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Harlot's Delectables

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My Dearest Alessa,

I stand before you, a man so mesmerized by your beauty that I am often bereft of words to tell you how much I need you. This is a new sensation for me; pining for affection and gentle kisses. I never needed anything in my life, and yet here I am…always yearning to be in your arms, lips pressing sweetly as I pull you close, lost in your blissful embrace.     

And when you are not near I find myself seeing you in everything. In every poem I read, I hear your voice in my mind reciting every lovely line of prose. Every time I find a flower, I pick it and smell its delightful fragrance, reminding myself of your intoxicating scent. Your exquisite visage always runs through my thoughts, turning me into a desperate man as I cannot think of nothing else until I can see you and touch you again.  

You, my most cherished flower, have watered my heart with your devotion and made it bloom. Your love has made a selfish man out of me for now I cannot exist without you. Blake warns to never seek to tell thy love, but how could I not when this power you hold over me feels so wonderfully right?    

 I love you, Alessa. 

Mind, body, and soul…I love all of you. 

And my blooming heart will bask in your warm light until the end of time.

Forever and always,




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