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His pants are ripped at the seams, embarrassment rushes through him but it’s quickly replaced by shock. Rough hands grope at his butt as soon as he walks through the door.

“Welcome home, Xiansheng”

Before he can protest or reply, he hears the loud thump of Childe’s knees hitting the floor. He jerks at the hot breath against his ass, leans forward to hold onto the wall as he struggles to turn around.

Childe has his face in between his ass cheeks. Pressed right up against it that all he could see is Childe’s nose in between the crease of his butt. Zhongli flushes harder in embarrassment as Childe digs his face deeper, nuzzles his nose against his ass and breathes a sigh of contentment onto his hole.

A part of him is reassured, glad to finally be home as the tension of the day sweeps away with Childe’s presence. But another part of him is worried about their neighbours. They’re still right in front of the door and anyone could walk by and probably hear them if they continue on right here.

But Childe’s too occupied with Zhongli to be worried about that. Plump cheeks fill both of his hands, squishing back against his palm. Zhongli’s cheeks are so full, it sinks between his fingers and he couldn’t find any hardness through it at all. No matter how much he gropes and presses, if he pinches or clutch - it bounces right back. It even fills out between his spread hands, plump cheeks in between his fingers. It’s delectable, feels like a stress ball. He could squeeze and mold his hands until all the weary stress and exhaustion from a hard day drains away from him.

Not to mention, Zhongli’s ass is always clean. He’s always impeccably dressed, and that comes to his hygiene as well. Zhongli never fails to clean out his ass, smells like soap and skin and a hint of laundry from his clothes. Childe knows from experience he looks so pretty underneath all his layers, his hole ready for penetration from all the prep and stretching they usually do. It’s just a bonus that Zhongli smells so nice, and smells just like Zhongli. And that in itself can usually take away his stress by 80% on a normal day.

“Let me have this for a moment,”

He just wants to be surrounded by Zhongli’s warmth, his scent where it’s the strongest. Although he could’ve easily done the same with his neck, he much preferred the suffocating snugness of his ass to anything else anyways.

It’s hard to ignore the press of Childe’s face against his hole, or the fact that Childe is now gripping his waist and pulling him back so he has no choice but to settle his body weight onto Child's face. Zhongli shifts trying not to put too much pressure on Childe (least he breaks his neck) — but that doesn’t seem to be what Childe wants. He tugs him closer, lies back onto the floor and pulls Zhongli along to sit on his face.

“We’re still at the door—” He tries to reason. Childe’s response comes in the form of a muffled protest, but it’s weak underneath how content he seems to be.

With his sight completely blocked from Zhongli’s ass. The press of Zhongli’s cheeks against his cheekbones and the dip of his crease, Childe feels the weight of his boyfriend secure him down into true relaxation.

It’s a bone deep sense of contentment that comes from knowing this is where he wants to be, where he wants to belong.

The world may be big and vast, the day might be hectic and terrible. Home is exactly where Zhongli is. His favourite place is right here — Zhongli’s scent against his nose, Zhongli’s soft bouncy ass right on his face. His weight is security, grips him back to the present and reality. Everything else in the world can be fake, just as long as Zhongli’s person is the only truth in existence.

Moldable and pliant above his face, Childe groans as he dips his tongue to nudge at Zhongli’s rim. He’d ripped the underwear away when he’d torn off his pants — given it was a little hasty.

But today’s been especially terrible. Too many people, too many things others need him to get done for them. He’d been stretched to his limits with all the things he’d had to handle. Right now, all he wants to do is let himself be consumed entirely with Zhongli.


He can feel Zhongli tense up, but he drags him back down over his face. Latches onto his hips (so tiny, so slim) as he drags his tongue harder against his hole. Zhongli is already stretched from their morning rump, but Childe still wants to taste him. He can feel his veins pulsing in gratification, when Zhongli squeezes his thighs around his head. So Childe indulges himself in dipping his tongue into his entrance, licks up his passage as he digs his nose and face closer to Zhongli’s ass.

The tongue wriggles deeper inside of him, and Zhongli muffles his sounds against his arm. He clenches down against the appendage, still too dry but he’s sure now Childe will probably slick him up until he cums from his ass, and then maybe they’ll make love some more.

