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how to fall for your rival-for-the-day

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“You want me to what?!” Jaewon yelps, staring at Nari.


“You heard me,” Minyoung crosses her arms to glare at Daehyun. “Dress up as me for a day.”



“No buts! You owe me a favor,” Nari presses. Jaewon frowns.



“Then I’m going to need to fill you in! There’s only one thing that matters!” Minyoung beams.

“The whore with blonde hair is called Nari-“


“The slut with dyed brown hair and a nose job is Minyoung-“


“-and she is a complete fucking bitch.”


Jaewon fiddles with the brown wig, and feels the makeup applied by his best female friend. He can not believe he’s sneaking into an all girls school to take an advanced biology test for Nari, but here he is.

He can’t wait to get out of here.

“Nari!” A pretty girl with pink hair clips runs up to her. It’s Rose!

She grabs Jaewon by the arm and pulls him through the halls.

“N-noona-“ Jaewon hisses in her ear. Rose shakes her head.

“Don’t worry, I know. Here’s the deal, stick with me all day, got it? The test is third.”

“Nari is so lucky I like her,” Jaewon grumbles. Rose fixes him with a look.

“You’d do this for a complete stranger.”

“Wh- hey!”



Daehyun hates everything. Yoomi and Koko are hanging off his arms, helping keep the act up. Yoomi scoffs, hair swinging with the way she shakes her head.

“Ugh, look at Nari and Rose. The bitches. Minnie told you about them, right?”

And oh-

Nari is really pretty.

Being pansexual is suffering because fuck-

He’s supposed to fake hate a hot girl? He’s a normal, hormonal, teenage mess!

“Not going after Minnie, today? What? Slept for a grade and too tired?” Koko coos. Daehyun fights a choke. Girls can be... really mean. There’s some talking between

“Answer her!” Yoomi demands. There’s a gathering crowd and Nari rolls her eyes.

“I have a test to pass and unlike your bitchy best friend, I have shit to do if I want to pass my classes fairly. Fuck off.”

And with a swing of her hair, she turns to leave. Rose saying something really excitedly and Nari looking uncomfortable. But she actually turned that on Minyoung?

What a bitch.



A girl, pale but not quite as pale as Minyoung herself, with long blonde hair and a pretty but forgettable face jumped up to yell at them.

He took a deep breath.

He could hear his mother, now. ‘ Be bold, Jae-yah, because timidity gets you nowhere.’

He smiles and delivers the most Jun-like retort he can. Turns the tables, leaves a dropped jaw or two. And leaves.

Bold, confident, lips pulled in a smirk, like the nameless girl’s insult was adorable.

And oh, oh if that can’t be hot as hell.

His mother always said that confidence was attractive.

And, given the way Minyoung’s jaw drops for the smallest of seconds? Jaewon knows that she’s damn right.



Daehyun sits through the test. Minyoung always feels uncomfortable in biology, says it makes her nauseous. He, however, likes biology a lot. And he finishes the test quickly. Out of the corner of his eye, he spies Nari.

Serene, hair a curtain to her delicate facial structure, a sweatshirt hiding what he can see is a smooth neck.


She’s probably the most attractive woman Daehyun has ever seen in real life, combined with a personality that he found really, really intriguing. The way she snapped back with a cold and confident demeanor? The way nothing phased her?

So of course he’d end up with his first legitimate crush since middle school. (Which was Minyoung, and they don’t talk about that. Gross!)

Small problem. This Nari chick? A total bitch.

But. Still.

She’s hot as fuck-

Someone please kill him.

Kill him now.



Maybe there was a pettiness, in having been so off the radar that he’d firmly decided to plant Nari on it.

What, Minyoung-ssi could dish it but couldn’t take it? It was adorable, and in the charged moment, egged on by their respective best friends, he’d gone a bit farther than he had expected herself to. Which was a mistake.

Rose had texted Nari by the time they make it through their second class of the day. Nari said to ignore her, and take the test.

Jun, who goes to his school, would pretend to be Na-gil and take him out with a note.

Nari’s classes are his main concern. And then? He can take that test for her. And he does. He moves through the theory problems with ease, and takes little time with the mathematical ones. He does plan to be a biologist, after all.

And he will!

If he can get a scholarship. Money troubles always have been... prominent in Jaewon’s two person household. He bites his lip, tasting the cherry chapstick that Nari has coated his mouth with. It tastes bad.