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Kaeya's Cake

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It was no secret that a certain resident Cavalry Captain of Mondtsadt’s finest Knights of Favonius was an attractive man. ‘Pretty’, by most definitions.

Nor was it a secret that the certain Cavalry Captain under the name of Kaeya Alberich was a flamboyant man with an even more eccentric personality. Even the man himself acknowledged that—reveled and prideful of it, in fact. His smooth-talks got him out of at least 99% of troubles, and in his line of duty, making information-gathering much, much easier.

However, the secret was, at least kept from Kaeya himself, that it wasn’t his sweet words and succulent tone, nor was it his penchant for mischief that attracted people to him, civilians or enemies alike. At least, not only.

When people talked to him, or when he talked to them, or simply when they looked at him,

their gaze went down, down from his enchanting silvery azure eye, down endearing button nose, down his plump, pouty lips, and onto the open cleavage his shirt afforded him, his toned, honeyed chest leaving a lot to the imagination—a lot to be desired.

--and down his defined waistline, and onto his pretty thigh gap, and onto his even prettier, extremely sexy thighs.

Well, obviously he didn’t know that—he knew he was good-looking, obviously, but he mustn’t have noticed the near-obsessive love they had for his... assets. Such a hot topic was better served talked behind one’s back, after all.

That was dandy and all, if such conversations were also exempted from the ears of one redhaired Pyro user, Master Diluc Ragnvindr of the acclaimed Dawn Winery himself.

Who happened to be a possessive lover.

It wasn’t the first time, as the nobleman manned the bar in Angel’s Share in his spare time, from the beginning of the day until a night so late that the moon herself began to sleep, that he heard of such ‘talks’—if he could call it that. More like, ‘starving, hungry grunts of rabid, slobbering dogs’.

He knew his Kaeya was pretty and irresistible, especially with the way he used his wit and charm, along with his sinuous body to seduce his conversation partner—or again, anyone who happened to look at him, really. But the amount of lust dripping in every word this particular group of knights was pretty much making him want to Pyro the soul out of them, leaving nothing but ashes behind.

“Those thighs,” one of them groaned, “it’s as if he put on those leggings on purpose. To torture us.”

“I seriously would have him crush my head with his thighs, and I’d probably say thanks.”

“Why have your head crushed if you can have them all pretty and wrapped up around your hips while, you know... getting him all railed.”

The others murmured in agreement, some of them excused themselves to the toilets doing god knows what and Diluc was only a hairbreadth away from burning down his own tavern.

Those horny bastards stopped when the beauty himself walked with his glamorous entry, strutting towards the bar, all long lines of honey and oceanic blues, his hips swaying with purpose and that smirk could probably make hilichurls surrender if they had more brain matter in their head—all the while looking at Diluc. Who wouldn’t gulp at this point?

And all of a sudden, all conversations, chatters, laughs, and yells hushed down to low whispers. Kaeya had that effect on people when he wanted it.

“Slow night?” the cavalry captain teased ironically, a glowing silvery-blue eye sweeping the full house.

“What do you want, Sir Kaeya,” Diluc grumbled, annoyed yet relieved at the same time. And also, angered, because just by the corner of his eyes, he could see those same knights peering down Kaeya’s waist shamelessly. The empty pint that he didn’t know he had on his hand cracked.

Kaeya noticed this, and his smirk widened, his visible eye drooping as he leaned forward, putting his elbow on the counter and resting his delicate chin on his pretty, pretty hand. Everything he does is deliberately seductive, isn’t it?

“O-kay, what is it? A patron drunk fighting again?” the tanned man guessed, tapping his lower lip with an elegant finger, a mischievous glint in his eye, “failed to catch the bad guys?”

Diluc growled at that. He was being too loud, on fucking purpose. Kaeya chuckled, leaning forward until he was whispering into the noble’s ear, “or are you just happy to see me?” A slick tongue flicked out at his earlobe and Diluc had to grip the other’s arm in warning—people were starting to look.

“Stop it,” the Pyro user said lowly, pushing the other away, who put his hands up in mock surrender.

Kaeya huffed, pouting his sweet lips. “You’re no fun, Luc,” he whined, and then his eye caught something interesting. “Fine then, I’ll just play with someone else,” he grinned, already eyeing the group of knights sitting some feet away, ogling at him in their drunken vision, “I’m sure my knights will be much more... accommodating.”

