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Stars Align

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Cait took a deep breath, ran her fingers through her hair, and slowly walked towards him. At this moment, Sam slipped his phone into his back pocket, picked up the two coffees, turned around and froze. Cait was standing 3 feet away, arms crossed across her chest, headed titled and a smirk on her lips. Sam’s eyes were wide with surprise and confusion for a minute, then a smile of embarrassment graced his lips. He looked down at his feet and awkwardly shuffled.
“Well…I guess I’m busted,” Sam said shyly, not able to look at her eyes.
Cait giggled, “Yes you are! You beat me to it, too!”
Sam looked up then and tilted his head in question. “You planned on doing this too?”
“Yes, actually. You’re too quick, I suppose,” Cait teased.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I…” Sam bit his lip.
“Don’t be,” Cait took a step closer to him. “I was just going to get you one to repay the favour, and also as a thank you for…lots of things.”
Sam smiled crookedly. “You’re welcome…coffee?” Sam held hers out to her.
Cait grinned and took it, carefully taking a sip.
“Let’s see if I can get through this one without spilling it,” Cait smirked.
This made Sam laugh, and he put his hand lightly on her back to direct her to walk back the other way.
“That’s two coffees I owe you, now,” Cait teased, taking another sip and peering over to him.
“You don’t owe me anything, Caitriona Balfe,” Sam replied with a small smile.
“Sam Heughan,” Cait said with a smirk.
Sam looked at her then with a bright smile.
Cait looked back at him and giggled, “I just find it amusing that you say my full name.”
“It’s a nice name, I like saying it,” Sam smirked, taking a sip of his coffee.
Cait smiled to herself, shaking her head slightly with closed eyes and looked across the road, spotting a nice, white restaurant, open. “Do you want to go over there?”
“Yeah that looks good,” Sam nodded, then placed his hand on Cait’s back again, as they prepared to cross the road.
The feeling of his hand on her back, even through the massive coat, was like electricity. It made the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand. She tried not to squirm or quiver at his touch.
They found a booth inside the cosy restaurant and sat down.
“Let me know what you would like, and I’ll go order,” Sam invited, as he examined his menu.
Cait slightly lowered her menu so she could look at him.
“You’re not buying me breakfast, Sam. You’ve done enough,” Cait asserted.
She wasn’t agitated, but her words were assertive enough that Sam knew he shouldn’t insist on this one.
“Since you didn’t allow me to buy you a coffee, I think I’ll be the one to order,” Cait asserted, raising her eyebrows and placing her menu down.
“No no. Two coffees and two meals…there’s a big difference there, I…” Sam insisted.
“Sam, you haven’t just bought me two coffees. You’ve done a lot more in the very short amount of time I’ve known you, and I’m thankful for it,” Cait interjected with a soft voice.
“But you don’t owe me anything,” Sam shook his head and shrugged.
“I know. Consider this a thank you. Are you going to tell me what you’re having?” Cait probed, with raised eyebrows.
Sam hung his head, looking at his menu, knowing he had been defeated. With a soft smile, he murmured, “the poached eggs, bacon, avocado and mushroom on sourdough, please.”
Cait nodded once, gave a cheeky smirk, slid out of the booth and walked over to the counter.
Sam watched her leave, resting his chin on one of his hands, two of his fingers resting on his cheek, and sighed.
‘She knows what she wants…very insistent…won’t back down. I think that’s sexy…ugh!’
Sam clenched his teeth and rubbed his forehead, closing his eyes briefly.
As he saw Cait approach the booth with a table number, it snapped him out of his frustrations and he quickly put his arms underneath the table and acknowledged her with a crooked, slightly awkward grin. Cait reciprocated as she slid back into the booth. She nervously played with her fingers while absently looking at the salt and peppers shakers, then looked at her hand, then the sleeve of a certain someone’s jacket she was STILL wearing.
“Oh!” Cait suddenly exclaimed, and made a silly raspberry noise with her mouth, out of embarrassment.
