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Bedroom Talk

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3. Art

Ricky removed the cap from the camera lense looking at the screen attempting to decipher if enough contrast was being captured from the angle the tripod was placed at. He had lit a cluster of candles on the bedside cabinet and slanted the blinds to let in perfectly parallel beams of light across the crisp white sheets. There was another camera set up on the opposite side of the room to see the same shifting shapes from another direction. He clicked his tongue surveying his work with a sense of satisfaction. The perfectly clean lines of the headboard and the edge of the bed framed the shot. Shadows of the trees moving outside of the window cavorted in sync with the flickering flames. He could almost imagine how the gradients would play against each other in black and white. Now the only thing missing was his subject matter; who would inevitably react with a wave of curse words.

“Hello” Vinny called slamming the front door behind him as he entered the house. Ricky had debated calling him upstairs first but knew that without any warm up he would undoubtedly just walk out. Rick had been asking to film them for a few months but each time Vinny had rolled his eyes pointing out that a sex tape was unlikely to do anything for their popularity. He could almost hear his voice in his head ‘Do I look like Paris Hilton to you’ followed by his signature death glare. Ricky certainly wasn’t trying to deceive him, just prove that it wasn’t that big a deal and… if they were halfway there anyway. “I’m on my way” He shouted back pausing once more to appreciate his work before softly closing the bedroom door and making his way to Vin. Ricky had planned to distract him with decent sushi and teasing in a way that could only lead to temptation.

Vinny was looking up at the stairs waiting for him; wide eyed, his hair windswept and wild around his pale face. The sleeves of his coat covered his hands but Ricky could see that he was holding onto a plastic bag swinging it back and forth so whatever was inside hit his jean covered leg. He tried to figure out if the look he was giving him was one of a happy Vinny or a grumpy "don't-you-fucking-dare" Vinny but it wasn't clear even when he made it to the landing. "Hi" Ricky gave him an awkward smile tucking his hands into his back pockets leaning forward for a kiss waiting to see the response - pleasantly surprised at the feeling of Vin's cool skin and soft lips against his. "I brought something" he lifted the bag up indicating to it before handing it over working on unzipping his coat as he did so. Ricky peaked inside at the bag caught off guard, he looked up at the innocent smile on Vinny's face feeling himself blush.

"I guess these will be useful later" he mumbled, turning towards the kitchen remembering he needed to focus on the task at hand; keeping Vinny cheerful and pliable. Vin pushed past him with a grin at the spread that was laid out on the table. "You got my favourite" he carefully opened the take out boxes one at a time humming in approval at the things that Ricky had chosen. "Only the best for my favourite person" he tried to act casual leaning against the kitchen counter. Vinny gave him a quizzical look slowly approaching as if waiting for his confession of a terrible slight he was supposed to be forgiving Rick for. Not a word left Ricky’s lips, his clear blue eyes focused on him with no hesitation. "You're up to something, I know it but I don't really care right now." Vinny placed his hands on the counter either side of Ricky's waist pressing his body against him and a kiss against his lips.

They sat at the table laughing about something funny Ryan had said earlier that day and caught up on the video games had Vinny staying up all night. It felt comfortable. It felt easy. Ricky wished he could capture the natural state of their time together to show Vin exactly what it was he saw. He wanted to bottle the feeling he got every time he watched him tilt his head back to laugh without anything holding him back. He wanted to keep the purity of who Vinny was when he was just being himself and no one was watching selfishly hidden away forever. Vinny seemed to be appeased by the food leaning back in the kitchen chair watching him across the table having sampled almost everything. He insisted he had the balance of eating enough to fuel up and leaving enough to have something to look forward to later just right but Ricky seemed skeptical. “I guess I’ll get going then.” Vinny shrugged as he pulled himself to his feet stretching, turning to the door.

