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Save You from Yourself

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When Khun woke up, everything ached .


Surprised? No. But also...yes? He expected a lot more pain than this. Instead he felt like he did after a hard day of training; aching all over and his muscles throbbing in protest at every movement. he blinked bleary eyes open and registered the steady rise and fall of a chest underneath him, what scattered memories he had of earlier came rushing back. Sitting up sharply, he winced heavily and stared down at the man he had been literally pining over just yesterday. Now here they were.


Bonded .


Khun had seen him through his darkest hour and survived. They'd made it out the other side and he could feel the quiet buzz of his sleeping nephalem. It was everything he had ever wanted…


Yet as he looked down at his body all he felt was terror .


Moving carefully but already knowing Bam was a heavy sleeper, Khun pushed through his pain and throbbing to settle himself over the other's torso. Reaching out a trembling hand he summoned the oil to him, also noticing the bowls of stew wrapped and preserved as well as their canteens. His nose wasn't as good as Bam's or Wangnan's but he sniffed the air regardless since he did have good senses. 


He smelled summer spices and warmth different from Bam’s. Wangnan. Of all made his face scrunch but as he looked back at his sorry state he noticed he was at least...cleaned. No crusty bits from blood or cum, which would have most definitely caused infections. He supposed...he had to thank him, on some level. Even if it was going to be hard to look the werebull in the eye later.


Khun slicked his hole up, teeth sinking into his bottom lip at the tenderness, biting back whimpers as he stretched himself. He could feel the evidence of Bam still. It got his limp cock twitching and he slathered Bam's morning wood before sending the oil back where it came from. Slowly, shaking from the effort, he sank down on the hard, throbbing shaft. 


Bam looked a vision of perfection, the only mark on him the clear spot of Khun's Bond bite. 


Khun, on the other hand? It was why he was so scared. He looked like he had been used as a chew toy. Chewed on and spat back out. Complete with clawed hips, thighs, and even thin scratches on his calves and shins from Bam readjusting his position and hold. He felt the pull of the gouges on his back. 


A fat teardrop landed on the hand holding himself above Bam and he brought the other up to cover his mouth.


"What if he rejects your Bond?" Rachel's voice slithered into his brain.


Yet had she failed to even consider Bam might be the one to reject him ?


People could survive a Bond breaking, yet they would forever be scarred by it. Would never be the same. 


Khun leaned himself back instead of forward, to try and keep his tears from waking the man up. Now that he was adjusted, he started lifting up and slowly going back down. Throat parched he summoned the canteen and hoped it would be a good distraction. It was cooling and refreshing, making him sigh into the first couple gulps.


He was good at hiding his feelings. He could learn how the Bond worked in a day or two and figure out how to block the in and out transfer. If Bam woke up and didn't want him because of how awful he looked after a night with his demon, then Khun could offer that as a solution rather than a full break and rejection. All he had to do was keep him in a position where he was forced to listen instead of running away as soon as he looked at him.


Capping and tossing the item on the bed he started moving a little more deliberately. He'd seen Bam shifting, and knew that the truth of the matter was going to come to light very soon.


Then he changed his angle slightly and let out a noise by accident as he rammed into his own prostate. Bam's eyes fluttered open and ' gods he's so beautiful …' danced across his mind.


He felt steadying hands on his waist, but he wasn't expecting the other man to start moving him . "B-Bam…?" He gasped louder and keened in his throat as the spot was hit again, "W-what…?"


"Ah...Khun...Khun that feels so good…" 


Bam's voice was back to normal. Gold still burned a little bit, but there was no more black save for his blown pupils. He was back


The movement stopped and the haze cleared a little.


Concern flooded Khun's mind. From the Bond. It was disorienting and he swayed. That only got more concern. "Bam, I'm…I'm alright…" he tried in his usual reassuring tone.


"You're not!"


Fear, from himself, hit the link before Khun could stop it. 'No, no dont stop, don't leave' -he squeezed his body around the cock inside him and started moving again through the screaming of his muscles. 


The nephalem hissed. He saw Bam's face scrunch in confusion, his hands flexing to force him to stop . "You're so afraid...why are you afraid of me leaving?" Oh Gods, he understood him? Did they get telepathy? 


