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your heart was glass (i dropped it)

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005 wasn't always 005, just like how Amanda Waller wasn't always the director of Task Force X or how her mother wasn't always dead. Everyone had a beginning, and so did Kara Danvers.

She started out as an insignificant private in the marines, clumsy and not a clue as to what she was supposed to do. She worked her way up the ladder, beating away advances from her brothers in arms and learning all the tips and tricks that would make a good marine. She wasn't always the best at stealth, but she excelled in undercover and improvisation, making her an invaluable member in the squad.

Heck, the woman thrived and soared so hard that she was promoted to Master Sergeant in just four tours. She was a hero and she could have done it for the rest of her life. She would have, until Kara was felled by a thirteen-year-old insurgent in Afghanistan.

A bullet lodged in her hip, and then she was honorably discharged with a commendation medal that she could never show anyone else, because a lot of the things she did as a marine were matters of national security; things that could never see the light of day.

When she went back stateside, she was of the mind that she would not be useful anymore. Forever drowning her sorrows in endless bottles of bourbon and watching as the presidents switch and switch and switch, and she would be forgotten. But then Amanda Waller showed up at her door and quite literally changed her life. Gave her a job that she would undoubtedly excel at. Offered her fat paychecks to build up a significant nest egg that would do her well for the rest of her life. Delivered her the thrills of being a soldier on the field, even as a covert one.

Sure, Kara couldn't tell her family anything about Task Force X or the stuff she had done to be 005, but she found her purpose. She met people, good people, smart people, people who had sacrificed their entire lives to serve the country. She found her purpose.

At least, she thought she did…until she met Lena Luthor.

"Who's that?"

Winn had looked up from his tablet, in the middle of calibrating the gloves that would be her lifeline on her next mission. He followed Kara's gaze across the many glass walls that separated them and the woman who would later be a permanent resident in Kara's head rent free.

"Lena Luthor," he said, shifting his careful gaze over to Kara, because other than Alex, he was the one who knew her best.

Kara knew that name. She knew Lena Luthor.

She knew because she'd done her research into the Luthor tribe during her second year, after she'd found out that LuthorCorp had been responsible for the death of her cousin's child with Lois Lane. She'd done so much research that her superior had to warn her off, because like it or not, LuthorCorp was the biggest weapon supplier to the US and the government was in no position to fall out of favor with them.

Scratch that, Kara knew the Luthor family, the ins and outs and absolute madness that gripped Lex and Lillian Luthor like cocaine. She knew of Lena Luthor, because of all the research she'd done, there was hardly anything about the woman. No pictures. No accidentally salacious tweets. Nothing but a couple of certificates and a trophy in polo.

Lex Luthor was known as the Merchant of Death. Lena Luthor was known as the black invisible sheep of the family.

"Oh," Kara breathed, still staring, observing, admiring.

A part of her wanted very much to hate this woman who was sister to the man who killed her cousin's kid, indirectly or directly – she was still looking into it on her own time. But as she looked at the woman rooms away from her and sifted through the bank of Luthor knowledge in her head, she knew right then and there that hating Lena Luthor was not an option.

Kara didn't expect that she would end up falling in love with Lena.

But that didn't matter anyway. It didn't matter, because they were spies and killers, and Lena didn't want to mourn anyone else.

Doing what she did best, because it was the only thing to keep her mind off of Lena's venomous words that had yet to stop slicing into her heart and flaying her from deep within.

She slipped and slid. She tricked and charmed old politicians who didn't know to keep their hands to themselves. She snuck poisons and stole intel from everyone and anyone. She put a bullet in the heads of anyone who came in her way.

She put on her glasses and she became 005, all the while thinking about how Lena had modified those glasses one late night.

"These things are useless, and you told me you needed them to be 005. Might as well make them useful," Lena had muttered, snatching the object from her pocket and fiddling with it.