Sam’s eyebrow twitched upward in question, and he cocked his head to one side.
Cait shrugged out of Sam’s big coat that she pretty much was starting to take ownership of. Once her arms were free, Cait displayed herself in a tight, black knitted jumper, with quite a deep V-neck cut. The jumper revealed a good amount of Cait’s cleavage and prominent collarbones. Sam’s eyes widened uncontrollably, then he quickly looked away, clearing his throat too harshly that it made him cough.
‘OH, COME ON! FUCK! Alright, don’t look. Stop coughing. Keep your eyes on her eyes…I’m going to see this woman naked at some point…fuck, I’m going to make a complete dick of myself! Alright, stop. You’re going to have to get used to this. Keep it together…why does she have to be so attractive! That body! I haven’t even seen the rest yet and I’m about ready to explode! Fuck! What is wrong with me! This has never happened before…I’ve seen naked women plenty of times…so why am I so fucking nervous…alright, shut up. KEEP.YOUR.HEAD.ON.STRAIGHT. PROFESSIONALISM. FOR FUCK’S SAKE.’
“Are…are you alright, Sam?” Cait asked with concern in her tone, as she filled up a glass with water and pushed it towards him.
Sam covered his mouth and cleared his throat a few more times. He squeezed his eyes shut and nodded, grabbing the glass and gulping down the cold water. Sam breathed heavily afterwards and giggled nervously.
“Sorry, I think I uh…inhaled some saliva into my windpipe, that’s all…” Sam bit his top lip and fiddled with the small, empty glass, not meeting her glance.
Cait exhaled through her nose and smiled. Then she stood up slightly so she could grab the coat from underneath her. She folded it in half and carefully handed it back to him over the table.
“Sorry, I forgot I was still wearing it. You didn’t ask for it back!” Cait teased and giggled softly.
“Oh, that’s alright, you needed it more than I did. Are you sure you don’t want to keep it on? That uh…it may not be uh…warm enough,” Sam struggled, slightly blushing, with every effort to not look anywhere but her eyes.
“It’s supposed to be a warm day today, I should be fine…” Cait shrugged, crossing her left arm over her chest, holding onto her right arm.
This created more cleavage, and Sam’s eyes flickered down and back up within half a second. He started clearing his throat again, harshly grabbed the glass bottle of water and poured himself another glass.
Cait eyed him suspiciously. ‘He’s acting rather strange…twitchy and…nervous? Can’t sit still and he looks a bit flushed…and coughing…he must have allergies or something. It is England’s Spring, after all…’
Sam still wouldn’t meet her gaze, as he purposely examined everything in the restaurant he could.
“Sam?” Cait asked, with her elbows now resting on the table.
Dreading that he would now have to look at her, both hands clenched; one into a fist on his lap, and one holding the glass tightly.
“Hmm?” Sam responded, finally looking at her, determined to focus on every feature of her face and nowhere else.
“Tell me about your family? You didn’t really mention them, at the airport,” Cait requested, now resting both hands underneath her chin.
‘Thank God, a distraction!’ Sam thought to himself and cleared his throat once more.
He gave Cait a genuine smile and began to tell her all about his family. Five minutes into the conversation, their breakfast arrived. Sam continued to tell Cait about his Scottish ancestors as best he could, but the way Cait licked her lips while eating was getting very distracting. He turned his attention to his food and continued to speak. Meanwhile, Cait begun to squirm a little and become flustered.
‘The way he…uses his teeth to take his food off the fork…why is that making me feel…slightly hot…he does have nice teeth…and the way those blue eyes are twinkling with him being so happy talking about his Scottish heritage…NO, STOP IT! FOCUS.’
Cait took a quiet but deep breath and composed herself, making sure she didn’t watch as Sam took each bite off his fork. Instead, she conveniently took a sip of her coffee each time he put his fork to his mouth. Luckily, he didn’t notice.
“Now, your turn, Caitriona Balfe. Tell me about your family,” Sam smirked, pushing his plate away from him, sitting back and crossing his arms over his chest.