Yet Bam didn't respond to the question about telepathy and was rubbing soothing circles into Khun's hips, around the deep puncture and gouged indents. Khun could also feel where he was bruised, had seen a few that were angry red and yellow, some with a bit of green. Khun unstuck his throat. "I look horrible, Bam…"


Bam traced his fingers over the scabbed scratches on Khun's thigh, his nails no longer long and deadly sharp. " do…" he agreed with a hard wince. He rolled his hips and shuddered, suddenly going as still as he could, "Fuck, sorry, you're...all around me and…" his eyes didn't change in color but Khun could tell they were glazing over, Bam's body trembling from the effort of being still. "Khun...Khun you should get off of me-"


"Why?" Khun felt the prickle at his eyes and threw his head back to expose his neck while simultaneously keeping his tears from view. He deliberately rocked down , driving Bam deeper and he felt the pressure on his prostate. Part of him was embarrassed he had been so out of it before hadn't been able to remember anatomy. It didn't matter. Bam was flexing his hands, and with him distracted Khun was able to lift up and back down, pulling a keen out of his Bondmate that had Khun's dick jumping and his nerves lighting up. "Ah! Shit, why do I keep feeling this burn?" 


He had muttered it to himself under his breath but it made a curious sound come from the other man, followed by "Because you're...compatible w-with m-e…" he squirmed under Khun's hand holding himself up still. "Khun get off !"


"If you want me off of you you're more than capable of moving me. You're also holding me down."


A whimper, "If I'd let you go you would move again."


"Then move me off if you don't want me." 


Khun had used the tone that masked his emotions the best. A dead one. His entire speech had been matter-of-fact and even a little cold. Yet he still wasn't looking down at him. 


"Wh-what?" It was choked, shock in Bam's voice and something else. Even the Bond felt like he was all sorts of confused.


Khun hated that confusion, but he forged on. Doing what he'd jumped on Bam's cock for to begin with. "If you don't want me, then I can figure out how the Bond works and block everything out. You won't feel anything from me. Seeing that you hurt me is too much for you, isn't it? You don't want to look at me or touch me because you'll hurt me more, right?" He squeezed his eyes shut so he wasn't looking at an already blurred ceiling. "Just don't break it." He could live on with the pain of a broken Bond, but Bam? It would ruin him. Bam hadn't asked for it. Had been in an incoherent state. Khun hated himself for cracking in a moment of weakness and vulnerability to forge it with his demon. For not holding out until he was aware of his mind and what he wanted. Bam wouldn't be the same at all if the Bond was cut, and he knew it.


Khun didn't know what he was feeling from the Bond right now, but it was for the best since all he had was his own turmoil. "If you have the balls to say I can't look at you then why aren't you looking at me ?" Oh... fuck that was Bam's angry tone. No wonder he felt nothing. Bam always kept his anger hidden as well as Khun kept his feelings locked up. Rapidly beating his lashes to clear his eyes, he tried to clear the traces of his tears before he faced him, but he was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder and flipped onto his back. Bam's face was stone only for a flash of a moment before golden eyes went huge . "K-Khun?! Why are you-" 


All of a sudden it was a whirlwind that flooded Khun's mind and heart through Bam's side. Where there had been silence there was now a whisper of No, no, no, my pretty, don't cry . All the while Khun felt large warm hands cupping his face and a broad forehead against his own. With his eyes closing again he felt more hot wetness leaking into his hair on his temples. Khun understood it now. They only heard thoughts when accompanied by the intensity of emotion that spawned them. Perhaps with cultivation it could bloom into telepathy…


Ah, but who was he kidding?


"I was selfish with it, Bam." He told him, voice strained and raw. The other had slipped out during the sudden movement, but Khun brought his own hands up to lightly wrap his fingers at Bam's wrists, "I made the Bond when you were in that state and couldn't even talk to me. When you barely even understood me." He cracked his eyes back open and let out a shuddering breath as he felt the gush from what he held back behind his eyelids. He gave Bam a smile, but it was broken, "I took something from you when I swore I only wanted you to be free to choose. I promised to follow you as far as I could. That doesn't mean forever. I-" 


"What if I want it to be?" Bam interrupted and watched Khun blink at him slowly. "Didn't you realize that the demon is me, too? Didn't you make the Bond with me while I was like that to show me you accepted me no matter what?" He stroked calloused thumbs across Khun's cheeks and started to try and dry the salty water. "You're not just my 'pretty mate'." He started to kiss along his face, lingering and memorable. "I want you." Each word at his forehead and temples. "I need you." Each cheek just under his eyes and then by his jaw, which startled Khun. "I love you..." the other side of his jaw, then each corner of his mouth. Khun had stopped breathing. "... Aguero ." it was whispered over his lips and there was a broken sob that bubbled out between them. Bam was there to hold him, to catch him, and they crashed their lips together.


