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Highway From Hell

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“Close the portal, he’s not coming back.” Rogers decided, his voice heavy with authority and grief. After a second of hesitation, Romanoff followed the order, closing the portal before Tony could come back. 


At the other side of the portal, Tony looked back and saw the portal closing. Shock and terror overcame him. JARVIS was speaking to him, but he couldn’t hear him over the erratic beating of his heart. Tony was distracted from his panic when the nuke reached the army, there was a fucking army over there, what the fuck, why are there so many, the nuke wouldn’t be enough, oh my god, what is he going to do if he’s stuck with them on space? JARVIS was speaking urgently to him, but the connection broke, Tony was alone in hostile territory. He didn’t have time to think before the shockwave sent him flying, damaging his suit and rendering him unconscious.  


He didn’t expect to wake up at all. But he did. At first, the dimmed light confused him, he wasn’t lying on his bed but a hard and cold floor. He called for JARVIS, but no voice answered. That made him open his eyes and sit up. He realized he was naked in a bare room. The room was gray and cold, the walls and the smooth floor was a reprieve for his battered body. At his side there was a bucket filled to the brim with water, aside from that, only a hole in one corner stood out. Tony had had enough experiences with being kidnapped through the years to push down the panic he felt and focus on the room instead. 


A more attentive glance around confirmed the room was bare of anything except the bucket and the hole. That didn’t sit well with him. There was a door, but it didn’t have a handle or anything that he could use to open it. He didn’t have his suit, and there wasn’t anything in here that he could use as a weapon. There were no windows, so he couldn’t identify what time it was or where he was, and the ceiling was too high for him to reach it even if he jumped. 


Tony sighed and resigned himself to wait. He sat there, back to the wall opposite the door, gazing at it. Trying to find a way out of this, he could break the bucket, but whatever material the bucket was made of, it was soft. Wouldn’t work even for a makeshift knife, not that he had anything to sharpen it. He was lost in his thoughts for a while. No matter how much he tried to think of anything, there was no way for him to escape without someone opening the door for him from the outside. But time passed, and it didn’t open, nor did he pick up any sounds coming from the other side. The room must be soundproof, it was that, or he was in an isolated place. He didn’t perceive how much time he spent looking at the door before he drifted back to sleep. 


When he woke up the door still hadn’t opened. 



He didn’t know how long he had been there. But he was sure it had been at least a few days. It was difficult to estimate time with no indicator, but his stomach needed some food, his body felt weak and his head was aching from hunger and dehydration. There was nothing he could do about that, so he tried not to think about the emptiness in his stomach and just drank as little water as possible. Enough to keep himself alive, but not enough to drink all of it too quickly, as per his calculations. He didn’t know how much time he’d stay locked up here, and he had the suspicion that whoever had kidnapped him wouldn’t care he was thirsty. The bucket was all he had for now. 

Tony was becoming impatient, waiting to find out what his captives wanted from him. Was he even back on Earth? Or had some alien kidnapped him after the portal closed? Was he at the hands of the aliens that had tried to invade Earth? He shivered at the possibility and shook his head, trying to shove that thought away. He didn’t quite manage. That only made him angry, here he was, cowering under an invisible enemy like a child. He gritted his teeth and growled at the door, which turned into a full scream of frustration. He immediately regretted it, damn his throat was sore. 


Tony calmed down, only to spiral into bleak thoughts he had been avoiding: The avengers and the portal. The portal closed as soon as he went through it. Why? Was the portal unstable? It was the only thing he could think of they closed it, they didn’t wait for you, they didn’t care was a malfunction, a portal like that was an experiment, it made sense that it closed on its own. After all, they didn’t need to close the portal before he came back, or at least not that soon. So it was the most logical option. Because even if the only person he somehow knew was Natashalie, and he didn’t trust her much. They wouldn’t do that to him. A treacherous thought whispered that they would. This time, he didn’t silence it. 


It hurt him to think that despite everything they would sacrifice him as if he wasn’t important, as if he was a mere pawn to be disposed of without a good reason to do so. As if he were an annoyance. Tony closed his eyes and tried to will these thoughts away to no avail. It wasn’t a surprise. In fact, he was shocked it had taken so much time for his thoughts to assault him. Oh, the past days haven’t been pleasant, the memories about his last kidnapping ever-present in his head. He rarely closed his eyes without seeing Yinsen dying, his last words haunting him. He couldn’t even talk to JARVIS since he had nothing on him, not even his watch. That made him feel more vulnerable than being naked did. 



