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Yes Sir

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This is their look in the story:

Barry Allen

Leonard Snart


As always everyone was on time for the Math class. The reason being the strict subject teacher, Mr. Leonard Snart. Everyone in the school including other professors had a respect and fear for him. His cold and aloof nature made him seem scarier. He had even made some students cry with nothing more than just an ice cold glare.But all of this couldn't change the fact that Barry had the biggest, most inappropriate crush on him. 


As soon as he entered the class, everyone returned to their seats and all the chitchatting stopped and they greeted the professor politely. Mr. Snart started teaching without wasting a moment. "Today's topic is Non-Linear Differential Equation..." As soon as he stood in front of them, Barry's brain went on autopilot, he completely lost control over his thoughts.


But he just couldn't helpful himself. Mr.Snart had a such deep, sultry voice that Barry could only hear his voice and but not a single word he uttered. He had these crystal blue eyes that seemed like it could look straight through you and know exactly who you are. His face perfectly symmetrical with cheekbones so sharp that Barry just wanted to cut himself on them. And lips...those lips; plum, pink always looking so soft and kissable. His immaculate dressing with tightest pants and shirt rolled to elbows, showing off the broad shoulders and strong muscles beneath them. Arms looking like he could easily lift and hold you against wall while he thrusted deep inside your... 


"--Allen, Mr. Allen! " 
Barry was confused, drifted so deep in his fantasies, didn't realise his teacher had caught him daydreaming.

"Y-Y-yes sir..."

"I asked you what's the solution for this problem?" Mr. Snart asked pointing at the question on the board.

Barry panicked as he wasn't even solving the question instead lost in his own thoughts, but at the last moment Iris nudged him and showed him her notebook. Barry answered with a relief, "x2 + cos(x+y)"


"Mr. Allen meet me after school and Miss West, don't encourage bad habits of your friend henceforth." Mr.Snart said with a blank face, of course, as if he was gonna fall for their amateur tricks.


Barry just nodded, couldn't even look at him in the eye, afraid that Mr. Snart will know what he was thinking about.

And Barry was officially screwed and not in a way I want to be, his treacherous brain supplied unhelpfuly. Barry couldn't face him with classroom full of students how was he gonna face him alone!


As soon as class was over and Mr. Snart exited the room, Iris doubled over laughing at Barry.

"Ugh... stop laughing and tell me what to do, Iris. I could get sick and go home early, but then I'd still have to meet him tomorrow or If I died before last period, I wouldn't have to go see him after school hours right?" Barry started rambling nervously and Iris continued laughing at him.


"I can't wait to tell others. Oh come on Barry, it's not that big of a deal. He'd just scold you and give some minor punishment and let you go. Don't worry."

"What am I gonna tell him if he asked why wasn't I paying attention during class?"

"You should have thought that before you were drooling over him the whole hour." Iris giggled clearly having the time of her life over this.

"You are the worst best friend ever. And for the record, I wasn't drooling over him, I was just admiring him a little."

"What ever you say, Barr"

"Why is he so hot Iris. Like have you seen him, he's practically sex on legs. I'm utterly fucked, aren't I?"

"Yeah, he's gonna send you to detention and call your parents and suspend you for a week."

"Iris, you are supposed to be reassuring me, not make it worse."

"Just having a little fun, Barry. Besides only you could go and have a crush on scariest person in the school. Do you have a danger kink, Barry?" 

"That might be the only explanation for my situation."

Iris chuckled and said, "Common let's go to cafeteria, Eddie, Cisco and Cait must be waiting for us."


And she recited the event colorfully as everyone laughed while Barry just blushed and tried form an explanation while they all had lunch.

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Barry was so nervous all day, thinking about this moment that all day passed in a blur. Well there's no turning back, he thought taking a deep breath and knocked on the open door to silently ask for the permission, not wanting to disturb his teacher.


"Come in." Mr. Snart replied, without looking up from the work he was doing. Barry entered the classroom and stood in front of him, trembling, scared to death. Mr. Snart finished the paper he was grading and kept the remaining aside. 


"Wanna explain your behavior in the earlier class, Allen?" He asked, his tone deep and dark.


"S-sorry Mr. Snart, I-I was little bit distracted." Barry spluttered  anxiously, facing the ground, suddenly his own shoes seeming interesting.


"What was so important than your math class two days before the exam, Allen?!" Mr.Snart asked in a slightly raised voice.


Barry flushed red with embarrassment, not knowing what to say, he clearly couldn't say the truth. "I-I- nothing in particular." Barry replied, shaking like a leaf.


"You are not very good at lying, are you Barry?" Mr. Snart smirked. Barry looked up, surprised at being addressed by first name by his teacher. Hearing his name in Mr. Snart's deep timbre sent pleasant chills down his spine, despite the situation he was in. Before Barry could form a reply, Mr. Snart continued, " Well the thing is, I forgive one mistake, I forgive two mistakes but the third one is where I draw the line. And you just crossed it." He paused to let his words sink in. "Count them for me." He ordered.


"I d-didn't pay attention during the c-class, cheated w-when asked for the problem's answer and lied t-to you." Barry stuttered.

"Good boy, and what do we do to make sure you don't repeat those mistakes again?"

" P-punishment?" Barry answered.

"That's right. You'll get 5 spanks for each mistake and you'll thank me for each one of them." Mr. Snart said as he went to sit on his chair. "And don't forget to take your pants and underwear down."


Barry's eyes widened comically, not able to believe what he just heard. He was in senior year for crying out loud and he hasn't been punished like that since his kindergarten! He hesitated to remove his pants, afraid of how his teacher will react on seeing his lacy panties.


"I don't have all day, Allen" Mr. Snart snapped. Barry scrambled to comply, lowering his pants, not wanting to anger him any more. "Well aren't you full of surprises. Keep your panties on." Snart purred upon seeing the small clothe barely covering Barry's privates. He covered his front with both hands, feeling his face heat up at the state he was in. Mr. Snart patted on his legs. Barry obediently bent over his knees, hands hanging limp on his front, ass in the air, his lace clad cock pressed against his teacher's one of the pant legs. Leonard palmed and squeezed his ass cheeks gently before landing a hard slap over the left one.


"T-thank you, Sir" Barry yelped, not expecting sudden hit. He spanked the left cheek three more times until it became red and hot.


"Thank you, s-sir." Barry cried out at the slight pain. Snart started spanking the student randomly on each cheek, so that Barry couldn't anticipate where the blow will land. With every slap, Barry's cock and nipples rubbed against his teacher's each pant leg, creating a delicious friction. By the ninth hit, Barry got used to the discomfort, his dick hardened to a level it almost became painful and already leaking precum, nipples turned to small hard nubs.


Mr. Snart noticed and sneered, "Are you enjoying your punishment? What a dirty a little slut you are!"  Barry just moaned, unable to form a single word. Mr. Snart continued to spank him. "Look at you, your face is as red as your pert little ass."


"Aahhh... Yes..." Barry moaned, his eyes filled with tears with the pleasure - pain.

"What did I tell you to do, slut?" Mr. Snart growled. 

"T-thank you, sir." Barry shuddered with spikes of arousal, trying to hold back his tears. He spanked him back to back until his punishment was over and then ordered to get up from his lap and take off his shirt. Barry did as he was told, his legs trembling and resuming the fig leaf position as before.


"Hands at your sides, boy." Mr. Snart ordered. Barry reluctantly complied. Leonard stared at the beautiful sin in front of him, Barry's cock straining against his too small panties where a wet spot had formed, his ass looking like a delicious, plum, red peach through the heart shaped cut in the back of his panties, eyes half-lidded and glossy due to arousal, lips red due to biting  to stop the sounds from coming out, his face growing redder which Len didn't even think was possible.


"Please." Barry begged, wanting to come desperately.

"What do you want baby?" Leonard asked breathlessly, getting aroused at the scene in front of him.

"I-I want you t-to fuck me. " Barry said, his brain to mouth filter finally stopped working as the hazy lust clouded his mind.


Leonard smirked and asked, "Did you know how hard it was for me to concentrate on teaching whilst you sat there looking at me like that, face flushed coz of your own dirty little thoughts. All I wanted to do was bend you over this table and fuck you raw in front of everyone." Barry shocked at that, he didn't know he was that obvious.


"See, one thing you are unaware of, is your face reveals all your emotions whether you like it or not."

" S-s-sorry Sir." 

"Oh no, we are way past that, Barry. You'll get what you wished for regardless of you can handle it or not." Mr. Snart drawled, his eyes nearly black with lust. He easily lifted Barry and put him on the table even though he was same height as him but lean build. Barry couldn't believe this was actually happening, he couldn't imagine how crude it must be looking, him on his hands and knees, his ass wrapped in black pretty lacy panties, on his teacher's table facing the room where he studied daily. He looked up to find his teacher palming his cock through his trousers. 


"Please...f-fuck me, Mr. Snart."Barry pleaded.

"Oh begging suits you, alright. You are such a cockslut, aren't you?" 

"Y-yes Sir, I am your cockslut."Barry moaned.

"You have been a good boy all evening, Barry. I suppose you deserve a reward for it, don't ya think?" Leonard gave in, unable to hold the need of release any longer.

"Yes, yes, yes... Please Sir... I'll be so good for you... Please" Barry babbled.

" Well, since you begged so nicely... " Leonard said as he went to stand behind Barry.


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"Spread your legs wider, slut." Snart ordered as he opened his wallet and took out lube sachet and condom. He coated his fingers with generous amount liquid and traced his forefinger over Barry's rim without lowering his pretty panties. Barry shivered at the cold sensation at his hole. Leonard kept circling his hole lightly until Barry impatiently whined and pushed his ass towards the finger.



Mr. Snart slapped his other hand on Barry's ass."Did I gave you permission to speak?"

"No, sir."

"Then stop whining and just take whatever I give you."

"Sorry, si-Aaahh!" Barry screamed as Leonard shoved a finger all the way in without any warning.

"Don't make me gag you whore."


Barry whimpered and shook his head at the threat of being gagged. Leonard kept turning and moving his finger in and out. He added two more fingers and continued fucking Barry's virgin hole. Barry let out small Ah ah ah's but kept his voice low.


"Your pussy is so tight and hot inside, Barry." Leonard couldn't believe he got the chance to take the boy's innocence away. Barry blushed at that, he never had anyone touch him there, sure sometimes he fingered himself while wanking but just with a single finger. And Mr. Snart's not one but three long fingers were now inside him! They were stretching him in the best possible way. Leonard changed their angle and they jabbed at a point which caused Barry to cry out, unable to hold himself back, "Aaahhh! Mr. Snart... Please sir... Please, f-fuck me... I am loose enough sir...please." Barry begged him.


"You sound so pretty while begging, I wish I could keep you on the edge forever just to hear you beg. But I can't wait to fuck your tiny pussy."

"Yesss... P-please" Barry cried out. Leonard pulled his fingers out of Barry's hole and quickly put the condom on and lubed up his dick. Barry sobbed at the loss, his hole was gaping and empty, waiting to be filled. 


"You are so hungry for cock, aren't you? Such a wanton wh-ore." Leonard groned at the last word as started pushing inside Barry. He stopped when the head popped inside, his hole was gripping Snart's dick tight even with all the preparation. Barry began whimpering due to slight burn at the intrusion. He pushed his ass backward, eager to be fucked. Leonard gripped his petite waist firmly and began pushing slowly, not wanting to hurt the boy beneath him. Barry felt like he was being split into half by Mr. Snart's dick. It was so long, thick and heavy inside him, so big that he felt his stomach slightly bulge with it.


Snart moved his hips slow and pushed as deep as he can go then pulling back all the way until just the head was inside and then repeated it for what felt like forever. Dragging  his cock over Barry's prostate leisurely.


"Fuck.H-harder. Please." Barry panted, couldn't bear the sweet torture any longer. 
Mr. Snart listened to his plea, his grip on Barry's waist so tight that will surely leave imprints, began thrusting harder and faster, causing his cock to ram Barry's prostate at a relentless pace.


"Yes... Yes... Yes... Yes..."  Barry babbled as held on to the table by dear life at the brutality, enjoying every second of it. The table started moving slightly at the force.


"Fuck. Barry... So tight... Ahhh...You were.made.for.fucking. My.cockslut." Mr. Snart said in a ragged breath, punctuating each word with a thrust.

"Yes sir... Please touch me." 

"You will come with my dick only or you won't come at all." Leonard said as he continued to fuck him harder abusing his prostate. Barry came untouched and he bit his lower lip to avoid shouting, his hole squeezed Leonard's dick impossibly hard as Len kept fucking him throughout his orgasm. He blacked out for a moment and Len thrusted deep inside him as he came not long after. Leonard pulled out of his hole and threw the condom in the dustbin. Barry's tried getting up from the the table but his legs felt like jelly, so he stayed there, sated by blissful orgasm, breathing hard.


"I hope you learnt your lesson or I'll have to punish you again." Mr. Snart said as he patted Barry's ass and left the room. After some time, Barry got up from the table on his wobbly legs. He scruched his nose at the sticky feeling of cum in front of his panties and blushed as he felt his asshole open and loose after the fucking, already missing the feeling. His face looked beet red and he winced every once in a while, feeling the pain at his bottom as he walked towards his home after putting his clothes on; trying his best to look normal and not like someone who got his brains fucked out by his teacher. 



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Barry got home and ran straight to his room. He was sure if his mom saw his face, she would know something was different and she would figure it out. He's never been a good liar. 


He fell face first on the bed, wanting to hide his face in his pillow even though no one else was there. I can't believe this! I lost my virginity to Mr. Snart who is almost ten years older than me, in a classroom, over a table ! ... I wanna do it again. What have you done to me Mr. Snart! He couldn't keep the smile off his face since he left the school, still on orgasmic high.


He really wanted to do it again. But how could he ask for it, why would Mr. Snart want to?! It was surely a one off. But he had ruined Barry for everyone else. And Barry was hooked. What wouldn't he give to be with him again. I gotta think of something. He didn't know how much time had passed when he heard his mom calling, "Barry! come for dinner, Love." Apparently he had just laid there for two hours, thinking of the possibilities. He was screwed and this time, literally; his mind supplied smugly.


He went to kitchen and sat in front of the table with his mother. He moved in his chair to get comfortable but quickly regretted it as hurt his still sore ass and shouted "Oww". His mom looked at him, worried,

"What happened Barry? Are you alright?"

Barry panicked, be quick, think of something, finally he came with passable excuse, "I-uh... I stubbed my toe on the table leg, yeah, that's it. I'm f-fine." 

"Are you sure, honey? Your face looks a bit red, do you have a fever?"

"What- no mom, it's just a little... warm in here isn't it. By the way where's dad?" He quickly changed the subject, hoping his mom will let go of it.

His mom looked at him like she knew something was up but she just said, "He has night shift today." Rest of the dinner went uneventful as Barry tried to keep his face straight while he shifted in his seat time to time, trying to find comfortable spot to avoid the pain, all while he kept up with the daily mundane conversation.



As soon as his dinner was finished, he rushed to his room. He changed into his night clothes and flopped on his bed with his phone. He unlocked it to find their group chat flooded with messages. 

Caitlin  : So everyone ready for trivia night,                 right?

Cisco   : Yeah, But where's Barry?    

Iris       : He's still with professor hot ; )

Iris       : For detention XD

Cisco  : You mean Mr. Cold  -_-

Eddie  : Babe you think Mr. Snart's hot :'(

Iris       : Aww, don't worry babe, you are                       the hottest uwu

Cisco  : eww someone stop these love                      birds

Caitlin : Cisco Don't be jealous because                     you are single XD

Cisco  : It's not my fault that Lisa's                               Mr.Cold's sister :\

Eddie  : You'll get her buddy, I've heard she                 likes nerdy boys 

Cisco  : I don't know if you are insulting                       me or reassuring me, but thanks                   dude :)

Barry  : Hey guys :D

Iris      : Well someone's in a good mood                    today :P

Barry  : Wha-I'm always happy Iris¯\_(ツ)_/

Iris      : Today you seem extra happy, did                     Mr. Snart punish you ; )

Barry  : How did you- I mean why would                    you think that :O

Iris       : Chill Barr... Just pulling ya leg XD

Eddie   : Are you coming to trivia night ?

Barry   : I'm so tired today, y'all enjoy : )

Ronnie: Hey guys! Wassup

Caitlin : We'll tell you in person Ronnie, we                 are getting late

Barry   : Gn guys Zzz



Barry turned his phone off and put it on the night stand as everyone wished him good night. But he was too excited to sleep just yet. His thoughts occupied with earlier memories and he started getting hard again. He began stroking himself lazily through his pants. But it wasn't enough. He searched for dom-sub porn with some twink getting whipped with a riding crop.


Who knew he had a pain kink. He quickly got the lube from night stand, lied on his back with legs spread wide and bent at knees. He lubed up his fingers and started teasing his rim with two fingers imagining they were Mr. Snart's long and elegant fingers instead. His hole was still loose so he just pushed the pads of his fingers in and pulled at the rim. The bitter-sweet pain was making his toes curl. The twink in the porn was now getting fingered by the dom. Barry matched his pace with the video. But he couldn't reach his fingers deep enough. He craved something longer and thicker than his fingers. He wished he had seen how Mr. Snart looked like when he was fucking him. He tried to picture Mr. Snart above him, pinning Barry's hands above his head and thrust deep inside him while looking him in the eye.


Barry wanted him so much that he imagined them at the place of pornstars. Mr. Snart was fucking him so hard his bed was rattling against the wall, then all of a sudden he pulled out and flipped Barry on all fours, and again shoved his cock in his pussy in a quick thrust making Barry's hands tremble. He moved his hips at a punishing pace hitting his bundle of nerves each time. Barry's hands finally gave out and his face smashed on the bed with his ass up.

"Yeah... Daddy please..."

"What do you want Princess?" Mr. Snart asked without pausing his relentless thrusts inside Barry, his hands fisted in Barry's hair tightly like holding a reign of horse.

"Ahhh... Please, let me come daddy."

"Do you think you've been a good girl, Princess?"

"Yes, daddy. I've been so good today..." Barry started sobbing with being on the edge for so long.

"Shhh... my princess, daddy will take care of you." Mr. Snart moved his other hand to Barry's little dick and started pumping it in sync with his own thrusts.

"D-addy..." Barry voice cracked as he came over Mr. Snart's hand. He continued to fuck Barry till he shot his cum deep inside Barry's ass. The cum gushed out of his hole as Mr. Snart pulled his dick out.


Barry came down from his phenomenal orgasm and he realised that he just jerked off to daddy kink porn and dreamed calling him daddy and he calling Barry 'Princess'.His cheeks felt warmer, feeling ashamed of himself. But he decided he should probably go to sleep instead of dwelling on his guilt, unless he wants to be late for school. He cleaned his hands and stomach with tissues and went to sleep. 



Chapter Text

"Something has happened, hasn't it?"

"What do you mean, Iris?"

"Yesterday, I was just teasing about you being happy in the group chat, but you are smiling continuosly since this morning." Iris narrowed her eyes at him like he was an unsolved mystery. And the moments like these reminded Barry that she indeed was a detective's daughter.

He tried to avoid her gaze and spluttered, "It's... Um... It's nothing special, but today's the release date of new Avengers comic!" in a fake cheer.

"Are you sure, because I've seen you geek over nerdy stuff all my life but you never looked like you slept with a hanger in your mouth." She laughed.

" Wha— that's rediculus! I am not smiling that wide!" Barry said defensively, trying and failing to keep the smile off his face. And to top it off, his cheeks begun heating up just thinking about yesterday.

"Barry you sly dog, you really did it, didn't you." She stated rather than asking, smirking at him.

"Shh... Keep your voice low. And don't tell anyone about it." Barry whispered, looking both sides.

He told her everything without going into much details.

"How was it?"

"Ugh... He completely ruined me for anybody else." Barry blushed.

"Now you've raised my expectations from Eddie." She laughed.



The day went pretty fast, until the last period, the Math class. He felt hot under the collar, he couldn't even look at Mr. Snart. But nonetheless, completely focused on the lecture, not wanting to be humiliated in front of whole class again, although he wouldn't mind receiving the punishment. He wanted to speak to him, ask him if he wanted to do it again sometime. So he packed his bag very slowly when the bell rang waiting until everyone was out of the room.


"Go get your man."  Iris whispered and smiled slyly when she looked at him and realised what he's doing. 


"Mr. Snart."He called with all the courage he had and went to the man who was also done for the day and about to leave. 

"Yes, Allen. " He said with a professional tone, as if he had already forgotten about what happened in this room at the same place. And Barry would be lying if he said it didn't hurt. 

"Did yesterday's thing meant anything at all to you or it's just my foolishness?" He said, willing the tears away from even gathering in his eyes.

"What does it mean to you, Allen? I don't do relationships, let alone with a student; it's not worth all the trouble and the efforts. If that's what you are looking for, then I suggest you  move along when you still can." His tone bare of any emotions.

I can't, it's not really an option anymore; Barry thought but didn't say it out loud, instead "I want whatever you can give, I can do no strings attached." 

"You do realise that if we get caught, I will loose my job and you'll be expelled from school for atleast three years."

"I know, and we won't get caught."

"Something makes me think, you are worth the trouble." Mr. Snart said, raking his his over Barry's body, mentally undressing him. And Barry bit his lip, blushing for umpteenth time that day, nervous but excited.


"But I don't have much time today."

