but just as quick fear rushed to his eyes and he scooted closer to the edge. 

His eyes were teary and red, but Mew didn’t even need to see them to know that he was crying. Gulf frowned, lips pursed tightly. “Mew, get out-” he hissed shakily.

But Mew just dropped on his knees and pulled him into a tight hug. 

He felt Gulf flinch by the sudden contact and Mew closed his eyes, worried for a second that Gulf might actually punch him away, but Mew didn’t budge from his hold, because to be honest he didn’t know what to do other than offer the boy warmth and telling him that he’s here. He’ll take care of him. 

He could hear P’Best and P’Pleng’s voices trying to make Mild and Boat give the both of them some space, seeing that everything had slightly cooled down a little bit, but at this point they were all just background noises to him, blending in with the drizzling and occasional thunders. 

Mew had learned that some people actually prefer being alone when they were sad. He thought about giving Gulf some space, let him calm down on his own, but when he looked down, he noticed Gulf was holding him tightly by his shirt, fist curled and gripping it so hard it was turning white. 

The rain had started to die down a little. He could still hear the wind and wet patter against the windows, but quiet enough to hear Gulf’s muffled sobs and sniffles. 

“You’re alright,” Mew offered softly, rubbing soothing circles on his back, “You’re alright, baby.”

Gulf sniffled and Mew could feel him trying to take deep breaths. 

“Are you okay? Do you want me to get you some water?” Mew quietly said when he felt that Gulf had calmed down a bit. 

“N-no..” Gulf shook his head, pulling Mew closer when he thought he was going away, “Just hold me.” Then he added in a soft voice, “Please.”

“Okay,” Mew breathed out, nodding. He squeezed the boy tightly in his arms and Gulf sighed quietly. Mew continued to hold him even when he felt his eyelids droop. Even when he felt his phone vibrate a couple of times, which he guessed were probably from Mild asking him what’s happening. He continued to hold Gulf even when the rain had completely stopped and his arms went numb. 

  1. Cats are sensitive to loud noises. You might need to distract them. 

There’s a huge thunderstorm outside. Mew was in his room, on his bed with his back against the headboard. His laptop was on his lap and he was listening to studying for his exams when the door opened and Gulf’s head popped in. 


“Hey,” Mew raised his head. He closed his laptop shut and placed it on his desk as Gulf stepped inside, closing the door behind him. He was wearing an oversized, green hoodie that reached down to his thighs, his short briefs barely seen. The rain outside splattered against the windows and walls noisily. 

Mew took one look at his face and knew immediately what he wanted. He patted the empty spot on the bed next to him. “C’mere.”

Gulf climbed onto the bed and Mew settled him so that he was laying on his tummy between his legs, chin on Mew’s rib. He looked up at him with those warm, chocolate eyes and Mew could feel his heart melting entirely. 

“What were you doing?” Gulf asked. 

“Uni stuff,” Mew replied. Gulf felt warm against him. So nice and cozy that he could feel himself starting to drift off. His finger was busy playing with strands of his hair, twirling it between his forefinger. “Sorry,” Gulf gave him a small, apologetic smile. “Did I interrupt you?”

Mew shook his head, “No. I was tired anyway.” He gently brushed the younger’s hair away from his face. “And you? What were you doing?”

“Fifa,” Gulf paused, swallowing when a thunder flashed suddenly, lighting up the entire room for less than a second. “And Among us.” Mew continued playing with his hair.

“Hmm.. With Mild?”

Gulf nodded. “With the others too.”

“Did you lose?” Mew snickered softly. 

He got a small bite on his stomach for that. “Of course not!”

“Then why are you here, hm?” Mew teased, “I’m pretty sure you’ll still be playing right now if you hadn’t lost.”  

“B-Because- what?” He huffed, rolling his eyes so cutely that Mew couldn’t help but laugh, “You don’t want to see me?” His eyes shifted to the side in slight fear when another thunder clapped, this one slightly louder than the previous one but Mew quickly spoke to distract him. “Of course not,” he said softly, watching as Gulf’s eyes slid back towards him. The panic in his eyes promptly vanished, and Mew inwardly smiled in relief. 

