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Words Of Devotion

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Emma smiled softly as she looked at her wife. God, Regina looked beautiful tonight. She was wearing a stunning red evening gown with a slit up the right leg and a seductive off the shoulder neckline which suited her figure beautifully. The night air on the cruise was pretty cold, so she was also wearing her white fake-fur coat. Her hair had been curled kind of pinned up to make it seem shorter. Now it was curling right by the nape of her neck, and it looked very shiny. She had ‘whipped out the big guns’ when it came to makeup as well. Her dark eyes were framed by thick, dark eyelashes, and the shade on her lids only complimented her eyes and made them seem darker. And a little dangerous too.

Emma couldn’t help but gawking unabashedly at the vision that was her wife. Regina looked extremely glamorous tonight. Exclusive. The hair and the white, elbow long gloves she was wearing made it look like she had just stepped out of a 1940’s Alfred Hitchcock movie as she stood there, nursing a glass of champagne.

This truly was a perfect night. The sky was clear, and sprinkled with stars that glimmered slightly in the distance. The moon was round and full and gave everything a silvery, dreamy glow. This was a very special night. A night to remember indeed. Emma let out a sigh of pure, unfiltered happiness. She doubted that there was a more perfect way to ring in the new year than this. Regina was smiling as she happily conversed in French with the other guests on the boat. And she looked fucking radiant as she stood there with a glass of champagne in her glove clad hand.

Emma was one very lucky woman. She discreetly found her phone in her purse and checked the time. Now there was an hour until midnight and the beginning of the new year. She and Regina had nipped up on the deck to get some fresh air, but it was fairly chilly out here. It snowed earlier when Emma and Regina roamed the streets of Paris, doing some shopping, and if it hadn’t been for the absence of clouds, Emma would have thought that it could have started snowing at any given moment.

The man whom Regina had spoken with a moment ago left and Regina was once again standing alone. She tipped her head up and gazed up at the moonlit sky, and even from where she was standing,
Emma could see that her wife looked a bit thoughtful. What was that about, Emma wondered as she crossed the deck to get to her wife. Of course she had to find out immediately why Regina looked so thoughtful. Maybe she was missing the children or something. Or maybe she was looking for her father in the night sky. That was an old thing between her and Henry. Regina had told Emma the story Henry had come up with when he was quite young and wanted to cheer up his mom who had been missing her father in particular on that night. That the biggest, shiniest star was his grandfather looking down at them. That was a beautiful thought. Henry had a beautiful mind even as a tiny five year old. Emma was proud of her boy. Always.

“Hello there,” Emma softly greeted as she reached Regina and slipped an arm around her waist. “Are you cold?”

“No,” Regina chuckled. “Not at all.”

“You sure?”

“Mm. Absolutely.”

“You looked a bit thoughtful there,” Emma told her as she gave her a soft little squeeze.

“Did I?” Regina made a refined little movement with her head that elegantly tossed her curls back. “I wasn’t. Just grateful.”

“Oh,” Emma smiled as she too looked up at the inky black sky dotted in stars and home of an amazing, clear moon. Grateful was something she could fully relate to. And especially on a night like this. It was nights like these that made you stop and really appreciate what you had.

Regina looked in the same direction as Emma. Took a sip of her champagne and then moved the glass to her left hand so she could bring her right hand up and lightly touch her throat. Her fingers lingered on the very small dent in her skin where the mark from the belt buckle used to be.

“Now you’re definitely being thoughtful,” Emma gently accused as she watched Regina lightly tap her fingers against that spot on her throat.

“Yes, now I’m being thoughtful,” Regina agreed.

“Good thoughts or bad thoughts?” Emma inquired. It was perfectly okay if Regina was getting a bit melancholic. Many people did that around New Year’s. And god knew that Regina had been through hell and back.

But Regina merely smiled as she said: “good thoughts.”

Oh. That was good. That was really, really good! “can I know them?” Emma gently asked. It was also perfectly okay if Regina wanted to keep her thoughts to herself.

Regina chuckled lightly and then said warmly: “I am thinking that I am really grateful that I was capable of physically SAYING ‘I do’ when we got married. I’m grateful that I had a voice to speak with so I could say my vows. I know that words never have been the most important thing between us, but...”