His cock is tenting against his pants, he realizes he’s still fully clothed. Besides the tear at the seams of his pants, he’s still wearing three layers of coat and shirt and his full dress pants. Shoes still on, he’s sitting on Childe’s face who’s changed into his home outfit— fit with an apron as he seems to have been busy with cooking before he came to greet him at the door.

It’s a little exciting, to think that they’re making love despite their clothes. If someone else was around, they wouldn’t have known Zhongli has Childe’s tongue up his ass currently. They might’ve just thought he'd landed on Childe accidentally — ripped his pants in the event, and Childe who had tried to speak— suddenly found his tongue inside of Zhongli’s rim. And now here they are —

“What are you imagining, Zhongli-Xiansheng?”

He can feel Childe’s laugh huffing against his hole, Childe’s tongue had dragged against him — licked at him until he’s wet around the entrance of his body and plugged up inside of him. He could feel Childe’s lips and mouths against him, stretched into a smile as he pressed open mouthed tongue-kisses into his body. Childe licks his way into his entrance. Burrow deeper inside of him as saliva drips and pools onto his neck and chin. Zhongli can feel it against his butt cheeks— the part that’s flesh and it’s damp against his dress pants.

“Childe—” he gasps, shivering as he could feel his boyfriend moaning into him. Zhongli’s entrance is stretched now, drenched with spit from his tongue and mouth. He’s squirming on the stretch of Childe’s tongue inside of him.When it drags against his walls and licks deeper inside. He shivers when the tip pierces a little deeper than before, wriggles as it tries to open him up even wider. The thickness of Childe’s tongue against his rim plus the pleasure rushing up his spine. Childe’s wetness lapping at his inside makes him squeeze his thighs harder against Childe’s face and shoulders.

“Let me hold you up,” He completely missed the breathy request but he could feel Childe’s hands reaching up to spread his ass. He could feel Childe groans as he gropes his cheeks, feels the weight of Zhongli body on top of him —

“Ah I really can’t get enough,” He groans into his ass as he sinks into him again, Zhongli closes his eyes, clenches his jaws as he tries to keep quiet for their neighbours.

The weight of it, the way it frames his body. Just the shape of these globes that are so perfectly rounded and bouncy, nothing could ever deny it. Childe feels lucky to even be touching such a perfect set of ass. Soft and plump, the way it’s so pale but flushes a beautiful red whenever he spanks them. So easy to take on his kisses, his bruises. He could mark them up, but Zhongli’s ass will recover into perfectly shaped buns in a few days' time anyways.

“Can I fuck you? Can we do it now instead of later in the bed?”

Zhongli tucks the ‘later in the bed’ away in his mind. Childe would most likely ask for another round in the bed anyways. But it’s already come this far, his cock is hard and leaking against his pants. He’s sufficiently lubed up by Childe’s fluids, and he’s desperately turned on — judging from how he clenches at the thought of having Childe fuck the weariness away from his body. Childe had always been amazing at fucking any thoughts or coherency away from him, desperate in his attempts to pleasure Zhongli. And today — feels like a long exhausting day for him too, it’s indulgence on both their part, to simply rely on each other’s strength and find pleasure in each other’s bodies and company.


It’s as simple as that, Childe slides himself from under him and gently positions Zhongli with his face against the floor. He knows he’s at the door, and that if he’s too loud the neighbours will hear.

“We’ll have to keep quiet, but to be honest” Childe strokes the curve of his butt, revered in its plushness and the slopes of his contours. “I don’t really think we should care this time. You deserve this, Zhongli-Xiansheng”

“Just only care about me, it’s fine if it’s for a day”

Childe unfastens his pants, slips it down his thighs just enough to reach his cock. It’s leaking from the tip, he didn’t even realize when he was so consumed with eating Zhongli out that he’s been hard for a while now.

Gently holding him down, while lifting his ass so it’s elevated from the floor. Childe gazes at Zhongli whose face is down, ass up. Couldn’t help but feel such awe, and fondness for this man. His figure is lean and trimmed, but with an ass that’s so plump and plush. Luscious, he knows from the taste. He nudges his cock against the rim, thrusts between his crease.

“Even just outside, you really like my cock huh”

His cock, it’s thick girth swallowed completely between Zhongli’s cheeks. He could only see the base and the tip as it rubs in between his globes. The heat in between Zhongli’s globes is so warm, feels hotter as he thrusts in between. He’s making a mess, smearing his dripping cock onto his skin, slicking the pale cheeks with a translucent sheen. It looks even better stained with Childe’s fluids, the round globes coated with his essence, reflecting the lights above their head. He holds him down, presses him firmer onto the floor.