"I-I- wanted to t-taste you. Promise I'll be quick." Talking about sex always made him stammer.

"Well, I can't say no to these puppy eyes." He smirked.

That's all the confirmation he needed before Barry submissively dropped to his knees in front of his teacher.  

"Go on." Leonard commanded as he popped the button and lowered the zip of his trousers and brought Barry's face to his crotch and Barry started mouthing his hardness enthusiastically through his briefs.


That didn't give any relief what with being separated by the article of clothing but the heat of Barry's mouth felt great on his dick. Barry groaned, upset at being interrupted; when he fisted his hands in Barry's hair and dragged him a few inches away from his crotch.


"Show me what you got." Leonard challenged the boy on his knees. Barry lowered his briefs enough to get his cock out and let out a lewd moan, marveling at the size.

"It's a shame, nobody can see what a cockslut you are." Leonard tutted. Barry lowered his head, feeling humiliated.

"Uh-uh... Eyes on me boy." Barry nodded and started stroking his dick slowly.


"Keep your hands behind your back, I just want your mouth." Snart ordered. Barry quickly complied and took the head in his mouth and started sucking gently, it's girth stretching Barry's mouth wide. It tasted clean if a little salty with the precum. Barry actually found that he liked the taste. He slowly began moving his mouth up and down the length as much as he can without choking. It was clearly his first blow job and without using his hands it was turning quiet sloppy, saliva dripping from corner of his mouth and down his chin. But what he lacked in experience, he made up with his enthusiasm, moaning hungrily on his cock. The vibrations sending pleasant sensations to his hardness. Leonard rewarded him by carding his fingers through his hair.


"If only you could look at yourself; looking so pretty with your lips stretching obscenely on my cock, the spit running down your chin, rumpled hair. It's like you were made for sucking cock." Leonard praised, his breathing ragged. Barry preened at the words, which was arousing him more. He got frustrated and begun moving his hips, humping the air without any contact. Leonard saw that and leaned on the table behind him and put his foot on Barry's crotch; who whimpered at that, finally getting the much needed friction. He begun sucked harder and faster, hollowing his cheeks, driven by his own pleasure. Still he was only able to take only half of Leonard's member in his mouth without gagging. Leonard started thrusting his hips, chasing the heat, causing Barry's eyes to water when he hit the back of his throat.


"You feel so good Barry. So hot. Mmm..." He firmly pressed his foot on Barry's clothed dick as Barry started moving his hips faster at the praise. Barry was so turned on at being used, his cock leaking precum steadily. He pulled his head back, letting go of the hardness in his mouth, but a string of saliva keeping the connection.


"C-can I come, please sir?" He bit his lower lip shyly.

"Getting off on being used like whore, are you?" 

"Yes sir, fuck my throat raw."

"Hmm... I think you've earned it today. But don't come until I empty myself down your throat."

"I really love your lips, so full and red." Leonard said as he slapped his dick on Barry's lips a few times, making them redder and pushed back into his mouth. Leonard held his head by hair with both hands and thrusted violently as deep as he can go without choking him. Barry was moaning like a slut at the rough treatment, trying to sit back and take it. Leonard got very close to coming, satisfied by Barry's docile and compliant nature. He suddenly changed his mind and pulled out,

"As much as I want to come down your throat, your face would look rather ravishing with my come don't you think?" Leonard asked.

"Yes Sir, mark me, I'm yours to use however you please." Barry keened. 


"Open your mouth wide and take your tongue out." Barry did as he was told and waited as Leonard pumped his dick a few times and came on his entire face, some even landing on his eyelashes. Barry drank the cum falling on his tongue hungrily and licked his lips to get some more.


"Stay just like that you cumslut." Leonard ordered as he quickly snapped a picture of his face. Then he wiped the cum off Barry's face with his fingers and fed them to Barry as he kept pressing his foot on Barry's dick. Barry sucked his fingers imitating the blow job and moaned around them as he came in his pants with the light stimulation and taste of cum on his tongue. Mr. Snart wiped his hands with some tissue and threw the box at Barry to clean himself.


"Close the door before you leave." He said as he left the room, leaving Barry like the used tissue on the floor. But he couldn't complain, he was the one who agreed to this after all.



Chapter Text

"Did you study all the chapters for today?"

"W-What's today, Ronnie?" Barry asked.

"How could you forget, today's our math test!"

"Oh no... It totally slipped my mind. Did you know this Iris?"

"Of course Barry, Mr. Snart reminded us two days ago."

"Well, we can't do anything now, let's go or we gonna be late."



Barry dreadfully entered the class, hoping that he'll at least pass the test. But once Mr. Snart handed him the question paper, all those hopes were crushed. 

"Mr. Wells is on a leave, so I'll be taking Math class in the last period instead of your Physics lecture. I'll have your papers checked by then."

In the last period, results of test were declared and as expected, Barry had failed. Mr.Snart asked to him to call his parents for meeting tomorrow.



The next day:

"Please have a seat Mr. and Mrs. Allen."

"Thank you Mr. Snart." Henry said as they sat in front of Barry's teacher.

"I've seen Barry's previous year's results, he's always been one of the most brilliant students of our school. But he failed the test which was declared two weeks ago."

"I don't understand what the reason might be, he studies regularly." Nora spoke, concerned for her son.

"Do you think some extra coaching would help?" Henry asked.

Leonard suppressed the smirk and kept his face neutral. Great, the pray itself walked into lion's den.

"That's a good idea Mr.Allen. I could take an extra hour or two after school. After all I wish nothing but the best for my students."

Barry's parents exited the room after thanking him.Barry was ecstatic hearing that Mr.Snart found a regular arrangement for continuing their 'extracurricular activities'. 



Next day, after school:

Barry was getting hard in his pants, anticipating that Mr.Snart would get right to their sexual escapades, but much to his disappointment, there were four other students in the class and Mr.Snart had arranged the sessions for actual studies.


After the lesson finished and everyone else had left when Mr.Snart called him on the stage. Barry walked and stood in front of him. Mr.Snart got right into his personal space, face barely few millimetres away from Barry and Barry held his breath, thinking Mr. Snart's finally gonna kiss him. But he brought his mouth Barry's ear, his breath softly tickling over his ear, causing him to shiver, he wispered, "I am very happy today, we'll do anything you want. Anything."


Lot of things crossed Barry's mind, but one thing he hadn't got yet and he was certain he'll never dare to ask for it any other time.
"W-will you kiss me, Mr.Snart?" Barry ducked his head, ashamed.

Leonard chuckled fondly, "I told you you could have anything and you just want a kiss?"

"Y-yes sir, if it's alright." Barry blushed.

"Of course baby." Leonard said as he held Barry's chin between his forefinger and thumb, and tipped his head up gently. 

"Look at me, Barry." He purred, voice low and sultry.

Barry slowly raised his green eyes to meet his teacher's blue ones, pupils blown wide with lust. Leonard held his face in his palms, thumbs caressing his cheekbones lightly. Barry was standing awkwardly, unsure of weather he was allowed to touch or not, his arms hanging on his sides, he had forgotten to breath, the anticipation was killing him. He was finally gonna have taste of those lips he daydreamed about for months.


"Breath... Barry."  Leonard whispered against his lips, as he brought Barry's hands to place them around his waist and once again held his face in his hands. Barry took a deep breath, his senses flooding with a mild wintery perfume. "That's it Barry, nice and slow." Leonard encouraged and let Barry stabilize his breathing.


He then closed the distance between them leisurely, lips lightly grazing Barry's. Barry parted his lips and Leonard started kissing him properly, but still at a slow and unhurried pace. He traced seam of Barry's lips with his tongue, silently asking for permission. Barry replied by opening his mouth a little wider, sliding his own tongue to brush against Leonard's. Leonard stroked his tongue a few times with his own before sucking on it obscenely. The once sweet kiss was now becoming more and more heated and dirtier. Barry gasped, breaking the kiss as their hard lengths brushed together. Leonard bit his bottom lip once before letting it slip away. 


"Oh god..." Barry moaned throwing his head back. Leonard took advantage of it and mouthed at Barry's neck, he sunk his teeth in the delicate skin and sucked hard. "Ah- I want— fuck- Mr. Snart... Fuck me." Leonard soothed the lovebite with his tongue and pulled away.


"How do you want it." Mr.Snart asked looking directly into Barry's eyes.


"Can we... um- I- against the wall?" Barry buried his face in his neck and mumbled against his skin. Leonard fisted Barry's hair in a hand and pulled him back. "Go and stand with your front against the wall, pants down." He slapped Barry's ass and wispered in his ear seductively. Barry did as he said and stood facing the wall in just his white shirt and red backless panties, ass out and chest pressed against the wall with hands on the wall either side of his head. 


"My my... What do we have here! Red's your color Barry. Looks so pretty on both sets of your cheeks." Leonard squeezed the globes of his ass firmly.

"Please..." Barry begged.

"Shh... All in good time." Snart rubbed his cock against Barry's ass, his front pressed against Barry's back. Leonard traced Barry's lips with his fingers and he eagerly sucked them in. "Look at you... Just gagging for it. What would your parents say if they knew what you are doing instead of studying." Barry moaned around the fingers. "That's it. Get them nice and wet 'cause that's the only lubrication you are getting before I fuck you today." Leonard kept pistoning them in and out of his mouth and Barry sucked them hungrily, moving his tongue between the fingers.


"God, your mouth should be illegal." Leonard said as he stroked his tongue with his fingers before taking them out. He lifted Barry's shirt and kept it bunched at his underarms and brought the spit slicked fingers to Barry's hole. Barry spread his legs and pushed his ass back to give him easier access. Leonard traced his rim to find it loose enough to push a finger in easily.


"Why are so loose, whore? Do you just spread your legs for everyone?"

"N-No sir, I haven't been with a-anyone but you...ever." 

"Then why is hole so slack? Don't lie to me slut."

"I-I'm not lying. I s-swear. I um... I f-fingered myself yesterday."

"Did you, now? And what did you think about?"

"I t-thought of you —Ahh...fuck— I-uh thought of you fucking me in my —ughhh...yesss— in my b-bed and then riding your dick whi— more...please— while looking in y-your ocean eyes." Barry was having trouble speaking coherently as Leonard plunged two fingers in and was pumping them in and out relentlessly. 


"You are a filthy little slut, aren't you. Everyone who looks at you, thinks that you are innocent little boy, who knows nothing more than going to school and doing his homework. But what do they know, you aren't as pure as you look, you're a cockslut who gets off on thinking of his teacher fucking him." He added a third finger inside him and rammed at his prostate repeatedly.


"F-fuck me daddy! I want your cock." They both stilled  as Barry blurted out.

"Daddy huh? And what do I call you, Princess?" Leonard teased. Barry made a embarassing sound and his face heated upto his ears at the pet name.

"Do you like it? Want me to call you Princess?"

"Y-yes daddy! Please..."


Leonard held Barry's dainty waist, grip tight enough to leave marks for days; he replaced his fingers with his cock and thrust in that unresisting entrance taking his sweet time.

"You'd look great in a dress Princess." 

"T-thank you, daddy."

Leonard watched, transfixed as his manhood disappeared in the tight passage. 


"Your pussy looks so hot in your red panties baby." The sight of his dick stretching the reddened hole was as arousing as the feeling of tightness around him as he moved. The sound of  skin slapping against skin echoed the empty classroom as he started moving his hips faster.


"Daddy..." Barry moaned at the rough treatment. Leonard fucked him so hard that Barry was flailing, clawing at the walls fruitlessly to hold on to something.

"D-daddy... I am so c-close."

Leonard purposefully avoided his prostate for the next few thrusts.


"Fuck... Barry." He growled as he came deep inside Barry's ass. He kept thrusting until he emptied himself. He wanted to stay inside that heat forever, but he pulled out as his dick softened, making a dribble of cum flow down his sloppy hole on his thighs.


"P-please make me c-come, daddy." 
Mr.Snart turned him around, to make him face towards himself. Barry's hardness was clearly visible in his lacy panties.

"Aww....look at your lil' peepee, so hard. Well too bad... you don't get to come today. 'cos yesterday, you touched yourself without my permission."

"Sorry d-daddy... I w-won't do it again. Please..."

"Don't make me repeat myself, you won't touch yourself without my permission untill our deal's over."

"O-okay daddy, I won't touch m-myself again. I  p-promise." Barry sobbed, calling the thing they had 'a deal' made it sound so emotionless and business-like, but he was willing to do anything to have Mr.Snart for however long he can.


"Good boy, now dress up and go home before someone comes looking for you." Barry slid down the wall and sat on the floor crying. The wetness at his hole was now nothing more than a bitter reminder of the cold dismissal from Mr.Snart.



Chapter Text

Barry's POV:

Barry went home rather late that day. But his mother knew that he went to the extra class after school, so she didn't ask him about it, assuming that the lecture must have went longer than expected.


Barry flung himself on his bed as usual, he was so happy but also sad and horny. Mr.Snart hadn't let him come but he enjoyed being told what to do, he felt owned by his teacher and the orgasm denial was in fact turning him on more.


Everything that happened that evening was replaying in his mind, vividly; the hunger on Mr.Snart's face when he saw Barry in that red panties, he knew his teacher loved seeing him in lingerie; how his long, lithe fingers pressed inside his hole, so much deeper than his own; the feeling of his bare hardness, without any barrier against his inner walls; the pleasant burning sensation without any lube when he stretched him out so languidly, making him feel every inch of his glorious length, filling him just right, the punishing assault on his prostate that almost made him come untouched. And the feeling of Mr.Snart's hot come, marking him from the inside and dripping down his sloppy hole... He had no words to describe how filthy and hot it all felt.


Barry just wanted to rut against the bed until he came, but he couldn't. Mr.Snart had told him not too. And he'd obey him at any cost. Barry tried to think about other things, about what all had he learnt in school today, about how Cisco had stumbled and nearly fell when Lisa talked to him during their lunch break. But his whole body was a painful reminder that wasn't letting him forget the raunchy evening.


There were finger marks around his waist from Mr. Snart's unforgiving hold, the hickey on his neck was now turned to an angry purple shade, his ass was still sore and aching whenever he moved and his teacher's cum had dried between his thighs and hole, which he never wanted to wash away. Barry couldn't believe he called him daddy in the heat of the moment! He was so scared that Mr.Snart would call him a freak and throw him out but he had accepted, even liked it. Barry loved when Mr.Snart called him cockslut and whore, but today he called him baby and princess and he just wanted to cry in delight.


Not to forget he kissed him! Everything else faded out in comparison of the tingling sensation from the kiss. Barry touched his lips lightly, as if feeling the ghost of Mr.Snart's lips on his. He felt so safe and loved when Leonard held his face in his palms and carassed his cheeks with his thumbs. His cheeks felt warm just thinking about it. The intensity in his eyes had set Barry's insides ablaze.


It wasn't just about sex for Barry, not anymore. He knew his mind was blurring the thin line between meaningless sex and making love. And that just won't do, because he knew that this was nothing more than a casual hook-up, Mr.Snart had made it clear after the first time. He had to get a grip on reality, he could do this. He decided  he was mature enough to do 'no strings attached'.


He knew Mr.Snart well enough to know that he wouldn't do anything Barry didn't want and was experienced enough to give him the best at everything. He thought it was better than doing this with someone his age who didn't know what they were doing. Barry wanted his every first to be with Leonard. He convinced himself that what he felt for his teacher was nothing more than physical attraction and unconsciously locked up his feelings and threw the key away, out of his own reach. 



"Dude! What is that on your neck?!" Cisco pointed accusingly at Barry's neck. 

"It's—its nothing... I um— I fell on something." Barry blushed and tried to pull his shirt collar over the hickey.

"More like, you fell on someone's teeth! I tell you everything and you didn't even thought about telling me that you got a boyfriend!" 

"I-I dont have a boyfriend, it's just— casual hook-up." Barry said in a hushed voice.

"At least you are getting some. Who's the lucky guy?" Cisco teasingly bumped his shoulder against Barry.

"We don't want to make it public, it'd not be good for both of us." 

"Is it who I think it is?!" Cisco raised his eyebrows knowingly.

"Y-yes." Barry felt nervous about confirming the thing.

"Can you put me in a good word for Lisa to him?" Cisco joked, lightening the mood as they both laughed.



After the extra class, Barry stayed behind as always. Leonard was perched on his table and Barry was standing between his legs with Len's hands around his waist. He ran his nose up and down along long column of Barry's neck, breathing in sharply before he stopped to mouth at the hickey.

"You look absolutely gorgeous with that hickey, Princess."

"Thank you, daddy." Barry ducked his head and bit his lip.

"And even more so when you are shy." Leonard kissed his cheek lightly.

"Stop it. And why are you in the mood to talk, today? Don't you wanna do it." Barry buried his face in Leonard's neck and whispered against his skin with a smile.

"Do what?"

"You know what?" Barry whined.

"You have such a filthy mouth during sex but you can't even say the word outside of it." Leonard chuckled.

"Fine. Don't you wanna have sex?" Barry said in a steady voice but he whispered the last word.

"I want to, but I don't have much time." 

"I can um- suck you off like last time?" 

"I'd love that more than anything in the world but I really have to go."

"Okay." Sadness audible in his tone as he took a step back from Leonard.

"Have you touched yourself since yesterday?"

"No, Mr.Snart; I really haven't." Barry said earnestly.

"I knew you are a good boy, so I've brought you a gift."

Barry's eyes sparkled at that. Mr.Snart considered him important enough to buy a gift.

"Open it." Leonard held a plain black box in front of him.

Once Barry opened the box, his breath hitched and face turned red as he saw what's inside. It was a set of belt with cat ears and butt plug with furry tail and a leather collar, all in white. He didn't know what to say at that.

"This is beautiful! Thank you, daddy." 

"There's more." Barry saw Leonard tapping on his phone to see the plug buzzing.

"I can't wait to try it!" 

"Soon. I'll call you tonight." 

Leonard pulled him closer and kissed him once again before letting him go. 

Barry went home with a light bounce in his step and a wide smile on his face.



Chapter Text

Barry was staring at his phone the whole evening, waiting for a certain someone to call. He nearly jumped out of his skin when his phone started ringing. But seeing the caller ID deflated Barry quickly. 

"Hey Barr..."

"Hi Iris."

"Are you ready?"

Barry was taken aback by the question, then he remembered that he and Iris were going to have sleepover at Caitlin's home tonight. But Mr.Snart said he was going to call and he couldn't talk to him in front of them.

"Um...actually, I am not feeling too well, Iris; so I am gonna have to cancel. Would you tell Cait that I'm sorry?"

"You weren't sick at school. Come on, Barry! It's not everyday we get to cry over cheesy rom-coms and gossip about boys. It's was supposed to be our girls' night." Iris whined.

"I know, Iris...but I'm really feeling under the weather and I don't want to ruin your night too."

"As you wish... Get some rest. Bye."


Barry was feeling guilty for ditching his friends but lo- lust can make you do anything.

He was getting extremely jittery, impatiently looking at his phone every two minutes, waiting for it to ring. At last, Barry got tired of waiting and decided to take a long, soothing bath. But he still kept thinking of about his teacher.

Maybe he forgot about it...or he could be busy.

Did he just said he'd call to get me off his back?

Does he not want me anymore? That's just stupid...why would he give me a gift if he wanted to get rid—

Before he could complete the line of thought his phone started ringing. He didn't get excited this time, it was probably Caitlin or someone. But when he saw the unknown number his heart began pounding in his chest. He finally calmed his nerves and answered the phone before it disconnected.


"Hey princess." A deep, smooth voice purred.

"Daddy..." Barry moaned.

"I Wish I could be there to listen your needy moans in person. But I had work after school."

"I was looking forward to it. But I understand Daddy. Are you free now?"

"Yeah babe... What happened?" Len asked as he heard Barry squeal.

"My phone slipped from my fingers and was about to fall in the water." Barry explained, embarrassed.

"Wha— Are you taking a bath?"

"Y-yes daddy." Barry felt shy even though Mr.Snart couldn't see him right now and he already had seen Barry buck naked before.

"Send me a picture baby, I wanna see how pretty you look, all naked and wet."

"Um... okay." Barry was debating whether it's a good idea or not, but he couldn't deny his teacher.

Leonard received the picture of his student, lying in the tub, his whole body tinged pink, little cock hardening between his legs and lip wedged in his teeth, innocently staring at the camera.

"Fuck... Barry. You look so wet and hot right now..." 

Barry felt his face flush red from more than just the steamy water. 

"R-really, daddy?" Barry bit his lip again. 

"You have no idea how delicious you look baby. I want to taste you, eat your tight little pussy, make it all wet and sloppy-"

"Fuck. Daddy..."

"I'll fuck you with my tongue lazily until you are begging for more. Then I'll use my fingers to slick your insides and make it loose."

"Yessss... I-I want it daddy."

"I am so hard baby, thinking of you."

Barry looked at his phone as the message tone rang. His screen lit up with a photo of Mr.Snart's erection, thick, red, and heavy against his belly.

"Fuck... I want to suck you so bad..." 

"See how hard you got me? Just thinking about spreading your cheeks wide open and licking you till you are sobbing. Wanna feel you clench on my tongue and scream my name baby." Barry took a deep, calming breath and shifted restlessly in his bath, his hole was clenching hungrily on nothing. 

"Unhhh... fuck me. Can I- can I touch myself, please daddy?" 

"How can I say no when you ask so nicely, princess?"

"Th-thank you, daddy."