This brought Cait out of her daydream and she reciprocated the smirk, a little too flirtatiously. They sat together for a couple of hours more, chatting back and forth about each other’s families, not keeping track of time; feeling like time had flown past. By this point, it was 8:30 am and bright and sunny outside. Their hair-destroying appointment was at 12 pm, which meant they had quite a bit of time to kill.
“Thank you for breakfast,” Sam teased with a wink, as they walked out of the restaurant.
This made Cait giggle softly, “no worries, Sam Heughan.”
Sam smiled brightly at hearing her say his full name. ‘God it sounds good when she says my name…in that Irish accent…fuck!’
“So, uh…we have loads of time before our appointment…did you want to go for that walk in Hyde Park now?” Sam asked, nervously.
Cait’s eyes lit up at the idea, and she beamed up at him, “yeah, let’s do that.”
Her obvious excitement made Sam smile sweetly at her.
‘That smile!’ Sam struggled.
“Alright, I’m going to run up to my room and drop this coat. Are you sure you don’t want to wear it? It might get cold later,” Sam insisted.
Cait laughed softly and shook her head, “no, I’m sure I’ll be fine. Thank you, Sam.”
‘If that smell of yours stays on me another second, I’m certain my legs will give out!’ She thought to herself, biting her lip and looking at the ground.
“If you’re sure,” Sam nodded and, yet again, placed his hand gently on Cait’s back, as they crossed the road.
Cait still felt the electricity and tingle of his touch, but it was more than that now. He kept doing it, as if it was a habit; something he did without thinking. She looked down and smiled to herself.
‘It’s like he’s protective of me or something…or…I hope it’s not because I have a tendency to be clumsy and either knock or get knocked into strangers…stop overthinking everything! He’s a gentleman, that’s why he’s doing it!’
Sam left his hand on her back until they reached the entrance of their hotel. He gently patted her back once and said, “Did you want to wait here or?”
“Yeah, you go, I’ll wait. We can walk to the park from here, it’s not far,” Cait suggested.
“Alright, I’ll be right back,” Sam replied, as he jumped up the three stairs to the entrance, at once.
Cait watched him as he quickly walked inside until she could no longer see him through the sea of people. While she could see him, her eyes rebelliously glanced down at his very sculpted, tight arse and her heartbeat sped up. Cait bit her lip, then shut her eyes and turned around to face the road. She let out the breath she felt like she’d been holding and opened her eyes back up.
Sam entered the lift and pressed the button. He peered down at his coat that was slung over his arm and saw a long dark hair hanging off the collar. He carefully pulled the long hair off the collar and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger. A small smile touched his lips. He then brought the coat up to his face and inhaled. Sure enough, her scent was strong and sweet on the collar of his coat. It smelt exactly like her hair, which he was able to smell on the staircase of the plane. A sweet smell of vanilla and coconut. His ears started to feel hot and his heart started to pick up the pace. He stepped out of the lift, shook his head and attempted to get it together. He hung the coat over the chair and quickly made his way back downstairs.
Cait looked up towards the sun that was now streaming down, kissing her skin. She closed her eyes, enjoying the warmth and the slight glow behind her eyelids. A gust of wind suddenly picked up, disturbing Cait’s comfort and blowing her hair sharply, so it wrapped around her face. She dug around in her bag for a hair elastic. When she finally found one, she held it in her mouth, while she used both hands to form a ponytail, then twisted the elastic around her hair. She then put her sunglasses on and looked towards the entrance of the hotel. Sam stepped out at that moment, giving Cait a crooked smile. Cait reciprocated with a small grin.
Sam looked both ways down the street. “This way?” Sam asked, pointing to the left.
“This way,” Cait responded, tilting her head to the right.
“Ah,” Sam nodded. “It’s a nice day for it,” Sam commented, peering up at the bright blue, clear sky.
“Yeah, it’s lovely,” Cait replied, also looking up.
‘VERY lovely’, Sam thought, sneakily peering down at her.
