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Bedroom Talk

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5. Tender

There is nothing that can make you feel lonelier than hearing Michael Buble while watching people dance drunk and dizzy at a wedding. The smooth notes of the piano filled the room like body heat lifting everyone's moods. Almost everyone. Justin traced his index finger through the perfectly shaped hearts, stars and crescent moon table confetti wondering if anyone else felt as nauseous looking at the suffocating use of pastel pink in the decorations. Or if anyone else had been wanting to go home from the minute the reception had started. One person certainly didn’t agree with his bitter sentiments. From where he was sitting Justin could see Vinny awkwardly dancing with the flower girl on his feet and her tiara tangled in his long, frizzy hair. The smile on his face was obvious even from miles away as he swayed in time to the music arguing about something deadly serious with the seven year old holding on to him.

Vinny’s borrowed suit jacket was obviously too big, the sleeves almost covering his hands. Yet somehow despite this, Justin thought he looked great. He had been a good enough distraction from the misery that had been tugging at his consciousness all day. Being surrounded by reminders of love did nothing but reinforce how alone he felt. Breakups were no fun and even worse when everyone you knew suddenly was close enough to discuss it with you. The awkward pat on the arm, head tilt and the words ‘You’ll meet someone soon’ had made Justin want to throw a chair through the church window. That phrase should have been banned. It was almost suffocating but Vinny had been an interesting diversion; his sarcastic commentary and bad jokes made the ceremony almost bearable. The sly looks were like sparks jolting him awake. He sauntered back to the table from the dance floor, his cheeks flushed pink from the warmth in the room.

“I’ve never smiled so much, my face hurts” Vinny groaned, placing his hands on his flushed cheeks before collapsing on the chair beside Justin. Up close he could see the roses and daisies intertwined through the tiara peeking through his curly dark hair. It was cute. It was very cute, in fact. Shaking the thought from his head Justin poured himself another glass of whatever red they had put on the tables. Four glasses in he had stopped caring about the varietal type deciding it was his only life line for getting to the end of the night. “You’re certainly having fun, I was waiting for you to start the conga line” Justin replied in a deadpan tone taking a sip of his wine, grimacing slightly at the taste. “The night is still young” Vinny replied, clicking his fingers with a cartoonishly obvious wink, as if giving him a warning that the cheese factor could still increase significantly if he didn’t get on board with the festivities.

“Okay what can I do to cheer you up?” Vinny finally asked realising that his friend’s state was far worse than he had anticipated. “Tell me that I can go home already.” Justin rolled his eyes slumping back in his chair. Vinny stood up, straightening the jacket of his tux to smarten up totally missing the loose fitting tie round his neck. “My friend, what we have here is a golden opportunity, a once in a year or so opportunity. You know what weddings remind single women of? The fact everyone they know is settling down, and how much they want that too. They don’t look at me and think that 80’s hair metal looking guy is not my type, they think hey he’s got potential. It’s a gurateen of a hook up.” Vinny grinned looking pleased with himself before sitting down again. “Which is why you’re dancing with a child?” Justin laughed, shaking his head at the ridiculous speech.

“Ah, I’m good with kids, I’m basically irresistible.” Vinny corrected, his fingers gently nudging his hair behind his ears. “And by the time they realise I’m not, it’s time for the walk of shame. Pardon the language, but you need to get back on the whores.” Justin looked taken aback by Vinny’s crass and cavalier attitude. “It’s horse Vinny. Not whores. And that is definitely not what I need.” Vinny was no wall flower by any stretch of the imagination but he rarely spoke about his love life, let alone his sex life. Perpetually single was the status that he had seemed to silently embrace choosing to stay in and play video games till his eyes didn’t function anymore instead of dating. Justin hadn’t understood it before but the appeal of never being hurt again seemed suddenly comforting. He looked up to find Vinny staring off into the distance, at a girl who seemed to be looking back at him with the same day dreamy expression.

His overconfidence made a lot more sense with context but it did nothing to provide Justin with any hope. The one person there who actually got it was now making puppy eyes at a complete stranger. She was pretty, petite and looked like she would chew him up and spit him out before he had any idea what was happening. Vinny's type to a t. 'Another one bites the dust' started playing in his head as he rolled his eyes draining the last of his glass looking to see where the closest exit was. "She's got a really cute friend you know" Vinny raised his eyebrows turning back to him, “Come my wingman, please? No one else will'' Justin puffed out his cheeks - he was not in the mood but something about Vinny’s needy tone was getting through to him. With a shrug he admitted defeat, Justin looked over at the friend he had described wondering if she would be able to break him out of the monotony of heartbreak.