“You’re not going anywhere” Ricky laughed pulling him by the sleeve towards the stairs growing suddenly impatient. “Ah so this is why you fed me, I see, it’s like that is it.” Vinny tutted. “I’m not that easy Richard.” He pressed his feet firmly to the ground not moving out of protest but the look in Ricky’s eyes reeled him in with almost no effort. He let himself be dragged down the hall grabbing the bag he had brought with him from its place on the stairs, glancing up meaningfully at Ricky as he did so. In return he was roughly pushed against the wall; lips finding their way to the delicate skin on his neck. “You’re pure filth, you know” Ricky muttered into his ear twisting his fingers through the belt loops on Vinny’s jeans, placing a thigh between his legs adding enough pressure to make him want to scream. “Me?” Vinny glanced up from under a flutter of dark eyelashes as if completely innocent and unaware.

They made their way up the stairs losing items of clothing throwing them aside, paying no attention to where they ended up because they were far too focused on keeping their eyes on each other. Ricky pushed Vinny down onto the bed, butterflies settling in his stomach at the two tiny red lights around them. He looked up with lust clouding his green eyes, he wrapped his legs around Rick’s thighs, his hands grasping onto his shoulders until he landed on top of him. “Let me get the things” Ricky laughed, untangling himself to reach something on the floor while Vinny propped himself up on his elbows. His eyes washed over the candles, the half open blinds, almost missing the camera placed in the corner of the room. Almost. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Vinny rolled his eyes groaning clambering to get off the bed to approach it with total exasperation. “Were you going to film me without telling me?”

“I was going to tell you.” Ricky cleared his throat sitting down on the edge of the bed. “I was just hoping you’d be a bit more… warmed up when I did.” Vinny turned around flustered, his cheeks turning red as he struggled with finding the right words to demonstrate his frustration. Instead giving a scream muffled into his arm. “Do you not see me naked enough, that you need to make videos of me to watch like a creep?” He stood in front of Ricky with his palms out. “No… it’s not like that” Ricky smoothed down the covers as if indicating he should sit down but Vin didn’t move, folding his arms across his chest rocking back on his heels. “When we’re’s not anything I have ever experienced before, and I just wanted to capture it.” Vinny frowned, pressing his lips together before finally speaking. “That’s such a line, Rick.” He looked up at him considering how to explain what he was trying to achieve.

Ricky stood up moving towards Vinny intertwining their fingers despite his lack of cooperation. He turned him around so they were looking in the floor length mirror on the wall, his arms wrapped around Vin’s waist. “What do you see?” He didn’t look up from the floor, his eyes fixed on his feet, standing only in his boxers. “Come on…” Vinny finally glanced up, his wide green eyes meeting Ricky’s gaze in their reflection. “I don’t know how making me stare at my love handles is going to help the situation.” He muttered in a low voice displeased by the situation he had been put in. “I want you to see what I see…” Ricky hugged him tighter, resting his chin on his shoulder and his eyes on the mirror. “My pale legs? My weird hair?” Vin continued sarcastically. Ricky stepped in to correct him, “Who you are when you aren’t overthinking it, when we’re’s like…art” Vinny could feel his warm breath making the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

“That’s so...dumb” He gave up on finding the right sentiment settling for the first thing that came to mind. “Give me a shot” Ricky squeezed him knowing it would get a reaction, Vin laughing as he struggled against his grip. “Come on I love you, give me a chance.” He twisted around in Rick’s arms facing away from the mirror, clasping his hands around his neck giving a small nod. “Okay… but if I hate it, it gets deleted and we never speak about it again.” Ricky kissed him enthusiastically in response. “I promise.” With a silent agreement they moved back towards the bed, their lips connected tasting the sparks on their tongues. Vinny laid down again settling against the comforter waiting as Ricky lifted one of the cameras into his hands. He slowly moved closer until it was focused on his face; almost automatically Vinny looked away not knowing what to do.

“Hey look at me…” Ricky brushed his fingers across his jaw, pushing his hair away from his face encouraging him to look up. His lips parted slightly as if he was about to say something but instead he nervously glanced at the man behind the camera. The sunlight pouring through the blinds cut across the plains of his body creating pristine stripes. Leaves danced in between the space as if tattooed on a canvas in movement. His dark hair was spilling over onto the white covers. “You look perfect” Ricky’s voice was low, his hand moving to the concave of Vin’s collar bone and down his chest with the lense following the same path mapping each bump, bruise and scar marking his soft skin. Ricky’s fingers traced over the freckles scattered across his chest watching the rise and fall of his breath as he leant in to press kisses where his touch had been. Vinny arched into the feeling, closing his eyes, rolling his head back against the bed.