Emma gave Regina a little squeeze. “It hasn’t,” she agreed. “Saying ‘I do’ in Sign Language would have been just as perfect. And everything about the wedding would still have been absolutely fantastic even if you hadn’t been able to speak. But I understand what you mean. I’m grateful that I get to hear your voice every day.”

Regina leaned her head against Emma’s shoulder. “What was it like?” she asked.

“What was what like?”

Regina was quiet for a moment. Then she spoke again in the same quiet voice: “Falling in love with someone who couldn’t talk.”

“Hmm.” Emma smiled a little as she turned her head slightly and kissed the top of Regina’s head. “It was unique. Wonderful. Brilliant. Special. Incredibly instructive. Ordinary relationships are all about talking and communicating through words, but that wasn’t an option at the time, so I really learned the true meaning of body language. I learned to look at the person I was talking to. And I haven’t stopped looking ever since.” She snickered.

Regina laughed too. “That’s true. You haven’t.”

“And I’ve learned so much from you,” Emma continued. “About kindness. Patience. And bravery! Fuck, I’ve learned so much about being brave!”

“Most of the times, you were the one who made me brave. You and Henry.”

“You know, you gave me some extra courage once or twice,” Emma half-joked. She had leaned on Regina so many times. When visiting Mary Margaret in the hospital. When learning that she had passed.
When David tried to commit suicide. Regina had been the most amazing support, and Emma wasn’t sure she ever would have gotten through it if it hadn’t been for her. She squeezed Regina tighter into her side and looked up at the star-dazzled night sky.

“Oh!” Regina exclaimed suddenly, and Emma immediately knew why. She too had seen it. A tiny speck of glitter shooting across the velvet black sky.

“Did you see that?” Regina half-whispered.

“I sure did, beautiful. Looks like we can make a wish now,” Emma chuckled.

“Hmm..” Regina lifted her head slightly. Her lips pursed for a moment as she considered it. Then she smiled.

“Did you?” Emma asked.

“I did. Did you?”

“Mmm,” Emma confirmed. “Can I know what you wished for?”

“Isn’t that supposed to be kept a secret?” Regina inquired and lifted an eyebrow.

Technically, yes, but... “You know what, I think there’s a chance all our wishes will come true,” Emma said softly.

“Think so, do you?”

“Yeah, I really do. And I don’t think that will change if you told me, sooooo...”

Regina laughed fruitily, clearly amused over Emma’s odd sense of logic. “I’ll give you a hint,” she said, turning slightly with Emma’s arm still draped around her shoulder. She reached out and gently glided the tips of her fingers over Emma’s stomach.

Emma felt a smile spreading on her lips. “I have an inkling I know what you wished for.”

“Yes, I suspect you do.” Regina gave her a bit of an elevator-look which was delightfully seductive. “You look wonderful, by the way.”

“What, this old thing?” Emma joked as she looked down at the dress she was wearing which peeked out under the thick coat she was wearing over it. The dress WAS an old thing. It was the silver-sequin-dress. The date dress she had worn when she and Regina was in the theater for the first time. Sure, she had other dresses, newer dresses, but none of them nearly as festive and New Year’s Eve appropriate as this one. And this was a special night. Wearing this dress had just felt like the right thing. And Regina had given her this big, goofy grin when Emma changed into the dress. Oh yes, it made perfect sense to wear this dress!

Regina shifted her weight slightly and scrunched up her nose.

“Too much dancing?” Emma asked with a slight snicker. They had danced a lot during this little mini-cruise. And it had been very fun. Regina had caught many an attentive glance as she spun around in her stunning, red dress, but she didn’t ever notice. She only looked at Emma.

“Actually, I think it’s because of all the walking we did yesterday,” Regina said, glancing down at her feet. “And possibly because of my shoes.”