After one whole day with it, Lena returned her newly modified glasses that would allow her to recognize heat signatures through walls and read messages without ever looking at her phone or watch. Inconspicuous. Sneaky. Fit for a spy. The most precious tool Kara had ever had, if only because she was the only one for whom Lena considered worthy enough to put in extra work.

Who was she kidding? Hating Lena wasn't option. Forgetting Lena certainly wasn't an option either. There was no other option around Lena Luthor other than to love her.

Despite her very best effort at pleading, Schott still insisted that he couldn't do it. The implant was an invention of Lena. Sure, the usual Q would be able to perform the usual maintenance and make sure the double-ohs weren't getting poisoned or anything of the sort.

But this was more than maintenance, and Lena inarguably was the best bioengineer in the building other than Dr. Caitlin Snow. Kara could have easily scheduled an appointment with Caitlin, but alas, the woman had taken the week off and Lena was the only Q most familiar with her very own invention. Kara could have waited until Caitlin was back, but alas, she needed to be in Hong Kong tomorrow.

Hence, she found herself at a loss of choices and standing outside the lab two hours after everyone else had bade their goodbyes to return to their normal lives. Kara had even canceled plans with her sister so she could be at headquarters. Truthfully, she was kind of hoping to wait it out until Lena headed home herself, so they wouldn't have to be in the same room together.

That evidently didn't work, as Lena was very much still in her lab two hours after the lights had automatically shut down, leaving only her desk lamp. Kara wasn't ashamed to be admit that she had been hiding in a conference room far away from the lab, ignoring knowing looks from her colleagues.

When she realized that there was no way she was going to be the cause of Lena staying late, she made her way to the lab and…hovered. She hovered and considered choices, even though there were no choices.

Through the glass wall, there Lena was, studying something via the microscope. A long time ago, the spy had realized something about the other woman. It was inarguable that Lena was beautiful – Kara had known that from the first moment she set eyes on the woman – but there was also the fact, an actual fact, that Lena was the most beautiful when she was concentrating.

The little frown at the bridge of her nose. Her mouth slightly open as she breathed. Body still but not stiff. Kara's knees were near buckling every time she was confronted with that sight. And she couldn't have her. She couldn't have this woman, this wonderful and hilarious and willingly cold-hearted woman.

She sighed, took off her glasses, and entered the lab, making her presence known by heaving her footfalls.

"Q," she greeted, her voice low but echoing in the quietness of the headquarters.

As if she had been expecting her, Lena didn't startle at the interruption. She simply lifted her gaze and merely blinked at Kara. Lena tilted her head, frown deepening. She sucked in her lower lip and sighed herself.

"Are you –" Lena shook her head and cleared her throat. "Can you put on your glasses?" she requested.

Kara raised her brows and promptly shook her own head. "No." Lena heaved a small groan, barely audible. The aforementioned glasses firmly remained in her shirt pocket, and its owner refused to put them back on. "No, Q, I will not put on my glasses. I don't care whether you wanna be Lena or Q with me, but I will be Kara with you. At least…when we're alone."

"Fine," Lena replied shortly. She gestured at the empty stool next to her and stood up to gather her equipment. "Fine," she repeated, softer.

The blonde sat down on the stool and rolled the sleeve of her left arm, placing it on the cushion by the microscope. She didn't take her eyes off of Lena as the woman moved around the room, seemingly determined to not meet her gaze. Well, too bad.

When Lena finally returned to the desk, Kara took note of the way her chin trembled and her nostrils flared, as if she was making a larger effort to keep something at bay. And still, no eye contact was made. Zilch. None. Kara didn't know what hurt most – that Lena hadn't wanted her to be herself or she couldn't properly see the eyes she'd missed so damn much.

It was late. Kara had a jet to catch in the morning to track down a mafia head who'd allegedly been acquiring nuclear from Iran. They were both exhausted. She let down her guard and asked, "Can we at least be friends?"