“Liar,” Gulf stuck his tongue at him, “I know you rather do maths than do me, you big nerd.”

“Is that a challenge?” 

Gulf let out a laugh, dropping his entire face on Mew’s tummy shortly. There’s another thunder outside but he was probably too busy laughing to notice. “Oh my god, here we go again.”

“What is that supposed to mean, huh?”

“Nothing,” Gulf smiled cheekily, “Other than the fact that you’re a big pervert.”

“Me?!” Mew gasped dramatically and Gulf giggled even more, nodding his head furiously, chin digging against Mew’s abs so hard it’s starting to tickle him. It was always difficult to contain his smile when his boyfriend was so happy like this. It made Mew’s heart so warm, and he always asked himself what the hell did he do in his past life to deserve this? “Gulf I can literally feel your boner against my leg!” 

“OH MY GOD YOU CAN FEEL ITAHAHAHHA-” Gulf burst out laughing. He’s laughing so hard and Mew’s trying to flick his semi hard-on, so he had hold his hands away (which was fucking a complete work out, by the way) to get out of there asap. But he rolled himself out of the bed and onto the floor instead. 

Mew cackled. 

“Ai! Fuck you, P’Mew!” Gulf screamed, laying there limp on the ground with a pout. Mew leaned to look down at him, laughing until he saw tears when he saw Gulf rubbing his forehead with his hand. “If I see a bruise tomorrow, I’m eating Chopper!” 

“You wouldn’t!” 

“Watch me!” 

“Aw, baby, are you hurt?” Mew cooed, still holding back from bursting into laughs. He reached his hand out, “Come on. Come up.” 

Gulf stuck his tongue again, slapping his hand away. “Don’t touch me,” he shot back, but right after that a huge lightning blasted down the sky, flashing the room so bright for a second and shaking the entire house and Gulf yeeted himself back onto the bed. Mew thought he laughed so hard that he might pee.

“You’re touching me,” Mew said after he’d calmed down, but he wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist and pulled him close. 

“Shut up,” Gulf grumbled against Mew’s chest, but he’s smiling. He heard another thunder come down, but all he did was hold Mew a little tighter.

Thunderstorms weren’t fun. But with P’Mew, at least it was bearable. 

  1. Cats love to snack around. Even if they’re not hungry or it’s 1 am in the morning. 

When Mew woke up from his sleep, the first thing he noticed was the cold, empty space beside him. He frowned, rubbing his eyes as his mind started working on where his boyfriend might have gone to. His first thought was Gulf probably was in the bathroom, but after 5 minutes of him not returning, Mew reached out to grab his phone. 

His second thought was that it was already morning. That his alarm didn’t ring today and he had woken up late and Gulf probably didn’t want to wake him up. But everything was still too dark and his phone showed that it was currently 2 am. So where was Gulf? 

Then, he heard some scratching from outside the room. His heart momentarily dropped and sleepiness was long forgotten. His third thought was that there was a murderer downstairs, holding Gulf captive, and was waiting for Mew to come downstairs so that he could kill them both. Begrudgingly, he slipped off the bed and dragged himself downstairs. Though he knew his house had burglar alarms and he knew he always locked the front door twice, he still reached out for a baseball bat. Just in case. 

The noise was coming from the kitchen, Mew realized after getting closer. The entire house was so dark, except for the kitchen. There was a faint light that Mew figured was the light of the fridge. Maybe the murderer got hungry waiting for him to come down? Maybe he was going to steal the expensive meat Mew had bought yesterday? 

He raised the baseball bat and jumped inside the kitchen. 

It was Gulf. 

It was his boyfriend, hunched over the fridge. One hand holding his phone with its flashlight on, while the other hand fished around the stacks of tupperware and food. 

When Mew entered, he quickly turned around, eyes wide in surprise and slight fear. He was wearing one of Mew’s white shirts and loose checkered pants that were slightly too big that the edges folded against each other. On his feet were furry, white bunny slippers that Mew had gotten him on his birthday because Mew knew his boyfriend got cold easily. Mew tried to assess the situation, even when his brain was not even one over third ready.