“Perhaps,” Emma said. Regina was wearing thin stiletto heels, and as much as Emma loved that look on her , she also did worry about the state of Regina’s feet. They HAD walked a lot yesterday. As in A LOT. They had been almost everywhere, sightseeing. They had visited all the so-called ‘tourist traps’ and amused themselves with buying oversized t-shirts proclaiming ‘Viva La France’. Regina had actually worn one of the oversized shirts for bed last night, and Emma had found it impossible to keep her hands off of her wife. Few things were more delicious than Regina wearing nothing but a long t-shirt. The day before yesterday, they had of course visited the Eiffel Tower and Emma had taken so many pictures of Regina at the top it was almost ridiculous. Regina had found The Louvre to be particularly interesting, and although she was the most art-interested of the two of them, Emma too had loved visiting the museum too. They had bought a ticket that gave them access to a three hour long tour that took them to all the highlights in the museum. There was plenty of other things to see in the museum too, but they couldn’t very well stay past closing time, and three hours was a decent amount of time to spend at the museum. After having visited the museum, they had gone for a lovely walk on the Champs-Elysees. The weather had been perfect. Cold and snowy. Safe to say, Emma had taken a lot of pictures of her wife in the snowy weather. Regina had complained and said that Emma was supposed to take pictures of the sights. To which Emma had scoffed and said that Regina was the prettiest thing in Paris. Regina had laughed at that. Had called Emma a goof, but nevertheless looked incredibly happy while doing so.

They had also visited the Notre Dame of course, Regina had been particularly excited about that. And once things opened up after New Year’s, they were planning on visiting Au Vieux Paris, the prettiest cafés in Paris. Both of them were VERY excited about that. And then of course there was Pont Neuf, Versailles, Montmartre, and The Wall of Love. Emma was planning on writing a love declaration for Regina there. Sometimes during next week, they were going to Palais Garnier to see an opera, and Emma was glad that they were staying here for two weeks instead of one. That had been her suggestion to begin with, and although Regina had balked at first, she had soon listened to the sensible words coming out of Emma’s mouth. That this was their honeymoon. It was something that was only gonna happen once, and they deserved two weeks in the city of love rather than just one. She was glad she had insisted. She and Regina had so many plans and had already seen and done so much in Paris. But there had also been mornings where they just looked at one another. “Do you feel like going out today?” Emma had asked. To which Regina answered with scrunching up her nose, smiling seductively and then murmuring that there were other things she would rather want to do.

Emma really loved those mornings. But she was brought out of her delicious, naughty thoughts when Regina shifted and then winced again.

Emma frowned. “That looks like a foot rub later to me, Mrs. Swan-Mills.”

“Does it?” Regina flashed her a rather dreamy smile. “That sounds very nice.”

Emma grinned wickedly and reminded herself to find all the ‘special’ spots on Regina’s feet. She hoped to give her more than a foot rub before the night was over.

“How long until New Year’s?” Regina asked, taking a sip of her champagne.

“A half an hour. Are you getting tired, babe?”

“Maybe a little,” Regina shrugged. “It’s a bit strange to celebrate the New Year’s without the children. We’ve tried that before.”

“We haven’t,” Emma agreed. “But they’re fine. They’re having a ton of fun with Mal and Ursula.”

“Oh yes, indeed. Though I suspect Henry had too many sweets. He sounded quite hyped up.”

“He sure did,” Emma snickered. Paris was six hours ahead of Maine, so they had called home earlier to say happy new years to Henry. Neal had of course already been put to bed hours earlier, but Henry had been very much awake, and his voice had been unusual pitchy. Completely hyped up about the New Year’s. They had heard fireworks going off in the background, and Henry excitedly told them that Mal and Ursula had bought fireworks too. Both Emma and Regina had instructed him to be careful and not get too close. He had promised them that and then Malena been put on the phone. She had assured that everything was going ‘splendidly’. She, Ursula, Henry and little Neal had enjoyed a lovely New Year’s meal, gone for a walk and then spent the evening preparing the house and counting down until the new year.

Henry was thriving back in Maine. And that was the only thing Emma and Regina wanted. As long as he was fine, and Neal was fine, they were able to fully enjoy their honeymoon in Paris.

“Do you think the house looks like a crater when we come back?” Regina joked.

Emma laughed. “Oh yeah. With stains of alcohol on every surface and popcorns stepped into the carpets.”

Regina mock-shivered. “The horror.”

Emma snickered again. Gave Regina another little squeeze. “Should we head inside for a moment? It’s a bit cold out here. And I’m all out of champagne.”

“And we can’t have that. Especially not on a night like this.”

Back inside they went. The boat was full of happy people getting ready to celebrate the new year. Fireworks was already popping, and the sky was lightening up in red, green and golden colors every so often. It was quite the magical night.