Rubs the head of cock against Zhongli’s rim, feels it dilating, opening up to pull him in. Childe groans, “Xiansheng—” He sighs,

Sinking into Zhongli’s hole always feels like home. The way he’s responsive, opening and clenching down onto Childe’s cock. The way he drags him in, his hole hungry for his cock, his passage kissing and welcoming his length. The way he could burrow all the way inside with just a single push— drive all the way in with the hot wet heat of Zhongli’s body squirming around him.

They both moan at the feeling, resounding around the hallway of their home. It’s tight, and snug. But Zhongli’s passage lets him in easily, his walls pumping and pulsing around his cock. His body is honest at least, wanton for his girth and lewd in the way it trembles around his shaft. Childe rubs his asscheeks soothingly, holds onto his hips as he patiently waits for Zhongli to adjust.

“You’re so good to me, Xiansheng”

Encased in the heat of Zhongli’s body, it’s impossible not to revere in how he’s molded his body to Childe. The first time they’ve had sex, it had been a very slow process. Now, after many months together — he’s taken in with a burst of fondness (and adoration) at how he can just sink into him in one go.

The best part isn’t just the outside, although the curvature and mold of Zhongli’s ass is pretty impressive. Zhongli’s inside is also so warm, always hot and tight. He’s so snugged, plugged full of Childe’s cock nothing will escape. His hole is wet and receptive — always ready to clench and squeeze and milk Childe’s cock everytime he opens him up, stretching him wide around his girth, swallowing him more and more every time he takes him.

“I’ll eat it out of you once I cum, okay?”

The fleshy slaps of their bodies resonate around their home, it’s unmistakable. With the windows open, people would definitely hear the earthly carnality taking place right next door to them. Zhongli couldn’t hold in his moans, despite his best attempts at muffling them. His pants are loud in his ears, and he could feel Childe’s cock thrusting deeper and harder into his body.

“Xiangsheng, you’re so tight,” He breathes as he concentrates on sinking his cock into him. Zhongli’s hole is so warm, stretching open around the girth of his cock. The intrusion and weight of his girth must be pleasurable for Zhongli, since his body seems to melt onto the floor the moment Childe fucks into him rougher, bucks faster into his body.

The wet sounds of their flesh meeting, the bounce of Childe’s hips against the cushion of Zhongli’s ass. Everytime he fucks into him, deeper and faster —the more he couldn’t take his eyes away from the jiggle of his cheeks.

Each thrusts sends Zhongli’s body forward, he couldn’t help fucking in harsher because of it. The sight of his cock being swallowed inside his body, the bounce of his ass as it smacks against his hips. Each jolt makes the globes shake— but it couldn’t stop to settle because he’s already diving into him again. Childe groans as he grinds harder into his body, makes him feel it — reaching too deep into his passage, his body opening up for him.

“Must feel good when I cum inside you,” He licks his lips, “Too tight and warm, you’d never let any of my cum leak out”

Childe’s fucking the noise out of Zhongli, and Zhongli couldn’t help the sound that escapes his throat everytime he feels Childe’s cock digs deeper into his passage. He makes his space inside him, spreads open his walls against the stretch of his cock, the tip of his head nudging and rubbing until he opens up for him. Zhongli feels his body being full and filled over and over again, empty once Childe leaves — and weighed when he shoves inside again.

“Don’t stop—,” He hears himself gasping, his fist digging into the cold floor next to his face, “Keep going, don’t stop—”

“Is it too much?”

Childe — teases him, despite their rough fucking, decides to pull out until his tip rubs against his rim. Zhongli clenches, gasps at the emptiness. Being fucked just a few seconds ago and feeling stimuli, to his walls suddenly empty. The weight inside of him gone, he squirms around trying to find his cock to sink back into his body

“Xiansheng, be good and tell me what you want,” He rubs his cock against him, it’s wet with precum. Zhongli can feel the press against his rim, the heat from Childe’s cock so close to where he wants him.


“Tell me this is for us,” He breathes, “Not just me, I want you to say what you want from me too, Zhongli-Xiansheng”

It’s what they do, sometimes. When Childe needs a little reassurance. Verbal affirmation is part of his love language, open and honest communication with Zhongli helps drive the fear and insecurity away. Zhongli knows, he realizes it through the haze of his lust that this is important. They’ve both had a rough day, coming home to their partner. It’s not just about sex, but the comfort and significance, the words the other person says also matters to them.