Cait noticed and looked back at him, and Sam quickly looked away.
‘Shit…do I have something on my face…!’ Cait panicked.
Cait lightly touched the side of her face and nose and looked at her hand briefly.
‘Hmm…’ she thought, suspiciously.
The two walked in silence, both admiring the sights they were passing. Every once in a while, one would comment on something and they would share a laugh or have a short conversation. Before long, they reached the entrance of the park, and Cait exhaled with a bright smile. Sam looked down at her, admiring her reaction.
“Let’s go, Caitriona Balfe,” Sam grinned, and lightly touched her back.
They slowly walked on a cream-coloured light gravel path that was framed, on both sides, with the most amazing bright colours of green, orange, pink and blue. Trees of all different types and sizes, surrounded by flowerbeds, and the fresh smell of pure nature. Cait looked in every direction in wonder and bliss, taking photos of everything that made her say “wow”.
Sam watched her and couldn’t help but smile. ‘She’s so happy. She must be an outdoorsy person too…she’s adorable. She has a great smile.’
Cait peered back at him, with a cheesy grin on her face. “Sorry, it’s so hard to get lost in this place! So beautiful! Far more beautiful than I imagined!”
Sam giggled, “No, you enjoy. It’s very peaceful too.”
Cait nodded, not being able to wipe the smile off her face and continued looking in every direction.
They came to thick hedge that formed a wide tunnel. It stood slightly taller than Sam.
“Ooh,” Cait said with a curious excitement.
She ran her hand over the side of the hedge tunnel before entering. Sam followed behind and picked up the pace so he could walk beside her. Cait slowed her pace, revelling in the darkness that the hedge provided. Sam took full advantage of the darkness and looked at Cait as much as he could. The way she liked to run her fingers over the leaves, the way she kept sliding her sunglasses on top of her head as they slipped back down her forehead, the way she bit her lip and smiled at the same time. Sam felt like he was slowly being hypnotised by the complete beauty of her happiness and had the sudden urge to reach out and touch her. It didn’t matter if it was her shoulder, back, or the top of her head, he just wanted to feel her at the tip of his fingers. As difficult as it was, he fought against these urges. He would never let himself do such an inappropriate thing. He respected her, and he was going to prove that to her; prove that she could trust him.
The tunnel eventually ended and opened onto wide lawns that looked like they went on forever; tall trees in the background. That was on the left side of the gravel path. What the right side held made Cait gasp with absolute delight. The gravel path led down a small hill to a shiny, black gate that housed a sparkling lake, that curved around, as the path was followed. Cait quickly walked to the gate and gazed down at the deep blue, quivering water. She could see fish twirling around below her. A cool, light breeze tussled her hair to one side, and she let her head fall in the direction the breeze pushed. Sam caught her scent coming off her, from the breeze and had to breathe a little deeper before standing beside her. Sam shyly glanced at her, and she looked back at Sam and smiled with contentment, before continuing to follow the path. Sam walked beside her, in a comfortable silence. He knew there wasn’t any need for conversation right now. She was happy with quietly admiring her surroundings. He was going to leave the next conversation up to her.
The path led to a wooden bridge that arched up and over the lake. Cait put her sunglasses back on, as she caught the full glare of the sun bouncing off the lake, the higher she climbed the bridge. Once they had reached the top of the bridge, Cait stopped and rested her elbows on the railing, staring out into the distance, in pure satisfaction.
“This place makes me happy,” Cait uttered, not taking her eyes off the water.
Sam smiled, “it’s been a good day, so far. So…uh… I’ve heard you run a charity for children?” Sam inquired, wanting to learn more about her.
“Yes! World Child Cancer. I raise money and awareness for cancer treatment and research, especially for children in developing countries,” Cait explained, enthusiastically.
“Wow, that’s amazing. So, you travel to these countries?” Sam asked with curiosity.
Sam and Cait spent the next half an hour discussing their philanthropy on top of that bridge; Sam’s charity for testicular cancer, and Peakers program, and more about Cait’s World Child Cancer charity.