Mew dropped the baseball bat down to his side as he stared at Gulf. Gulf stared at him back, like a deer in the headlights, the fear in his eyes changing into embarrassment, kind of. It’s like he was caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to do. They stayed in a staring contest for a while before Mew sighed and rubbed a hand over his face. “Babe, what are you doing?” 

Gulf pursed his lips like he was getting scolded. “I got hungry,” he whispered.

“It’s 2 am,” Mew hissed. 


“I cooked you spaghetti for dinner!” Mew hissed again.

“Why are we whispering?” Gulf hissed back at him and if Mew wasn’t so sleepy right now, he would have cooed over Gulf. Because with his messy bed-hair and furrowed brows, he looked like an angry cat. It was adorable.

“You started it,” Mew whispered. Then he spoke in his normal voice, “I think you didn’t hear when it said it’s 2 am?”

“I did. Just don’t get your point.” Gulf huffed. He closed the fridge and sighed loudly. “There’s nothing in here.” 

“Yeah, I forgot to go grocery shopping the other day.”

Gulf scooted over to the cupboard sections and opened one, gasping in delight when he found plastic snacks. Mew watched as he tiptoed, reaching one of his hands up blindly and taking down a cup of instant noodles. It was one of the spicy ones. Mew didn’t even know why he had that in his house; he hated spicy food. But Gulf was looking at it like he had just found a diamond.  

Mew didn’t even realize that his mind had drifted off until he heard Gulf call out his name. He flickered his gaze towards the boy, who was opening different cabinets one by one, obviously searching for something. “P’Mew, where are the scissors?” 

“Oh,” Mew nodded, opening the cabinet Gulf had missed, and took the scissors out. He gave it to his boyfriend, who grinned in gratitude. 

“You don’t have to wait for me,” Gulf said, while he assembled his noodle cup together. Mew considered this. He could just go back to sleep, he guessed. But how could he sleep knowing his boyfriend was down here eating noodles alone? How could he sleep without Gulf tucked between his arms and snuggled up against him? What if Gulf got cold in a few minutes? What if the murderer was still around here? 

He replied to Gulf’s suggestion by getting a pan and heating up water for the noodles. 

Gulf watched Mew from the corner of his eyes with a smile but didn’t say anything. He’d been getting hungry these past few weeks, and it was weirdly during night time. A few nights ago he had snuck out of the bedroom to steal a couple of biscuits. The nights before that night he ate leftovers of Mew’s sandwich. But Mew didn’t notice he was gone until tonight. Gulf felt slightly bad. He knew Mew had a lot of things happening at the moment and needed as much sleep as possible. 

Quietly, he went up behind Mew and wrapped his arms around his waist. Mew smelled good. He always did. 

“Thank you,” Gulf whispered. It was for the noodles, but also the other thing. Mew placed a hand over his, squeezing it lightly. They quietly poured the water into the cup and stirred the noodles until the water turned brown from the seasoning and spices. 

Mew filled a glass with warm water and helped him carry the cup to the living room. Gulf turned on the TV to a random movie channel and put it to the lowest volume. Mew laid on the sofa, placing his head on top of Gulf’s thigh, his back to the TV. They stayed in a comfortable silence the rest of the night, the only sounds coming from the TV and slurpings from the noodles. Not long after, Mew fell back into sleep and Gulf spent the rest of his time watching the movie and gently tracing Mew’s cheek moles with his finger.  

Mew quickly realized that his food stock mysteriously seemed to finish much faster when Gulf was staying over. 

Warning: they might steal your food sometimes. 

  1. Even though cats are known to be relatively inactive, they like to play around too! Warning: they tend to break your things when doing so.

Mew took another sip from the cup, gulping the burning alcohol down his throat.