Diluc flared his nose, his glare intensified when his Kaeya turned on his heels, his fur cloak billowing dramatically around him as he strolled languidly towards the knights who smiled and offered him their seats readily. He watched as Kaeya placed his hand on one of their shoulders, a seductress smile on his beautiful, molasses sweet face as he perched on one of the knight’s chair arm instead. The bluenette delicately sipped on an expensive glass of dandelion wine he was reverently offered by one of them, his eye found Diluc’s, and the mischief brightened his honeyed expression.

The Darknight Hero could practically see the lust emanating from that horny group, as well as he could see the envy coming off from some of the other tables filled with youngsters, at the way Kaeya would let out his bell-like, twinkling laughter, at the way his hand would slide on one of the knight’s nape and put his hands on their arms, or at the way they would touch his body—an accidental graze on his thighs, a hand casually slung around his dainty waist.

He snapped when one of them, completely drunk and unaware of the danger he had put himself into, pulled the pliant captain to his lap and even dared to go so far as nuzzle his face on the Cryo user’s chest, who simply giggled flirtatiously. The plain knight’s head was promptly pulled back with a pale hand, as his other arm tugged Kaeya away from those grubby, dirty fingers.

“Master Diluc?!” he acted surprised, but Diluc knew Kaeya had been planning for this to happen, that sneaky minx.

“You are getting too drunk, sirs, I suggest you leave,” the redhead said instead, to the group of nameless knights who cowered in their drunken daze at the crimson monster looming over them, and clumsily agreed to his concealed threat, scampering away clumsily like drugged wild dogs out of the tavern.

“That wasn’t very nice of you. And, you have them leave before paying.”

“I’ll put them on a certain cavalry captain’s tab,” was the plain answer as the nobleman pulled the Cryo user along to the direction of the stairs leading up. Charles must have seen this as he readily replaced Diluc’s absence in the bar. It wasn’t a rare occasion to see the master sweeping away a certain blue-haired knight to his personal quarters on the third floor of the tavern, after all. Thought it was strange to see them going when the tavern was still pretty full and people could see them go.

“Your patrons are looking,” Kaeya commented slyly, an azure eye peeking at the dumbfounded expressions stamped on several tables they passed, an easy smile to a cutie that made the young man blush, only for him to be pulled along faster by the grumpy nobleman.

“Let them,” was Diluc’s comeback, to which Kaeya could only mutter ‘Jean wouldn’t agree’ under his breath. Indeed, the story of how Mondstadt’s wealthiest bachelor was sweeping away the famous Sir Kaeya of the Knights of Favonius to his quarters surely would ring some questions to the ordo’s image.

Well, that’s for Jean to worry and nag about later, he thought, just before the door was slammed behind him and in turn, he was thrown to a giant bed, taking the breath from his lungs.

“Must you always do that?” he breathed, Diluc’s heavy form immediately flushed against his as the collars of his jacket were ripped apart unceremoniously, ravenous mouth gorging on the exposed skin of his neck as he tilted his head in a blatant invitation.

“Must you,” the redhead said with a raw voice in-between biting and sucking deep marks on honeyed skin, “bewitch your own men to ensnare me in your fingers?”

“Alwa-ys, mm,” Kaeya moaned, his throat attacked like a wild beast, his cloak harshly pulled from his body, and the rest of his clothing also went in the same urgency, only made difficult with Diluc’s insistence of constantly latching his mouth on his skin. By the time the master of Dawn Winery pulled back, every last bit of his clothing was already strewn away to the floor messily, and his boots joining them not long after.

Diluc licked his lips, appreciating the beautiful painting he made before him. The knight was left panting, his sweet caramel skin peppered with red marks and bites that brought blood extremely close to the surface. His long, long legs were splayed open, a pretty cock nestled amongst a soft patch, meticulously trimmed to perfection, curving elegantly toward his toned stomach. The redhead’s pants tightened just a little bit more, almost to the point of unbearable.

Kaeya saw this, hiding a gleeful smile behind a hand as the other teased at his own chest while shooting a come-hither look at the nobleman, noting the obvious bulge between his thighs.

The Pyro user stifled a moan when he felt a welcome pressure on his aching erection, only to see a bare, honeyed foot nudging at his clothed crotch, toes running up and down the dark material languidly.

“So you are happy to see me,” Kaeya murmured, feeling the clothed erection throb under his ministration, feeling his own need harden even more, and feeling Diluc’s restraint about to snap.

Diluc wasted no time, shedding his coat and gloves and growling when the younger’s toe teasing at the buttons of his pants, taking the leg by the ankle and opening the buttons himself, pulling out his hard length with his hand.

Kaeya whistled, his other foot inching close but the redhead took that one too, making him spread his legs obscenely. “Are you sure you don’t want to take off your clothes?” he pouted, wiggling his toes in the air despite his shameful position, all open and vulnerable.