Tony didn’t know how much time had passed, having slept most of it. Not that it made him feel rested anymore. He could see his ribs now and he would bet anything on how gaunt he looked now. Regardless of not knowing how long it had been, he knew he was sick of this. He needed to hear something, the silence was killing him. He didn’t know how much time had passed, having long ago given up on trying to estimate it. Tony was so hungry he could have eaten anything right now. Even though the smell of his urine and excrement made him nauseous, despite that he was sitting on the corner that was far away from the hole. The room was small enough for the smell to reach the whole room. 



Tony had gotten used to the smell by now, he couldn’t decide if he was relieved or not about that fact. On one hand, he didn’t feel constantly nauseous anymore. On the other hand, it meant he had spent too much time here. It felt like losing his dignity, and he shoved that thought away as soon as it came. He also didn’t want to think about how the pain of hunger had settled on his stomach, becoming a constant in his life. 



Tony started talking to himself; he talked about what he would do to the people that had kidnapped him; he didn’t murder when he didn’t have to, but right now the fantasy of making those who kidnapped him suffer, making them pay for what they were doing to him, maybe show them how much it fucking hurt to take a good old repulsor to the chest. It was one of the few things keeping him sane. 


His favorite topic, at first at least, was talking about how he will hug Pepper, Rhodey, and Happy once he went back. How he would go back to talk with JARVIS and play with the bots. And eat a god damned cheeseburger, he couldn’t forget about the burger. He also imagined he was out of this place and had imaginary conversations with different people out loud. At first, it made him feel like an idiot, but with time it was one thing that made him not try to kill himself with his fingernails. 


But with time, his voice made him twitch. It was too loud, even if he spoke in whispers. And it became hollow and sore because of the hunger and minimum water he only drank when his throat was screaming at him to drink some. And as coming back home became more a fantasy than a possibility, his voice became more hollow. The thought of never again seeing his friends, the bots, and JARVIS, his children, made him want to cry, but he didn’t allow himself to do so. Stark men were made of iron. It would also dehydrate him more, double loss. So he stopped talking. He tried to exercise a bit, but that didn’t go well. He wasn’t strong enough for that in the current situation and had to give up after having trouble getting up off the floor. So he left it at that and resigned himself to spend his time looking at the door. 


 Whoever kidnapped him had to open it, they had to. 



He was still here, with no way to get out. And the door still hadn’t opened. 


Tony was becoming desperate. What if the door never opened? What if he died before someone opened the door? What if they had left him here to die? He didn’t want to die like this; he didn’t want to become a rotten corpse in this bare room, away from his home, away from his family. 


Suddenly the need to get out of here became so strong he had to stop himself from doing something stupid, like running to the door in a desperate attempt to open it. He didn’t need to do that to know how sturdy the walls and door were; the first thing he did was check that. 


His thoughts drifted to JARVIS and the bots, how he missed them. He would do anything to be back at his lab accepting one of Dum-E’s smoothies, listening to JARVIS’ sassy remarks, working or playing with the bots. How he missed working. He was going crazy with nothing to do, without coffee. 


Tony looked at his hands. He had taken to biting his nails lately, so they were clipped and uneven. Tony also had taken to rip a few strands of hair from his head and play with them, knotting them, moving them around his fingers. Anything to distract himself, to do something with his hands. He scratched at his beard again. How he wanted to shave. 


Tony flinched when the familiar voices started again. He knew it was all in his head, but hearing voices wasn’t a good sign. He knew that the voices who screamed at him how he was a failure, how he fucked up everything and anyone he touched weren’t real. Because he was alone, the voices of Howard, Pepper, Rhodey, Happy and the Avengers telling him how he was no hero and how he only fixed his mistakes because of guilt weren’t real. They weren’t. But it was so easy to forget that. He couldn’t think clearly with the silence that was driving him crazy, he needed to listen to something aside from his breathing. But no matter how much he hated himself for it, he craved for the moments when the hallucinations took place, because even if they broke his heart, at least he could hear the voices of his friends. 


He sighed and slept. He had been doing that a lot lately, not having anything else better to do than being alone with his thoughts. Not that sleeping was any better with the constant nightmares that plagued his dreams. 