The mention of Scotland, by Sam, made it more real for Cait that in just two days they would both be in Scotland, beginning this journey together, undertaking all of its overwhelming elements that Cait was not used to; not having had an acting job of this degree, both role and length.
Sam noticed the drop in Cait’s expression, and retraced what he had just said, in his mind, making sure he didn’t say the wrong thing.
Cait suddenly turned towards him. “Sam…this journey for us starts so soon…you and I have both read the book and have seen what’s in the script…there’s going to be some…difficult material to work with. I think more so for me because I’m not as experienced with acting, and now I’ve got a lead part in a series. I’m just starting to feel overwhelmed and…I think you’re really the only one who’s going to know what that feels like. We will be doing almost every difficult scene together. We hardly know each other, but…there’s going to need to be trust between us. We’re going to need to…have each other’s backs throughout this,” Cait expressed nervously, repeatedly looking away.
Sam listened to her very carefully, keeping steady eye contact. “I 100% agree with you. I think what we are going to go through will be physically and emotionally draining, in some parts. We just have to make sure we have good communication during, and make things work between us in a way where we’ll both feel comfortable. It’s true, we hardly know each other, and we are going to have to act out some pretty intimate, intimidating material, but I just want you to know that I will not disrespect you in any way. While we’re doing a scene, if you say “stop”, then that’s exactly what I’ll do. Any time you feel uncomfortable with anything, you can tell me. If you’d prefer something else, just let me know. You know…the director may tell me to do something, but I’m always going to ask your permission before I do it. I’ll do whatever I can to form that trust between us, because, you’re right, that’s going to be the most important aspect of our working relationship. I’ll have your back, whenever you need me too,” Sam responded with seriousness.
This was the first time Cait had seen Sam’s serious side, and his words made her feel so at ease. She could tell that he meant them, just by the look in his eyes. Her gut instinct was to trust what he had to say.
Cait exhaled slowly, and her face lit up, feeling the weight of that looming conversation being taken off her shoulders, finally.
‘Wow…he’s so respectful! Really professional. So kind and…calming…I’m actually starting to feel…excited about this journey!’ Cait thought to herself, as she looked up at his kind face.
“I really appreciate that, Sam. That’s made me feel a lot less anxious about it. Thank you,” Cait looked down at the water and smiled, shyly.
The serious look in Sam’s face melted away and he gave Cait a smile that reached his eyes.
“I’m glad I was able to put you at ease, a bit. I promise, no more bear hugs! Unless you tell me too…” Sam giggled.
Cait giggled back and put her hand out for a handshake, “deal.”
Sam looked at her hand and swallowed hard. He gently took her hand in his and held it. It was exactly like when they had first laid eyes on each other at the chemistry test and shook hands the first time; the first time they had touched. That tingling sort of electricity, when warm met cold, skin to skin. The sort of electricity that makes tiny hairs stand up, and goose bumps to form instantaneously. That was happening all over again. Sam gently shook her hand, not breaking his gaze from her sparkling blue-grey eyes. “Deal,” he responded quietly, a smile tugging at one side of his mouth.
Cait suddenly breathed in, sharply, through her nostrils, gently let ago, looked down, cleared her throat and licked her lips, sucking them into her mouth.
“I’m happy we’ve been able to spend this time together to get to know each other, before it all begins,” Sam smiled sweetly.
“Yes, I feel like it’s going to make things easier,” Cait agreed.
“Would you uh…like to take a photo? Since we have such a nice backdrop? Plus, it would be nice to have a memory we can look back on, pre-perm,” Sam teased, fidgeting nervously.
Cait giggled softly, “yeah, a photo for when it all started.”
Sam smiled, relieved, and took out his phone. He moved back, away from the railing, so he was standing next to Cait, the way she was already facing when she turned towards him. He moved in close, holding his phone up with his right hand, but respectfully keeping his left arm by his side. Then he felt Cait move even closer, so her face was just resting on his, and softly rest her right hand in the middle of Sam’s back.