“Want you inside,” He tries,

“Childe, I want you inside of me.”

“I want you to keep fucking me,” He’s more practiced at this now, much better at identifying and saying what he wants. It’s a hard lesson learnt, he finds it harder to open up about his feelings — admitted to having feelings at all to others. More than before, where he simply exists without offering much of himself, besides his duty and acquaintance to other people.

“Want you to cum inside, use my body. Work for me, I want to lie here and you have to make me cum over and over again.” His throat is dry, he swallows “Want you to fuck it out of me,”


Childe shoves back in without any warning, Zhongli’s mouth is open in mid-gasp but Childe pummels him on his cock, into the floor. His hips gave out, lying prone on the cold tiles of their entrance as Childe’s body blankets over him. His hips don't stop thrusting, dives deeper and faster into his body as he groans and kisses his nape, lays messy bites and bruises across his shoulders and back of his neck.

“Love it when you’re honest,” He can hear Childe mumble against his ears, nuzzling his hair that’s damped with sweat. “Love it when you’re honest to me, when you let me in

Plugged up all the way inside of Zhongli. His cavern is wet and soft, so pliant it molds itself to Childe’s cock and squeezes around him— makes it harder not to snap his hips harder, hearing the gasp that leaves Zhongli’s lips every time he forces the sound out of him. It’s hard holding back, so he doesn’t. Leans his body over Zhongli’s form, ass to shoulders and bucks his hips in a single-minded purpose against his hole.

Brutal and animalistic, carnal in his nature as he shoves his cock deeper into the body lying beneath him. The sheath around his cock so wet and tight, squeezes around his head and length, milks him as he tries to pull back.

“Can you hear that?” The sound of their love making is so loud, the lewd squelch of Childe’s cock and Zhongli’s ass slapping against his hips, wet with fluids from where they’re joined,

“That’s your body being so wanton, Xiansheng”

“I’ll give you everything you asked,” He groans, pumps his hips deeper. Zhongli gasps as he weakly pushes back, thrusts his hips into Childe’s cock. “Make you cum around my cock, twice.”

He can feel it pulsing, cockhead leaking steadily against his walls. It won’t take much to make him cum. But the thought of Childe’s cum filling him up — flooding him until he’s full, even when Childe’s cock leaves his hole. The pour of it, the thickness of his fluid leaking out of him. Zhongli gasps as he clenches hard, bucks back— the thought of Childe’s cum — the feeling of it rushing into him—

“Xiansheng, Xiangsheng—”

Childe fucks him through his orgasm. He came untouched, splurts across his dress pants that’s still on. Zhongli’s body goes limp as he lets Childe uses his body. Childe fucks him harder and faster, hips snapping against his butt until his pace is rapid, brutally sinking in his hole and—


He moans around the feeling of Childe’s cum. The pulse of his cock, his head grinds deeper into his over-sensitive body. The rush of fluid is sticky against his walls, he can feel it filling up his cavern. Makes him full of Childe’s seeds, reaching deeper into his body as it smears into his inside and pours into him like Childe’s trying to mark him as his own.

“Can’t get rid of me now,” He feels Childe bite into his shoulders, sweaty from torso to hips. He feels it when their legs tangled together, Childe laying on top of him — blankets him under his weight and body.

“We’re not done yet, Xiansheng”

Zhongli feels like — what they’ve done is enough to relax him completely. But he knows — as a partner, he should make sure Childe is satisfied with their intercourse as well. So he blinks his eyes back into focus, feels himself clench as Childe’s cock slips out of him.

“Sit on my face again,”

His knees are weak, but his thighs are strong. He gets up from the floor as he sees Childe had taken his place instead.

“You’re tired,”

Childe’s face is flushed with exertion, lips sore and red from working on Zhongli’s ass. His abs and body glisten with sweat. Zhongli takes in the sight of his boyfriend, and brushes Childe’s sweat-damped hair away from his face.

After a long day of paperwork and office affairs — Zhongli knows Childe must be frustrated. If he could help Childe’s daily exercise, although it’s not sparing, it’s just as good (or so Childe had told him). He thinks it’s not a one-sided deal, and not a terrible one at all when he also enjoys certain perks that come with love making from his boyfriend.