He didn’t see it coming; he was sleeping when the door opened. The sound startled Tony awake and once he saw the door open, he inhaled sharply. Barely believing what he was seeing. There was an alien at the door, roughly his size, humanoid and bald. So aliens kidnapped him, he wasn’t on earth. Question was, were they allied with Loki, or were they just random aliens that saw him and took him in? Whatever the case, he doubted they’d done it by the goodness of their hearts; they locked him up naked. 


He shifted his legs, trying to stand but failing, his legs numb from staying in the same position for far too long. Damn this body. He couldn’t even stand. How could he fight his way out? The alien laughed and Tony glared at him. He supposed he looked pretty pathetic, but what could he do about it? He was currently vulnerable to whatever this alien wanted. Before he could feel more nervous or ashamed of himself, the alien spoke English. 


“Here, food for you.” The alien tossed the food to the floor and Tony’s eyes looked at it without believing it. They were giving him food? It looked like cookies. He tentatively brought one to his mouth and retched, god it was awful. The alien laughed again. “Don’t like it? It’s food for a pet, fitting for you, don’t you think, pet?” Tony snarled at that, dread and fury filling him at the implications. But the alien just snorted and left, closing the door behind him. 


Tony growled and looked at the food with disgust. He thought about it long and hard. More than once he reached for them, only to decide against it at the last second. He couldn’t eat pet food! He was a human being! But with time, the hunger won over his pride. This meant nothing, you are not what you eat. He tried to convince himself of it and he almost succeeded. But then the alien came back with more food and when he saw Tony ate everything, he laughed and taunted him. The derogatory words shouldn’t cut as deep as they did. But since Tony had been alone for what felt like an eternity, hearing insults towards him on the first interactions he had since who knew how long, hurt him more than he wanted to acknowledge. 


The third time the door opened, the alien didn’t bring food. For the first time, the alien entered the room and Tony tensed, not knowing what he would do. When the alien grabbed him roughly by the left arm Tony tried to fight, but the alien was way stronger than him. Damn this body. He dragged Tony across the spaceship if the windows showing space were any indicator until he was in a bathroom. 


Once there, he threw Tony in a bathtub, and the alien started to clean him. Which freaked Tony out, why would they want him clean? Did they want to eat him? No, that made little sense, they’d make him eat more if that were the case. The alien manhandled him with no care until Tony got his answer when the alien cleaned his asshole. Tony panicked at that, the words the alien said on the first visit having different connotations now. He struggled, but the alien didn’t budge and only stopped when he was satisfied. 


He hoisted Tony out of the bathtub and the alien walked towards the door, but Tony fought the best he could to avoid that. Even if he deep down knew he was helpless and wouldn’t change anything, but he would be damned if he didn’t even try. He annoyed the alien enough for him to stop walking and going back towards the bathtub. 


The alien made Tony kneel in front of the bathtub and before Tony could fight, the alien grabbed Tony by the nape and dumped Tony’s head in the dirty water. “No, no no no no, not this again!” Tony couldn’t breathe, his nose, mouth, and lungs filling with dirty water. An overwhelming sense of dread encompassed him, his heart was pulsing like crazy, making his chest ache in pain, he couldn’t focus, couldn’t think, couldn’t stop shaking. He lost track of time, not being able to think, his struggles weakening with each second he spent in the water. Until the alien lifted his head, Tony spat out water and coughed, struggling to breathe. 


“You won’t fight this.” 


Tony wheezed, not being able to do anything more than glare at the alien. He croaked weakly. “Like hell, I won’t.” 


The alien only smirked and shrugged. “Suit yourself, but mark my words, pet. You will end begging for us to fuck you once I’m done with you.” And without further ado, he dumped Tony’s face in the water again. 


Tony didn’t know how much time had passed, but it felt like an eternity. Tony lost count of how many times the alien dumped him into the water. With each waterboarding, his resolve wavered a bit more. Was being raped worse than this hell? He didn’t know anymore; he felt the start of a second panic attack, but the alien either didn’t notice or didn’t care, because he dumped his face again in the water, making everything worse for Tony. 


Tony felt helpless, which he was. What could he do? It was a lose-lose situation. Why did he keep resisting? Was it worth it? Were the last remains of his pride worth it? Tears of fury, humiliation, and hopelessness fell, and he made a gesture for the alien to stop. The alien did and looked at Tony in smug expectation. Tony gritted his teeth and swallowed his pride. 