Regina sat down in one of the cushy chairs and propped her feet up on the little pouffe for a moment. She looked very glamorous when sitting like that. Like she had walked straight out of an old Noir movie. And she even had that classical pout going on. “I should have worn other shoes,” she acknowledged and wiggled her feet.

“Are your feet really sore?” Emma asked and tilted her head.

“They are. Maybe six inches IS too much,” Regina mused with faux sadness as she looked down at the red stilettos she was wearing.

Emma had a thing for those shoes. She had a thing for Regina in stiletto’s in general. But if Regina’s feet were getting sore, well...

“Let’s see what I can do about that,” she said softly as she sat down on the edge of the pouffe Regina had her feet propped up on. She found the handbag she had brought with her to the boat tonight.
Regina had asked questions about why Emma had chosen to bring such a big bag, and Emma had joked that she had a secret stash of snacks in it. She did not, but she did have something else. Grinning slightly, she unzipped the bag and pulled out what she was hiding in them. Regina’s cream colored ballerina shoes. “Here you go, Cinderella. Your shoes.”

“Oh my goodness!” Regina gasped. “You brought my shoes!”

“Yep, sure did,” Emma chuckled and toyed with the thin straps on Regina’s stiletto’s. “May I?”

Regina tilted her head. “Is that decent?”

“To take off your shoes?”


“Well...” Emma grinned. “Depends on HOW you want me to take them off.”


“Fine, fine. I’ll be decent. And quick. You have my word.”

Emma couldn’t help but grin as she carefully undid the thin straps on Regina’s stiletto heels. Gently, she slipped off first one shoe and put it on the floor. For a moment she simply sat with Regina’s foot in her hand, and she couldn’t quite resist the urge to stroke her thumb over the front of Regina’s foot. She snickered as she saw Regina’s toes wiggle instinctively. “I think your foot is happy to see me, babe,” she softly commented.

“Yes. And if you don’t stop what you’re doing, the rest of me will be to,” Regina warned and mock-scowled.

Emma tried to quell her big, shit-eating grin, but it was difficult when knowing that she wasn’t the only one in this relationship who reacted to just the slightest thing her partner did. Regina was right there with her, and Emma found that to be absolutely wonderful.

“I like when the rest of you is happy to see me, though,” she murmured as she slipped the ballerina shoe onto Regina’s foot.

“So do I, but there’s a time and a place,” Regina reminded her and wiggled her now ballerina-shoe clad foot. “Oh, that’s so much better. Thank you so much for bringing my shoes, darling.”

“You’re welcome. It’s the little things that counts,” Emma half quipped as she undid the strings on Regina’s other stiletto shoe and gently slipped it off. It really was the little attentions they paid to each other that made this marriage. Another example of that was when they had been out shopping yesterday, and Emma had suddenly started to feel lightheaded because of the hot temperature in the mall. Regina had immediately pulled a chocolate bar out of her purse and given it to Emma.

“Wonderful,” Regina said and wiggled her foot when Emma had put the ballerina shoe on it. “I might be ready for more dancing now.”

“Only if you feel up for it,” Emma reminded her. “I don’t want you to tire yourself.”

“I’m not tired, I’m a vibrant young woman,” Regina joked as she rose from the plushy chair. “Isn’t that what you always say?”

“It is,” Emma confirmed, standing from the pouffe to be in eye level with her wife. “And I mean it.” she smiled. Now that Regina was not wearing high heels any longer, she was a few inches shorter than Emma. And Emma would lie if she claimed that she did not like that.

“Thirty seven,” Regina said thoughtfully.

“I’m throwing you a big part when you turn forty, beautiful,” Emma promised.

Regina scoffed. “You will do nothing of the thought,” she said firmly, but she was smiling while saying it, immediately giving Emma the impression that she wouldn’t actually mind to have a big party.

“I’ll conspire with Zelena,” Emma said sneakily. “And gain inspiration. She’s turning forty in six months.”

“And SHE will be throwing a big party,” Regina predicted. “One that undoubtedly will leave me with a headache.”

“’Tight as a boiled owl’,” Emma fondly quoted and thought back to that time where Regina had said that the first time. That time where the alcohol had gone straight to her legs. That time where she had been waiting for Emma in the bedroom in the most delightful way...

“Yes,” Regina said, interrupting her train of thoughts which only seemed to be going in one direction tonight. “I have a feeling my dear sister will be disappointed if I don’t drink at her birthday celebration.”