He followed Vinny’s lead across the ballroom to the table on the other side; the wine had made his body feel weightless, the earth turning beneath his feet as the effects of the alcohol hit all in one go. Standing up was clearly a bad idea, Justin placed his hand on Vinny’s shoulder using him as a guide for his clumsy feet. It felt like they had trekked for miles before they made it to their new seats. It took Justin a minute to settle, his palms flat on the table and his feet pressed into the floor in an attempt to ground himself. Vinny was already talking a mile a minute, leaning in with a casual smile. “This is Justin” The sound of his name cut through the haze forcing him to turn and prompted him to wave awkwardly at the girls across from them. He met Vinny’s eye hoping he would recognise the silent pleading that they should get out of there going on in his head but it seemed unlikely.

“Are you guys on the groom’s side or the bride’s side?” The girl closest to Vinny asked, touching his arm as she spoke. It was so obvious, it was almost sickening and it took all of Justin’s self control not to roll his eyes. “Old friends with James, from way way back, when I first started touring.” Vinny spoke in a low voice using his hands to match his words. He was misty eyed telling sentimental stories. It was obviously an attempt at impressing the ladies with his sensitivity and additionally tales about being a rock star on the road couldn’t hurt. “Hey, give my tiara back” He was interrupted by the flower girl tugging at his sleeve with a frown. Vinny tutted in response, shaking his head and fluffing his unruly hair as it moved around his shoulders. “It looks good on me, it’s mine now.” His higher pitched response was a stark contrast to the husky tone he had been using to flirt.

“How about one more dance we call it even?” Vinny began negotiating leaving everyone to watch in amusement. An agreement was reached and he pulled himself to his feet giving them an apologetic look disappearing back to the dance floor shimmying his shoulders in a way that would have embarrassed most grown men. The girl that had been making eyes at him gave a disappointed sigh before making a move for the bar leaving Justin alone to entertain her friend. She looked expectantly at him, running her fingers through her perfectly coiffed blonde hair but he was looking past her shoulder at Vinny. He was laughing as if no one else could hear him while moving his hips from side to side clearly not as flexible as he was hoping. There was something infectious about his energy and Justin couldn’t help but wish Vinny would turn his attention on him.

It was the moment in every rom com when the protagonist realised that the thing he had been looking for had been in front of him the whole time. Justin watched waiting for the room to turn to a sepia tone as the music got louder swelling his ears. There would be an appropriate lyric about falling in love with a friend that he would relate to before walking over to pull Vinny into his arms. It wasn’t quite as dramatic in reality. Nothing changed, he still hated Abba and there was not a chance he was in the mood to dance. It was just wine fueled thoughts getting under his skin. Justin couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to watch Vin try to impress him with his bad jokes in a low voice in the dark corners of the ball room. The way his eyes would shine in the dim light as he smiled in that way he reserved for whoever he was crushing on.

Just imagining the look made a shiver run up his spine and goosebumps move across his skin. With a frustrated groan Justin searched his pockets for the packet of cigarettes he knew he had. Excusing himself he made the way to the exit thankful for the cool night air that filled his lungs the moment he stepped outside. He felt as if he was overheating, every part of his body aching for an ice bath from the complicated, tangled up feelings pushing to the surface. Moving around the side of the building he found a quiet spot looking out at a serene lake that must have been beautiful during the day. One of the large bay windows provided a pool of light that changed colours in time to the music that was coming through the walls of the hotel. There was a strange stillness around him as the smoke lingered in the air every time he exhaled.

Justin leant against the wall chain smoking while attempting to guess which songs were playing from just the bass lines. From the change in tempo and the engines starting in the distance he could tell the party was starting to wind down. His body was heavy with exhaustion as he debated whether he could leave without seeing anyone - in particular Vinny. The realisation he had left his jacket on the back of the chair inside answered the question for him. “I’m guessing you’ll need this if you’re going to run away” Vinny appeared from the darkness, taking slow steps towards him making his heart jump into his throat. “And I almost got away with it...” he replied hoping a joke would cut through the tension but no such thing happened; the closer Vinny got the quieter everything else around them seemed. There was nowhere to run so Justin stood perfectly still trying to find the right words.