“Just get this over with.” Tony fought to keep his voice steady and failed miserably. His shame and self-hatred were obvious in his voice. 


The alien looked down at Tony with a cruel smile. “Oh? What are you talking about?” 


Fury erupted from Tony, his voice weak but full of rage. “You know it, you bastard!” 


The alien tsked and dumped his head in the water again for a few seconds before letting go. “That’s not how you should address me, pet. Now, let’s try it again. I told you, don’t you remember? I said you’ll be begging me for us to fuck you. So beg.” 


Tony glared at the alien, but it didn’t have the desired effect, not on his state. He must look so pathetic. He was pathetic, he was going to do this. He was that desperate. He closed his eyes against tears of shame. “Please fuck me.” 


The alien laughed in delight. “That’s more like it, well done, pet!” He grabbed Tony by the arm and smiled smugly when Tony didn’t offer resistance once he dragged Tony out of the bathroom. He dragged Tony until he was in what seemed like a lounge room. Tony counted seven more aliens there. Great, just his luck. 


The alien tossed Tony to the floor in the middle of the room, dragging the other aliens’ attention. All of them looked at Tony with lust and hunger. Tony was used to people lusting over him, but the way their eyes looked at him, made Tony’s skin crawl. 


Tony was back from his musings when the alien that brought him there kicked him in the gut. “There, we’re here. Don’t you have something to tell everyone?” Tony gritted his teeth. Now that the reality of the situation was sinking in, Tony couldn’t bring himself to say it again. The silence lasted for minutes until the first alien sighed and shook his head. “Whatever, sucks for you, pet.” He grabbed Tony and dragged him towards the door. Tony panicked, if he goes back to the bathroom, he will be waterboarded again. He will- screw his pride! 


“Wait!” Desperation bled through Tony’s voice. The alien stopped and Tony sighed in defeat, this was it. 


The alien that had him smirked smugly at him. “What?” 


Tony had never hated himself more than at this moment. He swallowed audibly and spoke. “Please fuck me.” 


The aliens laughed, and Tony dug his nails into the palm of his hands until they stung. “That’s more like it, pet! Knew you’d see reason.” 


Another alien walked closer to Tony. This one looked like a humanoid lion, and Tony dreaded each step the feline-alien took towards him. 


Before he could touch Tony, the first alien spoke to him. “Hey Drerqrax, why are you first?” 


The feline-alien huffed, crossing his arms on his chest. “What does it matter?” 


“I was the one who made it comply! I deserve to be the first!” The first alien reasoned, they looked as if they were discussing who got to play with a toy first and Tony felt sick the moment he made the comparison, being well aware he was the toy in this circumstance. 


“Vielgoir has a point.” Another alien said, he was also a feline but had a small scar on his right temple and a deep voice. 


Drerqrax grunted but relented. “If you say so, Drovvux. Have at it, Vielgoir.” 


Tony felt sick. They spoke about him as an ‘it’ and he couldn’t help but flinch. He was a person, dammit! He needed to escape, but how? He was physically weak and didn’t have a clue where he was and how to escape. 


He was brought back to reality violently by someone forcing his jaw open. Before he could process what was happening, Vielgoir had taken out his cock and without ceremony shoved it all inside Tony’s mouth, bottoming out. Tony usually liked to give blowjobs, but this was different, this wasn’t nice or fun at all. It was disgusting. Everything about the situation made Tony’s skin crawl with disgust. Vielgoir grabbed Tony firmly by the hair to keep him in place and fucked his mouth, making Tony gag. It had been a while since the last time he had done this, and the alien wasn’t being careful. Which made sense. To him, Tony was only a pet, no reason for him to be careful. 


“Relax your throat, pet.” Tony tried to do it, knowing it’d be better for him to do so. After a few minutes, Vielgoir came into Tony’s mouth, Tony was about to spit it but before he could, Vielgoir spoke. “Swallow, you’ll swallow if you don’t want to go back to the bathroom.” Tony swallowed and shame curled in his gut. They laughed. “Good pet.” Vielgoir patted his head as if he were a dog and walked until he was behind Tony. Before Tony could react, he grabbed his hips, raising them, and shoved his cock inside his asshole with no preparation or care. Tony screamed in pain, making the alien chuckle. “That good, huh?” When Tony kept silent, Vielgoir slapped Tony’s ass hard. “Didn’t hear you, I think what you wanted to say was ‘Yes, it feels good’. Isn’t it?” Tony kept silent, making Vielgoir growl and reach for Tony’s throat with one hand, squeezing hard until Tony almost passed out, only then Vielgoir stopped. “Don’t make me punish you, pet. This is nothing, you won’t like a real punishment.” 