Lena paused in adjusting the probes that had been inserted in Kara's forearm, straight into her bloodstream. "You're the one who started calling me Q," she muttered, a little pettily, and sat on her stool, typing on the keyboard.

"I – yeah, I guess you have a point," Kara replied with a pout, watching as data of her own body showed up on the computer screen. She still remembered it so clearly, the Monday after their confrontation at the supermarket, and how Kara had resorted to using Lena's codename immediately. "I'm sorry. I was feeling petty. It's not everyday I get rejected after I declared my love for someone."

The scientist's head snapped towards her in a flash, her eyes blazing. "You didn't –" She clenched her jaw and returned to the computer. Believe it or not, her typing actually got louder as the seconds passed by.

Any further explanation was deterred, because Kara was sure she didn't wanna see the look on Lena's face directed towards her again. She'd seen it twice so far and she didn't like it. Therefore, she just sat there and let Lena upgrade the implant. Waller had sent all the double-ohs a precise email on what the upgrade would do, but Kara didn't exactly pay attention.

All she could think of was having to be in the same room with Lena again. Alone. That was enough to send Kara to the wrestling ring for four hours until her sister had come to drag her out. It wasn't a pretty sight. Plus, she trusted Lena implicitly, so really, she'd let the woman cut her open if it was necessary. These things were terrible values to have in a spy, but Kara was a woman beneath all the smoke and mirrors.

"It wasn't fair," Lena finally said, carefully removing the probes from Kara's arms once she was done. "You shouldn't have done what you did." Kara hummed in acknowledge, not voicing her disagreement. "If I agree for us to be friends, will you please help me in keeping us that way?"

Kara noticed the choice of words immediately.


Those were very specific words, and Lena was a very specific person.

"Okay," she agreed softly, paying no mind to the vulnerabilities of her own heart, and it was worth it – for that smile, it was all worth it.

If Kara had opted to lean forward and capture those alluring lips, she was certain that Lena would have succumbed. It wasn't just assumption. Kara was excellent at reading people – one of the reasons she was so good at her job – and she could read the fragility and resolve on that face.

However, other than the fragility and resolve, she recognized the quiet plea and the self-awareness. This was not an ultimatum. This was a cry for help from a woman who rarely cried for help. Kara could never take advantage of that. She would never forgive herself if she did.

The main area of the headquarters was unsafe. Incredibly unsafe. It was always safe, perhaps the most secure place on the face of the earth, but right this moment, anyone standing in the way of yet another escalating argument between Waller and 001 would perish and their deaths would be unworthy.

Kara refused to be one of those unworthy deaths, so before she could be sacrificed in the fallout, she hurried out of the main area like she was being chased by fire. A few double-ohs and Qs were also scurrying out to safe places, and Kara found herself hurrying towards a conference room on the opposite of the building.

"It's safe in here."

She stared with wide eyes at the occupant, who was peacefully munching on her salad. "Lena, tell me that's not salad," she directed, pointedly eyeballing the offensive green stuff in front of the quartermaster. When Lena shrugged with a cheeky smile, Kara groaned aloud. "You're killing me."

"Better kale than that erupting volcano outside, right?"

"I can't, on good conscience, let you stay here and eat that crap," the spy complained, making herself comfortable opposite the scientist, because despite being in the transitional state of friends and something less, there still needed to be distance.

"Are we supposed to have a conscience?"

Kara narrowed her eyes, tilting her head at Lena, who was mindlessly swiping on her tablet with one hand and feeding herself disgusting food with the other. "We take out bad guys. I think we have to have a conscience to do that," she replied slowly, studying the woman opposite her.

Lena hummed, raising her brows for a second and still looking at her tablet. She wasn't saying anything.

"You disagree?"

"We serve at the pleasure of the president." Lena shrugged and lifted her gaze from her tablet to meet Kara's eyes. "Who's to say his conscience has always been in the right place?"

"I think that constitutes as treason."

