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how to fall for your rival-for-the-day

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He shares a mischievous grin with Daehyun.

These two are going to be really cute together.

They didn’t sound cute right now, cursing at them and banging on the locked closet door.

“We left water and flashlights and bandaids... they should be fine?” Jaewon turns to Daehyun. He shrugs.

“I hope so?”

They’re next to each other. Talking to each other. How did things turn out this way?

“Should we... um... leave them?”

He’s kinda happy that they did.

“Let’s go out?”

“Like... for a drink? I know a boba place!”

“It’s a date,” Daehyun winks and takes his hand. “Bubble Temple or Boba Days?”

“Boba Days!” Jaewon laughs, following him. Daehyun is really friendly!

It’s not helping the crush, to be honest.



They’re laughing and talking when suddenly Jaewon chokes.

“This is a date?” He’s staring at Daehyun. And Daehyun feels a flash of panic. Is he going to out him? Is Jaewon not actually into guys? He fights it down under a mask of polite confusion.

“What? Yeah?”

Jaewon’s eyes widen further. He looks like a deer caught in headlights. Innocent, something other than human, and strangely beautiful in its shock.

“You, Kim Daehyun, asked me on a date?”


Jaewon turns cherry red. Flush painting his cheeks all the way to curl around the edges of his ears.

“Hi! I’m... uh... oblivious. But I’m glad this is a date,” Jaewon manages. “I’ve kinda... liked you for a... while now?”

It appears that it’s Daehyun’s turn to turn comically red.



“Y-you have?” Daehyun blinks.

“Yeah,” Jaewon admits. He knows it might be weird but- Daehyun just turns a darker pink.

“It’s not been as long for me, um sorry.”

Why is he such a disaster?

“D-don’t worry! You don’t need to apologize!”

“Um... I’ve liked you since that day at Joowon High?” Daehyun says carefully. Jaewon stares at him. Joowon?

“Joowon High is a girls school,” Jaewon points out. Daehyun looks him in the eye, which is... um... an experience.

“You covered for Nari the day of that biology test, didn’t you?”

He chokes on a bubble.

“How did you-“

“I was covering for Minyoung!” Daehyun admits, hands in the air. “We were there the same day!”

Oh. Oh no-

“I called you and your friend awful names,” he feels like just flopping over and dying right here. Daehyun shakes his head with a laugh.

“You were just impersonating Nari,” he soothes.

“That doesn’t actually make it okay,” Jaewon insists. “I really am sorry.”

“It’s really okay!” Daehyun laughs, taking Jaewon’s hands. And they fit together.

Jaewon is really happy.



They’re in the park when Jaewon suddenly jumps up again.

“Minyoung and Nari!”

Daehyun can feel the blood drain from his face.

“Let’s go!” Daehyun grabs Jaewon’s hand and runs towards the building. “They’re gonna kill us!”

Jaewon trails after him, laughter disappearing into the air as they run.

“They really are!”

Daehyun feels himself get giddy and breathless with laughter.

“Um... knock knock?” Jaewon tries saying next to the door, still locked. When there’s no sound, Daehyun unlocks the door.

There, lying on the floor, Minyoung is napping with her head on Nari’s chest. They look at each other.

“I think our work here is done?” Jaewon offers. Daehyun nods.

“I think so.”



“What are your plans for when you graduate?” Daehyun asks him on a chilly morning. December is coming in. And so is the CSAT. Jaewon looks up at the sky. Has it really been three months?

“I want to go to a school in Seoul,” Jaewon bites his lip. “SNU has a program and there’s a good chance of me getting a scholarship. I’ve applied to several.”

“Whoa,” Daehyun stares at him. “You’re... really admirable, Jaewon.”

“If I score well enough on my tests I will be,” Jaewon laughs. “What about you?”

“I want to get an musical education degree and teach music to kids!” Daehyun grins. “My mom has been talking me up to my ears about college.”

Jaewon smiles. Daehyun is so cute, and carefree.

He takes Daehyun by the hand.

“Yeah, moms can be like that.”

“Have you heard from Nari and Minyoung?” Daehyun sighs. “Their three months anniversary is coming up!”

“They’re so cute,” Jaewon flops over. “Why are they so cute!”

Daehyun pokes Jaewon’s nose.

“I ask myself that every time I see you.”

“Ah! Dae,” Jaewon whines.

Daehyun giggles and Jaewon smiles at him. They’re such a mess.

He doesn’t plan on changing that.