They were at a small party to celebrate Ja and First’s first-ever interview event. The party was in a small garden outside P’Mame’s house. Tables and chairs were set up, filled with half-eaten food and drinks. Most of the people there knew each other already. There were a bunch of people from the crew chatting and laughing with each other. On the left he saw First making a tiktok with Becky, dancing to whatever the newest trend there was. Mew believed he was too old to keep up with it. Beside them were Ja, Boat and Haii, competing who was able to fit the most chicken nuggets into their mouth without puking. P’Alex was obviously filming the entire thing while cackling loudly. Run and P’Tong were in the swimming pool, playing Marco Polo with the others. Once they splashed water to P’Hugo, who shrieked and threatened to sue them for destroying his designer t-shirt with pee-infested chlorine water. 

The sound of familiar, warm laughter made him turn his head. Beside the pool, he saw Gulf and Mild, giggling and whispering to each other like a bunch of teenagers. Even from afar, Mew could literally feel the warm effect from the boy’s smile. It was late, and the only sources of lights were coming from the moon itself and some lanterns that the crew had set up around the venue, but seeing Gulf so happy; it was like standing in front of a fireplace, watching the tiny sparks danced around as it warmed your hands in the middle of winter. 

He took another gulp at his drink and checked his phone. His mom had texted him a picture of Chopper trying out his new Christmas clothes. One was a reindeer onesie and one was a Santa onesie that came with the hat and a small reindeer doll. 

Mama: Which one?  

Mew cooed, setting down his drink to type his reply. Definitely the Santa one.  

Mama: Haha P’Jom said the same thing. 

He was too busy smiling down at his phone that he didn’t even realize Gulf was approaching him until the boy sat beside him. 

“Hey,” Gulf smiled at him. 

“Hi,” Mew smiled back.

“You okay?”

“A bit tired,” Mew shrugged, “You? I see you’re having fun.” 

Gulf let out a laugh, a bit too high pitched for him to not be slightly tipsy. Mew saw him holding a cup a couple of times, so he couldn’t say he was surprised. Gulf nudges him with his shoulder playfully. “I see you’ve been watching me.”

“Can you blame me?”


Now it was Mew’s turn to nudge him. “You like it.”

“You know I do,” Gulf replied, staring at his eyes and Mew had to force himself not to look away even though he could feel his whole neck warming up. But he didn't have to, because Gulf slid his gaze upfront before him, giggling at something so Mew followed his gaze. It was Mild choking on chicken nuggets as Ja was back hugging him, trying to save the poor guy. 

It was funny and Mew swore he was looking at them, but then Gulf turned back towards him and smiled, the kind of smile where his eyes crinkled, and Mew knew he was staring at Gulf the entire time.

Gulf stood up suddenly, reaching a hand towards him. “Come on,” he said when Mew shot a questioning look, “I’ll show you something.” Mew stares at the hand. Then looked up at his smiling boyfriend. His cheeks were tinted red and his neck and the tip of his ears too. Now Mew was entirely sure his boyfriend was a little bit tipsy.

And he thought about the possible things tipsy Gulf might do, and Mew didn’t mean this in a sexual way. He meant that tipsy Gulf was known to be mischievous and evil. Mew remembered the last time Gulf got drunk and put a bug on his phone when he knew Mew would scream like a little girl and embarrass himself in front of the entire crew. But this was Gulf we were talking about; the person he was completely infatuated with and would literally do anything for. 

So he let Gulf drag him inside the house. He’s been here so many times but P’Mame’s house was so large it was impossible to remember everything. It was quiet compared to the backyard and Mew wondered for a second if they were even allowed to go back here. He could already imagine Mild’s assaulted face if he’d find out that both of them had sneaked up inside. 

They got inside the guest bedroom and Gulf didn’t even bother turning on the lights. When he heard the door getting locked, he raised an eyebrow. Was he doing what Mew was thinking he was doing? Because there was only one possible thing on his mind. If he was, then Mew needed to know if his sober self was agreeing to whatever his boyfriend was pulling.

“Baby, how drunk are you?”

Gulf was still facing the door, “Not drunk enough to know that I want this.” 