Barry started touching himself, rubbing a couple of digits at his entrance and before pushing them all the way in. 

"My fingers feel don't feel as good as yours, daddy..."

"Oh baby... Tell me what are doing right now."

"I-uh I'm fingering myself with two digits. But I can't find my sweet spot..." Barry whined.

"Oh princess.... Don't worry, I'll guide you. Now, keep your fingers straight and facing forward..."

"Uh-huh." Barry did as he was told.

"Push them two knuckles deep without bending and check—"

"Ahhh... Yesss!" Barry cried out as he found his prostate.

Barry recorded a short video of himself, angled down towards where his hole was clenching around his two fingers.

"God! You look so pretty, Barry. Such a slut... I just want to pull your fingers out and push my dick in your hungry pussy."

"Fuck. I'm so wet for you, daddy. I wish you were- nngh- here to do it." Barry panted.

"Yeah, babe...fuck, wanna ruin that pussy, wanna bend you over and take you like a bitch that you are..." Leonard snarled filthily, his voice rough and coarse.

"D-daddy..." Barry whimpered, three fingers stuffed up his ass and working over his prostate, listening to Leonard's muffled grunts and the faint sound of him wanking through the phone.

"I am so close daddy..." Barry whined, his eyes fluttering shut at the pleasure. 

"... Fuck, me too baby. Come for me, princess."

Barry heard Leonard speeding up his thrusts in his fist and matched his pace, fingering his hole relentlessly. He gasped and arched, his hole spasming around base of his fingers as he came with a soft sob, striping his belly and bath water with white lines. A ferocious growl left Leonard's lips, indicating he came as well.

Barry pulled his fingers out slowly and began cleaning himself. 

"... God. That was fantastic." Mr.Snart groaned.

"Yeah... Thank you for this daddy."

"Good night, Barry."

Barry wished him the same and kept smiling dopily at his phone. This was way better than he ever imagined. He reluctantly lifted and dried himself from the tub when the water became cold, before drifting off to a deep slumber.


Chapter Text

They were sitting in the cafeteria after lunch when Lisa came to their table. 

"Hey Cisco."She said flirtatiously.

"H-Hi Lisa!" Cisco blushed.

They had started talking couple of days ago but Cisco could help blushing and stammering, whenever she came in front of him.

"Wanna bunk next lecture and hang out?"She asked batting her eyelashes.

As if Cisco could ever say no to her! Barry smiled and gave him a thumb's up when Cisco raised his eyebrows and grinned at him.And so, Barry was left being the fifth wheel among the two couples. Iris and Eddie were listening to songs on her phone with a shared earphone, lost in their own little world. Barry turned towards Caitlin and Ronnie to see them bickering over which movie to watch on their weekend date.


They didn't even realise that Barry was feeling left out since Cisco went with Lisa. He wondered why couldn't he find someone who could hold his hand and kiss him in public without fear of getting caught. Mr.Snart won't even look at him twice, when in public, making him feel like he was just another face in the crowd. But he understood that if the circumstances were different, he'd never be so distant. 


"Barry...Barry..." Iris said, shaking his shoulder.

"Um, yes?" Barry dumbly replied.

"What thoughts are you lost in that you didn't hear the bell ringing and us calling you like four times?!"

"Oh...Sorry, it's nothing. Let's go."



After school:

"Have you seen the International Math League competition poster?" Mr.Snart asked. 

"Yes?" Barry said in a questioning tone, not knowing where was his teacher going with that.

"I want you to participate in that." 


"Yes, Barry; You. What's with the mono-syllable answers today?" Mr.Snart rolled his eyes.

"Do you t-think I can do that?" His math was improved a lot since Mr.Snart took extra classes, but he still wasn't sure if was good enough to represent their school in an International event.

"I wouldn't have suggested if you weren't capable, Barry. I am not doing any favors just because I sleep with you."

"N-No, of course not Sir. I just don't think I can handle the pressure and give the best."

"Do you trust me, Barry?"

"More than anything." Barry replied without a beat.

"Then, it's decided." Mr.Snart said with an air of finality.


Both his parents were ecstatic upon hearing the news. His mom even called Mr.Snart, thanking him for his efforts.


Five students were shortlisted from the Central City Highschool for the League, Barry, Cisco, some boy from Cisco's class and two girls. They were leaving for the Metropolis aka Gotham City for the competition in a week and Mr. Snart was training all of them for two hours daily.

Barry was sexually frustrated as the teacher had also denied Barry to touch himself until the League was over.


 Metropolis, day before the League:

Their living arrangement was done in a decent hotel in Metropolis, with two people sharing a room, where Barry and Cisco in one, the girls in other and seperate rooms for Mr.Snart and the other male student. Mr.Snart texted Barry the night before first round of the league.

Qualify for round two and you'll get a "special prize" from me ; )    —Daddy

That's the best incentive I could ever ask for :P    —Princess

"Since when you call your dad 'daddy' ?" Cisco asked who just happened to see his text.

"Er... What? No, I d-don't." Barry quickly turned his mobile screen away from him. But it was of no use, Cisco had already seen it.

"Then why did you save his number as daddy? And who uses those emojis with their father?" Cisco asked before he realised, "Is that— Is that Mr.Snart?!"

"Ew dude. I didn't need to know that much about my friend's sex life." Cisco made a face when Barry winced and stayed silent confirming his suspicion. 

"Ugh... Sorry Cisco and Please stop talking." Barry grumbled, hiding his face in his palms. 


Four of the students from Barry's school qualified for the next round amongst the other 100 students from all over America. After informing his parents about their success, Barry texted Mr.Snart.

I believe I was promised a "special prize" from certain someone.     —Princess

Mr.Snart smirked upon reading the cheeky message. 

Ah... Yes. You will receive it in Room no. 106     —Daddy

Come whenever you are ready     —Daddy

Coming right now ; )       —Princess


Barry checked that Cisco was sleeping soundly before he snuck next door, into Mr. Snart's room.

The sight in front of him left Barry speechless, he was seeing Mr.Snart out of his formal clothes for the first time. He was wearing a white T-shirt which showed his strong arms and fit body underneath and grey sweats. As soon as the door closed behind Barry, Mr.Snart pushed him against it, pinning his hands at side of his head. He kissed Barry hungrily, nibbling on his bottom lip and sucking on it until they both were out of breath. 

"Aaah... Mr.Snart." Barry moaned as Leonard thrust his pelvis against him, biting on his neck.

"Don't- don't leave hickies- fuck- where everyone can see them."

Leonard ignored him until he was satisfied with the mark before backing off completely from Barry's body, taking in Barry's disheveled appearance.

"Stop looking at me like that..." He bit his lower lip, feeling self-conscious under his teacher's intense gaze. 

"Aww, my princess is feeling shy all of a sudden. I wonder where does all the shyness goes when he yells 'oh fuck me harder, please daddy...' " Leonard imitated Barry, loving the redness of his cheeks.

"Ugh... You are the worst. I thought I was gonna get my price tonight, not getting humiliated." Barry whined and hid his face in his palms.

Leonard held his forearms until Barry let go of his face and then pulled him closer.

"Don't be embarrassed Princess, daddy loves when you are all shy in public but slut in bed."

"Only for you, daddy." Barry lifted his face from crook of Leonard's neck and lightly pecked him on his cheek.

"Now, it's time for your prize..." Leonard smiled, lifting him in his arms, bridal style and threw him on the plush bed.

"I'm going to take my sweet time teasing you until you are literally sobbing for more." He slowly crawled on top of Barry and whispered in his ears before biting his earlobe and sucking on it. He then trailed his lips along Barry jaw and neck, peppering it with light kisses. Leonard's stubble was scarping against his skin creating a delicious friction.

Barry gasped as his's cold hand roamed on his stomach and flanks repeatedly.
"Daddy... More..."

"Oh honey, we haven't even started yet."

Leonard chuckled against his clavicle and kissed along it. He removed and tossed Barry's shirt on the floor before continuing his administrations.

"So pretty, Baby. I could look at you all day."

"Th-thank you, daddy."

Barry's hands were clutched in the sheets as Leonard continued to kiss, bite and suck on every inch of his smooth, hairless torso; simultaneously removing his pants. 

"Going commando... That's so naughty, princess." 

When he reached Barry's dick, Barry thought finally he will get some relief, but Leonard skimmed past it and bit at the skin where the legs meet his upper body.

"D-daddy, please..."

"Turn over, on your knees and elbows." Barry keened but hurried to obey and got into the position, his face reddened even more as his hole completely exposed to his teacher. 

"Look at that pussy, so small and pink."

Leonard started caressing his ass, cupped his cheeks in his hands and squeezed. He then traced a fingertip along his butt crack while kissing and licking his plum cheeks.


Barry felt as if his face was on fire when Leonard started to venture towards his hole, not quite hitting it but working his tongue around it. 

"D-addy... Stop teasing." He was getting restless at the slow pace. Leonard's tongue went in circles, moving farther apart and then closer to Barry's pussy but not directly over it for what felt like hours. 

"I can't help it, Princess, your tasty boypussy deserves all the attention." He then squeezed Barry's cheeks and pulled them wider apart, giving him more area to work with. Barry shuddered as Leonard's hot breath blew against his hole. He dragged his wet tongue from Barry's perineum and hole, drawing figure-eight around it. Barry was ready to come right there and then and Leonard hadn't even touched his hole properly.

"Daddy, I am getting c-close..." Barry warned, not wanting to end it before it started.

"Do you like it, babe? Like getting your ass eaten by daddy?" Leonard begin playing and tugging his balls.

"Y-yes daddy, I love it s-so much..."

"You can come anytime, princess. There's no restriction today, after all it's your prize and you earned it."

"B-but I wanted you to fuck me, daddy." Barry pouted.

"We have all night baby, we can do it all." Leonard finished before he went down and started licking his pussy properly. He spread his cheeks wider and tongued Barry's hole until the tight ring of muscle gave out. Leonard pushed his long tongue inside Barry's hole and fucked it fervently, touching all his sensitive nerve endings with the slick muscle.

"Fuck.Yes... Daddy..." Barry's fingers were getting numb from gripping the the sheets so tight.

Leonard's was reaching so deep, soaking Barry's insides with his saliva, his lips sucking around the rim, stubble on his face scratching against sensitive skin of his inner ass cheeks.  And on top of it, his continuous tugging and playing with Barry's testicles was getting the boy on the edge.

"Daddy... I am— I am..." He came with a cry, his hole spasming around Leonard's tongue. But Leonard didn't stop preping his hole. He slicked his fingers with edible lube and pushed it alongside as he rimmed it. Barry was feeling oversensitive, but soon he got hard for the second time.

"Fuck me, daddy... I am ready..."

"I don't wanna hurt you, princess."

"You w-won't. Just- aaah- just do it ..." He groaned as Leonard shoved two more fingers stretching him wide.

"Getting bossy huh? I think you need a reminder of who's in-charge here." 

"S-sorry, daddy. You are in-charge, always." Barry sobbed, unable to handle the tease anymore.

"That's right, slut. Next time you act out, you will get a good spanking to remind you."

"I'll be your g-good boy, daddy. I-I promise."

Barry burrowed his face in the pillow to stop himself from crying in frustration. Leonard took his fingers out and thrust his hardness inside Barry's wet, sloppy hole. 

"Yessss..." Barry hissed at the pleasant intrusion, making him full. 

"After all this time— fuck— how are you still virgin-tight, princess." Leonard amazed.

He began pumping his shaft slow and deep, making Barry feel it's size as it stretched him loose.

"Your pussy is a little cockslut, babe. See how it draws me in and holds me tight."

"Yeah... I love your big cock, daddy ... Love when it fucking ruins my pussy hard."

Leonard fucked him harder and faster spurred on by Barry's dirty words.

"Fuck... Barry. Your pussy is so delicious and hot. Just made for me."

"It's hungry for your cum, daddy... Please give it to me... P-please."

"Fuck. Barry..." He rammed against Barry's prostate repeatedly, making him come once again. Leonard came, not long after, as Barry's hole gripped him tight, milking his cock completely.


Barry was blissed out under him as he caught his breath before pulling out and cleaning himself. When he returned from bathroom, Barry was fast asleep, on his stomach, mouth slightly open and gloriously naked, cum leaking from his hole. It was the single most adorable and sexy thing at the same time, that Leonard had seen in his entire life. He quickly snapped a picture, smiling at the image.

He then took the washcloth and cleaned Barry's ass and stomach, not wanting him to wake up with unpleasant feeling of dried, sticky cum on his body. Barry moaned and grumbled something inaudible but stayed asleep. Leonard didn't have the heart to wake the exhausted boy up and send him to his room. He pulled Barry away from the wet spot of his cum and draped the quilt around him, climbing to his side side, under the quilt and went to sleep.


Chapter Text

Barry woke up in the middle of the night, feeling too hot and sweaty. His brows furrowed as he felt something different, soft and warm below him. He  groggily blinked couple of times before opening his eyes to see he was snuggling against Mr. Snart! His right arm and leg were thrown over his teacher who's one arm was around his shoulder.

He panicked, I didn't plan to actually sleep in his bed! Is he gonna be angry... He must have felt compelled to let me stay when I accidentally fell asleep... Did I take advantage of his kindness! Is this gonna make it awkward between us?

"Barry, stop thinking so loudly and go back to sleep." said Mr.Snart, without opening his eyes. He must have woken up by Barry's stirring. 

"S-sorry, Mr.Snart. I should go back to m-my room." Barry blushed.

"You can go back in the morning. It'll ruin my sleep if you turn the lights on to find your clothes now."

"Yeah, sorry sir, good night."

"Night, Barry."

Feeling ashamed, Barry extracted his limbs from his teacher; realising just now that he was completely naked, which was ridiculous since he had done far more scandalous things with his teacher than sleeping naked with him. But this somehow felt like crossing some line he shouldn't. 


Once again, Barry woke up first in the morning. He had slept at a distance from Mr.Snart but he must've moved in his sleep, because he was now spooning Barry, his clothed morning wood wedged between Barry's naked butt cheeks. His face heated up remembering last night. Sex with Mr.Snart was like a drug and Barry was hooked. He was always horny and nothing seemed to get the edge off.

He slowly began gyrating his hips, rubbing against Leonard's hardness. Barry wanted it inside him even though his hole was still puffy and sore. Leonard started moving his hips unconsciously and Barry bit his lip to stop the moan threatening to get out. Both their motions made Leonard's loose pant drag down his hips. He sped up his grinding against the older man, pushing his ass closer which woke him up finally. 

"Mmm.... I could get used to waking up like this every morning..." 

"Daddy..." Barry whimpered, hearing Leonard's rough, deep baritone. 

"Fuck... Your ass is exquisite, Princess." 


"Yes, baby?"

The trimmed hair at his groin were scraping against the beard burns on Barry's ass, turning him on even more. 

"Fuck me, daddy." Barry moaned.
Leonard turned him on his back, hovering above him, hands on each side of his face. He leaned down and kissed Barry slowly, mapping out his mouth with his tongue while grinding against him. 

"I don't think you really want it though." Leonard teased and pecked his cheeks.

"Daddy... Please." 

"Please what, princess? Convince me." 

"Fuck me, daddy. Please... I really need it. Need you inside me, filling me up nice... Fuck me till I can't walk straight..." Barry raised his hips above bed to grind against him.

Leonard pretended to be contemplating whether or not to give in to his begging. "Hmm... I don't feel like doing so much work." He said before getting off of Barry and laying beside him on the bed.

"Daddy... I'll do all the work, you don't have to anything. P-lease." Barry got up on his knees and whined.

"You are such a cockslut, princess. You'll just bend over for anyone, won't you... Let them use you and throw you away like a cheap whore."

"N-No! I just want you, daddy. You make me feel so good... I want to be used by you. Only you..." Barry stared at Len with teary eyes, looking sincere.

"Don't cry, baby. Daddy will take care of you. Fetch me the lube." Leonard sat up against the headboard, his legs stretched in front of him.

"T-thank you, daddy." Barry got off the bed to get the lube from night stand and held it in front of Leonard.

"Be a good girl and put on a show for daddy."
When Barry just looked confused, Leonard took the bottle from him and squeezed some lube onto his fingers.

"Prepare yourself for me... Show me how you do it when you're alone..."

Barry flushed up to roots of his hair, but nodded.

He straddled Leonard's thighs and brought his fingers to his hole, rubbing against the rim, teasing himself. Barry closed his eyes in pleasure as he pushed his index finger in against the resistance. He wanted nothing more than quickly shove his fingers in until his hole gave out and then ride Leonard to orgasm. But he was told to put on a show, so that's what he did. He pumped now two fingers in and out of his hole as ran his other hand over his chest slowly and tweaked a nipple between his fingers.

"Daddy..." He moaned.

"So gorgeous, my princess."

Barry bit his lip at the compliment. But Leonard leaned forward and pulled at Barry's lip gently by his thumb and the boy opened his eyes in surprise.

"Don't hold back your noises babe, let daddy hear your pretty voice." 

Barry moaned again and sucked the Len's thumb in his mouth, looking into his eyes. 
"Fuck." Leonard groaned, moving his thumb in and out of his mouth. Barry simultaneously kept sucking the thumb and fucking himself with his own fingers while playing with his nipple. 

"D-daddy, I'm ready." Keened Barry, his words slurred as he spoke with Leonard's thumb still in his mouth. 

"Not yet, babe." He brought his wet thumb to Barry's other nipple and twisted it, eliciting a yelp from the boy. 

"Daddy please... I can't take it any longer." Barry whimpered.

Leonard circled his arms around Barry and bowed down to take his nipple in his mouth. He sucked on it until the little nubs hardened. Barry literally screamed, throwing his head back in pleasure as Leonard raked his teeth over the sensitive nub.

"D-addy... I am gonna..." He kept fucking himself with his fingers as Leonard played with his nipples. Barry came with a cry when Leonard pulled the nipple between his teeth and tugged at his cock once.

The teacher pulled back to look at his boy, his mouth was parted open, eyes closed, whole body was flushed, nipples and his cock turned angry red, chest heaving with the harsh breathing, fingers still inside himself. Leonard tugged his hand free and pulled Barry against himself, on his lap. The boy laid his head on Leonard's chest, panting softly.

He began rubbing his neglected cock against Barry's cleft and hole. After a while Barry raised himself over Leonard's cock and slowly sank down. They both moaned in unison as Barry took him to the hilt. Barry held on to his shoulders as he began moving up and down, the new angle was forcing his dick deeper inside Barry's ass.  

"Ngh... You are so big, daddy, making me so full."

Leonard held Barry's waist and helped him move faster.
"Yeah? Your like that, princess?"

"Aaaah...yes, daddy. I love the way you fuck me, wrecking my pussy..."

Leonard started snapping his hips up, meeting Barry in the middle, making his dick drag against Barry's prostate with every thrust. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room as Barry rode him as if his life depended on it.

Barry came second time, screaming his name, shuddering and clenching unbearably tight around his cock.

"Fuck. Barry..." Leonard thrusted a few times in the boy before coming himself.

They stayed just like that for a moment, when Leonard noticed the sated boy getting sleepy again. 

"Don't fall asleep, baby, we've got to get ready for your competition."

"Don' wanna get up, daddy... 'M good 'ere." Barry yawned, smiling dopily, still on endorphin high.

Leonard pushed down his urge to kiss the boy again, at this rate they won't get out of the bed ever again.

"Good boys listen to their daddy. You are a good boy, aren't you?" He tried convincing Barry in a soft tone.

" 'M a bad boy, daddy. Spank me." Barry slurred, moving his ass around the cock which was still inside of him.

"Behave, Barry. Or no more sex for a week." He warned.

That made the boy alert, he looked at Leonard with wide eyes.

"S-sorry, daddy." Barry planted a kiss on corner of his lips as an apology.

Leonard smiled before getting up from bed to the suite bathroom, taking the boy clinging to him like a Koala, with him.
Barry whined in protest as Leonard slipped out of him and put him on his feet. He cleaned the boy quick and effectively, fending all the sexual advances Barry tired to make. 

Leonard came to door to see him off after getting dressed and kissed him once last time.

"I had the best time of my life. Thank you, Mr.Snart." Barry admitted shyly.



"Call me Len when we are alone."

"Um- okay, Len." Barry tested out the nickname feigning indifference, while he was freaking out on the inside.



Barry squealed as his good mood was ruined by getting hit by a pillow, right on his face as soon as he entered his room.
"What the hell, Cisco!" 

"That was for keeping me up while you were fucking like bunnies all night and morning."said Cisco, lying in his bed, eyes swollen.

"Wh─ that's not─ how?!" Barry fumbled with words, hoping his face didn't look as hot as it felt. 

"The walls here are thinner than you'd think. How am I gonna ever look at him again without thinking about what you two did?!" 

"M-may be you should've said something!" Barry got closer to him and whisper- shouted, last thing he needed was Mr.Snart hearing them.

"He's my teacher dude. How can I tell you to keep it down when he's right there?!"

"You are right, I am sorry, Cisco."

"Ew, don't touch me before taking a shower! God knows where your hands have been." Cisco moved his hand away as Barry tried to hold it.

Barry gasped hearing that, swatting his arm.
"I have showered Cisco, you are the one who's not!"

"I could have showered, if you would've let me sleep for at least a couple of hours."

"Come on Cisco. How long are you gonna hold that against me?"

"That's unfair, dude. Don't use your puppy eyes on me."

"Is it working?" Barry put on the most innocent puppy look he could muster.