“I can do more,” Childe insists, but presses back into the palm of his hands when Zhongli cups his cheeks. He nods in assent, swings his legs over Childe’s shoulders and kneels above his head.

“Pinch, if it’s too much”

Childe doesn’t reply because Zhongli already settled down to sit on his mouth. He jerks from over-sensitivity, but the feeling of Childe’s nose rubbing against his perineum and balls makes him feel like he could get hard again.

Childe really does make good use of his promise. He groans, even though he’s exhausted. Tilts his chin forward so he could seal his lips and mouth over Zhongli’s swollen hole. He drags his tongue against the entrance, asking for permission. Also to soothe how red it is from his rough fucking. The taste of Zhongli’s skin, his musk and scent of his body is intoxicating. Childe could get drunk from just having his thighs wrapped around him, his face in his groin at all times during the day.

He flicks his tongue harder and digs into Zhongli’s hole, hands coming to grab his ass— god his cheeks are so full , so plump in his hands as he cradles it in his palms. He could roll it over between his fingers, knows it’s too much to fit in both his hands. But the thought of his cum inside of Zhongli kept tight inside his body, his plush ass clenching just to keep it inside —

He could feel Zhongli gasping as he uses his mouth to put pressure against his lip, kisses his hole as it opens up beautifully for him. His cum slides out slowly, drools straight into his mouth and throat. Childe kisses Zhongli’s ass as he gulps around the cum, swallows it down as he drags his tongue in and sweeps inside. Flicks and folds all of it out of him, curls his tongue into him as he cleans his walls.

“Don’t, not yet.”

Zhongli tries to stop him, the feeling of cum leaving him makes him feel empty. Although he knows it’s a psychological response that he will recover from once he’s cooled down, right now the fluid inside of him keeps him feeling content. Over-sensitive. But Childe doesn’t listen. His tongue is insistent, licking and mapping his walls out thoroughly as he drags his cum out of him.

“Ah! Ah—”

He’s much too sensitive after cuming, Zhongli’s hands flew out on their own to tangle in Childe’s hair. He couldn’t help but grind his hips down onto his face, pressing his body weight onto him. Zhongli’s hips are jerking, swiveling back and forth on Childe’s mouth and chin. The pressure of Childe’s tongue inside him, the press of his nose against his balls and perineum feels too much. Presses against his prostate. His eyes are blurry as he throws his head up to the ceiling and moans — long and low, tears leaking from his eyes as he plunges down on Childe’s tongue.

He’s suffocating Childe, he knows. But Childe only moans as he grabs his ass harder and drags him down firmer against him, weight settles on top of his face. All the cum that was inside him has been cleaned out, although copious in the amount. Childe drank it down like he’d thirsted and his lips sucked on Zhongli’s rim. His tongue plugs him back up, kept fucking into him with his wet appendage as Zhongli thrusts himself back onto Childe.

“Childe, Childe—”

He can hear him calling him, but Childe’s much too occupied with the heat of Zhongli’s crotch. The way his ass is still wet with his precum (and cum, and saliva), the way his hole clenched around him harder as his cock splurts weakly against his pants one more time.

“That’s it, Zhongli-Xiansheng,” Childe gasps as he tilts his head back far enough that his mouth is free. Zhongli’s hole against his chin, still pulsing as he cums weakly on top of him. He’s speaking into his ass, could feel the cheeks damp with his warm breaths against it.

“This is the messiet we’ve ever been,” Zhongli’s laughing, but it’s a subtle thing. Childe’s stuck again with how fond he is with the man, a pang in his chest as he feels Zhongli’s voice breathes out as he shakes— trying to recover from cuming twice above him.


Childe knows he’s hard again. But he shakes his head, as he taps Zhongli’s thighs to make him lift up and move away from his face.

“It’s too much for you, you said it. You’re sensitive Xiansheng.” He kisses his rim one more time, gently as he tries to move so he doesn’t jostle Zhongli too much.

But he didn’t expect Zhongli to hum, and then slides down until his thighs are bracketed around his hips instead—

“Zhongli-Xiansheng, what—”

Ajax” Zhongli breathes, sinks into Childe’s cock. He groans at the feeling of the tight passage, could never get enough as Zhongli clenches around him, tilts his head back.

“Ajax, come here.”