Surprisingly enough, the raven-haired woman didn't seem afraid at the accusation. Her lips only spread wide into a grin, an amused one. She heaved a chuckle and gestured aimlessly around the room, leaning back in the high-backed chair. "Task Force X is a covert intelligence slash paramilitary unit buried so deep within the CIA that I'm not sure even a regular CIA agent knows about us. We're treasonous just for being employed," Lena observed.

Kara frowned at the observation, leaning closer, as if it would allow her a view into Lena's thoughts right this moment. She was concerned, to say the least. "Is everything okay?" she asked, losing the playful qualities of earlier.

"Dandy," Lena shot out in a cavalier manner, fingers tapping mindlessly on the top of the conference table as she stared into the air. And then she sighed deeply and her eyes flickered. "I recently found out that my brother had a hand in…killing a relative of yours," she explained. "Why didn't you tell me?"

It didn't surprise Kara that Lena didn't know. After all, she and Clark didn't share a last name. Heck, they'd barely spent anytime together after the funeral, with Clark shutting down from Kara's failures into the investigation and isolating him and his wife away from her.

The file on Lex Luthor's transgressions took up an entire drawer somewhere in the White House, forever shut away from public eye. Kara had her own folder on the entire Luthor saga on her private laptop, which had been gathering dust since everything had led to a dead end. The truth of the matter was that the government was simply a monument and a front; it could barely do anything.

That was why the US had things like Task Force X. To do the real job. And Waller had refused to sanction official investigations into Lex Luthor, because he was the one thing keeping the armed forces running.

"I didn't see the point."

"You didn't see the point?" Lena asked incredulously, sitting up right. "My brother killed your nephew!"

"And then what?" Kara shot back, echoing the words that Lena had thrown at her repeatedly at the supermarket. "I can't bring my nephew back. There's no solid proof that your brother had a hand in killing my nephew. I didn't see the point."

"How can you sit here with his sister? How can you still bear to look at me?"

Ah, so that was it.

Kara pushed to her feet and rounded the conference table to Lena's side. Distance wouldn't do in this conversation, not if she wanted Lena to see her sincerity. She rested her hip against the edge of the table and made sure to look into Lena's eyes.

"I'm gonna tell you something: you are not your brother," Kara announced softly, a smile tugging on her lips. "Trust me, I wanted to hate you, just like how I hate your brother with every atom in me." She shrugged. "But you're here and you're doing your part in saving the world, saving us. You're not your brother, and like I said, you're amazing. Instead of hating you, I ended up liking you more than I should."

Lena inhaled sharply at the repeated confession. While 001 and Waller were wreaking verbal havoc outside, they remained in this room – one of the few rooms with actual solid walls surrounding them and blocking them away from the rest of the world.

They were close, what with Kara having lowered her head to ensure her words weren't falling on deaf ears. And Kara, very badly, wanted to kiss Lena. To lock the door and close the curtains. To take Lena in arms and have her right there and then. Screw the rest of the world and screw impractical protocols. She just wanted to kiss every inch of skin there was to the woman in front of her and display her love to the only person that mattered.

Then the door slammed open, and in came a horde of Qs and double-ohs who probably realized that they needed to escape before they were involved in the fallout of another infamous confrontation between 001 and Waller.

"God, it's like Oliver wants Waller to fire him," Felicity complained, shooting the two of them a meaningful look.

They had jumped apart as soon as they heard the click, but Felicity wasn't stupid. No one in Task Force X was stupid. Waller had made sure of that.

Kara laughed in response, pretending that she hadn't almost let down her guard and allow her libido to take over. She pushed away from the table and went back to her seat on the other side of the table, joined by her colleagues. They pretended they hadn't just had one of the important conversations of their lives and got themselves talking with the others.

There was once when Kara had been rushing out of the weapons cache to provide backup for 002 and 003 in Malaysia. Lena was on her way out of Waller's office – also one of the few rooms with proper walls – probably having discussed another project.