The thought that this was P’Mame’s guest bedroom crossed his mind once but he quickly flicked it away. They would be quick and quiet. They won’t even need to use the bed, Mew would be more than okay to hold Gulf against the wall. 

Okay, Mew grinned in the dimly lit room, a sudden flow of energy buzzing through his system, he could get on with this. He made his way towards his boyfriend, hand reaching out to hold his small waist and pull him closer…

When Gulf suddenly whipped around and smacked a pillow across his face. 

The pillow dropped on the floor with a thud and Gulf laughed, dropping down on his knees. Mew felt his left eye twitch. But Gulf’s laughing so hard, tears literally flowing down his face as he struggled to take his breath, that Mew couldn’t help the smile that broke across his face. 

He reached down and took the pillow in his hand. Then he looked at Gulf, who was already looking at him with anticipating, wide eyes. “Oh, it’s on.” 

Gulf yelped when Mew raised the pillow up and immediately made a dash for it, going straight towards the bed, doing a floppy front roll, and fumbling to the other side. It didn’t matter even after his entire gymnastic showcase, Mew still was able to aim at him perfectly, hitting him on his back.

Gulf turned his head to look at him with an offended gasp before throwing the pillow back at him. Mew dodged it, sticking his tongue out and laughing when Gulf groaned. God, his boyfriend was insane. But Mew was laughing and his body had never felt so buzzed up like this before that he thought, maybe he was insane as well. 

His laugh was quickly cut short when Gulf began gathering all the pillows he could find on the bed and throwing them all at Mew. 

“Wait- Oh my god, you’re crazy!” Mew screamed, scrambling to find shelter in the bedroom.

“You just can’t admit that you suck!” 

“Me? Your aim is terrible!” And he was telling the truth. Most of Gulf’s pillows missed him entirely. One had hit the paper curtains behind him, making it rattle wildly. One hit the study table beside him, causing all of the pens and papers to fly out all over the floor. 

Mew couldn’t keep dodging. He needed to attack! He saw a bunch of animal dolls on the study table and didn’t even think twice before hurling them at Gulf. 

“Oh my god, fall back! Fall back!” Gulf exclaimed when he tried fleeing from the bed, trying desperately to miss Mew’s throws. 

“I will destroy you,” Mew laughed evilly. He chased after Gulf, while dodging the younger’s back throws. God, he was laughing so much that he didn’t even care that his hair was disheveled and he’s sweating profusely. He grabbed a pillow from the floor on the way and flung it to Gulf, who moved out of the way fast enough and the pillow ended up hitting the already delicate curtains and it dispersed to the floor. 

“Ha ha sucker,” Gulf sang because he was an actual 5 year old. He grabbed the same exact pillow and chucked it back to Mew. 

It grazed against his shoulder at the tip, that was how close he was in not dodging it, and Mew turned around just in time to see it colliding with a green, very expensive looking flower vase. 

He turned to look at Gulf, who had his mouth formed in a silent O and eyes filled with slight panic and regret. 

“Shit,” Mew looked back at the masterpiece. He didn’t even realize there was a small table near the door when he walked it. And now the vase that should have been on it was shattered into a million pieces on the floor. 

“Shit,” Gulf echoed, standing beside him. They stared at the vase for a few seconds. 

“How do we explain this?” Mew said. 

“This? How do we explain that?” Gulf said, and Mew turned to see what he was pointing at. 

He wished he didn’t. Because he realized the entire room was matching the broken vase. The curtains were scattered on the floor, the moonlight shining through the window generously showing the mess they’d created. Crumpled pieces of paper all over the floor, accompanied by pens and the dolls and whatever small things both of them could find and fling over. The carpet on the floor was folded from them running over it. The bed was shifted too much to the left side and the blankets and pillows were around the entire room. 

“Shit,” Mew said again. 


“Just saying, you started it.”

“Me? You broke the vase!”

Mew gasped. “Me? You threw the pillow!”

“Yeah and if you hadn’t moved it would have hit you and not the vase!”

“That’s a stupid excuse!”

“You’re stupid!”