“Probably,” Emma slipped an arm around her wife again and squeezed her slightly. “Hi.”

“Hi,” Regina chuckled. “What can I do for you, my love?”


Regina laughed. “Don’t finish that sentence, darling. We’re in public.”

“Sorry.” Emma clamped her mouth shut. God, she was all about sex tonight! It had to be partially due to the alcohol she had consumed.

“But later,” Regina continued innocently. “Later I might be able to help you with that.”

Emma mock-gasped. “Babe! We’re in public!”


Regina too was in a good mood because of the amount of champagne she’d had, and Emma had a profound fondness for when her wife got all mischievous and seductive. “You’re a minx. And I love you.”

“I love you too,” Regina beamed. “And I have an idea for what we can do tomorrow.”

“Oh? Do tell, babe.”

Regina looked around as to check that nobody was listening. “I vote we order room service and stay in bed all day.”

“You...” Emma moved her arm and turned Regina, so they were standing face to face. “Have the best suggestions ever!”

“So you agree?” Regina chuckled.

As a reply, Emma put a finger underneath Regina’s chin to tilt her beautiful face up. Then she gently kissed those beautiful, red full lips. She loved Regina’s lips and often found herself wondering how she
resisted kissing her all the time. Why didn’t she simply spend her every waking moment kissing Regina? Surely that was an acceptable way of spending her time, right?

Regina sighed, a blissfully contend sound, into the kiss, and her arms looped around Emma’s neck.

Emma forgot that they were in public. The world shrank until she and Regina were the only two people left in it. Just them, kissing each other until the end of-

“Oh! Je suis vraiment désolé!”

Okay, so they WEREN’T the only two people left in the world. Damnit. Emma disgruntled broke the kiss and looked over Regina’s shoulder.

An elderly woman was standing behind them. Smiling widely.

“Nous nous excusons,” Regina said and looked like she was trying not to laugh.

“Pardon,” Emma added. Though she didn’t feel very sorry. She felt more sorry about the interruption, to be honest.

“Jeune amour,” the woman chuckled as she walked through the room and disappeared through a door.

Emma and Regina looked at each other and then chuckled slightly. “Well, that was dreadfully embarrassing,” Regina quipped.

“Nah, I think she thought we were cute,” Emma shrugged. “And she aint wrong.”

Regina brushed a hand over her hair.

“I didn’t touch your hair,” Emma assured with a smirk. “You still look incredibly decent.”

“Good. Let’s keep it that way.”

Emma checked her watch. “Do you wanna go back outside, or would you rather hang out in here for a while?”

“We can go outside,” Regina said, smiling. “It’s almost time to ring in the new year’s.”

“And we wouldn’t wanna miss that!” Emma interlaced their fingers as they left the room once more. “How is the feet doing now? Still sore?”

“Hmm, a bit. The other shoes helps. Thank you so much for bringing them.”

“You’re welcome, babe. Am I wife material, or what?”

Regina chuckled. “You’re so much wife material, I married you.”

“You sure did. And it was awesome!”

“Which reminds me...” Regina wiggled her free hand into her purse. “Zelena send me a little sneak peek of the wedding pictures earlier. I just completely forgot to show you because... well, champagne happened.”

“Ooooh! I gotta see that!” Emma said excitedly. “And for the record...” she squeezed Regina’s hand softly. “Champagne is a worthy excuse for everything, babe.”

“I think I’ve had far too much of it during this honeymoon, though.”

“There is no such thing as too much champagne,” Emma said firmly. “You deserve it.” seriously, if anyone should have champagne, it had to be Regina.

They had made it out on the deck of the boat again, and now Regina was fiddling with her phone. She frowned in concentration for a moment and then her face loosened up in a smile as she turned the screen towards Emma. “Ah yes, here we are.”

“Oh my god,” Emma said, flood of warmth rushing over her as she looked at the picture on Regina’s phone. It was indeed a picture from the wedding. More specifically, the picture of the two of them
kissing each other right after they had said ‘I do’. It was the moment where Regina had lifted her fist in the air in an ‘I did it!’-manner.

“Babe, that’s a stunning picture!” Emma gushed. “If this only a sneak peek, I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Zelena is a damn talented photographer!”

