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Yes Sir

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Barry got admission in his dream University, Keystone University of Science and Technology. Len too, left his job in Central City and joined the Keystone Highschool to be near Barry.


One weekend when he was back in Central, Barry told his friends about him and Len, getting mixed reactions from everyone.

"Yayyyyy!!!" Iris squealed in joy, clapping excitedly before hugging him.

"But he's our- We're talking about Mr.Snart right? Did I hear it wrong?!" Caitlin was astonished.

"Lenny never told me you two were serious. So that's why he moved to Keystone!" Lisa complained.

"About time, buddy!" Cisco smiled, giving a proud pat on Barry's back. 

"You two aren't shocked about it!" Cait asked, Ronnie and Eddie looked confused too. 

"We knew it since beginning of our senior year." Iris said proudly. 

"Though I'd have preferred not overhearing them..." Cisco teased Barry.

"You are lucky if you just heard them!" Lisa complained before Barry could say anything.

"You mean you–" Cisco trailed off.

"Yep. But nothing too scandalous, thankfully my view was blocked by sofa and they were still clothed. But Barry was loud as fuck!"

"Don't I know it..." Cisco mumbled, rolling his eyes.

Barry blushed and kept his eyes at the ground, hoping his red face would go unnoticed.

"Now I feel good about not knowing! But congratulations Barr!" Eddie grinned. Followed by Caitlin and Ronnie's wishes. 

His friends were happy for him but the herculean task was to tell his parents about them. Barry called them after a few weeks to break the news, changing some details about how they met. After all who can accept and encourage the fact that their son was messing around with his Highschool teacher, in the school!


Barry said he met Len in a club in Keystone and they hit it off. Nora and Henry were reluctant to accept them, with the glaring nine year of age gap but they eventually did it for Barry's happiness.


When they went to Central to meet his parents, Len won them over with his politeness, charm and witty humor. 

"This isn't just a month old relation, is it?" Nora asked Barry when he was helping her prepare for dinner.

"Uh- it is mom... Why would you say that?" Barry asked, not looking up from the vegetables he was chopping. 

"The way you two look at each other and communicate with just your eyes, it takes longer to develop such connection." 

"... " Barry had nothing to say, he just opened and closed his mouth several times.

"It was inappropriate to have a relation with your teacher and I wouldn't have hesitated to file a report against him. But I can see he's a good guy and how much he loves and adores you, so I am happy for you even if you found love in this way." She said making peace with the fact.

"It wasn't his fault mom, I was equally responsible for it. And may be it was against the school rules but I was 18, so it isn't illegal."

She didn't reply but she didn't seem angry or upset either as she asked him to set the table.


He was pleasantly surprised to find his Dad hitting it off with Len as they were talking about some advanced medical procedure involving robotic prosthetics Len had read about. Barry didn't know Len had actual interest in it or he'd just read it to impress his parents, but whatever the reason, he was happy. 


When they were back in Keystone, Len took him somewhere without telling anything about where they were going.

They entered a tall building, the elevator stopping after a long time. 

"So, what do you think?" Len  asked as he showed Barry around the perfectly sumptuous, elegant two bedroom apartment. 

"This is beautiful," Barry turned 360 to look at it again. "Is this yours?" He asked in awe.

"No, it's the neighbour's, of course it's mine..." Len teased. "Hopefully ours, if you say yes..."

When Barry turned towards him in surprise, Len was on one knee opening a small box with a key in it.

"Yes, yes a thousand times yes!" Barry pulled Len up and jumped in his arms.

Len spun them around in joy, before putting Barry down and kissing him thoroughly. 

"I am so happy you liked it, princess!"  

"Can I set this place up? I have so many ideas!" Barry gushed.

"Of course Barry... It's all yours." Len smiled at him.

Barry dragged him to the largest room, "This will be our bedroom, two closets will go here, and we should buy some light drapes to contrast the dark walls." He said, gesturing around in excitement.

"And this will be our study room where I can do my study and you can do your work, and later we can turn this into baby's ro–" Barry caught himself as he blurted out the wrong thing but it was already too late. 

Len was staring at him with wide eyes, brows raised in surprise. 

"I– uh- Forget I said anything!" Barry blushed.

"I don't think this is a good idea." The color drained from Barry's face, Len was obviously regretting his decision of asking Barry to move in with him.

"We'd need a much bigger place, cause I want at least three kids. A boy and a girl like you and may be one like me." Len smiled at him and Barry let out a sigh of relief.

"Can we get a dog too, to play with our kids." Barry asked, looking up through his eyelashes.

"Anything you want, Princess. Anything you want." Len kissed his forehead fondly.

"Is it weird that I want kids at such an early age?" Barry winced, asking self-consciously.

"Not at all babe, though I think it would be a tad bit concerning if you had decided their names too." Len smiled.

"Uh-" Barry panicked.

"Oh my god, you do have their names in mind, don't you!"

"N-No?" Barry turned away from Len, face looking as red as an apple.

"I was just kidding, princess! It's totally adorable that you have picked out the names of our children, as long as you let me veto them." Len laughed.

"What do you think about Michael and William for boys and Lilah and Nora for girls." Barry said, smiling bashfully. 

"I honestly didn't expect you to put so much thought in this... But the names are great! Much better than Bartholomew and Leonard!" Both of them burst out laughing.

"Our parents set the bar very low to begin with, almost every name is better than Bartholomew and Leonard!" Barry chuckled, wiping the wetness from his eyes. 

"You know, I was gonna ask you about your thoughts on our future, but you have baby names decided and probably figured out what college they'd go to, so this works too I guess..." He smiled.

"You aren't gonna run away because of this, are you?" Barry asked, still unsure of how Len feels about having kids.

"Of course not! If I ran away then who's gonna take care of little Mike, Will, Lilah, Nora and my princess!" Len said in all seriousness, making Barry laugh out loud.

"I am so lucky to have you, Len..." The younger man said, kissing Len on lips.

"Don't do this in children's bedroom, Barry!"

"Now you're just making fun of me!" Barry pushed him away, pouting. 

"Awe don't be like that honey, the kids are gonna think their dada doesn't love their papa."

"Okay this is it. I want a divorce and I'm taking our kids with me." Barry said, two can play at this game.

The playful banter ended up in I Love You's and making out in their new home, being the first of the many great moments witnessed by this home. 



The End