The same feeling rushed over him and he leaped towards Gulf and tackled with down on the floor, fingers digging on his sides and tickling his boyfriend mercilessly. 


“This is your punishment!’ Mew cackled, continuing to tickle Gulf until the younger was laughing so much he had tears all over his face. “Mew, stop- we have to get out of here before someone finds out!”

Mew stopped. “Damn, you’re right.” 

“Exactly. They can’t prove that we did it.” 

He helped Gulf stand up and both of them slipped out of the room quietly and went back to the party. No one seemed to notice they were gone and they sighed in relief. Gulf gave him a small, cheeky kiss on his cheek before joining First and Mild in their karaoke competition. Mew spent the rest of the night drinking with P’Tong and talking about his new wife. 

Right after he got home, he took the quickest shower he’d taken in his life before flopping down the bed. P’best had driven Gulf home tonight, so he had the entire bed to himself. He thought about what happened tonight with Gulf and chuckled his head sleepily. Being in a relationship with Gulf was anything but boring. He’d been so busy with filming, interviews, and the university’s upcoming exams that that was the most fun thing he’d done in these past few months. Most of his most memorable moments were connected to Gulf, or because of him, Mew realized. 

He wondered what P’Mame’s reaction would be after finding out the room and what she would do if she knew who had done it. 

Mew knew he would gladly take all the blame if they would ever get caught. Because he was weak for Gulf. 

Mild got the blame the next day and the poor guy was so drunk last night that he just agreed to it. P’Mame punished him by making him walk back and forth from the coffee shop and buying each and everyone in the crew a cup of coffee. 

“Poor Mild,” Gulf said, coming to stand beside him as Mew was watching Mild trying to apologize to P’Mame, screaming that he probably got possessed to destroy her guest room like that. Gulf gave him his cup of coffee and took a sip from his, giggling quietly to himself. 

Maybe he was wrong. His boyfriend was mischievous and evil even when he’s sober. 

       6.Cats like to pet and cuddled. And when doing so, they demand your entire attention. 

It was movie night in Mild’s house. Boat, Mild and Mew took the big sofa in the middle. Mew was leaning to the armchair while Mild was leaning against Boat. Haii was in the single one beside it and First in the sofa beside him. Ja and Title were on the floor. Gulf was on the floor at first, but in the middle of the movie, he had quietly slipped in the space between Mew and Mild. 

He didn’t say anything, just softly leaned his body against Mew. Mild didn’t react either. 

He felt Gulf shift closer to him and almost instinctively Mew raised his arm and draped it across his shoulder. What? He wanted to cuddle, and Gulf did too, or else why would he suddenly move beside him? He pressed the boy close against his chest, and barely missed the satisfied sigh that escaped Gulf’s lips. 

Gulf’s tiny hand placed itself on Mew’s chest as he snuggled close. Mew let his cheek press against his hair, taking in the sweet scent of Gulf’s bubblegum flavored shampoo. He smelt so sweet, and he was so warm and right here with him. He wasn’t even paying attention to the movie anymore. All his attention had shifted to the boy in his arms. 

“Are you cold?” He whispered so that only Gulf was able to hear him. 

Gulf tilted his head up and looked at Mew with big, doe eyes that melted his entire heart on the spot. With his messy hair and a tiny shake of his head as an answer, Mew thought he resembled that of a small puppy instead. Mew loved cuddly Gulf so much. It wasn’t that he wasn’t cuddly on an everyday basis, he was; but Mew was usually the more touchy-feely one in the relationship. It always melted his heart whenever Gulf acted so needy and soft for him. 

“P’Mew is so warm,” Gulf sighed softly, tucking his head to its original position. Mew smiled when he saw Gulf closing his eyes, his face not even facing the screen anymore. 

“You’re not watching the movie?” Mew teased him. 

“Says the person who’s been watching me this whole time.”

Mew squeezed him tighter. 

A few minutes into the movie and Gulf was already dozing off. His eyes were dropping lower and lower but for some reason refused to fall asleep. Mew gently brought his hands to massage his shoulders, coaxing the boy to relax and sleep. He thanked the gods for the dimly lit room because if Mild was able to see them, he would totally scream for them to get a room. 

