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As Mary Saotome walked down the halls of Hyakkaou Boarding School Academy she noticed something shift in the air she paused and took a sniff around.

Someone’s going into heat...

She thought with pity, she had quite a few omega friends and from what she'd seen she knew how painful it was to go into heat.

I wonder who it is… must be painful...

When she rounded a corner the scent grew stronger and she saw a student with long black hair, the student was hunched over the wall taking labored breaths clutching her abdomen.

Mary faltered a bit when she recognized who it was, “Yumeko?”

Yumeko looked up at the voice, breath hitching. “M-Mary..” 

The girl didn’t try to run to hug her, a greeting she always did when she saw Mary.

Mary swallowed as a wave of pheromones hit her. She can feel herself harden at the mere sight of her classmate.

She looks so beautiful… 

She shook the thought away, she shouldn’t be thinking of this right now her friend was in clear pain and she should be helping her. Stupid alpha brain! Stupid wierd thoughts!

“Are you alright?”

Yumeko gave a huff and shook her head. “Hurts.”

The blonde alpha took a step towards the omega, arms outstretched offering support. Though, she wasn’t surprised when Yumeko fell into her arms head buried in the blonde’s chest inhaling the alpha’s scent. Mary steeled her nerves, she wasn’t going to let her hormones rule over her like some horny alpha. She lifted her left hand just a bit to stroke Yumeko’s hair, running her fingers through the soft dark hair. A few minutes or so the omega finally calmed down.

“Yumeko?” Mary asked tentatively, “Did you take your suppressants?”

Yumeko shook her head no, voice muffled by Mary's chest, “I ran out, my next batch won’t be till next week. I was hoping to go to a heat chamber to.. you know… but I don’t know where that was…”

“Does it still hurt?”

Her fingers not once stopping from combing the omega’s hair. She got her answer when a whimper escaped the raven-haired girl’s lips, her fingers gripping the alpha’s front shirt tightly. The strong smell of flowers and peaches invade the blonde’s senses making it overwhelmingly hard not to moan out loud, if Yumeko hadn’t already felt her hard cock she would surely hear the alpha’s moan. And they were in the corridors too!

“Ne-need…” There was a tremble in the omega’s voice, Mary felt the vibrations through her chest, earning her a shiver down her spine. Fuck! Dammit Yumeko…! 

Mary swallowed. Suddenly aware that saliva gathered in her mouth. “What..what do you need? Some warm water maybe? Or-or,”

“Mary.” Yumeko pulled away from her and looked her straight in the eyes. The same look she had when was gambling. Mary shuddered.

“Y-yes?” Mary cursed the waver in her voice, she was Mary Saotome dammit! She cleared her throat, “Yes?”

“I need you. ” 



“Please.” Yumeko begged, hands grasping the blonde’s arms. “Please Mary, it hurts, I need you!” 

Mary took a step back though unsuccessful due to the hands on her arms, “Yumeko I- no- we can’t!”

“Why not?” 

Mary shuddered. The smell of arousal and omega pheromones grew stronger, sending a jolt through her cock, she can feel it throb painfully, aching for the omega. Take her! Take her!

“Because you’re-you’re not in your right mind! You don’t really want me…” Mary’s voice grew quite suddenly, looking away from her classmate. She felt a pang through her chest as she said those words, it wasn’t entirely a secret that she had been harboring feelings for the kakegurui. 

Most people knew of Mary’s crush on Yumeko except probably for the omega herself, Mary doesn’t care though, really, she doesn’t. She knew that Yumeko probably has a lot of people lining up to be with her, better people even and really, Mary Saotome was just another person in her life. She didn’t care that Yumeko would probably never look at her as more than a friend, and that was fine as long as she could be by her side she’d be content. Another omega sprang to her mind as she thought about it, Ririka Momobami, it was no secret either that the quiet twin was infatuated by her. Jesus! If I was that obvious about my crush, Yumeko probably noticed it by now!

Maybe it was time to move on.

Another throb shot between her legs remembering the situation she was in. Damn… probably have to take care of it myself again.

But then the omega latched herself on the alpha once more, but she did not stop there however Yumeko used her hands and brought their faces together, lips meeting in a wet sloppy kiss. Mary didn’t have time to react because the omega opened her mouth and licked the blonde’s lips, eliciting a moan that had been held for far too long. Mary was sure by now that her underwear was damp.

Yumeko released her a second later, panting heavily. “Even if I wasn’t in my heat I would very much need you Mary, I want you.”

Mary contemplated her words, trying to figure out what she meant, wait, does that mean…?

“Do you like me?” Mary swallowed, half scared and half excited at the answer.

“Of course,” she replied. “Wasn’t it obvious?”

“I- no, I didn’t know honestly…”

Yumeko giggled, “Maybe you’re the idiot.”

Mary pouted, letting out a huff. Yumeko giggled again, giving her a peck on the cheek.

“Don’t worry, you’re my idiot now.” The omega’s tone left no room for objection and Mary didn’t want to, even without a mating bite (yet) she would gladly let Yumeko own her. The thoughts of bites reminded once more she was in need of relief and judging by the scent in the air Yumeko probably needs it too.