“If I was paranoid, I’d think you were trying to ditch me” Vinny pouted - the pink lights from inside catching the highs of his cheek bones and his angular jaw. Justin shook his head with a sharp inhale of breath not saying a word. ‘And I don’t want the world to see me, because I don’t think they’d understand’ - Iris floated through the windows pushing against the forefront of his mind. Vin held out the jacket in his hands letting Justin take it while pausing to brush his fingers over the back of his hand. It was such a subtle move that he was sure he would have missed it if he couldn’t see the glimmer in his green eyes. He was looking up at him from under his eyelashes toying with his lower lip as if considering all of the options available while clearly stuck on one. “I’d never ditch you” Justin’s voice was barely above a whisper when he finally spoke.

Vinny curled his fingers around his shoulders for support as he stood on his tip toes, tilting his head up to capture Justin’s lips with his own. It felt like being caught in a sudden rainstorm with the world crashing in blurred chaos around them. The lights continued to change colour only adding to the atmosphere lingering in the space between their bodies. Justin kissed back, tangling his hands through his long hair. He couldn’t help but laugh against Vin’s lips at the way the tiara he was still wearing shifted slightly. They were breathless refusing to pull away just in case reality and rationality took over. Vinny's hands smoothed over the fabric of his shirt clinging to his body with a need that he couldn't help but match. Justin wanted to be completely tangled up, consumed by each other to the point every other heartache would fade away barely leaving a scar.

Vinny's touch reached his belt buckle fumbling blindly to undo it; Justin felt a whine escaping his lips as he tried to reconcile what was happening. He wanted it. He knew in every fiber of his being he wanted to feel Vin’s hands there. When the belt was finally undone he could feel a hand slip inside his boxers and closing around his cock without any hesitation. Vinny pulled away to study his expression and Justin couldn’t help but blush at just how quickly his body had reacted. Without a word Vinny slid down to his knees looking up with a devilish smile pulling his trousers and boxers further down his thighs. Justin could barely see him in the darkness and when he felt his lips closing around him the rush overwhelmed him entirely. He wanted to kiss Vin, he wanted to run his fingers over the plains of his back but the best he could do was gently brush his hair out of the way.

Justin could feel him groan sending vibrations racing up his spine, in combination with the warmth of his mouth it was almost too much. Vinny glanced up meeting his eye best he could do twisting a hand around his base as he kept going, slowing down the pace. He pulled away scrambling to his feet with a smile pressing a kiss against Justin’s lips in the process. Vinny stepped back until his back was pushed firmly against the wall, grabbing a handful of his shirt pulling him closer until there was no space between them. Justin pressed feathery kisses against his jaw moving down to his neck caught off guard with Vinny’s hand grasping at his cock firmly jerking him. He couldn’t help but groan, completely forgetting that anyone could walk around the corner at any point and find them caught up in lust. He pressed his forehead against Vin’s shoulder listening to the sound of his breathing.

Vinny was muttering soft words of encouragement under his breath matching the pace of each of his strokes. Justin placed a hand on his chest attempting to steady himself when the world felt like a whirlwind. He could feel the steady pace of Vinny’s heartbeat underneath his shirt - a comforting rhythm resounding through his touch. There was just something about him. His presence, his warmth, his voice, his hand speeding up bringing him to the edge. A deep growl left his lips as the lights danced behind his closed eyes and a wave of pleasure pulled him under. His fingers clutched as his body released all the frustration until he went limp keeping Vinny pinned firmly to the wall as he coaxed every last drop from him. They stood still wrapped up in each other’s arms for a moment before Justin finally pulled himself back to his feet.

Justin looked at Vinny through the afterglow, every deep meaningful word he wanted to say caught up in his throat. He felt the need to explain how much he wanted Vin all to himself. It hadn’t been a sleazy hook up at a wedding just for the sake of it but something far more. A part of him was terrified that if he said it outloud he would only find himself disappointed by the response. Vin gave him a sleepy smile just shaking his head - silent confirmation that nothing needed to be said. They could just have a moment, their eyes trained on each other under the night skies confessing everything without a single word. Justin reached out pushing the hair away from his face, his fingers straightening the tiara brushing over the soft rose petals as if they were the most delicate things on earth. He gave a soft laugh, tracing the side of Vinny’s face “It looks really good on you.”