A pulse in Aguero's bloodstream had him gasping and Bam dove into him. It seemed he really had been coherent to some extent as Aguero's lesson on how to kiss came back. No clacking of teeth or awkward angles. Swirling and rubbing, tracing his teeth. All of it made his mind swim. He moved the hands holding Bam's wrists to grip and hold onto Bam's back and shoulders, scrambling, not really sure where he wanted them. All he wanted was Bam closer


"I got you, Aguero," Bam cooed, rolling his body up and Aguero tensed only for a second as he felt the tip of Bam's shaft at his entrance. As soon as he relaxed, going completely complacent, there was no resistance. Sliding all the way in in a single smooth motion, his hips settled against his ass when he was fully seated. Aguero and Bam moaned in unison and Aguero squirmed, taking notice that he was hard already. Were they...going to have that many orgasms again? Could he handle it? 


"Shhh," a gentle hand pet his hair, and he was being kissed all over his face again this time it was a flutter of butterfly wings, "You can handle anything, Aguero. Did you hear me? We're compatible. You can't give me pups, but you're my omega. You feel so hot because you're in heat to my rut. It was triggered somehow because of the powder. I don't know, but I don't think it matters." Aguero's hands were being grabbed and pressed into the pillows, but no water lock spell. Only Bam's firm presence kept him there. It made Aguero's heart clench feeling their fingers intertwine and how Bam's cock throbbed inside him. "You're mine and that's what I care about."


Mine .


It reverberated through the Bond and Aguero arched into Bam, chests colliding and sliding at the contact. He groaned deep and squeezed his fingers with Bam's. He was caught in a golden sun and this time it was a slow burn. A rocking of the others hips forward and his own canting down to meet him, his legs hooked on thick thighs. Their breaths mingled and words stopped. Whatever they were doing felt amazing; the slick slide and the friction and how big Bam was, filling what felt like every inch. “Ba-am…” 


No frantic pounding. All it was, was the shallow but deep grind and with one easy shift of Bam's hips Aguero's voice went up in pitch, "There!" Taking the hint, while the grinding continued it hit him just right and he gripped at the hands holding him in place. His eyes were shining with the tears from earlier and the wetness glinted off his lashes, dew on spiderweb strings. 


"You're mine, Aguero. You're doing so well for me. All for me." Bam's eyes went half-lidded and he purred, "You squeezed around me, love-ah, you like it when I praise you? When I call you my love? You're my dal , my moon. I love you so much. So good. You feel good around me, all around me it makes my head all hazy…" he panted, pulling his hands so he put his arms around his neck, one hand slipping around to grab his ass, squeeze and put him even more flush against him, "Want badly. Need you. Ah, fuck, Aguero…"


Of all the things, Aguero did not expect a rambling Bam who whispered such dirty sweet nothings. Didn't expect how handsy and needy he was. It set off so many good things in his brain, and through the pain he tightened his legs over thick thunder thighs and tried to meet Bam's pace. Because he wanted it. Needed it. It drove him insane to be needed and wanted as desperately as Bam seemed to crave him. "Yes...yes, Bam. I feel...feel you...fuck, I...ah, ah...I can't, I'm so hot, I can't stop-" 


"No," it was low, deep, and Aguero felt everything stop . "I want to. Together."


Aguero whimpered and all he could do was cling to him, nodding into his shoulder, "A-Alright Bam…" 


It was harder than it seemed.


Before long, his mind was getting hazy as all he could feel was the Bond, how it flowed with Bam's love and admiration -it was getting easier to discern who was who- and even the deep lust still in his veins. This rut was a powerful thing and neither of them were really prepared. It was like a drug, and rational thought was nigh impossible. Coupled with the throbbing of Bam's cock buried to the hilt? Aguero couldn't help it as he started rocking, panting, trying to relieve the pressure in his groin.


"I was a virgin before you." Bam continued to move after what felt like ages, rocking into him with renewed vigor, spurred on by how he was breaking down, "Gods, you're so needy for me you can't wait, can you?"