‘Okay, wasn’t expecting that, but this is good!’ He smirked to himself.
His heart skipped with excitement, and he got up the courage to move his left arm up and around her, so he was holding the back of her shoulder gently.
‘Okay, so he’s comfortable with this. He’s so gentle. I love that he didn’t initially put his arm around me. He waited for the encouragement from me. That’s…kind of adorable…oh no…’
They both made a cheesy smile and Sam took the photo, and they looked at it afterwards.
“Aw, send me that?” Cait asked, smiling shyly.
Sam laughed, “of course, Caitriona Balfe.”
The two continued to stroll through the park for another hour, switching the conversation to their characters and what each other thought about the different situations in the book, and how they would go about acting it out.
They eventually reached the other end of the park and found the exit. They continued their conversation on the short walk back to the hotel and noticed the driver waiting outside.
“I’m just going to the toilet okay, I’ll be right back,” Sam said quickly, brushing her back before he pounced up the stairs.
Cait didn’t have time to respond. So, she opened the door and greeted the driver. She slid into her seat, crossed her legs and browsed on her phone.
Sam was back within five minutes. He opened the door, nearest the hotel, not knowing Cait was in that seat; due to the car having tinted windows. When he opened the door, the first thing he saw was her long legs crossed, in skin-tight jeans and ankle boots. It both startled and aroused him all in one hit. He’d seen her in that for hours, but that position hit differently. She peered up at him, and he attempted to speak. His voice came out croaky, so he sharply cleared it.
“S–Sorry, wrong side,” he smiled awkwardly, shut the door and ran around to the other side, breathing heavily and feeling himself starting to sweat a little. He slid into his seat and the car smelt of her. That sweet smell he had smelt just two minutes beforehand. He swallowed hard and did everything he could to not look at her legs. He focused on his seatbelt.
“…ready for new hair?” Sam found the courage to ask.
Cait breathed in and exhaled, puffing out her cheeks, and shook her head.
“I’m a little scared, I can’t imagine what I’ll look like with tight curls,” Cait smirked with wide eyes.
Sam exhaled out of his nose and nodded. “Don’t worry, you’ll look just fine. Me on the other hand…” he rubbed his forehead with his thumb and forefinger, then rubbed his eyes.
Cait laughed at his reaction.
‘That adorable laugh’, Sam thought to himself as he smiled at her.
“Nah…has to be done. The things we do for our job…” Sam pursed his lips and shrugged.
Caitriona nodded, “yep.”
Sam’s scent was wafting stronger and stronger throughout the car, and it made Cait fidget in her seat. She swallowed hard and took a deep breath, not daring to look at him. She uncrossed her legs, just to switch. Cait had her legs slightly spread apart for a minute, to stretch them, before crossing the other leg over. It was something that did NOT go unnoticed by Sam. He noticed out of the corner of his eye and quickly glanced over to her, then looked away. He too squirmed in his seat and stared out the window, starting to bite at his nails.
“Are you hot?” Sam asked suddenly, which took Cait by surprise and she took the question the complete wrong way.
“What? No!” Cait blurted out in a huff.
Sam was a little shocked and didn’t know what to do or say. He just looked at her with a confused expression, furrowing his eyebrows slightly.
“Oh! Sorry, you meant…umm…yes I am feeling a bit umm…hot…I mean…it’s…it’s hot in here,” Cait stuttered, completely mortified. She cleared her throat and stared back out the window, half covering her face with her hand, squeezing her eyes shut.
‘You are a complete fucking idiot, Caitriona. A COMPLETE fucking idiot.’
A smirk twitched at Sam’s lips. “Hey buddy! Can we have the air conditioner on, please?”
“Yes, sir,” the driver replied politely, and turned on the air conditioner.
The cool blast of air was a relief to both Sam and Cait. Sam looked over at Cait, as she was still staring out the window.
‘I wonder what that was all about…she seemed to have gotten… the question I asked…did she take it the wrong way…why would I mean it in any other way…huh…quite mysterious…nothing wrong with a little mystery.’
