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The 113th floor leaves a bittersweet taste on their tongue. It leaves them with a feeling of melancholy and an experience they thought they’d never come to know.

Thankfully, the 114th floor gives them no time to yearn.

Upon stepping onto the floor and taking less than a second to recollect themselves, they fall.

Shibisu screams, Bam sputters, Khun is unconscious, and the rest come after.

They don’t realize the absence of shinsu

They land in lush green, not too far different from the floor before, and they are faced with the glory of a wooden cabin. It's not large, but still not too small and will easily accommodate the entire team.

They don’t enter until dawn.

As all the floors before, this one has its own kick. Bam, at one point, hyperventilates and is unable to say why, Endorsi is uncomfortable; She says she feels as though she is naked, and Hockney mumbles something about being unable to see.

Even after they’ve settled down, Khun doesn’t wake up.

After the second day, Bam makes a side remark about how this floor reminds him of the cave air-wise. It’s clean and the feeling of shinsu passing through him isn’t there. There’s a weight, but it’s not the weight of shinsu.

Something clicks in Shibisu’s mind.

Finally, they know.

There is no shinsu on this floor. Or well, there’s only enough to keep them alive.

Regulars can’t use it freely, for it belongs to the administrator.


Thankfully, their pockets stay functioning. They pass the time talking.


Khun continues to sleep. It feels like the hidden floor all over again.

Bam stays crestfallen by his side.

The fourth night, a beast decides to show up. The fight is messy, but not so much in a bad way. They make simple mistakes; They trip over themselves as they try to fight without their usual weapons and moves, They wait for nonexistent orders from a certain blue-haired male that isn’t there and momentarily get distracted when Bam gets blown back from trying to use shinsu.

The beast dies without casualties and dinner is served.

They don’t know what they’re doing.

They realize, a week later, they don’t know what the test is.

They’ve been living here, comfortably, killing each beast that comes and grows stronger each night, but there has never really been any goal.

They make the mistake of relaxing

Bam and Khun are gone on the 8th day.

There’s not a trace they were even there; everything of theirs is gone.

They panic, but they get nowhere and they fall back into their domestic pattern. Only this time without their missing teammates.

At the mark of two weeks, Bam and Khun come back. For a moment, the team doesn’t recognize them, for they had long since forgotten their disappearance.

Khun stays listless in Bam’s arms and there’s blood running down his arm.

Bam seems stressed. He’s tense in all his muscles and he shakes with every step. When they ask what’s wrong, his words are vines of ancient cursive and they stay unfamiliar despite his raising voice.

He refuses to change and desperately pulls at Shibisu’s arms.

He points to the door. They have to leave.

Of course, the team is skeptical at first. They had been living so peacefully and so easily, why would they need to leave? But they promised their friendship to Bam, so they couldn’t leave him alone.

They leave in the following hour.

The moment they step out the door, packed and ready to leave, they step onto the 115th floor.

Khun wakes up with a gasp.

Congratulations Regulars, I approve of your strive to climb.