"Maybe..." Cisco smiled reluctantly.

"Good, now go take a bath, you are stinking." Barry got up from Cisco's bed and teased.
Cisco laughed at Barry's indginfied squeak as he threw the pillow at his retreating form. But Barry couldn't be bothered to fight with him. He was on cloud nine since last night. 


Chapter Text

Cisco teased and laughed at Barry all day as he saw how funny he was walking and wiggling in his seat every other second. Barry found out that it isn't so fun afterwards, when his wish of 'getting fucked so hard that he couldn't walk straight' got fulfilled. His face heated up every time his bottom ached, reminding him of all the raunchy activities he did.


He still qualified the second round of the league despite being barely able to concentrate throughout the test. It was proud moment for Mr.Snart as three of his students were among the top thirty in the international league. 


All the students were talking about the test and correct solutions when Barry excused himself from their discussion as he saw Mr.Snart- Len's message. He smiled at his phone and Cisco made a disgusted face.

Congratulations, princess <3    —Daddy

Thank you, daddy :*     —Princess

Wanna come over    —Daddy

Yes, please     —Princess


Barry was stunned to silence when he saw Len sitting on the bed, reading a book, shirtless. 

"Like what you see, Babe?" Len asked without looking up from the book.

"Uh- y-yes." Barry blushed.

Len closed the book, marking the page after reading it. Barry tried not to look at his torso for too long as he approached Barry. He wasn't too beefed up but his broad chest, flat stomach and strong arms had Barry drooling. Len held Barry's face in his hands as he reached him and connected their lips. There was no urgency in his moves but there wasn't any lack of heat either. He poured all the passion into one tender kiss, making Barry weak in his knees.

"So. Proud. Of. You. Princess." He said in between placing sweet pecks on Barry's lips. Len circled the boy in his arms, grabbing his ass as he started kissing him rougher, nibbling on his bottom lip, making Barry groan between their joined lips.

He held on older man's neck and jumped in his arms, legs secured around his waist as Len lifted him off the ground. He blindly walked towards the bed with Barry in his arms, without breaking the kiss. Len gently lowered him on his back laterally on the bed and hovered above him as he kept kissing him until they both panted against each others necks.

"Mmm... Daddy, get me out of these." Barry moaned, feeling too hot in his clothes. 

"Always so impatient, babe." Len chuckled, but did as he asked, kissing every new inch of skin he discovered. Barry eagerly lifted his ass when Len reached his pants.

"Yours too..." He pouted. 

"Not yet, princess. This isn't about me." said Leonard as he positioned the boy in the centre of the bed. He spread and bent Barry's legs at knees, planting soles of his foot flat on the mattress and reached for the lube. Len went back to kissing him while circling his hole with now slicked index finger. Barry's face scrunched in slight pain when the finger breached him.

"Barry?" The older man stopped as he noticed Barry's discomfort. 

"Um- It's nothing. Keep going." He lied.
"It's not nothing, Barry. Remember what I said to you the first time, you can't lie, your face reveals your feelings. We don't have to do anything, if you don't want to. We can go back to kissing." Leonard said, looking in his eyes.

"N-No, I want this. But–" Barry blushed and broke the eye contact, not knowing how to say it.

"Are you still sore?" The teacher guessed, getting his hesitation. 

"Yes..." He said in a low, almost inaudible voice.

Hurt look crossed his face as Len extracted himself from Barry, sitting back between his spread legs.

"Hey, look at me." Leonard didn't say anything until Barry met his eyes. "I know sex feels good, but it isn't worth it if you're hurting more than normal. You don't owe it to me or anyone else. Always remember that." 

Barry's nodded, eyes dampened at the kind words. 

"Use your words, Barry." Len wanted to reassure himself that the boy really understood the importance of the talk.

"Yes, Mr.Sn– Len." Barry gave him a shy, unsure smile, not used to calling him by his first name.

"Good boy." Len planted a light kiss on his forehead. "What do you want to do now, we can just sleep if you want."

"Blow job?"

"Good idea."

Barry frowned as Len pushed him back down with a hand on his chest when he tried to get up. 

"Sit back and enjoy, princess. I've been told that I give a mean head." The man said as he ducked at eye level with Barry's crotch. Barry gasped in surprise as Leonard bit at the juncture between his torso and legs, holding his thighs for leverage. He sucked around the shaft until Barry was trembling with want. He put his hand on Len's head as he licked a long stripe from base of his cock to the head. 

"Daddy..." The boy groaned when Len just kept teasing him with licks all over his shaft. Leonard began playing with his balls, remembering how sensitive they were.

"Daddy, please..." He begged again, anticipation killing him. Len finally took mercy on him and took the head in his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. He started sucking the tip with lightest pressure, keeping his eyes locked on Barry's face. Barry bucked his hips as Len flicked his frenulum with the tip of his tongue.

"Ohhh... Oh god, Daddy..." 
He increased the pace, bobbing his head on the shaft as he heard Barry's heavy breathing. Barry whimpered, fingers twitching to find some purchase. In the end they moved from Len's buzz cut hair to the soft sheets. The  boy couldn't help but thrust into the wet heat when Len sucked him harder, taking his little length into his mouth.

"Nuh-uh, you are not allowed to do that." Leonard held his hips down and tutted. He went down again, alternating between licking broad strips on the shaft and swirling the tongue around the tip. 

"Fuck, daddy..." Barry screamed before biting his lip as Leonard simultaneously tugged at his balls, rolling them between his fingers like dice. Soon he stopped his ministrations as he noticed Barry's whole body began quivering. 

"Why did you stop, I am so close..." He whined.

Len smirked at him, lowering his mouth again but he went past his hardness and took his testicle in his mouth, sucking on it until Barry was clawing the sheets. He flicked his tongue at the sensitive skin between the balls, Barry was writhing on the bed, his legs shaking violently. 

"DADDY!!" He shouted in pleasure before started making little 'ah-ah' noises. Leonard being encouraged by this, took both the balls in his mouth and sucked them hard, slurping on them like it were his favorite ice-cream.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" Barry came so hard, his vision turned white for a second. Len kept sucking his testicles until he was spent, dry and it became too sensitive to be pleasurable and Barry physically pushed him away, his body quivering in aftershocks.

"God, That was..." Barry panted. "I thought I saw heaven for a moment there... "

Len chuckled. Barry looked at him, his arousal tenting his pants. "I um- I'll help you with that," Barry looked pointedly at his crouch, "Just give me a mo, I think you broke me..." Barry giggled.

"I will take care of it..." Len smiled.

"But I want to." He pouted.

"Aww, you look so adorable when you are cross, like an angry kitten even though you are covered in your own spunk, like a filthy little whore." Len booped his nose causing Barry to smile unwillingly. He licked the semen on his stomach and went to kiss Barry. The boy kissed him hungrily, tasting him own cum from Len's mouth. Apparently Len hadn't swallowed it, so when they kissed he just let it flow into Barry's mouth. It felt so dirty and sexy at the same time. Len's tongue explored his mouth, chasing his cum. They swiped it back and forth couple of times. Barry swallowed the mixture of his cum and their spit, moaning at the taste. 

"It was so good." He licked his lips.

"Such a cumslut, princess. My dirty whore."

"But I want some more. You taste way better, daddy."


"Mm-hmm." Barry nodded eagerly despite being sleeply and tired.

"As much as I'd love to fuck your slutty mouth, you are so tired, you'd probably fall asleep with my dick in your mouth." Len laughed.

"No, I won't." Barry insisted petulantly, but he yawned as soon as he said it, getting betrayed by his own body. 

"Sure, you won't. I don't want you accidentally chomping off my dick." Len chuckled.

"I won't ever do that, not even in my sleep, daddy!" Barry gasped.

"You want it so bad, babe?" Len sped up the strokes on his hardness, thrusting his hips in his fist.

"Yes daddy, want your big cock filling my mouth full of your tasty juice." Barry licked his lips. 

"Fuck... Such a dirty mouth on that pretty face, baby." Len straddled Barry's face and brought his cock near his lips. Barry enthusiastically sucked at the tip as Len kept jacking off rest of his shaft. He couldn't hold it in much longer, having neglected his own pleasure for so long, tending to Barry's need. 

"Are you ready, princess?"

Barry hummed around the head in response, making Leonard loose it and ejaculate in his eager mouth. The boy sucked him harder, wringing every last drop of cum from him. He gulped the liquid and gave Len a sated, cheery smile. 

"Idiot." Len ruffled his hair fondly before getting off the bed for a quick clean-up.

When he re-entered the room, he saw Barry was almost dressed up. Barry looked up when he was done and ran to him, giving him a quick kiss and a thank you. He left with a happy mood and pleasant buzz of endorphins in his nerves. 



Chapter Text

Len's POV:

Leonard didn't know how to feel about this. He almost never slept with anyone he was having casual sex with. But now that he had, with Barry, which wasn't intentional but it felt... nice. The boy had snuggled against him with a content smile on his face and it felt somehow more special than everything they had done together. He was reluctant to admit it but he had liked it... a lot.


He had avoided thinking about it the whole day, but now that Barry had just left after sex, he was confused about his own feelings again. It was better than spending time with each other outside of their trysts, right? But why he didn't feel happy? He was used to being in control of his feelings but why a thing as small as the boy immediately leaving after sex was messing with his mind... Isn't this what he always wanted, to have a casual sex partner without getting into mess of a relationship?


His mind kept going back to today's morning, the warmth of Barry's skin against him, the tight embrace in the night, the of sweet smell of his hair, his little moans as he rubbed his ass against Len and the chaste kiss on his lips before he left. All of it was playing on a loop in his mind. He decided to read another chapter of the book he was reading before Barry had came. But he just kept reading same page over and over without getting any word of it. Frustrated, he closed and threw the book on the table, not caring as it knocked something off and flopped face-first on the bed.


Barry's POV:

He hoped that Cisco wasn't asleep yet or he's gonna get another pillow thrown at his face for waking him up. Thankfully Cisco was still awake and apparently studying for the final round. Barry decided to join him as he wasn't feeling like sleeping at all. So he took his book and sat on Cisco's bed. After a minute or so, he felt like Cisco was staring at him and he looked up to find he's right.

"W-what?" Barry asked self-consciously. 

"Stop grinning so hard, my cheeks are hurting just from looking at it." Cisco smiled teasingly.

"I wasn't–" who was he kidding, "Is it that obvious!" Barry asked, his cheeks tinged red.

"The second thing visible from moon aside from the Wall of China would be the white of your teeth." Cisco laughed.

"I feel like my cheeks are really gonna start aching but I can't help it!" Barry said, still grinning like a mad man.

"Have you even been reading that book or just smiling at it the whole time?" Cisco asked.

"Of course I am reading!"

"And what's the title of the lesson?" Cisco asked, disbelieving.

"It's uh-" Barry tried to look at the book in his hand but Cisco snatched it away.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Barry protested.

"You are not gonna get anything done if you continue this, just listen what I am reading and I will ask you questions to check if you are really listening."

They revised for two hours and then went to sleep. 


Barry was feeling really nervous for the final round but when he saw Mr.Snart's message wishing him good luck, he felt a sudden calm. The test was harder than the previous one, which wasn't a surprise; but Barry tried his best to answer as many as he can.


He held Cisco's hand as they waited for their names to get announced in the count down from thirtieth rank. Barry got eleventh and Cisco got second rank in the League. Barry wasn't happy with his own result but he was ecstatic for his friend.

All the CCH students celebrated Cisco's success, Mr. Snart congratulated and even surprised him with a gift. He praised everyone for their efforts and gave a pep talk to all, telling them that their work isn't wasted and it'll definitely help them in their school finals. 



At night, Leonard texted Barry to invite him to his room but the student gave him some fake reason of 'not feeling up for it'. He called Barry to check upon him, Barry was in dilemma of whether to answer or not, he could always say that he went to sleep early but how long could he avoid seeing him?! So he reluctantly answered the call on seventh ring. 

"Hey..." Barry said in a low voice.

"Hey yourself." Len smiled.

After a pause Barry said, "Len, I am really not feeling up for it."

"I already told you, we won't do anything unless you want to, but can't you just come and see me?"

Barry was feeling guilty for doing this, Len never asked for just hanging out and he was acting like a dick. But how could he go in front of him, Len had so much confidence in him that Barry would do good in the League and all he had done is let him down. He must be so disappointed with me. He felt like he was good for nothing.

Leonard took the long silence on other end in the wrong way.
"Okay, good night, Barry." 

"Wait! I uh- I'll be there." The least he could do is talk to Len after all he had let him down.

"You don't have to, Barry. It's okay." 

"But I-I want to." Barry insisted.

"I'd understand if you change your mind." Len said and cut the call before Barry could reply.


When Barry went to his room, he looked bit surprised to see him, as if he wasn't expecting him to show up. Barry felt like the worst person on earth.

"I'm sorry, Len." Barry said, eyes glistening with moisture.

"It's no big deal, Barry. Sorry if I pushed too hard." Len replied softly, coming to stand in front of him. 

"Not about– not about this. The competition, y-you believed in me and I-I let you down." Barry said, his voice shaking despite the effort to keep it normal and eyes prickled with tears.

"Oh Barry! Is that why you didn't want to see me?" Len cupped his face in his hands.
Barry nodded in response, not sure if he can speak without sobbing.


"Honestly, you did better than I expected; 93 out of 100 is a great score! It was a cut throat competition and not everyone can win. I didn't ask you to participate because I expected you to win, I just wanted you to show how good you are at math. And you were brilliant!" Len kissed Barry's forehead.

"T-thank you, Len." The dam of his tears broke at Len's kind words and Barry hugged him tight, crying uncontrollably in his arms.
Len held him tighter against his chest as the boy let all his emotions out, hiccuping in between the sobs. Leonard ran his hand over Barry's back in a up and down soothing motion until Barry calmed down. When he finally came to his senses, Barry pulled back a little from the embrace and looked at Leonard with eyes wide as saucers. "I- I am sorry,"

"Barry..." Len tried to interrupt but Barry continued.

"I-I ruined your shirt with all the water works." Barry let out a laugh-sob. 

"It's okay, Barry. It's just water." Len smiled at him as he wiped Barry's eyes gently. 

"S-sorry, I am an ugly cryer." Barry chuckled self depreciatingly and hid his face in his palms as Len stared at tear tracks on his cheeks and puffy, red face.

Len smiled fondly at the boy and pulled his hands away from his face, "You look kinda cute, like a little red Tomato."  

"Lennnn..." Barry whined but smiled shyly at him.

"Feeling better?" Len asked. Barry shook his face negatively. 

"Kiss it better." Barry pouted, lifting his face towards Len cheekily. Len laughed shaking his head and kissed Barry on his lips.

He pulled back after a while, "Go and wash your face and clean your nose first, salty kisses aren't my thing." Len made a face, wiping Barry's runny nose with hanky.

"Ohmygod! I would understand if you don't wanna have sex with me anymore." Barry said, ashamed.

"Stop fretting about it, crying is totally normal. It's even necessary for mental detox." Len reassured.

"I'll just ..." Barry nodded and said pointing towards the bathroom.


When he came back, he saw Len lying in his bed, wearing a large, soft hoodie. He opened his arms invitingly and Barry climbed in the bed, snuggling against him, placing his head on Len's chest, letting his steady heartbeat calm him to sleep.


Chapter Text

After letting all his emotions out, Barry slept like a baby throughout the night. Len woke up in the morning with pressure on his bladder, with Barry still clinging to him, fast asleep. He tried to extract himself from the kid's octopus hold but Barry made a displeased noise and held him tighter. 




He tried to wake him up but the boy just groaned and went back to sleep.

"Barry, unless you are into watersports and want a golden shower right now, I suggest you let me go." Len resigned.

That got the boy to wake up, eyes wide open and give up the warm cuddle. "Um- sorry..." He said sheepishly.

When he came back, Barry had removed all his clothes and was sleeping on his front, buck naked, waiting for him.

"Fuck. Stop that. We don't have time, we're leaving in half hour." Len growled like an animal at the sight, Barry's ass towards him who was squirming on the bed. 

"Daddy," He whimpered "I need you inside me."

Len's own arousal was making his resolve falter. "Barry, we have to shower, get ready and go out before other students come knocking on the door."

"Ugh... shower's not important, fuck me and then we'll get out." 

"Barry," Leonard tried again.

"You haven't fucked me for two days, come on. Don't you wanna fuck my tight pussy?" Barry raised onto his knees, wiggling his ass in the air. He looked at Len and spread his buttocks apart, presenting his puckered little opening. 

"Fuck it. I can't resist that sweet boypussy of yours, babe." Len groaned, taking his shirt off and jumped on the bed. He quickly worked two fingers inside Barry hole while Barry eagerly pushed his ass back, fucking himself onto those digits.

"Such an insatiable whore... Wanting to get fucked all the time..."

"Yes, daddy... Fuck me, ruin my pussy..." Barry whimpered in a hushed voice.

"I don't think you really want it... Talking so low..." The older man begun pumping three fingers inside the tightness, nailing his sweet spot every time. 

"Ahhhh... No, I-I really want it, daddy but the walls a-re thin and Cisco– fuck – Cisco will hear it if I am not q-quiet." Barry was having trouble speaking b'coz of the punishing pace. 

"Ohh, don't want your friend to know what a cockslut you are, hmm? Don't want him listening to you begging for my cock? Guess what, I won't fuck you until you beg and scream for it." Leonard pulled his fingers out, making Barry cry out loud.

"Daddy... P-please. I feel so e-empty, daddy. I want y-your dick filling me up. Please." He spread his knees as far apart as they can go so that his gaping hole was at display.

"Good girl, Princess. You beg so nicely for it..." Leonard breached his opening in one hard thrust, pushing Barry forward with the force. He fucked the boy relentlessly, taking his own pleasure without caring about his partner. Barry was keening, having the time of his life, feeling good at being used like a toy. He felt getting close because of the constant jabs against his prostate. 

Barry came with Len's name on his lips, walls squeezing around Len, surprising himself and Len. The teacher couldn't hold back with Barry's impossible tightness, coming after a few hard thrusts. 

"I don't remember giving permission to cum, Princess." Leonard said, after catching his breath. 

Barry looked over his shoulder at Len, seeing his teasing expression.
"Well, you just have to punish me, daddy." He said coyly. 

"You are lucky that we don't have time for that, princess. Next time... " 

"Looking forward to it." Barry smiled sleeply.

"No sleeping, Barry, we have," he looked at the clock, "3 minutes to check out from the hotel."

When he came to clean Barry, he clenched his hole. "I want to keep your cum inside me until you fuck me again."

"That would be uncomfortable, Barry." Len chuckled.

"That would be hot, daddy." Barry protested.

"Okay, if you are sure. I would love to watch you squirm when it leaks out and nobody besides me would know what a filthy cum dump you are." Len smirked.

"Daddy, you are making me horny again." Barry whined.

"You better have some long shirt to hide that, because we have a four hour ride to Central."

Barry made a frustrated noise but got ready, just in time. He snuck out of his teacher's room and went to the parking lot with his stuff where others were waiting for the mini bus. 

"Hey Barry, what happened to your leg?" One of the girls, Lucy asked.

"I er- I sprained my ankle while hurrying downstairs." Barry replied, having prepared a good reason already. He felt his face heating up when he saw Cisco rolling his eyes and smirking at him. 

The journey back home was uncomfortable as Len predicted, but the cum oozing out of his hole was thrilling when everybody around him was unaware of his naughty and dirty secret. 



His mom hugged and showered him with kisses when he reached home, happy at his success.

When she got busy in cooking, he walked awkwardly to his room and pulled his pants down. The boy quickly snapped a picture of his cum leaking ass and sent it to Len with a text saying 'miss you already'.

He stifled a moan into his pillow when he saw Len's instant reply 'me too' and pic of his arousal.


Barry was thinking about surprising Len with something like he had. He thought and thought about it and he finally got an idea. He asked Iris, his bestie and neighbour, to meet him in front of his house and told her the idea.

"You kinky little shit." She  gasped and grinned. 

"So... Will you help me?" He asked.

"Of course, I am happy that at least one of us is getting some action. Eddie looks all tough and macho but he runs away, stuttering excuses when it goes beyond kissing..." She sighed but then quickly went back to being cheerful, "But this isn't about me, let's go shopping!"


Next day, at school:

Barry was feeling nervous about the whole surprise thing. What if he didn't like it? What if laughs at me and call me a freak?! Was this even a good idea! 

"Stop thinking about it so much, you looked hot. He will be drooling all over you when he sees you." Iris assured, seeing his worried look.

"Hope you are right." Barry mumbled as they went towards their class.

"When am I not." Barry laughed as she flicked her hair back cockily. 


Barry messaged Len to know if he was free this evening evening. He asked Barry to his cabin after school.


"Are you okay with coming to my place?" Len asked.

"T-to your place? Aren't most of the classrooms empty this time? It's not like I-I don't like the idea of going home with you but what if someone saw us leaving together?"

"It's pretty late, so nobody would see us and I was just asking 'coz I thought you'd prefer fucking in bed by now?" Len asked.

"I do, but I had a s-surprise for you and it's purpose would be served best in this surrounding." Barry explained.

"Is that so?" Len arched an eyebrow.


"Okay then. Do I have to close my eyes?"

"Y-yes please. And no cheating or you won't be getting any gift." Barry pouted. 

"Okay, princess." Leonard closed his eyes with his hand, with a small smile on his face. 