“Nope,” the nobleman said childishly, his hands trailed down elegant ankles to Kaeya’s knees and pressed those honeyed legs together, pretty thighs squished and pushed close to Kaeya’s chest until he was almost bent in half. Sometimes even the thought of how flexible Kaeya could be really... spurred him on in his idle times.

He couldn’t see Kaeya’s face behind the honey-glazed thighs, but he could tell by the faint, breathy chuckles the cavalry captain let out, he was most-likely smirking his annoying, amused smirk that got on Diluc’s nerves every time.

“You want a piece of this cake?” the tanned knight teased, purposefully squeezing his thighs and wiggling what he could of his hips, knowing how crazy it would make Diluc seeing the soft skin of his thighs glistening and pressed together enticingly, a tiny gap between his crotch where his balls rested, just enough space for Diluc to squeeze in and—

Yes,” he heard the other growled, something large, hot, and slick nudging at his crotch. He didn’t expect Diluc to be already well-prepared. He said it out loud, teasingly, only to have his thighs pressed against his chest further, bent so much that his ass was up in the air and Diluc simply thrust in. 

They both groaned, Kaeya almost breathless with his position, the crown pressing against his stomach from between his thighs told him just how long the other was, rubbing against his own balls, leaving heated trails as Diluc started to move.

The slapping sound of sweaty skin and Diluc’s balls against his taint filled the room. The noble’s breathing was ragged, animalistic snarls and growls leaving him as he picked up the pace, while Kaeya was left helplessly pressed against the bed, sighs and pretty moans escaping with every graze against his own aching need.

Kaeya whimpered when Diluc kissed the back of his knees reverently, slowing his thrusts, undulating his hips lazily, and loosening his press on Kaeya’s legs so that Kaeya could see the spot where Diluc’s cockhead would peak in and out between his sensitive thighs, throbbing and angry red against his sweet, honey brown length, both profusely leaking precome.

“I’m close,” the redhead grunted, licking stripes across Kaeya’s thighs. Just after he said that he heard the younger whined, and he spread brown legs apart, finding Kaeya already working on his own shaft. Before he could tell him to stop, the knight keened, arching his back, and came all over himself.

“S-sorry,” Kaeya panted, the lewd smile on his loose face saying that he wasn’t in the slightest, “I came first.”

Diluc cursed. “You insufferable nymph,” he bit out, pushing Kaeya’s legs apart even more for his enjoyment, the jelly legs stayed that way as he jerked himself off to the delicious view.

Kaeya licked his lips at the sight, Diluc’s hand on his large cock was rough, tugging at himself mercilessly while keeping his sharp ruby orbs on Kaeya’s laid out body like he was an entire feast. The tanned knight preened, puffing out his chest and playing with the come streaking his skin, one hand teasing his own nipple while the other sucking on his cum-covered fingers, all the while looking at Diluc with his huge azure eye.

Come for me, Luc,” he crooned.

How could he not? One last squeeze up the tip of his crown and Diluc had to prevent himself from throwing his head back, biting his lips as he ejaculated, marked the pretty caramel skin with his cum—splattering thickly over Kaeya’s thighs, mixing with the knight's own, and some even went so far to his chest.

Kaeya hummed sweetly, picking up some of Diluc’s seed on his chest with an idle finger, “Been saving up, hu—uh?!”

He squeaked as he was suddenly flipped to his stomach, his cheek pressed against the bed while his ass was hiked up. “We’re not done yet,” Diluc whispered to his ear, licking a hot stripe before biting at his lobe. His shaft was already hard again, pressing against one of Kaeya’s buttcheeks insistently.

Are you even human?!” the knight wailed in disbelief, already struggling to shove the other off his body. It wasn’t the subsequent actions that he was complaining about, but Diluc’s inhuman refractory-period—or lack thereof. How could a man just be up and springy again in less than a minute after coming so hard?

“I’m just pent-up,” Diluc cooed, kissing his damp cheek tenderly, a contrast to his previous disposition, “haven’t had my Kaeya fill for almost a week, and the moment I saw you, you were flirting with those filthy knights.”

“So my Diluc is jealous, hm?” Kaeya quipped cheekily despite his previous protest, granting a kiss when the other leaned in needily. His own cock was still tender and sensitive, but from the way Diluc’s own unnecessarily large girth humped against his butt, the redhead wasn’t going to wait.

Diluc pulled back after devouring Kaeya’s mouth until his plush lips were red and swollen, licking his own and grabbing at the pretty, sexy globe with his bare hands. The flesh was soft and bouncy, pliant to his claymore-roughen fingers. He spread the cheeks apart, leaning in close and blowing hot air to the furled entrance.