They weren't paying attention to what was in front of them and ended up clashing into one another. Literally. With the loud smack and everything else. Rowdy enough to attract the attention of pretty everyone else, including the other double-ohs who had been summoned to provide backup.

Despite being the heavier of the two, Kara could already see that the two of them would fall. So instinctively, Kara pivoted and pulled on Lena's waist so she would end up taking the brunt of the fall.

The one flaw in that last-minute plan was that Lena ended up sprawled on top of her. With Kara's hands on her hips still, they got caught up in the moment, seemingly having forgotten about everyone else. Lena had appeared as if she didn't much convincing to relent into their closeness.

That was, until 006 cleared her throat and meaningfully looked away, but not without Kara noticing the smirk on her lips.

They quickly got away from one another, getting up on their feet, nodding at one another, and going their separate ways.

For the next week, or even month, Kara couldn't wash away the lingering warmth of Lena's body from her hands. She wasn't sure she wanted to. She now had a near-intimate knowledge of what it was like to hold Lena, accidental as it was. There was no way she could ever forget it.

"What do you want?"


"You know I'm not blind, right? None of us are blind."

"What on earth are you talking about?"

Juice box seemingly permanently attached to her lips, Felicity Smoak didn't seem like she hacked international networks on a daily basis. Necessary glasses and a perpetual ponytail tied at the back of her head, Felicity Smoak always managed to look like the most harmless of them all at Task Force X, even though her brain and fingers could prove to be fatal.

That was true, by the way. Just in summer two years ago, in an act that was covered up in the most expert of ways by Waller and the White House Chief of Staff, Felicity had managed to prevent a third world war by redirecting a missile from Moscow to Havenrock back in their hometown.

According to 001 – Oliver Queen – the one person who knew Felicity, she had carried that heavy guilt on her shoulders ever since, apparently still getting nightmares from what she'd done, despite the fact that she had saved the world from a war. From then on, she'd been on a personal warpath to bring Damien Darhk to justice, even though he was her father.

Everyone in Task Force X had bones in their family crypts, even ones as innocent looking as Felicity Smoak.

Kara liked Felicity. They shared things in common, like laughing at Homeland's poor depiction of covert operations and making fun of 001. But they weren't particularly close, which was why Kara was a bit weirded out when Felicity singled her out for a lunch expedition at a nearby bodega. She went along anyway.

"I'm talking about you and a certain Q," Felicity started, finally putting the juice box and unwrapping the sandwich she'd purchased from the bodega. "I'm talking about Lena and a certain double-oh. I'm talking about you and Lena."

Kara followed along and unwrapped her own sandwich, bringing it to her mouth. "There's no me and Lena," she replied easily between chews.

"Which is the weird part," Felicity agreed, twisting a little to face Kara. "Why isn't there a you and Lena, Kara?"

The taller blonde kept chewing on her sandwich and considered her options: to be honest or obtuse. She couldn't talk about their non-relationship with Alex, because then, she would have to talk about her work and that would throw her in supermax prison. Schott knew too much about her feelings for Lena that there was just no point in talking about it with him.

Heck, maybe Felicity could offer a fresh perspective. God knew Kara needed that in droves.

"She doesn't want there to be a me and Lena," Kara offered honestly. Who was Felicity gonna tell? 001? The man didn't care about anything other than his mission and Felicity. "She thinks that karma will come for either one of us and she doesn't wanna fall in love with me."

Felicity scoffed, which transitioned into an actual laugh. Felicity actually had a rather nice laugh – no wonder 001 was infatuated with her. "God, that's – that's actually really funny," the hacker commented as her laughter ceded. "It's funny because Lena's already in love with you, for the love of god. It's also funny because you gave up that easily."