Barry quickly got to work and then asked Len to open his eyes. He was shocked when he looked at the surprise, jaw dropping to the floor.

"Do you like it, Mr.Snart?" Barry asked, faking innocence. 

"Fuck, yeah."



Chapter Text

Barry secretly wanted to cross-dress for a long time. He liked how pretty and sexy girl's clothing looked with its bows, laces and nets. And since he had begun this relationship whatever they had, with Len, he now felt confident enough to try it.

Barry was wearing a cute white crop top and a pleated red mini skirt underneath his regular clothing. When he told Len to close his eyes, he shed his normal clothes and swapped the sneakers with high heels. He quickly applied eyeliner and light pink lip gloss and when he was ready he told Len to open his eyes.

"Do you like it?" Barry asked in a soft voice, feigning innocence.

"Fuck yeah." Len looked ready to devour him.

"Thank you, daddy." Barry batted his eyelashes at him.

Len walked around the boy, checking him out from head to toe. The small skirt was barely covering anything, the stilettos were working magic on his posture, pushing his ass out, making it look rounder and his already long legs seem even longer. The loose crop top was slipping off his right shoulder, showing off his delicate collar bone and shoulder, it ended just at his rib cage, leaving his bare waist appearing tinier. His eyes and lips were looking stunning with the make-up. 

Len stepped closer behind him, circling an arm around the boy and pulled him flush against himself, his hardening dick wedged between Barry's ass cheeks. Len ground against him to find something hard there, he slightly pulled on the plug to hear Barry moan lewdly and push his ass back, silently asking for more.

"This is the best surprise, I have ever received, princess." Len purred in his ears seductively and bit on the earlobe before backing off. 

"How do you want this, Barry?" He stood in front of him.

"I uh- I want you to refer to my p-privates in female terms. And can we role play?" He waited for Len to agree and then told his fantasy. 




"Yes, Miss Allen?"

"W-we got our results today and I got a C. I really want to improve my grades, I will do anything for it, Mr.Snart." Barry looked at him pleadingly, biting his lower lip.

"Anything?" Leonard smirked.

"Y-Yes sir, anything." Barry agreed naively.

"Come here." He patted his lap.

Barry timidly walked to his teacher and sat on his lap, which positioned his ass directly over Leonard's hardening member. 

"You will get an A if you make me happy. Can you do that?" Mr.Snart nuzzled at the crook of Barry's neck and whispered against his skin.

"Y-yes sir, I will make you so happy." 

"Good girl." He praised and started roaming his hands over Barry's bare stomach and waist, eliciting goosebumps in their wake. Barry wiggled uncomfortably in his arms but he froze in horror when he felt something poking at his ass.

"Was- was that your penis, Mr.Snart?" 

Leonard hummed distractedly, being too busy mouthing at the soft skin of his neck.

"Why is it so hard?" 

"That is because it's really excited." He slid his hands inside Barry's top, finding no bra.

"You naughty girl," He pinched Barry's nipples causing him to moan positively. He rubbed, twisted and pulled them simultaneously.

"Ahhh, Mr.Snart..." It was too much and not enough at the same time. Barry felt his pussy getting wet and clit throbbing with arousal for the first time.

"Er- Mr.Snart, why am I feeling wet down there?" Barry blushed.

"It means you are getting excited too." Leonard pushed his small panties one side and rubbed pad of his index finger against Barry's lube slicked hole.

"Mr.Snart! You are not supposed to touch me there!" Barry gasped scandalously. 

"You said anything, remember?" Len asked as he pushed one finger inside.

Barry struggled to get out of his arms but Leonard had a tight grip around him.
"I-I don't want this!'' Barry shouted.

"Shhh... You should've thought that before agreeing." He added a second one alongside the index finger while he continued to play with his nipples with other hand.

"Please, stop!" Barry cried out but Len ignored him and added a third finger in his pussy. 

Soon after that, Barry stopped protesting and began whimpering as Leonard found his sweet spot.

"You like that, huh? That's your G-spot. Once you experience this, you'd be begging for more."

Barry was gone beyond words, having his sensitive nipples and pussy played at once. He whined as Len removed his fingers, making his hole twitch around nothing. It had hurt initially but now he felt so empty, he immediately wanted the fingers back, but couldn't ask. He was so turned on that front of his panties was soaked in his pre-cum.

The teacher snuck his hand there and tugged at the little cocklet a few times.
Barry was making desperate keening noises, pushing his pelvis against the large palm.
"Look at you, moaning like a whore... Your clit and pussy juices are making such a mess of your panties, babe."

He brought the fluid slicked hand to Barry's lips, rubbing them a few times before pushing them in.

"Suck." He commanded.

The boy did as he was told. 

"Tastes good, doesn't it?"

"Mm-hmm." Barry hummed around his teacher fingers. He didn't really like it but what option did he have other than agreeing? 

"Enough." He said and pushed Barry off his lap. The boy struggled to stand on the high heels, arousal making his legs feel like jello. Leonard stood as well, taking his cock out of it's confines. Barry unconsciously licked his lips.

"Want something better to suck at?" The teacher asked, noticing Barry's interest.
Barry nodded eagerly, slipping out of his character and went down on his knees.
Leonard teased himself by rubbing his head on the soft, glossy lips until the student groaned impatiently and sucked it in.


He fist Barry's hair and thrust in. He pumped in and out at a steady pace, but soon got bored of it and began thrusting deeper with each thrust. Barry tried to relax his throat and just take it, eyes watering and ruining the eyeliner on the bottom lid. Len pulled out when he sensed Barry gagging. He looked at his student's face, hair disheveled, make up smudged, eyes trained at him but still out of focus, lips slightly parted, all in all, a perfect image of debauchery.

"Fuck princess, you are looking like a fucked out whore, before even getting fucked." 

"Don't break the character, daddy." Barry pouted. 

"I am breaking the character?! Who was moaning like a slut while getting their throat fucked." Leonard laughed. 

"Fine. Now fuck me and stay in character." Barry warned, which Len found adorable but still humored him.


"Bend on the table, legs spread." Leonard ordered.

"W-what are you going to do?" Barry was scared.

"Want me to spell it out for you? I'm gonna fuck that virgin pussy of yours till it's unable close anymore." He held Barry by his neck and slammed him on the table.

"Fuck?" Barry looked questioningly over his shoulder from where he was held down.

"Does the naive little girl not know what fucking is?" Mr.Snart laughed cruelly, lifting his skirt to see Barry's panty clad ass. "Don't worry, I'll teach you that too." He said as he tore the skimpy little fabric getting in his way.

Barry felt something big and blunt at his entrance trying to breach it. "No!" He screamed as Leonard pushed the head inside, his rim burning with the stretch.

"Shh... We'll go slow, don't worry I won't hurt you." The teacher waited for him to get used to it before he began thrusting in.

"Stop! You are hurting me! Please, stop!!" Leonard kept pushing in, paying no attention to Barry's cries.

"It's too big, it won't fit. Please..." He clenched his inner walls involuntarily, trying to resist the intrusion.

"Fuck, your pussy is gripping me so tight, Barry. I won't last a second if you keep that up." Len said sounding breathless. He held the skirt like a reign on a horse and finally sank balls deep inside the boy. 

"See, fits perfect. You were made for me baby, for getting fucked like a slut."

"You. Are a monster. I hate you." Barry spat angrily, groaning the pain.

"Oh I haven't even started yet. I was trying to be considerate, but if you insist," He lifted Barry's leg and placed it on the desk, bending it at knee, spreading him wider. The man set a hard pace and ruthlessly rammed his virgin hole. "Let me show you what a monster is."

Leonard began pulling Barry back as he thrust forward, reaching deeper than before and hitting his prostate each time. The boy held on to the desk for his dear life as it became harder to stand on one stiletto.

"Please..." Barry moaned, he didn't even know if he was pleading to stop or begging for more.

Len was fucking him vigorously, sound of skin slapping against skin filling the room.

"Faster." Barry gasped, getting closer.

"Such a whore, begging to get fucked." Leonard continued to pound him frantically. 

"Daddy!" Barry came into his panties, hole tightening around Len's dick. He fucked Barry through his orgasm before coming deep inside his ass. 

Leonard waited until he was completely spent before pulling out. 

"Daddy, stay inside." Barry whined.

"You have to go home, Barry, before someone comes looking for you." Leonard chuckled. "And you broke the character, again." He teased.

"In my defense, how can I remember anything when you're fucking me like there's no tomorrow." Barry said with a dreamy look in his eyes.

"No need to butter me up kid, I am already sleeping with you." He winked at the boy.

"Just stating the facts." Barry shrugged. 

"Come on, no sleeping on my desk." Leonard lifted him off it as he saw Barry yawning and his heavy eyelids. He steadied him with an arm around the boy when his legs threatened to give up.

"You came in so deep, it's not even leaking out." Barry marveled.

"Fuck, don't talk like that, makes me wanna pound that sweet ass again." He squeezed one ass cheek.

"Then do it." Barry challenged, looking in his eyes. 

"Go home, you horny little slut." He said fondly, slapping his the ass and then letting go of him.

When Barry was all cleaned up and ready to go, he turned around from the door, "You owe me a pair of panties." He looked pointedly at the torn cloth on floor and winked at Len before exiting.

"That ass is worth a whole lot more than you realise." Len said to himself. 


Chapter Text

It had been almost three months since their little rendezvous had began. Barry was thoroughly enjoying every moment he spent with Leonard. Not just the sex, though it was great, he had no prior experiences to compare it to but he was having time of his life; but also little things like Len's smiles, the occasional hugs and kisses and the aftercare. His stammering had also reduced as he got comfortable with the man and he was happier all time, smiling to himself.


Barry always caught himself looking in the mirror and blushing, admiring the love-bites scattered all over his body, the finger marks on his hips. Barry lately felt like everything around him was now different, beautiful. Not only his friends but his parents also had noticed the change in his behavior, he just avoided the questions or changed the topic when they asked about it.


He was thinking about his life and realised that he had everything he could ever want, supportive family, great friends, an experienced lover to tick off his fantasies list with and good grades in high-school. He suddenly got worried that if he jinxed it by counting it all and it would disappear in front of his eyes. But nothing bad happened in the next few days. Luck seemed to be in his favour as Barry's parents were leaving to go to some distant relative's wedding, leaving him all by his own for four days. Len invited him to his house as soon as he heard the news. 



They were watching some movie on TV, Barry was sitting in Len's lap. The boy got bored and horny half way through the movie.
"Lennnn, let's fuck..." He whined for the third time even though Len had told him to wait until the movie ends. 

"No." Len replied, eyes trained on the screen.

"You sure?" Barry started grinding his bare ass on Len's lap, wearing nothing but one of Len's over-sized T-shirt.

"Barry... You little shit!" Len let out an animalistic growl when the tease became unbearable, holding him still with his hands.
He admitted his defeat and pulled his erection out of his pants when Barry didn't stop moving.

"You, are gonna pay for this later." Len threatened as he lifted and turned Barry to face himself.

"Are you gonna spank me, daddy?" Barry asked innocently biting his lip, as he sank slowly down on his teacher's hardness without any preparation as his hole was still loose from earlier round.

"Fuck," Len groaned at the sensation around his dick.

"Aghh- Why are you still so tight! And you clearly enjoy it too much to be a punishment, so no. That's not it." He panted as Barry was bouncing on his cock like his life depended on it while Barry's own dick was swinging with the movement.

"Daddyyy!" Barry moaned when he found the correct angle, hitting his sweet spot.

"Mmm- yeah... Enjoyed it while you can, because there will be no sex for next 24 hours as your punishment."

"Noooo! Daddy, y-you can't do this to me!" Barry looked at him with horror.

"You should have thought that before you decided to be a cock hungry slut, princess." He held Barry tight and began fucking him with abandon.

"Ah.. Ah... Ah... daddy..." Barry was whimpering at the constant ramming at his prostate. 

Both of them were so close to coming when...

"Lenny!" A female voice came from the front door of the apartment. Three of them froze in shock as Lisa saw what was going on in the living room. She had just barged in, as she didn't hear anything from the outside over the TV's noise . Thankfully she couldn't see anything scandalous from where she was standing but it was clear what they were doing from the sounds and Barry's bouncing. She honestly wanted to bleach her eyes and ears to get rid of the image. Lisa turned towards the door as soon as she realised what was going on and Barry burrowed his face in Leonard's neck in shame.

"For fucks sake, Lenny! We always have dinner together on a Sunday night, how could you forget!!" She snapped, still facing the exit.

"Give us two minutes to get decent, Lise." Len said in a low voice.

Barry winced as he got up from Len's still hard dick, just feeling his rim burning because of the dry fucking now that the heat of the moment had passed. He walked bow legged to the bedroom to put on some clothes. 

Len called her in after both of them were presentable. Barry didn't want to come out of the room but now the cat was out of the bag and hiding wouldn't work now and she didn't even comment on it.

They ate the dinner in awkward silence with occasional small talk between the siblings. Barry didn't even lift his eyes from the table the whole time, mortified by earlier accident.
Lisa looked at him when he moaned in pain, shifting in his seat. He apologized profusely, face burning with shame.

"If anyone should apologize, it's my brother." She glared at Len. "Give the poor boy some break, Lenny."

"Sorry Barry, I'll give you some lotion after dinner, it'd help."

"I want to poke my eye out with this fork..." She muttered, the conversation making her recall the previous scene.


When Lisa left, Len carried Barry to the bedroom in his arms with his legs crossed around Len's waist. 

"You are sore, princess; I can't make you walk." Len smiled, kissing his cheek when Barry looked at him, surprised.

"Mmm... you are so sweet, daddy." Barry smiled bashfully at the man, looking through his eyelashes before pecking on his lips lightly.


The boy hissed in pain as Len was applying the lotion at his bottom, "Sorry princess, but this serves you well for being so impatient."

"I love it, daddy; the ache reminds me of you..." Barry looked at Len with heart eyes.

"Getting a pain kink now?" Len chuckled.

"Everything is my kink when you are involved." 

"You sure know how to please a man, don't you?" Len said fondly and covered him with the warm blanket.


Later at night, Barry stayed awake for a long time in Len's embrace, thanking his lucky stars for meeting such a loving and caring man and letting himself dream that this is more than a sexual liaison.



Barry woke up in the morning with the smell of delicious smell of breakfast. He went to kitchen to find Len engrossed in cooking. Barry hugged him from behind, mumbling good morning on his back when Len greeted him. 

"How's your bottom, princess?" Len asked.

"Umm- empty." Barry complained.

"I am not talking about your brain, babe." Len quipped.

"Daddy! You are so mean!" Barry gasped, letting go of Len and putting some distance between them.

The older man turned around to find his boy pouting.
"Aww, come here..." Len lifted and sat him down on the countertop, standing between his spread legs. 

"Princess is horny huh?" Len asked him and went in for a kiss but Barry turned his head sullenly, so Len kissed his ear instead. He kept going down, planting kisses on his cheeks, jaw and neck eliciting shiver on his sensitive skin.

"Daddy..." He moaned, silently asking for more.

Len dipped two of his fingers in the chocolate sauce bowl besides Barry and smeared the thick liquid on Barry's lips, he then delved in, kissing the boy hungrily, sharing the bitter sweet taste of chocolate between their tongues. 


Len was thinking about moving this to bedroom but Barry's stomach growled making him stop.

Barry whined and chased for his lips but Len stopped him with fingers on his lips.

"You need to eat first, babe." Barry looked in his eyes as he opened his mouth and took the chocolate coated fingers in his mouth, sucking on them until they were completely clean. He released them with a slurping sound and asked, "You gonna feed me, daddy?"palming Len's hardness.

"Fuck. I hate myself for saying this, but you must have proper breakfast first." 

"But I need the proteins, daddy!" He licked his lips seductively, bringing Len's attention to his plump, kiss-swollen lips. But Len didn't budge until Barry sat at the table.

His mouth watered at the waffles made by Len, covered in the chocolate sauce, whipped cream and strawberries on top. Barry moaned as he took the first bite.

"So, you like it huh?" Len asked even though he already knew the answer.

"This is better than sex, Len!" Barry said with a mouth full.

"I don't know whether to get offended or be happy..." Len said in a surprise.

"Mmmm..." He moaned again, "Definitely happy..." 

"So you don't want my dick anymore now that my food alone can bring you to orgasm?" Len teased, but secretly pleased at causing such reaction out of him.

"Of course not! I still need those proteins of yours." Barry said sassily, pressing his tongue in cheek. 

"You better finish this up, then we can move on to your nourishment." Len smirked. 
When Leonard was cleaning the dishes, Barry called him from his bedroom door.


"Yes, princess?"

"Bring the chocolate and whipped cream with you when you're finished." The boy winked at Len before disappearing into the room. 


Chapter Text

Len's breath caught in his throat when he saw the scene in front of him. Barry was lounging on his front, facing the door, chin propped on his hands. He was wearing the cat ears, nose tip colored black with make-up, white furry collar, fluffy tail with butt plug and a G-string which didn't really cover anything; all in white. He noticed that Barry had also painted his nails white. Len will deny it but he was drooling a little at boy looking so clean and pure in white but yet sinister at the same time. The teacher had never thought cats as anything arousing but Barry in this get-up was beyond any of his wildest dreams. 


Barry went up on all fours and lovingly rubbed his face on Len's stomach as he came closer to the bed.

"Does my kitty want to play?" Leonard asked, carding his fingers through the brunet's hair, playing along.

Barry nodded enthusiastically, the bell on his collar making a little tinkling sound.

"Committed to the character, I see. Pity, I loved your voice."

"The cat doesn't speak, daddy!" Barry said, annoyed.

"Aww... Is the kitty angry?"

Barry gave a pouty nod.

"So you don't want the chocolate and whipped cream?"

Barry snatched the two bottles from his hand, throwing them beside himself and tugged Len closer. He pulled the other's dick out of his pants and jerked it a few times till it was completely hard.


Len sucked in a sharp breath, shuddering as Barry coated his heated erection with the cold whipped cream and chocolate. Barry smiled at him coyly and dipped down to have his treat.

Leonard was desperate for more but Barry kept teasing and torturing him with the shy kitten licks all over his shaft, enjoying Len's frustration as much as the taste of chocolate and cream. 

"Naughty kitten, teasing daddy for so long."

Len gave a solid spank on Barry's raised bottom, making the boy moan around his dick. The teacher had enough of this torture, he fisted his hands in Barry's hair, ramming his cock deep in his throat. He kept using the boy's mouth, brutally fucking the back of his throat until he couldn't hold back his orgasm.

"Daddy! Kitten wanted the milk!" Barry protested as Len took his mouth away from his throbbing flesh.

"Bad kitties don't deserve the treat, princess." He pulled Barry on his lap and asked, "How many spanks do you deserve for it, baby?" 


Barry shook his head in alarm, looking at Len with big doe eyes.


The boy showed his happiness with waggling his ass and the fake tail, eager to be spanked.

Barry's moans and whimpers were getting louder and louder as each slap made the vibrating plug jostle and fuck his prostate. 

"Fuck! Daddy more..." He cried out when the pleasure and pain was balanced just perfect, giving him the best feeling. 

But Leonard decided to take the revenge and he turned vibrations off.

Barry whined in displeasure and began rubbing his little cocklet on Len's lap and pushing his ass back to meet Len's palm.


"Did you just came from spanking!" Len asked, baffled as he felt little wetness on his thighs. 

"Sorry daddy, I-I didn't even see it coming! I swear I didn't do it on purpose!" Barry said, alarmed. 

"I am not angry, kitten. It was so unbelievably hot... But your punishment is not over yet." Len said, giving him an evil smirk. 

Barry was on his back, legs spread apart and Leonard settled between them. He dropped the chocolate syrup right on Barry's cock slit and then lapped it with his tongue until every trace of it's existence was wiped clean.

Barry begged him for more when Len continued to pour it and then clean it with his tongue repeatedly.

"I thought my kitten didn't talk..." Len arched his eyebrow challengingly. 

"I said I am sorry daddy, please fuck me, I can't take this anymore."

"We have all day, princess and I am gonna take my sweet time to break you bit by bit and when you have no strength left to even open your mouth, let alone talk. Then, I am gonna fuck you till you beg me to stop." Len started the vibrations again, causing Barry to yelp in surprise.


"I almost forgot, you can't cum unless I tell you to. Let's begin now, shall we?" 

Leonard tied his hands to the headboard with a soft silk tie leaving Barry completely helpless and aroused.


Barry got hard again and was squirming like a fish out of water as the vibrations were tickling and teasing his insides.
"Daddy! Fuck.fuck.fuck. Please..." Barry begged as Leonard increased the frequency of vibrations, causing the plug to work harder against his sweet spot.

"You can scream as loud you like, princess; nobody can hear you." He said before taking one of his pebbled nipple in his mouth and sucking hard.

"D-addy!" Barry's screamed, back arching off the bed.

"Mmm..." The older man moaned around his bud, scraping his teeth on the little nubin.

"Look at your rosy red tities, princess, so beautiful..." Barry's whole face turned red at the compliment and he wanted to hide his face but he was bound to the headboard. 

"Awe, is my kitty blushing?" Len teased. 

Barry denied, shaking his head negatively.
"Admit it, you like it when I play with your slutty little tities..."

Barry whimpered as Len pinched and pulled the hardened buds.

"Yesss, daddy!" His face turned even darker. 

The room was filled with Barry's "yes, fuck, daddy" cries and whimpers as Len kept increasing the vibrations more and more when he played with his nips.