Mary groaned feeling her cock throb with attention. 

Yumeko didn’t fail to notice, she smirked and licked her lips. She brushed her hand against the alpha’s skirt cupping her hand through the cloth feeling the warmth of the large bulge, she felt it pulse against her hand. “I think someone needs attention.”

“Fuck! Don’t do that!” Mary growled though it turned into a groan.

“Hm? Why not? It’s clearly enjoyable.” She gave it a squeeze and it pulsed again. “See?”

Mary whimpered, “Yumeko…”

Yumeko giggled clearly enjoying herself but she removed her hand nonetheless. “Fine, I’ll stop for now, but just enough time for us to get to your room.”

“Th-what?” came a bewildered response from the alpha.

“Did you forget? I’m still in heat and I still need you.”

“Oh.” Heh, she forgot about that. She felt the raven haired girl tug at her arm dragging her to the direction of the alpha’s room. How Yumeko knew that she didn’t know. Doesn’t matter anyway.


When they got there, Mary immediately shoved her key in the keyhole and unlocked it, grabbing the omega's wrist as she pushed them both inside, closing the door behind her. Their lips met again, this time in an open mouthed kiss, teeth clashing slightly, they stumbled back on Mary’s bed, the scent of the alpha much much more prominent, it made the omega slick with need, her pussy aching to be filled, to be fucked. 

They separated but Mary latched onto her throat instead, licking and sucking gently, making the omega mewl and rub her thighs together desperate for any kind of friction. The blonde didn’t let up however, only intensifying her sucking, she bared her teeth and scraped it against the delicate skin that earned a loud moan from the omega from below. The alpha sat up, and Yumeko whined.

“Shh, I’m just gonna take off your clothes. I want more of you.” came Mary’s breathy reply, and true to her words she began unbuttoning the omega’s shirt, she practically ripped it off her when she was done, tossing it somewhere in the room, she could see her dark lacy bra, she doesn’t pay attention much though she wants her out of it一and quickly. 

Yumeko was just as eager because she sat up to undo the hook of her bra, giving Mary a good view of the omega’s breast. She swallowed, her mouth suddenly filling with saliva, the image of the kakegurui’s pink pebbled nipples burning in her mind, they looked so pretty, and flushed and delicious. Mary laid her down on the soft mattress, kissing her forehead as she did so. Mary moaned as she leaned down and took one in her mouth, swirling it with her tongue while her hand toyed with the other, Yumeko cried out as she felt the alpha’s hot mouth. She arched her back and grinded on Mary’s thigh that was between her legs, the alpha growled removing her mouth on the nipple, the omega shivered when it met cool air. 

The alpha started kissing in between the valley’s of her breast then lower and lower until she was at her navel, she gave it a lick and a wet kiss before her skillful hands hastily removed the skirt, throwing it behind her, now all that was left on Yumeko was her soaked underwear. She wet her lips, and quickly removed the offending clothing that was stopping her from tasting the omega. She can see the glisten in her folds, dripping with slick, she put both her hands at the either side of the raven hair’s thighs, spreading her legs wider. She experimentally gave it a long lick, moaning loudly at the sweet taste. She repeated the motion again and again, plunging her tongue deeper each time.

Yumeko let out a broken gasp, hands falling on Mary’s head, bucking her hips and gripping her hair tightly as the blonde continued to eat her out. A shout broke out her throat when she felt Mary flick her tongue on her clit, then her lips closing in on it, sucking aggressively.

“Ah!” Yumeko threw her head back, nails digging into her scalp. “Ma-Mary! Ah…!”

Mary felt a smirk form at her lips, the alpha in her delighted that she was the one driving the omega wild, she continued, this time shoving a finger in her entrance, she could feel how tight she was. The omega arched her back letting out a long loud moan, she clenched around the probing finger. It did little to ease the ache but any pleasure that came from it was welcome. Just a little more... 

Then it all came shattering down when Mary added another finger and fucked her relentlessly curling it in just the right spot. She came in a strangled cry, helplessly shouting the alpha’s name. Stars filled her vision, her whole body spasmed with pleasure, and it was too much. She came again, though not as intense as the first.  

Once she came down her high she was breathing heavily and trembling all over, Mary pulled out her fingers, it was slick with the omega’s come. Her eyes wandered to the omega, her cock strained against her underwear, she removed all her clothing in one swift motion leaving her naked, her cock now free from restraints, the head was flared with pink tint, the shaft had thin veins that ran down its length, it was on a base of blonde curls. Mary huffed as it met cool air, she circled her fingers around it and gave it a few pumps, pre cum dribbling down the shaft. Her hands slid up the raven hair’s thighs stopping at her plush hips, grabbing it possessively.

Yumeko gasped when she felt the head touch her still sensitive lips, the alpha dragging its head against the wet slippery slit, lubricating it with the remnants of cum that had spilled from the omega beneath her, then she settled and pushed her sensitive tip into the entrance. It was tight and small as though no other has entered her before. The alpha in her growled in delight, glad that she was the one to take claim to the omega. 

