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Stranger in our house

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" good evening my beautiful family" his father voice filled the very quiet hall of where Yusuf sat having dinner with his mother and little sister. It's been a two months since his father traveled to Genova and they really missed him , just as he was rising up to hug his father, Yusuf stopped by his chair glancing at the strange man whom his father invited inside their home without any word to tell his mother so she could cover her hair. 
" father?" Yusuf questioned ,surprised by his father's lack of care.

" it's alright Yusuf " his father chuckled lightly " He's no stranger at all ".

" Fatima, Yusuf, Layla meet Nicolo . He's my husband ".

Yusuf would have laughed out loud at the joke if weren't for his father's serious tone or his mother's Yelp as the glass of water that she intended to bring it to his father-slipped of her grasp and crashed into the floor. 

" Nicolo this is my family" His father has spoken a different language.

The stranger bowed his head, politely and said nothing. His eyes cast down and his long hair fell to cover his face.

" Layla, why don't you take Nicolo to our guests room,it's been a tiring trip,he need to rest " his father said waving for Layla to give him a hug. She did and took the stranger's hand in her and guided him upstairs.

Yusuf wanted to shout 'No don't let him hold her hand ,don't let her go alone with 'him but whatever word he wanted to shout,it died in his throat .The shock is enormous. He just stood there staring at his father in disbelief. 

His father cleared his throat " Fatima " and His mother suddenly burst into tears. 

" Fatima, this has nothing to do with you .you've always a perfect wife " his father said, closing the gap between him and his mother and taking her in his arms. Yusuf felt disgusted by this action that he used to adore . He grew up wishing to have such beautiful relationship like the one his parents have , had. 

" why then ?" She asked, finally finding her voice .

" I saw him and my body ached for him , Fatima, I almost sinned. Almost taken him in haram, without marriage" his father said, shaking his head at the memory. 

" so you feared a sin such as fucking outside a marriage and yet you decided to ignore the fact that he is A man, that you'd be a Fucking sodomite " Yusuf burst out and the slap he received was actually from his mother.  
" Apologize to your father, Yusuf " she ordered ,firmly. 

" I won't" Yusuf gritted his teeth. 

" let him be, dear Fatima. He has the right to be angry. You too" his father smiled.

" baba, Nicolo's crying " Layla said, rushing downstairs. 

" let him be, he's just tired my little one" His father smiling holding, Layla in his arms .