Tony closed his eyes in defeat, tears streaming down his red face, and wheezed. “It feels good.” 


The aliens laughed hard at that, jeering while they watched Tony. 


Vielgoir laughed with them and he petted Tony’s hair. “Good, glad to hear it!” 


“Hey, don’t monopolize it, let us have at it!” Drerqrax shouted from where he was sitting, looking at Tony with hungry eyes. 


Vielgoir shrugged and nodded at Drerqrax. “Sure, you can use its mouth.” 


Tony snarled, but let Drerqrax grab his hair and shove his cock in his mouth without resistance. Drerqrax’s dick was bigger and wider than a human dick, and Tony felt the strain in his jaw. He accidentally grazed his teeth. Drerqrax growled in pain and took Tony off of his dick. 


“Fuckin’ Terran, can’t do anything well, can you?” 


“Seems we need to teach it a lesson.” He sneered, delighted by the prospect. 


One alien with pale skin and high cheekbones grabbed something and grew closer to Tony. He crouched down in front of Tony and spoke. “Grab him, don’t let him move.” 


The others complied, and soon Tony couldn’t move his head. The man inside Tony stilled so they could grip his head. Tony couldn’t hear what the aliens were saying, all he could hear was his erratic heartbeat. He barely felt the cock impaling him anymore, all his focus was on the alien reaching for his face with a tool. The alien smirked at seeing how scared Tony was and with no ceremony, put the tool in Tony’s right eye and took out Tony’s eye. Tony screamed, the pain was too much, the blood dripping from his now-empty eye socket, the sound of metal cutting through something gelatinous that fell to his cheek, he was dying. They were really taking out his fucking eye? Tony felt despair at the thought, but the pain was too much and he passed out. 


When he woke up, someone was fucking him. He looked up disoriented for a moment, and then he remembered what had happened. Fuck, he was so screwed. He brought a hand towards his right eye and found a patch there. He tried to move the right eye but found he couldn’t. They really had taken out his right eye. Those fucking sick bastards. 


The discovery made him panic at his utter hopelessness in the situation. They could do anything they wanted with him. What was stopping them? Certainly not Tony. He was really at their mercy, a feeling he didn’t like at all. He remembered what they forced him to say, and he flushed in shame and self-hate. God, how low he had fallen. 


Tony’s thoughts stopped violently when the alien fucking him orgasmed inside him. Tony grimaced at the uncomfortable and painful feeling that irritated his shredded rectus and mentally prayed he won’t get any illness out of this. The alien was still inside him when another one called him. 


“Hey, Ghiki, get out of it! I want a piece of its ass too!” 


Ghiki snorted but complied. “Whatever, here you go, Aanik.” 


Aanik, a tall man with yellow skin and long orange hair, got in front of Tony and made him roll so he was laying on his back. “Let’s see how flexible you are.” Aanik pushed Tony’s legs until his knees were touching his shoulders. “Oh, seems you’re pretty flexible! Good to know! Now, grab your legs and keep them there.” Tony gritted his teeth and refused to do so. It was in vain, he knew, but he couldn’t help it. Aanik growled and let go of Tony’s legs. He reached for the arc reactor and tried to take it out. 


Tony panicked. “Wait! No! Don’t take it out!” No, no no no no no. Not the reactor. For a second he saw Stane in front of him, his breath quickened and his heart pounded on his chest. He came back to reality with Aanik talking.


“Oh? It’s important then! Well, if you want us to let you keep it, you must be a good pet from now on, got it, pet?” 


Tony closed his eyes to will his tears to not fall and thought about telling the alien to fuck off, he thought about how they’d take the arc reactor out, thought of how painfully that’d kill him. He was about to open his mouth and say it, but Rhodey’s face appeared in his mind, then Pepper’s, Happy’s, his bots, he heard JARVIS’ voice speaking to him, and suddenly he couldn’t. He couldn’t die here, he had to go back to them.


Tony nodded. 