"No…" was the moaned answer by sheer reflex, but then the word 'virgin' clicked in his brain. He was reminded of what Wangnan said, too. "W-Wait! Back up, you were-ah!" It was hard to think as he never slowed and continued his assault on his sensitive spot. Aguero thumped an irritated fist on his back only to groan and roll his eyes back, "Fuck! Bam, I-"


"I wanted it with you. All of this." He let go of his ass and wrapped his arms around Aguero's back, "Don't. Don't be sorry about anything. Let me fill you up, pretty, again and again. I want to see you come apart. It's only midday. Gods, I need you so bad…" Bam whimpered and Aguero started feeling peppered kisses and the nipping of teeth on his neck. 


“Faster...Bam, please ...I’m going insane,” Aguero groaned helplessly. He’d been on his back most of the time before and everything was so sore. The grinding was driving him absolutely mad and he felt like he could hardly keep up the way he wanted to, “More…”


In a dizzying roll, Aguero found himself sprawled over Bam’s body instead of under it. Blinking slowly, he only made a soft noise in his throat as he felt both hands on his waist, guiding him to bounce back and his thighs burned as he moved with the nephalem, “Oh fuck, Bam...ah...shit, that’s…” it was babbled nonsense and he gripped Bam’s shoulder and arm, his cock still trapped between their bodies but it was his own weight instead of Bam’s, and he whined at the friction while he was being slammed back onto his thick shaft.


“You want more, pretty,” Bam cooed in his ear, and at the feeling of a scorching tongue over the shell Aguero felt his eyes rolling as he shuddered. “Take what you want from me.”


On shaky arms, Aguero pushed himself up until he was in the same position he found him in. Yet this time his head was thrown back for a different reason. Desperate gasps filled the air and he didn't even care about the ache in his legs until they gave out, inconveniencing him just when he found the perfect angle.

Bam seemed entertained by his irritation and the growl of frustration, chuckling before Aguero felt his whole body being lifted up and the dropped right back down. The elf keened, shouting and that made Bam go faster and oh gods why was it such a fucking turn on to be used like this? Swinging his head forward again he watched Bam watching him, completely enthralled with each other.


It was empowering in a way being looked at by others wasn't. 


This powerful demon/angel hybrid was looking at him like that. He was Bonded to this magnificent, beautifully sweet kindhearted man who could decimate entire battlefields and still reach his hand out to people in need of his help. 


That same creature was lifting him as if he weighed nothing at all while his gaze, full of desire, still had so much love to give. Bam was a living breathing contradiction. Aguero had felt it before, too. How tenderly his demon caressed him while wringing him dry. Bam was right. Of course he was. This pulsing Bond swirling with a mix of their emotions was made because he accepted everything Bam was.


"Fill me up, Bam…" Aguero panted, breath puffing out of him with each thrust, "C'mon, baby, you can do it." A groan from beneath him tightened the coil in his abdomen but they couldn't look away, eyes half-lidded and mouths hanging open. 


"Together…" Bam's rambling had stopped but it didn't matter with all of the "ah, fuck, ah, yes, oh,"s that escaped them both. 


"I'm…right there, Bam…" Aguero promised, "Trying...hold back…'cause you said...ah... no ."


"Oh, fuck...fuck, yeah, I did...Gods, Aguero , you're so fucking amazing...pretty, my pretty, I'm gunna…" the thrusts got more erratic and only a couple hit his prostate but it didn't matter as watching Bam squirm and come apart drove him wild .


"Cum...Bam, Bam please , please, let me…together! Like you want! Please !" 


"Let go, oh Gods, let-" 


More loud shouting and Aguero felt himself bursting , light spots dancing in his vision as his nails scratched hard across Bam's chest as his hands tensed. His body jerked forward, ropes of cum spilling over the other man's chest as he felt his quivering insides get coated thoroughly with his mate's . Arms gave out and Aguero fell into a heap on top of him, breathing heavy. A deep groan of exhaustion this time left them both and they were boneless puddles.


Rumble .


Aguero blinked slowly and looked up at Bam who was also startled. "Was that-" they stopped, realizing it didn't matter because they were both starving . Aguero had slugged water earlier, but fuck was he parched now. "Food." He told Bam sternly, but paused and a smile spread across his face even as he blushed, "Take care of your pretty mate , Bam." Food, water, bathroom business. "Then you can have me again, until your rut is over. I promise."


Ah, there was his sunshine smile. "Right!" 


After all, Khun Aguero Agnis did not make promises lightly.