“She is,” Regina agreed. “Unfortunately, I made the mistake of telling her that, and her ego became overinflated.”

“Ha! I’m sure it did.”

“I might not have seen the other pictures yet, but I think this is my favorite,” Regina murmured, voice soft and eyes gentle as she looked down at the picture on her phone. “We look so happy.”

“Yeah, you can literally see how hard you’re smiling into the kiss!” Emma couldn’t stop gushing.

Regina hummed an answer and then tapped on her screen. After a moment, she had set the picture as her lock screen.

“Send it to me. Please!” Emma said. She too wanted that picture as her lock screen. Yes, she wanted her lock screen to match with Regina’s. They were officially becoming *that* kind of couple. They even
had matching blue pajamas, and Henry always rolled his eyes whenever they showed up for family-movie-night wearing the matching pajamas. He would fondly call them ‘geeks’, but at the same time he
would be smiling really hard in that particular way he always did when he secretly found them to be cute but didn’t want to admit it.

Emma felt her phone go off in her pocket, and she knew that Regina had sent the picture to her. “Thanks, beautiful.”

“You’re welcome, darling.” Regina gently wiggled her hand out of Emma’s grasp to pull her white fake-fur-coat tighter around herself.

“Are you cold?” Emma asked immediately. “Do you want me to grab a blanket from inside, because I can quickly go and-“

“No,” Regina interrupted, chuckling. “I’m fine.”

“You sure?”

“Absolutely. I think the champagne has warmed me from the inside.” She turned her head and looked doubtfully at Emma who was only wearing a leather jacket over her pretty dress. “Are YOU cold, darling?”

“Nope,” Emma said lightly. Her new leather jacket was nicely padded on the inside, so she had no problem with staying warm in it. It didn’t fit the silver sequin dress completely, but it looked exactly like the clothes she had been wearing when she and Regina went on their theater-date, so of course she had chosen to wear this jacket too. Another callback.

A rocket leapt up from somewhere and exploded in red and golden colors on the sky. Everyone went ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’, and Emma tilted her head back so she could see it a little better. “Wow. That’s beautiful.”

“Yes, we chose a good place to celebrate the New Year’s,” Regina agreed.

That was when a suit-clad waiter came towards them carrying a little round tray with full champagne glasses on them. Regina smiled at him and said: “Puis-je en avoir un pour ma femme?”

“Certainement, madame,” the waiter said, holding out the tray towards Regina.

Regina took one of the tall champagne glasses and handed it to Emma. “Here you go, my darling.”

“Thanks, babe. You take one too. It’s almost New Years, and we have to toast!”

“Very well.” Regina took one of the tall glasses too, and once the waiter had disappeared, she said: “I can settle for a tiny sip rather than drink all of it. Anymore of this, and you’ll have to carry me home.”

“Fine by me. I like carrying you.” Emma’s thoughts strayed once more. She had carried Regina to bed an insane amount of time during this honeymoon. Regina was just so... pick-up-able. There was nothing better than lifting her up and feeling her strong legs wrapping around her waist. That had happened many a time too. On a particular heaty night where both of them had been in a particular mood, Emma had picked up Regina, and... they had not made it to the bed. Instead certain things had happened.... against the wall. Regina had looked awfully smug afterwards, and Emma had been slightly surprised at her own spontaneity. Usually, she was more romantic than doing things with her wife against a wall, but Regina had laughed and told her that sometimes a girl could have too many rose petals. Sometimes it was wonderfully refreshing to do certain things against a wall. As long as said walls were properly thick, of course.

They had received no complaints, so the walls had been thick enough to hide their activities. Thankfully. Anything else would have been pretty embarrassing.

Regina smirked slightly. She knew exactly what Emma was referring to.

Emma shook her head. That kind of smirk always made her want to kiss Regina in ways that weren’t appropriate in public.

Now people were starting to crowd on the deck. The new year was only a few minutes away now, and Emma was starting to feel really excited. A brand-new year. Her first year as a married woman. First year as Regina’s wife. So many amazing things to look forward to. She had a feeling that next year would be their year.

“What do you think the future has in store for us?” she asked her wife as she looked up at the sky where rockets were already coloring the velvet black surface in various shades of golden and red and
other colors.

“Something amazing, I’m sure,” Regina softly hummed. “I can feel it.”