Another alien interfered. “Didn’t hear you!” 


Tony gritted his teeth. “Yes.” 


“Yes, what?” 


So they will make him say it. Tony thought once more about committing suicide by pissing off an alien, but decided that he’d play along. He was already doing it, he would keep playing along until he escaped. It was only temporary; it meant nothing. “I’ll… Be a goo-” He choked on those words. God, he was Tony Stark. How could he end like this? In such an inferior position? But he steeled himself and finished the phrase. “A good pet.” The words tasted like defeat in his tongue, and the laughs of the aliens made him want to scream. He barely managed not to cry, he was pathetic enough already.


Between the jeers and laughs that filled the room, Aanik spoke. “So, what are you waiting for? Keep your legs up.” Tony did it, and Aanik petted his head. “Good pet, see? That wasn’t so bad, right?” Tony kept silent and Aanik gripped Tony’s hair hard. “Right?” 


“Right.” Tony grimaced. 


“Good, you’re starting to learn.” And then, Aanik shoved his cock inside Tony without care, making Tony dig his nails into his thighs and scream in pain. From this position Aanik could go so deep, it hurt so much. 


Tony lost track of time. He didn’t know how many of the aliens raped him, how many of them touched him, but he was fairly sure all of them did. At one moment new aliens entered and two old ones left. So they had shifts, that made sense. The new ones were quick to use him too, not sparing a thought for his comfort. Between all the pain, he gratefully welcomed unconsciousness. He wasn’t as naïve as to think they’d stop raping him just because he passed out, but at least he won’t feel it for a while. 



He planned the best he could in the situation. The plan was desperate. They didn’t leave him alone for even a second. But he had to try, he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t at least try. So when one of them dragged him to the bathroom, he waited until they were there to punch the mirror with all the strength he had left; it shattered. Tony wasted no time in taking a sizable piece and using it to slash at the alien, who roared in pain. Shit. They will know something was up now. No matter. 


Tony ran with all the speed he could muster, but soon he got lost in the corridors. Damn. This thing was bigger than he thought. What now? There should be a smaller ship somewhere, right? 


If there was, Tony couldn’t find it before they got to him. They beat him into submission and then one of them took out a… What was that? A gun? Tony couldn’t breathe, his heart racing at definitely not healthy speeds. Would they kill him now? This was it? 


They didn’t kill him. Instead, they burned him, all on his right side, from head to toe, back, and front. Tony screamed himself hoarse at the horrible pain. He needed this to stop, he couldn’t survive this. How would he? No, they wouldn’t kill him like this, would they? He fought to not pass out, but the pain won and everything went black. 


When he woke up, his whole body was bandaged. He felt like shit. He had experienced many kinds of pains in his life, and he honestly couldn’t say this took the cake. But it sure hurt like a bitch. It hurt to breathe; it had been a while since he felt pain breathing; he didn’t miss it. 


He looked around and felt relief and despair at seeing they locked him in the room he was in before. Fuck, on one hand, this meant he would take a break. On the other hand, this meant he won’t be able to even try to escape ever again. He had fucked up. Why couldn’t he do anything well? He was such a screw-up, he should just die- No, he couldn’t, he had to go back to Earth. A small voice, which was getting louder with each day, asked him if it was really worth it. For now, the answer was yes. He didn’t know if it would keep being a yes for much time. 



Tony didn’t know how many days he’d spent being constantly raped, with only minor breaks to go to the bathroom, drink water and eat that disgusting pet food. They cleaned and shaved him regularly too. Tony would feel good about that if he didn’t know why they wanted him clean. 


With time, he became numb to the pain, numb to the constant humiliation they subjected him to. Tony hated it, hated he was getting accustomed to it. What did that say for himself? It felt like giving up on his freedom, like giving up on his humanity. 


He was reasonably sure at least a month had passed because they took the patch out of his eye and the bandages on the next bathroom break. When he saw his reflection he grimaced, it looked horrible, his right eye socket was scarred and a gaping wound, and all his right side was a scarred mess. He touched his right cheek and winced, his calluses were too rough for his tender scar tissue. Tony mentally started the designs for a robotic eye for himself and to think of ways of making it work as an even better eye when an alien violently yanked him out of his thoughts and brought him back to the dreaded room. 