She growled and lunged forward, teeth bared, holding the omega’s neck in a gentle but firm hold. It wasn’t a mating bite. Just enough to hold the omega down. She howled in pleasure as she felt the tightness of the omega, slowly she sinked forward, inch by inch into the warm silky heat and each time the omega arched her back and cried out in pleasure.

“Fuck,”  Mary groaned. “Tight.”

“Oh!” the omega gasped out, moaning at the delicious stretch. “Big…”

Hearing the omega delighted with her size made her chest swell with pride. She continued to sink forward until Yumeko had taken her to the base. The omega’s inner walls fluttered around her thick shaft, making her growl. Mary gave a nip to the omega's throat before lifting her head and meeting those crimson eyes darkened with lust.

“It's okay,” Yumeko breathed. “You can move. I can take it.”

The alpha moaned at the confirmation, she drew back a little then surged forward. She could feel Yumeko’s walls clench around her cock, trying to milk her with everything she had. She trembled as struggled to lose control, she knew Yumeko had never taken anything of her size before and she very muched wished that the omega enjoyed herself. 



Yumeko brushed her hand against Mary’s arm and gave it a slight squeeze. “Don't hold back.”

And that was it. She grabbed the omega’s legs and wrapped it around her waist, then brought it back to her hips, holding it in a bruising hold but Yumeko didn’t mind. She pulled almost all the way out then slammed back in, making them both groan loudly.

Her cockhead dragged against the omega’s swollen front wall, earning a hiss from Yumeko. Mary stopped, worried she might’ve hurt the omega. But then the raven hair’s hands grabbed her shoulders, nails digging into her skin. “Fuck… more...”

Mary grunted and brought their hips together, hitting that spot once more. Bathing in Yumeko’s warmth left her in a dizzying bliss, it almost felt too good to be true. Her instinct told her to rut her, deep and hard. She wanted to knot her, to breed her . Mary shook the thoughts away, this isn’t about her. This is about Yumeko’s heat. 

Maybe if we’re both ready we can…

Mary groaned as she felt her orgasm creep close, she can feel it build in her abdomen. The thought of this made her more aggressive, fucking the omega with everything she had. But she can’t come yet, not until Yumeko does. An orgasm without the omega didn't sound as satisfying. She rutted her mercilessly, not giving the omega to catch up. The hands on her shoulders seized, instead they gripped the sheets above her head as Yumeko gave squeaks and moans, asking一 begging for more. Mary gave it to her she removed her hands on her hips and placed them on either side of Yumeko’s head instead. The harder the thrusts, the louder the noises Yumeko made.

A few more thrusts, she noticed she couldn’t bring their pelvises together anymore. She looked down and noticed her knot had formed. It shone with their shared arousal, it made her groan and jerk her hips, rubbing against the omega’s swollen clit.

“Yes!” Yumeko shouted, knuckles white from gripping the sheets too hard. “Fill me! Knot me!”

Mary snarled and surged forward, forcing her knot in. Yumeko’s breath hitched as she felt the knot stretch her whilst alpha’s cock twitched, her tight pussy squeezing down the girth. The alpha groaned, she couldn’t hold back anymore, she bared her teeth and sank them in the omega’s throat, claiming her with a mating bite. She felt her seed spill inside the omega’s womb, hot thick liquid splashed inside her, filling the omega. She can feel a slight swell on Yumeko’s abdomen, full with her come.

Yumeko’s mouth opened in a silent scream, back arching as she felt her third orgasm loom over her and even then, the alpha hadn’t stopped coming. Hard jets of come kept pouring into her, and her inner walls kept milking out more. The alpha’s harsh stream of come trailed off, her hard thrusts became lazy.


Her muscles felt like jelly, she can feel her eyelids droop in exhaustion. She moaned softly as Mary sucked at the mating bite gently, deepening the bruise around the teeth marks.

Gingerly, she brought her hand up to Mary’s hair, stroking the silky soft hair that always smelled like lavender. Mary sighed. Settling her weight against Yumeko, but reassurances from the omega told her her she wasn't crushing her.

“Thank you.”

Mary looked up, not sure what she meant. “Hm?”

“For this,” Yumeko didn’t stop her stroking. “I really needed this, needed you .”

“Oh.” Mary didn’t know what to say to that. 

“What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing,” she replied lamely. “I just feel the same way, you know? Like, I really, really  like you.”

Mary felt Yumeko nod then a gentle rumble sounded from her chest, it took a second for Mary to notice that she was purring. How adorable. A yawn escaped her lips, she rolled them over, though still tied, she cradled the omega against her chest, tucking them both in her blankets. 

“Sleep, Yumeko.” Mary told her, burying her nose in her dark hair. “I know you’re exhausted, I’ll still be here when you wake up.”

A nod from the omega indicated that she understood. Not long after her breathing evened out. Mary smiled to herself.

Mary Saotome is going soft.