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Gettin' In Your Head

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It had started off, as so many things between them did, with Daniel losing his temper.

“Oh blow me,” he said, getting up in Johnny’s face.

“Tell you what,” Johnny replied with a smirk. “If one of your kids beats mine in the All Valley then I’ll absolutely blow you, LaRusso.”

“You’re that confident?” Daniel said. “Or are you just looking for an excuse to suck my dick?”

Instead of getting mad Johnny smiled wider and leaned closer, tilting his head like he was going in for a kiss.

“Scared of a little competition?” he said.

“No,” Daniel swallowed and shifted on the spot, refusing to give up ground as Johnny got more in his space.

“Good,” Johnny whispered in his ear. “Because if I win then-”

“If you win I’ll-” his eyes flicked downwards. “I’ll get on my knees for you just like you’ve always wanted but were too shy to ask for.”

Johnny laughed lightly in his ear and bit his ear lobe.

“See you at the tournament,” he said and then walked off.

* * *

He didn’t have as many students as Cobra Kai, so with each kid knocked out he was a lot closer to being on his knees for Johnny Lawrence than Johnny was for him in the same situation.

That said, as the evening progressed Miyagi-Do punched well above its weight and by the semi finals he still had one student in the mix to Johnny’s one: Chris, who had just eliminated Hawk from the running, while Johnny was left with Aisha.

He looked across the mat and met Johnny’s eyes challengingly. The other man smiled at him and stuck his tongue into the soft pocket of his cheek and made a quick gesture with his hand that was gone in the blink of an eye. Daniel shook his head. Jackass.

He clapped Chris on the shoulder.

“Good work out there, buddy,” he said.

* * *

“You’ve got this, Miss Robinson,” Johnny said under his breath, not looking away from Daniel LaRusso on the other side of the hall.

“Are you okay, sensei?” she asked him curiously. “You seem more tense than me.”

With effort, he tore his eyes away and met hers.

“I’m fine,” he said. “Don’t let me get in your head.”

She nodded tightly and he was lost in his own thoughts again. There was a one in four shot that he was going to be making good on his promise to suck LaRusso’s dick. One in four shot that he’d get the runt on his knees for him. A solid fifty-fifty that some jerk off from Topanga won and neither of them ended the evening with a dick in their mouth. Somehow that option weighed on his mind the most.

* * *

For a heart stopping moment it had looked like that fucking kid Xander was going to beat Aisha and Daniel found himself on his feet yelling for her to get back on her feet and finish him. Chris looked over at him askance.

“I’ve known her since she was little,” he said, a little embarrassed. “She deserves to get to the finals this year. Don’t worry, I won’t cheer for her over you.”

“Reassuring,” Chris said.

Daniel could only hold his gaze for a second before his eyes were dragged back to the match.

* * *

Technically, Chris getting knocked out of the competition in the semis by some random Topanga kid would count as Daniel losing and Johnny was prepared to make that argument if he had to, but he desperately wanted Miyagi-Do to make it to the finals with Aisha. It would be such a hollow victory without that showdown. Without it being his kid that sent Daniel home.

He watched the match with clenched teeth and a jiggling leg, wincing every time the Topanga kid pressed his advantage and outright groaning when Chris gave up a point.

Aisha looked from him to the figures on the mat and back again.

“It’s nice that you still want Chris to win,” she said hesitantly and Johnny’s head whipped around.

She thought that he- fuck. He’d be a much nicer guy if he was rooting for Chris because he used to teach him.

“Yeah,” he replied shortly and looked back to the match.

Chris scored a point and Johnny was on his feet cheering.

* * *

Before the finals, Daniel strode out to the centre of the mat to shake Johnny’s hand curtly. Their eyes were hot coals as they glowered at each other and Johnny tugged him forward a little as he took his hand.

“Good luck,” he said, eyes flicking to Daniel’s lips while his own curled in a smirk.

Daniel smiled back tightly at him.

* * *

Chris and Aisha were tied two points to two. They were well matched. He had the reach on her, but she was faster. No matter who won, nobody could say that either of them hadn’t left it all on the mat.

They circled each other and then-

The fire alarm went off.

Both fighters looked around warily as a murmur started to spread through the crowd.

A voice over the tannoy system instructed everyone to make their way to the fire exits calmly and quietly.

Chris and Aisha looked back at their respective senseis to find them both looking at each other.

* * *

In dribs and drabs they learned, while assembled in the parking lot, that an issue with the wiring had caused a small electrical fire and the fire department was on their way. It was unlikely that they would be able to go back into the building any time that night, so the referee unceremoniously declared the match a draw and had Chris and Aisha pose for an awkward photo next to a brown Sedan holding the trophy between them.

Daniel felt Johnny at his right hand side before he saw him.

“And here I was worried that Xander kid was going to take it,” he said lightly.

“I guess you’re off the hook,” Daniel said. “Neither of us lost.”

“Well,” Johnny said. “As I recall I said that if your kid beat mine then I’d blow you. But you just said ‘if I won.’ And… there’s my kid over there: holding the trophy.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” Daniel turned around with a grin on his face. He shoved against Johnny’s shoulder companionably.

“Worth a shot,” Johnny said, chuckling back.

“Hey, Johnny,” Daniel said quietly. “Instead of splitting hairs, how about in the spirit of the original agreement-”

“My place or yours?” Johnny asked.