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Yes Sir

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This is their look in the story:

Barry Allen

Leonard Snart


As always everyone was on time for the Math class. The reason being the strict subject teacher, Mr. Leonard Snart. Everyone in the school including other professors had a respect and fear for him. His cold and aloof nature made him seem scarier. He had even made some students cry with nothing more than just an ice cold glare.But all of this couldn't change the fact that Barry had the biggest, most inappropriate crush on him. 


As soon as he entered the class, everyone returned to their seats and all the chitchatting stopped and they greeted the professor politely. Mr. Snart started teaching without wasting a moment. "Today's topic is Non-Linear Differential Equation..." As soon as he stood in front of them, Barry's brain went on autopilot, he completely lost control over his thoughts.


But he just couldn't helpful himself. Mr.Snart had a such deep, sultry voice that Barry could only hear his voice and but not a single word he uttered. He had these crystal blue eyes that seemed like it could look straight through you and know exactly who you are. His face perfectly symmetrical with cheekbones so sharp that Barry just wanted to cut himself on them. And lips...those lips; plum, pink always looking so soft and kissable. His immaculate dressing with tightest pants and shirt rolled to elbows, showing off the broad shoulders and strong muscles beneath them. Arms looking like he could easily lift and hold you against wall while he thrusted deep inside your... 


"--Allen, Mr. Allen! " 
Barry was confused, drifted so deep in his fantasies, didn't realise his teacher had caught him daydreaming.

"Y-Y-yes sir..."

"I asked you what's the solution for this problem?" Mr. Snart asked pointing at the question on the board.

Barry panicked as he wasn't even solving the question instead lost in his own thoughts, but at the last moment Iris nudged him and showed him her notebook. Barry answered with a relief, "x2 + cos(x+y)"


"Mr. Allen meet me after school and Miss West, don't encourage bad habits of your friend henceforth." Mr.Snart said with a blank face, of course, as if he was gonna fall for their amateur tricks.


Barry just nodded, couldn't even look at him in the eye, afraid that Mr. Snart will know what he was thinking about.

And Barry was officially screwed and not in a way I want to be, his treacherous brain supplied unhelpfuly. Barry couldn't face him with classroom full of students how was he gonna face him alone!


As soon as class was over and Mr. Snart exited the room, Iris doubled over laughing at Barry.

"Ugh... stop laughing and tell me what to do, Iris. I could get sick and go home early, but then I'd still have to meet him tomorrow or If I died before last period, I wouldn't have to go see him after school hours right?" Barry started rambling nervously and Iris continued laughing at him.


"I can't wait to tell others. Oh come on Barry, it's not that big of a deal. He'd just scold you and give some minor punishment and let you go. Don't worry."

"What am I gonna tell him if he asked why wasn't I paying attention during class?"

"You should have thought that before you were drooling over him the whole hour." Iris giggled clearly having the time of her life over this.

"You are the worst best friend ever. And for the record, I wasn't drooling over him, I was just admiring him a little."

"What ever you say, Barr"

"Why is he so hot Iris. Like have you seen him, he's practically sex on legs. I'm utterly fucked, aren't I?"

"Yeah, he's gonna send you to detention and call your parents and suspend you for a week."

"Iris, you are supposed to be reassuring me, not make it worse."

"Just having a little fun, Barry. Besides only you could go and have a crush on scariest person in the school. Do you have a danger kink, Barry?" 

"That might be the only explanation for my situation."

Iris chuckled and said, "Common let's go to cafeteria, Eddie, Cisco and Cait must be waiting for us."


And she recited the event colorfully as everyone laughed while Barry just blushed and tried form an explanation while they all had lunch.