Kaeya whined into his knuckles, peering back, seeing Diluc pouring a generous amount of lube to his fingers, hissing when the content of the glass vial was dripped straight to his taint and his twitching hole.

Surprisingly, Diluc was patient. He slowly prepared Kaeya with his fingers, digging around his cavern for his sweet spot, and being the near-perfect being that he was, immediately finding it, making Kaeya cry out sweetly for him. One of his hands still held Kaeya’s soft cheek apart, for him to take a better look at how lewd the movement of his fingers going in and out of the accepting entrance was, how sweetly it hugged his digits, not wanting him to pull out.

At the third finger, Kaeya was already a panting mess and his own shaft harden once again, dripping to the sheets below. He whined and crooned, mewling like a cat in heat, pushing his ass against Diluc’s fingers for more.

“Come on,” he pouted at Diluc, who had an intoxicated expression on his flushed face as he continued to leisurely finger fucked Kaeya, “if you’re just gonna do this maybe I should go back to my men.”

Diluc paused.

Kaeya wailed when the fingers inside him pressed hard on his prostate, arching his back up high. “You would like that, wouldn’t you, Kae?” Diluc said with a dangerously low voice, continuing a brutal pace as he inserted a fourth finger and wrecked Kaeya’s reddening hole, “you would want them to do this to you. To forcefully tear you open as you serviced their cocks with your hands and mouth.”

“Maybe you’ll make me watch, hm?” it was whispered into Kaeya’s ear, and a spine-chilling shudder wreaked through the Cryo user, “as they destroy you, making you scream and beg for them to stop, but they won’t.”

“Or would you like them to see,” Diluc cruelly pulled off his fingers, making the younger cry out, his entrance gaped before closing down again, yet never completely intact, “as I take you in front of them?”

His cock was pressed against Kaeya’s soft hole, and the blue-haired knight stiffened.

“Answer me, Kaeya.”

Kaeya whimpered, his mind a jumbled mess, his intelligent brain reduced to incoherent thoughts of Diluc, Diluc, Diluc’s cock, Diluc’s cock in his ass

“P-please,” he stuttered, looking back over his shoulder with a teary eye, “I only want you, Luc.”

Diluc drilled inside without much warning, his shaft going inside the loosened hole smoothly until his balls touched Kaeya’s skin. The knight keened, thrashing about at the sudden, large intrusion into him. The ravenous hero leaned forward, his chest flush against a trembling back, and bit into the nape invitingly exposed for his taking. Kaeya went slack, completely pliant under him as he began to pump in and out whilst still keeping his teeth where they belonged.

“They want you, you know,” the Pyro user murmured against bitten skin, licking and kissing the bright red mark in apology, “they want your body. They want to see this, to see you utterly open and vulnerable. For them to prey on.” A sharp thrust directly against his prostate and Kaeya cried out.

The redhead gripped at the pretty, pretty waist, so forcefully he knew he would leave a mark. His pace was slow yet powerful, drilling into the welcoming cavern, exploiting the delicious warmth and imparting his own raging heat to the trembling body underneath him. His teeth found another spot to bite down, and another, until his beautiful lover’s flawless back was littered with his marks of possession.

“But you’re mine, Kaeya,” he growled possessively, emphasizing each word with forceful thrusts, “your body, your mind, and soul. All of you.”

Kaeya let out a choked cry, sweet to his ears, before he felt a tightening around him, and he knew the younger reached his second climax without his touch. It was thrilling, sending a pleasurable jolt down his body to his throbbing erection. He couldn’t get enough of the erotic knight.

His thrust took a brutal turn, wild and uncontrolled. His Kaeya’s sweet cries and pleas for him to stop, that it was too much, that “Kaeya would break—!"

They only spurred him on. Animalistic sounds escaped his throat when the body under him grew soft and pliant, giving up. He manhandled the sweet body to his liking, turning the knight around so he could see his utterly wrecked face.

Kaeya was heaving harshly, his entire body turning into mush as he let Diluc do whatever he wanted with him—the thought making him shiver, but his length only twitched pitifully, unable to respond to his pleasured thoughts anymore.

Diluc’s face on top of him was borderline beastly, the shadows dancing across his face scary, making him look like a real predator. His body moved along with the force of Diluc’s fucking, unable to move yet each nerve-ends were set on fire from the overstimulation. His whimpers, along with Diluc’s raw sounds filled the room, the creaking of the bed almost alarming, but the two of them didn’t have the mind to think about it.

