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what kind of man doesn't

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Does it got the torque? the power?
a certain point before you turn nineteen
you think your engine might be the problem.


From your first set of wheels
you thought you understood freedom.
go fast, go far,
at some point you always had to turn around.


But nothing could touch you
so long as you were going over forty.


And music didn't sound the same when still.


One year to get it together and what did you do with it?


Got dumped, got lost, got choked
and that was only the first semester.


You were buzz racing jim towards a cliff,
foot on the gas, eyes on the other driver.
you forgot to hit the brakes,
driven to distraction by a pair of fierce brown eyes.


The car doesn't feel quite real around you anymore
but that's because you're still falling.
you have to believe it'll be real when you land.