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I sit here and think

About who you used to be.

Were you fooling me, or was I the fool?


I think of the times

You would smile at me when

I had hardly said anything.


I think of you, and

how your eyes would shine so bright.

Those speckled brown eyes, shining as if they were the light.


I was your light.

Why didn’t you tell me?




I thought myself as mad

To think of you,

To believe you could be more than a friend.


I thought about you

When I kissed you on that bench,

When I kissed you, in my fantasy.


Inside of dreams,

I would allow myself think of you,

As something so much more.


You were the light.

Why didn’t I tell you?




But I could never

Bring myself to admit that

I felt things differently than I had before.


I thought myself as different,

To think of you as I did.

And I’m so sorry.


I was never different.

We were alike in more ways than I could know.

We were bright.


Our lights shined the same.

I should have told you.




I should have known it,

When you looked at me like that that day on the bench.


I should have realized it,

When I saw you, with your speckled brown eyes, glowing when our hands brushed.

When my heart fluttered, when I wanted to run my fingers over your bruised knuckles and never let go.


I thought I knew it,

When I kissed someone else, and you had that sad look on your face, as if you had been betrayed.

And I felt like I had betrayed you.


But I didn’t know.


But I couldn’t admit it.


But I didn’t say it when I could.


I loved you too.