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The Bottom!Fili collection

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The plug was slightly bigger than the one from yesterday.

Fili shifted, biting back a whine when the plug pressed against his prostrate. The Board meeting wasn't even half done and Fili was ready to excuse himself to the bathroom or start humping against the chair in hopes of some relief.

Either seemed a good choice at the moment.

He cleared his throat when Bilbo, the special accountant Gandalf brought in, finished and all eyes were on him.

"It's been almost two hours I'm going to call a short break so we can all stretch our legs. Be back in say fifteen minutes?" He stood before anyone could protest and walked out the door in what he hoped was a normal speed.

He barely made it to his office door before Kili caught him by the wrist.

"Just taking a break from the meeting, keep holding his calls." Kili called out to his secretary. The blonde nodded not bothering to look up from her magazine. He smirked shoving Fili into his office and slammed the door shut, locking it behind them.

Fili was immediately pinned to the door. He gasped but was quickly silenced by Kili kissing him. Hands wandered down making Fili whimper when a finger ran down his crease and pressed hard at the plug base.

"Oh you are such a naughty boy." Kili murmured lips brushing against each other, "Trying to sneak off in here to get off? Fuck yourself with the plug perhaps?" He ran a finger down the covered crease until he found the base of the plug. Pressing against it hard he smirked when Fili whined.

"Kili please." Fili whispered desperately, scrabbling to cling to Kili's shoulders.

"What does my little pet want? You only gave us fifteen minutes. Do you want me to fuck you and then put the plug back in?" Kili asked slowly continuing to press against the plug.
Fili moaned at the words shaking his head, "Please let me come. Please."

"That can be arranged." He brought his other down, cupping Fili boldly through his slacks, "Oh my how hard you are, just from a little plug."

Fili wanted to scoff at that. Kili knew the plug was anything but little. He lost his train of thought when he felt his pants and boxers fall to his knees and a warm hand grab his penis.

"Oh!" Fili bit his lip to keep from screaming as he was grabbed tight, Kili starting the quick pace Fili liked best.

Fili writhed as his body was played with. Kili was now pushing and pulling the plug in time with his own hips like he was fucking Fili himself. His other hand was a tight warmth around him, and every other upstroke Kili would run across the head teasing at the slit.

"I want to pierce your cock one day." Kili said suddenly, "Want to put a pretty little ring it in so I feel it every time I blow you." When he stopped to tease at the slit, Fili almost screamed, "Maybe we can try sounding?" His question was hesitant but sure.

Fili blinked un-consciously rolling his hips into Kili's hands, "Yeah?" he replied.

"Yeah, your little hole," he wiggled the plug to emphasize which hole, "loves being stuffed so I want to see if this one would like it as well."
The image of Kili sitting in his lap, slowly feeding his cock, feeling it stretch, the thought of leaving it in.

Fili came suddenly from the thought, he heard Kili groan and then felt something warm on his thigh.

They traded chaste kisses as they caught their breath, touching each other lightly.

"I'm guessing you like the idea then?" Kili asked grinning as he tucked himself in.

Fili cleared his throat blushing lightly, "Yeah, I do."

Kili pecked his lips again and, making sure Fili could stand, went to the attached private bathroom, coming back with a wet rag. He cleaned Fili up quickly, deftly putting him back together.

"We'll definitely be continuing this conversation at home." Kili said tossing the rag in the general direction of the bathroom.

Fili nodded, "Yes so the sooner we get the meeting done with the sooner we can get home."

Kili groaned, "Do we have to?"

"Yes, so stop arguing with everyone so we can leave early today."

Kili perked up, "Promise?"

Fili snorted but grinned, "I promise."