“Funny, so can I,” Emma chuckled. “And what do you think that amazing thing might be?”

“Hmm.” Regina smiled softly at her. “If we’re really lucky...” she didn’t finish the sentence and bit her lip instead.

But Emma wouldn’t have it. “Just say it out loud, babe,” she encouraged. “I don’t think something bad will happen if you do.”

“A baby,” Regina said. “I’d like that very much.”

“Me, too!” Emma said eagerly. “So fucking much!”

“Swear jar.”

“Henry is not around. Nor is Neal. And I actually think that you fancy it quite a bit when I swear, Mills.”


Emma mock sighed and tried to be very dramatic as she said: “I can’t win with you, can I?”

“No,” Regina agreed, smirking slightly. “Never.”

“Imagine...” Emma said, allowing herself to dream out loud for a moment. “Imagine if I’m pregnant around this time next year? I know it won’t happen that quickly, obviously, it takes a lot of planning and
organizing, but still... imagine if I was.”

“That would be wonderful, my love,” Regina smiled. “I can’t wait to see you with a baby bump. I have a distinct feeling that it will suit you beautifully. And I cannot wait to take care of you either. Go to the twenty four hour open store to buy you ice cream or pickles or whatever you might be craving.”

“Pickles?” Emma wrinkled her nose. She didn’t like pickles. “Cliché. I’m sure I’ll be craving bacon or something.”

“That’s a possibility too.”

“What did you crave when you were pregnant with Henry?” Emma asked curiously.

“Hmm..” Regina smiled at the memory. “As far as I can recall, I had a thing for cheese.”

“Cheese? That’s not so weird-“

“Wrapped around chocolate.”

Emma bursted out laughing. “Seriously?”

“Yes. That was the only thing that could keep my nausea at bay,” Regina said almost glumly.

“Chocolate-cheese-sandwich,” Emma grinned and flashed her wife an amused glance. “You’ve told me that, beautiful.”

“It’s one of my darkest secrets,” Regina quipped. “One that Zelena enjoys reminding me about.”

“That’s not entirely fair, is it? I mean, she was the one eating peanut butter on watermelon!”

“And now she has the audacity to complain when Robin wants to eat strange stuff,” Regina quipped. “Hypocrite, isn’t she?”

“Totally,” Emma grinned, delighted at the little secret she had just been let in on. Cheese wrapped around cheese. She found herself wondering what kind of weird cravings she would end up getting if
she... No, not ‘if’. When. WHEN she got pregnant. She felt a sizzle of excitement in her stomach. Couldn’t wait to experience all of it with Regina. Seeing her belly grow. Experience the first kicks. The delivery. Yep, even the painful experience was something she was looking forward to. And holding their new little bundle of joy in her arms. Seeing Regina and Henry and Neal with the baby. How they all would come together around the newest member of the Swan-Mills family. Yes, the future definitely had good things in store for them. She could feel it.

“Penny for your thoughts, darling?”

“The future,” Emma said simply.

“Oh.” Regina leaned into her shoulder. “Well, given how much you’re smiling, it looks like a good future.”

“It is. The best goddamn future I could ever have asked for.”

Regina smiled as she reached into her purse and found her cellphone. She quickly glanced at the screen and then proclaimed: “only two minutes to midnight now.”

Emma could feel that. People were smiling and laughing around her. Some of them singing. Quite a few of them were most likely drunk. She wasn’t. Not really. A bit tipsy and happy from the champagne, but definitely not drunk. Neither was Regina. Not like she had been at the end of their bathtub-adventure when they arrived in Paris. That was one of the occasions where Emma had ended up carrying her wife to bed. Regina had been delightfully giggly and terrifically horny. The next morning, where she had spent most of her time hiding under the covers she had been adorably sleepy and not the slightest bit cranky even if her head hurt.

“One minute,” Regina told her, and Emma got out of her own head, draped an arm around Regina and then looked at the night sky. There was a break in the fireworks. Like all of Paris was holding their breath and just waiting for the clock to strike midnight. People around her were whooping and cheering, and their excitement rubbed off on Emma. She couldn’t wait to kiss Regina at midnight!

“Why is it that New Year’s eve is turning everyone into children high on sugar?” Regina half-chuckled as she looked at all the laughing, whooping people around her.

“Champagne? The thought of a blank slate? Did I mention champagne?” Emma joked.