After almost an hour of all that, Barry was still squirming and thrashing on the bed like he was being tortured. He stopped uselessly trying to tug his hands free.

"Fuck, you look so pretty babe, desperate and helpless, completely at my mercy."

Barry just kept moaning, unable to talk as his throat was aching with all the screaming he had done. His eyes were teary and he was looking at Len, silently pleading.

"Wanna cum?" 

The poor boy nodded eagerly, making the bell on his collar tinkle with sweet sound. 
Len was about to jerk him off but Barry shook his negatively.

"Fuck me..." He said in a hoarse voice.

"God! Is your throat alright?" Len asked, his eyebrows furrowing with concern, turning the vibrator off quickly.

"Fuck that, fuck me now!" Barry demanded, hoping that his expression didn't give away the pain he was feeling while speaking.

"You sure?"

"Daddy..." Barry whined, annoyed at Len, sounding like he had a bad flu.  

"Now, how can I resist that?" He said poking fun at Barry.

"I hate you." The boy pouted, but no heat behind those words.

"No you don't." Len smirked.

"Yes I do."

"Then why do you want me to fuck you?"

"Coz hate sex is hot. Fuck me like you hate me, daddy."

"Ooh kinky kitty... I like that." Len said, biting his earlobe.

He then lifted Barry's ass and propped it up on a pillow, carefully pulling the tailed plug free. 

"Fuck, your hole is so open and gaping." Len marveled.

"Feels so empty... "

Len quickly slicked up his length and hovered over Barry.


"Ughhh... Do it already."

"Watch your tone, princess. I can go back to how it was before." This made Barry snap his mouth shut.

Len circled his hole with his cockhead, before pushing it past the rim and pulled it out again. He repeated it over and over till Barry was literally shaking with need, staring at him with weak eyes. 

Len took pity on him and rammed it all in one thrust when Barry was least expecting it, making him hiss in pleasure. 


He was fucking him slow and deep, enjoying the glorious sensation, but Barry wanted more.

"H-harder, daddy!" Len increased his pace, fucking Barry mercilessly.

"Fuck! Like that?" Len panted.

"Yeahhh, faster..."

Len truely fucked Barry like he hated him.

"Fuck! I am-"

"Go on, princess..."


Len came at the same time, groaning and grunting. He untied Barry's hands and massaged them gently to ensure proper blood flow, he then cleaned them both with a soft cloth, taking extra care to clean Barry's puffy hole despite his protest to keep the cum in.

"While I am flattered, that's still nasty, princess." He laughed fondly.


Len came back to the room with a cup of tea to soothe Barry's throat but found the boy snoring lightly, body tangled in sheets. Len woke him up and made him drink it all.
He dressed the sleepy boy in comfortable clothes and covered him with the blanket, placing a kiss on his forehead. 

"I Love you, Len." Barry mumbled, but it was still clear to understand. Len froze in his place and Barry snapped his eyes wide open, sleep was now the last thing on his mind. 


Chapter Text

"I love you, Len."

Did Barry just say that. He was staring at Len, wide eyed, scared and Len didn't know what to do now. He didn't do relationships for this exact reason. Before he could say something Barry ran out of room and locked himself in the bathroom.

"Barry..." Len called going to the closed door.

He waited for a reply but didn't hear anything on the other side.

"Barry!" He knocked on the door couple of times, when he heard a quiet sob.

"Come out, princess. We can talk it out, don't suffer alone."

"T-There's nothing to talk, Len. I have f-feelings that neither of us want, but I can't help it. And y-you can't do anything about it." Barry said, his voice cracking with the effort of not outright crying. 

"I am sorry, babe but you can't hide there forever." Len said in a soft voice, careful not to spook the boy.

When Barry didn't say anything Len continued, "How about this, I will leave the room and close the door and then you can stay alone in the room as long as you like. I'll be just out in the living room, we will talk about it whenever you are ready."

"O-okay." Came a timid reply from the other side.

"I am leaving now, you can come out when you hear the door closing. And call me if you need anything else, okay?"



Barry splashed some water on his face, looking himself in the mirror. You are stronger than this, you can handle this. He said to himself and gingerly entered the room, checking if Len had left yet. Barry didn't want to cry over this in Len's house. He took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly, and repeated this until he calmed down enough to talk without crying.



"Len," Len turned towards his room to see Barry was standing at the door changed out of his pj's, ready to go out. His eyes were red from crying and voice still a bit hoarse.

"Can we talk?" 

Barry nodded.

Len started to walk towards his bedroom but Barry asked him if they can do this in the living room instead.

"Sure." Len gave him a reassuring smile.

"I– I thought about this," Barry said pointing between them, "I can't do this anymore. I think we should end this." Barry said with an air of finality.

"I am sorry, princess but you know I don't do relationships. That's just who I am." That hurt so much, hearing the nickname from Len felt like getting stabbed in his heart over and over.

"Don't. Don't call me that. And yeah, you told me that in the beginning, so it's on me." Barry tried to smile but it looked more like a wince. 

"Besides, no one would support us even if you wanted us to be together.  We had to end this sooner or later anyways. So whatever happened, it's for the best." Len forgot how young Barry was, as he talked so maturely.

"Thank you for understanding Barry, you have no idea how many messy break-ups I had for this reason, you are so mature for your age." Even hearing about his past affairs was hurting Barry. 

Barry nodded again. "...I should get going."

"Wait for lunch p- Barry, what's your favorite? I'll make it no time." Len insisted.

A humorless laugh escaped Barry's mouth, he had fallen for a man who didn't even know what food he liked let alone knowing him. "Don't bother, I will get something on my way home."

"I can make a simple sandwich till you pack your stuff." Len announced and turned towards kitchen but Barry stopped him saying, "I have already packed it."


He wanted scream, break something, slap Len but he couldn't do that. Damn Len for being so nice when he wouldn't get anything out of it. Barry had always thought Len cared about him because they were sleeping together but now that was no longer a possibility and he still wanted to cook for Barry one last time. And it wasn't out of pity, he could see that his teacher wished best for him, it had nothing to do with being in love with him.


This was what making it harder to end this for Barry. Len was so caring, so good to him and it was easy to imagine their future together with a cute dog and a baby. Fuck, he was imagining it right now! Barry realized that Len was staring at him in concern as he was standing there lost in his thoughts.

"I'll get my bag." Barry said and quickly left the room.


Len insisted that he should at least drop Barry at his home. Barry gave in, as it was always difficult to say no to the man.

It stung like salt on an open wound when he saw Leonard changed into outdoor clothes. 

Why was he looking extra good today?! Or was it attractive just because I can't have him anymore?


Barry was a second away from meltdown as Len opened the car's door for him. Why was he so fucking sweet?!

The ride to his home was very awkward, eerily quiet but Len didn't seem to notice it, humming some tune that Barry didn't recognize. Barry spent the whole time looking out of the window till they reached. Len carried his backpack to the door even when Barry protested, "It's really not that heavy, Len." 

Barry turned around to say goodbye and Len leaned in for a kiss. Barry  reluctantly stopped him with a hand on his chest when Len's lips were at a hair's breadth from him. 

"No." He said even though his resolve was crumbling as Len didn't back off, his breath tickling against Barry's cheeks.

"If I kiss you now I won't be able to let you go." He pleaded.

"Don't we deserve a good bye kiss, princess." Len said, his eyebrows furrowed. 

"I said don't call me that L– Mr.Snart." Barry said pointedly, breathing was seeming like a difficult task as Len's body had caged him against the door, making him realize what he was going to loose. 

"I can't forget you Barry,  I can't forget what we had, you are very special to me. Don't you think we should end this beautiful thing with a good final moment to remember it by?"

That was the last straw, any reason Barry was giving himself for why this was a bad idea went flying through the window. He couldn't think, couldn't see anything besides Len. Barry lunged forward with a force, kissing Len with so much passion and force that their teeth clashed together and Len swayed a bit to hold his ground as Barry threw himself at him.

Len kissed back, holding him in his arms, equally passionate. It was all teeth and tongue with biting lips, wild and animalistic. Barry's eyes watered on their own accord, tears rolling down his cheeks.

They seperated when it was absolutely necessary to breathe, but stayed very close, Barry's face cradled in Len's palms.
He looked at Barry's face and his own eyes teared up at the sight, the boy was clearly struggling to hold back his emotions but his eyes were betraying him, tears flowing without his permission. 

"I hate you." Barry said in a shaky voice, but no heat behind those words.

"Don't say that." Len pleaded.

"I hate that–" Barry was feeling an ache in his chest making it difficult to continue but he plowed through, "I hate that I– love you."

Len was at lost so he hugged Barry tighter against him. He stifled his sobs against Len's chest, his hands clutching his shirt at the back, holding on for dear life.

"This was what I was afraid of, in the beginning. This is why I thought it was a bad idea." Len said in a small voice, but he wasn't saying it in a gloating 'I told you so' way, he sounded like he regretted his decision.

"I don't r-regret it Len. I understood the rules but my stupid treacherous h-heart fucking betrayed me."

Barry let himself be held in the warm embrace one last time, letting himself calm down with the soothing rubs on his back. He was trying to find comfort in the person who was the reason of him being hurt, albeit indirectly. He was being a masochist, the more time he spent with Len now, more the pain he'd feel the next moment when the man left him. 

"I can't do this to myself." Barry ordered himself firmly and let go of the embrace.

"I am glad I met you in my life, the time we spent together was beautiful. I hope you get everything you wish for." Barry said with a resolve of not breaking down in front of him and kissed his cheek.

"I wish you to meet someone who will make you forget everything else and keep you happy forever." Len pecked him on his forehead. 

"See you tomorrow." Len said before leaving and Barry froze in surprise but then he remembered, tomorrow was Monday and as much as he would love to but he couldn't avoid seeing his ex-lover, his teacher even for one day.

Barry watched him go, his eyes followed Len until his car was out of sight and then he rushed inside. 

He closed the door quickly and leaned against it, crying his heart out. He was holding back for so long but now he was finally alone. Len's words were echoing in his mind.

I wish you to meet someone who will make you forget everything else and keep you happy forever.

"But I already met you." He said to the empty space.


He didn't move from the door, eventually he stopped crying and slid down the door and sat on the floor, staring at a distance. It had been six hours, all his senses felt numb, he didn't feel hungry or thirsty, the pizza Len had brought him stayed on the table, forgotten. It has gotten dark outside, sun already set, Barry sat there in the dark, mumbling 'I met you' in disbelief for one last time and then fell asleep, exhausted with crying and hunger. 


Chapter Text

Barry jerked awake by sound of his phone ringing, his dad had called him to tell that they would be back at evening. He decided to skip school for the day, still not over Len.


Yesterday's morning seemed so long gone when he had woken up with the sweet smell of breakfast. He was trying so hard to keep those memories at bay but it was hard as he had spent two and half days with the man, fucking like bunnies all over his place, conveniently forgetting that there was a whole world outside of that flat. Tears trickled down his face, but he felt ghost of Len's touch wiping the tears away like he had done before. Was he really gonna be this pathetic!


He hadn't talked to any of his friends since Friday, he checked his phone to see it was flooded with messages. He opened Iris' chat first and went into another fit of crying. Her last few texts were opening the unhealed wounds further.

How long's you honeymoon gonna last? 

Did you die with far too many orgasms?! Should I call cops on Mr.Cold ; P

Answer me idiot! 

Barry wanted to grieve over his heartbreak the whole day but he had to think rationally. There were only a couple of months of senior year were remaining, he should enjoy being with his friends, give his best in studies, not make himself miserable because of a one sided relationship. 

Barry needed to talk to someone. So he called Iris, after a lot of yelling and swearing, she heard his broken tone and declared that she's coming to his home. He reluctantly made his way to his room, put some fresh clothes on. Barry intentionally avoided looking at the mirror or directly at himself, he didn't want to look at his skin which had red-purple bruises that reminded him of Len.

He got ready just in time to hear doorbell announcing Iris' arrival. 

"Oh Barr..." She took one look at him and hugged him instantly. 

He was so glad that he had such a wonderful friend who could understand his mood without having to tell her. She gave him a burger that her mom had made and didn't listen to him until he finished it all. They walked to the school and he told her everything on their way. Barry was feeling a bit better as if a heavy load was lifted off of his chest.


When he met his friends nobody asked him why he looked sad, he suspected that Iris was the one to warn them beforehand. He was dreading third period as it was Maths and even though he was telling himself to move on it was easier said than done. He told Cisco that he was skipping the lecture and guessing by the understanding smile and nod his friend gave him, Cisco might have deduced so as to why he was so glum. 

He went to the lake by the woods behind his school, where he used to go to when he was a kid, angry with his parents. He hadn't been there for a long time but that was the peace he needed right now, to be in the presence of nature, hear the water flowing, birds chirping and rustling of leaves. 

"Didn't see you here before, how did you find this place?" Barry was startled to hear someone speak, breaking the peaceful silence. He looked behind himself to see his classmate, Oliver smiling.

"I used to come here a long time ago, used to be my sulking spot." Barry smiled back at him.

"Mind if I join you?" Barry just shrugged and the other boy sat beside him.

"So what brings you here now?"

"Going through bad break-up... What about you?" He answered honestly, he hadn't really talked to Oliver but he seemed like a good guy.

"Oh... I just hate maths." Oliver shrugged and Barry found himself chuckling along with him.



Leonard looked around the class to find Barry missing, is he alright? He never missed school, is it because of what happened between us? 

He asked Cisco about it and he said Barry wasn't feeling well. Maybe he's taken a day off to sort his feelings.



They talked about random nonsense stuff and Barry enjoyed his company. After an hour they went back to school together, discussing their favorite comics, bonding over it.

"You are a closet nerd aren't you?" Barry laughed. He didn't see where he was going and when he turned around the corner he stumbled into someone.

"Watch where you are going." 
Barry was rooted on the spot when he heard that voice.

Shit! Damn his stupid luck!

"So sorry L- Mr.Snart!" Barry said, looking like a deer in headlights.

"Is this your first time skipping the lecture, Allen, 'cause you are very bad at it."

"Mr.Queen, I thought you'd be expert at managing your timing by now, so you don't come across the teacher who's lecture you just bunked."

Len glared at them both and went his way. 

"Asshole." Oliver muttered under his breath.

"Hey, he's right in his position, it was our fault." Barry felt the need to defend his teacher.

"I had timed it perfectly, we wouldn't have got caught if we knew that he's gonna extend his lecture for five more minutes." 
Barry laughed at Oliver being adamant about how it's Len's fault. 


Leonard had thought Barry may be sad and heartbroken but he was fucking messing around with that Queen kid. Len felt strange seeing Barry laughing with Oliver. He knew almost all of Barry's friends, he hadn't mentioned Queen even once.

I don't care who he's talking to or sleeping with, for that matter. It's not like he's my boyfriend or anything. 



Barry was feeling much better after attending school and spending time with his friends. He believed that he could cope with his heartbreak after-all. But fate had to prove him wrong, why did the universe hate him so much?!

He was unpacking his bag to find his grey T-shirt but when he put it on, it was two sizes larger than his. He had accidentally picked up Len's instead of his own. And the worst thing was he didn't want to take it off even after knowing it 'cause it faintly smelled like Len's perfume. Barry's eyes welled up for the nth time that day. He slept in the that shirt, letting the scent comfort him.

Barry decided not to skip any more math classes and he somehow convinced Oliver to attend them too. Len let out an exhale of relief when he saw Barry in the class today, the last thing he wanted was Barry's studies affecting because of their fling. But anger boiled up inside him when he saw Barry sitting with Oliver.


Len was taking his lunch to faculty lounge he saw Barry and Oliver in the cafeteria, chatting and laughing.

He saw them together again going home after school was over. 


It pained Barry to look at Leonard and remember that if he wasn't stupid enough to fall in love with this guy, he would at least be enjoying some meaningless sex and Len's company while it lasted.

Oliver soon noticed that his face fell and became an emotionless facade whenever it was Maths class. 

So Oliver asked him about it one day and Barry trusted him enough to open up about it. Since Barry had talked about it with him, they had gotten a lot closer, became better friends.


Len got annoyed every time he saw Barry happy with Oliver. He knew he was a possessive and jealous man but they weren't in a relation and he didn't have any right to feel this way. And he couldn't do anything about it.

After a few days of ignoring it all, he couldn't stop himself from asking Barry to meet him. But he was never alone, fucking Oliver was always with him, even now.

"Mr.Queen, you can go ahead, I wanted to talk to B-Allen."

"It's fine Ollie, you can stay." Barry said, holding his hand and staring at Len challengingly.

"I've almost checked half of the test papers and yours is already done. You have improved so much since last two tests, Barry. Keep it up, I am proud of you." Len smiled, saying only half the thing he wanted to talk about, he couldn't talk the rest of it in front of the other boy.

"Thank you, Mr.Snart." The boy said, his heart beating fast. After three weeks and five days since break-up (yes he was counting, and no it wasn't pathetic) one kind thing and that smile from Len and his heart was all gooey and mushy, threatening to go down the same damn path again.

And he would be lying if he said that he didn't find it super hot when Len glared at Oliver in jealousy and anger while they were leaving. He was so fucked!


Chapter Text

Len saw Barry standing at the entrance of school, waiting for the rain to stop. 

"Come, I'll drop you." Len said pointing towards his car, startling Barry.

"It's fine, it'll stop pouring." Barry gave him a cursory smile and returned to watching the rain. 

"I'd offer lift to any student in this situation Barry, I am not trying anything..." Len sighed. 

"I didn't say that, Mr.Snart." Barry said still not looking at his teacher.

"You can call me Len when we're alone you know..."

"I can't stay on friendly terms with you. It won't do any good to my sanity."

"...I am sorry, you can call me Mr.Snart. But It doesn't look like rain's gonna stop soon, I just want to help you, don't you trust me?"

When Len put it like that Barry couldn't say no. 


"Your friends left early huh?" Len asked casually, eyes on the road.

"Yeah... I stayed behind for some work."

"Your boyfriend didn't wait for you?" Len asked nonchalantly, trying hard not to sound invasive.


So Len really was jealous of Oliver, Barry suppressed the laugh bubbling up inside of him. He wanted Len to feel bad for breaking up with him, so he didn't bother to correct the older man and just went along with it.

"He's planning something special for tonight so he left early." Barry smiled innocently at Len through the rear view mirror, secretly pleased that Len looked pissed.

After a long pause Len asked him if his T-shirt was at Barry's home because Len had found Barry's in his closet. Barry of course remembered that he had Len's gray T-shirt because he wore it all the time, he knew he should have given it back if he really wanted to move on but he couldn't make himself give it up till now. But now that he had asked for it, unfortunately Barry had to return it. 

When Barry reached his room, he found the shirt on his bed, rumpled as he had worn it yesterday. He couldn't make any excuse for returning it after washing so he just folded it and handed to Len, hoping to whatever gods listening that Len would ignore it's state. But obviously it didn't happen, Len noticed it and directly asked, "Were you wearing my T-shirt, knowing it's mine!"

"I-I thought it was mine."

"Cut the crap Princess, there's no way you didn't realize the size difference." Len smirked.

"Uh-" Barry said eloquently, toying with his fingers, unable to meet Len's eyes.  

"Does your boyfriend know you are still so hung up on your ex that you wear my clothes even though you sleep with him?" Len got closer and lifted Barry's chin, staring into his eyes. He was being mean, but it fucking hurt to see Barry happy with someone else.

"I was sleepy last night and didn't even notice it's not mine until this morning. I don't love you, I was stupid to confuse lust with love. You are not special, I can find hundred others to replace you. Not everything is about you, get off of your high horse." Barry spat the words, his breathing quickened with anger as Len's words had hit home, clawing at his half healed heart and ripping it to shreds.

"Look into my eyes and say you don't love me, Barry." Leonard's grip was bruising on Barry's face but his words were more stinging. His eyes were wet, realizing that they were tearing each other apart with venomous words, while trying to protect their own fragile hearts.

Barry's eyes also teared up looking at Len, his blue eyes were baring every emotion to Barry. But Barry wanted him to feel the pain that he was going through for last four weeks, he wanted to fight Len for realizing so late that he loved Barry too. So he did just that, he looked Len dead in his eyes and said, "I don't love you. Never did, not now, not before, not for a moment. I hate you Len."while his eyes were flowing uncontrollably.

It was a wonder how his mouth was speaking words of hate but his hazel eyes spoke a different language. As soon as he said it, he lunged forward to kiss Len furiously, pulling the man closer by his collars.

Leonard's arms went around his waist instinctively as he kissed him back. He backed them up until Barry's back was against a wall while his lips mashed against Barry's, as if trying to eat his mouth. Barry hungrily pushed back, his mouth open, tongue pushing past his teeth to the moist space within. Their tongues fought for dominance, working against each other. It was so rough, hot, moist and passionate that breathing seemed like a useless obstacle between them.

After what seemed like hours of literally devouring each others mouths, their lips parted, Barry's head leaned against the wall and Len rested his against Barry's sternum, catching their breaths.


Len borrowed his face in Barry's neck, "Fuck, you smell so good princess, I don't know whether to fuck you or eat you."

"Both." Barry moaned. The bristles of Len's stubble scratched against his soft skin as the boy gripped his head firmly, holding Len against his erogenous spot as he sucked hard at it.

"Ahhh Daddy.... Please." Len pulled back to inspect the mark, then delved back in to suck on the same spot harder, deeming the hickey not dark enough.

