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  • Floor Fic Challenge (floor_fic_challenge) by tog_mod

    31 Jan 2021


    Hi! In celebration of the Tower of God Ao3 fandom being awesome, we are sponsoring a contest with 6 Monthly Discord Nitro subscriptions! (Thank you @lorilanda#7922 and @Lulu#4601 and @dragon_pearl_jasmine#9305 for sponsoring!)

    To join, please find us in the khunbam nation discord server! Here's the discord invite link:

    The contest rules will be as follows:
    1) Write an anonymous floor fic > 300 and <= 2k words by December 1st, 5PM EST. Post it to this collection and tag it 'Floor Fic'.
    2) Do not stress about it.
    3) People in the comments will guess who wrote the anonymous fic! (Best to do so as a guest if you are also a participant!) The prizes will be given out based on who tricks the most people!
    4) For inclusivity, please no NSFW fics!
    5) To prevent hacking :') try not to kudos the work until after Dec. 1st (or do so as a guest!). Or, if you're guessing, try not to look at the kudos list.
    6) We have 1 extra gift Nitro that will be gifted to the first person to post a fic to the challenge! (Now gone)
    7) Multiple submissions are more than welcome!

    (Closed, Unmoderated)