"I mean, can understand. You won't believe how many times Oliver and I have had the same argument," Felicity dismissed with a wave of her hand. "It took him almost dying to realize that he can't afford to waste more time with us," Felicity said, going somber at the memory. "Look, I like Lena. I like to think she and I are good colleagues, if not friends – I can never tell with her."

"She likes you," Kara offered.

"Oh, thank god. I don't like it when people don't like me," Felicity said, heaving a sigh of relief. "Well, my point is –" she took a sip from juice box and placed it down again "– I don't like seeing two very nice people keep pining over one another and do nothing about it. Mostly because I've gone through it myself. And also, our jobs don't really make it very easy for us to find love."

"I'm not the one who's refusing a relationship here."

"Tell me, Kara, do you give up on your mission when you've hit a dead end?"

"No, I look for other avenues. We get the job done, no matter what."

"So why are you giving up on this?" Felicity raised her brows, pinning Kara down with a studious gaze. "Why aren't you looking for other avenues?"

"Because Lena is a person. She's not a mission. I'm not gonna force her to be with me when she doesn't want to."

"Except she wants to," Felicity snapped, her lips almost twisted in a snarl. "You could die tomorrow. Lena could die tomorrow. So stop. Wasting. Time. Make her see that. Make her see that every moment's worthwhile. Every hour is precious. Every minute is meaningful. Every second is worthwhile."

"You speaking of experience?"

"You don't wanna know how many times I've told Oliver this same thing. I basically have it memorized. When I die, put it on my obituary: advising Oliver Queen on not wasting time," Felicity rattled off, shaking her head with a mixture of fondness and disappointment. "He wants to retire," she continued softly. Kara blinked. "Wants to buy a house in Ivy Town and cook omelets. Wants to forget about all these and live a life together. I mean, both of us combined, we have enough of a nest egg to last us through the rest of our lives and then some."

"Do you want to?" Kara asked carefully.

Felicity smiled, but not sincerely. "I like what we do at Task Force X. Or at least, I'll like it until I find my father and throw him in supermax." Kara raised her brows. "I hold grudges. Don't judge me."

She threw her hands up with a laugh. "I'm not. I'm just…surprised. 001 seems married to his job." Felicity nodded in agreement. "Is this retirement going to be anytime soon?"

"We're discussing. Sometimes arguing. But you know –" Felicity shrugged, her smile turning sincere "– I appreciate whatever I have with him. Everyday I get to see him alive and hold him in my arms, I can be at peace with the fact that at least we're not wasting time."

Suddenly, Kara was grateful that Felicity had asked her out for this short lunch, sitting in a park and eating sandwiches from a bodega. She showed her gratitude by nudging her colleague in the shoulder.

"So here's what we're going to do," she announced as she strode into the library that had become Lena's turf during her time here at Task Force X.

The raven-haired woman started and placed a hand on her chest as she gaped at Kara, the book abandoned on the table before her. Today, she'd chosen to go casual, letting her hair down and dressed up in a striped sweater with a pair of skintight jeans, though the heels were still there. The heels were the epitome of Lena Luthor, steady and tall.

"What?" Lena breathed.

Kara clenched her jaw and shook off the imaginations in her head as she always did when she looked at Lena. She made a beeline for the table and waved away the shushes from the librarian. Yes, even in the library of a department like Task Force X, they had a library. Go figure.

She stood on the other side of the table and leaned her weight on it by pressing her palms down on the surface. Goodness, Lena was so beautiful.

"We're not going to waste time anymore," Kara declared, raising her brows challengingly. "am not waste time anymore. I'm not going to stand here, look at you, and act like you are not the sun. am not gonna be friends with you and help you keep us that way. That's wasting time, and I'm not gonna do it."

For a moment, Lena still seemed rather speechless as she gaped at Kara. The blonde was sure she had never seen the woman with her mouth opened so wide before.