The car arrived at the salon and Cait quickly opened the door and practically bolted to the entrance. Sam quickly followed her, still confused.
Caitriona got to the desk, tucked her hair behind her ear and forced a smile for the lady waiting.
“Hello. We both have an appointment to get perms. It was booked by Ron Moore, for Sam and Caitriona,” Cait explained.
Sam stood quietly next to her. Cait still couldn’t look at him, not even peripherally. She was still mortified.
‘He knows exactly how you feel now. Idiot!’ Cait thought, wanting to kick her own arse.
“Ah…yes! Here you are. Come this way,” the stylist said, directing them over to two chairs, one on one side of the salon, and the other on the other side.
Cait let out a sigh of relief and sat down on one of the chairs. Sam did the same, still confused. He scratched his temple and tried to look at her through his mirror. Cait had her head down, looking at her phone. Just then, her phone vibrated. A text from Sam appeared in the notification box on the top of her phone screen. She hesitantly pressed it.

- Is everything okay?


- Yes…why?


- Oh, you’ve just gone quiet, that’s all. I was afraid I said something to upset you…


Cait read that message over and over, and wiggled her thumbs, not knowing how to reply.
‘Hmm…maybe he didn’t pick up on anything after all…men can be clueless…luckily.’
Cait breathed a sigh of relief and thought of what to reply with.

- You haven’t done anything wrong, Sam. I’m sorry. Everything is okay! :)


- Okay, good :D Would you like to grab some lunch after this? That is, if we’re not too embarrassed to go outside! :P


Cait quietly laughed at this, with a beaming smile. She swung around in her chair to look at him. Sam saw her in the mirror and did the same. Cait bit her bottom lip while smiling, shyly and nodded her head. Sam reciprocated with a sweet smile, then the two stylists came over with all of their equipment, ready to start.
Sam’s hair was finished after one hour. He came over, pulled up a chair and sat next to Cait.
“All I can say is…oh god,” Sam complained, with a pained look on his face.
Caitriona looked at him and burst into giggles. Sam smirked. Cait reached out and touched a soft lock of his now curly hair. She gently pulled on it and watched as it sprung back. She continued to laugh softly, and Sam playfully rolled his eyes.
“I’m sorry, it’s not that bad. The curls are looser than I thought they would be. Once you’re in costume and everything, it’ll look so much better,” Cait gave Sam an apologetic smile.
“Mm…am I able to pull it back?” Sam asked the stylist who did his hair, with pleading eyes.
“Unfortunately, not. Please try not to wet it or tie it up for at least 48 hours. Let the perm sit and settle. Then you’re able to wash it and tie it up, if you wish,” the stylist explained.
Sam pursed his lips, sighed and nodded. “You’re the boss,” he stated to the stylist, who grinned at him and whipped around, walking over to Cait’s stylist.
By 2:30 pm, Cait’s perm was finally finished. The stylist tamed the super tight curls, making them softer and looser, so Cait could see the difference.
“See, you look nice!” Sam smiled at Cait, in the mirror.
‘Beautiful. She looks beautiful.’
“You do, I think it suits you!” the stylist grinned, as she ran her fingers through Cait’s shoulder-length curls.
“Thank you, you did a good job. I still think I don’t suit curls though,” Cait gave an embarrassed smile and shrugged, turning her head side to side, looking at her hair.
“You look great, doesn’t she?!” the stylist exclaimed, looking at Sam in the mirror.
“You really do,” Sam smiled cheekily at Cait through the mirror.
Cait looked down, embarrassed, as she started to blush. ‘Fuck.’ She thought to herself.
Back in the car, and all through lunch at a different little restaurant, there was a whole different vibe between them. They saw each other as their characters, for the first time, and it was hitting them; the journey that they were able to jump into, together. It was becoming real, and all they could do was imagine acting out particular scenes together, now that they could both put a face to a name; Claire and Jamie.