He woke up by a hard slap to his face that split his lip. He didn’t fight it, already used to this treatment, and knowing fighting would only make it worse. He looked up to see Losun in front of him; he smirked in a way that had made Tony’s skin crawl at the start. Now he felt nothing but numbness. It had been months since the last time he felt something, even when they targeted his right side... 


“Let’s see how good of a pet you are,” He sat on the floor in front of Tony. “I want you to fuck yourself on my cock.” 


A flash of defiance passed through Tony’s eyes and for the first time in some time, he hesitated on following an order. This was the first time they made him do this. Part of Tony preferred death to do it, but most of him couldn’t find it in him to care. They’d done so much to him. What was one more humiliation to the ever-growing list? He wasn’t more than a pet- No, no; he wasn’t a pet. He was a Terran- human! He was a human being, with rights and a shit ton of money and contacts. He was Tony Fucking Stark; he was loved and- Was he? Was he really all of that? Sure, at some point he was all of those things, but now? A kick to the gut made him double over and wheeze. Damn, he took too much time to obey. Without further ado, he moved and followed the order, not paying attention to the pain, the semen and blood inside him working as a lube. 


His hips worked mechanically while his mind wandered towards his previous thoughts. Was he really loved? Was he still Tony Stark? It had been so long since he last heard his name, since he was treated as a person. Why did he keep going again? What was stopping him from killing himself? What would Rhodey, Pepper, Happy and JARVIS think of him if they saw him now? Being treated like a fuck toy, fucking himself on his rapist’s cock. God, how he hated himself. He would disgust his friends and children. He didn’t deserve them. 


Losun laughed, being quickly echoed by the others. “That’s it, pet, make me cum. I know you like it!” 


“Hey, move faster, we want a good show!” 


Tony moved faster, knowing what would happen if he disobeyed, especially since he was late to obey the last order. His thighs protested, but he was used to the pain. He never let the pain lord over him when he was Tony Stark. Why would he let it now? 


Losun finally orgasmed, cum filling Tony’s insides in an uncomfortable but familiar way. The alien slapped Tony’s ass and sighed in contentment. “Good pet... Hey, pet. You liked it, right?” 


“Yes, I liked it.” Replied Tony, knowing if he didn’t say what they wanted, how they wanted it would only serve for them to punish him. 


All of them laughed. “Good, don’t you have anything to say then?” Tony looked at him in confusion, so Losun elaborated. “Good pets say thank you to their owner when they get what they want. Where’s your gratitude? I let you fuck yourself on me, you should be grateful, pet!” Seeing Tony hesitated, he added. “Are you a bad pet now? Do I need to punish you?” 


For the first time in a while, Tony had difficulty saying what they wanted him to say. “Thank you for fucking me.” In his mind, Tony repeated a phrase, clinging to its meaning. “I’m Tony Stark.”


Everybody roared in delighted laughter at that, and he passed Tony around to another alien. Soon Tony passed out. 



He didn’t want to lose hope. But it was difficult to do so while being forced to fuck himself on one of his captors while deep throating another. 


Another alien, Ilphaell, grabbed one of Tony’s hands and brought it to his dick. “Your hands are slacking.” 


He lost balance and gagged on the dick in his mouth, but he managed to not use his teeth. He tried to focus on doing the three things at once while only using one hand to support himself. He was managing well until Uxil grabbed his other hand and made him do two hand jobs at once. He managed for a few seconds, but he was clumsy and he knew it. He had to do better or they would punish him. He tried the best he could, but they hadn’t cut his nails in a while and he slipped, nails digging into Uxil. He froze, Uxil’s growl in pain bringing him to reality. 


He was so screwed. 


The aliens manhandled him until he was laying on his back on the floor, all his limbs and head pinned to the floor. Then, one by one, they took off all twenty of his nails. He screamed himself hoarse at the pain. He didn’t know how much time they spent torturing him, he only remembered the laughs at his pain. He didn’t realize when they finished, but he realized when they came to him with what could only mean bad news for him. When they cut off his right hand, he went into shock. So much he barely felt and cared when they cut off his right foot. His hands were his life. His hands and intelligence were the best of him. How was he supposed to tinker, to create, without one of his hands? How was he supposed to get out now if he couldn’t protect the most important aspect of himself? Forget about working in the lab now, forget about tinkering and playing, forget about driving his fast cars. His life was officially over. He would never go back now, he couldn’t. Not without his hands. And without his work, was he really Tony Stark?