"There. Now no one else can have you." He growled, satisfied. 

"I am only yours, daddy." Barry keened. 

"We shouldn't do this yet, Barry you have a boyfriend." Len remembered.

"I'll break-up with him, tomorrow. Now fuck me." Barry whined.

"This isn't right, princess."

"Oh for fucks sake," Barry whined and fished his phone out of his pocket and texted Ollie 'I am breaking up with you. I love someone else. Hope you understand.' and showed it to Len. He couldn't admit to Len that it was a lie just to get a rise out of him.

"There. I am single again." 

"Always so fucking impatient babe..." Len chuckled, kissing his cheek fondly. 

Barry pushed away from the wall and pulled Len towards his bedroom.
"Wait! What if your parents come back." Len stopped.

"Their work ends at 7, we still have one and half hour, now hurry!" He tugged Len into his room. 

As soon as he locked the door behind him, they returned to kissing again, frantically grabbing and pulling each others clothes.

"Daddyyy! That was my favorite shirt!" Barry complained as his buttons went flying across the room.

"I'll buy you a new one, princess." Len said, nipping at Barry's now exposed collar bone. 

"Mmm... Daddy, I missed you so much." 

"Why? Your boyfriend didn't fuck you good?" Len pushed him on the bed and went back to kissing his torso.

"N-nothing– Ahhh- happened between us." Barry moaned as Len kept sucking and nipping at his skin, leaving marks all over him.

"Good boy, always remember who you belong to." Len said pleased with his answer before biting at Barry's inner thigh playfully.

"D-addy! You are so possessive, it won't surprise me if you'd pee on me to mark your territory." Barry laughed.

"Do you want me to?" Len arched an eyebrow, smirking.

"Eww, no!" Barry scrunched his nose in disgust and Len couldn't stop himself from kissing the tip of younger's nose. 

"You are so cute, babe..." Len smiled, peppering kisses all over Barry's face. He saw red color rising on his cheeks, realizing how much his words affected the boy. 

"My pretty princess." Len said, kissing on his lips lightly and he blushed more.

"Daddy..." Barry whined, hiding his face in his palms.

"What? You don't like when I call you pretty?" Len teased, pinning Barry's hands above his head so he couldn't hide anymore.

"My gorgeous boyfriend... With pretty pretty face. And a cute bum. And a tight little boypussy." Len continued, watching him squirm.

"Fuck me, daddy. It's been so long since I had you inside me." Barry pleaded. 

"My wanton slut, so desperate to get fucked..." Len teased his hole with a lubed finger until Barry impatiently pushed his ass down, impaling himself on the finger. 

"Yes daddy..." 

Len slowly prepared him with three fingers as if he had all the time in the world, enjoying Barry's moans and helpless pleas to go faster, harder

"Can't live without a cock stuffing your whore pussy can you?"

"You didn't even wait a day to find a new guy after we broke up. Is this what you want?"He asked speeding up his fingers.

"Mmm hmm. M-more..."  Barry whimpered.

"Don't worry. I'll fuck you so good that you'd never be satisfied with anyone else."

Len edged Barry with his fingers, constantly hitting his prostate until Barry forgot how to speak. The boy was reduced to breathy moans and desperate sobs.

He then pulled his fingers out suddenly, watching perversely as Barry's hole gaped, trying to hold onto nothing. 

"Please daddy..."

Len complied, thrusting his hardness all in one go, knocking his breath out. He kept fucking him at a punishing pace, enjoying the tight hole after so long. He had missed this, Barry was everywhere around him, clenching on his cock, his tight hot walls hugging every inch of his cock, squeezing him, milking him.

"Fuck! Do you feel how your pussy is pulling me in princess?"
"Yeah... I love your big dick inside my– Aghhh- pussy, I want to keep you there forever."

As Barry came, his hole went impossibility tighter around Len, giving him exquisite pleasure.

Apart from the physical sensation Barry was making these noises, these fucking keens and moans which made Len loose it, shooting his load deep inside Barry's ass with a content groan. 

"Love you, princess." He panted into Barry's ears as he struggled to catch his breath.

"I love you too, daddy." Barry said, kissing his temple. 

After a while Barry burst out laughing, which made look up from the crook of Barry's neck. 

"How is it possible that after three months of fucking, today's the first time we had sex in missionary position." Barry laughed and Len joined him.

"Should've done it sooner... Looking at your beautiful face while fucking would've made me catch feelings earlier than this." Len said honestly. 

"So is this official?" Barry asked. "Uh- the boyfriend thing..."

"Of course, boyfriend." Len said, pecking on his cheek.


Chapter Text

"Break-up over a text, seriously!" Oliver said dramatically with a fake hurt expression.

"Yeah, I met someone better." Barry said haughtily, trying his best to not laugh but he chuckled along when the other boy laughed.

"I guess congratulations are in order..." Ollie said lightly brushing his finger over hickey on the side of Barry's neck.

"Oww, don't touch it, it's still raw." He blushed.

"Jeez, Is he a vampire!" Oliver joked. 

"You have no idea, my body is looking like a Leopard's skin with all the hickeys." Barry chuckled, face turning redder.

"You are really into him, aren't you?" 

Barry nodded, smiling shyly and Ollie hugged him, "I am so happy for you Barry." 



Barry was on cloud nine since Len had called him boyfriend. And this was the honeymoon period for them, so they were fucking like rabbits at every chance they got. Leonard was now sweet, slow and considerate when they had sex. Barry felt precious and loved first few times but he was kinda bored of Len being so gentle with him as if he was made of glass.


He was missing the wild, animalistic fucking and the humiliating names Len called him during that. Barry asked for it but Len didn't get rough with him. He suddenly remembered how possessive Len had got when they fucked first time after break-up, he wanted it back. He could make him jealous again! 



Barry was in Len's office, standing between his legs with Len leaning against his desk and arms around Barry. Len kissed him leisurely, tasting his lips with his own.

"Finally we are alone..." Barry smiled into the sweet kiss on his lips.

"We could spend more time together but you always with that Queen kid!" Len scowled, getting straight to the thing which was bothering him for a few days without beating around the bush.

"I know we broke up but he's my friend Len." Barry said innocently. 

"You have a lot of friends, why can't you be with them more?"

"But I like spending time with Ollie..." Barry said, knowing what he was doing to the other man. 

"Why are you here then? Go and have fun with Ollie." Len huffed.

"I have told you before daddy, nothing happened between us!" Barry chuckled at Len's pout.

"I think you need a reminder of who you belong to, princess... You forget it so often." Len said biting at the fading hickey on his neck.

"Yes daddy! Claim me yours!"

"Oh I intend to princess, and once I am done with you, you won't remember anything else besides my name." Len purred in his ear, dark and low and bit his earlobe.

He started kissing Barry again but this time it was complete opposite of the kiss they shared a few minutes ago. This one was all tongue, teeth, biting; full of possessiveness in addition to the passion. Len did his buttons and fly fervently until he was completely naked except for the pink panties and lifted Barry without breaking the kiss, the boy wrapped his legs around him instinctively.


He slammed Barry against the wall, still kissing him mercilessly until their lips were red, sticky and swollen. There was something so hot about being naked when the other man was fully dressed. Barry loved being at Len's mercy, being nothing more than a mere mean of pleasure for him. Len single handedly supported Barry's whole weight and went to tease his hole with a dry finger of other hand but found the whole loose and wet.

"Did you prepare yourself for me?" He asked, pleased.

"Ye-AHHH!" He screamed when Len shoved three fingers at once, "Yes daddy, my pussy is all wet and dripping for you..."  Barry panted.

"Hungry for my cock, huh? Tell me, how did you prepare your slutty boypussy for me?"

"I uh- I fingered myself in the washroom– fuck- after school was over."

"Oh you naughty boy, couldn't wait to take my cock in your ass?"

"N-no daddy, I wanted you to fuck me since your lecture. I was so hard, I couldn't– yes there- couldn't understand anything around me!" Barry whimpered as Len hit his prostate.

"Did you think about your friend too?" Len growled.

"N-No! I thought about you, daddy; fucking me there, where anyone could– fuuuck- walk in and hear what a cockslut I am, for y-you."

"Bit of an exhibitionist, aren't you... Want everyone to know who this belongs to?" Len asked, fingers jabbing hard at his sweet spot.


"I bet you want others to use you like a cheap whore after I am done."

Barry didn't answer and closed his eyes.

"You do want it, don't you? Getting fucked by everyone and have all the come in your whore pussy... Answer me!"

"Yeahhh, daddy... I am a cumslut and want to be used like one." 

"Did you come from finger-fucking yourself?" Len asked. 

"No, I wanted to come from your dick only!" 

"Good boy, princess." Len rewarded him with a kiss. He then told Barry to let go of his grip around Len and raised him higher with legs propped over his shoulder so that Barry's crotch was in Len's face. He lowered Barry's panties enough to let his cock out and took it all in his mouth.

"Fuck!" Barry nearly screamed at the sudden wet, hot sensation around his cock after having neglected it for so long. Len sucked harder while he kept finger-fucking the boy.

"You are so strong daddy!"

Len hummed around the cocklet, the vibrations of his voice adding to Barry's pleasure.

"Daddy... I am g-gonna..." Barry moaned holding Len's head tight as his legs felt weak with the force of his orgasm. Len lowered Barry and kissed him open mouthed, swapping Barry's cum between their mouths in the filthy kiss.

"Swallow it princess..." He waited for Barry to comply,  "How does your spunk taste, baby?"

"Yours is better..." Barry smiled playfully, a trail of saliva and cum dribbling from corner of his lips. Len wiped it with thumb and put it back in Barry's mouth. Barry sucked the thumb lewdly, moaning around it while staring into Len's eyes.

"Too bad, today you won't be able to taste it... I am planning to fuck you into submission."

"But daddyyy..." Barry whined and Len slapped his ass in warning, "Get this wet or I'll fuck you raw and believe me princess it won't be fun."


Barry nodded eagerly and leaned forward to take Len's flesh in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the sensitive head. Len impatiently slid his dick fully into his mouth, hitting Barry's back against the wall.

Bracing his hands on the wall above Barry, Len started moving his hips, thrusting himself in and out.  Barry put one of his hand on other's hip for support and used other to cup and roll Len's balls in his palm. 

“Yes. Uhh, just like that.” Len breathed, as Barry did something amazing with his tongue and played with his balls at the same time.  


“Oh god, take it bitch. Suck my fucking cock like you're hungry for it.”  One of his hands moved down through Barry's hair to hold his head in place and prevent it from hitting the wall as he face-fucked the boy with abandon.

Pleasure was pooling in Barry's gut as Len used him harshly, getting hard again. When Len looked down to see Barry's bright green eyes staring up at him, he almost blew right there. 

"Enough!" Len pulled Barry's mouth off him with force. 

He pulled Barry up with his hair and Barry let out an involuntary moan.

"God! I think I have hair pulling kink, Len!" Barry chuckled breathlessly but it was cut off by Len slamming his lips against Barry's in a dirty kiss. Barry holstered his legs around Len once again as Len lifted Barry off the ground.

Len took his aching hardness out of its confines and thrust into Barry without a warning.

"Aghhhh..." Barry groaned, breaking the kiss and accidentally hit his head against the wall.

"Princess, you okay?" Len froze.

"Yeah, uh... mostly." Barry rubbed his head sheepishly but when he saw Len's guilty expression, he yelled, "Don't you dare stop now or I swear to God Len, I'll go with first man I can find to fuck me." 

Well, that confirmed Barry's alright so Len continued his thrusts, only deeper than before.

"Do you think you can find anyone who'll fuck you as good as me?" Len growled.

"Of course, I bet Oliver's better than you."

Len paused mid thrust and pulled out completely, lifting Barry a bit higher before slamming into Barry with all the force and pulling the boy down at the same time.

"DADDY!!" Barry screamed at the sudden and brutal attack on his sweet spot.

"What were you saying huh?" Len challenged, all while fucking Barry ruthlessly. 

"Ah-ah-ah-ah- nothing, Daddy. You're– fuck- you're the best!" Barry whimpered, his little cock bouncing obscenely with each thrust. 


"That's right, you better remember that slut!" Len began bouncing the boy on his length, reaching deeper and rubbing hard against the barely prepared insides. 

"Yes daddy! Fuck, Oh god!" Barry held on to dear life with his arms around Len's neck and legs around his waist, helplessly turned on but unable to touch himself. 

"You sound so hot, moaning like a whore. My slutty princess." Len sped up his hips, thrusts getting erratic as he got closer to the climax. Barry surprised them both by coming a second time, painting Len's dress shirt in white ribbons. His inner walls were feeling tender and sensitive but he let Len use him until he came, thrusting deep one last time and ejaculating inside. 


"Mmmh... Told you... Yours taste better." Barry said eating cum from his pussy with two fingers.

"Ugh- gross." Len laughed but kissed him on the lips.

They struggled to keep kissing as both of them were smiling too much to do it properly. If this is what feels like to be in love, then it's worth anything and everything in the world, Len thought.


Chapter Text

Barry was feeling anxious since he had stepped in the school. His face was pink and warm the whole day. Barry walked the hallways with his eyes on the ground as he was having this ridiculous notion that everyone was staring at him. As if they knew his dirty little secret.


God, he had to go through it for six hours! Why was he doing this again? Oh right, because he couldn't say no to Len and Len couldn't pass upon the opportunity to sexually torture Barry and play into Barry's recently developed exhibitionist kink. It was a sweet sweet torture and also a constant fear of getting caught somehow.


Len had asked if he really wanted to do it and told him to use safeword if it became too much but on one condition, no sex for the day. So here he was, sitting for the first lecture with a buttplug in his ass. A fucking princess buttplug with a pink heart-shaped diamond at the base!

Image of buttplug

While walking with that plug was bad, sitting was even worse as it was resting against his prostate and if he shifted even slightly, it would move against the spot. He was concentrating so hard to not do any sudden movements that he didn't even recognize that Dr.Wells had stopped teaching and was looking at him.

"Are you alright Mr.Allen, you're looking feverish."

"Y-yes Dr.Wells. Just slight temperature but I am good."

"You can leave without asking if it get worse." The teacher said kindly.

Barry nodded and tried to get through the day without getting too distracted. 

Len texted Barry in the short break.

How are we feeling today, princess   –Daddy

Not WE, Len, I AM suffering through it    –Princess

Mind you tone babe unless you want to be punished–Daddy

Barry apologized quickly as he didn't want to be edged for hours without a release.

Do you want to tap out  –Daddy
Len texted even though he already knew the answer.

No! –Princess

Then show me how pretty you look baby and I might fuck you before the school ends   –Daddy

Barry went to washroom and locked himself in a cubicle. He then bent over and pulled down his jeans, lowered the white lacy panties just enough to reveal his ass. After 4-5 tries, Barry managed to snap a good picture at the awkward angle and sent it to Len.


Leonard let out an involuntary groan as he opened the image, Barry's red rim was stretched around the thickest part of the steel plug and the pink diamond looked perfect between Barry's pale, plump ass cheeks. The teacher felt light headed as all his blood rushed towards his dick, rising to full hardness without any touch.

Fuck princess, can't wait to have that slutty pussy  –Daddy

I can't wait to have you inside me –Princess



After two periods the plug started vibrating, making the boy yelp in shock. He didn't know it could be operated from such a wide range.

"Any problem Allen!" Mr.Singh asked sternly.

"N-o Sir! Had a hick-up." He faked it a few times to make it believable all while internally cursing his boyfriend.

The plug kept randomly going off and stopped abruptly, teasing Barry the worst way. And he kept adjusting in his seat as subtly as possible so that the plug would not touch his tender spot. He was hard since last four hours which was hidden due to his baggy shirt.


It was thrilling in a way that he couldn't predict when it will start vibrating again and nobody in the school knew how naughty he was being. He was enjoying it but now it was unbearable. Barry texted Len again during the lunch break.

Daddy I can't, please –Princess

It's just a matter of two hours, baby  –Daddy

When the bell rang, Len decided to have some more fun with the boy. He knew Barry would be going back towards his class so he started the vibrations again, this time at the highest setting.

Barry lost his balance and his legs buckled in the knees as the sudden vibrations against his prostate were too much to bear. Thankfully Cisco was with him so he caught his friend before Barry faceplanted in front of whole school. 

"Are you okay dude, should I drop you home if you're feeling sick?" Cisco asked, concerned.

"It's alright... Thanks for saving me." Barry smiled.

"That's what friends are for!" Cisco smiled back.

Barry's face was burning in shame, even his ears had turned red. He feared if anyone could hear the vibrations coming from his ass. Which was impossible since Cisco was closest to him and he didn't ask anything about that. He reached the chemistry lab with Cisco's support even when the vibrations had stopped. 

Len you asshole! –Princess 
Barry texted Len under the table when Dr.Wells was explaining some experiment.

Had fun, Princess?  ; P  –Daddy

Barry was gonna reply but he whimpered when the plug started vibrating again. Dr.Wells didn't need to say anything this time as his disappointed sigh was enough to make Barry apologize and run out the door.
Barry once again went to washroom and messaged the older man the safeword.



Len immediately turned the plug off and asked Barry to come to his office. 

He closed the door and pulled Barry into kiss. Len ended the kiss when he felt something wet at his cheeks. Barry was crying because it all had been so overwhelming.

"Shhh... Barry, it's over now. You did so good." Len cooed against his hair, holding Barry in his arms loosely so Barry could easily get away if he wanted. But Barry held him tighter, silently reassuring the teacher that it was welcome. 

He held him close until Barry calmed down and let go of Len himself.

"S-sorry Len... You probably didn't want a cry baby as your boyfriend." Barry whimpered.

"Hey, you are not a cry baby alright," Len said sincerely as he looked into Barry's eyes, holding the boy's face in his palms, "It's normal to be overwhelmed." Barry nodded.

"What do you want, you can ask for anything, no won't be an option for me."

"Anything?" Barry asked hopefully, his watery green eyes looking into Len's blue ones.

"Yes." Len smiled at the sweet boy.


"I promise."

"Can we uh- can we go somewhere else first?"

"Of course, where do you want to go?"

"My home?"



They were currently naked on Barry's bed, making out.

"What did you want?" Len asked when they parted.

"So I was watch porn the other day and uh- one man was er-" Barry tried to explain while looking anywhere but at Len.

"Look at me, Barry." Len said softly, "I won't judge you for anything, Princess. If you're into it, we're gonna try it no matter what, okay?" Len gave a chaste kiss as Barry smiled and nodded at him.

"Do you want to tell me or should I start guessing?" Len asked him but Barry was just staring at Len stupidly, wondering how in the world did he get such a loving boyfriend! 

So the older man started listing off ridiculous kinks and fetishes that Barry didn't even know existed. Barry lost it when Len said, "You know some people are attracted to buildings and bridges."

"Don't kink shame people, Princess." Len said, his tone light although he had said it just to make Barry laugh and to tell him indirectly that whatever he's into, is totally not weird, people like all sorts of things.

"I didn't mean to but it's just absurd coz I am hearing it for the first time." Barry said, stopping his laughs but still smiling.

"Do you wanna tell me now or should I keep guessing?" Len arched an eyebrow at him.

"God no! I think this much info is enough for a day." Barry laughed.

"I wanted to try double penetration." Barry whispered the last part.

"Try what?" Len asked.

"Double penetration." Barry mumbled into Len's neck.

"Are you sure you want it, if you can't say it while looking at me?"

"Ugh I want it daddy." Barry pouted looking at Len, his cheeks now flushed. 

"So are we talking about a threesome or a dildo?" Len asked directly.

"Not threesome, no. Uh- dildo." Barry whispered again.

"Aww princess can't say the naughty word?" Len teased.

"Ughh– I want you to fuck me with your dick and a dildo at the same time." Barry said, loudly, rendering Len speechless. Sexual frustration could apparantly work like a magic on the boy. 

"Just a little hitch in the plan here baby, I don't have a dildo." Len said. 

"I do." Barry blushed.

"Were you beating off without asking me?" 

"No! It's still unused..." Barry rushed to explain.

"Good boy." Len kissed him thoroughly.
It didn't take much to open him up for Len's cock as he was well stretched by the plug. Len entered him slowly, thrusting a few times to get Barry used to it. 

"You ready?"

Len added one lubed finger beside his dick when Barry nodded. He slowly moved it in and out until Barry whined, "Daddy... more..."

He pulled the finger out, adding more lube to it and then reinserted it with his middle finger. Barry keened as Len took his nipple in his mouth to distract him while he scissored the two fingers inside Barry, opening him more than ever. 

Len fucked him with two fingers and his cock while he nibbled at the hard pebbles.

"More..." Barry moaned.

After an hour of preparation, Len flipped him over and pulled him up on all fours. He finally removed his fingers and plunged the dildo in.

"Ahhhhh..." They both groaned in unison as they experienced a completely new sensation. 

"Is this okay?" Len waited Barry to adjust to the obscene stretch.

"Mmm... perfect." Barry smiled in euphoria.

"Fuck, if only you could see your little pussy wide open like this!"

"Show me..." Barry handed him his phone.

"Oooh daddy! You are filling me up so nicely..." The boy moaned when he saw the filthy image of his own hole.

"You feel so tight babe. Aghhh-

"Daddy, you can uhhhh– move now..."

Len pulled out his dick while thrusted the dildo deeper and then plunged his dick in as he pulled out the dildo.

"How does it feel, baby?"