Regina looked fondly at the tall glass of the sparkly beverage in her hand. “I think I might be addicted to this stuff. This and Paris. And you.”

“Weeeeeelll....” Emma drawled purposefully. “I can help you with one out of three of those addictions.”

“The champagne?” Regina asked silkily.

“Yep. Exactly. That’s the one. I can’t possibly help you with anything else. Nu-uh,” Emma said warmly and leaned in to steal a kiss.

But Regina put a finger on her lips and stopped her with the words: “ah-ah. Not until midnight.”

Emma pouted. But only until she realized she could kiss the tip of Regina’s finger instead. That made her feel lots better, and Regina didn’t scold her for it. She just jokingly clicked her tongue in mock dismay.

“Ten!” someone suddenly yelled close to Emma’s ear, and the first word out of Emma’s mouth was a quiet “rude”, because the guy had interrupted her and Regina’s romantic moment, but then she realized
what that exclamation meant, and the excitement over the new year was back.

“Nine,” Regina said and smiled, leaning into Emma’s shoulder once again. “Eight.”

“Seven,” Emma joined in. “Six!”






A series of ‘happy new year!’ erupted around her, and the sky exploded in every possible color the rainbow had to offer.

Regina turned around and looped her arms around Emma’s neck, champagne glass and everything, stood on her tippy toes and then planted a soft, warm kiss on her lips.

Emma immediately returned the kiss, wrapped her arms around Regina, ignoring her own glass of champagne. So what if she happened to spill every last drop on the deck because she was too busy kissing Regina? It didn’t matter. Her lips were so damn soft and kissable and tasted of the sweet champagne she had just enjoyed, and her skin smelled of the rose scented soap Emma graciously had helped smearing all over her body this morning. God, it took everything in Emma to remember that this was a public place and that she could NOT tangle her fingers into Regina’s hair and deepen the kiss. It wasn’t appropriate.

And perhaps it wasn't appropriate to make that sound that accidentially slipped out of her mouth, but Emma felt like she couldn't be responsible for that. She wasn't responsible for ANYTHING she did when she was kissing Regina. Her brain never functioned properly when she was kissing her wife.

And especially not when said wife was chuckling ever so softly into the kiss. That was one of the things that never failed to drive Emma half-mad and immediately yearn for more.

Fireworks exploded on the sky with louds pops that had people whooping and laughing, and Emma didn’t stop kissing Regina until she was too breathless to continue. Regina’s cheeks and the top of her neck was flushed from kissing, her mouth was smiling (somehow her lipstick remained untouched!) and her eyes (which appeared to have mysteriously darkened just the slightest bit) were sparkling with unbridled joy. “Happy New Year, my love,” she beamed.

“Happy New Year, beautiful.” now Emma remembered that she was in fact still holding a glass of champagne, and she raised it, indicating a toast.

Regina lifted her glass and clinked it with hers. “To us,” she softly murmured. “To our future and everything that will happen.”

“The future,” Emma smiled. “Cheers.”

They each took a sip of their champagne, but it didn’t take long before the two glasses were left abandoned on one of the many little tables placed neatly on the deck. Emma and Regina walked over to the railing so they could look out over the water, and of course up at the illuminated night sky. Colors from the rockets were still exploding and turning velvet black into a rainbow, and the popping sound mingling with people’s cheers and laughter never stopped.

Regina leaned in and rested her head on Emma’s shoulder once more, and Emma wrapped an arm around her again. “Are you cold?” she gently asked. She didn’t want Regina to freeze. It was a chilly night.

“No,” Regina said, voice quiet and very soft. “I don’t think it’s possible for me to feel cold tonight.”

Emma didn’t say anything. She knew exactly how Regina felt. She too felt warm and incredibly hopeful. In a moment, their phones would undoubtedly start ringing, and it would be Ella and Zelena wanting to talk to them because they had stayed awake to make sure to wish them a happy-Paris-time-New-Year, but right now, there was nothing to distract them. Nothing to disturb them. This was another precious moment to add to their collection of memories.

Emma just knew that there was so many more memories to come. And she couldn’t wait to experience every single one of them with the love of her life. Her wife. Her Regina. The woman who had tapped her shoulder once and later given her the answer to every single question she’d ever had about love....

To Be Continued........