Sometimes he would run his fingers up his nape, pushing them through the lower roots of his hair and scratching lightly, just because Gulf always got so weak for those. Gulf immediately went putty in his hold, practically melting against him. 

“Feels good,” Gulf mumbled quietly. 

Mew hummed, massaging his neck, all the way up to the top back of his head. When he reached back down the nape again, he took a handful and gently pulled, tilting Gulf’s head up.

Their gazes meet. Mew’s warm ones to Gulf’s half-lidded ones. He looked too cute, too soft that it took Mew all his willpower to not wrap him up in a blanket and just squeeze him as hard as he could. He watched as Gulf’s eyes slipped to his lips, the blankness in his gaze dissipating into want. Need. 

Mew got it immediately. He knew what to do. He leaned down and pressed their lips together in a soft kiss. 

He felt the side of Gulf’s lip twitching up and Mew thought it was the best feeling ever. Gulf’s hands were clutching his shirt in tiny fists, trying to pull him even closer if that was even possible. When they pulled apart, Gulf was flushing (though Mew could barely see in this light) and quickly turned his head to the side to hide his embarrassment.

Mew just smiled and hugged him closer. Too cute too cute too cute!

“So,” Mild said when the movie was over and Gulf was dead asleep in his arms, “What did you think about the movie, Mew?” 

“It was quite interesting.”

“Oh yeah? Even when you were too busy smooching with Sleeping Beauty over there?”

Ja turned his head when he heard this. “Mew and Gulf made out during the movie?” 

“Oh my god, that’s like seeing your parents have sex with you in the same room,” First snickered. 

“For me on the same bed,” Boat said, fake crying dramatically.

“Wait, I didn’t hear anything though?” Title questioned. 

“Because we didn’t make out,” Mew rolled his eyes, “I just kissed him once and watched the movie, I swear.”

“Oh yeah? Then what happened to Jane at the end?”

Mew blinked. “Who’s Jane again?”

Everyone groaned loudly and Mew had to flap his arms around like a bird to remind them to lower their voices down because Gulf was still asleep. 

“How do you watch a movie but not know the main character’s name?” Haii said.

“Forget it,” Boat said, “He’s completely useless when Gulf is around.”

Mew would have said something back, but he knew Boat was telling the truth. He indeed was completely useless, weak and in love when it came with Gulf Kanawut. So he simply stuck his tongue out, like a 5 year old child he actually was, to all of his friends, and hugged his boyfriend harder. And then he ignored his friends who booed (but quietly) at him for a minute straight. 

He would happily get booed for a year straight if it meant he would get cuddly Gulf. 

So that’s it, my friends! I hope you enjoyed reading about these cat facts and hopefully, you will be able to understand your feline friend a little bit better! Even if they can be quite aloof at times, remember that your cat definitely loves you so don’t forget to take care of them and love them back! 

Once again, thank you for reading my article! Meow! That was Snowball saying bye! 


Mew lowers his phone and stares at the floor as he tries to process everything. Then he look over to Gulf, who is laying beside him with his phone over his face. His face is scrunched up in concentration as his thumbs tap furiously over his screen, undoubtedly playing a game. 

He looks at him a second longer before looking back at his article. Then he looks Gulf. And then back at the article. 

Oh my god. 

Boom is actually a genius

To be fair, he knows Gulf resembled a cat. He had seen so many cat pictures and videos comparison, especially from the users butterfly something and mochigulf, he didn’t remember correctly and secretly saved them in a folder.

But this… This is a god-level feeling of realization.

Boom has made an amazing discovery. 

He closes the tab and quickly types a reply to his friend. 

me: you’re evil

me: i hate you

me: how dare you do this to me

boom: lol

boom: you’re welcome

me: i cannot NOT look at him without thinking of the article

me: fix this

boom: lololol dramaqueen

boom: now check this out

boom: [link: random facts all dog owners should know about their dog] 

boom: that’s u