Zhongli’s smiling, it’s in his voice. Childe feels his arms wrapped around his neck, pulls him forward gently into his embrace as Zhongli slowly lifts himself and then sinks back down onto his cock.

“You can’t just—” call his name, do this for him—

“I want to,” He feels the smile as Zhongli kisses him, a small tilt of his lips. He feels the fan of his lashes brush against his cheeks as Childe kisses him back. Groans as he angles his head, knows his lips and mouth probably tastes like cum, but Zhongli kisses back like he’s just as hungry, starving for his taste.

“So good to me, worked so hard”

It’s Zhongli’s turn to whisper praises to him now. But Childe— Ajax, shivers as he feels pleasure and lust course through him. It has different effects on them, Zhongli takes it in strides, but Childe— Ajax, takes praises like they’re his life lines.
Praise from Zhongli tastes better than most, feels better. He knows Zhongli always means them, and doesn’t give them out freely to just anyone unless they’re worthy .

“You shine like gold,” He breathes into a mumble, swiveling his hips harder. The slaps of his ass cheeks against Childe’s thighs is so loud, their neighbours are probably wondering what kind of refractory period they have (well, he’s fucking an ex-archon after all. One that can turn into a dragon. Plus, he does have good stamina himself. They could go on for hours)

“Proved yourself worthy of me,” He feels Zhongli clenching, his gasps as he digs his nails onto Childe’s shoulders. “Worthy of so much, give you anything you ask. Whatever you want. You’ve worked so hard”

He moans out loud, his hands going down to grab at Zhongli’s ass. His cheeks are so fat, filling his palm as he helps lift him up and drops him back onto his cock. They both moan at the feeling of his girth spreading Zhongli out, so hot and warm inside, thrusts deeper into his body.

“Ajax, Let me do the work—”


He pushes forward, topples Zhongli over onto the floor where the entrance connects to their hallway.

Childe can’t help fucking into him, bucks into him like an animal. He hears Zhongli wail, his legs spread with Childe in between him. But Childe’s fucking deeper into him, brutal thrusts. Spears his cock into Zhongli’s body, impales him onto his length. Cavern stretches to accommodate him, remembers him inside.

He throws Zhongli’s legs around his shoulders, folds him in half. Thrusts in and out harder as he feels Zhongli’s body slip and slide against the wood slash ceramic on the floor. Zhongli’s ass cheeks squished up against his hips. The tenderness of his flesh adds to the stimuli, Chide breaks into rapid plunge into his hole, savaging him. Taking him without hearing the sound of Zhongli’s ‘ah,ah,ah’ as he’s fucked up into his body.

“Don’t stop— “ He hears Zhongli gasps, but he can tell from his clench that he’s way too overworked. The way Zhongli gives himself to him, the way he’s flushed, hole clenching and probably light-headed by now. He gives Childe so much of himself, he can’t help the growl that rips out of his throat as he kisses his lips— claims him, fucks into him harder.

“Mn, hnn— “

It doesn’t take long for him to cum, Childe shoved himself inside, thrusts hasty and uncontrolled as he sinks in as deep as he can. Zhongli’s gasping for breath, looking absolutely wrecked as he cums inside of him once more. Childe can feel that it’s much lesser than before, but he grinds in deeper, wants to be closer inside of Zhongli. Wants him to have his traces of cum inside of him wherever he goes.

Their clothes are wrinkled and damped with sweat so thoroughly now. Resting against each other as they come down from their highs.

They’ve been fucking since Zhongli’s walked through the door — from the moment Ajax couldn’t control himself and had walked on autopilot to him, tore at his pants and then dropped to his knees. He’d used his mouth, cock and cum to fill Zhongli up. There’s not much more he could give besides making him cum one last time.

“Xiansheng,” His hands slips down Zhongli’s body, finally paying attention to his cock—

“Hn— “

— Zhongli cums, dry. It’s a feeble thing, Childe feels the cock twitch against his palms when he gropes him, rubs him through his clothes. It lays damp inside his pants. He wants to lick at the wet clothes but knows it’s really going too far—

“Ajax,” Zhongli breathes, Childe looks up at him to find Zhongli looking at him softly

“We can do that in the bedroom, later.”

There’s no way to stop the surge of tenderness that rushes through him this time. No time to distract with the sex. He kisses him instead.

“You’re a blessing to have, Zhongli-Xiansheng”

It sounds a lot like ‘I love you’