The redhead seemed almost incapable of human thoughts like this, seeking his own pleasure like an animal. Kaeya lifted a weak arm up, and Diluc instinctively leaned down so his tanned hand could caress his cheek. The pyro user nearly purred, slowing his movement to a gentler pace, nuzzling his face against his master’s hand, kissing dainty fingers.

“Kiss me,” Kaeya whispered breathily, tugging at messy red hair, “kiss me, Diluc.”

The noble obeyed, swooping down and smashing their lips together. He undulated his hips lazily now, as slowly as his lips massaging Kaeya’s, his tongue exploring the cooler mouth, who accepted him easily.

The younger pushed at the other’s chest when he was nearly out of breath, a string of saliva connecting their tongues before Diluc went down to his chin, licking along his throat and sucking, leaving more bites of possession.

“Kaeya,” he sighed against the blue-haired knight’s chest, peppering kisses across his pecs. He snaked his arms around the other’s waist again and pulled them up until Kaeya was seated on his lap.

The bluenette wrapped his arm around Diluc’s head, sinking his fingers into tufts of red hair while the nobleman explored his chest with his mouth, his hips shallowly thrusting up into the sweet cavern. The redhead kissed and lick at a hard nipple, rolling the bud with his tongue and sucking much like a hungry kitten, continuing the same ministration to the other one until both nubs were red and abused.

Kaeya bit his lip when Diluc’s cock kept grazing against his overstimulated prostate. He knew first-hand how cruel the redhead could be in bed, fucking into him over and over again until he was satisfied, leaving Kaeya in shambles, unable to get up for hours afterward.

Still, when Diluc hugged him tighter, whining into his chest, bucking against him. Kaeya placed his hands on the other’s cheeks, cradling his face and Diluc was so obedient, he leaned up and touched his lips against Kaeya’s needily.

Moments later, his movements stuttered and Diluc groaned, pressing his face against Kaeya’s shoulder, biting deeply as he came. His hips kept pumping jerkily, shoving the hot, sticky liquid deep inside until there was none left for him to give.

Diluc placed the knight down to the bed again, and reluctantly pulled out, earning himself a soft hiss when the anal cavity flutters around empty space. Gulping, he spread Kaeya’s thighs apart, the younger started to complain again but he shut him up by shover his fingers into his abused hole, making him choke on his words.

“Dilu—stop!” Kaeya squeaked in warning, but Diluc was too focused on the task at hand, and the knight wasn’t able to do anything to stop him—his body was still entirely too weak to even try.

The redhead was entranced with the line of semen trickling down the opening as he dug around, wanting to know just how much of him was still inside.

When Kaeya had the energy to look down and faced Diluc’s rapidly erecting cock again, his eye widened in horror.

“No, no no—!”

Diluc grinned, a wild beast ready to feast once more.

It was several hours past midnight when Diluc finally stopped, leaving them gasping for breaths, and Kaeya worse for wear.

“They’re not from the knights,” the Cryo user grumbled hoarsely, his voice gone from screaming and wailing throughout the night, “most likely some Fatui agents trying to gain intel. I was in the middle of coaxing their real identity when a certain red-furred horndog came barging in like an enraged mitachurl and scare them away.”

Diluc had the nerve to look back at him innocently.




“I... will look into it, then,” the Acting Grand Master said slowly, throwing her informant a suspicious look, “thank you for the tip, Master Diluc, we will be sure to investigate this.”

The nobleman nodded and wordlessly turned to leave Jean’s office when she stopped him.

“Say, why didn’t Kaeya report this himself? And tell me why he is going to be absent again?”

He stopped in his tracks, turned back to her, and raised a brow.

Of course she heard of the shenanigan in Angel’s Share last night. The rumor mill in Mond was one of the best and fastest.

Jean sighed, massaging her temples, “at least try to be less obvious, will you?”

Diluc shrugged, not promising anything, and walked out.

On the top floor of Angel’s Share, inside the personal bedroom that the owner of the tavern sometimes used, one cavalry captain was laid, a long black coat strewn over his naked body modestly, leaving generous parts of his marked skin exposed.

He stared blankly at the ceiling, rubbing a hand over his face until he came across semi-dried fluid over his brows. Smacking his lips lent him the taste of something sticky and bitter, and he wiped them viciously.

His lower body was rendered useless, throbbing and aching yet he was unable to do anything about it until a certain someone returned to help

The last thing he heard was a mere half-hour ago, ‘I’ll be back soon with some breakfast’, a certain redheaded, insatiable beast said.

'Breakfast', he scoffed. His stomach wouldn't be able to handle food for a while. 



He would not be flirting with his targets in Angel’s Share, ever again.