Ricky placed the camera down on the side by Vin’s hip directed up at his face capturing the way his fingers were twisting the covers in his grip, the shifting breath beneath his ribs and the sharp angle of his jaw. It was a strange, soft focus view of the world bathed in monotone representations of their lust. The camera caught the way Vinny’s breathing shuddered as Rick ran his hands down his torso to the waistband of his boxers. It caught just how he bit his lip as he felt a hand slowly begin to stroke him and Ricky’s lips closing around him. A low gasp escaped his lips and his hips bucked up seeking more. There were rustling sounds and packets being torn open in the background as Rick placed the strawberry lube and cock ring Vinny had handed him earlier on to the bed. He laid back watching with amusement, his arm crossing his body to reach himself as he waited patiently. The fine hairs on his arms standing on end, goosebumps from the anticipation and the cool air in the room.

Vinny gave a muffled laugh placing his free hand over his mouth as he watched Ricky fumble to put the ring on himself. He did jazz hands to demonstrate before kneeling back down between his legs letting the strawberry scent overwhelm his senses before he put Vinny’s cock in his mouth again. The imagery captured on film was of total ecstasy on his face, hands running over the fine chairs on his chest, over his nipples and then back to gripping the sheets. Ricky varied speed and angles - he knew Vin’s body like the back of his hand and exactly what would push him over the edge but he wanted to savour it. He wanted to hit pause on life to listen to the sighs and groans he made when he was totally lost in the moment. He wanted to watch him as every fiber of his being was caught up with nothing but the sensations of pleasure that anchored him to reality.

“Fuck I’m so close” Vinny’s voice was a husky, growl that went straight to his own cock as he felt fingers grip a hold of his hair. Ricky shifted to take him deeper matching the thrusts in the rhythm against him. He pushed a finger into Vin’s body causing him to tense his entire frame; a familiar feeling as he came undone in waves that Ricky’s tongue lapped up. Rick worked up and down his length the taste of cum and strawberries mixing in his mouth in a strange, heady cocktail. He added another finger barely giving Vinny a breather as he continued aching to be inside him. He was sprawled out - satisfied and spent. His eyes shut as he listened to his breathing return to normal bending to Ricky's will. Vinny had almost forgotten about the presence of the cameras watching him letting the rush of dopamine blend reality into a warm afterglow he wished would last forever.

"Are you ready?" Ricky asked, pushing his knees up so they were resting against his chest. "As I ever will be" Vinny gave him a smile shifting slightly into a comfortable position. His fingers curling beneath his knees cut across the frame partially hiding his face. Though it was impossible to miss the look in his eyes fixed on Rick. Ricky rolled a condom down his length and pushed into him slowly a deep moan leaving his lips. The intensity seemed significantly heightened and when he looked down, Vinny was giving him a knowing look. "It makes a difference doesn't it?" He quirked an eyebrow encouraging Rick to let go. The hint worked and he began thrusting with a steady pace gripping onto the back of Vin's thighs to keep him in place. His breathing became erratic, his hips stuttering as he felt himself being dragged past the point of return. Vinny was rocking up to meet him, encouraging him with small pants and hums. Their bodies melted together totally in sync seeking something from each other in a way that left him feeling dizzy and disorientated.

His orgasm unwound flooding everyone of his senses until he collapsed on top of Vin kissing every inch of skin he could reach. The words 'I love you' leaving his lips over and over in a haze as their bodies collided. Each time they were together it felt as if it was an entirely new experience, catching him off guard at just how perfectly they fit together. Ricky rolled onto his back into the space beside Vinny holding his hand as he did so. "You were amazing." Ricky muttered as their eyes met in changing lighting as the candles continued to burn down. The smell of an autumnal afternoon mingling with sex in the heavy atmosphere that surrounded them. "Well I am a natural born performer" Vinny shrugged, his chuckle brightening up the room with almost no effort. "Movie night next week...when I've finished all the editing?" Ricky raised his eyebrows unsurprised and content with the pillow that landed across his cheek in response.