"S-oooo good daddy..."

"Fuck... so tight and hot around me."

"Yes daddy, you like that?" Barry said pushing his ass back to meet Len in the middle.

"Yeah babe, this is exquisite!"

"Fuck me harder daddy, destroy my boypussy." 

"Oh Princess, such a foul mouth you've got!"
Len began thrusting his cock and the dildo at the same time, stretching Barry's hole wider than before. 

Barry's hands gave out and his face smashed against the pillow when Len started fucking him faster and erratically. 

"We can't have you screaming like a whore, babe, you'll trigger the neighbours."
Barry was make too much noises so Len pushed his face into the pillow, muffling his sounds. But it seemed to turn him on even more as he came with a chant of Daddy.

"Fuck Barry!" Len growled, coming inside Barry not long after. 

"Your hole is uselessly trying to close but it's so loose, princess, that I can see my cum inside your rectum." Len took a close up video of Barry's asshole. 

"Your phone better be well protected Len, or I'll spontaneously combust into thin air if anyone saw your gallery." Barry said in all seriousness, making Len laugh. 


Chapter Text

Everything was going like Barry wished, his final exams had gone good, his thing with Len was growing stronger. But one thing was constantly nagging him, always on the back of his mind. They couldn't spend as much time together as he would like as his parents didn't know about it and he didn't like to lie too much, he couldn't make their relation public; even though they were dating they couldn't go on actual dates.


He always saw Iris and Eddie, Caitlin and Ronnie spending time together, hanging out with each others friends. Recently Lisa was also with their group as she and Cisco had started dating. He was feeling left alone more than ever.


The prom was on this Saturday and all his friends were busy shopping matching outfits with their girlfriends/boyfriends. Barry didn't want to go alone to the prom, being the seventh wheel now. He'd ask Oliver but he was going with Felicity. Iris had asked him to join them for shopping but he told her he already had a suit, which wasn't a lie. He had a old but fairly good suit, he could wear that if his friends insisted him to go, which they most certainly would. 

"When did you wake up?" Len asked as he saw Barry was already awake and appeared to be staring at the ceiling for quite some time. 

"Barry... Hello? Earth to Barry?" 

"Uh- yes?" 

"What's got you so tense? The school is already over."

"I am not tense!" Barry replied too quickly.

"I know when you're lying, princess..." Len smiled.

"I don't wanna go to the prom." Barry pouted.

"But it's the most special day of your High-school life!"

"Yeah, where everyone has to take a date with them."

"No one has to, babe. You can go with your friends, you'll have a great time."

"All my friends are couples, Len. I'll be the seventh wheel there!"

"But they all love you princess, they won't let you feel that way, especially when they know you're "single" ."

"I don't want to hide us Len, I am an adult and I can date whoever I want."

"Soon Barry, we'll make it official in front of everyone. But I can't be your date for the event, I am technically still your teacher even if your last semester is over. And you know what, if you go to the prom, you'll have a surprise waiting for you here."

"Do I have to?" Barry whined.

"You'll regret it later if you don't go, Barry."

Barry grudgingly agreed to go. Len asked him if he had something to wear and Barry told him about the old suit.

"Get ready, we are going out."

"But what if someone saw us!"

"That's why we're going to Keystone."



They were on their way to the Saint Laurent store but Barry's eyes were stuck on a beautiful red dress on Burberry's display on their way. He tore his eyes away reluctantly, even if the world was progressed in a lot of fields, most of the society still wasn't accepting to men in dress.

Barry tried lots of suits before Len picked a midnight blue slim-cut suit with a well-fitted waist and a thin lapelled jacket with a white shirt. 

Barry was looking at the mirror and he found Len checking him out behind him. He laughed out of nowhere, making Len smile-frown at him in curiosity.

"What's so funny Princess?"

"I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, where Richard Gere buys her expensive stuff." Barry laughed again.

"I don't mind being your sugar daddy, if it gets you to laugh so pretty." Len smiled, kissing Barry's cheek.

"No! I won't like it if you keep buying me stuff! And I am gonna pay you back for this one." 

"This is a gift, Barry... Don't I have any right to buy something for my boyfriend?" Len looked at Barry in the mirror, hugging him from behind.

"I don't want to just take from you when I can't give something in return."

"You're love is enough for me, babe."
Barry would have said it's cheesy but when he looked at Len, he could see how sincerely Len had said that.

"Same for me, I don't care about materialistic things as long as you love me."

"Aww...Look at you all grown up!"

"Len I am not a kid!" Barry complained. 

"Of course, you're so mature." Len said, making fun of Barry's whiny tone. 

"Len, I am serious!"

"Hello serious I'm Len." He deadpanned.

"Ohmygod, You've the worst sense of humor! Dad joke! Really!" Barry laughed incredulously. 

"Made you laugh, didn't I..."

"I was laughing at how bad the joke was!" 

"That still counts–"

Barry cut off Len by kissing him on the lips.

The innocent kiss soon turned into a heavy make-out session.

"Can't wait to get you out of these..." Len whispered against his neck.

"Not here, L-"
Unfortunately Len had to stop when there was a knock on door making them jump apart. 



Barry and his friends arrived to prom in a Limo arranged by Caitlin's mom, took lots of pictures, together and separate ones, had dinner. And as Len had said, he didn't feel lonely.

They all were dancing on the upbeat songs, but the DJ announced next few songs for couples. The light's dimmed, slow romantic songs started playing creating a perfect atmosphere for couples. They put on their Masquerade masks before starting their ball room dancing. Barry was watching from afar as his friends danced with their dates, not noticing someone approach him.

Their masks

"Would you like to dance, gorgeous?" Len asked offering his hand to Barry.

"Len!" Barry whisper-shouted in joy, taking the offered hand.

Len pulled them on the darker part of dance floor, so no one will know it's their teacher under that mask.

"You're looking handsome tonight, baby." Len whispered in Barry's ear as they moved with the music.

"Have you seen yourself! Looking like frickin' James Bond in that black suit."

"You know how to please a man." Len smiled.

"You know I do." Barry winked, making the other man laugh. 


"I can't believe this is real! I love you so much Len!" Barry kissed on corner of Len's lips.

"Love you too Barry." Len kissed him on lips, making the boy blush.


They were dancing with their foreheads pressed together and eyes closed, lost in each other. There was noise and chaos around them but they had long since tuned out the existence of the whole world around them, swaying in each others arms. They were so engrossed in their embrace, it didn't even register to them that the song had ended a while ago and now some loud hip hop song was playing.

"Barry, the song's over, buddy..." Cisco said, busting their little bubble.

"Uh- what?" Barry asked, confused.

"The song?" Cisco raised his eyebrows.

"Oh right!" Barry blushed and this time even Len's cheeks were pink.

"Daddy, let's go home." Barry whispered in Len's ear. The boy didn't even realize when he had started thinking of Len's place as 'home'.


"Len?" Barry asked confused when he saw the red dress that had caught his eye, laid down on Len's bed.

"Yes?" Len came in, smiling smugly.

Barry's eyes were wet as he jumped into Len's arms, hugging him tight.

"How do you know I wanted it?"

"By the way you were looking at it, I haven't even seen you looking at me with so much love." Len teased.

"Lennn! I love you more than anything in this world." Barry swatted his arm.

"More than the dress?" Len asked in good humor.

"Well..." Barry played along.

"Of course daddy!" He exclaimed, when he saw Len's eyebrows raised in surprise.


After putting on the dress, Barry was doing some make-up, when Len came in and placed a diamond tiara on his head.

"My beautiful princess." Len kissed on top of his head.

The dress and crown

"Thank you daddy." Barry smiled shyly.

Len blindfolded him and was leading him somewhere by his hand. Barry was having trouble walking in his high-heels, so Len lifted him up in his arms.

"Where are we going?" Barry asked when they entered the elevator.

"You'll see."


When he saw the surprise, Barry couldn't believe it was real.

Chapter Text

"Len- I... You didn't have to do this all!"

They were on the building's rooftop, where there was a bed with curtains of fairy lights hanging from top to bottom, a cake and champagne on a table for two and lot of heart shaped balloons on the floor. The whole place was lit with Jasmine scented candles. 

"How can I not, my princess deserves the perfect first date."

"Len..." Barry's voice cracked.

"Barry, are you crying?" Len smiled fondly.

"No I am not!" Barry said between the sniffles, turning away from Len. 

"Awe, look at me baby."

"You ruined my make up, daddy! I must be looking ugly now." Barry pouted. 

Len turned him around and wiped his eyes with his handkerchief. "See, gorgeous as ever!" 

"Now, Our dance was cut short I believe."

Barry nodded, smiling and suddenly L.O.V.E. by Frank Sinatra started playing. Len pulled Barry close and started singing along the lyrics. 

"L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see,"

"I didn't know you could sing." Barry grinned.
They swayed back and forth with Barry's arms around Len's neck and Len holding 
Barry in his embrace.

"V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two" 

Len spinned Barry with his finger before continuing the slow dance.

"Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please don't break it
Love was made for me and you" 

Barry joined Len as they sang together with matching face splitting grins on their faces.
He dipped Barry down before pulling him back again, bringing there faces suddenly very close. They both leaned forward at the same time, bumping there foreheads together making them laugh out loud.

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can

"I want to taste that smile of yours..." Len said, kissing Barry softly. But the younger man deepened the kiss. Len stopped Barry's wondering hands by holding and kissing them when they went to Len's buttons. 

"Nuh-uh, slow down princess." 

They cut the cake and Len fed it to him in the warm candle light. Barry smashed a piece on Len's face playfully, getting an glare from the man but Barry being immune to them by now, just laughed and took a picture of him.


They popped the champagne, toasting to 'the new beginnings and being free', took some more pictures. Barry settled against Len comfortably in the beautifully lit bed as they watched some rom-com. A few minutes into the movie and Barry felt Len's eyes on him.

"Stop looking at me, Len! The movie's playing on the screen, not my face!" Barry blushed.

"How can I dare watch something else when you're so breathtakingly gorgeous, princess?" Len pecked him on his temple.

"Stop it, you're so cheesy!" Barry burrowed his face in crook of Len's neck.

"You're even prettier with that beautiful red flush on your cheeks, baby." Len said, enjoying the boy's bashfulness.

"I know you're doing it on purpose! Stop it..." Barry whined against Len's skin, still not coming up from his hiding spot.

"Or what?"

"Or I will make you." Barry looked at him challengingly with narrowed eyes, looking like a playful, naughty kitten.

"Is that so?" Len arched one eyebrow, smirking. 

"Uh-huh." Barry said grouping Len's dick through his pants. 

"If this is how you're gonna make me stop, then I have no complaints, princess." Len thrusted his crotch against Barry's hand. 

"Let's see if you say the same thing when I have my way with you." Barry removed Len's tie and bound his hands behind his back. Len was curious and hella turned on with this side of Barry so he just let him do as he pleased.

Barry sat on his lap and started grinding his ass over Len's clothed dick.

"Get on with it already!" Len groaned when Barry didn't do anything else for a while beside grinding.

"Sit back and enjoy the show daddy, it's gonna be a long night." Barry smirked, getting off Len and sat on the other end of bed.

He spread his legs, making the dress bunch at his stomach, revealing his long, milky legs. He then took off his panties, giving Len a clear view of his pussy.


Len's jaw dropped as Barry put three of his fingers in his mouth, sucking them with as much noise as possible, ruining his lipstick in the process.

"Fuck, such a cocktease!" Len gasped and Barry agreed, humming around his fingers.
After giving his own fingers a long blow job, he released them out with a pop.

"You like it slow daddy? I am gonna give you just that." Barry taunted in sickeningly sweet voice.

He brought his fingers to his hole, teasing himself with the thin, delicate fingers.
"I wish these were your fingers daddy..."

Barry moaned as he thrusted two of them past his rim. "Your long, thick fingers..."

"Yeah? Then untie me baby..." Len said in a soft voice as his erection was painfully hard and weeping at such erotic sight.

"Mmm... My pussy is all tight and wet for you daddy..." Barry moaned, ignoring Len's request. Fucking himself in front of Len was turning him on even more.

"Fuck! Such a filthy little cockslut..." Len groaned as Barry added a fourth finger. 

"I am a whore for your cock daddy, so big and thick. Look how my pussy is gaping, waiting for you to fill it up." Barry panted, taking his fingers out to show the red inviting hole.

"Fuck princess, I can't wait anymore!" Len said uselessly humping the air.

"Hmmm... I don't think you really want it..." Barry said after pretending to think for a moment, making Len taste his own medicine.

"Barry..." Len growled.

"Say the magic word, daddy." Barry smiled coyly.

Len gave him a look which said "seriously, you gonna do this now?"

So Barry went up on his knees and started bouncing on his own fingers, moaning in exaggeration.

"You gonna play dirty huh..." Len said, his breath stuck in his throat.

"Mmm-hmm... I like it dirty, daddy." Barry said, continuing fucking himself.

"Please..." Len resigned.

"What was that?" Barry asked, even though he heard it.

"Please Princess..." Len couldn't hold it back any more.

"Since you asked so nicely," Barry crawled towards Len on all fours and took his cock out of his pants, making him breath sigh of relief. 

"So hard for me daddy..." Barry began stroking his length.

"Yes baby, just for you." Len thrusted his hips upwards. 

"Fuck!" He shouted as Barry teased his sensitive slit with a finger before tasting the precum and moaning around it. Barry smirked at him and ducked down to dip his tongue in the slit, making Len squirm at the sensation.

Barry languidly traced the thick veins on his hardness until Len begged for more.

The boy took mercy on him and finally began sucked him properly.

"Yessss..." Len hissed in ecstasy. 

"Just like that baby," Len gasped when Barry tongued at the tender underside of his glans.

Barry enthusiastically bobbed his head up and down on Len's length at the praise while he played with Len's balls. 

"Your mouth feels like heaven, Barry..." Len moaned.

His hips buckled when he felt his tip touching back of Barry's throat as the boy deep-throated and moaned around him.

"Fuck, I'm so close princess!" Len was just about come when Barry let him go completely.

"You can't do this baby, please..." Len pleaded.

"I think you will like this better." Barry said as he straddled Len's thighs and sank down on his wet length. 

"Ahhhhh... You always feel so- fuck– good in this position, daddy." Barry gasped as he took his dick to the hilt. 

"Move." Len commanded. 

Barry rode him until he came all over Len's exposed stomach, his ass clenching around the man. 

"Fuck! Your hole is gripping me impossibly tight, princess.

Barry's eyes were closed, red mouth hanging open in bliss, the pale column of his neck on the display as his head was thrown back, the tiara tilted on his messy brown hair and the lower part of dress bunched up in Barry's hands, adding to the beauty of the moment. Len wanted to take a picture of this beautiful debauchery but his hands were still tied.

Barry continued to ride him after coming down from his orgasm, helping Len to reach his completion.



Barry as usual, was sleepy and tired by the extertion, wanting nothing more than to sleep on top of Len then and there. But he couldn't ruin his dress by laying on the cum, so he got up, undressed, cleaned both of them up, untied Len's hands and finally laid in his arms.

"I knew you love that dress more than me!" Len laughed as he saw  Barry's efforts to keep it clean.

Barry kissed him to make him shut up.

The sleep now seemed far away as they laid under the open sky, staring at the stars, content in each others arms.


Chapter Text

Barry got admission in his dream University, Keystone University of Science and Technology. Len too, left his job in Central City and joined the Keystone Highschool to be near Barry.


One weekend when he was back in Central, Barry told his friends about him and Len, getting mixed reactions from everyone.

"Yayyyyy!!!" Iris squealed in joy, clapping excitedly before hugging him.

"But he's our- We're talking about Mr.Snart right? Did I hear it wrong?!" Caitlin was astonished.

"Lenny never told me you two were serious. So that's why he moved to Keystone!" Lisa complained.

"About time, buddy!" Cisco smiled, giving a proud pat on Barry's back. 

"You two aren't shocked about it!" Cait asked, Ronnie and Eddie looked confused too. 

"We knew it since beginning of our senior year." Iris said proudly. 

"Though I'd have preferred not overhearing them..." Cisco teased Barry.

"You are lucky if you just heard them!" Lisa complained before Barry could say anything.

"You mean you–" Cisco trailed off.

"Yep. But nothing too scandalous, thankfully my view was blocked by sofa and they were still clothed. But Barry was loud as fuck!"

"Don't I know it..." Cisco mumbled, rolling his eyes.

Barry blushed and kept his eyes at the ground, hoping his red face would go unnoticed.

"Now I feel good about not knowing! But congratulations Barr!" Eddie grinned. Followed by Caitlin and Ronnie's wishes. 

His friends were happy for him but the herculean task was to tell his parents about them. Barry called them after a few weeks to break the news, changing some details about how they met. After all who can accept and encourage the fact that their son was messing around with his Highschool teacher, in the school!


Barry said he met Len in a club in Keystone and they hit it off. Nora and Henry were reluctant to accept them, with the glaring nine year of age gap but they eventually did it for Barry's happiness.


When they went to Central to meet his parents, Len won them over with his politeness, charm and witty humor. 

"This isn't just a month old relation, is it?" Nora asked Barry when he was helping her prepare for dinner.

"Uh- it is mom... Why would you say that?" Barry asked, not looking up from the vegetables he was chopping. 

"The way you two look at each other and communicate with just your eyes, it takes longer to develop such connection." 

"... " Barry had nothing to say, he just opened and closed his mouth several times.

"It was inappropriate to have a relation with your teacher and I wouldn't have hesitated to file a report against him. But I can see he's a good guy and how much he loves and adores you, so I am happy for you even if you found love in this way." She said making peace with the fact.

"It wasn't his fault mom, I was equally responsible for it. And may be it was against the school rules but I was 18, so it isn't illegal."

She didn't reply but she didn't seem angry or upset either as she asked him to set the table.


He was pleasantly surprised to find his Dad hitting it off with Len as they were talking about some advanced medical procedure involving robotic prosthetics Len had read about. Barry didn't know Len had actual interest in it or he'd just read it to impress his parents, but whatever the reason, he was happy. 


When they were back in Keystone, Len took him somewhere without telling anything about where they were going.

They entered a tall building, the elevator stopping after a long time. 

"So, what do you think?" Len  asked as he showed Barry around the perfectly sumptuous, elegant two bedroom apartment. 

"This is beautiful," Barry turned 360 to look at it again. "Is this yours?" He asked in awe.

"No, it's the neighbour's, of course it's mine..." Len teased. "Hopefully ours, if you say yes..."

When Barry turned towards him in surprise, Len was on one knee opening a small box with a key in it.

"Yes, yes a thousand times yes!" Barry pulled Len up and jumped in his arms.

Len spun them around in joy, before putting Barry down and kissing him thoroughly. 

"I am so happy you liked it, princess!"  

"Can I set this place up? I have so many ideas!" Barry gushed.

"Of course Barry... It's all yours." Len smiled at him.

Barry dragged him to the largest room, "This will be our bedroom, two closets will go here, and we should buy some light drapes to contrast the dark walls." He said, gesturing around in excitement.

"And this will be our study room where I can do my study and you can do your work, and later we can turn this into baby's ro–" Barry caught himself as he blurted out the wrong thing but it was already too late. 

Len was staring at him with wide eyes, brows raised in surprise. 

"I– uh- Forget I said anything!" Barry blushed.

"I don't think this is a good idea." The color drained from Barry's face, Len was obviously regretting his decision of asking Barry to move in with him.

"We'd need a much bigger place, cause I want at least three kids. A boy and a girl like you and may be one like me." Len smiled at him and Barry let out a sigh of relief.

"Can we get a dog too, to play with our kids." Barry asked, looking up through his eyelashes.

"Anything you want, Princess. Anything you want." Len kissed his forehead fondly.

"Is it weird that I want kids at such an early age?" Barry winced, asking self-consciously.

"Not at all babe, though I think it would be a tad bit concerning if you had decided their names too." Len smiled.

"Uh-" Barry panicked.

"Oh my god, you do have their names in mind, don't you!"

"N-No?" Barry turned away from Len, face looking as red as an apple.

"I was just kidding, princess! It's totally adorable that you have picked out the names of our children, as long as you let me veto them." Len laughed.

"What do you think about Michael and William for boys and Lilah and Nora for girls." Barry said, smiling bashfully. 

"I honestly didn't expect you to put so much thought in this... But the names are great! Much better than Bartholomew and Leonard!" Both of them burst out laughing.

"Our parents set the bar very low to begin with, almost every name is better than Bartholomew and Leonard!" Barry chuckled, wiping the wetness from his eyes. 

"You know, I was gonna ask you about your thoughts on our future, but you have baby names decided and probably figured out what college they'd go to, so this works too I guess..." He smiled.

"You aren't gonna run away because of this, are you?" Barry asked, still unsure of how Len feels about having kids.

"Of course not! If I ran away then who's gonna take care of little Mike, Will, Lilah, Nora and my princess!" Len said in all seriousness, making Barry laugh out loud.

"I am so lucky to have you, Len..." The younger man said, kissing Len on lips.

"Don't do this in children's bedroom, Barry!"

"Now you're just making fun of me!" Barry pushed him away, pouting. 

"Awe don't be like that honey, the kids are gonna think their dada doesn't love their papa."

"Okay this is it. I want a divorce and I'm taking our kids with me." Barry said, two can play at this game.

The playful banter ended up in I Love You's and making out in their new home, being the first of the many great moments witnessed by this home. 



The End