And then, after she'd processed Kara's declaration, she just closed her eyes and sighed tiredly. She played with the edges of the book she'd been reading, quiet for a moment longer. Kara braced herself for the arguments that would come her way. She knew that Lena lived for debate – she'd seen the woman's transcripts during her deep research into Lex Luthor – and she'd prepared a trunk full of arguments in return.

Surely, Lena wouldn't be able to go against a trunk full of arguments. She was good, but she wasn't that good. Surely.

"I thought we talked about this," Lena said.

"We did, and I've decided that it's all crap. All of it," Kara retorted resolutely, standing upright to cross her arms. She'd made sure to take off her glasses before she came barging into the library.

"Why? Why can't you just be happy with us being friends?" the other woman bemoaned, looking incredibly exasperated at Kara's insistence.

"Because being friends is killing me," Kara snapped, eyes wide. It came out so harsh that Lena did a double take. "Before I die from karma, I'm gonna die from just being friends with you."

"You're not making any sense."

"I want you." Lena did another double take at the bold confession. "You're Helen of Troy, I'm Paris, and I will launch a thousand ships for you, Lena Luthor. I will."

"I am not an object for you to want, Kara Danvers."

"Well, call me a goddamn neanderthal then. I can't help that I want you. I can't help that I love you."

"This is ridiculous."

"No, what is ridiculous is you thinking that us being friends can make me love you any less!" Kara exploded, throwing her hands in the air. She held up a finger when the librarian shushed them again.

After their talk, Kara had spent a whole week pondering Felicity's advice. The woman was a woman with experience, especially with her tumultuous relationship with 001. She knew what she was talking about, and Kara decided that she was right.

Every day, whenever she wasn't on a mission overseas, Kara found herself coming into headquarters just so she could catch a glimpse of Lena's smile. She sated her thirst by having one look at Lena, convincing herself that it was enough. Sometimes, during lunchtime when a group of them would to the cafeteria, Kara would place herself next to Lena and convinced herself that it was enough.

None of that was enough. Not when she couldn't wake up next to Lena every morning. Not when she knew deep down that they could be something so much more. Not when she looked at Sam and her sister and thought that she and Lena could be better than them. Better than anyone.

"The thought of you dying brings me to my knees," Kara continued arguing, taking advantage of Lena's stunned silence. "But the thought of you dying before we can even have something is worse." She softened herself and tamp down her temper. "So here's what we're going to do: we're not going to waste time anymore," she echoed her previous systems.

"And then what?" Lena asked quietly, without the vitriol or persistence from the supermarket.

Kara relaxed. It wasn't exactly relent, but Lena was on her way there. Kara had pretty much won this argument, and she couldn't be more grateful to Felicity Smoak for waking her up.

She rounded the table and literally went on her knees by Lena's side, gingerly taking her hands and holding them to her chest. "And then we love each other and wait for karma to come for us, but at least we will have known what it's really like to be together in every way that matters."

Absence of noise blanketed them like smog in London – the librarian would appreciate this. She looked into Lena's eyes and watched as the resistance dissolved in those green pools. She felt the way Lena squeezed her fingers, just as strong as Kara's grip.

"You'd make a horrible debater," Lena commented, voice low and teasing.

Kara grinned. "That's why I chose spy-work."

Lena loosened one hand from Kara's grip, despite the latter's hesitation. She lifted that hand to cup Kara's cheek, and oh, it felt so good. It felt so good and so much like home to have Lena's skin on hers, raw and warm and supple. She could hardly believe that they'd waited so long.

And then she was kissing her. Once, twice, until Kara had a taste and she knew then she would never have enough. Lena was everywhere and nowhere, encompassing the air and sun and moon; she was the anchor that kept Kara ashore since the day they met. Kara welcomed the kiss and met it with no resistance at all.

In this kiss was a sweetness of passion, of years to come, of a million loving thoughts all condensed into this endless moment.

"I'm gonna tell you something: I love you," Kara whispered against Lena's lips.

Lena hummed and hovered over Kara's mouth, breathing in her scent. "I love you too."